The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1936
Page 7
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_ THURSDAY, JULY 2, 1936 :. PAGE. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION IJallj rale per line lor consccu- Ui'o Insertions: One time pet- rmu , lOc Two times per line per dny .. 08e Month iate per lino 60c Minimum cnarBO 6Co Tnrcc times per line pa day . Me Blx limes per line per da: ., OSc Ads cioereo. i-or tnree or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged lor the num- bsr of times Hie ad appeared and "•IJusLmenl o( bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- Bide ol tlio city mast be accompanied by cash. Kales may be eerily computed from abov.-> table Aavcrcurnii oraerect for irregulai insertions take the one time rate .No i«iJunMD)iiiy will Be tnkeu to.' mor'; than one Incorrect ui- wrtlou ol any classtStid, ad. For Sale DO Day seed corn. Golden Glow. $2.50 per bushel. J. M. Crockett, Sleele Auto Company, Inc., Steclc, Mo. 2-p-d-LO •i cylinder Indian MOTORCycle. T. P. Fox. at 327. - l-ck-5 I'OK SALE D room house, l>:Uh. Large lot. Across from high and t;radc .schools. Cheapest, taxes in town. Could be made into. aiiaitmciu. 809 Chictasa'.vba. dh tf High Bred Pointer pups. Right ago for hunting next season. Prices reasonable. C. P. Po'.vell, Luxora. 30-i*-'l High Bred I'ointer Pups. Righl aye for hunting next- season. Prices reasonable. C. P. Powell, Lu.xorn. 30p );8 Business Directory FREE GASOLINE •1,01)0 Calkins to l!c Given Aw:iy FKKK To Our Custtmieis! livery iiiemljer of our Gasulinc Uiviileml Club ran win from I lo 25 Gallons. When you buy g:vs at llallcy's ask for a membership card. It cosls nothing. HARRY BAILEY'S AC Missouri Slalc Line Mrs. J. J. l>avis — Spencer cor Call 421-W for appointments' WANTED — ALL KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to S5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c lo 4Wc Ib. Copper '.Vlrt, .lc to Bo Ib. Radiators, 4',ic Ib. lllUJSB & FURS WOLF AK1AN PHONE 176 128 E. MAIN We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans A few used desk fans for sale cheap Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 Investigate our b u cl g e I plan for Home Improvements. See E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Pontiac Demonstvatoi Reduced Price LEE MOTOR SALES Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN Elto light Uvin 4 h.|>. outboard, $25 cnsli. Qiuility Shoe Shop, phone l?n. 2a-ek-2 Store and residence for silc or trade, together or separately, 1S20 West Main. Phone I'll. 27i)VM FOR SALE—Wcstinshotiso Electric Rnngc, .sofa, buitel and bctl Ilat top ollio-j desk, will sell cheap UlyllicvHlc Oiu CoT'tHKie 2t4. Paying coal and wood yard. Cheai> rent-. US a. Railroad. 23-ek-18 Good Used Trucks l$3l—I<(. Ton Ford 1335—14 Tou I'orri rich-lip 1931— I !i Ton Chevrolet 1931— I'/. Ton International All liave Gooil Klakc liollies Delia Lm)Icinciit Co TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up. Pianos ?1 up PHONE 064 I!UV CLOTHES NOW! i'-iy out ol yotir bonus. . GEO. MUlli, Tailor 201 N. and Always in the" Market for SCRAP IKON Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Blylhcville Iron & Jlctul Co. 221 W. Cherry Call 4-18 >, Poultry Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry 111 E. Main For lieut 3 1'TlliNlSHSU IJooms, juortern, Sink In kitchen.' U14 1 He-urn, '• 7 1NC1RAM I' Co,' . , . ' • j_'_^ .n. ,>., Two Room Klllclcne.v with, bath. Phone yd', ' Inquire M A|>artiiient i-n. lllti Ash. 300-ktf 2 room PURNISHBU iipiirlmciil. MrB. Ted tlreen. call 208-J. atktl j EXl'EHIEN'CEU niMl lioohkivpcr wiiiits Good references. Kleiinot Sml.h 1315 W.'Main. Cail 335-W. '• • ' ' : ' 13p MJ FOR RENT—3 room Furnished Apailment, (jaiaue • >1 '-i Doi^an S^^J^^^Jl^ -.. -,. W imu Nicely Furnished 4iromn house, His • tv'otice Is 'noix-by given thai llie W.'Main, .cheap." Call after 41 Poninil'sslonpr ol Revenues of llie • 37-ck-4 S'aic of .Arkansas bus'Issued a pc-r- -p—;—r- .,- nilt.tb Marvin Robinson (i) sell un;l In fenane Duplex ilibp'piu-e. ,vlnui:s or spirituous liquor's for bsvcragc a t: retail on'(he premises described as Kobliutm East Knd Pharmacy, Blytheville, Ark ' , . - !> - M - al 571. 1114 West Ash, Call 10V .. 23-ck-t( Notice Is hereby (jtveii (hill (lie (oinuiLvsioner. of Revenues of tin! •SUito of Arkansas ha N is.sucil •! permit to Ur. W,H. .you,,, aim mmi, UlriTy,to Sfll unit dlspW vinous or: spirituous liquors for bnvrngi! al K l tal|,on the pieniix^i described »s •HB.W., Ash 51,, yiylhfvlUe Aik This permit Issmxl on (he 1st «">' of July, 193(i.'ai!d expires on- l<ie-aoih day of June, ]j);rj. W. |[. VOULISJ. Women's Shoes in More lake lo boots—rather sliorl otie.s in scede, iiiui calfskin ,md In dark and vivid colors. Sludent Owes Degree To Failkful Dog'Guide I 'I'llOVlDBNOB, li, l.-(UI>)-ll,,( lor Oyj>sy, 11 (ruined Uciim.ii shepherd dog. Jcfnn Ucsprcs mluhl lU'ver linvc oblaiiifd his bachelor 01 iirl.s defroc Iron, Urown util- verslly, Slghtle-ss from tin' use ol 10, IWpro.s deix-niled on Hie <.[u f for guidance (luring his four un- u • • fcl ' Bra Hues Forecast I 1 "" 1 ''"*! I" Uic comna.nm M-orctiston, (lie 'blind .student led by Ciypsy, At 1122 W. Main, Ten Room House, to one parly, or will <llvi:le' into two apartments. Call 312 or 805-J. J. H. Smart. .• -, , .. -30-ck-tf 3 room furnished apartment. j>ri- vate bath. Near business dislricl,. Mrs, G. H. Orcnr, 805-W. - 30-ck-3 7 room house, 300 N. 9th. j. X Al- forcl. call 8G5-W. ' 30-ck-i Ten Room House, to' one party, or will cilvidc into hvo Apartments.' Call 312 or 805-J. ' 30-ek-tr 5 room modern house, month.. PJmnc 930. $15 per 24-ck-tf 5 room Furnished Aparlm-jijls. Chc.ij). E..M. Biito;i, 713 Chief;,!- sawbn. . 29-ck-,;( 1 bedrooms or "a. two room fur- nlsluul -;i|);irlin(>iil. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Colliiis, 1020 Kear'n. Six room unfurnished house. 903 E. Cherry, phone 283. 10-ck-U Coo! front BEDROOM- Reason•. able. Bess Hall. Call 280. Ocktf 3 room furnished apartment with bath. Newly dccoraled. Telephone Si water free. Mrs. Belle Wood, 120 Dougan..,Call ,785-J. „,,. ..'.17.'-e: T7T ' ; "' "001 V "~~ :i -'~ T ^~ r ~ This permit Issued on'Uib'3plh iliiy.of June, 1930. and expires : on the 1st diiy ol Juituary, 1937. ''.' M.'irvln Robhisoti. UQUOIt I'KIIMIT : Notice Is hereby given that th'c Commissioner of 'Revenues pt the Slate of Arkansas has Issucfl n per- n'llt, to 13. s. Simmons to sell iiiui dispense vinous or spirituous li- (tuors. for bgyragc at retail' on llie premises dcscritcd as 1100 Soiilli Division, .Blylhevillc,' Ark. This permit issued on llie 1st (lay <if July,' 193G,' aiid expires on llio 30lli day of June, 1937. B.' S, Simmons. UQ'iOI! I'KKMIT Notice Is hereby fhvn thai tlic Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas lias Issued a permit- to Joseph T. Cagle to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at relnil on llie premises described as '.10711 West "Main St., Blylhcville,' Ark. i This permit' issued on I'Jie 1st day'.of July, 193U, and expires oil the 3Clth day ol June 1837. ; . Joseph T. 