The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 19, 1947
Page 4
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roum JLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ** *)«MK*' ' •• j- i«» COURIER NKWS OO. ,,V 8, .W. HAINES, Publisher B8 L VEKHOEFF, Editor HUMAJCAxUerttslng Mttnager ,SoU National Advertising Representatives: llacj Wiuner Co, New York, Chicago. Detroit, \,, PuttBibed Every Afternoon Except Sunday ^Entered'as second class, matter at tlie post"Bice »t Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act ol Con< October 9, 1811. Served by the'tj piled Press suBsonipnoN RATES: By carrier 111 the city of Blythevllle or any ^n town where carrier service is main, 20c per week, or 85c per month. ... By {nail, within a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per j year, $300 for six months, $1.00 for three months; by mail outside 50 mile zone, $10,00 per ytta payable In advance. ^Aeditation ca And as you wish that nwu would do to you/, do so to them.—Luke 6:31. B; ... ic, * Most people commit tha Oolden Hiilo to "ueraoiV but few commit It to life. flight Setback for "'•Ar. Lewis iel mi The country saw a strange, sight tuj last week. John L. Lewis backed away tfl i from an established position of 'iis pn'djvn accord, without court order, hd, threat of government action, or any 1,1, other dramatic outside pressure. And strangest of all waa the slightly balky behavior of his United Mine Workers. Usually Mn Lewis's slightest request gets unquestioning obedience from the miners. But last week thousands of thorn ignored hi.s order to stay out of all but two of the country's soft coal mines, allegedly for veasr.ns of safety. This was one apparent renscm for" f Mr. Lewis's withdrawal of the order. [The other was Federal Judge T. Altm l-Goldsborough's refusal to refund ?2,- r800,009 of the ?3,DOO,000 fine which imposed on the UMW for contempt. i The judge questioned"'the mine union I president's 'good faith in issuing ti-e !• stay-away order, and expressed doubt that safety was his first concern. The dollar sign loomed large in the piners' decision to go back, to work. _j\e returned to mjnes which appar- trtly had failed to pass inspection on p. .jjchiricalities which involved no 'great fj? azard - O" th ers went Jiiick to pits when: p|>eal danger undoubtedly exists. 0 . ,^- is a sad thing that miners must •often risk their lives needlessly in Viler 'p* provide a living for their families, jj^is no less sad because they ||biwn doing it for years. The hazards ;heir work are a challenge to the op- tors, state mine inspectors, the fed- 1 Bureau of Mines, anil to the law .-, h permit dangerous conditions to %$$4 uncorrected. • Mr. Lewis could help greatly in .te^sening these hazards. But he 1ms consistently overplayed his hand, ns a/^did last week. For all his shrewd- s. as a 'tactician,' his solf-seekmg thods and dictatorial manner have ome increasingly apparent, lie has •tight thing to pass where most of countiy now looks with suspicion his activities in the Worthiest of Ases. tfitfay.. there is a fear that Mr. may use his power to force •ough a law which would givu him a deciding voice on questions of r ne talety. With a different I.V.IL'C;' such law might be acccptaUo It if Mr. Lewis were given that power is highly probable that he m-gli 1 , tt to punish a stubborn operator or ;her his own ambitions. < JAIr. Lewis scarcely visits tli2 mine " Is once in' ;t ' decade, and he may re forgotten some of the hard facts a miner's life. But this hint of re- Ilion-fey some bt the rank and file remind, him that every work stop- calted ;for reasons of • personal igy still'takes wages from the BLYTHUVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS only real threat to an atithoi-.