The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware on January 30, 1908 · Page 4
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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 4

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1908
Page 4
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THE MORNING NEWS, WILMINGTON. DEL., THURSDAY, JAN UA Rl tfO, 11)08. ra nmMi news. A Repvelucan Joukkal Published; Duily (Sunder Excepted) at Tb ,Moraini News" Bulldine-- No. 6U Uriel Street. WlimiBcton, Deu. The News Pcbushing Company BUESCRIPTION PRICK. toy mail. THHEB DOLLARS PER YKAR. CBNTS PER MONTH. payable tQ ad-Tuo, er deiiyered by carriers in Wilmington mi) principal town la th state at SIX CENTS A WEEK. Adnrtlilnf Baiei on Application. Entered at tb Wllmlnaton Post Ofllce as . . cona-3aa matter. . . TKLEPKONE NtntfBEBS: D. A A.. Business Ornce. ...... ...IlTn B. 4b A.. Ken Room . ........... WO Automatic Business Office.. ....... .....236? Aatonuuia. News Room Readew of "The Morning Sews" lear-if the city can' have the paper sent to them and the address changed afoften as desired for" cent per week or as cents per taoath. . . . ; Wilmington, Del., Jan. 30, 1908. LIGHTING CONTRACTS. - There can be no legitimate objection made to the postponement of the time for opening bids for lighting the street of thia :ity. Under the terms of the specifications the various bidders, were faced by new problems and they were entitled tQ an extension of time to look into the matter. . But whatever is done in the way of awarding - contracts later .it must be borne in mind that, the successful bid ders must be tied -up hard and fast with bonds, in order to secure the full per formanee of the obligations . assumed. The city wants good lamps and at the lowest price,- and no matter what con pany .gets. the. eeatrack. it. is to make eertain that the promises made will be kept- Nobody pares what sort of lamp or lamps are used so long as the proper licht is secured: That is the only real factor involved in the proposition. The city wants to- get the maximum of re sults at the minimum of cost. . CORTEX. YOU HAKES ANSWER. Secretary Cortelyou has sent to the United States Senate a long statement explaining his action last October when lie wenV ta the relief of the money mar ket and aided very materially in check ing the rush of depositors to banks. He takes the general ground, and the logical - one, - that he was justified in "taking vigorous action s to arrest a panic," and he goes into details to explain his course. ; There is no doubt whatever that the action of the secretary f the treasury was in a way unusual, but unusual conditions require new remedies. The result of the secretary8 course was to check the mad downward rush and the entire country was benefited. There was a demand for something radical and that demand was met. The mere faet that the secretary did aid materially in the direction of restoring public confidence is enough to know. The national government stands for the people, and when the people themselves were benefited by what was done last October it is to be taken that the method employed was justified and warranted. The money used was the money of the people. New .conditions are -often created and new precedents mufit often be established. There was no tlefinite provision for extending national aid last October, but now that it is discovered what such aid can do in .a critical time it is for Congress to provide a line of aetion for the future. Those ' alleged statesmen who would have preferred to see the smashing of things go on in preference to decisive action from Washington are not to be taken as having the interests pf all the people at heart. STREET WORK IDT PHILADELPHIA. When bids for Btreet repair work were pened in Philadelphia it was found that t 1 1. , . . i. .. , , 1 r ... . I ..,r . . v i had been met by a competitor. , In the . ......A., n It- tpaa i 1 1 -1 '1 iTiat t V' u in ' . . . i.t" ... v , , ' - ' i- r. t Itor had made an oner which showed al ffpriprdl &vorarp (if cost far nMmv thtf e . - --- - hid of the favorite. On one soeeifie line of work, ar.d perhaps the most important, the two bidders were tied by the - tamo finires. Now there is;' an effort made to divide the bids so as to give the favorite the most profitable part of the onttact. , ' The custom in awardinz such contracts in Philadelphia seems u make it mandatory to give the big j" to the lowest average bidder, and that is why Hf.iv-.iw T1,, ci ... v.. in .i.i,.,ri..J -I i -'. . . .... , , . , . , - , in an when she was a sirL She was not happv. . He feels that hia own friends ... , , , ' . .. . . . i m his age class, ought to "g?t iwe cream of the contract! " as it would not be possible to set aside I t,,. ' 1f. .v - , , x x, . Eecauej 3ime. Calve, the prima donna, the lower bids on all but the granite f t ik ; . .., . , . I went into a barber shop m Atlanta and blrK pcrtion on wliK-a there is a tie. i . , j: i . , , r ! had ber hair trimmed in viei of the Suddrniv it was discovered that the!' , , . , - i usual curious crowd outside, she is re- Ioe,t average bid custom of srdia? eonsiderabte' dvertisement. ' This strt contracts was' not .escptaWe. vlti w .. - ft ,diwnion frnm t. nh, T.rM had proved all right sd long as the men 1 i it wa sought to help made the lowest UUI. ' ill. -J s-.i. i. ri. ii- rise fri-rua .ill i ... . , r '. with a bid cuttmsf oown the average to i e ' a fisrure never beiore offered the situa- ( tion becomes critical for the contractor ) ' . ... I who has done the work m the past. . ... , , . - I Al tl.M i. v.ry- toterestu.g as teveal- i ing how the old force, m Philadelphia have settled down to eniov thniselves . . x . ' , In the present as they did m the past. ? vj.i. v.... . i.., . : ; When there is a lump bid for eertain f sorts of work of varying character it is frequently found that on some features cuts can be made, the proflts to depend on getting the better and greater work. Had bids been asked separately lor the several varieties of street re- pair work, each to stand on its merits, there might b some excuse in the event of a stand off on one grade of work, to give the work to a man who had been doing it. Really It was most unkind for another bidder to butt in and make the old and favored contractor take a back seat. But the chances are that the old crowd will get the job. NOTABLE INSTANCE. Last autumn a New Turk lieutenant of police was sent to Belgium to buy five police dogs. Well, he went, bought the dogs, boarded himself for a month and returned home, at the . end of his trip, paying ten dollars as duty on the dogs. On Tuesday his bill of expenses was presented and created much excitement in the office of Comptroller Metz. It was discovered that the total outlay, including the cost of the dogs, the duty, the steamship fares, board in Belgium, cab hire, and other incidentals, had only summed up $364.84.- Thia is probably the most remarkable bill ever presented for such a trip. Usually the addition of a few cents to a big bill indicates that the maker of it only seeks to create the impression of having paid close attention to details. But in thia particular case it is very clear that the police lieutenant kept a close watch on his expenses, and he has certainly made a record which entitles him to be stamped with the 'O. K." of old Diogenes. He paid only fifty dolars apiece for the dogs and they are just what were wanted for the rural end of the big city to help the patrolmen. It is certainly refreshing to hear from New York, or any other city, that a public officer with the privilege of expending what he sees fit, should present an account that is almost absurd for its economy, all things considered. But the lieutenant had a fina trip, no doubt, and he now has the rare distinction of spending public money with the same scrupulous care and the same attention to economy that he would were he spending his own anoney. There are New York policemen and policemen. . COCK-SURE BRYAN. ,. This is what William J. Bryan Is credited ..with having said during a speech in Omaha: I know that some people are giving ..At, .' much thought to. the money question, but that is not worrying me much. The people . of this country have made it possible for me to acquire an independ fent income for-all time to come, so I have no worry on that source. Don't ; be cock-sure, William. . The