Morning Oregonian from Portland, Oregon on February 12, 1882 · Page 3
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Morning Oregonian from Portland, Oregon · Page 3

Portland, Oregon
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 12, 1882
Page 3
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t he srrrct (![,-' room. " nit · of j he_had ev et ,; --Sew Yorkj iia »ni tai ni { ! on a vi. K8 .j the plethorj not properl, uefsteak frejl mposirjon to' jing matter--" n double the; besides the! Fred?" -o.l imrose, w i t h I oae I dwnnlc'', set and t«n- i ''YasHC, it j ? and «n- ', r ftn7, Amcr-, r.Ttn allttlecountry town. iMdlea of d»rt or Bncnj weithrr. MilleBsof fortune's »mni or frown. " n the ao of tint · Bf.-rc'htd I from Jenny. Sev r * frrrrt h " 1 sil * fr ' m Iut '' i v« ·tow' "ore the torn-wt* «lowins. TlnlhBl t 1 " 1 k l »" of l h e »«« ln K " u n ' ··bunt tlie cuwi In the f.rm.yard l.iwinij. let (tl! ll"t the glirflnime d»J w»s done iiKli tho llf Un came « figure stately,. nciifhl-or-K olleU htm hml«oliii. Bu!.. r i"» J bow* «l»t«ly. mehow my he«« gavo a rapturous throb. r "^ hc )l * J ' Ciri:el 3' ·".'· over ptsntun like mino so sad! rorBotrert bad tjf* for only JBHUJ. iBiJenny would hardly notice the ltd. ·Rnt I str»ncer touched mo m the shoulder, TtJ»t Jtuiiy loved I w#Jt conld s»e; i^litB whlsppreU woids bat made me colder-- All», hn hail word* for only me! Ah! out p«th« would be fair with floweni-- Tlie blr'la would ulng and the iklei woo Id sbiiu II Will wan only your lover, J»nny. Aid handsome Boh wa mine, out tMno ' to lard toiled jot lines that night--the yean ire manr, iid almojil a pair of old malcij ira we, Still I've a secret I keep from Jenny, Jjid she has a secret ahe i«»p« from me: CHASED JTWOLYEH. k Youth's Terrlflc Fight with Famished Beasts. IIIS HAI« WHITEXED BY AOOSY. ill b« :, The papaw i oani only by \ itotion of th» .- jtlon for piaa \ coming from ;; it? Has he purchases \. wish th« f « l r ' . BrMo Won ut . Kilfonl Latter IB Mewiletk Sun. '"Eighty years ago on Christmas avc," said tin sheriff, "Uncle Peleg Under hill's grandfath- r'» hair turned aa gray u a badger." and tho lights- ware' tamed out, bnt body knew -where hc came from. Ho liked a drop of thn old stuff, and " "He was from Jersey," said the poundmas- ter. "He was extremely «hy aud n u i i l i « t . 'be sheriff went on. ··Hi; wasn't from Jersey," nuiil the c o n n l v clerk. ··His had very black hair, ami wa.- tall ati.l wiry, and all the girls in th- «.-!-,· H t u c k un him. Tho follows wun- jcahnii. bt- cause he cut 'em all out of the stone frolics and husking bees. A family named Jobson had found their way from somewhere or other in Jersey to that pa'rt of the country, and settled ni'iir the Jlouroo c o u n t y bordi-r. Thurc waa old Jobnon and hi* wife and his d a u j f h t e i Jieliaaa Joh'son hud uncovered about an acre of earth on h i s - t r a c t , and b u i l t him a house, a barn, a wagon «hcd, a spring horw. an observatory fifty fi'i-t h i g h , ami thruu of f o n r - f i i o t V a U ' w i t l i tin- stcne the aero violdnl. ' ··Afvonliin; to the late Pfl«B L'm'crhill, .Sti'lijiu must have hcon a stunnor. Khc waa ivav np in all the acoompliibmentw of tho diH- trict. which ranged from twirling a f a p j a c k t o picking a panther tint of tho tree w i t h the old man's Ilintlock ritlo. Tho pastime: and pleasures of budding Pike comity maidenhood in thosit days wuro few, and it were x r1I U reward for ilolisna to get the promise from her mother that if ahe would pile no much Btono wall while she waa resting from pulling turnips, she could'slmck thu bide ofTn the next wolf that dadifotched in'; or if siie cut and piled a suSiaienl quantity of store wood before gha we'itt to work hoeing thti 'talent, she might hold the pig ut the next Christinas killjn' while dad stuck it. "It was one day in the fail of 1801 that Ezekiol Mcrrywcather firxt struck tho Jubnon clearing, and met Melissa. Sliu waa having a holiday, nnd was enjoying it in shucking 1 wolvos. The wolf crop was good that season, and old Jobson'ti traps wore generally full. Whether it was tho way M.cliag*. yanliud ilia peelfn^ ofP'of the wolvos,. or whether it wan her general tftlye thai did the bu.Hiuerts, Ezekiel fell in love w|th hor at eight. Hhe fell ia love with him, too, and he got to taking in tho JoV ion clearing pretty regular on his hunting expedition*. Finally be naked her to marry him, and «he laid »h«: woald. Ho'Taid ttic 'matter before her old man. ; - " ' " 'Well, Bcarcely; you can'-I have .X'.lia",: laid Jobaon. 'No young squirt ofij buihwack- er don't tie on to hor if hor dad knows it, an' MASTER OR MAN! on him by marrying him? Did he realize fully w h a t that budren might be? j Then, whan iho had thought of that, the l i f e she wa I r j . l i i i R w o u l d come up befure her. lly !··· · H n i i i i f J i » h n D r a n n o f k ' s wf.'e she would «nri'ly lempK-d l l ! e Whtlo More leaned a g a i u a t bar loom, dizzy and dfKffiii'il w i t h the incessant roar of a thousand wheels. Thu jar aud crash of uiacliiiii'ry s m o t i - thr'iii!;h tho othor sounds j t h a t tilled th'e fa'-tory. niidsfi'med to beat j n p - M i hT b r a i n l i k e luilT.-ting h n i u l s . · · H o w much lon^-i'r n i n - t t h i n kind of l i f e Last.'" she asked hcrni'lf in a hnlf-couijiruhond- f/ ^ i n e w a v /-" / H i g h f t i .. " · / J As Hlie «-H jmsHing out t h r o n t h t h « count Often, when the rush and roar of the facVuf i,,,,. r ,,oni, tin. foreman of thu f»-)ory »|ii,U- t. . MlC W 8 ' id of li u l Tiir ihiT wure aw ki'U! up n-* i n r r * . ; i n ; u n i o u m i ti- t h i dit'l. A t I I I K I (I,,- -is o'clui-k l « - l l i c l a n i t n t i , l n i K ^ ol d i s u i H K a l nnd n h e l t u r m l"0in, «lud iy face. ;:-il fill d a « a » to get awjay from the YOUNG AMERICA. Some of the Sayings and Doings of Our I'icunnlnle*. THE KINT.VO ORVKRATIO.V. Tin- tVi'i-ntrlrlttpR of Ihe Tins' 'i--iillir«-- who me llrMlnrd la Stake li«- l.nw. un.l H|.onk llu- Ilulili.. A y o u t h f u l J V i i n n y l v a n J A Kranuvr, iibout to I'u rhaiitiMHl by bin f a t h e r . cuili-il np»n hi* g r a n d f a t h e r to protect him from the middle INSURANCE. HOTELS AlfD BESTAUB1ST8. FLRE INSURANCJE., ST. CHARLES HOTEL, 11,T Fi-out and Morrison, Portland. un t!i« Knropean Flan/ THOS. GUINEAS, Proprietor. ^ ASSURANCE COMPANY, OF JLO.MIOV jarrtd upnti her wnsoii ad they did t o - d a y , she ' could scarcely comprehend a i i y t h i v i ^ ' . It ' Boemod as if her brain wns lo-ci nt u lo;' uml conld not find It.