The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1934
Page 4
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MMfOWl BLYTHBVILLE, (ARK.), COURIER NEWS MONDAY, Al'KIL 23, 15)34 .IIHOTILLB OOUBiBE MEWS CHUB mm oo, PUBUSHBR* ' : O. B. B4JKOCK, CdU «. W. BABO* Adrcttwat OttKit, Dtfttn, tec. New ¥«*; CWe*|e, Uxiil, DtllM, X»r»» Oty.l Nbibbed «raey Atttraaaa Ccetpt Entend as second dMf aatttr «t UK post office »t BiytoeitUle, Ar- JcatuaJ, under let of GMfrtM, October 9, 1911. DJ ttM Omte« Prea By cutter in ttw CKy <* WvOicvlUa, Ue p« viKk or ».5» P*r jtu to »<Jt«iio:. By m»il within * rKJhu of » mlJM, *3J» P« K.J, »l.SJ fcr «U wwtts, *c for t>je» OMOlbi: byMill hi portal *«** two to ^J^. 1 ""* «,50 per ywr, In »nes seven aw« eight, 110.00 per fttt, payable In adrancc. At tht Root o/ Ihe Problem 'Flic fundamental <m«stiou involved in the controversy over w*i?e differentials between north and south is that of standards of living. The )wre' essentials of existence are fewer where the winters are mild than where they are severe. Over most of the south, however, it costs just nbout as much to maintain a decent standard of living as it dues in the north. The goal for the south, therefore, should be wage levels ot|ual to those of the north. That dow not mean, however,' Unit the way to arrive at the goal is th'rot^h arbitrary orders issued at Washington. Some southern industrialists have expressed the opinion that equality of pay in certain lines of manufacture will never be possible because of the fact tiiat climatic conditions ninke .southern tabor, particularly in heavy industries, less efficient than in the north. If that is. true it is u pretty good argument against further southern development of industries of th«t . character. The -sotith -has always been largely agricultural. If it has offered a supply of cheap labor for industrial employment it lias been because southern agriculture has been unprofitable rather .than because of any substantial advantage in living costs. Right there is 1 the root of the problem. ,. After all each section'pi the country ought "W~ find its greatest prosperity through. specialized, development of its own particular resources. Those of the . south are uredominantlyj although by no metuia entirely, agricultural. Our major endeavor should be the elimination of artificial-obstacles in the way of the most successful exploitation of the advantages we possess, not the creation of artificial means of overcoming inherent disadvantages. If we can open the way to fr«e exchange of our cotton and other products for the production of \vhich we are adapted we will do better than by sacriticittg our natural advantages in attempts to produce for ourselves goods that can be produced elsewhere more economically. If we can free southern agriculture from the handicap of the protective tariff system we will nbt have much reason, for concern over the future of .southern industry. 'Dial fur which we are adapted will survive. Most important, however, the standard of living of the entire region will lie raised to u point where southern furrows will not he tempted to seek industrial employment at less than detent wages. More at Work Frances Perkins' aniuiuiu-umeni Uial nearly 420,000 mini were added lo industrial payrolls tliirint' M.m-h, bringing the gunernl employment index to its highest point .SJIKT Ik'ccnihei-, I DM, is the best news thai ha.s come uiit of Washington in a long lime,'. Encouraging n.s it is, however, we must take care not lo lei it nuilte us over-confident. Things are picking up and mm ;ire going back lo work, Iml we hsivi-n'l yet got out of Uie valley, and 11111:111- [jloyment still exists. \Ve need to remember Unit the drive for recovery cannot IK; relaxed, and thai tin: care of the idle is slill a pressing problem. There were too many inun oitt of work even as long ;igo :is December, 1930. Employment levels must 1511 ;i good deal higher limn they are now, before we can, begin lo crow too loudly. