The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY^ DICCEMBBU 18, 19-U From Blj'thevllle Airport Senate Workers Given Approval Laney Places Faith In Senate's Actions In Coming Session LITTLE HOCK. Dec. 18 (UP) — T!ic % Senate Efficiency Committee; "as approved appointment of Important slate senate employes \|io Will serve during the 1945 session. Tlic employes, approved by the committee during the Arkansas (•Senate biennial dinner at Little •Rock Sunday, are: I. N. Moore of JJumas, senate secretary; Mrs W A Ramsey of Fnycltcvllio, bill clerk; Mrs. Hazel Roivo of Little rtork, Journal clerk; Mrs. Essie Mae Cogbill of Wynne, president's secretary- Donald Steele of Nashville, lieutenant governor's messenger; Airs. w alter Raney of McCrory, postmistress; W. J. Cotton of Harrison, assistant secretary; arm E H Mc- A"ally of Little Rock, asslslani. secretary. Governor-elect Ren I/iney In addressing the state senators, expressed confidence in the senate's actiomdiirli.ElliefortHcominBscs ,, u fllrs . Leslie Speck of sion. And h c said that any credit Frenchman's Bayou She rSs In !lre0rce/l life nriminfelroH,,,. .,.:„!., vto 1... -.,. - J . . . r f.SJ<Ie.S '" BM'THEVIUK COUHIER NEWS Perfect flying weather brought plenty of amateur pilots and students out this weekend. Three of them came all (he way from Memphis for a bit of their favorite sport at (he Blylhcville municipal airport yesterday. Not that they couldn't have flown nearer home, but these people who soar 'above old Mother Earth soon get the ways of gypsies. They always : want usually wii ami . to go somewhere, up by going. "We just, wanted lo fly n Cub niu have n look at Blylhcville from the an," explained Mrs. Howlsiuf Hawkins. Down at West Memphis No-Kissing Edict Causes Wave Of Rebellion On LSU Campus . nm • where we have been taking , „„"",?' from instructor Bil rt BATON ROUGE, In., Dec. 18 (UP)—An Indignant mother was en route from Hnvniui, Cuba, today lo learn why her daughter has been dismissed from Louisiana State University as the student council Informed President W. B. Hntchcr that the student body of 3,000. rebelling against a no-kissing edict, was "out of control." Gloria Jeanne Heller, 18-year-old sophomore, daughter of a Havana hotel malinger, watched (lie Bothering storm from her place of exile off Hie campus. Student sympathisers threatened to halt classwoik and seized tiiroii the Incident to renew their demands for more liberal regulation of student activities by (lie school nd- mintslrntlon. Among their demands was a "talr trlnl" for Miss Heller by a student group, the lifting of strong faculty control over the student from Instructor Bill been flying Luscombes, so we thought we'd come over to Blytheville and get, some time in the Cubs." Mrs. campus. Miss Heller replied (hat Hatcher "overcmpliaslzoil student, sex problems by his jiirlliwl of dciilliu; will) them. He specified a thorough ban --- .......... >• >"•> said, although other officials had told students good lilKlil Mrs Is all right so long us It isul the passionate kind." Hatcher ignori'd » ciible from Mrs. Nathontel Holler, who asked mat her daughters case be tabled until she could arrh'e from Havana. The mother was en route oday regardless, and Miss Heller Is waiting for her. Uozens of student organisations went behind closed doors and brewed resolutions. Ex-servlcdiieu at the university under the o. ollu>rs in I. Bill of , lson Kockefeller, co-ordlntito'r of (•(•-Atnerlciiu Affairs and an ns- Secretary of stale to hitcr- Hawkins Is the daughter of Mr. and "Mrs ""Leslie' his administration might Memphis where her 1 be attributed to the senate, house or any other agency. And he added: "I do not care"who receives (he credit if my administration Is a success. II it is not I Bin the man who will take the blame and 1 am ready to shoulder pr -"--- -.