-i way o u t . Hnw much lunger? Shu iihlu'.l l : i - r - i - l f ths i m ' s t i i n , but could not u n s i v i r it. Shu m u s t keep to liar work, even i! the blood throbbed in her ti-mplt-* u n t i l tlu-y sccmc-d ready tu bum. If she grew f a i n t and sick, tho wheel* went round and round all the *amo. aud work wont on an if no hand or brain ever tirud or grow wtuiry. I t made her t h i n k of tin- JII^K*--!- nant of fate that moved on pitilessly no matter whom it crushes! in ita cunrtut. She waa tho only child of a woman who wan a widow. MrB. More wan a cripple and Iliichi:! had to work in the factory to earn a living for hor mother and herself. Hhe had been there four yoars now. 1'uur-scoru, thu yearn Hi-cmod to hor. She had no taste for the work Hhe had lo perform. It was drudgery. Almost anything else would have united her better, but there was no choice given hor. Hern circum. Ktances had eaHt hor lot, and bore hhu'inu^t re-main unless something happened like that we read about in romances. Home girU fleetned to like tho life and kept np a cheerful appear-, auoe, and had u contented look. llachel wondered if the content was real or only on tho surface. " It wai not work that nho objected to. Sho was willing to labor, and expected 'to bo busy all liar life, bnt it wait the kind of work that 8h« and »ay tie bakery j , OM « 0 ! the boys ware liogering by the genial her dad'a np to things what's K oin' on 'round longed for Romothing that had mors freedom in tfiA «ft^ ' . . . . ?. hnpn n.k/i».w 9«Hj*r!tv. u -.tWhM*tM71lM: 'rtrttt^'iiitfltV '(M U (T ArA t,« f n U i n n n i aA n Uk A _.., HnA ain the con- iont appear. liaexnltant, ei tho mo- his pastry? lions for all tit," write* planted iwoaiemorj 12 naw bate-burner stovs, where thoy had baen exclngJBB experiences during thoovoning. Tie iioT» was radiant. It? beamt fall warmly on U»«Iaiai.«' ti« d«« -C"*** Tiny, lit tha jovial faoa- of i the oooaty clerk It. Here n .'io felt iu priion. She was tied to her loom, luurally, from six in the morning from thin paster lot it'll.banitb uoina gray- haired rooster a« knows what to treat hor to. , . , . , , , , . _ .. She don't splice to nobody but a gray-headed ,till aucal night, whila afar off wora Vague, tan-on theflooTi' *au, in' yo mout Jest as well bait, her trap in · talizing glimpses of green Holds and shady someother swamp, Zok'el" woods, as far boyond hor reach as moit of tho onaty clerk as "Woll, now, I'm blanieif'iff ain't glad to things theaarly innboama illumine tha tin rooster on hear a little something abont some gray hair," ttabo)a.l^n^djuf^tae^o^^^»b^if .-,jaid the county clerk. "I.was afraid you'd things wo long tor and dream ot are. Vhal ploanure it would be to got a breath of puro air and sit for even an hour in «unnhino on " W i l l you pluai-e a t o p nt t n j bouse, w a i t n few minutes? I h u v u bom|Mhin^ tu In you t h a t I cannot say here, li w i l l j o i n you an HOOII us l e a n tret sway f r n n j thr factory. Vuii u'iil nnt h u v o tn vaut lnng."i Shu bowod. w o n d e r i n g w h a t heJcnuhl have lo Bay in her t h a t cimlii not bo sliid there, mid piiiisi'd u u . He was a grave, q u i f t m a n , and a k i n d one, llachel knew. All th'n haiula liked him. Several times, of latu, lul had eorne t o stand by her loom and wiktuh herltt'ork. Always he hud « pluasaut smile aud won' for h*r. lie had a beautiful home on tho Ktruet leading to Rachel's ImmhUi dwelling. Bho often paused to look in among the shrubs and evergreens and wonder what it must Ixi to live in biicli a place. Mr. Graham's wife had bown dead two years, and be lived among his oneliness and luxury, n childless man, with few intimate friends except his books. She went up the gravelled walk, stopping heru and there to breathe in the fragrance from beds of heliotro])« and rosf». If ihe could only havu a lied of (lowers all her tivo ! Perhaps, if she married John, they might afford such a luxury. Sho rang tho hell and was ac milted by tho housekeeper. Mho told her errand and was taken to the parlor to wait for Mr. Graham. It wan a beautiful room. The carpet on the floor was like mosi to the tread. Luxurious easy chairs' invited her to rest in their roomy depths. Beautiful pictures hung ''upon the walls. Hue hoi had never seen anything like them. She wondered if she wo'ild eTer frow tired of looking at them. In the corners of the room on exquititedy carred braokcts, marble groups stood, gleaming whitely against a a crimson background! fiicb cm tains of tiimy lace at the long window* made her think of frostwork. A Tags of bot-houso flowers stood upon a table in the center of the room--WIXOD oamelias and stephanotin, and Jesainlnog that filled the air with delicious fragrance. A piano stood iu an alcove. She went op to It aud touched a key. A long aweet wave of music vibrated through the room. It was like fairyland. By and by Mr. Graham entered. "You must think it strange tiat I hav* requested you to come here and grant me this Interview." he said." "Perhap«_what I have to »'A.PITAI. I-ANII Sl'KI'I,l'K. MITK Thin '«ni|)nuy him ah«oliitelv the piild ni»*i%|ltiil of nnv company itninR business tn i the 1'iiUi/d M.m-%. ' DepoUt with NCute Treuaurrr la ,. 800.000 Insiirflnri' ftToi-Uni ul nrnwiatkblv rtttea untl ytqlf- C|«M Iwiurd by HIBMOX, CHURCH .fc CO., (jeiiirul AKPIIIH, ' X. f. car. Front and A»U Nil., Portland, Or. A RTHUR K. Hl.UA.JS, Manager. MARINE INSURANC:. The Thames and Mersey Marine Insurance Co., (live the l i t t l e girl ponipthing pretty nnd tec'-, t h a t - I n - c i i n L t-p a loi:_f (live tho boy Horn, t l u i i ^ hv CMI t a t ipiirl, in m'uLoa I H I I M I w i t h . A i ' l i i l i l of unoi'rtain j i u r c n t a g o ri'cr-ntly ad- ,lrr»-i'il a Hinn UK g n d - f a t h i T . ' u h c i i it i n n t l n - r K - v i a l v d t i n ' M i - n - t i.f it» b i r t h by saying, "you s h o u l d not u-i- tbu name ui Uud iu ain." "You didn't p u t ) o i i r fjru in the box," HITI itm,-d t i n - t h i vi-r of a "hol-tati" hor^e-car. · · N n . " i - « l d tin- -i-hi.ol bt.y. n« lie liphlrliod Ilia hold on his companion. "My mother p u t it in for nn: Imforv 1 lufl lnuuu,' "Futhi'r," said an i i i i j u i K t t i v e bov, "what is m o u n t liy clow relations?" "(.'tone n-lutlons. my sou." n-pliiil the father, "am relations who iicviirKivo yon a oint." The boy said the old mini, then, was tin; "cltuuat" relation hu'd got. A litllu hoy in Hi Ifait, Me., attended ohnroh last Huiiduy for (ho first tinu'. On rutnrning borne ho was asked what wai done at tho church, to which he replied: "First they sang, then thuy prayed, and then tbey paused around a corn-popper." A uiinUter in ono of his parochial visits mot a l i t t l e boy and asked him what o'clock it wan. "About twtlva. sir." was the reply. "'Well," quoth the minister. "I thought it hnd been , (;,,.!, A.