- leadership like Mr. Lewis' conies mthe rank and file. Fines and in- jsctions may stop such a leader nporarily, but they also tend to make t'a martyr. It is only when tlie dues- yers start thinking and questioning " raising their voices that the leader cause for serious concern. • We hope, for the good of the miners the country, that Mr. Lewii is a'little of that concern. We |, too, that it may cause him to trim sails of his egotistic Repeat Performance Abroad Henry A. Wallace, now visit in,: England, wns asked his tangible remedy for present worl^l ills. "We must make it clear," lie answered, "that American power will be used tu encourage productivity for the benefit of the common man, rather than to diviclo the world in two." That seems to us neither very very tangible nor very specific. It will please those who find unfailing delight in Mr. Wallace's repetitive theme song about Mr. Wallace's common man. Bui how should we miiko this clear? Mr. Wallace doesn't say. Because Mr. Wallace is vaj'uci doesn't meal), however, that he is .simply an ungracious, like England's Prof. Harold Laski was in Armrriai. Mr. Wallace is a popular figure witli many supporters in Ihe Labor Party. He accuses Mr. Alth'e and Mr. Ueviii of war mongmng, as he does Mr. Truman and Mr. Marshall at home. And in doing KO he echoes the criticism of many Luborites against their government's policy toward Russia. It seems a pity that Mr. Wallace has never sat at a conference l-tblo with Mr. Stalin or Mr. Molotov and heen subjected to the pressure of their bludgeoning diplomacy. He might then find, as other American negotiators obviously have .discovered, that a firm stand against present Russian tactic* is the only alternative to a complete capitulation to Russia's insistent Je- mands. SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 1917 Deportation Judging from their reaction to Henry Wallace';,- speeches! in England, many congressmen seem lo think that if Henry doesn't like this government ha ought to go back where he cumo from—Iowa, that is. VIEWS OF OTHERS And Still the Appeasers of Dictatorships Carry On Henry Wallace is like the sorry salesman who, fired as n malcculciU and trouble maker, stumps up and down the street knocklnv, his former employers to their competitors. Whatever the contributions Wallace may liavc made to the United States as a. public official, they are far overshadowed by his present disservice to this country in railing aganist Its foreign policy In his series of speeches tn England. It is difficult to credit the former cabinet member wilh n disinterested view of world IKJlltics. Wallace appears convinced tliat Communism or something similar to it is declined to Inherit lhc earth and to h2 determined to bci on the right side (in Ibis rase tile Left) if C- Day arrives In the United Stfttes. Wallace concedes that Russia Is seeking to expand nl the expense of her neighbors, but, he defends this by saying Ural Britain has been, an expansionist in the past and the fruited Stales Is expanding in the Pacific. A disinterested person hardly would compare Russian ex panslon Into Finland, Poland, Czcchoslivnkia. Yugoslavia, Romania, and Albania with Amer- cnn control of a few small islands in the Pacific. In view if the known facts regarding Russia's millions of slave laborers, its cold, nilli- less attitude toward its own people, Mr. Wallace's protestations in favor of American appeasement ot Moscow simply do not make sense, coming from nn avowed protagonist of the common man " Thnt is tmleiis s.