American people in their gullibility have done well by you, as you are willing to admit. Just the same riches sometimes takes onto themselves wings. There is nothing so uncertain as an "independent income." Just now it is not hard to discover why the free silver idea has been abandoned by Bryan. He is not prepared to eee his "independent in come" cut in half by cheap money, and thus made a dependent income. Now that he has a good thing Bryan ought to be satisfied. Why he should want to tie himself up with the saving of the country through the White House, when he is independent and can alwaj-s get Mg fee for an hour or two of vocal exercise, is not clear, There died recently somewhere in the West a. woman aged 83 years who is now being described as one of the many women who declined to marry Abraham Lmeoln when he was only a struggling lawyer on the circuit. There have been several of these women mentioned since Lincoln died, and there is never any way to disprove the elaim. It really does not matter, yet perhaps the old woman j who has just died imagined that she might have married Lincoln if something had not stood in the way. . Such cases are not unusual.; For instance only a short time ago a bright woman, now past the age of frivolity, explained that she came near living in the 'White House in Washington. She had planned, whtw a girl, to make a visit to a city in the Middle West and there was to meet a certain man of whom she had some knowledge and in whom, as she admits, felt some interest. But her visit was prevented and she did not meet the young man.. Later the same man be-' , eame private secretary, to one of the Presidents of the United States and lived in the White House. Just the same she does not claim to have reject- . -r , ... . r some of the women who have bev?n cred 1 ited with the privilege of rejecting Ab-i ritham Lincoln had pondrred so long over what ''might have been" that they came really believe that Lincoln i wished to marry them. These delusions are harmless' and nobody is injured. I Had Lincoln lived he would now be : nearly ninety-nine years of age, or sixteen years older than the woman who has just died. Under ordinary condi-j lions Lincoln was. too old for that wo- j story of the robbery of a sinsrr or an aetcr. If Calve wanted her hair .trim- . i , . , , med the place to go was to a barber v D ' , - shop. Bat the stories of that hair cut , uo cot egree. . Ur:e eorrespcnJent s?.vs - , . . ' sfe paid the barber thirtv-Eve cents. for , . . , , -, forty minutes work, while another cor- t9pBOIldfnt; s". th,t . she paid a dQ,;ar; TW:, c,s oasht to be ,. . , remedied for tee records. : , . . If Speaker Cannon could rely oa the votes ail the aiea who are in the h bit of u;:cg an expletive whenever they consider it necessary, he would be elected president jby the largest majority .ever known.-Washington Pot "t want you to know that I never swore a profane oath is my life, and I wouldn't say 'damn to a mosquito if it bit me." . -Thus spoke Sneaker Cannon to a reverend gentleman who recentii' interviewed him. Baltimore American, Somehow or other these two floating paragraphs da not seem to harmonize. Seventeen citizens of Pennsylvania are now being held "up to explain what they did in connection with the building of the state capitol at Harrisburg. That the building cost several millions of dollars more than the work could have been done for, is enough to know at the start. It is hoped that before the case is ended the truth will be blurted out by somebody, even if it ha to be through a confession and the escape of one or more of the accused. . An Illinois member of Congress made a spectacle of himself on Tuesday by haranguing the House on the question of "international marriages. J"here is really no objection to American women making marital bargains with foreigners jf theys see fit and are willing to take chances. It ia their own affair and the government at Washington has no say in the matter. There is an awful lot of twaddle sprung in the halls of Congress. January is making an "ugly record or fire losses throughout the country. Indianapolis has just had a blaze that is expected to net a loss of one million of dollars. Then