The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1930
Page 6
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.!':^^^ Spo r t Expert Predicts j Mack's Aces Will Surpass j '•• Anything Street's Men. ! BY WILLIAM HRAVCHKK NKA Strvlc* Sports Editor •' -There are several reasons why •the Cardinals should win thi.. ! world series from the Athletics. But I don't think they will. ' To begin with, it is almost lime the National League won a world series. Not since 1920, when the' Cardinals beat the Yankees, has j the American League entry been ! taken .lor a rids. Eventually th? worm turns. . I Then there U the dear old college factor of fight. The Cardinal machine, its boilers buibtlng with : steam, has come down the home j slreteh with an irresistible rush., . The Cards might be said to have • 'developed the habit of winning. It is ft habit that grows on one Insid- I lously and Is hard lo break. Meanwhile, Uie Athletics have bi'cn .sauntering along waiting for .som'.-thmg • to happen. ; Bcfttr Inflflil i The Cardinals undeniably will BO ] Into the workl series with the bet- ! tcr Infield. Especially around sec- i ond base, where C-elbert and Frlsrli : have charge of baseball matters, do , the Cardinals have the edge. If ' Al Simmons gives Ihe Athletics' outfield a shade the best of it over | • the Cards, k cannot be said lo b? a very -wide, advantage, lor. Chick Hafey, in left field. Is nobody's bat | boy. ' The Cardinals nave good pilch- i ers. One of them threatens lo become a greafc pitcher—Wild Bill Hallahan. The oihers upon whom Gabby Streel can depend for o good game of ball are Jess I!allies. Burlclgh Gtlmes, Flint Rliem and Sylvester Johnson. That's a pretty good pitching staff. But. hcrp's' the rub—Lslty Orovc. . George Earnshaw and Mickey " Cochrarie. How will the Cardinals bai against the Iwo Philadelphia fire. ball artists?. Will they be able to solve the speed of the greatestleft- hander and one of the fastest right handers in baseball? . Figuring that Grove and E?.rn- shaw both iwlll be "right" during the series, I fear the St. Louis lailr ' are going to have lough afternoons : jit_the wickets. Grove, at his besl, ~ Is "practically unhlttable. The lively bail means nothing to him. He 1 malcek H even.livelier as Id flashes past the phtc, n blur of white bc- ' lore the bailer's eyes. - - And they say that on certain days, Earris'rmw's hard on? Is fast- _er than-Grove's! • ' It- appears now that Grove will .: pitch/ in -.three games'of th? scries. prbyidt-d the series goes to more : thin five games. If he starts in the : opener,; he will be ready to pitch ; the siecond game in St. Louis with three ^days ot rest, which is enough rest for the Philadelphia southpaw. t j,| s The return to Philadelphia from St. Louis would give him a day of r'est'- ; nhd he-would be.ready again • to pitch (he .last Phlladel- . phia. The'trip from Philadelphia to j St. 'Louis and.return is a good j 'break-for the A's star twirlers. i ..Earnshaw. could pitch the second , gam'e: in Philadelphia nnd pitch th' I third game played in Si. Louis i! the "scries went that far. Earnshaw. | however, needs .less rest tlinn! Grove,- and is at his best when h; | has lots of work. ''."-• Load fl» Two Arms •'-' .It appears Grove and Earnshaw are gointr lo bear- the brunt of the • series pitching for the A's. Mack : •has'rip'surprise pitcher like Ehmke, j '.ft seems', though he mi?ht cross ur ' . everybody and - start Rommel. \ Shores 'or MahaiTey. The chance lr [ would take thereby, however, seenr .to'be needless, with two such pitchers as Grove and Earnshaw need- ! ing lots of work. I St. Louis has no pitcher to match ' -either- of these two men. The St. L^uls batsmen will have lo be better than the American L?aauc hit- .ters to do anything with this pair. They are Mack's pair ol aces, i »nd upon their merits I think tVe ! world series will be decidid in fa- ' vor of the Athletics. And Mickey Cochranc? Well, w rite your own ticket! . BLIND MAN WINS STEVENS POINT, Wis. <UP)'Blindness did not prevent John T. ] WKDNFlfJOAY. nr'TOBKI! 