-ii'd protagonist Hopes to benefit, politically thereby. —ARKANSAS GAZETTK. BARBS Just the Spur He Needed •+Washington Cabbies Talk Free 1 To Passengers on World Afigjrs /*" f •~, CY iVWr^ </' ^ ''vl r~^- ^ U. S. Senators Expected to Delve Thoroughly Into Nomination of Clap? as TVA Chairman I!Y I'KTKK EIISON NEA Washiiiglun Ciicrcspnnilont j may give Clapp u • little belter |clianco of conflnnallon. For him The DOCTOR SAYS BV FREDERICK United I'rcss Staff WASHINGTON, visiting firemen seem i the wisest words in (( the state of the BV WII.LIAM A. O'BRIEN, M. D. , 'he mouths of lhe lo Written for NE\ S«vic« I These gear-flipping' ||pjUio*Oj)licivi People around you have the same j"'c famous. They try ^wp^iotts- problems you have in trying to se- ly lo llve lll> '" "'"WWHi"*' 'l''" s cure personal satisfaction and eco- ls ro " Bh °" us nomlc security. Your success In life a "<! wc sl " rc oul ""V'jUW*. but depends on how well you arc able " ls > m l'ossiblc to discourage our lo get along with yourself and how 1'wambulating professors: happy you arc in association with "Ype," announced the driver others. taking me to the National Press Katharine B. Crisp In her book, B" 1 '''" 1 ^ " tllat "cnry Wallace "HMltb For You," points out how S^ 1 ', 1 lo <l uit stirring up them difficult it is today for the aver- Greeks and Turks over in Europe." age person to lake proper care of "Um," I said, himself. Health is further iutcrfer-. >" A finc cabinet member he is," my ed with by mental tension and fa- steering-wheel Socrates continued. tlBUc resulting from rush and hur- "He ought to get back to his wc>rk ry. at the Commerce Department/' Perplexities of modern living •.re l mentioned this, not because here to stay, and while civilization sllch 'Pnorance is funny, but bc- lias contributed much to «iur physi- callsc I1|n nearly as ignorant of the nil comfort, it has ereatlv cotuoli- Qrcck-Turiksli question ns the catcd our social adjustment. Ev- haekei '- I know that Wallace i-s ed- eiyone makes demands on his nervous energy that he would not have if he had been born n generation ago. Those who avoid being tense succeed to a larcc degree in adjusting themselves to the complex itor of the New Republic now, but what do I know about spending $400,000,000 to help Greece and Turkey stop the spread of Communism? That was the question. There was one place to get an answer Tlio world ,n which we Uve. Many ways «. **™£ j^™ «P „»«£ of relaxing tension arc known. Al- rect <-.., flinrtp"pMmp,-~nf pin, i,i-> Erorss- 0 ' ssr, T^ LSHEF "r^ ? needs a complete rest. Many relax su ' hicct '\ v ^ ? hfi n !i,^/!,l!, V^ ate new tensions. \ , vn ..\^ nf \, , • , ., , ... «s ™r-s „ aHSTHsr? ^°^vs:%z%km in w fr 10 ™ 1 i"«™-"«"«->'''-- to d" "o,"rhuVwWc! S i te o7>Cd tllc «'orld, as compared lo the urn- your capacity is a common cause ot imhappiness. Best .adjusted per- j sons arc those who who have verse, is as to one grain of sand pile, eventually picked found Ihn Ideal' wav to perform the !!£..,?- 1 | lilc *' ti l'l lc <l pointer and task which they have to do most ™ . '". lhc rear , or th ^ climber nflcn i w ««ic there was two big maps on „ ' . !_. , , ,, . ,.._! ' I H>0 wall. One, mns'lv limwiiislv Good mental habits Eire just as ' portant as ROCK! physical ha in hrnltli development ns nervous- important as R ood physica, habits ^ sh ^ c j h ^'> **#* Tlie senator sounded something like a history teacher with n ness is really lack fo poise. Real ne^'r^cUV-o^e **« ^^™™2™» -them ac cent. " — •• v " •« ••-••• i . - • * vi ...,..«n, j in.. an *--<tin is unierwiKt; i n ^-i , „ IM, «M nr . ,,,itv. »i-,n »-« j " i "«-'" ;(C*-VMI. WASHINGTON, April in. (NBA) ' t(> 8 1 -'! l !" l "l> '1'VA Job would he completed, save for s ome additional 1^Vnimmt *nf frt»on ann the' He sakl l " la«»guagc a liUU, too -First order of busmen on ttie , onl >' J" sli «' '"'edging for flood control. On the '^ ^"Ll 'our best Is it " OWCI y for »' v •"!