Kansas City had a loss of $500,000. The wealth that goes up in smoke in this country every year is tre mendous. Certainly there is a terrific waste that ought to be prevented in some way. " : Mississippi reports the lynching of two negroes by a negro mob. The tw victims were charged with having way Jaid and robbed their own father; Thus the negroes are imitating the white lynchers, and they do not intend to dis criminate. Yet lynching for highway robbery does seem to be a punishment out of all proportion to the offence. Night ef Almond Blossoms. Thomas Walsh in the Bookman. The blossoms range their silver tents At twilight down the tavern lane; The south wind comes to hawk her scents , iZ,?rm v"'"- " Butto! beloved see the sun Still waits thy lube's soft laughter; The stars come slowly, one by one, The shades of night flock after. And as the mule-bells die away, Each tavern cool hath found a guest Who soon his burden down will lay ' And turn him to his rest. Hark! now, alas, outside thy gate Thine ivory castanets I hear, The while another through thy grate Steals down the pathway near. Ay, ay-di-mi! to watch sail night Without thy moonlight vails and weep Till the lust toper in the white Of dawn hath stolen to sleep! Then from Granada let me haste, With spurs that bleed at every thrust. Till at tine noontide, 'mid the desert's waste, I swoon into the dust. Castings ' and Fire Bricks for all makes of Heaters and Stoves. J. T. Sehweizer. No. F25 west Front street. Look for green front. aoia PERSONALS The Order of the Legion of Honor of France has been conferred upon Eugene Jileyer, the .New lort banker. It is reported in Dublin that Sir An thony Patrick MacDonnell, Under Secre tary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland has res'ffned. Dr. J. H. Georsr?. president of Drarv txillege, p!ngtleId, SlQ., has announced another professorship will be added to the college next year, the chair to be devoted to romance languages. ' Frank A. Vanderlip, an alumnus of Illinois College, has secured for his alma mater the proniise of a gift of $7j,0o0 from Andrew Carnerfe. Last year ilr. tarnegie gave 5f.t;0OI to the college. Gerreral Charles H. Howard, a brother of Generol O. O. Howard, U. S. A., re tired, died at luS home, in Gleneoe, a suburb of Chicago, on Monday. General Howard was born in Leeds, Maine, in John C. Hubinger, said to be the in ventor of elastic starch, died on Monday at Keokuk, Iowa, of pneumonia. He was some years ago an extensive tele phone promoter, owning numerous lines and exchanges from Keokuk to Minneapolis. , M. Paquin. the world famous modiste, who died the other day at the age of 47, started in life as a bank clerk. It was h.'s marriage to a saleswoman in one of the big dressmaking houses in Paris which led fchn to leave the bank and, with a very meagre capital, open a small costtimer's shop known as the Mai-son Lalanue. . One of the devout Christians in the House of Representatives is Mr. Houston, of Tennessee. Ho has Introduced a resolution requiring the , prayer of the chaplain, delivered each day, be printed in the Congressional Record. If that hill goes through Mr. Houston is going to introduce another resolution for the scattering of biblical texts through the reading matter of the Besord. Abdul Hamid, the SItan of Turkey, with an official income of about $4,C03,- 000 a year, has long been depositing his savings with the Bank of France. The same institution is likewise honored with the patronage of King George of Greece and King Leopold. The Czar keeps his ready cash in the vaults of the Bank of England, where, it i said, he has at his command $18000.000 in Russian gold. "I begin worket 7 o'clock in tlie morning and v.s a rul; quit at 12 o'clock at night," John Wesley Gaines toid the committee of tbe whole this week. "The gentleman prcfesse-s to be a farmer. I will say that I was born oaid reared in the country, where I worked until I was 22 years of age, and 1 have shown more !ove for the firmer'? of this country in th? thirty minutes that have cos' them 5t.300 thaa has tie grntleman in the six w, eks he has been her?, because he has set (sic-i in hi. si?. it and fee and his party have doee nothing for the