The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1946 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1946
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

^THURSDAY. MAY 16. 1916 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BLYTHEVILLE (ARK-X COURIER NEWS FOR SAL! «4 p«r « ___ I * "•*• t** HM Mr *» •! r DIM. Kr KM £5 51' "--r^ "I u v "*• *** — - *• tin. _„ ----------- „,; >•»« »T* » «r4«rMl for tkrM or III tlrn •*4 MtyuUMIt Of bill u»d< 111 CimlfUd Ad,«rU.lo« „.. , ab . BttUd by ptrtont Maiding outlJdt ctt ta« «liy miat Dt> accompanied bjr calk. K*t«i . HOM oidtr lor lrr«fu!ti Inttr- the on. tlmi r.t.. I Ko rMpon«ibliit7 will be taken for more I ijflld'" **' < " r '' t ta " r " 01 > 0' »"T •!•*• Sab C room residence. Hardwood floors, automatic hot water heater. Ideal location.' Price $6250. $2200 cash Balance $35 per month.! H. C. Campbell, phone 44(i or 2930. ' 5-15-pk-5-21 5 room residence. Good condition. Price $3500. H. C. Campbell. Phone 4-16 nr 2930, 5-i5-pMH8 Foo.l (grinder). <]o t ,J i>oiull- Him. W. II. I'liinJIcr. 3'JS S. plvldou. iVal .*. - lii'l, i? 1910 Plymouth or trad.- fur lau- doctor. Miune :I403. icilnn. \Vill si-ll tl-pk.17 , Will ,i.|L ur [i:,,l,. fur lau. or iriu-k my n|milv i" Ki.v and ball* Kiy; itifuriiiaiiiji A. Alli'iitvurfli,' 8 ,\l»ai-..n Ark. . r..,ii., !,,,«,,. Ku,,,[,],,.,] ,, r :ni;> s. i.:.kv. Ill pk-'J I r*o \'0w*. Kiirmuis (iin Yar.l 1! ti Hutu. ir. i,k-'i i tii'jji.T aitil (auks ivilli pij;,^ . u ,,( f ns. OitU :i:tKU. 10-('k 19 I I While Hiirli KI-J-I. | C«?ki>r S|jai,i,.| p 1) J,,,,,,,,.,. i. Mlvlli v vilU, -- 2-Wbftl trailer with lillcti. Cull 'a, C.Hiitort wfio.l stove \vitti \uiruiiii" Sft ana'iWfvglr. Cull ^UCT. IjylilS $xic Cotton Chopper, uscrt one ye<ir, Hildred Bunch, Nii\v ^8" Hunter Attic Fans comjileto Ktovum Furniture Coui|jiiiy, l.uiuri, fi room residence. Close in. I'rice $3250. 11. C. Campbell. Phone -IKi or 2930. r>-.r>-pk-5-ia OWNBR, 200 ACK1.S CYPRKSS LAND NKAK CANALOU, MlSSOliUl, ON (JKAVPLUQAI), FIVt: HOUSES, KAItN, KI.KC- TK1CITY. FlNKS'f TYPK COriX)N, (JOHN AND ALFALFA l-ANP. S1W) I'lOK ACKK, INCIAJDlN'i; THIS YKAlfS RBNT. ONK HAI-.F, OfJ MQRK, CASH, BALANCE TKRMS McCALL, HQX 78.1'HONfc;, 5-15-])k-5-18 Good used radios with 3U ' u^r^,, K „, „„,„•„., Wp , lU>j day guarantee. Reasonable '"' """"' - : - ... k ' '' prices. Perry's Radio Serv-j mW. Mrs. AI:III.« Miirr. (J I 2 ]•'.. llus jjfjtn Dffrs H Irnolor; 6 fop! Mndein • 4isc; 1>IS<1 breaker; new culllvalur 'ill jr.')" A-1 shall,;. .<1100 cash. Jain.M jerrt-ll. K(. 1. Naylor. Mo S-pk-llI 15Jm Acres. Fine land, well improved Ve^utiful liotinj. Soutli of county iltll) per ucre. » '^ til> ',.. B< :f- < . 7 '"'l« 'rora Ulytlieville u,, Hil(liw»y c^. Uooil house, tier, usr . ,' located in Lynch Building. Phone 2Q3J or 502. I buy and se]\ farni ^fld city prouerty. See me for FHA, city, "and farm loans. List your property with me for quick sale. 5-14-ck-5-28 4^1 acres, l.ltila River land. 2 mih-s ol ,~, — ilurrl.ouse. Mo.. Slot) iirr acr,- - I '""'''•I' 1 »'»••« l»r"m'. Car|ipntor work BSi) acres. Ciisliir Blvi,r \Vci( ,,f ""*' "."