Idaho State Journal from Pocatello, Idaho on December 1, 1960 · Page 19
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Idaho State Journal from Pocatello, Idaho · Page 19

Pocatello, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1960
Page 19
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Wheat Growers Ask Easing of Taxation : BOISE AP) - The Idaho Wheat Growers Association called Wednesday for a reduction in the school tax on, property, suggesting it be replaced by the income tax. The expressibn was in a resolution approved, after considerable debate, by the association's annual convention. . , . The resolution asked that the maximum property tax permitted a local school district be reduced from the present 30 mills to 15 mills. In discussion, a number of speakers s a i d ' t h e y felt there should be no reduction in revenue available to school districts, that the problem of operating schools on existing revenue already was a difficult one. But backers of the resolution contended it was merely putting the. wheat growers, on record as favoring a shift of the lax burden from the propeily owner. The association approved a number flf other resolutions, including those endorsing .the 1960 marketing program for wheat developed by. the National Association of Wheat Growers; urging enactment of legislation to prevent wheat adulteration); asking that wheat allotments b? provided for'new land brought under cultivation, and authorizing an investigation by the association of the possibility of establishing a wheat terminal for the purposes of calculating freight r a t e s , i n the Intermountatn area'. Action on the resolutions was the final business before the convention.' Ex-child Star Returns to Acting After Succeeding in Business By BOB THOMAS . AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Much ado has been made about the unhappy lives that child film actors arc supposed to lead as grownups,, Jackie Searl refuses to fit the pattern. "I'm a happy man," he insists. "I have a wonderful family. I have a business that is amazingly successful. It's running so well that I can get back to acting again. I'm having a ball." Any movie fan whose memory Blackfoot Judge Levies Maximum On Tipsy Count BLACKFOOT -- Probate Judge Winston Benson today' set maximum penalties on each of two charges against Clarence Karl Whilworth, 23 of Pocatello. Whitworth was given $300 fine on each charge of driving while intoxicated and driving with a suspended license-and six months in the. county jail. Whitworth was arrested Nov. 26 after his car ran into a 1961 pickup four miles south of Blackfoot. There were four passengers in the two vehicles and a l l . eight were slightly injured. '·; ': : '' Whitworth's car was demolished, and it has been estimated that pickup was near $2,uOO. : . . · Moco Here's Typical Tale of Treachery That Causes Male to Suffer NAMPA, ·Idaho (AP) - About 00 Nnmpa area farmers protested igainst the proposed Gutfcy Dam iroject on the Snake River at a mblic meeting Tuesday. Tha Guffey .project would ex- ihange water between the Snake and Boise rivers by means of a unncl in order to irrigate the fountain Home desert and the area south of Nampa. A petition circulated at the meet- 'NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE PROBA.TE COUIIT OF BANNOCK COUNTY, STATE OF. IDAHO. In the Mailer of the Estate of Jean East, - .-, -NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, Gerald East. Administrator or the Estate of Jean East, deceased, to the '-creditors o( and all persons, having, claims against iho said deceased, to exhibit Ihem with the necessary vouchers within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said Gerald East, at the office of Hussell J. Rums. At- torney'at Law. 311 East Center Street, Pocatello Idaho, which place is hereby designated as his place of business-for the transaction of the business of Bali Estate. Dated.: November 2. 1960. First Publication: November 10. Gerald E.ast, Administrator. Russell J. Burns, Attorney for Administrator, Pocatello, Idaho. Nov. 10, 17. 24. 1560. Dec. 1. 