'Digit.' : ''..''' ' 2-0 all' lys shoes thl.s ywr «t|| (,(.,(„ t'Olors. N;|S., Km,, Km fashion authority, • l o | ( ] n u , , ..cnm,,,.,,^ K,lale .S);oi! eonveiilloii. • 'n.- (lenionsliate Just what khul' W hues, Miss Korr .surroinxl..,! Jiw-Mll will, a coptK'i- fccul,.,. an J'WPlniit, a bunch ot carrols. « bonk, of clan-l ami n l,., r ,vl of spuiiidi. 'llie only t«- o ln- CK llo( ixpnsentcd, she said, were thy nr-' iliniiry cues of black, linn™ and a dark slate gray. Miss Kerr ilcc-liirc'd the culorsd slices luive been ncrcplcd by Iho American woman for Tall wear as H'cl] as summer. She predicted a vogue In- (lie United slates this year for Ihu English type of walking shne will, . brcnj:!sli styles. Tlioy will , I )Q kno\vii'as "Coionntioii Fashions' 1 Even Uitlons. Miss Kerr dc- clnic'd. will serve the double purpose this year of,keeping the shoe on the foot mid as trhnininus. Shoe buttons may even match the color of the dress worn And lust bill noi least. Miss Kerr predicted that the American woman (his fall and winter will u'ns •' niatiiolla (Iruws In N ( ,H|, TOI.KDO. (U!')-M,u,j. TolmlD- weren'l aware they had a foulhein true | n .(i,,,!,. n ; U | st . l|n(j , ijcorije Grown, pjirk Mipi'rintcntl cut called (heir iitlenllan !„ ii, 0 Bh.e l!,y magnolia .„ l ^ Swimming Pool ' Formerly 'ci,!,.,,^,, 10 & 20c (including tax) $4 private parties Opni 3 "I'll g MONI)AY~"I'AI, HAY" Hesh Wnici- .donliniiuiisly ' by Mf. ami Mrs/ odls i'0u QUICK SHUVICK oK f ATTENTION CANWOATDS' 1 ''mi fnrnlsli you. correct lisls ol bona ilde voters arranged nlHliiilullcully, Ijy school ilislricts. CHEAP, C. .1. UTT1.15. .' Hiile nidi'.. Blylhovflle RADIO REPAIKINO A Conipltte Line ul t TubtJ md r»Hi B TIRK A BATIBUY CO. PIIONF VI ., Now Ixiculed at 101 'North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ' DON EmvAHIiS, Proprietor All makt. oi ril.ulU p ,Typ«wrlleB, fAddlnj'. Macnluw «,* •• - timl, • ,. - : -.- A ACl.TS'l PNE 'WELDING AT: WEST PRICES 'I'KOXfPT SERVICE ' PHONE 19 'Mfg. Co. GRAVEL I'HONK 71)1) f Coal & Mining Co.j AIII} mi Iiuiitllc all UMdiiijT Hramfs of 'High Grade Coal— SuniiU, tireal UiNii-l, lirllliaiil, ; itUmdcellD, tic. ONE STOP SBKVICB STATION TDK YOUK CONVKN1ENCE 1 SINCLAIR GAS AND LUimjCATlON. WYSK I'BHHY in cliarjfo of Service Dcpiu-tmcnt, I- II. .10HNSON inclinrffo »f 13otly Dcpai'tracnt. —UATTKUV SIJKV1CK —HAIHATOH Itlil'iUR —BODY WOUK -I'DNDKK \VOKK —Ol-ASS INSTAl.I.Iilt • i -AUTO I'AUTS W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES/' . .Dodge & Vlymoulh Dcilcr * .I'HONK 888 HEAR! HEAR! of H yo.u 'lijtvo 11 burial association ceiiificale i'»y luiid. on yoiu' loved on«i when they i aw«y ,, wo w!ll accept it u( full vatiio on the funeinl, provided you buy as much us ?50 or muo in ' CQBB FUNERAL HOME I'H.ONE 20 Real Estate l''<ir Sale or Krnl I 1 -'. Acre ground & good house on N. Fnitiklin. J. W. Alley. 2-pli-!) Only a Few Tracts Left: I am especially ;inxious for every one who v/ajilr, :i low-tax plot, of ground near- lilylhcvillo to have an opparttinity lo But it v.