«** luiiiiling. I'hoiiu 2C29. SikeKlou, Mn. GoDil inlproveiilcjiM. [ \3-pk--7 J7:. iitr acre. Fletcher' Kisli,-r. |,luin« u () , )s( , ( m ,, 1( .,l »„,! /„ j~" 1 "~— Haijy motor. <loinl PJione 2i>?0. 1 hi K. lO-i'k-17 6 Postal Cards and one 8x10 enlargement $2.85. 6'Steen's Studio _......_ 5-7-ck-tf "n'lr ; ''20*87. t '' C<:tr "'' ''"Vttk.'jo nil ViTL,.. ' " * Va-l.iuf aii.l ira.iint. fiiiisl, Pt | n V Ucy. ulso uui.U' 1 Ji'ul blanket* 11.11 XirK.ii. "Bvhiijj fily it',; Grocery Store and fixtures. iSee F. M. Davis. 1101 S jLake St.' • ,5-G-pk-5-20 PHCltOSTATS^of your serv- ;•' ice discharge. O'Stcen's • Studio. ' 5-4-ck-tf Picture frames made to order ^JO'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf \ r clarification wnlef system complete with aoftner. cttciin'cfti tuii&s btora^e ,tanks, will sell cheap. Unll 2o;i> or H15. il-' Grocery atore wttfi livinK Quarters 10- 'Ketlier witb .| rcnlul lioiiacs. Amiro*- Iro.telj 2 V r<-» "I Innil. Fro.,ta «3 .Hwy. 61, bor.lcra on Collon Belt K.H i<letl location for Indnslrr. See Bucli.lltiin'a Oorcwry, N. Ilwy. Gl. ' ! .; , 4-[,k-6!4 7i't'o'l2 d»>'s ol'l l>:ili>- fliicks 1'lonly -.of- fitsrier *nd Krow^r feed. Chc^loi ;.I!ewis r i( 1'ouliry. .113 K. Main. rjpli2D l.»aies; tikV. HeliulU. noiv tires new -point. "^orn Mnlry 403 Missouri :l'%!Ve 3627. wp.rry about hard wat- ; er in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water terter. 2-21-ck-tf "'" Vntor Tunp-np mirhinn luc- torjr rcvu.i.lilinnrr. Loo- Motor H.iioi. Main, j'fione 5D9. 4|20-ck-tf Wood, 855. N. 10th. 50. Bu. Whippoorwill Pea«. Rlytheville Curb Market. 130 E. Main 5-7-ck-tf House-moving, leveUog t re . pair of f«ur>dations. 12 yrs experience. Necessary equipment. Virgil Foley, Rh,o,ne a!>17 or 3292. 5-7-pk-6-7,,i i,in<l<-rn douse. Unyli Mi, f: o ui- ].l,ll-lv rrilft-nriitccl. tlnriUonJ "lluorj Huyrr c»u rvnl .is a ,hi|,l u x. Also c- riHHii ]n(..h'rrv ]inii<i^ Stfi'U-. .\lo. llntfi Irons,.* unVt'il (o sell iiuick Iinnic.linU. IMissr-ssidii. Will ,,,,,,1,1^ lrn,| 0 tor Inrm or KOo.t uomc busin«*s. J. A. '.'"'.I. St«;le. Mu. 10-k-n Lawn mun-«rn aharpened anil Tepaira All types n,d kinda. We lo in power inowur «uarp«nin k - antt njolor °. v f. r •* r - ' Vt *~ WQ ^H'k up and Jeltvur. Illytheyllle Mucbine ' Shop. Tractor repairs and service. Electric a n d acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 3<M.__ 5d5^}Si? Wanted to Rent Furnished apartment or t*-o lifdroom t. 'J-ck-t( u. Help Wanted WAN'TKI) AT D.VfK'T.Il.iivlffKl, I>,'nl- t-r in (Vl.lral Missi,;i|.],i nllu x,, rlt i IVilleiKlen countie.,, Writo KaivK.iiili'iL. Di'lil. AKK-27-K. .M,'in],liis IVnn" 1IA1I> for imrliino work. 35 cents n.r l«onr. infills (nruislii'il Mrs 'Samuel J"—""'"' ''"" '"" ''""'"T ''"i'- <il '- 1 ' Read Courier NL-W.V want Ads JfiO acre farm. See Dave • I.taclivllle. Ark. CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" Phonographs — Records and j Accessories. Riltcry and ; ; Electric Radios 219 W Main Phone MM Bring Your Poultry To W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co. WE PAY HENS --Today- COX 24c 15c PricM subject to Market Changes Note Our New Address Highway 61 North Phone 528 * For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg. RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or