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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 9

The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 9

The Morning Newsi
Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:

THE OKNI.N NEVS, WILMINGTON SATURDAY. MARCH 0. 1907. Tim Hootil's Sarsapardila McMahoii9s cf i Social I 0 Guaranteed Under the Food and Drugs Act June SO, tooe. The Spring Medicine Sale Saturday 9 a.m. 9 p. m. No. 324. TKn Cnni -r XB' Cash buying and cash selling. We have jasfc cloted Ilie OeCret OI I riCeS. tha largest. February business in our history. be'ieve the purchasing public will be glad to know Wilson-McScrley. A quiet home wedding took place on Wednesday evening, February 27, at 30 o'clock at the home of the proom, Holly Oak, when Miss Lettie Wilson, of JjCwes, became the bride of Sair.ncl J'rSorley, of Holly Oak. The ceremony as jK-rformed by the llev. .1. V. Alderman, of Xew Castle. The bride was attended by Miss KUa Twilley, of Philadelphia, as bridesmaid, and William 1'rettyman, of I'hiladelphia, acted an 1 est man. The bride wore a gown of Isite silk and curried a bouquet of 1 ride's roses. Jliss Twilley's gown was white Paris muslin and she carried fink roses. A reception followed the ceremony. The house tastefully I'ecorated with paJms and cut flowers. Mr. and Mrs. McSorley left on a trip and will live at Holly Oak. that our store is Lirjjer and better than ever. Larper assortment to select from, better quality of goods and lower Tomorrow's pa! will introduce some of the new Spr ng goods. Come and investigate. Coal Hods Cedar Tubs Go-Carls Builer Pail' Sideboards Mrs. Poll's Irons i asv ridfsr ao-rarta tbat take bajarofftha spin of oaor. ah new aelgnB and all tba latent, iaiprovmentft. Pri'-efl racaa fr i. Jk Tljs-g) i "if vde of beat Vfrplnfa lip to I Alas a larre assrrt- mtni of dainty whlta. enjor. fia hand a l-ctrc welinl wire (tuiik in ar -v? e4.iai i iic lor pn. ihia ca.e DUC Oia ruber Pail Educational Banquet Date. The Joint educational banquet incident to the approaching session of tSse Wilmington Conference will be held in the town hall. Smyrna, Friday evening, March 22. Graduates nnu lormer stu jnooB'sf BR amuM it rat cat loobol. eoniit of thriv iroiia. tand and hoider lor the QO uie Job Galvanized Tub liii and blue rot, tjaaei euatalaieB, as Massive Table Blrt foot exteaatav Banoavma aandrarvtd lesx wit dracoa'a brads and alaw last. urn padea'at. Tbls Is on aeieeMd te. tarwl oak and a atek rrada labia With th The famous "Jsnet" wmr. t-pecialfor nn ibU mIc Garbage Cans dents faculty memb rs and trustee of Dickinson t'o''epe, Dr and Hoaton The-olopcal Seminaries, Wilinintrton Conference Acndemv anl other achoo will le A liult eusniity of Itsivatiizel s. x-t lige. alB QCn OJU Dish Pans It Is Not a Patent Medicine. Its formula Originated -In a Prescription By the Famous Br. Oliver Of Boston ti- -V yj in attendance. Georp? M. Stevenson cf inca eiretilar rla Smyrna, will be cat- it tr. The Rev Wat riffunr fw Tim. S. CoTne. of Port lJepoi. M. is i ia sale. not ('. AIl pe-ctt, aMie pie $32.50 ident. and the Rev. John JJ -n of 49, WiHiincton, i nr cf fir Handsome sfdebaerea. 1 op drawers se. pen-tina ilnac draw larg and tooaay Bond panel rods. Large Frtoch p'at aairrar. leciiKr vaioa. for fia thitMua 10 Tapestry Ros tfioteiDcbe. i rlen" tal and floral designs. Price for I 0 9 0 uiis sale 3 I 0. 0 Saxony Axminsler Bu 9xYi feet hand-! Wash Board A Jlml ed number o( DicklRron College Alumni A'e atson, under hose patronage this banquet is with tfffh'-fUtf I dlan ns s.lgtit im- tield. rer jini or ttooo qo.iiiy rAliiniied THE MOIT aeenovio ALTCRATlVC, TOUtO, AND China Oosets A lana isaaitmaM St Ct HTM. AU Bn swim pa sterna aa action at $11. S3 EnarneJ Beds i on 30c Young People's Meeting. tOOO-PURtrVtN RCMEDIt ohs oui ami mtl ct tbvir 1 tng uaU lr Yi hll. nr. iLtj l4t, inly Z3b Dust BiUih Mi Cr or tmi vtatTMic An ex'ra liw qnsl-i oi ft raiiised wi enver. tbisssie IUC Printed Lamps The fo'lowing program been outlined for the annual m-efiog of the Methodist Young