1 i'n:i TO BUTTLE TULSflU. NEXT 5TOHE Hays, Karr. Kelley. Phillips, .Rbbl- ' <on and Hnrmon. AD of 'these men • saw action against the College of i the Oaarks last Saturday and art- > ready for the coach's call | • I" spil* or tlic fact that he was ! guilty of three fumbles, Wlnlon i "Cowboy" Kyle, the blonde bllz- i rd In Ihe University of Arkansas ckfleld, showed his heels to all zorback ball luggers with an ! average gain of eight and one-half I yards every time ho handled ihe FHIE HI1S NET FIVE RUNS FOR I Porkers Help Open Stad-i 11311 ' '<• ls "revee'ieu "V'offlciai av! ! ' r> l i/ i i i i era 6es on the R lum; Lowboy Kyle Leads; game with ozarks Porker Scorers. lirst . Kyle played iwo quarters of the game. He handled the ball nine , Units, advancing the oval 78 yards t ball learn will leave here Friday .morning for Tulsa where on Sai- i urday ihe Kazoj backs will meet. Tulsa University in the Oklahoma-'is' -stadium dedication game. ; Cr*ch Thoinsen announced today .thai he will take 25 men to Tulsa. The (rip will be made by bus. Judglnx lro lhat Thomse end behind four red-shirttd Ha Mibacks who led him perfect in terfercnce until he was chased ou of bounds. Upunoor and Ledbctter, slashlnr backs, each averaged three yard; every time they were called upor Uptmoor handled the ball 15 time- for a gain of 13 yards while Led- Judging irom the varsity line-up .sen has been using in", botto was called , )[U . k 17 [lm( ,, Hf ] practice scrimmuges this week, the j picked up 78 yard* nazorbacks wil: pre.senl a different ' y lineup from the one that T • -. II C llic| Al. OJU&l Hurricane Likely to Rest This Week for Big Game; "Kow-Kow"Pass Featured JONESBORO, Ark. — Although Coacli Clarence Gels Is endeavoring to .schedule a game for ills Golden Hurricane this week, prob- »"uuii K nneiip irom ttie one that n , . ,,. . . faced the Conegc of the O/arks In Barnstorming ChlCKS Hit; reason's opening game here lust i Saturday. i Holt or Nations will get the call j To Play Osceola Club U7 1J' I i -ft -JJ m " all °ns will (;«. the call; World S Largest Gndder at right end, with Hays, a veteran m win , wingman, held In reserve. Cham- FAYfTlTEVlLLK, Ark.-Payettc- I bers will be ut the other flaisk. The \ 5 ville funs are claiming the world's ' '^ of quarterback Holmes throug j I "" largest football player In W .... "Fatty" Clurk,. 320-pound sopho-1 baClC more on the University cf Arkansas I ln S Position. Ua/orback team. ir lo the signal call- \ '.— Barnstormini of the Memphis Chicks. League champions, wll' furnish opposition for the O.sceola al Osceola Sunday. Tej- center fielder. ; have charge of the club on the iaw. Brook- Jhe^zorbaek^probable _ start-lyr for tlv: Sooner lads, the plays automatically stopping when they reached his tackle position. Coach Fred C. Thomsen is -planting Clark at Tackle to stop some ol !he Southwest Conference foes: Th,? .students relate that Clark ably Saturday, it appears likely 1 had trouble when he'first entered that' the local grldders will take a schnol getting a uert that he could sleep In. Finally, it, was decided, a special bed would h; built for him as his average bed-brmkage before thai time had been only one a night. •' Just another trophy to clutter up Mrs. Jones' nome in Atlanta, is mug pictured above