1CGO. stretches back to the '30s will remember Jackie as the mean little kid who made life miserable for Jackie Cooper, Mitzi Green, Jackie Coogan and other child stars. Twenty-five years later, you can still see a trace of that haughty look. But time has mellowed the face and marched the hairline far back on his head. His billing is now Jack Searl ("They can call me Jackie, or anything, as long as they call me"), and he is doing a thriving business as a character actor in TV films. Though he's doing well now, he's quick to admit that he has had other, rougher times, when Hollywood turned its back on him. "When I got out of the Army, I thought I'd resume my acting career," he recalled. "Nothing happened. I didn't know anybody, and nobody remembered me. I did two pictures and then nothing came. "I did everything. I hired out as carpenter on building projects. I worked as a machinist. I was on the swing shift at Lockheed and made cabinets in my garage in the daytime. You name it and I'd do it." Searl got into the business of making containers for imported sewing machines and other products. It proved a bonanza. He and his partner are-s'o successful that either can leave the business for extended periods. That prompted Jack's- return to acting. . He had started at it, early in f^. He w a s ' S ' w h e n his mother enrolled him in Central Casting. After five years -as an. extra, Jackie .got his first big role as Jackie Coogan's younger brother in "Tom Sawyer." He played a brat, and that set the pattern for his early career. . . Jack kept busy during his teens in films l,ike "Great Expectations" "Peck's Bad Boy" and "Little Lord Fauntleroy." He enlisted in the Army right after Pearl Harbor and served 4V£ years, mostly as radio instructor. He met his wife in the Army and they now have two boys, 15 and . By HAL BOYLE YOURV1LLE, U.S.A. (AP) -Trellis Mae Feeble, America's most average housewife, is get- ling a new fur coat for Christmas. Listen to her tale, ladies -- it may show you a way lo get a fur coat, too. One evening early last week Wilbur Peeble was lying on the sofa, dressed in his pajamas and robe, and drinking a can of beer as he watched a posse on the television screen riding fo head off the rustlers at Eagle Pass. The doorbell rang. Wilbur grunted, rose antl opened the door. There stood Miss Hortense Schlemp, the pretty blonde secretary who lived in the apartment overhead with her widowed mother. Hortense was clad only in a filmy pair of pajamas. She stepped quickly into the room and asked, "Where's Trellis Mae?" "Playing bridge with some of her biddy buddies," replied Wilbur. "But she should be back any moment. Why, what's up?" "Well, silly me!" said Hortense. "I went out in the hall to put something in the incinerator, and he darned old door locked shut fter me. mother's asleep in the li jemen: NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE PROBATE COURT OF BAN- KOCK COUNTY, STATE OF IDAHO In the Matter of the Estate ol SAMUEL KEITH ALLEN, also known as KEITH ALLEN, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned. Sarah Allen, Admin- istratrix of the Estale of Samuel Keith Allen, also known as Keith Allen, deceased, to. the creditors and all persons having c l a i m s against said deceased to exhibit them with the. necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication o f ' t h i s notice, to "Sarah Allen, faid Administratrix, at the law office of Jones, Pomeroy Jones, in the Central Building in the City of Pocatello, Idaho, which office the undersigned selects as her place of business in all matters connected with said estate. DATED this 10th day of November, 1360. SAHA1I ALLEN Administratrix of the Estale of Samuel Keith Allen, also known as Keith Allen, deceased. JONES. POMEROY JONES Attorneys for Administratrix Pocatello, Idaho Nov. 17, 24, Dec. 1, 8, I960 It's Two Down, One fo Go In Hough Family James B. Hough, 184 Cotton- .wood, is driving his truck to work with unusual caution. It's the only vehicle left in the Hough family. The day after Thanksgiving, high school student Larry Hough had stopped at a . stop sign. Two cars collided and one spun around to smash Larry's car. Monday the teen-ager was driving the family car while his own was being repaired. Another car making a left hand turn smashed the family car. Larry, who has driven for two years, is walking. The father is hoping nothing happens to the truck. Another Rocky Mountain !»r«ALL STAR" Dairy Product! Half 8. Half...