««« »'«'c that he Senate's executive calendar after 1 An-,- idea thai the development, tributaries there is room lor adtii- '„:, ° "'"I"'^ y uur "-^ « al agreed with President Truman the Greek-Turk loan KCt.s approi-al by.. tlie TVA is completed and that tlonnl expansion. Two more dams- is expected lo he consideration of : ll makes no {llflercnre who uc- bringing the total to 28—will be the nomination of Gordon R. Clnpp corties its chairman would he en- completed by 1Q51, adding another , hnnr , as efiatrtnan ot the Tennessee Vul- I tircly wrong. TVA bus constantly 100,MO kw capacity. • ley Authority. i outgrown Its original promise, t'o I aDol 't 'he necessity of helping out TVA IS MORE QUESTION: What is "spur" dis- b "^ ^ at tions? Gordon Clapp is rcd-ijcnd from Wisconsin. After grnduntion from Lawrence CollCRC, with n master's degree from University of Chicago, lie went to work for TVA in 1933. First, lie ivns assistant director and director ot personnel, (lien for the last six years TVA Eeneral manager under Chairman Duvld E. Lilicntlial. Clapp has literally grown up witli TVA. having been with it, for .-ill but the first two months ot its existence. Ills rejection by the •P-vcir nld ' lllc "'"""emcnt. r>f sonic of its most' ardent supporters. i 1 aws-:u riMHJUCTlO.V DIKING WAR ' III ia:i3 electric power consumption ill the Tennessee valley «'as one-half the nationn! nvcraue. per THAN ELECTRICITY Though It is never intended to be so. TVA is now a money-mak- hiK institution. Gross power revenues last year were near S35 million, a third ot which was paid 1r -*r * back to the U. s. Treasury. An /•) I ?(tTS Af)O equal amount is supposed to have !.cUi»p.s Uie . aboutfttte Dnittd Nn- i t f ",. . ; thci Qrguu£Uion, lie that shouldV- which irritation from pressure re- lH!i»l:il.™t. -iwlav it h double he , CqUal ara ° unt ls s "PP<»<!d to ^vc .^apsssfiw-^-SSrS^^ .liiUIIM Ml IL. ,, ^,, f , fnnf . f,.^ ,K_ , __ .. „ the average for the rest of the In the five war years TVA trip- country. Low as these rates are, been featured" in the" Business and He said furthcrfnore 'ihit he did- I wasn't strong enOu£h?yet Sen Pepper s »id l^e begged to differ with his Vbl« and disting- ulshcd colleaguji. He, slid thn United Nation* * ejeeteft rtussia As a climax to lhc study on "In- f r °m Iran last yttaf iwilliout any '.elp ' " fn RlifthevilJe — ternalional Relations" which has led its power production. There was the TVA balance sheet shows that consump- receipts covered all costs Including Professional Woman's Club this n't see any chance of the Turks ear. the members entertained with . Boing Communist, no marter what, i dinner last evening at the Wo- "Yet they say if we don't give man's Club. Guests of honor were them SIOO.OOO.COO. they'll cither ,'isitini; speakers who contributed have to cut down the size of the .oward the study during the year j army, or they'll have inflation," and Mrs. H. L. Reynolds. -r/dviSen. Pepper said. "I wonder what Keltar's rmtv^hmn i^ ',-11 ,',n iv clcr "' ie ' IOWO1 ' <'"'^"m]Kion in the a p lro rcnt in the "production of coi nn.,t?o,r",,Th,ivn, ^ , Th^ ""'•' m| " i "' s "'••"""••""»' "f «""»'- chemicals a,,ri fertilizers, increased Mo ic Enerrv Com,Son T e °'' ~ MW kw *™ crMm - l <*^ of the soil, encouragement Scnale PubU? work rommin o A y< ""' ago ' l " VA " 1<Icvcd fivc of scientific farming, flood control, vnted wve In nvr n^nf, ? n ^ morc pmv '''' u " ils lo illcrcasc u - s '^'evontlou of erosion, navigation, eonfirm^inn K " , m "" ll1 by ' M ' 0ni) kw ' w " e » " 1CSD »»wovcd forestry methods, con' t, , , . are in oivrallon then; will still bo | servalion. development or natural But the McKcllnr blast.s acainst' another len stalls in which nddi- resources. Lilicntlial backfired. The result was I tiunal (>['ncrators can bn placed, to lhat Lilicnthal was overwhelming- make use of water now going to j says Clnpp. "Electricity Is just "TVA is more than electricity." ly confirmed by the Senate. That wa.ste. I tool in the hands of the people." IN HOLLYWOOD 1SY KKSKINK JOHNSON NKA Slaff <'nrn\vpm>t&ri>t HOLLYWOOD, April 10. ^•Pecple laughed v.iien c Ken Murray sal- down and my readers object to my showing only one hand of 13 cards, the argument over today's hand was so keen thai I cannot help passing it ! on to you. The probleoi was: over West's cue bid of two clubs, what D^.'