- -- •-..v.v. 111.1 uil^UlUILl, im the lowland Hawkins, Is studying at • the University of Tennessee School of Medicine. Both of them arc student pilots, HavliiB started lessons back in the summer. Before long """' ' lo qualify for private Yule Programs Are Presented By Senior Class A full week of Christmas programs under sponsorship of the senior class of Blytheville High School ended Friday afternoon with the presentation of a play "Christmas »S'Hoii5c", presented Ijy members of ^ the class under the direction of Miss Luna B. Willielm and Shirley Barham, student director. The week began with a program of Christmas songs and a Ynletlde message given by the Rev. R a Church " aStm ° f P ' 1St chl ' lsUan On Tuesday each of the home rooms entertained at their Ciirist- niax parties, and Wednesday the glee club gnvc a program of Christmas songs interspersed with panto- Climax of the week was the : ° J, 15 ^ U : cc ,°" F " (ia >' w'i'M (He v,, Marsh and Santa and ana and his helpers read the teachers letters and presented to each the elft he most desired. g now 0 d 10 nr"V hC Play a trio com - po.sed of Mrs. Russell Parr Mrs Paul Tipton ami Mrs. George M' Lee sang "Holy Night", and "h i '"' ' n o s !1S from the a "pa- of the lso " wc hnvc ,In "(he student ternal attllndc" administration. Student council emissaries reported to Hatcher last night thai tinder-graduate reaction .„ „„,,,„„ dismissal was so intense that (he student body H-IK out of the council's control. Hatcher was bombarded will! resolutions colling- for her reinstatement and a sweeping revision of the university's policy on student liberties. Miss Heller was angered several weeks ago by official reprimands of several coeds for klssliiu their dales goodnight at tthe dormitory door. vnini".".'" "."""""'••> Union ami Iho Vcteians Administration. The torni- ,ri-.V' V s lvs " lv( 'cl Hint Gloria's iiLiimssal -was not a | nc k of r( >- sponsibllltv' ' •"•••>• "I III V (>]| IIP I' to Glwn's indication'of a hasty so MiiiK II,n .-tui.. .1 . ., . .. ".^J they hope licenses. With them was a friend in blue, «•""•• bearnan First class Edward Verell, she mimeographed a one-paRC N™:, L'V le - Navy ' He hails from |)an 'l )h!ct blistering the university's Newport. News, Va. and rolls his "" -'"' os in the pleasing manner of lolks from the "llitewntcr" coun- of (lie Old Dominion Stale. slble decision.' „,'i;' k ; lll ', r s«W He was conferring n r n ','; 1 c ° lmcil r '-T' 1 osc"t»llvM no ,,r „ ' n diffl '"''i«s w " ' IU • Slli(1 hc wo carcful Temperatures Atifiusta IHrniliiRhani Charleston Charlotte ChattanoDua Cindnmui '..'.,'.... -15 Denver ].. ;).[ Del roll, '..'.'...'.'.. a!) Jacksonville .'.'.., iir> Kansas City ;tr, Tallahassee en Mnron r>!) Memphis !i» Miami Montgomery Ni'W Orlenns . San Antonio Savannah .. Tampa Wiislilnglon Dallas HoiLston Jacksmi i.lltlc Uock . Shroveiwl . 70 (j-t 70 •II 7a ti'2 70 4-1 71 72 70 <H :M K U2 w 29 7 211 19 i:t a? la 311 •lu 32 52 :n w :i« •1:1 :M •n an :«i 5:1 !W :n •15 Masons Of Lcachvillc Hold Annual Election U3ACI1VIU,E. Ark.. Dec. John 1). \\'clls ivlll serve as sliiltfiil muster of U'achvllle |,o(.,. v No, 1109 l.'i-ee and AtcqiteU Masons ImvliiK been elirlcd lo (his office' In u recent ['lection. Others who will serve with Mr. Wells are N.irnmn llailey, senior warden; Clmrlro Wilton, Junloj wimlen; II. n. Howard, .senior deacon; H. K. (liuirtt. juiiloi (Iriii'uu; Hoberl Hell, scciclaiy; Uolii-il l,rt>. Irra.Miivr; the llov. 11 H. Hall, t'liiiphiln; Driivu Myrenle, Tyler; Joe Wheeler, senior nmstci of ceremonies; K. •/,. llasket, Junlui muster .'if ceremonies. PAGE THREE St. Francis Vullcy Singers Hold Mcctinr; LKAC1IVII.1.K. Ark., nrc, HI- GIFTS of DISTINCTION —It's Smart lo Hlinp At — The Gift Shop Moilcrii .V Antique Glf<« MOSS BRYAN not own when nn priva . a flier, too. Used to have his plane back In pre-war days hc was a civilian, and still , CV( i r>l chailce lle S ets - Has » te license. lastructor Johnny Barber usual- y , L !,. a llapp >' S^'- But lie's fairly bubbling over these days, and for good reason. "Boy. r m g ,,iii» home for Christmas!" he says. The old home toira is Danville, Va (There's another one of those Virginians.) It seems that Private Barber is one of the fortunate BAAF enlisted men with a furlough coming up for the holidays. He'd like to fly, of course but being- unable to hitch a plane