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Run Away Team Shot Down. Two convicts at Tucker farm ivcre killed today nlii)e iryiiiB lo escape. Had nut Uie praclice ol using convicts in Hit 1 place of mules l>cen slopjwd yesterday, another InU'rcstlng story might have been sent mil over (he country lo the mortlflcutlQii of a iiuijcnity of (he citi/.ciK ol tho state 1 . Perhaps II would Have rend MJinclliini; like this: "The lead team pulling one of the cotton planting machines at Tucker farm, became frlelitcncd tills morniiis ul the siijlil of a mill, 1 , broke their traces and gnlluix^d olt in Ihe direclioii of a thick wooded .section and trce- doni, lu general. Ueint! an inlrncllOii of the rules of the- i>eiiitentiary io gallop, or becom- IrlKhtcned at, anyUmiij, il was necessary, hi Ihe course of rounding up the frightened team, lu blitxrt. The shooting, for .some reason or other, accelerated the flight of ihe learn, and ol course. v>'hen it, lx:cdinc certain thai liie state ol Arkansas was about lo lose one ot its bsst teams there wos nothlny; else to do but put, an cud to their iisoltil careers—ollicials expressed regret, ivt. having to lake such action, staling Uial II iwincd lliem more tlian it did tlic poor lellows who died instantly or sometime But tlmnk goodness. Governor FiHrell stopped the practice yesterday. It was bad enough to hsve the outside \vtind know that \ve ate using convicts for mules, much less have one ol tlic teams act up and run away. —Waller Sorrelfs, Jr., in Pine Bluff Commercial BLYTHEV1LLE 10 YEARS AGO from the file* it Ibe KljtHeriUt Dally Courier THIS CURIOUS WORLD B Wednesday, April Z3, li)21. Splendid entcrtainmein is prom- i i.sed by llic ladies of ihe Episcopal j p.uild to all wlio attend the »iy!r stvivi Tiiursuny night at the Gffin | ,'.cr. The models will lie Sue ' Vv;iies bartain. Pearl Baker, Alia Oslxiin, Roberta Friutiis. Lucille \iin.-'.rong. Mary MaLlliews. Hdcn gliey Mrs. Virginia Tacked, .illie Scott, Billy Undsey, Char- &tH KC^ fV^VKf MC. 3CG.U S,>kJ.Of f "Woultl you gentlemen euro (o join in little Health Is Major Essential of Pleasant Family Life f lite Ktli'.ur, Journal Mediral .VSLC llvj;ri:i, the Health tumor r [n the ehildbinii. definitely rowth. :;ucl Cross, Mnrgarci M;i!iun, ilr.-.. KdBar lioiinn. Mrs. Brun-j- wJ. Mra. Kliires, Kiaine Andtr- on. Bobbie Ix?c Kini;, June Ko!- ipi-ior, Mary Spain Ostcy, Mar--'i Moil, fatty Siiane, Ma: 1 l Jane AcUm, Jimmy Uoyd jr.. \ Dick Mo;t. a. II. Bluckwixxi, and U. F. Brosdon. IKS Hughes was the of «>iior a', ;v stai; supjier umt paity U'.C" Chickasawba club Tuewlciy lit, attended by two scon. 1 uf Mr. Hushes' friends who fc'atheveil o iii'lp him siy farewell to bach- lor days. Eiiiertahimcnt was furnished by Hawaiian sinsers. Havers and dancers from the Gum alcT. through the courtesy of Jimmy Boyd. CHURCH EXCUSES By «co. W. Barium I!K- )jossii)lhty ol in the br:'ast.s oi and uf concerned v.ith ' II has been definitely r.uab- The conduct of'yoiir ifai.njly Ills; llislirrt that such prccamionaiy ex dc[>cnds a great deal"on il- 1 ; free- aminations will s.