rr-odel Reliable W-vrkmanahip. ?HQNE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred CaMihcm Electrical Appliance Co. AvUmted M*Un»U K«H* WANTED USED (ARS PICK-UP TRUCKS by PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MItCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 \ Sell Mfhi|e prices are still high. Political Announcements PAGE DemoermUo \VAK\INd ORDER JACK WILLIAM OOUWTOB OKNK K. BHADLCT ROLAND ORJBCM FOR TAX ABBEtriOB DOYLE HENDERSON W. W. "WINK" WATSON cntcurr CLERK HARVEY MORRIS COlTNTlf CODKT CLERK ELI^ABE-IH BLYTRK COUNTY TREA8TJREK DELIA PURTUS STATE REFKESENTAT1V1 ALENE WORD , K. O. FLEEMAN LBSLIB "DUKIE" BPKCK L. H. ADTRY W. J. WUNDERUOH (l-'or re-t'lecllon) MATS SENATOR J. LEB BBARDKN JEFFERSON W. SPECK •riioi-c ore 109 cllles In the Unll- od Slftlt\s with ]x>i>iilnUou.s of 50 00 or more. Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 133 S*at Atal* plton* 3616 Carne] ForReat Mvly .UrorniFil ilu^lrx »|ii., "(] \\ ^ ronui^. Si Wlfi, J * » illi' "»lk. u pi, I Wan*«4 Will trade 41-42 model cars for 38 or 39 models. Cfood deab. Phijlips Motor Co., 5th and Walnut. 3-27-ck-tf To BUY ilrrtri -llvi il US.'.I oil COOV Stoves 'St urmlure Co., l.uxora. Ark. Lot water licnter new o ' ' JliE kodak a aiiit r ,-1111 eras for parts O'Stec-ra Stuitio. .l}7-ck-lf op.d arzei] Uouse. Phone Sr 3 ?'. V« pay casli (or Died farntlur* one or I, kouse (all. q«U 2302 Al- FVrultur. Co. ' ^iio'tk-lf tort '. 3 your old .mules, one iron "*«•«>- Ijor^e mule, otic ba>- mur^ iui)l»> \V( abuiit riuD HIB. r.4j 0 Swift, I'boiie ^4T.«! lrintlc_ .ind w>iih- bulUto^ nai,,J,i'*- k .M| V 4ti4' M. Fr?nkli'i,. <flM '" S " Vo'uk-l«i Personal »"(' rij.. to I.os Anglos, Jt s) - JQ Will l;ay part on exgiBtisr*. Him ' K»t<'« H««con'« llill. \^-os( McmrkU npM'j elcr*n UnviHR for I.os Angolos Calir h«tlirj«y. May 18th In laic intiil«l .-:ir. .V,-,"d someone tii help "ilrivo" and sn/ire sximis.cs. V<ir infoTtiution i-;>ll »<1. Steel,-. .MUstiiiri. 13jik-U Since Ihe Japanese surrender, a lotal or 3366 long tons of crudu rubber have been exported from the Netherlands East, Indies. Atom Patch The insignia abovp, depicting an atomic bomb exploding over ;i symbolic crossfoatls, has bcct\ adopted as a shoulder pnlch tnul airplane insignia by thn Test ami Instrumentation Unit ot Operation Crossroads — the Bikmi Atoll atomic bomb tesl. H will also be worn by Army flyers of Task Unit 1.53 of Task Group 1,5. Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up UK) DeHvrt Just Received! Elcctrit: •ronj $6.70 rlus Tax We Huy and Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 324 East Malm Plume 24«7 ly, ArkunftMs. WllniH Kublusgn . ........ Plalntltt, vs. No. 955* Meilo Hobhisou ........ Defendant. Tito defendant, Merle Robliuion 1« lu-veby wanned to iippour wlthlh llihly days .11 lliu coiifi n»inod lit the cuiHlon horoof mul niiswer the coni|)lnlnl of th« plnlnlifl Wllina Hobln.son. Ditlctl (his 13 day of A|)rll, 1046 HAIIVKY M OK HIS, Clctk By Frt'liln O'Neal, U. (;. w, IAIOII Smith. Ally. (01 PUf. Fntuk C. Dmigltis, /\tly, nil l.ltgin. Ivan R. Van Patten Your Sales Representiitive (or Itlytliovillv ;iiitl all of Northvustern Arkunsus The ARKANSAS Automobile Club Afiitliiti'i! WJIIi Amor. Auto Association A. A. A. __ Kealiletice 118 So. Lake ICesiilettcn I'hiittc '^409 HI.YTHKVIU.K, AHK. Buy Your Poultry at W. T. DAVIS Poultry House On Highway Gl Norlli Wholesale and Retail Hens — Springs — Cox 35c 42c 29c ... Our Phono— 528 _. TIKES AND TITBKH Radio Service Refrigerator Service Fred Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service rhlUp Fni Vttcnuni Clenncrs, Fana, Iron* »IH| Snmll Appll«nce« tu, paired. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY^ Inc. J.-W. Adnms, Mgr. I'lipnc ATTENTION CAR OWNERS .... .... We need 100 Good Used Can. Bring us your Car today. Get the top dollar No stalling. No red tape. LOT I ICH CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Qqs 8) Oil* W, \YoW Phone 57i - - - . - v - •" A cnrpct beellc lived insltle a corked bottle for two years, cntiiiK nothing but Us own ]>cri<idicn!ly molted skin. PIESGRIPTIOIIS Freahest Stock Guaranteed Beat PrlcM Kirby Drug Stores Kills Rats- Roaches Biddle Exterminators cMbtr Null Pert Control Aaa^n. IIS 8. Thlnl St. Pbtne Z751 Refrigerator Ser/ic* OP ALL KINDS—CAT.L W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 106 So. First St. FOR SALE 35 TONS of D & P L Planting Seed From 7944 Certified Seed* LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman'* Bayou, Ark. OW'e« PAOM 2348 fttf»»ene« 2309 We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and. Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 I.oca! tt I.onf Distance Muvlni <iualely Iniuroil. o Home Servlie & IHlacl Umlluj Ktor«te Co. 01 Perfect rrinlr|,j{ for tod.y-, el , c^uLsite luittwear h.s«Mr((l wbyii |-e- built In our uiMlern >ho|a. 43 LT ITY SH SHQC I DON EDWARDS fvfkc TTyittntTttBt tfMM* KOTAU «*OTH, OOKONA. AND RKU7HOTQB rOHTABUli TTREWRm»i -*—*l IM H. ai>d wnun r*am * BOOTS AND HER RUDP IF-S " V\CW . OSCIQLATILI CULVERT CO. Dr. J. LGuqri Optomettltt ouXb's JEWELRY - ,. , i SERVICE See ns about your trouble. Oar expert uieeluui-:, lea working with modern (qots and em^ipincnt t»r\ pal your car in tpp conditi««l. We «lso have a paint and . body shop repair service. We »IIJ. fi?t y<»ur ca,r or Ijny yo^r efcr FOU PASH. T/l. SEAY MOTOR CO, m E.;y»» ..'•. '••''.. "phM,.'' — • —— "——- ' _• JF •T^'S.' .pii fc ^"* ."^--x >>^ * -^.--'lir-V- r«> 'Just to lie'Hurii^..':-.i f: ''!• •'''..f X, C--SA.. ^ ISO C\V\Cl iiiS^ |Wt AWWG \ * NvAVR- , KbOOVi I soapvv I CfxVV^ 1 k &: ! ] :.& & '**• -/; BY JBi>cAB.ii ^; lv>» ^M :"&;,^S? [•es»i\ti ,v FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I'LL GIVE YOU SIX BITS FOR. 1 W6LL, 1 HATE TO SELL EDMEO YOUfc HOMING PIGEONS, LARD/ J AMD JULIET- . BUT I NEK. W ^Vrf^^TT-. 'SC^r DOUGH _TO FlMANCH ' POR HILOA I }*• >, •>Ao ',\ ^m '#t-> •! V y >A< Mow GXM.L> vou B?fcft]RELAX.juws) TD SELU THOSE SWEET 1 /-^ 1VE SOLO PiStoNS, LARD 7 r-s THEM THRES ,TOCv«y '«!> » ^"') <A ^4Jro k, ! *Kv*>'^-* 1 MERRILL CAN i H n-iev K'WOV. WAV HO IT (P = l ,t IT « i»f .: < ^vr-'. rv; !Y OOP J'kk a 8o.r( Spot Ti-E LOC<S t TO THF Ci-rv. 1 TvE OK4V, BUT WM\T'S TH' - J'f, / ADVAMT*i3E BLC>vV ft Of BEIHG - - . ,, TMEKE ^VHtM OF SMOKE; " - ^o: ;

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