««e»« JmrBOth, moro." "It's never auy more here," replied I Uft««lt Itt Oregon ' tho boy; "it just begins at one again." "My boy," saiil a dog fancier tho oilier day, "I would give you flv« dollars for that pup, bnt ho don't look very strong." "Well, no-his ia not exactly stalwart, that's a fact. He's only a half-br«ed of tho iialf-brouds, and ao I gaavi I'll let him go at fwo nul a half.'' When tbo child in strong enough to manago a fork, give him ono in"toad of a niioon, and when the dignity of a knlte IK arrived at, toach him the QIO of it. and aUo, when dona with tho knife and fork to lay them iu close parallel across tho plate, the handle! to the right. "Mo," said a thoughtful boy, "I don't flunk Hnlomon was ' HO rich as they nay lie waa."i "Why, my d»ar. what conld have put that Into! ypitr head?" "Why,, the Bible layi. ho ulept ..A. D. 18*1 810.0*0.000 ... 7.4MW.11US (Late of the tcade. etcramento I T HIR HOTKI, i Contains 120 clegntlj tunttantd suit* and ·iDgle room«i which have been refitted and rcfur- nif he.! In modern p'rlr. Free rroKeh tn and from all trafm and boat*. ·TSN CBNT8I ON OCCIDEMTAL REST;..*F. JOE BAK1IAKF-, ihe veteran, M ·«» laerc. Board by the «y, week or MM^th. lte*l« Tw*B«y-«ve Cm*. lldlm CLARENDON HOTEL, PORTLAND, OR., KIEBKK A KXOWUBV Fi'aprlalara. Sttuawd oppoMta all the RaUieaJ aad BtaiaiaaHi fnc vo*cli to ud hoin tha BOOM. Stnat oarlfckri* · I MARKETS. wo.v. i OF J.IVKHPOUX,. Capital Subscribed Onfltal pul.1 up.... 4.ln $10,000,000 1 l.OOO.OOO A. E. Central M.»riEat, Wholewd* Batcher and Packer. ·Ulu accepted ami POMCIES WmiTTEW at NO. 5 FIRST HT.rTMjfi'TlolXO, OK. 1'imiP^. SUUYLEB,i Agwt. COMMERCIAL OION ASSPEAJfCE . ! SSfaaf- -.-· , OMWftCO. ,. 1 t awaboa*. _ ' · -, · ifcharfJtHpanMUa: ^.^ ^ ,1-I nb«n0^01r*N««ff-fctMf 1 4-/I J. 8. KELLER, r Matt*** uad Vint **. Beef, Pork, Mutton, Ted* c. - CAPITAL.-:-. OMae W. K. $2,500,000 ( 1857. · · ) · - . . ! ) i r. VtnaiatMl Portland. Oregon. «Ic»e U LY UiVr. A.IVQn Olr*t%I * U U U HIT i *UU Bit, tvl wau mu uuut IU B U U H I U U U UU- .U.V. , .un , uu nu.u. A u. ..«^fD n uw» A Hmlv vu that and was getting twu utorius deflled by smoke from the factories' great chim- »y will be tudden to yon. I am not a man of many wordi. I love you, will -von be my wifo?" . ihaabledin- Uat.'tiarmer mat. at that '*' e Oh f r " I? " yon," t, she on tor Tick- tg of Sweden or,of of Qer- Q pie Bar. - Bonaparto ide» which rd ve , , ^ all hi. Tic- ThehUtbric f'to Hapol- iott of but- 10 Bordeaux rred tbelat- ·r'jrowths. 'tool la cup. jailed." / '*·!.? 'it '"·'.-·'« ney». Butaucha ploabnre wag not for hor. hite of glory. Thoy glowed on th,§ depa^tera -That was a great .blow to the yoanj people," «DaJr after 4ay the lun.ponred down its fiory batkol the bar with a soft intensity that em- continued the sheriff. "Ezskia'l struck into heat upon ihe great root which aeamad to con- i and they ajvan olimbed to 4b£ *ood* and Valiiia shnofiod wol/os^dth a dense tha heat tor the discomfort ol those who ,'' ~. . . , , t ,, ,^ - Wavy lioari. .liy .and by Sim Smith of PoJfono were compelled to toil away tha hours beneath ilgn and olofficfl » witji n met n.i iM ,. rf, wa§ on the upper aide of 50, it. ' Tho ait was alway* lull of odors of oil and faltered, kindly » gleam that it appeared no longer a grky »* a rat, and owned i farm, 'iVhqu he coal. Open the window* wide, and tha roomi alirBTaBlitv and carried tarror to Bo one--not ··ked ot( * Johip^ fc^Jla)' 8 ** Vf^t^H daW: ware close and loffooatiug. Sometimes Hacliel '' "'Te'vedraw'a'lie proper bead the fnst time had to gasp for breath and clutch at hor loom dint. Ya've l(ita»a pinmli btek o 1 the for- for support, but the shuttle kept flying to and ihonlder. The gil'i yonr'u.' , fro, for all that. Thora wai no time . to lit . '"Meliss hatu'i jinythin,} to say, in the matter, down and rest her weary limb, or shake off tha Mid the wedding wsj ftiec. for Christmas eye. uambneai from her brain. On tkat ni^ai the population of three town- If sho could only getaway and find «omo ihips was at JohaonV--lilteen people in all. other way of livingl Over and over she said r ,. ... _ Old'Squire Horjan: waa thsfo: Jo tie lhe .knot, this to herself, daily. But the could not. Hbo . Aje may b«»cro»n of flory, b»t Jtnotiofl.that ErakiolM*rrywcither was the., only absentee, could not spare a day's -time to look abont for father. But--tbo luxury, tha life of eaas he iouth hangs op the moil venUon." ll w a flne noonlight night and oold as other work. It was a steady, hard fight to could give her. Her crippled mother could bo LW it » «M tk. «n«nt, »l«rt «**i.«» Graoillul1 - The wedding wai to come off at 9 keo? the wolf from tha door, and if ahe gava no burden on him. H she married him, all the nau, saia ion, mmmj -o«r«, · uin ago ^ijiocit, Every little while the howling ef np "icr vigilant guard for a day ho would gain beaatiful things sic had aVaamad about would «tan iha foreman of the'printing office, i in! on ' he coal-box Tjaok in tha shadowi. ·'"Eighty yean ago!" mtUftd' thi shoriff. "E-i-g-h-t-y--y-e-a-r-i--ago! The pout afi, 'Old igtopu* on apace,' bat it aeanitoma as if he was bowling along; (his way on a gallop. me. But I am in earnasl, Kiss More. Don't decide now, but wait and think lit over before giving ma yaur answer," Itaebal went away with,bar brain in a whirl. Two offers of marriage! Which should iba ac- copt, or neither? She did no't love Kr. Graham. That ihe knew. There wai something almost repnliiva in the thought ot Unking her- aolf for life to a man old enough to be her pwnoe'down iSfi'tTn'blrRllg^ffde'rljnrigran'a-' wolves cooW t» baard on all sides of the clear- an entrance. She wished she conld stop think-, be bam. She had only to lay ono little word lo nsed to smoking twenty "stoga" (cheap and What business had, .Je. to .be Cnola Peleg'i gnnaVather, or tnylMdy .y'se'i 'grandfather, aayhow, unless he waa gray when h* started in oaftha "'" · · -·· · perceptible il ,to every- tttlf felt, it i waa no nyhonr, he M ready for room at 10 » who hap- "liaven't told jo« aMfft'd yif. " tfncle Per JaVi grandfather watonljtw«nty-twov«ar» old -^-" ' '·' ' , ing about it. dhe often tried to. But the more she tried to stop thinkins, tho more it kept beating back and forth in her brain, until she got to wishing sho conld stop thinking entirely and become a machine which would per/orm it* work without a bralB to get weary. The life was killing her ·lowly Bhe knew that, bnt 'Stop t" said' the ox-pouodmaster, aa he got I BP and began to button his Overcoat. "Stop, ' iheriff i that'! 