.u ];i.-:-nrr, son ut veteran di- uv'^ir chuck UiesilL'r. and Hoyal Fo ^lef. who writer, licr^en's ™.-.. „,>.., n j *:„ Ul .»,, »,UI on.- - nUl !° MlU ' V ' KPU ' S <IOill « ll ' C " ar - lincri n feature length motion pi.-- rat * 11 . 1 - I1ra " '« 'Urccting. ture slarrhiR '20 birds, n m.w, :.n,l 'V s . '°'',' . ' r< ;»' 11 ~ «l xl S' witlx a donptc OI gnine, pigs. D ,,t Ken ^^^.^ ^£™ a i-ou]-.lo n[ priiKiiliis in the town the birds went to should East, his partner, do? nv n,\t. ct An Ohio Jtidgp hailed chilllren froyii his divorce court localise he I bought it gave them a poor outlook on life. Perhaps sonu ot lhe kids shouldn't be allowed to go' liomc. The biRRCvst noise in (he- business world is smarl enough lo keep quirt alxmt it. « • . A Florida uwn was pinched lor touring on a golf course in his auto, 'mere's a rlghi way and a wrong way to drive (.11 the fairway. • • • And now the Mrs. can spring lion.ieclcaninu on the Mr. • • • nognrdlcss of how many dates a girl has there usually room (or one bore. SO THEY SAY America Is the heart and core of dcmrcracy If democracy is lo live Americans have RO-. to learn that they must be willing to pay as big a price fts the Russians would to preserve their tdeats.-Roy Howard, Scripps-Hownrrt Nc\v'»pa- pcra chief executive. was never morc srnous. "It's sensalional." ho snitl. bird moots Rirl bird. l!oy bird girl bird, liny bird gets Kin It's a great story, And I've birds that can stand on ineir heads, walk light ropes, do somersaults, and shift gears on motorcycles. " Ken Murray had. an idea, ami he stuck lo il. Now, nut ;at lirputilio Stliilio. Ihey'rc. .shooling -;i inovip .tilled. '"Bit) ami Coo." Tlu' M;irs of the footer picture ;iro Tl trained parakeets nnd Inve birds, a cro*v. and pi couple nf guinra pigs. -A parakeet naiuril lliuldy plays Hit. (ho horo. A lovo ,tiir ( l named I>olorrs plays Coo. llu- hi-ro- hio. The crow is (ho villain. Krn himself put up the money. $150,000. and (lint's not blni.'ml. j Herbert Yates. president of lio- public, was the only studio cxcm-! tivc in Hollywood who didn't lai^li' wlicn Ken outlined hi.s Ido.i for a: movie starriiiB only birds. j Yntc.-, said. "Il'.s terrific. Ko.v 1 w< '- v!;ll >' ''""ily. They f:\ll in love. We'll let you have the stages ur.d tclcnse the picture," ,U,MOST HUMAN Tli c tr.Mncd birds are from "Hurton's Birds," a vaudeville act now playing In Murray's long-time Hollywood stage hit, "Blackouts." Tint Is where he got the idea loi t!i; picture. Burton's T3lrd s aro almost hii- Uu- mood ofor the pic- K!,-/ l' I3 'e. Tin- iii.scription on the statue Ml »'* a; ' : Tin- Wi-oiv' Brothers Wiilmr ami Orvillo '\"m 1'ii-sl liirds lo Walk A I.IVK A.vnijtL CIISNKY ''hi- lunls in "Bill and Coo" ni'\r;- i;;.. They walk. Tliat's way Murray is so excited a<out the "li's jii:,t liki- a Walt Oisuey PIC- Uiiv." lie said, "onlv with live" 'I'hi- b< ri> %valk,s into ,;i rlntli- hu; .vlnrc hcncatli r ;i .sign rca<l- | ins;. ••IJiij-s iWhri Are ftli>Hii)ff— >\r Ki'nt "lalls." Hi* vomcs onl , ^ilh a nr\v tail. The hcroinrc I «.dkN diMMi a ladder after llir ' luslv rrow sets fire In her hotel. The story, in fact, rounds like."• :v,r:hui'; wrillcn for 'I'y Power :mrl I ^n;i 'l'\;rner. Bill is a poo; 1 b •>; whcsc mother tokcs i nwash- iiuv Cno is the d.nit-.hier of :v .Bertram I.cbtiar. Jr.. treasurer of th c American Contract Brid! League and an outstanding expert, claims that none out of ten experts ivould bid three diamonds with East's holding. As tins seemed like fniile a claim to me, ' slarlcd out lo check on it. About half ol t)) C experts I consulted sai,i they would bid two diamonds and had a pood strong argument lo justify lhat bid. Tre others favored three diamonds, so that Kast's partner would know he had a good hand. 