farmr-r or any of the gocd people. Mr. Chairman, the Amef.Mn people ere willing to foot these bills, and. by the eternal,, if Uncle ?a:n gets tired of printing try remarks thea 1 will print them myself, without any regard to Aldrich. or Rockefeller, or any other fellow, in this Hourtj cr out of it." Hoiv Is Your Blood It you lack strength, are nervous, have no appetite, don't sleep well, -get tired easily, your blood is in bad condition. You cannot be strong without pure, rich blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla makes good, rich blood and keeps it good. Dyspepsia "For six months mv system was out of order with dyspepsia and impure blwxi. Spent lots of money in vain, but Hood's afsiiparilia cured me. Jos. . Zauba. tieux. Keb. Had No Appetite "I to troubled with dyspepsia and had no appetite. 1 liad a faint feeling- after eKiintr. My constitution was all run down, but Hood's Sarsaparilla has fully relieved me." Flokzxcb Stows, ouiuervuie. v iseonsin. Weakness-"I bless the day I heard of rtooa s CMtrsapat ilia, as it cured me of extreme weakness after grip, built my fausbauti up uer pneumonia, ana curea eczema ana tioot-poi5Mnine in our children. Mas. m, A. Dklwobth, Box A. Embreeville. Pa. Hood's Sarsaparilla is sold everywhere. In the usual liquid, or in tablet form called Sarsatabs. 100 Doses One Dollar. Pre pared only by C. L Hood Co., Lowell, Mass. SHORT AND PITHY What's Bak of It? Cleveland Flam Dealer: I hey are trying to find out what's back of the Hughes boom. Perhaps it s the people, He'd Better Shave. V Birmingham Age-Herald: No barber can consistently become ,p part of the tiugues oooin. , . Better Than Nona Chicago Evening Post: Still, Dr Wiley .will admit that "preserved foods1 are a tairly satisfactory substitute for none. . ; The Fans Have It. . Cincinnati Times-Star: It takes cour age to talk baseball in this kind of weather. Satirical. New York Times i The attire of some men would seem to indicate that their tailors can't ted the difference between a fit and a convulsion. Summing TJp Results. Chicago Inter-Ocean: In looking down the list it will probably be notieed that it is not the trusts that have been busted. , , As to Tips. Indianapolis Xetvs: In Los Angeles it,' is now a misdemeanor to give a rac ing tip. Elsewhere it is still considered merely as an unfriendly act. Too Many Have Tried It. Chicago News: It is getting so that a man cannot bound into fame anv more by denouncing President Roosevelt. A Horrible Rumor. Detroit Journal: Houghton reports a copper mine so deep that one can hear the Japanese whispering arrangements to aeieat secretary latt cor the nomi nation. The Aristocratic Party. New York Times: With Oklahoma. the newest and most Democratic of the states, cianioring for a "grandfather test' Of 11 1 l-r! f a rA flllf.l'llill! a a a . 1 i ... 1 .1 . i . 1 Birf-l J . ' it. io nine to as, v imt. uues uemoeracv mean, and what is the Democratic partv coming tor- is ueseent to oe nonorea and personal capacitv ignored in bestow ing suffrage! Are citizens to be graded according to ancestrv as nrst cabin, sec ond cabin and plain steerage passengers? Are suca ideas deuersonian, or even American? PRESIDENT INDORSES IT, Brockton Man Plans Apartment House For Families With Children. BROCKTON, Mass., Jan. 21). John Hill Bartlctt's plan to put tip a big apartment bouse for the sole benefit ot famiiies with children has received the indorsement of the White House. Some time ago Mr. Bartlett, who is a lawyer. decided that landlords were too one sided in their preference for childless tenants. He said so, and the paper got hold of it. President Roosevelt happen ed to see some of the clippings, and this letter has reached ilr. Bartlett. 