-hilc the urics in low. Come BIK! ^ee me, ami lot nic show you. Keep Kool With Hun lei Electric Fans Hiibbard Hdw. Co, One 4-acre bloeV:, or 4 one-acre blocks, just outside of lowu ovcr- lookiiiB the new park. 10. "0. '10 or 60-atic tracts jusl ovtside of Blyllicvillc. One L'J-acrc tract on grav?) highway near Blytheville, good terms. Vacant, iots in west end tically given away. [<;. iM. TKKRY riinnn fin or S1G prac- .1111. VCTKHAN! Here is a chance to invest your l)ontis inoiu'y wisely. CiOOD 5'.l-acrc farm n;ir St. Lrmis. CHEAP. TERMS. T. r. Elder, Care Bell Cafe, Mcmjviiis, Ark. For Sale or Trade—My home at aiQ W. Main. Bargain. Mrs. S. S. SlcmlreiR. Call 984. Wall Paper SALE 193B I'ATTERNS THE AMMO I'liunc '10 STOVES STOKED FOR SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal is Black But I treat You While JOHN BUCHANAN—VIIONE 507 'Batteries BliTTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Cl-me r Tom Jackson's Service Station Barber'Shops FOR SALE C:»i.n.(->— HOUSES nt 700 W. Ash; 337 & 339 S. Division, with paying tenants. BARGAIN for quick sale. Part cash \vill handle. Mildred E. Co>:, R. K. 1, Box 24-A. . Personal HOLTS BAKBKIl SHOP 101 South 2nd St. HAIRCUT 2(te, SHAVE 15c Bath—Close 8 p.m.—Slilne KKEK! MTOMACII U1,CBKS.. GA3 I'AINS. INlMCiliSTlON relieved quirt. Cict free :-amp[« doctor':, pre.'nip'iktu, Udga, al Khby Bras. Drir.; Co. • ' • - , - . s ; - • •, • . • , w , • ; Salcsineii ;W.ante'(i.-'' TO' SELL; our Tinc ot • hams, • rjIcon. lard, sausaac on full time, part time, or sideline basis on-'cohimW- sion. Apply with references. Sar- lorius packing <jo., St. Louis. Mo. Slice Repairing Men's Mcr,':; SIIOK KHOr 1M1C Snlcs Bflr, 7Sc. SI licels L!. r ic, 3Sc. . r .d3 ^(cll•s Full Holes and HcelF !>'2 Latlics' and Cliildrcn's Half Soles : ' and fiSc - Quality Materials Laces: any. color. Free delivery Set- vice. 3 FREE Shines «iUi hnlf sole. Uy larje corporation, salesaian to headquarter •: in Blylhovillc. Opportunity to make money. Give full particulars in first letter to Box AB, Courier News. 3-pk-J Three direct salesmen witli~go»(i appearance. Permanent businr.s Adyanceinsnl for energetic men Apply 802 bsrmon-Hldj., lUemphts; '55^1 __^-pk-4 Two salesmen for a. new depTri7 • - went:'-QOM compensation ' F-'B- Oee Sales Co. •>". ' HIS MAJKSTY WOULW MAY GIVE ME SOME TROUBLE; .. FIRST TIME THIS ALLEY .OOP GITS IW MV WAY — POWIEJ I'LL HAVE 'IM THAT.SIS HAS GOK1E li'OKl THAT BIG MOOVIAW MUG, I CAM GO ABOUT GITTIM- ,.,THIS OOOLA GIRL WITHOUT ^: HAVIW T'gOTHER 'BOUT ^^ - HAVIM i'KEEP 4 IM PEACEFUL- THIWK LOVE fPQUSHNE " SERVIOg. 1HC. T. M. REO U S PAT OFF WASH TURDS \ UANCiKUOUS KIDU! AK1_ OiL WELL/SAFIR_Ey GOTTA TAKE CWER A I'^ST^HIII^TP^-.C BLOWN TO^KINGPOM 1TEIL /OU, TUfFt-LL-A WHO BLEW IIP THAT OiHER -GOTTA &0.) THEN I'M TRUCK IS LAVING FOP. YOU iHlj&H EXPLOSWES) Ott* •'•! I ~-~ J YOUR. LIFC- ICN'T ViUTH/APFlE JUICE' A NICKEL. / SOMEI-JOPV'S GOTTA rmouy THERPS NO' • BOO/ TO DO \ IT BUT ME. V .^ .• T—T~~r~~'- _-s_~ : ) h/J -^ a: ^^5gfe^aiiaB^.f•ss^<c>T^5l^S- 2 v~ I ftMfrtt _^JL!^?J1 V NEA scgyicf. me. T. i^ BEC. u. s. PAT. SJIACKKKS! BCJf 1 , \\CMT THIS: ••IJWEY COME: IM HAWCV.' /£s-\ OO! JUST IMAGIWE. 1 YoO CERTAIULV DO, HE HAS LOTS OF EXPENSES f NVEOUGHTA / I GIVE HIM / HCW MXJ DO \VHAT I DID, POP SAID WISHSO THERE WAS SOME WAY. HE GOULD kEEP HIS BILLS DCWM... So,OW HIS B1RIH- PAY, I GAVE HIM A BROWZE~ v/e <s THE You (?ROM, FftoF. PECK? HAVE TO SPEND SOME .' THE DAMAGES VXJR DOG DID WHILE HE WAS ' OH THAT RAMPAG V/E'LL GlVEnMOSTOF mo pop....HE '••"•*• WHAT USE

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