1're iflariyoa. tall about . «tflsh climbmg trees,.ant pickerel borrowing : through ten-acre loti to gat from one pond to ! asqther, and/have nevecfor amoment doubted |: jour truthfulness. I've told theaa stories to - t·'» children, and when they pulled down their . , - re.than two Ji taWt ayeledi and suked me if I aaw anything kept on, and the sound showed that the wolvex ': -.-'!''' (f jptto,. I've raproachsd thorn for the implied were not moving. Moliwa went to a window Jii±ii-_ t.i? jbkhsJ.lriHnv tham that j6it;hM .lean,;ttio»» and looked out. ,. . ay were consequently trae. Bnt, praaanting me with a man twi he wan with convention tW»t*a bjr ·.who said state raised Tinted to imbder the loVhave all r from the Bone of it k«t in mny Jttrf "'tinder which ft is it mast be »nIitripes in'farmer* wnal right tbsir hnn- orn In the ihall also lhat no te of-it -in any ono ter dln- lal or not, rit«i: "It b napkin, ormal; not y and has plan rood d, again be- ,, fold put away tHu,- It Da for the egtnt neg- at*r-or vfin- · the name jngj'them- beir table That wa.s nothing uncommon, though, and' nobody though^ anything o{ it,' About 8 plcloek the howling Wan more than usually loud aid prolonged ih one direction. , ." 'Wolves i» dnrn hungry to-night,' said old "Jobson. 'They're clfl8ii»"ln oil thai4«or pooty reg'lar, I reckon.' . ,"Thjt .howllng,Qam,e noarar.jBd, nearer. , ,, ( ,- waa powerless to break away from it. '.j".'Oa^Mi Jf.^Bon't ${ ^fcejSpi gqWJ toil hBy and by tho day's work was over, and t«ko that "aeor 'pTumb turough oar turnip Rachel gave a sigh of relief ai the groat bell patoh,' said Jobaon. -Well, let 'em go. We've clanged out its pormiasion for the hundred got other busineai heiides carin'.fqt a Basel o*. souls who had listened 10 anxiously to hear it, - ' ^* to go home. Borne might call the bell harsh- toned and uhrill, but tq Rachel it held a wealth of the sweetest music in its voice when nigh t came-- novor at any othor time. She put on her plain straw bonnet and passed out. The air out of doora, though full of ornary wolvei to-nigh f; h«y, BlmV "The wolvos camo closer and aimer. Their snarling conld be heard in the house. But no otio over took tha trouble to look out of a window. Tho howling,! and -barking, and snarling and looked out. '"Why, dad,'said, .aha. smoky odor, was sweet as balm to hor after grasp them all. j .The week want by. Bachel dame and went about bar dally work with a far-off, preoccupied look-in bar eyes. All the time there was a warfare going on in her heart beUeeu right and wrong. For she knew that it would bo wrong for bar to marrj Mr. Graham for the sakoof what such a marriage! would bring. And yet-- I we all hare boon sorely tempted ; Rachel was like us, and it was hard to bo honest with her heart. j The last day of the week cam*, and with it the sharpest struggle of all for Bacbal. She must give John his answer! Did lhe lovo him? If sho could be sure that sho did, even if from a sense of duty, nho did not accept his suit, she wonld not tliiok for a moment o? accepting Graham's. But if ihe did not love hint--if she could satisfy herself that she did not --_. _ T r _, j __,. them, wolves has · '. treed snthin'^ in : Ottr, apHng house. They're tfiick arohri' it, and some of 'em's gain' down »» much of ma at'my tim*'6(3ife. It won r t the chimley.|' toakin. I now begin to doubt even the climb- " 'Snro enough,' lays Jobaoo, 'they've drnv i»r«atfllb, aud'mv faiUiMb the burrowing aufhin' inter tho spring houso, sartin. Wall. jistoril, is wavering. Sheriff, it is and thing bays, take ver guna. Wemowt;ae-woll goonit ihancme friend loaas eonfldenco in another. « itbp this yer noise 'fore we percood. 1 « . . n . , , . , ,-.... .. , L "The men took thei: bonrs of the hea^d, reeking air of th. ^ ^beio'ver," wrong'to'^arry"S."^ 3«od night, BOM. ·rild Bum. ' . «Poondmaster," uiil t)ii ' I go homa a sadder, bat a «· «»-«^,--.i.- - · · said th« sheriff, factory. She walked along the street slowly. To and from the factory were her only walks, and she always tried to enjoy them as much as possible. She tried to forget to-morrow and to-day, but the could never quite do this. We get such * disagreeable habit of looking ahead that 'we spoil this hour's sunshine by thinking of who wai willing from his high social . , dbkoheaV "How sharper than a tefpen't'i tooth it ia ' '' ealUda'lisrby a man **«« r *»*»'*'i«n" "*' "The man took their gum and went oat. A the clouds the next hour may bring. 'Wrond or twOUeltled tke btuineirfdr the wblVes A step osiuo clown the walk behind her, and but there was a'ltrngftle going on' a pleasant voice laid, "Good-evening, Rachel." lilt, home., The door wai fomxl "(jlood^vening, John," sha laid, looking iytbe light of the mooa.*he; taW at about: with a enyla at the young man who i his book 'to the wall, fighting four came Up beside her. Ho was a'tll, good-look- ry, wolyes with nothing but bis hunting inp'follow, with hard, brown hands and brawny . truthfully and " ' - muscle*. There waa a frankness in his eye. £^« I l« h LB° tht wan as good as a written recommendation )g to itoop position to lift her up to him? At hut tho great bell rang. 8ht law no ona aa ihe left the factory, though a hundred souls wont out of its doors whan aho did. Bhe felt that John wonld come to her to learn her decision before sho reached homo. Something told her so. Now. within the next few minutes, Mha must deeida. sight Of Griham'a houso. It would tempt hor to ;ee It, and think that it might all bo hers if The floor was piled deep with dead wol- Th»n4n wa« rescued and helped into the ·as 1 for the best, way or that, or ncithor? hor brain whirled woreo 'Bnt stayv TJncJe.'