'White House, Washington, IX C. Mv Dear Mr. Bartlett: I am in receipt of notes and clippings concerning you attitude toward children and must send yon a personal line to say how all good citizens should appreciate .what you have done. With kindest regards, be'lieve me. sincerely yours, Signed i T- ROOSEVELT." Mr. liartlett's unique apartment build ing will be directly opposite the hand some lesidence of George E. Keith, one of Brockton's millionaire shoe manufacturers. To be free from sick headache, bilious ness, constipation, etc., use Carter"s uttle Liver Pi;is. Strictly vegetable. Xhey gently stfmulate the liver and free the stomacn irom Due. CARDINAL CODERS PALLIUM. Archbishop O'Connell is Invested With Big Ceremony at Boston. BOSTOX, .Mass., Jan. 29. Cardinal Gibbons to-day invested with the pallium Archbishop William H. O'Connell at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, in this city. ine ceremony was attended with im posing pomp, there being present bishops and priests from twelve states, besides numerous representatives of the laitv prominent in the business and political worms. Among-the latter were Governor Guild members of his Executive Council Mayor Hibbard and members of the city government. Cardinal Gibbons olhciated at the hih pontifical mass and intoned the opening blessing. Very Kev. L. F. Kearney, provincial oi toe jjominican fathers of Washington, D. C, preached the sermon. Stokers Way Down in the boiler-room of the steamship shovel in the coal nijht and day that jives her power to make a record. The best coal gives the best power. That is why Scott's Emulsion produces flesh when other things fail. It contains more power It is truiy a body fuel. Many a ntan, woman and child have broken their records for weight by the pounds of flesh gained from SCOTT'S EMULSION. It is a powerful flesh-producer. AHOnissvts: 50c and Sl.OO. EXAMINE. 111 -srs - FANCY NEWS OFTHE DRAMA Coming AttractionB Booked for the Three Local Playhouses. Good OneB on Liat. The show at the Garrirk thia week is I attracting unusual attention on wcount of the strength and variety of the en- tertainftent offered. Hal D4vis and Company's 'Bace for a Wife," introducing an excellent line of comedy and thrilling and sensational scene 01 tne automobile race between the ; young man and the girl .0f ibis choice, and an irate soon-to-be-fatherin-law is about the best thing the Garrick has ever presented. It ia sensational enough to please the most ardent follower of the melodrama and at the same time of that nature which wins the good will of that element, that as a rule, does not follow the melodrama and its hair-raising features.' Mr. Davis has a great act in this auto racing feature possibly the' greatest of its kind in vaudeville to-day. Mary Ann Brown, the English woman who is proving her right to the top-liner class, this week, presents some characterizations that are extremely clever. Kussell and Held have a high-: class singing and dancing act of the better sort, and .Klein, Ott Brothers and Nicholson and several others, including Harry Botter and Company, in side-splitting farce, "A .Matrimonial Blizzard," all combine to present what is one of the Jiest shows of the ertire season at the local house this week. With new songs, many new laughs and a lot of pretty girls, Harry Keily in His Honor the Mayor' will come to the Opera House on Monday, Feb ruary 3, and a special matinee perform ance, with the same company that has just closed a four weeks' engagement n ew iork, which is the nun tuna this piec,e has played the metropolis, in the last year and a half. The fol lowing are a few of the more nopular song hits of this unusually successful f uical piece: 'The .Daintv Milliners,". ianKee uooaie iJanay, .uayor 01 i - i i ,, rr , .i T " -. i . - ii'li' AaakaKtT, l u itva tut: juii,s Him; oh" '-The Land You Left Behind."; Mary Ann," "Anaetasia Bradv," "Mili- j arr Willie," "Magvar Maid," "Sweet I I okay, A Little urn Like Ale. and Wish I Could I ind the Man Who Wrote the Merry Widow Waltz." Resident Manager Johnson dcaires to an- ounee that "His Honor the Mayor'' 111 -be sure to afford his patrons an equal source of enjoyment as entertained in the appearance here of Eddie Foy ihe Orchid. eeat sale coicmciicca riday morning at 9 o'clock. What is said to be one of the most ovel and original plavs which ha been seen in years and bearing the triking title of "Wiy Girls Leave Home" will be seen at the Lvceum. to- av, Friday and Saturday, matinees on riday and Saturday. The play ia by red teuuimerheld, and the story is a representation of the happenings of almost every household fortunate enough to possess a daughter whose future is