\vc vast mimher: dom (roin illness and fatiRiir. " oi lives and in additiuu will pi-o This problem is so urcat that | Ions Bvsaily the lives of man. It has concerned not only pliysl- -n'oincn. '.'"\s, init soclologislr, alid psy-j While the health 'of Ihe inoOie chologists, and all . those : ivp|>on-| is pxceniingly Important, it gnus sible for niaiiilainiiii; ihe' 'sialiii j lie isaliwil ihtH iiiany a laihe ol 'our civilization. • -cumi'S his o\v)i bitrdoiiG Since tlie usotiier- is UoUa'.iy th" > tn's ov.'n niiud and avuidr, :iii: center of family life, His c,.mli- j them with other members of lion (if her hralth is- probably | family, fundamental.' Khe is really the j I'ariii'iilaily fir times r engineer who runs Uie fainily ma- iCia! lifp'tcssm;: is Ihe Ina chine; HID lather no Uonbt tci'.v.; I lauuly, v.i'.o watila to. umirai suc- Ihe. provider of the fuel.ifur Hit: ccE^fnl -and Icader-llko to ilKM'alion of Ihc machine, 'and Ihepvhu ilupend upon him., likely remaining members of thcj family those -who benefit by its •0]i?ialion. If the mother is coristantly overworked, . constantiy fati;|icd. and constantly "driven by; stres-i and slrain, ,;ilt family r'claliou-1 to tin h: ships are ' iike'ty lo 1 sulfcr;. ' -| iicipalr I ,!„ .1...: Dear A mil: The pJaii yon have worked out for as is a yood one but for one thin;;. Archibald says ,hc feels .-'.ire you just overlooked it o;' il may l;c you not beiii!,' very ivell rt.iuainlcd with our MiiTOnnding.'i and Ijiis locality il ivoti'ti not occur lo you and if we 1 can overcome this one Ihiny ivc v.'ill g?l tiaiteil to ctuivch and il we tiiouW j,'<'l .s:arted and really interfiled in tin: work Jiisi one half us lunch as you ar; 1 iv^ iviil be very valuable membe:-s. 1 can't help L-iit lliink what a pity thai all WITH ITS /VENDIBLES, IN ORDER. THAT IT MAY LA/ EGGS ', IN THE ' WOOD WHEN DECAV ! SETS IN. ,: '* ] IF <S(JINNAT SALMON PRODUCES] NORMAU.V FOR. FIFTY YEARS. »I WITH EVERy EGO HATCHING; ANC, I PRODUCIN& PISH, THE WATERS."! OF THE EARTH WOULD HOT BE ei!34K«ASCBvictiic ABLE TO HOLD TUSM ALL. The earth huh been kiunvn to pass through the tail oi u ivith no serious results, but lliere are. sums i>cople why il very probable Uial the earth some day will mccL a cornel ? entire imputation will be destroyed. .,, lcl Ni;.\T: )luw hip: is Uie smallest knuivn the members of the church here) him as his lainily. while iire not as valuable lo the church i lllcsL ul1 of tlu ' nl «re .chtirch , ; || , , , . I we Bculrt te a v/e ever get hers iiv.t. as Vhey have so ether tliing.s lo do Ihey !ca\ sinned. Archibald says this could nclual work of Uie church i'l IK.- expected of ti:c as I am your |paslor as he is paid to niece and you are almost a p'-'r-j \ fee: churcli ivoman. He says it'their p; runs in otir iaiuiiy. He says j they could not «X(ie« .so much ot [ Courier Kevs Want . r | so ,- as u . s p ac to r- j V0l ^ Uial they feel they liadj it; their pan when they joincti[ t'.'cp liis l:m cien.-i a s?cr li UK iiio-.iw and 'the children ar? ;i!i\>r>«s f> conserve '.he pvo- vicier as :o:i^ a.s iK\ssible in 11 siatc cf health wlticli will permit- him (hey must au. n^scs and strains and The food, may Ire inartcqtmtc, i do ll'.eir b>; to help and relieve, the clotiihi».of the other riiimcrrsj A real inniily life is one in I>TI:I.I.C fii .