|ust a little does such a lot--for coffee, cereal or fruit...10 many uicil Dedroom. I rang and rang the doorbell but I can't wake her up. "I hate to go down in the elevator--dressed like this--to bor- 2 Seek Damages For Truck Crash BOISE (AP) -- A damage suit resultirtg from a traffic mishap involving a truck and a government car near Banks in August of this year was filed in U.S. District Court here Tuesday. Kenneth R. Goff, driver, and J. Wesley Mitton, owner of the truck, fi.led. the suit against the United States and Harvey B. Higgins, an employe of the Bureau of Public Roads. A total of $3,390 was asked for damage fo the truck, towing and personal injury, and $80 per day for loss of use of the truck. row a key from the superintendent. I wonder if you'd mind doing' it for me." "Sure thing," said Wilbur, "Soon as I loss on a lew clothes. Kere, let me fix you a beer while you're wailing." ' 'He got Hortense the beer, then disappeared into the bedroom. Wilbur had time only to slip into his pants and one slipper when the bell rang again. He hobbled to the door carrying Ihe other slipper in his hand. Idaho Deaths Raymond Pitkin, 69, Caldwell Catherine Marguerite Englehard, 59, Meridian Anton Uranga, 84, Boise, sheep man Mrs. Grace E. Baird, 74. Boise Mrs. Rcna Lolley Winzler, 42, Weiscr ' Oral Polio Vaccine Still Not Ready WASHINGTON (AP) -- Surgeon General Leroy E. Burney said lo- day the Public Health Service feels that "we cannot expect" "to have an oral polio virus vaccine for use by next summer. Burney said that in developing the recently approved vaccine made of live polio virus as distinguished from the Salk vaccine, already in use, there are still many problems to be worked out. "These problems have been by no means resolved," Burney sak in an address to the American Medical Association's annual clinv cal meeting. ' t was his wife, Trellis Mae. "Well, aren't we cozy?" she aid coldly. Wilbur reddened to the ears. "Hortense accidentally locked lerseif out," he said lamely. "I vas just going down to get a key." "You sure thought that one up fast, didn't you?" said his wife. When Wilbur returned later after letting Hortense into her apartment, Trellis Mae was already in bed with her face turned to the wall. For days she gave Wilbur Ihe silent treatment. On ^Saturday, just before he was leaving for the golf course, he crumbled! "You know that fur coat you been wanting for 15 years," he pleaded. "I'll give it to you for Christmas if you'll just tell me you believe me. Honest, there's nothing between Hortense am trie." "Okay," said Trellis Mae, ma jeslically. "1 forgive you--this time." As soon as Wilbur left, Trellis Mae ran like a squirrel to the apartment above, where Hortense and her mother were having cof fee. "It worked!" she c r i e d . "He's going to give me (he fur coat." DAHO STATE JOURNAL Thursday, December I, 1960- Mampa Farmers Protest Dam 'otato Groups to Meet IDAHO FALLS (AP) -- Two Ida- 10 potato groups will meet here Friday for one-day sessions. The Idaho Potato and Onion Commission, will meet in a closed session Friday morning and have an open meeting in the afternoon. The annual mid-winter business meeting of. the Idaho Potato Shippers Association also is scheduled. DOORMAN TIPS RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- The doorman nt a Richmond hotel ttps departing motorists. Two shiny dimes on a card thank them for their patronage and get then past the first toll gate on the expressway through the cily. ing sairl, "This Guffey Dam proposal is being pushed to t great extent by a group of land specu- ators who are interested In a quick profit.' wj. cue, tKIPPY IMITATIONS LOOK FOR THE HAPPY UTTLt DOO TOPS IN QUALITY! LOW IN PRICE Tinfif. SUti/ 'breakfasts?. Get back to EUWDAMENTALS WARDS M O N: T G O ,M . E- R Y W A R D M W $ 5 OR $ 10 DOWN DELIVERS ANY APPLIANCE NOW! NO PAYMENTS 'TIL FEB. 1961 ^fliY^SftS^ p nfe in merchandise FRE n payment on any below- now at low BUY A WORK-SAVER FOR "MOM", OTHER GIFTS WITH. FREE BONUS! . With an white appliance, below .from Wards low- priced Christmas selection you'll receive a merchandise 'certificate bonus worth $10 to $40. Use it like cash to buy Christmas gifts for ihs family at Wards!' Price Deluxe 30" Automatic Washer.. ..229.95 Deluxe 30" Electric Dryer ............ 169.95 Combination Washer-Dryer.. ,...:. ..3.39.95 Deluxe Wringer Washer .............. 139.95 Deluxe Port. Sewing Machine ...... 129.95 Supreme Port. Sewing Machine.. 179.95 Deluxe 30" Electric Range ............ 209.95 Deluxe 40" Electric Range ............ 249.95 Deluxe 2-Door Refrig.-Freezer ...... 228.00 Deluxe 14 Cu. Ft. Refrig.-Freezer. 339.95 Deluxe 1 7 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer 269.95 Deluxe 17 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer.. 259.95 . Deluxe 15 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer..! 99.95 Supreme 23" Console TV ............ 319.90 Deluxe 19" Portable TV .............. 204.90 Deluxe 2-Chan. Stereo Console. ...169.95 Deluxe Panoramic Stereo Console 229.95 v prices $10 TO $40 FREE IN GIFT MERCHANDISE OF YOUR CHOICE WITH ANY FURNITURE IN OUR STOCK VALUED AT $100 OR MORE! Offer Good Thru Saturday, Dec. 3rd

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