Union to be held in Paul's M. E. Chnrch Thursday rtrmm floral deslfoa, mda'Uoa antra. Wonderful, Unequalled Success, Has marked Its History. evening, March 14: timer Perry, president, presiding; hymn No. 222 (Metho With sine ruhbfns rurmce ecial- ia.epJce. iu I 1 11 wf'h fairlr nod brlv ilr Wrb-ugh ixem lltlnr am od may i Mju if lc lor dist Hvmnal); the Apost'es' Creed; Scrub Brush prayer, the Rev. R. K. Stephenson; special' music, St. Paul's Choir; Scripture C. I. Hood Lswe, Mass A the tale each I fi. bristles. ynod Linoleum ralartr remnanla. He pat eras. f-ecial Feather Pillows A limited quantitv, filled with nvtxea le ber. Uond g. For this sale ffl. each DOS readme, the Rev. Oeorge W. Dawson; sar-K $22.00 Tapestry Table Covers 4 riental. and scrail deoiana Wita deep knotted rrTe. rQ riai prtca (or this tote the Gloria Patri; the offering; hymn Sn. iii 383; address, the Hon. William E. An I Sad Irons Tbe old fashioned Kind, thai have Mood in- tet of time, per pouad 3 Calsa f-dl imt. GUARANTEED Tie tka root amo cava act eHJOT! mm ak drews: stibiects "Builders and Their I Elmmlr ceMtraea4 A eial al ff far Uua taia, Other grides Of iZl like cu 1cn tha s. I Oothes Props peeial price taia sale. fj (J Models;" special music, St. Paul's Choir; $1.49 business session, election of omcersj hymn No. 415; benediction. Davis-Smith. Kitchen Oulffl for SI.30 Trench Wiilov Great Barsains in Couches Clothes Baskets Miss Helen Athea Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. T. E. Smith, and T. Bice Davis, of Beverly, J. were marred on Thursday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock at the home of the bride's par ents, No. 1333 Sballerosa avenue. The 'eremony was performed by the Rev. T. Prepared from Sarsaparilla root, Blue Flag, Yellow Dock, Juniper Berries, lira Urst, Pipsis-Rewa-Gualac, Wild Cherry, Bitter Orange Peel, Gentian, Mandrake, Dandelion, Senna, and other valuable ingredients, by a combination, proportion, and process peculiar to itself, unknown to any other medicine, and giving it curative value peculiar 'to itself. This is shown by its great cures of Spring Humors wrofula, eczema, all eruptions, rheumatism, catarrh, kidney and liver troubles and all other complaints caused by impure blood or low condition of the sv.tfem. It is an honest medicine of eenuine merit. A. McCurdy, pastor of the Central Prc-s- ryterlan Church. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Davis left on a trip South, and on their return will live in this Triple braided top and bnttnta. Extia clotely mrm. Ilka Illustra Coflea pot tea pot, poddlna a. poddlna Bva, recently ur, hMed ft lig number of Goht, at4 thev mt with much fTor with oar trmda We arre to tmk ntfro output to get eh lorn pri We off them omorrow at th lowest privet no we me ittou, ff in np recuirl7 eold For ba.uray jIOal3 tion' targ-e fiaa. For tbl aala, meet the wishes tit those who prefer rnedlclne In tablet form, we are now potting up Hood's SsraapariUa In chocolated tablets called Qapc'tt'lhe as well a in -tha QacXB9 usual liquid, form Sarsatabs are prepared from Hood's Sananarills itooif aettia stew pan. -ity- amble ton-Spahr. aril $1,31 ch price ror uua eess of evaporation and distillation, and bare identically the satae evrktrre properties. Of drnrtists or sent promptly by mail receipt of price. 100 doses 1. HOOD CO- LowelL Uui On February 28, Miss AlfretU Spahr and Arthur J. Hambleton, both of this ty were married. The Rev. John C. lane, pastor of Olivet Presbvter'an i cMahon Bros. Church, performed the ceremony at his Grace, of Jersey are the guests of noma, o. ado jKOdney street. air. ana Airs. j. nousman. LEGISLATURE BUSY If your Foraitnre Needs Repairing, let ns ive 'you Window Shades made to order. Expert workmanship and lowest prices. Miss Virgie Dicker son is risking heT nnrenta. THE HIGHEST DOLLAR For second-hand furniture and. clothing at O'NEAL'S, 12 Fourth St, Both 'Phones. mT-Jra OF PERSONAL INTEREST! Fifth and King Sis. 'Wilmington's Greatest Cash House. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Dill, of Willow Cornelius J. Hall spent Sunday last wort, are via ting friends in this city. wiui his raomer. prices. Mrs. Wright Hall, of Marrdel. is vis- Continued From Fourth Page. mayor and Council of New Castle to bor-rbw $5,000 for harbor improvements; to amend an act vesting title to the Court House in the city of Jfew Castle regulating the business of pawnbrokers and Mrs. T. T. Windsor has been visiting friends at Felton. insr her daughter. Mrs. Slarr Ward, of DOWN STATE mis city. Mrs. Geonre E. Davis nas keen unit iting her sister, Mrs. William Zolper, of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Holt and cbil- il. i junk dealers in New Castle county. Lost House bill requiring all corpora iu lor bue past, weeK, uu city. dren hare been visiting friends in Dover. SOCIAL 11 -ffir-'i rt ri amm It. B. Graves spent last Sundav witTi William J. Clond and Leror Prettr- 3Ir. and Mrs. G. Vernon Brown began series of meetinas at the Gospel 1 rr tions doing business in this state to pay their employes at least twice in each calendar month (18 affirmative votes necessary to pass; yeas, Messrs. Allen, Gann. leisLivcs as lown8BO, man have returned from hort visit sho i uapei, fronuence, on lhursday. friends in Dover. AIiss Hettie Xiatchum was a Philacl. Conwell, V. L. Cooper, T. O. Cooper, Cub-bage, Flinn, HarrinErton, Hol- Mrs. Maggie Albert has returned pnia visitor this visitinVreTaUvesXhi: Xrm'um a visit to friends at Rising Sun, Md. Alonzo R. Morris, of Philadeinhia. is comb, James, Keenanv' Messick, Parades, Palmer, Richardson and Taylor, 17s nays, Messrs. Baggs, Corbit, Elliott, Evans, Garrison, Knotts, Rash, Richards, Btaats, visiting his Milford i Mr. and Mrs. Morris Webb and children are the guests of friends in Dover. Clarence Kola nd has been visiting his Miss Syrena J. Hall is recovering from Williams, Wilson and Hodgson, 12.) Mr. and Mrs. John Ponvelle are visit an attack of pneumonia. Georgetown Gossip. -I ipclaI-to Tie Momitu wewa. GEORGETOVN, Maxch 8. Mrs. 8. K. Betts ii on the nick list. Miss "Maude Sharp Las returned from Hew i Miss Helen Davis ha been on the sick list this week. DuvaJ T. Mustard, of Angola, was In town Wednesday. Mrs. Albert Wortti Is spending a few in- Philadelphia. Bennett Johnson is spending some ing' Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vaughn at lime at his home in Chesapeake Cit. JKeportea favorably House bills authorizing the commissioners of school districts Xos. 32 and 108, Sussex county, to borrow money for the purposes of 3. 3. Handy has recovered from se Lcipslc. 3 Dr. T. Felix Gouraud's Oriental Toilet Powder A pure, Antiseptic Toilet Powder, for infants and adnlts. Exquisitely perfumed and renders an excel ent complexion. Keeps the sfc in clear, toft and velvety. Relieves Prickjy Heat, Cafang, Sunburn and all Skin Troubles. Used freely after bath-nga 'nd is very soothing. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS Prepared by FRED T. BCPKIA'S. Proprietor of Gonraud's Celebrate Oriental Cream. vere illness from, pneumonia. Mrs. Mary Karrington is visitinsr her Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pleasantoa hare mother at Chesapeake City. building and furnishing a school house at Selbyville; to incorporate the several moved from this city to Leipsie. James B. Gilchrist has been -3- Ito'a counties of the state (with an amend to severe cold and malaria this week. Mrs. James Brown, of Cecilton. is ment) to read hist the amountr to be Margaret A. Jacobs, buver for I rending some time with her daughter, Maurice Alexander, of this cic. paid by the Baltimore and Philadelphia Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pardoe are run. -arnuei iees Corapanv of this eitv. has recepted a position Blum Brothers ana ileiaware railroad companies in com valescent from bad cases, of la frippe. Is visiting R. "'l Tut mutation of their state taxes (with Mrs. Susan Warrington 'relatives in Milton. Miss Bessie" Marshall has been vir-it- amendments) to amend an act defining Dr, J. G. Sharne. of Dover 2)ig; friends in Philadelphia. tlizabeth