-k .1111 l.'ir.l.l). him. - rF>r.T ,i,r L .r nro. Inn I'lrlil Itit lr. l:il;iu^ I-Nu-IFr u\ tii AI.1-:C DAVIDS. AUItiiKr. mini |.:neii«ii- Lottie went into the Dt£ room j where Noycs -in.I I'r.bluo were ; louring .i:;d urcien'rli.-jy to. read . the day's aiVA-sjiajxirs.. . ."Lou's ^oiioi" she aiineiincofl. "Aarj, otr i^ica. slie ^inline a duly 5uoii!" i Tlten she repealed Uie conversa- i '.Ion, nut wli.u Do you know that laughing tit the wrong time cuts n scene or a whole sequence (In the movies) quicker than anything else'.' —Mrs. Mildred Lewis Russell, chairman u. A. u. bel- ter films committee. t * * Afler all, Doug (Fairbanks) is a good, clenn, red-blooded American and lie don't go in for that—what do you call it?—Don Juan slull. —Joe Jacobs, fight promoter. N * * * I will support President. Hooscvclt whenever I Ihlnk he Is right. —U. s. Senator David n Rccrt of Pennsylvania, OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams OH, so vc)a \ HATTA COME \ AROUND BV \ MAIM STREET, \ SO EVEFJVBODY I COULD HAIL TH'CONQUERlN' AU / WITH A FISH, ./ HA.H? / rrrrn NO, MOT EVEYBOOV— VJIMM1N DON'T CARE MUCH ABOUT FISH, "SO I PICKED f\ FEW FLOWERS. IN THE TOWM. of tiie family not in proper repair or in a |iro|H?r state of cleanliness, tliu home ilielf disordered and disturbed. • ' . * ... Kurdiennorc. constant physical strain is bound to ruih'ct iUeU' in .mental irritability ami tints bring about dissension and nci'V- ou.s cvs[X)ti,se «n tiie part of all members of (he family. . All aspects of liic health of'the mother are inlensivied by ' cuUcVui IKrioclx in lier life. Mining (lie period ot cluld hearing and during those fuifi'tio.'uil ijoririrt.s u'hcn tile woman's entire physiology changes, .stresses and strains arc likely to be particularly scvcie. On inch occasions, it is tiie j duly of tlie oilier innnnn's f> S'lard the lieallli of the family by laking from her such burdens us may be assumed by them and avoiding mental cUiiiivn which ace tiiosc involved ,\d Ivctubltiiy. After the mother IMS passed liddie ;u;e. M\e should have a iiysicnl f-x.iniiiutioii at !i lit ich year to detect any of '.he ical changes v, h;rh threaten er life. » t ch a •cnmiilelr iih;.:-,'; on l.s ni.idr \utli .< us as MJOII a.s ;:..... f-siilu, i:l ;:nr and ,v.u utu. aud o:\ tlic kirinovs e:v',-h •.iKinbrr own :e;-pon-ii)ili!ies llll'lll fllllV. realizcs ins and. carries Canton, 0., Circus Folks Begin Annual Exodus CANTOX. O. i UP.- Aiiimai migration ol c.'.iuoivs wiv.u-v circus colony i>, l;i-::i!'.:iiii«. For \p«rs. Camcii I;;,;, ivtn ,v ;|u> iKimi! of limn, orriis foii lli;u; HIIV other town ol it.s ,siw i :) the United Statr-.s For many iL<..;H->. i; h ; ,s con- i !>."'!'<m:i?rs ;,nd t >x- onidcor .-IK™ inn- I Iny \ naij ?hs ii said. d saivi Xoyes made no co:::nii'nt. II-.! folded fil: :ieivs|in[ior "i-retuMy a::d laid It on .1 nearby labte, avoiding looking either at Louie or J'aJiliio. Xoyes ' :inil her I:,|]i . 3IAI1C:.\ IMI,him. cciilivc. 1 ; to Cession. Tlie Fill Concoilos. Kiiiglir.g Bailry riicns s" tiauiir.i; for or ti-i ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Xe*s hns been au- lioriecrt to nnnccuKt the lollo-.dng .« candldntos lor r>:«bl:c oITicc, sub- tct to tlic DciAfcratic. primarj -txt August: ZAh li. C-liOHGE W. HAKHAM l-'or ."Member cr CLINTON L C I'or Sheriff and Cnilrrlor CLARENCE H. \VH.S'ON or Rc-clcclion for Srrii-.d Term 1'nr Cnnnly Trr.ivtirrr JOK S. UILLAIIUN j'Y TIOLAMD GllKKS Tor Circuil Cnnrt flcrk HUGH CRAK1 ADDfPON H. S!. 1SKEET) S'lOUT Kor tjonnly Cmirl (I FHEO FLEKMAN I'nr lie-Election for 2:-,r| Tern', 1'nr Ass(^^<lr R 1, (BJLI.Y! M. C (IKK) HVIV.:.ON for CnnM.ihlr Chlrk.lSJwb i l" JACK friu ol iCir mnriJrr t lo|U ilio TMiih. fin l-:sii-||p tvrlU'* Id in. 1 * roi r:>-. \vj ( o in M>\V GO O.