^Pefeg.'g'grand- ho'^sc. He was covered with blood, and his of character. father 1 'wasn't his grandfather 1 then. "Bat yon said ho wai b» igraadfither," «rjed the poundmaMtOT. "Do yon take it . hack then, and admit you vWere; lying: to us?" "Ton gee," said, the slwriff, not committing ·ton clothes wcro nearly all torn from him. It was Ezokial Menywcither, bot his black hair waa as gray as atiadgerl "Zek'll 1 said Melissa. '· 'M'liS9l' ; 'sald Ezekiel. . ' ttey were locked in one another's himnfllf, "You KOO, he got to bo Unc a feleg't arm*.' Then Ezekial told how he had started ' ' becattie'W' ww ' tZc'e' Peleg'a 19 come t q t h e wedding i n spite o f h i s feelings; wallw · *fi[«U.9" " ' grandfather finally. Don't you wint to walk around by the park," he asked. "You look all tired out. It will feat yon to get a sight of the flowers there naw. It isn't-much farther, and 1 want to say something to you." * "Can't yon tell me an wo go along?" sho asked. "I'm afraid I should spend too much time if I wont to tha park. I ought to get homo to ithcr, yon know. It is so lonely for her. I witji bis fathers, and I think if he had been so very rich hb would have Iffu! a bed of li[s own." liitlle Freddie, When visiting" a neighbor 1 ! hdU9«, wai offered a piece of bread and butler which ha accepted, bat without any show o' gratitud*. "What da yon lay, Freddie?" hinted] the lady,'expecting hlni to say, "thank you/' "I iajrlt ain't dake," was the impolite Tho following remark of a little girl ihows an opinion of her elders tha ravaria of flattering, "Odear!" 'ihe exclaimed to her doll, .* do with you would lit itill. I never taw iuc|i an {meaiy thing in all my life. Why don't yon act liko grown folks, and be itill and stupid foriawhllp?" Scored a point: Master Tommy (he had' been very naughty and was now amusing hinf self with his Mrljuurt prints)--"Here's Danlol in the lion's dan!" Mamma (incautiously) 4"Ahl what wai ha wit into tha lions' den for?" Ms4tor Tommy ('with triumph)--" 'Cause_ hq waa good.^Anon; I An Indiana father taught hii infant ton to smoke oigan in order that ha 'might be kept quiat. 1U it now four years old, and has bean nasly) cigar* 1 a day and crying for moro.. Bo , is now in a surgical Institute undergoing treat-' merit for spinal troubles. A:gcntJ«man somewhat advanced in life, and who war never remarkable for bis good looks, »ak«l his grandchild what he thought of hint. Tho boy'a parents were present.' Tho youW- atcr made no reply. "Well, why won't you tell · mo what you think a of mo?" " 'Cause'i don't want to got licked," wai tho answer. On Booing a house being whitewashed a tmall boy of three wanted to know if the houso wat going to be shaved. A lady, when admiring .the atari on a bright Bight in a tropical olt- mste, was suddenly asked in the moat innoj- cent way by her little son of flvo yoars old, il hosa were the nails that hold up heaven. "I know," Raid the little girl to nor elder sister's young nan at tha supper uhlo, "that yon Will join our society for; thcjiprotectian ct littlo birds, because mamma sayt you are ver T fond ot larks." Then thera waa alienee, and the Lunburger cheese might have been heard scrambling around in its tin box on tha cupboard iholf. "1 amma.Vhen I noticed all the people alter t ny came into chnrch this morning lea i Ihoir heads dawn agalnat Iba back of the pew tn front of them, I did just at they .did, anJ leauad mine down too." "That was right, m r dear) and yau uttered a prayer like a goo I little boy? ' "No, mamma, I counted ten."-Brooklyn Eiglo. . A boy who has always refused to cat oa moll, in ftpito of bis mother's urgiugn that it was strengthening diet, suddenly surprised hor one morning by eating a liberal plateful and calling for more. Upon- his mother asking fpr an explanation, he replied: "I an Home Mutual InsnTtace Co , Mauufacturerof and DcalJnrln all unite o SASff, JOOm: ^ JB^Bil Fnuiei, XoaUiop, Bracked, ete. ?D AN E COlDPgft. imntm. STAIR 8Uir»,8t*ir · ' B*last«n, Newel Foots* I088(M Paid Since Lome* Paid in Orogm i 8b Tew $168,86829. OREGON BRANCH OFFId, I, jrt»m». Attkike OF Ol tmft'im ah* C«a»tJ wtil raMlw ^nwkftutf Careful Attentlcu. Bead for ««ml*ra. . . , - In the pile* of rrdned lOJpui. ami tb« hn*»*frtjin we made to oar faderr *irteg last month, en«- btematoavouiupe toourBatroM :. ; A SUBSTANTIAL REDUCTtON IN THE PRICW F Wni : ft ; '^MM*£ ®gK* mimmm. ^^K^f!, Sfr'iH - -A 'vV^L^r^^i^jj^^^^^: UPEltlAL, : LONDON, ·|Uiy«therfMMrrMil Insaruioo of ttiJLrerpod. Oe*odttm Omm -- . ... -- $800,000 Of Proprierorspf Porf laid Stwim irii Huafliefon 14C Ilrat tutf»g AUer.M. ' ' I k ] «.C.tOEl), _^^m^^m A. P. HOTALOG CO., Ofle* I» aai it Front gt,, Portland. Or AXD WHOIJBUIiX. DXAUCBS DT FINE WINE8 ANB UQUOK8. ' ' Sii Si N:W :EU HO INSUR, ci COPIWNY. FIKE AJW MAaUMK. ..... Capital - · - -· ·» $4,0«0,000. With inlimltMl llabHIty of Mockholdera. ' IT. H: eit»nrant» on wasin- lt.yJB»r by frequented »r .who or- i, ; buDB, or him upon ;ht paper- rder in re- it similar- land hosts caved the r wages on eftet and te handle* ng ti singlo pUtes were eare to aa- hi» cqstom- iy, like the in ao many jtiaimedi- rcakeas di- karmful lAOiti, pal- pstite aud ·nr, tobac- Idom. The cannot bo tit it man- eii health lve«-from rinking i» g women, id weakly more than :r take the h defends object of lie and at- timo the U the least y of learn- 1 be eager- housshold ing should and din- [ood appe- i good belted by the irronndid; to behave f t , fretfnl- ihe house- lie is ntiat lire oheer- , as far as IT __ Clara |iMiUiniUGt~ ilUJUlJi ffjtjai ,i, . -. ; . -· v "W^" ^^ WBS ODflU90Q,yy WOITfl§| DOW DO IOD£,ut uitibuui;* J"^u luiuiv* n* »» nu iviicij IMI urn. j. TWpoundmaster shook hii 'bead sadly, and ' "wTM f° r ** miles throngli the snow, and fln- never like to stay away from her any longer ·HtdowD again. : · ···-' illy sought: refuge in the npringhonso. The than I can help." "Then that Bpoili tho whote Wamed itory," wolves, clambared to the roof and let them- · J said toe county clerk. "¥00 said Peleg't solves down the chimney and cloaed in around "grandfather's hair tnrned gray in* ilngle him. Tho terror of the situation had turned light. Now that'would be lomathujg worth his hsir whit«, and he had been rescued Justin .litening to. If UN old gentleman's hair ;Ume. * fctrtwff «ay all'at oiroa, thatgoe*. 