Webber, of Stanton, is irienas in aiiuora TSurtday and Monday. i motor cars, by changing penalties, increasing licenses and relating to chauf W. 8. Davis was in Wilmington the visiting inenas tins city. Miss Minnie Thomas spent yesterday DRtFEUXG0URAUn Dr. U. E. Barrett, of Dover, visited feurs; to provide a system for the repair and improvement of public road, bridges and causeways in New Castle county, for Mrs. J. D. Price, of Felton, has been nrst oi toe weesu i Horace Sudler, of Bridgeville. was fa town yesterday. Milioro reiauves and friends this week. Madaline Kaiser, of Georgetown. luruus lii mis city. Mrs. Angeline Marshalf has had a se is visiting friends in thi3 city. Miss Emma Heatzig. of Elkton, is vis- the collection or hundred road taxes and to repeal the acts inconsistent therewith (with an amendment) -substitute for vere attack of pleurisy this. week, but is Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hilyard have been Mr. and Ira W. Davis have re now mucn netter. la uaitimore this week. turned to their home in Georgetown after a visit to friends in this eity. FOR SALE BIT Mrs. Arthur Hartj of Trinity, is visit George Davia has accepted a clerkship ing ner son, itarry Hart. at wie mcninua tiouse, uover. House bill relating to the taxes of the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad Company; Senate bill to make certain statements made under oath or affirmation a misdemeanor and to provide for the punishment thereof. Reported unfavorably House bills im 405 Ma ike Sir eet Rupert D. Brirrton has been visitina S. H. STMTS, For Coughs and I ds irienas ueorgetown. Mrs. 1 Hudson and son, Ed win, Rev. George P. Jones, pastor of the Avenue M. E. Chureh, Milford, has Jeen Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Davis are spend mvnea 10 go to iliddletowu ing a few. days at Bayard, Del. posing a state upon public service corporations and providing for the collection thereof; to reincorporate Delaware College, amend its charter and appropri Mrs, Mattie E. Watson has returned Miss Agne McCaY has be-m The Wflmington Cily Electric C6.r Will Figure on Lighting from a two weeks' visit to relatives in friends in i'hiiadelpiiia. iniladelphia and Lansdowne, Pa. ate money for its use. Keported on its merits Senate bill Xearly all other Cough Cures arc constipating, especially those containing opiates. Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup moves the bowels. Contains no opiates. Miss Edith Sloan is 6pendinff a few Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Gilbert anil Hnnrrh. providing for the assessment and collec I days with friends ra Dover. ter, of Elizabeth aty, X. are the tion of a tax upon real estate and per guests ot her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth sonal property in New Castle county for Mra. Frank Mfdinhall has returned masor. were visitors in irantclora this week. John of. Philadelphia, is visiting at the home of I. I. Smith. George A. CoverdaKe, of Coolsprtng. was In towa the first of the week. Mrs. Jacob Sharp is on a visit ot several weeks in Philadelphia and New Vork. Timothy E. Townsend, Baltimore kundred, was a visitor in town this week. Miss Sara "Short, of "MSdwav, visited Miss Helen Pritchctt the first of the reek, Wllgue spent Sunday in Lewes wta sr brother, Dr. William B. aciiooi purposes. Kead and referred various Serrate Walter H. Davia has heon rrrc I tills. r. from a week's visit to relatives in Philadelphia. Miss Fdna Wi'sOn is sr.e-nding a few ays with rr3nds irr Philadelphia, Appomted-r-Messrs, Flinn. lerer inia weeic Irom appendicitis. Mr. Davis is a younir business man nf nh lr-ir. and Messick as House members of Jamestown Exposition committee. Messrs. YOUR YOUR YOUR STORE HOUSE YARD Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup C0XTAIXS HONEY AND TAR. Conner and Monaghan are Senate mem Alexander D. Wales, a nrominenf. af. bers. torney of Bineliamton. Xew York. a. Adjourned until 10.30 clock next Monday morning. companied by Mrs. Wales, are guests at the Central Hotel this week. Mr, Wales i