\ WITH Tllli STOItV CllAPTKU XLVI pABLlTO \fTQio Estclle. telling lier bluntly tiiat Le w;i§ en- Koyod to Lottie Hincs, who ft ad lotig ticcii Associated with him anil ttcuu in their work. lie would not add a word beyond the truth wliJrh stood out iuirstily oa the p^se. After lie lind finished llio letter ^o rtropt«d hts hend for n Itttlo tfme to Icet the cool paper against his Lot clicck. Tlicu. (jutte steadily, ho scaled and addressed Oic envelope. As he sent it off ho felt thai pun oi his Ute wns finished. "[>i(e. nn oxi>orinicnt," ho remem- bcreii reading somewhere, "to \v lilch we ;i re, hy birt h. com mine :iinc; a liltlo easier i.illcil the Jcitcr. The tl' *.v.i* «ln;t nncl no longer MI? entif iu-ly to tempt t Him lr;iiMT. He »v2H-;i»vi tfic pro^rwa of his ! \oycj oftc-n went for long it iho counuy. He ^rty at a profit aud harmed Poino tionit.s sum i hereby, till- .•alliii;?:. driviap, he always striving with feverIsli ; noHS t«i kcc?p his w.ikinj: liours to ovo: i!owj;is. This was ihe to wjilch lio v.\is coin- ;ailtc-l; this was the experiment s;iw a by v ulinl Louie i nn ol Pa was CKihn'i'Ja.^eii. Lottie lilo was mn einbjnrassi iiCi'Ount ol ilie i-mnrnu i ,iiU not (F.C-I ;tii)thi:i= ;a [loit't ti\'o:i .-:t't;ii! :o ^uo' c:its half o: tiir i;:no. lr L'J VVltll Wi'lUd-T. lito*,^ rli.-jjr nij'J ,:~;.c*J with au a=-i sumeil nir ot jasininic^s, "That n.=n't EO fady-likf. «•;».-: i:?" Tl:cre wns nn ;iaew^r. E^ablito was readitts and II.TC! cot iiecird i wliat she said. 'JJiiuin it.'" i.ottfe flints out, "1 can bo just as imjcfo a lady as anybody else if L want lot"' fliaca of color were burning on her cheeks. iVoyes looked at her then, apprals- insly. l»ul with piiy in hid glance anri her anger (tied, leaving lier wilted and tremblins- She went to her own room and there went bitterly. Even an astounding purple ion33ing suit, cooipouudcd ot pa j nma. trousers, a vest and flam:; cnpe. could not console her. bhe sat, her tears scon tho letter Eatell* had «i- "'nblito. She had "found it" l', coat iwckct and she rerticmf the gossip of years before thar. hurt her so. After a whJICj weut doivoatnlrs Into the bis :5 o n ce more. Noycs had gocj bfd and ^ablito was renUtns. "Put JOVVB vour oooli," slif dcrcrt ronylUy. With a lltll sbe settled on ihe edge at the where she eat swinging her ami smiling down at him "J had a letter from Beau niorjiitts." she announced, IV. ^':is instantly alert. "I? he .til rigUtr' he asked, "Sure. Gettin' alons groml. seJIln' Florida real estate lo £ American millionaires." (\iblito fsuiifecl. Louie went on, "Fabltto—' "Ves. Louie/' Suddculy lie a sent tenets toward tier tli;\ Iia<I not Known before. "Pahliio. I'm soiu' lo Beau, and uie have worked togclh Jons time, yon know, lit a THR in the letter I got toda Sircss they ain't any use to prc'l parUaily dried, oa Ibc. cc bcrl. the Jounj^inff suit ot the crumbled about il—you an' me ahi'l aukl tie did not see her face tlici; lie was looking down at his ti£ gripped hands. "1 never meant to—have thing changed, Lottie," ho D; himselC sar- '*Wel1, ki53 me goodby!" slit vitct! with a splendid jauotl;| He kissed her with more love J ! | he had ever before shown. Fcl moment she clung lo him aool thought he heard her sob. but Wl SljO r.TI=f fl hnr Tit*n l.n c-i.r- 'I she raised her face ho sa;r was dry-eyed and stni! about lier. Siic sat whisiwrins to licrself. "'Isn't,' not 'ain't'. An' slop saylu' 'My Gorl!' an' anlt call- in' N'oyca an 'etc Edit'." Bui s!;e know. siu!:ig tliere. Uial Clio uio?l lainstcikins mastery ot llio rules of grammar co:;U not! ?mool!