6, lay that "In the .m,idit of the axoitemont created by Uihltr.wain't gray before, ".mlati it was dyed EsektiL'i story Melissa said: WdhiiVlost hia hat in a ihower. -Now, a »'Dad, thil yer's the white-haired man I'm t»adfaUier without gray h»ir wat Jnat an itt- going to tie ta. His hair's whiter than Bim's, ·etna thing to oosanHnde a christmai itory by a powerful light.' . ·ith.: But it torni out *fc»t there wasn't any "And old Jobaon saw the point. The wed- ftaadfia*»r'.«t all, and if; there *un'* any 'ding aame »ff' : a«» o'clock, but Ezekiplwai 4«itfiitli*,:wh«ra an yon going to gat yow the bridegroom. .The late Peleg Cnderhill -pay^drr-The-nejt tima yptt Jntandiogef "uaad to lay that he supposed that the Jobion novel, were pleatant to hear. I««r itoe work ia on .a. grindfaiher atory, clearing had a little the Jolliest Ohristmai she had known John Brannock for a year, 1 werif, doift' "try to play a twenty-two-ysar- raw that night that ever wai known in thil and knew him to be a faithful. Heady hand in oWy off on ug for tha old man." , cotmtry..' the factory, and one who had tho confidence of way.^orttr," inggeited · , The label on the dwanterdiiappeaT»d again, bis employers - - - - - - - - - The crisis had COD than ejrer. | Suddenly a strain of juorry mnslo rang out upon the air as she was passing a house. Sho stopped to listen. She was intensely fond of ,, _ . . . niuaio. If she married Mr. Graham she might bound to eat oatmeal till I am stropg^ougi learn to play as thin girl was playing. "Mar- to whip Johnny Scott." . r a y y hi "He M ^ .^^'tS f Jd - "'* *#?TM*^ ^^ ar »«* to all beautiful things that wealth can buy. What is love, that it should make you hesi- :-^».'. [M idsT;.^_. i ^,»v»«^i W. K. . ^C Ho. t yinrt m.. rortl.a*. TRENKMAN , . Yes, I can tell you here as well as anywhan, I suppose," he said, with a little womanish blush on his face, "I--I hardly know how to say what I want to, Rachel--how to begin. Yon must have an. idea of what it is. You aren't blind." It wai Bachel'a tarn to gat confused. She felt quite sure ihe had aorne idea of what John Brannock wanted to lay to her. "I think you know," ha laid. "It's thU, Rachel. I love yon--will yon marry me?" BaGhal had never been told before, by any man, that he loved her. Ifhs words, naw, and have asked his mamma if the whalo that swa lowed Jonah had as large a month as tho one before them, why didn't Jonah walk out at on* corner. "You must think Jonah was a foo.; he didn't want to walk out and get drowned, 1 " wai the quick reply of a younger brother, before Ihe mother coald answer. A mother once showed her child a beautiftll doll, a 8t John, of Ana make and color. "Bee," ihe aaid. "ha has been very good; and, baa van always rewards the good by making them beautiful." "Oh," laid tha child, lifting iti ihou .der. "don't believe that, mamma. This lltt'e St. John looks very meek because ha'aall glued up; but if he could only move, you'd aoa 1" Tha father of a family, after reading from i»H«nltl. tha morning paper that the pold tha night b?- ·oe of tho Mississippi ia fora wai intense, the thermometer registering of a lake, situated above many degreei below freezing-point, said: "Now children, I suppose you are tanght ali abotkt that at aoboql. Which of yon can tali me The point of A stop sounded on tho street beside bar. She turned, John Brannock stood there. Ono glance into his honest eyes decided her. "Bave me--save me from mvsolf l" ihe cried, rescuing out her bandi toward him. "Lore ii better than bis wealth, and my heart wonld starve without it. I will be your wife, John." "God blesa yon, Rachel," he said softly, and kissed bar. And the man had won what the matter had test. ISSUBMCB C0MPAB1 orBAirvKAJieMeav FIBE AMP MARKfE. Capital - .. ». · « $7W,OOQ ·nut* OP** ijf OnfM, . · · ram rpjiKQ-T. Which IIM been ,,,,,-,,_,,_ of Mesengen, will leave the foot _ Satuidajr, Jan. KUiiand 'eo' each and Saturdayi tb«n*Jter, at ·'." In-iaecomifHt HonlMD itneton bjthli rout* f. * - - · · C. A- KAMir, Becntary. ·ea Astoria on each K o n _ , . ,, ._, , at « A..H-., J «itV«i at tottfciKt ·«f*'.T» : JTMIm : People'sTransportation Cto* Da*raqn« Bwald The new-found source a sparkling little gem and beyond Lake Ituka. It neotlei among the pines of an unfrequented and wild region of Capital* i rnmntu, OKXI. r. CHAJUC. ·wtrwOBt right by telling how y° ur grand- of hones* men pass out into the frosty air, and father's Uncle Pales' UadarhiU'i liair turned *be base burner beams alone on Cesar and the r»yinaslnglani«ljt? Mabbe that'll fix it." Everybody liked him and re- ilinneiota, many miles from the neareit while what the freezing-point U ?" ·Atttnirtflnt. a.n*1 A ln«t nn thn illvtrllnir HHfffl ]ny noito, papa," Wai t^n nr one of tha youngsters. ttietaislrifltjiJtorney. "Can't yon mak« it Again tha gargling m«»dpwJ^ook. i A °*P ipected him. Shonld »ho accept his offer? aattlement, and"'just on tho dividing ridge my nose, papa,"~was the prompt reply from tSS 1 * "But my grandfathar didn't hava any Uucla JelegTJnderhlH," said the ihe ~~ deoanters behind told kii Christmi . ,? laid the iheriff. "I tell yon what to do," said the ponndmas- «er, who likes a dispute. "Begin the story 'Once upon a tune, 1 etc. It'll itraighten out «yotigo." ' "Yes,"! the bar. story. The iheriff had · Oat. Coda Bianca is dead! Maybe you did not know him. He was a tomcat, and he lived in , the Agnone Theater, Florence. Italy. He was «j 'Hitrlat-atSorney; and if you a mammoth beast, and weighed 324 pounds. »ald work in a couple* o'ghosts right near the He,livcd a praiseworthy life. Onoo he saved itari, and kiUiome ona in a dark, deep hollow, the life of a lady. A robber .attacked her in "**«*?