'll.o joatous crow tries to separate tliem. but love wins out after liul ur.uuU's of fx:i'.iiig coliu'.oid. McKENNEY ON BRIDGE Tournament—Neither vul. South \Vcsl North Eait 1+ 2* Pass ? 19 man. They stand on their hesuK do somersaults, ride tiny motorcycles and shift the Rears, swiii*' from rings and parallel bars One! eyen walks a tight ropo carrying i 1 two Ilamtng matches in its Vjea^k. I I Tlio unusual job of writing aj 'Response to Cue Bid Is a Problem n> WILLIAM u:. ?ICKESNKY America's Card Authority Written, for N'EA Service Although-I know that many ot chairman. Mrs. Paul Tipton and Mrs. George Lee sans a duet, accompanied at the piano by Miss VTnrgarel Merrill, and Miss Lorna Wilson played pooiilar numbers luring the dinner. President oj the club. Miss Minnie Mathews presented Mrs. Reynolds with a gift in ap- housewife today our government to prevent infla- the American 'thinks about spending money tion in Turkey?'' Some other senators gave him an argument on that. The hours passed, my notes piled up and no matter what any senator said jMTcliitlon for her work with the any phase of the subject, another study, sent out by the extension I senator had another irtcn. The re- department of the University of Arkansas. Municipal Court News: Corn whiskey (lowed freely over the weekend, yesterday's lineup in the police division of Municipal Qoiirt revealed. Three defendents were . sult, in m y craniiitn, i s confusion. I hate to admit it, but on my way home tonight I'm coin;; to listen tentatively to the cab driver. With advent of printed wire in radio equipment, more ii]:l>.-.lri;il wound guilty of public drunkencss use of electronics is expected. Orand fined $10 by Judge C. A. Cunningham while four others failed to appear and forfeitures were ordered on their cash bonds. king of diamonds or king of spades or both might be killed by South's strength. . dinary electronic equipment is garded as too fragile for most industrial' uses. spades over three diamonds, and il Bast bids four diamonds, then, West probably will bid four hearts. Then East will have to show a urcfcrence wilh n hid of inn." I:' West has bth majors. East's E p.-«ics, arid as a result tin-'- will three-diamond bid will crowd the' be in an --"---• •• bidding. West may bid three '' cannot he optimistic contract th\. made. Author } HORIZONTAL 4 Drudge 1,7 Pictured writer jt 12 Ancient. «• country v SO 13 Expunge ~ H Garden tool 15 Oily 17 Loiter 19 Mimicked 21 Redact & 5 Land measure 6 Require ^Piquancy 8 Twisted 0 Babyloniani deity 10 Island 11 Machine par! 14 Laughter/ sound infatuation 28 Low haunt! (30 Harvest J goddess Personally I believe that three-diamond bid should show more solid diamond suit. Ove three diamonds. Wcsl in all probability bid three hearts or three sp.ides. and EMt then will have lo go to four diamonds. Now 56 He was an West is going to assume that East Austrian .— ha.; A pretty Rod diamond suit. 58 frozen rain South opened the bidding , and while a player occasionally will open with a psychic or a shaded bid, lhc sound basis is' lo "ssume that the opening bidder has two and a half defensive tricks or 22 At this place'16 Sloth 23 Within . 18 Earth goddess 31 Mall drink 25 Symbol for ' i 20 Deviate 32 Seine tellurium i 22 Assistants 25 Token ' 2 * Birds' homes 29 Lazy J 5 Czars 33 Brain passages 26 Brit 'lc part 34 Fruit 27 Goddess of 35 Doctrine 36 Set flncw 37 Steamship (ab.) 38 Senior fab.) 39 Detriment 42 Melodies ' 46 Pliant 50 Female sheep 51 Summon 53 Payment demand 54 Puff up ' 4-1 Narrow inlels 45 Stupefy 47 Aroma ' it 1 '18 Peltry ' 48 Symbol for) ! thoron ji 39 French article 51 Native ' '•*'• •w is Indebted (sullix) .. 41 Vend '52 Summer (Fr"j « "ill ' sH Any (Scot.) 43 Four (Roman) ft? Him wore. That means that East's 59 Flouts VERTICAL 1 Cease 2 Ye 3 Symbol (or erbium

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