\ the way nHo?.<i tor Ucr.' There \vas soiiielliln? else lhal ivas wrong. Dnlj!r.:i- licr nosu and [ inoiTii'." her oyr-. l,^:t:c vvonilorcd l vvliai II r.vsM lie. T! night sl-.c Smiliog rall;er liic<ilj-. but sm'.'l Noyos snid nc« mornlns .-a tie was about to depart, ' child, Ucau Is married!" "Ifcll!" I.ottic .inswcrX novor was so mucli for c.t lious!" rjNTIL the licnd of the roart t'l ^ them from sight siic lool tack ai Pabtito and N'oycs. T'f slio stared ahcaii. seeing nothl but P.ihlito. Sfio wa.s wccpin? lontly and witbonc. tro'.iljliag ] wipe the tears from Her cl:e'l "If Ue knmvor)." she thousui, "l| know i (i 0 love him!" "11 j you realize." ni-Mi'.H ni;^r Va'.iUto had written tl'.c iclloi lo K&toUc. "that yen ran j'i an; '.vherc you Hko na«', Elticc Mi?s Vr^nflwii? ninttc licr stale :iicni lo Hie police nurl BIMU'S run- nir;s away IMS been actepu^i as ;t o pir.Et'-d. C.o wliore Si« lio \va=; a priv-^acr in tiie e.\r^i'iinc::L. lie wa^ f.iilt r-inilir;^ as he s:jiil. "I can lake trains ami m.iis anyw!:oro. I know Uiat. [ ." tie atldetl slowly, "Uial that is eomctliin?." ,-TiHKV !^,1 ir. ,-...„,i in to HavMn , "Stop ai La Morrert" ^" Noycs s.ii'1 a i •- f !)r dii !r .,M--[. o tii(,. N oycs a n d | Uie driver, acici in tlio c&urcl n,T l>y a nirsriii.-.a of !r.i:!l!-i vt a narrow corn.-: r,l> a,). ,\.i n, cv ! w.nilccl r.ililifi l':"!;?.| in--, :iiocye.4| i:0i an o'ltio: I ^!ie noiMcrf : , f{ I'ablito-wi;:..i L: t i-. ;i vir,j decided 1 knelt. "\Voll. Goij. it's all ov-l where they «.' 0 i.i!il ci and discus-j she said In her coni-craitrJ sir.s tlin Mi..; on ihe way. Turn- j p.-oyer. "M.iVo Her m.ifce J n^ilow:]^ San Itafacl. t!:" car vva.= j happy ami it'll bo all rlslit me—" Oitt in the sunshine asnin I.nj said. "Tlic ib"ks." Her tear; <J> on hcv checks j; slie rnrto i" man on Hie ci:ri>. ,^: le noildcd ; lient ot tlie rt.iy Slio felt coolly, wiii,r,::t a c!nr.-;e cl «vrcs-1 ami yet .iuiicd anl ticavy. Kim. I'.ibli-.o's c.V-1,3 ( ».,icd and' !io«-." s !i c Uioi:"lit "t don't b| then (I:i5l;r<l rlolcr.My. ,\ mnnicnt i to hope no rao-e nnd I giKi? it D* c,ir was en Its <v. 1} - a K .iin. I tlic tiling to do-" "^!io was tint K ;rl?" [yjttie] Sometimes, perhaps, the ma asltej .Noyrs wlwn *ii.; w 33 alor.c i woavpr twusea lo look ai with h.m-at ho:>je later. ^ tapestry that I, mad« ol lives:! .jtellr. Field." pull a thread from tte jMttern II prc-irariiiig to makes a color dlscorr). to tl* ifuciiirrsr,ii:rt. lutlier threads n ad then goon « ,-.,., u, ,, j • ; "" m "f"'"if.l. She the weavinc. And somelimca «i HC...I. f lie ,«ald iMirhly. MMdinspcut u(. to the roof then ,,,'o me | 5 a knot In the threads mart? '^(."'••K '^^Jr 1 ^ I^IYt^T-'" 5 '"" lr ' VV1:i W ° ;C " VeS SD ° * I1U1C Pa " 5 ° 3B<! tie, "IB!* t.'ol 10 and that I wisu Uliiv°ri!i£ in lue »-jruii!i. OKAb'S wifr< dlsitii>c,irorl R.ion "^ after her huslntiij. sbo went away with a Dillld nortlierner who Bad liecn employed nj a cle,-k In n eheap hotel. "I'm ttironsh witli in the d^or 5 .it In- "I ?ucpo?e Jc was lie answered Had : . ,. nl (Co He L-anllsac'to

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