*·'' her room, and as iho rcnisled, caught her by ine foreman of tho printing office came, out the throat, and would have strangled hor, but from among the shadows and took a seat in for Coda Bianen (tho translation of which name, by-the-by, is. White Tail.) Coda Bianco screamed so loud that people cimti running in all directions, and the scoundrel flod. Coda was on excellent terms with the rats. Ho shared his food with them, and so pro- the glow of the/base burner. He said it waa too cold on the ooal box. "Bnt ther ain't any ghosts In this story," taid tho sheriff, "and no one gets murdered." The foreman of the printing office went back to^he shadows. He said it waa too hot by the base burner, "I have an impression," continued the sheriff, voutod them from doing any damage. Apparently, the ratn organised a society, and elected Coda president. But they wore un- '·th»t theinspioiou of. an inclination- grateful, wofully ungrateful. They asiassin- on the part of the circle this .evening to infer that I do not intend to lay this story out with the aid of a itralght edge. Gentlemen, I am deeply hurt. With what good reason let my witneMboaiimpIe ltatenu»t of the facts in the caas of· uncle Peleg's grtfidfither.' 'Poetic license, my dearFanndmaster! Poetiolicenser" There wag a pause. A label on one ot the decantan ceased to gleam in 'the light. Then '·as a lilveruOnnd as of a gurgling rill in a ^ronp of earnest men stood silent in tbj-flow »nd ihadow. Then, presently, the L blazed forth again in alliti won ted vividness. Theiil*nt man tat down. The sheriff broke tha itillnaai. "0 course," said he, "tho circumstances I am about to tell didn't happen ,within my rec- oU«ction. I got 'em clean cut from uncle--I ·hould uy the late Pelag Underbill. Peleg didn't know them from persona! recollection, «ither, u he hadn't fell hvir to any grandfather at that time, and wasn't in that part of -the «untry. Peleg's grandfather's name was ektel Merryweathor. At the ago of 22 ho *u a young man living over on tho head waters on the Little Bnshkill. ,, "He was a romantic sort of a duck." contin led tha sheriff. "He ncornod a life of toil, and those tho ewy vid luxurious existence that coinea of livins it] a brush cabin 'and chasing the fleafifooled denizens of tho dim-lit forest from rutee to ridge, and bring home their hide and talloV lip \vss n original Pike county hunier, snd was known to ciearas'high as tlfty dollars »oi:n- years with his gun and traps. N'o- in a ted Coda. Ho it was who settled all their quarrels, and one night, while tbey wore engaged in pitched battle, he appeared as a peacemaker. They turned upoajim en masse, »nd killed him by their bi lej. f je young men of Florence gave Coda a great funeral. Thoy carried him through the city in procession on a bier covered with black velvet. Coda had many children, and grandchildren, all of whom, like himself, have ]»t black bodies, pare white tails, and are of enormous size, As many of thepdesoendanta as could be secured wore led by strings to the funeral. Ofer a hundred of tho prominent cats o f ' onca were present. A funeral discourse was read. As atonement for his murder, all the tats in tha theater are to be poisoned. Tho first known of Coda was in 1821, when ho was bought from Qsrman soldiers. It appears that the effort to manufacture a fire-proof paper aud ink for either writing or printing purposes, which has so long baffled human ingenuity, has recently met with success in Germany. According to an industrial newspaper of that country, paper possessing are-proof qualities wax made with chemically treated asbentus fibre ami ground or finely di"- vjded wood fibre;. Ninety-five parts of aabe'«tu» was used with five parts of ths wood fibre, and by aid of gluo-water and borax were made into a pulp, which yielded a ' f i n e smooth paper used fur w r i t i n g purposes. It had thfl umisual f i n a l i t y of miiitninini; thu in- tlnuuci). uf a w h i n w i t h o u t i n j u r y . Bho felt tare ihe cared more for him than any other man she knew. She-had thought but little of love, and she hardly felt able to tell what the feeling was- John would give hor a good home. It would bo bumble, but wonld be infinitely better than factory walls, and the sound of tireless wheels would not fill it with thnir clamor and~din. Then came a swift tbonght of her mother. Conld aho say yes to his question and burden him with two instead of the one hc asked for? Would it 1» right to do no? "You haven't an-wured mo yot," hc,Haiti after she had been silent for tome time. "Perhaps you want time to think it ovor in." "I'm afraid it must ho no, John," n h e s a i d . "There's mother. I can't leave her." "Of course not,"said John, emphatically. "I expected she wonld live with u«, if wo married. I never thought of any other way. You didn't think 1 would want you to leave her, Ilachol? Why! I have had a good deal of pleasure in thinking how comfortable wo could make hor. You soo"--with another womanish blush, while his frank cyoe wore looking tenderly in her gravo face, as if to read a favora- blo answer there--"I've thought it all out. Bachel." How gcnorouH and kind his thoughtful lovo was! She felt siiru sho loved him well enough to trust her future in his hands. But, however, the burdon she would bo laying upon him, ought she tn do so? llachel bad a keen nenxe of duty. There was an aged grandfather do- pondent on John.' Two helpless people would weigh him down heavily, if anything were to .. happen to prevent her helping him. "I'cannot answer yon now," she said at last. j "Somehow,-I can't think a I would like to. The noiso of the factory rings iu my ears yet, and deafens and confuses me. I will tell you next week--in ono week from to-night. Will that do?" "Yes. that will do," ho answered. "Try and make it yes. Rachel. I shall bo very disappointed if it isn't." "I'll try to decide honestly," she said. They wore at home b£ this time. "Won't yon come in, John." "Not now, Hacuol. Good-night," and hc went on and left her. Tho next day Kachel worked a 1 her loom mechanically. While the shuttle flew to and fro swiftly, her thonghn flow swifter. Should she; or shonld she not? She pu,t love o u t of tbu paso entirely--or tried to and wanted to act with justice to tho m:in Wftn loved her. Would tlio love ho n o u g h t from her cum- which forms the groat water-shed of North America. Within a few milea of it can be found lakes and streami whoae waters are tributary to the Red liiver of' the North, tbna reaching the sea thousands o! miles from the mouth of tho mighty Itisuliisippi, which flows in a trickling brook from lake Olazier. This lake, discovered to bo the source of tho greatext- river in the world by Captain Wiltard Olazior, on the '22d of July, 1881. is about a milo and a half in greatest diameter, aud would be nearly round in shape but for a single