in Uic arms of the world's greatest cd to'win over the Hflsslssipoi coun golfer. Of course the gent is Bobby Jones, nnd the silver trophy isj|v emblematic of the champions'iip in. the U. S. amateur golf lounu- menl at Merlon Cricket Club near Philadelphia./ rest cure over the week-end In an- Uclpatkm of their invasion of Bly- thevlllc next week. Qels believes llml the Hurricane needs a game this week to leave them in lop shape for Uic Blytheville encounter, v The Hurricane is pointing for the game a week from Friday with the ! Chlckasaws. In past years this ' game hat been talked "the football classic of norlheast Arkansas" since Blylheville and Jonesboro have usually been head and shoul- portable ders above other high school j Show.. teams In northeast, Arkansas. The j game always attracts a large crowd | with other towns contributing to the throng. Jonesboro hasn't won a gome In i Blytheville since anyone how living can ramember and the -1930 Hurricane will go into the Mississippi county capital with hlgn hopes Ganglnntl Ollt'Tn'fipt spurred on by the added sling of Jfj, n j ' • L a less to the Hudsonmcn Inst fill bv on overwhelming score/ Iri W24 the Blvtheville team beat 13 to 1 at BlythDville. and in 1926 and 1928 the enmes were both G to 6 ties rit Blytheville. Last year was the first in many years that the Hurricane has fail- tackle, Eriln; right end. Holt or • bu ch W-lch 3b (Mobile £T ' Nationsr nii.«.rh^v n.,i mnnr . I . - " . ."' 3 . b <«ol»le Southern lefl halfback, LcdbeUer; halfback, Kyle; fullback, Dale. Kyle Lots Pitskin Reserve players who will be taken to Tulsa include Darr. Edmond- . or Chas nght «. Hendrick 2nd b (Brooklyn | tional Ler-gue), Johnnie Berger e Harry Kelly p. Oiceola- will have her regular team with Lefty Alexander pitch- (Continued from page one) to Boley who knocked ihe ball dov.n by a dive and forced Grimes a', jccrnd to liisliop. Adams sing, led, Doulhit stopping uf second. linefl lo Bishop, No runs, '.wo hits, no error.-;, Uo left. Athtt-Ucs — Miller popped cut. Haas tripled. Boley bunted and "iaas .scored bill Boley was out, Grimes lo Bottomley. It was a. .'iicrifice for Boley. Groves was :hro,vn out. One run, me lilt, no errors. Eighth Inning Cardinals—Boltomley was thrown out. IlKfey doubled. Blades Hied Jilt, Hafey holding .second.-Mancuso fcnlcd out. No runs, one hit. no Athtelics — Bishop was thrown -ut. Dykes was thrown out Coch- ranc drove a home run over lh« right field fence. Simmons grounded out. One run, one Int. no errors. Ninth Inning Cardinals — Gelbert fanned i, P™ v «' "fth strike cut. PucclneniV, baited for Grimes.and fouled out" DoiUhil popped to Boley. No runs no hits, no errors. ence club and Ihe leading- pitcher m Uie Western Association this season. Game will be called at 3:30. • Read Courier News Want Ads. so.-i. Finney, Hlrshorn, Houston,! ing. Ale.x was with-the Independ- - SALESMAN: I think 111 drop around and .we the doctor tonight, d?ar. I've had ringing noises In my ears on and off all day. WIFE: I don'i wonder at - it You lefi your sample case at home this morning and took out your '-'- -u-ireless set. — Passing HOME THEATRE : Wednesday and Thursday DID YOU KNOW THAT— Professor Walter B. Pitkin of Columbia University has wrft- ten a book, "The Psychology ot Achievement," in which lie declares Babe Ruth's baseball achievements, are due to "an amazing basal metabolism." . . . In explanation, the professor says, "the Babe, for many wars, has eaten about 10 meals allay, and his radiant heat Ls so in- teiue that he cannM wear ,:vcn the lightest underwear on the coldcsi day in whiter" . . . and we had been thinking all this time that Bate never ate more than