Eli(tt-Turaer. Thomas Elliott and Miss Viola RHe "nmer. both of tM city, were married st evening at the rcotorv of St. hnrch. by the Rev. Geortre C. HalL hey attended bv Tnenh Ken- edy and Mrs. Neva B. Eipkins. Mr. frs. Elliott will live near Auus-na Mills. Cocaine which Dulls the Nerves. us a lormer Aiuiord, boy. James H. Rateliffe. of Philail.Tr.,?. never yet cured Nasal Catarrh. The heavy feeling- In the forehead, the stuffed op sensation and the watery discharge from eyes and noses, alone with ail tha other spent Friday and Saturday with his cousin, eorge Uavis. He was miseries attending- me disease, are put to rout by Biy'e Cream Balm, Smell, taste. on nis way nome irom OTeenwood. where 1. and hearing- are restored, breathing ia normal, tntil you try tnia remedy, you can form no idea of the goodi it will do Mrs. Ella CL. Duval, of Beaford. has fceen spending a few days wita relatives town. Williem H. Pusey and XV. CJ. Vickers, lf Mission, were, in town, on Tuesday. W. Fauoeit i visiting his son, L. i P. Faucet in Philadelphia. Mrs. Julia Pollock, of Philadelphia, Is visiting her Mrs. George c. us imq sees visixus mm so 13. Life Guards. you. Is applied directly to tne sore epot. All drureists. 60c. Mailed by Eiy "A Cold or a Cough nearly always produces constipation the water all rnns to the eyes, nose and throat instead of passing out of the system through the liver and kidneys. For want of moisture the bowels become dry and hard." Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup relieves Colds by working them out of the system through a copiou? action of the bowels. 1 Boats Have Been Fortunate. Tliough ith winter just passed ws-t onsidered severe by many th steam-1 oats plying between this city and other joints were tmnsually fortunate. There was not a trip lost on account of the e. Fog was alj that caused trina ts The Life Guards are tw regiments of 56 Warren Street. New Talk city. piri oi lfte Britisn household troops. Tnev are g-ailant soldiers, and every loyal British heart is proud of them. Not only the Ktng-'s household, but oars, everybody's sfcouki have Its nfe guards. The heed of Death of Mrs. William Bnnton. Mrs. Amanda Elizabeth Brinton, wife William Brinton, died yesterday at missed and few -ere lost through that 7 Milfora Mention. er home on Concord avenue near Msr-et street. She was a daughter of Vrill- ita M. Palmer. Mrs. Brinton was taken Special to MortUn- News." illLFORB, ilareh 8. Mies Lottie M. Baker, ho fbr the pnt three years has held the position of steaoirianher est foes of life, diseases, find ailies Jn the very elements, as eoldrs, influenza, catarrh, the grip, ana pneumonia do la the Bfortny month of SJareh. The be way that we know of to guard ata nsi" il on Thursday evening with peritonitis. fie leaves one caua, a oaDy. one month bookkeeper at Caxilk's Laboratory. disease 10 u-ena-ttien tae eys- ieft last week for Newark, Delaware, gTea where she has weoepted a lucrative posi- In which thesei "diseasea make Dr. W. Au Sinclair to Speak. Dr, William 'A. Sinclair, of Philadelphia, will deliver an address at the Odd Fellows Temple, at Tenth and Orange on Sunday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock under the auspices of the Rescue Fund. Sinclair is a forceful speaker nd is president of the Pennsylvania Di-ision of the Constitutional League, He Conforms toNational PURE FOOD DRUG LAW imn under rTOiessor Harrv Hisn tneir most successtui attack, rivm vimi. Thanks For Floral OSeffnca. James Dillon and famiiv desire to re rector in the Delaware College Affrkoit- fSSJVZ JS-1. ana func tr- t- tions ana iraTarts 9. eenial warmth tn th i in at txperiment Statmn. blood. Remember the weaker system turn thanks for floral offerings at the rreater the extoenrA i ri- 205-221 West Fillh StrceL Phones, IG2S. Sarsaparilla makes the system SoiSby Dajurorth, Market and is the author of a work entitled TiJ Ix. J. W. Dickerson and daughter, Hood's funeral of their son, William. There were some beautiful floral gifts, AKsrnt oi Biarwrjv

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