promontory, whotie rocky shores give it ao outline cf a heart. Tho waters of the lake are exceedingly clear and pure, coming from springs, Homo being at the bottom, but the three most prominent a few miles hack in the low wet land, and flow into the lake in little rilln. On tlio very point of tho promontory ia a spring whoxo waters are as cold as ice, and ut which Captain Glazier's weary party ,slakcd their thirst while exploring tho shores of the new lake. Ho lonely is tho region around the lake that for fourteen dayn not eviin a red-akin wiw men, and wearied by the hardships of this rough country, yet with a feeling of having added something to goo- graphical knowledge, Captiviu Qlazier and his party woro glad, indeed, to come into contact again with their fellow-creatures. An Aboard Pi-»t«t. Btcramento Record-ttaion. Scovillo'n protest againit tho course of the prosecution in emphasizing the horror of tho assassination as tmarh as possible was very tlon, was reprosontod as objurgating a coal- scuttle, over which he had fallen, lo tho abrasion of his shinu. "Wot do people mean," tho burglar Indignantly oiulaimod, " leaving ooal-cnttk8 about this way for pooplo to tumble ovor!" Just BO Boovillo seoms to think that it is highly roproheuniblo for the prosecution to do anything which may toud to facilitate the hanging of hit Client. It is related of a Massachusetts lawyer that ho was neon a n x i o u a l y looking for his hat a! the noon rocoiw at tho court of N o r t h a m p t o n the ith«r day. Picking u p ouu f r o m thu table and scanning il dubiously, hc called out, "Mr. Ofliwr. nome one hu» ntolen my hat." The officer, n o t i n g his ahu'iit-uiiudedniMi. Miid, "Do you wtint two h u t s , Mr. AtMrni'.v?." Thr lawyer found t h a i In- bad hn m u ii:it nn h i * pen-mti: for the e x t r a b u r d ' u li" w o u l d np ., head :itnl h a s t i l y h - f i for n I qnc rassing than they are amusing, ai may be Instanced in tho story of the mercenary litttu boy who ovorhoard a conversation respecting a wedding that was soon to take place. At breakfast tho next morning ho recalled fie subject by inking tho following quostiojn: "Papa, what do they waut to give tho bride away for ? Can't thuy sell hor ?" It is related of another infant inquirer w 10 was looking with great interest nt a foamng pan of milk, that ho suddenly exclaimed: "Mamma, where do cown get the milk from ?" "Where do you got your tears I" was the answer. After a thoughtful silence, in which the mention of tears had evidently recalled certain associations, ho again broke out: "Mamma, do tho cows have to be spanked ?" Young people should not bo allowed j to flourish their bread in the air wbilo spreading it with butter; it is to bo laid on tho pinto; neither ahould they eop gravy or soup with bits of bread, or xcrapo their plates cietn, or tilt their soup pistes in order to drain them dry, or take the meat or bones with the dngors. Thu mouth should bo carefully wiped before drinking, and tho glass or goblet lifted with- o u t putting the fingers ovor the brim. A poor little orphan had tho good fortune to be adopted by a most excellent lady of Itox- bnry. Lillie bad a very plain face, and a very sweet disposition. Tho only thing sho murmured about was hor extreme plainness. Ono day, to hor oft repeated regret that she tras not beautiful, her mamma replied that she ought to be thankful that God had made her so good that all who knew would lovo her, and would not think of hor looks. "But I thirtk," rejoined Lillie, "that I should lovo tho |jord a little bolter if ho had made mo handsome." Not long since a correspondent sent to a^ftv vincial paper an anocdoto of which his six-year old boy was tho hero. lie saya: "I kctp a nbop and noil fancy goods. A gentleman came in to buy fomcthing. 11 was early, and my littlo boy and I were alone in the houso nt the time. Thn guntloiuan gavv me a sovereign, and I bad to go up Miurs to my cmh box. i Before cluing no. T went into the l i t t l e rooin iiuxt to tho shop and said to Ilic boy: 'Watch the gmitli'intin. thai he don't muni anything; 1 and I put b i n ) un tho counter. A ^ s u o n u.s 1 nttnrued. h - *:iti; n u t : 'Vn. In 1 d i d n ' t Mi-:il a n y t h i n g I wutrht' 1 btlil.' V n ; l m:n i t n a - j i t : ' . - w b r i t a p"*i- ,!». FUPVT,, Manaf*.- Pao.1c_p«partm»ot. Special A(eil tor Oncoa aad' *WMblB£um Territory. Htark ·*,. Va*a» Bl.ak. r*H1mmt, Master ^ FOB SALE--A JfJCE LOT TILLAMOOK BUTTER. EVERQING FARRELL. I. B. 8AMBUKK _______ .._ ..... _. ________ .'.. Will leave P3rtla»4 Tttcvnieatlaad, Lincoln. Satenl,9aia, I Ialrvkw,Buena VbM, Anan^GirvaUana andau uMnudiate point* en WUalnettartraT, Office and landJiw, Pacific Dock. ' ,. · .. oa r Z-J.mTCH.Aceot.IM Front rtrert. VftneouTcr jVannportatiott Co. - Ll'KUHB or TAITCaV* CAKl'. JA8. T. (AlAY. laara . and Vancouver at I A, 1C. Jalljr, »excvted. . Pot traljht or gaiaiia ffett am wrt, at foot. of YwnhUt lUeet, Jforthrup 4 Thomp- n IDA. M. aiide P. IT. *8 m m TREES, H. E. oor. Front «ad O»k Sta., FQETULHl), OB1GOS. AltentlbrKntibta 1 Hueot Drovai8Urrop*HJ«or»Wbb*»NM FOR SALE. IHQU1BSOF ' PORTX.A.ND. W:HIH E. MARTIN COa WHOLESALE L1CUOR DEALERS, AQENT8 FOR TJIK CEIJiBRATKI) r MILTON J. HARDY OLD BOURBO "URE OLD TE WH SKI ES 1.,- \Kn TKK ARGONAUT BRANDS Q¥ WHISKIES, *08 FRONT ST., MAX FU ASCISCO, C'AI^ ' 1J!» A j:jo FBO.VT ST.. IMHtTLAXD, OK *·! \VftT» vpry Bsvrt*ily bunipil l*o«ii tlin ri^i aevcra) j^ata M;O," myfl Mr. H. !!. Crvlyrr, i-;t -Ktrecit, Jowtiy Ui.ty, : K. J., "Biitl (he. n;*nt 'ulwaj'* jDullltjA U-ndi-r, , A fliurt time c^o t wmmdtd sboV, *»^41t refutetV tv ii$ftl 1 applied 8t Juvol V0.; ftult c.botUe-or^Uclj qurcJ (Uii in, we a limb %fel \* , J lex "Ol?, Mr*. RflinsboVbRxn," »?^i!.aimeil a l«Grui-d profiisftor, to vrhom Ihut cxrtilJoat Imiy ii^ri born rsI.iUHi} t'lie tJf her ITIOHL cntt'sorJtoar" advtijturft-'i, *'Oh» MVB. Bamuboraiaiu, yon mnEtlj* joilnsf ]'* "In- uut j)rofei»or.*' ahe i«4nra«l. J *!I aftsuru : . . - w o wpenOoe qr, q«wt«lei to.a»y. a|.a begin :: iV · i "f'"'-?Vi- LADIES ' PINE' WINE8 ASfB hl^BOBS. \ ., · Sole Agtuu for tha · J.n.OCTTEK«MJ9 BOlIJtBOIf'lvTiIIOitlf ^]^S^SK^^^^ '^^^^KiSii^k^i. · · · ' · · ' -· '-. -.. ' ' . " - - . ' ' · i'" ' ,.- - . ''jt-.- '· i ·.'·-.-,:-. "7. * ! TT? · -.-ii. 1 . -.,," INEWSPA'FER; JNEWSFAPERf

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