The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 11, 1994 · Page 4
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 4

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1994
Page 4
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t I if 3 ; ". "A4 ""'"FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1994 F LOS ANGELES TIMES Sri Lankan Premier's Presidential Victory a Landslide Election: Chandrika Kumaratunga is first wfrmaJto attain top post. She pledges to pursue peace .v(h Tamil rebels. By JOHNrJHOR DAHLBURG TIMES STjFRITER COLOMBO, Sri Lanka-Buoyed by ilMdslide margin of nearly 2 million J Votes, President-elect ChandHlCtf Kumaratunga on Thursday1 Claimed a "clear and massive1 Mandate" to press on with hefquesJt'foT'a peaceful end to Sri Lanka's 1 fear civil war. Ih a $.TOf-box rout that political observers said is without precedent in this Indiari Ocean island's history, Kumaratunga, the prime minister from the left-leaning People's Alliance, emerged victorious in a six-wa race, beating her closest rival ffdm the main opposition United National Party by 4,709.205 votes to 2,715,283, official results showed. her 62.28 score in her successful bid for the powerful executive presidency was the crescendo of an electoral career that began in earnest only in May of last year, when the,' 49-year-old daughter of two former'Sri Lankan prime ministers scored an upset victory in a pro-vinciar council election. Thj" August, the widowed mother of two led the People's Alliance to a narrow win in national parliamentary elections, ending a 17-Vear fchokehold on power by the UIP, which had. used murder and mob; violence to safeguard its rule. ' ',We. I think, have come to the -'. W !end of the dark tunnel, and we toe marching toward a new era of freedom' and light," said an emotional kumaratunga, clad in a blue and white1 : sari, after Wednesday's election results were announced. -fiut'cthe' president-elect warned supporters that even if they suffered when the'jUNP held power, she will nolbrobka'ny revenge-seeking. "It is true that for 17 long years you. havefoottled up the anger of . fc yniJ ! loyees of U.S. Embassy in Haiti Killed print Associated Press t rf) olteJv-PRINCE, Haiti $;XT(Cwan employees of the J Efebfitssy were shot and killed tluringljrobbery Thursday, and a s JhiVd Employee was critically 5L'WpunditJ;S. authorities said. f Xhe!lpioyees were accosted before nioojwhile driving to a bank in theljbapital to pick up pay ""packet? fdr' embassy workers, ac-J cording to an embassy statement. 5 A Haitian citizen witnessed the employwB."5in trouble" and called U.S. aiftijTOties. Military police rushed 4o-4he scene, but the two employees were already dead, the embassy said. 1'AU indications are that this was i Crimiijal,;act, an armed robbery with no political motivation what-loeverJiisaid. . I'SlainVwere Kesnel Jean-Paul land Sandra;' Rigaud, both in their bOsl U.S. .ahd Haitian authorities were searching for a susnect. '! T . smarting fiiorrior an omhacQV iver, was, to be airlifted to the (njted States for treatment, said .Jeff jGoidon. a spokesman for he U.S. military. IPresidiemt: Jean-Bertrand Ans- lide conyeyftd to U.S. Ambassador wttliamwing "his shock and jrif ani ,a(ls"o has sent his condolences tojt&e families of the vic-linjs," fjltide spokesman Yvon Neptune jsSiid. "We're in a country pat's trying to get back on track. ecurity'ijasn t been completely e-establisbed, whether in Port- iUPrir3qr other parts of the :o(Jntry;J' ""Meanwhile, about 150 Haitian tefugeffmost of whom had fled J poverty derepression under old miitarregirnes, flew home from I (aarhusday. S ;f hci!$Mi?d Nations arranged thr return on a Cuban airliner, ope of three U.N flights this week cftrjrying Haitian refugees who fled c bjpboat to Cuban shores. Thousands of Haitians, reassured bjSf"Aristide's return, are heading htifhe from the U.S. Navy base at G$ntnamo Bay, Cuba, and other Qibbean nations. iaW A Times Mirror Newspaper JOaily Founded Dec. 4. 1881 t ryftontt delivery, call: 1-80O-LA TIMES latcxiH to. 343 j J.OSN9il-S TIMES (ISSN 0458-3035) Is published daily J bfTho Times Mirror Company, Timm Mirror Square, Lot C Anaelet, A 00053. Homa delivery rata In most areas 13.62 perreetT lu applicable CA aalea laxas tor dally and W Surrey aaylca. For rale Information, call above number. ft SetaoMafepostage paid at Loe Angeles, CA and addltlon-V al majtng offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: jjf Loll Angeles times, Timet Mirror Square, Los Angeles, CA ' 90063. .-3 'US '. TJje Los. Angeles Times' ongoing ; dedication to conserving natural resources has made it the nation's TT 'T. ri: 1 ztmp. ' V I .- - , I , ............. ... . ! ... - i f n A s v Reuters Chandrika Kumaratunga much political victimization and harassment," Kumaratunga said. "But the answer to that is not to repeat the same barbaric style of acting." After a violence-marred campaign, an island-wide curfew starting at 2 p.m. was imposed for the second straight day Thursday to prevent further disorder, and the rain -lashed streets of this seaside capital were practically devoid of cars and pedestrians. After the Oct. 24 assassination of her principal opponent, Gamini Dissanayake, the pivotal issue of the presidential campaign became the policy of Kumaratunga's 2Vi-month-old government toward the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who control enclaves in the east and the northern Jaffna peninsula. They are widely suspected of carrying out Dissanayake's murder. In an overt bid for the sympathy vote of members of the island's Buddhist Sinhalese majority, the UNP put up the slain Parliament member's 51 -year-old widow, attorney Srima Dissanayake, as its candidate. In its crudest campaign IS THERE A BETTER BUY ANYWHERE? 52" Dia. Travertine Marble Dining Table (from ltaly).......$599 M Formal Dining Chair (Italian) elsewhere to $1400 299 Nowhere else can you find the of outstanding designs from world-famous sources. All direct-import priced! 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Last month, she sent emissaries to Jaffna to begin the Sri Lankan government's first contacts in more than four years with the Liberation Tigers. After Dissanayake's death, she broke off the preliminary talks until possible rebel responsibility could be probed. Her government has been scrupulously careful not to pin responsibility for the suicide bombing that killed Dissanayake and 54 others on the Liberation Tigers. Just as prudently, Kumaratunga did not say Thursday whether she intends to resume the talks, or what she will do if the insurgents' complicity in the killings is proved. But she said she is as determined as ever to forge ahead with the "peace process" to end the ethnic war that has claimed more than 30,000 lives since 1983. "We shall take this as a clear mandate from you, the people of this country, the Sinhalese Bud-' dhist majority, and all the other people living in this country, belonging to all races, to all religions, to all communities, for our government to forge ahead with peace," she said. "But not peace at any cost; negotiated peace where the rights of the majority Sinhalese people would be safeguarded and strengthened, but where we would build a society where all the peoples of this country could live with equal rights, without fear and in brotherhood and with freedom." The sentiments of Tamils in lands controlled by the Liberation huge selection RAPPORT 401-445 N. La Brea (tMtwwn Btwrfy A MdroM) (213) 930-1500 A Mori. 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She is expected to be sworn in Saturday as successor to outgoing President Dingiri Banda Wijetunga of the UNP, and in theory could serve for six years. But on Thursday, she repeated a pledge to abolish the powerful office she had just won, and set herself a deadline of July 15. Kumaratunga has said the executive presidency created in 1978 is a temptation to the abuse of power, and that most of its functions should be transferred to the Parliament, prime minister or Cabinet. 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