to lie considered above all else. It is nothing in common with the figments of the imaginative mind and is handled with the delicacy, dealing as it does with event3 in the life of a young girl and a subject so interesting to all humanity. Mr. Summerfield has been daring in. his playwiriting. too. He has done something which at first blush might seem to border close to the danger line, but which by reason of the great delicacy with which one certain 6cene is handled and the deep reverence which is displayed in its enactment becomes a most impressive situation. The play is well supplied with scenic, and mechanical effects and the cast is a large and adequate one, numbering among its members several r well known people. There are more tears and laughter in the four acts of Bertha 5L Clay's powerful t story, "Thorns and Orange jjiossoms tnan any play on the road this season. It is a notable fact that most critics in reviewing the comedy drama lay particular stress on this feature. One writer in the Chicago Tribune said: '"Thorns and Orange Blossoms is a play of the kind that leaves a memory; it is simple in construction, strong in dramatic climax, hilariously funny and pathetically sad; in a word it is a story of 'laughs and tears.' " And such ia the general verdict of those who witness the production. It has a soothing effect; the story while working on to the highest emotional pitches is restful because it is natural; there is nothing foreed nothing overdrawn. The players like their different roles because they offer a wide scope for the display of histrionic talent and in each theme is a splendid opportunity for individual work. The production is as sumptuous, as elaborate, as scenically TKA SETS, BAKERS, CHAFING I;aheF ar.d Accessories. Candelabra, Klnlt?. Co?TVe Sets. lee and Water Pitchers, ToiJetware. Table Outlcrv. pearl and s.lver, and Table Flatwsre, Hull Cloks, Cut Glass and China, Klectroliers and Lamps. ' C. R PJTDOLPH, MARKET AND FOURTH STREETS. Your Old Trunk, Satchel or Hand Bag Voa may want them repaired or you may have to get a new one. In either case you will naturally think of Joshua Conner, 255-237 Market St. D & A 546X. Automatic 2063 where the largest stock in the city is kept. . H A R N eSS EVERYTHING FOR THE HORSE LEATHER GOODS TRUSSES Properly Adjusted or Money Refunded. DANFORTHS DRUG STORE, Market and Second Sts. ESTABLISHED 1842. 1 John Wendt & Co. Gas. Electric and Combination Fixtures We have an assortment unsurpassed for the home, offi re and stare at New York and Philadelphia prices. Estimates cheerfully given on all kinds of fixtures and electrical work. VVm. L. Broraan, Mgr. 169 West Ninth Street. (Opposite Post Cflice.) E . H. E. HANI. PLUMBING AND HEATING, 323 East FourtiTstreet. ocal and ion ZMstanca 'Phoaea beautiful aa money, time, labor and experience could devise and in offering "Thorns and Orange IJlossoms" in this city the Rowland and Clifford Amusement Company feels satisfied that s. eordial appreciation of 'their efforts will be extended. It appears at tbe Lyceum February 3, 4 and 5. "Dc-adwoofc Dick's Last Shot," the latest A. II. Wood melodrama, which will be the attraction at the Lyceum Theatre February 6, 7 anS 8 can'boast of more stirring situations, climaxes, surprises, scenic effects and thrills than any play of its kind produced in" the past decade. The plot is novel yet (plausible and f ,ie action incessant throughout the four acts and eight scenes. In point of construction the piece may be said to be the best turned out by Owen Davis, the author,in year3.. All of the scenes are located in picturesque California among the lowlands, trails, canyons and valleys. The plot revolves around a deed -to a mine which has een stolen from Madge Fulton, the heroine, . by Buck Farren. the sheriff, and the leading villain. Dick i secures the coveted piece of paper and I returns it to Madge and immediately! gams ner inenasnip ana love. lick has many exciting adventures, all of which he extricates himself from. The play is handsomely staged and the east it, all that can be desired. The usual matinees will be given oa Friday and Saturday. -e . A Higher Health Level "I have readied a iiigher health level since I bfgan using Dr. KIns's New Late Pills." writes Jacob Springer, of West Franklin, Maine. '"I hey keep my stomach liver and bowels working just risht." if these pills disappoint you on trial, money wil! be re f untied at K. B. Danfoith's drug Store. 