ride he will take off by Frisco Wednesday midnight, catching the east-bound Pennsylvania at St. Louis. These lads from Blytheville Army Field keep things humming around the muny airport, Some of them like to fly so much they spend a great deal of their spore time in (he little pleasure planes. Instructor Johnny Fields started another BAAF man off as student pilot yesterday afternoon. He is Aviation Trainee Harry K. Sleicher who took his first lesson at the controls viewpoint. "Our new advisors," she wrote "consider our natural, instincUve behavior as ill-bred ns misbehavior. - Railroad Would Boost Freight Rate On Logs '•'•rn.E ROCK. Dec. lit. (UP) — <-"i'|iora(lon Commls- teslimony by an OPA •- Ih.'tt the Missouri and We are ^W ^'^. ^™™™* s "'"»*es ,,ve In The maioritv of college stu- lime in ni M """' ! " ""- 1 ' otllcl ' nman In H.MI ,. 1." ils ' lslor V. hns Ui dents are only human In their thoughts ,in<! desires." President Hatcher asked Mia Heller to "resign.' and accused hci of advocating "free love" on the Warren, Mass. Instructor Barber has a couple of new .students, too. They are Trainees William Blller andAdolph Anderson. Before loin •- ' iderson Before Ion- if they keep eel its puipwocxi 'frcisw",?,,^ ?n it. they'll experience that unfor- substitute tlio hh.i.n, . . and Uable thrill of the first *o!n ,™,,i ..rLl. C h ' Bllc . 1 . lo « "'Ics. Rail- gettable flight. solo road ulp Frank J. Miller and Eddie Warner, CAA Inspectors, were here last Wednesday but unfavorable weather prevented some of the flight tests that had been scheduled. However, some written tests were given. * » • Occupants of two Stinsons and a Luscombe \vere weekend airport visitors. R. E. Culvrc and two passengers came Saturday in one or the Stinsons. Airport attendants said they were from San Antonio, Texas. Tlie other Stinson was piloted by Roger Hartsock, stopping over en route--from Evansville, - Ind., lo .. ..„ ...... i_wi,iiwio 1WUM;- -KUIIJ nV.lIlSVUlC, 1I]U,, IU oi a GUI). Another one of Fields' Jackson. Miss. Harold D. Keller of students soloed last week. He Is Union City, Tcnn., dropped In with Train - --. „• —_i, *...,!/ rtt^tv, iiu 13 union t*ii.y r JL Trainee Leonard P. McCarthy of his Luscombe. BAKER announces the appointment of Cbamblin Sales Company as Stiulelraker dealer for BLYTHEVILLE The Sludebaker Corporation is pleased lo announce the appointment of Charn- Ijlin Sales Company to handle Studc- bakcr sales and service in Blytheville. Owners of Sliidebakcr cars and trucks will find first-class servicing and repair facilities available at this new Studcbaker headquarters. Genuine Sludebaker parts are in stock. Thoroughly experienced mechanics are on hand to provide you with the famous Sliidebakcr More Mileage Service thai saves tires, saves jjas, saves cars and trucks. No one can predict, of course, just ivhoii new postwar Studebakers will be manufactured. The Stiidebaker factories are wholly engaged right now in producing Wright Cyclone engines for the Boeing Flying Fortress, multiple- drive military trucks, the Army's new Weasels. Meanwhile, we suggest lhal you safeguard your present Sludebaker motor car or motor truck by giving it good care and having it .serviced regularly by authorised Stiidebaker maintenance men. . ••<. IN AUTO <VET ACqilAIATKU CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Lex Chamblm—Bill Chamblin AshSt.&R.R.-Phone2195 • i """ -*•••»"*^( iin.i iflkcil lliulpr Cement the lines' nppHcati loe i. I,"" 1 " WBO " fvcl « hl ''-"te Joe H Simpson of Washington ••ho protested the application on be! «f «he director or reo ,,omic iWllitatloii. presented figures show- hit! "el Hllrd... 41 " lvv 'UfUJIIO l"i f,, nf'"' cn< ""8 September, average "° r CCIlt ° f lhL> m6 '™ is seekii say the present low •ow"* '.