The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1931
Page 7
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Vakc n, I 1..I....-U. . . i> L,.,,, . ^ ;: n;ne?" she clc- vifh l.iy lace cool .-mil dir.ip am j ,115 <-j-1 c:c= .. ; .^. - • is . covered with wet nipkt sir. It's C.i::;-;-.:- t.i:->:iL., ll.e c.j.'i el I tui 1.1 rare, I loll you. It's Ihe only B <;!o a:i!l ^l.incvd i;p :;t him o^~. .>•;;-..„ „.,,„,, ., mr<! nine jolc .ac tit-re there is." sionally v.-lih rcficotivo eye-. , ^^ncllov. >. ho «hi,p,rcil. J.a.L JTB sat down gratefully lo t!:oj 14p,lD-nb-yoii ray you vcic : |'J J-- 1 bountiful ti:= adiairin? -^ eoiit; to slick arouml to'.vn y. ,. Gcouv- had placed before hici a-.rlifor two r>r tbr;u dayj? s::e i:i-i'-' : ^ for a'fo-.T niinntc-s dcvolcil liimtcK nui'.e:! cr.s.::il!y. •' •' to it in complete eilor.ce. Gi::^-or looked on. There wss a sinolfltrin,: siiniiow in her eye. that rr.cMt ?.rd Hoiln'-vay." (ringer Emilo:? p!c:ir.i:ic r.a Flic rc-pca'.cd it Ihu l:ar.f!iiitter. "Oh, it doesn't !o:i;:—au bor.r or EO. 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W3*ui»ia..PJji::4j_-sli:J^C._^-..^-^^^^^^^ • 1 ' S ' j _ i'ljidiiiJ^ 1 .;.'!!*i2jM?a^^ .\;: J1 .;tL..Vi^z_!_i-^-<'^_i^-4g ivN~EXTir\~l^ :'&;iffeftil||S^* Jll /iMiis Stf?l 1 il a jlo-b^rjto, remind. ;- r ...ffl!J.5-~:l,.V.'. ------ '-- . i'-fl'ou. see. .1'hll lias more money lke3--arB -the— — n 1 l}Sjjo// s SuLuiM awliiaiiJlo Sh.^ jAn 1 l}Sjjo//w:mt jlj{r f fn Icl -, y{ [« Jifts SuLuiM-E.o.Plrir.ffli'Ht.'. .'._ ' '.t; le;;s anil ivcnting ouo black strf;!iUii-^ill...CBrjjy-_ i"" 1 "'' nn( ' aScr birds flke .noloily «vcr B.n» i§ lo»M=!#fW« ^".l/^'>» •'• ,_iy«nut«.\wf.-5>»»nw)»..iM-./.j*w«j|j«..*»;-^-.yci ) ;i. <^v^r • rr-~^x\vf 'Sf^ ;; ; ^ v '--m'':"'ilm; -^;^ 'lil^^l ._..i-' r 5\oul-.l go Brccnysed V,Hli , nsA^ii''riiiclirlSln .!> tardera.— (!l /ii o.-y pjr'.cVni" C'dtlioiics~Svcn" pbr'l." <ceiit oC .iiie ; r .verMl (ihivJlitLolil'.af^- Jews, 18 per ccnl Confucians and Racists. 10 per cent Animists, 15.1 '"per cent ircs'ida 1 ;. 12.8 i>;r cciil Cash Pniil For Late Model -Used Cars ..., "~T- - .. \...v u. - . o j ' ^ i Fisher's i:i.i'-- en .^l. r-.njiv.ore.' Y~>. W. T. HAKNETT 117-1 in East Main St. Phone 8E8 or 337 •\l\F teWMTWN tES'ftV.VMREV)? E&S \ PC^V? w^w. r.\'f V.OEMO! \ UT HO* i w.;:o* t"_T WEEV. v::3fiK tn:e vr'.^.? f> H > e >c.'^0 r >.. 1 vE.tNR i SUM 1 . / • 5V 300 PICKED SOLF'-RS, j THE t : ^EOLOUS Ct).S\OF $ISO,OOO,OCO coo.RE.Mov, TO ec P-MO TO THE Ixjcal and long distance hauling. Special r.ilcs on carloail lots. Team for local hauling. V. R. WASHAM TKANSVEK 1IM Cliickasanlvi Tlione 851 We can Save you money on Auto Glass JACKSON AUTO 1'AUTS 2020 Main I'lioiie Gfi Gulf Service Staiicrt "That Good n.\y one ';n'2 or a trsi:l lc;>(! E,\l! CORN', slmcfe nil. W!c uu. Sliiick ciT. £Cc per uu., in car 'foUou Stiles Sales Co., Inc. Biylhcvilie. Avk. Plio::J 1"4 ov LD 1806. rou • New or Use-;! /r.iloificbilc, Oily Pruncr.y. !,. F«)\VM-:n I'lionc .' ; S>-< a^--.^.^*^^--^.:,.-..—»--T . •- .

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