2oc Water in Cellars. . Water ia a conduit, it has been found, is responsible for the cellars of the bouses in the vicinity of Thirteenth and Wilson streets being flooded. The conduit is for wires, but somehow became filled with water, which soaked through the walls into the base of the houses near it. It is thought a bursted water pipe in the vicinity has caused the conduit to fill up and an effort will be made to lot-ate the leak. Was Unpointed Trustee. Rc.idr-.f .Tudge Fprnance yesterday armnintel Charles M. Cnrtis a trustee of the Ielware Industrial School for Girls to succeed the late Bishop Colo-man. ;" 'ARNER'S E!U5 OF UD'SS TO STZAKER SAILS DAILY AT ifJk fill PH!UBaPKXPAJLFOOTCFKASKCTSIaniIK(Troa,DEU. FINANCIAL. .1 K .? itJUMl 1BI I N. W. Cor. KIGQ3 and Markel S!s, Bilniliiclaa, Del. THE SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES in the vaults of this Company are absolutely burglar and lire . proof and afford protection to valuable papers and jewelry that be secured in no other way. The annual rental is small compared with the service rendered. Call and see them. CAPITAL ASD SURPLUS $1,080.0 00 Your Banking No matter how small, no matter how large, we will give it careful attention. This mewsaae applies to our men and our women patrons alike. WILMINGTON TRUST CO., Tentli and Market Sts. T. C. duPont. President. Henry P. Scott, Vice-President. Pierre B. duPont, Vice-President. S. D. Townsenck Vice-President. Wm. 'Kinder Laird, Treasurer. DIRECTORS. T. C. duPont fiamT Bancroft. Jr. Henry P. Scott Charles C Kurtz Pierre 8. duPont John BiCErs William S. I-fillesA. W. Spruance Harlan G. Scott Andrew C. Gmj 6. JD. Townsend James F. Nields, BONDS FOR INVESTMENT. LOCAL SECURITIES BOUGHT AND SOLD. N.W.Cor.8th and Market Sta QCOTT &. CO., Bankers and Brokers. KB MARKJ7T STEEiT. ' stocks ana onas buunt ana sola oa stocR exctAn-ec ' Dealer In Investment Securities. R D- LACKEY & CO., Bankers and Brokers-Members Philadelphia Stock Eiciiange. Orders for the purchase and sale of Stocks, Bonds and Gritin for cash oi carried on favorable terms;- INVESTMENT SECURITIES 843 Market Street- Frederic L. Kurtz, Investment Securities 312 dnPont Emitting &28-ST A. S. Reed & Bro. Co Contractors and Builders estimates 'xuriusnea tor all ittnos ox Brick, Ktoiie and carpenter VVorK. Artificial Stone Pavements and Concrete Wiirk. JofWng promptly attended to. OFFICE AND SHOP. 1 NO. 815 SHIPLEY STREET. STEAMBOATS. WILSON LINE TO PHI LA. PA3SENGEK AND FREIGHT. 7.3S A. Al. and 1.30 P. U, ""Daily and Sun-cay. Leave Chestnut St, wbarl, Philadelphia. 10.3i A. M. and 4.15 P. M.. Daily and bunday. BEST SERVICE AT LOWEST KATES, 9Pir excursion ticket r, AJU GOOD FOR SO DATS O G Merchants and Miners Trans. Co. "Florida Tours' Personally Conducted to Savannab, Jacksonville, St. Augnstine. Ten-day trij from Baltimore, Saturday, February 15 $50.09 Eleven-day trip from Philadelphia, Tceaday, February IS $56.50 Including- necessary expenses. SEND FOR ITINERARY. S. A. TUBMAN, Com'l Agent, 106 So. 9th St.. Philadelphia. Pa. W. P. TURNER. Pass. Trat Mgr., Baltimore, lid. BUSH LINE. rreignt receivea tor an points, erven personal attention, aad rorw&rded promptly at lowest rates and by best routes. Boats leave both tVilmfngton and Philadelphia at 6.00 p. m. doily, Sundays excepted. Through rates and bills of ladies lB-Ufcd. OEOSGE S7. EtTH SOX3 CO.. Vier 8, North Wharves. Philadelphia. Stench Street Wharf. Wilmlnantm. NEW JSESST WYIflfWiTO? f erry Co. steamer Ulrica. r'sJi time i-uie in eBect Sept. 30. ;s7. Live Wilmington, week-days, 8 00 and J.ii w, m. Leave Penn'e Grove. 10.00 a. in. and i p. m. Deave Wilmington. Saturdays. t.H a. m 3. on. S0 and 10.3 p. ra. Leave Penn'e Grove. 10 00 a. m.. S IMi ana 7 SO p. m. Ieave Wilmington, Sundays, t.M a. m. and J P. m. Leavf. Penn's Grove, to Aft m. and S.OO n. m. FREIGHT LINE ILL P01MTS KOsimLtSTCJTH &WSll GVMJRO'A POS.WALKUT ST.WKARF.0

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