^ ±^.,.S- Tl'C U. S. Ar; has nn- n II r. f ' ' r nd the P mi" . " ls waters U , - arc 15,000 botlonvi »">' made of steel, in coastal tit'ci Is- most iinrls O r (lie Approximately 600 acres of good land, ideally located on concrete highway,quarter mile from schools. A good tenant will probably be able to continue on this farm as long as he desires. Must have sufficient equipment and forming ability. Call Miss Morrison Phone 65, OsceoSo, Ark. S Don't spend a good parf of this week steaming over an oven. . . . That's old fashioned! Shop our modern bakery for cakes, pics and pastries of every description . . . Christmas is a tradition with us, and we haven't stinted on ingredients in spite of wartime shortages. FRUIT CAKES These are Die- same fruit cakes our customers told us were Die best they ever lasted last year . . . All we ask i.s that you try one! Vour Grocer Has Them! A Good Assortment of Cookies and Cakes- You'll find that we have a good selection of cookies at all times. . . . And here's a special — If you don't like fruit cake, we'll gladly fix a Christmas cake (with caterer's decoration) to your special order! I™1 ^ VT 0 P^**% l^jPV^T'T JTldLlL S -DcLKQi y Don'f Say "Bread"—Say "Hart's Bread"! M<>ii)l;cr.s of the SI, Francis Valley Convention met yesterday citiuon nl Hrsl unptlsl Church for Iliclr lust BCfislon of the year. Several visiting quartos parlicl- |inl«l In the program. Oourtw Hvn wul Afe --olo Company, Long filand Ctlu, N. V. Mtmchiscd Itouicr! I'e^sl-Cola llotllinK Co. of Blythevill* HaveFunDuringtheHolidays in Freshly Cleaned Clothes Clean clothes add to holiday fun . . . improve your morale . . . help you to gain the self- assurance that comes with a flawless appearance. Have your clothes cleaned the "Nu-Wa Way" all year around. NJ]-WA PHONE BLYTHEVILLEtARK. Applications To Install Equip- rnent Burning Butane or Butane- Propane Gas Mixtures Disapproved by Law. "Petroleum Administrator for War Restriction" Prior to thin t)i;m«c in policy a few civilian'con-• sunim ol 1 BUTANB.trjis- timlor priori ly",. pci'iiiiUcfl.• omtfiiuiwl, ..ii.isliilliilioiia .'or'.;iriinsf'ei-Vpf.' c'((iif|jincnt from' oil'c'libiiic id 'iinotlicr;' N6\V "liowovfey '•' .slocks of hitiiiiricd Petroleum Gases arc very tight' consequently it lins been ncccsHiiry for PAW to rc- slricl fiu-llicr hicrcitscs in consiiinptioii of those im- porlant ingredients of AVIATION GASOLINE. HUTANK GAS is an important component in the manufacture of AVIATION GASOUNK as well ns in SYNTHKTIC RUBBER. Both being critical itwiis MI the prosecution of the WAR. The immediate change -in policy is not intended to aftccL coiisumei-H who have ' already installed equipment in their homes, offices, commercial or industrial plants but those consumers are advised and rcdticHlwl to conserve LP-Gits as much as possible to jn'olect (he sloths on hand. The following conservation measures are recommended: 1. Do not use kitchen ovens to heat the room or house. 2. Use hot water as little as possible—do not use nmiung hot Wiiler lo wash dishc.s, hands etc. Heat and use no more water limn is necessary. ,'!. In house heating close off all unused rooms. 'I. Una the fireplace or other type heaters whenever possible. Storm windows and slortn doors should be used to prevent the escape of Itcat. Attic floors should be insulated with mineral wool or similar material. Attic ventilators and house imdcrpinr.inK should be closed. 7. Where posniblc walls of homes should be insulated, windows and doors weather-stripped and cracks should be caulked to keep out drafts and prevent heal escape. If all will co-operate and conserve gas, we as a company feel sure we can weather the winter and hike care of our customers but we feel we should advise you a critical and serious situation nationwide docs exist which will not be relieved so long as our bombers and fighters flying in great numbers as they are now doing present this heavy and • unusual demand for ]00'/o OCTANE AVIATION GASOUNK. \VK know AMERICANS DO NOT WANT TO WASTE A DROP OF GAS WHICH MIGHT AFFECT OUR BOYS WHO ARE DOING SUCH A MAGNIFICENT JOB FIGHTING IN THE SKIES. WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY R. C. Weis, Prop. Forrest City—Hrinkley—Blytheville—West Memphis —Wheatlcy, Ark. Gas Distributors since 1935. Doing our best to serve in 19-15. "Let's alt co-operate. Buy Bonds*—Win (he Fight"

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