nine meals per diem! . . . if the Baba gels his home runs by ctitlnf 10 meals a day, I won- dsr how they ever manage lo keep Hack Wilson fed up ... and Hack - must be so hoi tha- his hardball uniform is likely to bun.1 into names any day now. Albert Adams Holder of I New World's Turf Mark by a convincing score on the home lot. The Blvtheville team has improved Meadllv under the Uilelnge ol Coach Henry Hudson, former Hcndiix star, and this yeir is expected'to be the best in hls- nlavs for the Blvtheville came. Hurricane's attack in the second ouartcr at Little Rock was uustoo- and Ihe men will be drllhd b mauilBlncd throughout the WASHINGTON, (.UP) — Albert Adams. 17-year-old Baltimore an- prentice jockey is now Uici holder. d i m , u , in „„ d( r ort to (le v<-loo cf ii new worIds record for the C011si3te , u , lrivc of lllls kill( , t hftl turf, having ruirten nine straight I winners al l\'i half-mile Marlboro (rack near Washington. The old : ;;, ( , , mvoc with tnc LU tle Rock ! record of eight was held Jointly by c | C f C , lsc Conch QeK will probably scnnt lhc Rlvthevilta Icoui in action this week-end and =hould Ket an eyeful for his punlls' liislrnclioi). See Joseph 1 Schildkraut. in THE NIGHT RIDF Schildkraut the hero of '"SHOWBOAT".. Also Comedy and Novelty. Adm. Matinee and Night 10 and 2Gc : *' oii Friday & Satin-tlay—Richard '^ne Dlx jn " S]lootin Stl . aight "_ ; Ivan Parke and Walter Miller, lam; cus Jockeys of Ihe past. j Adams barely missed making it ten straight when 1i? finished second after his nlnlli win. He slart- cd his record when he came out on top in the sixth nnd seventh races on one day's card and fallowed lh!s with six straight wins on tlw next day Pine Bluii Judges Have Splendid Season! NOTICE OK COMMISSIONER'S SALE. Notice is jcreby given that Uic undersigned, as coiinnlssltner of i (he Chancery Courl for the Chlcka- ;awba District of Mississippi Coun NOTICE OK COMMISSIONER'S SALE. Notice is herobv ulvcn that the iindersiMicd, ns coinmls?ionev of the Chnucerv Conri. for the Chicka- i-atvba District of Mis«is":lD'Ji C<nm- tv. Arknnsn 1 ;. ac'ing under and by p,:liifrilv of a decree rendered on tlw 22nrl day H September, 1930. In a certain cause therein per.d- Ine. wherein Alma Peters, el al.. were nlnlnllfls and C. O. Deen and i . , ., , i | ty, Arkansas, acting under and by MM J rcl K Dron w of n day ' in n cenain cause therein pending. PINE BLUFF, Ark — Tile Pir.P wherein I-ci : oral Land Bank of St. Kostuck from winning ire Repnb- [Bluff Judgos. 1930 pennant winners Lonk, a corpotation. was plaintiff. RITZ THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Motto: — "Wear Ytfuri Brains On , Your Back". Mannequins, Manner aiul Modes Irene Rich, H. B. Warner & Raymond HuckeU. Ifs ifce way its made, Hou) a motor oil performs depends on the technical knowledge and skill of its designers and makers. The dependable performance of "Standard".Motor Oil in any type of motor is due to the skill and care with which the specifications of each grade of "Standard/ 1 Motor .Oil have been worked out in one of the world's leading lubrication research laboratories; and to the close engineering and laboratory control and double check of every step in the special process of manufacture. When you buy "Standard" Motor Oil you are sure that you are getting an oil that is correctly designed and carefully manufactured to assure the best performance of the motor car or motor boat you drive. "Standard" Motor Oil will make any motor—new or old—run smoother and better and costs run lower. BETTER STICK TO "STANDARD" BACK , niirt P. W. Lucy, et al., were de- on, at. DISAM*OINTEI1 .Hc»n nomination for state assem-; 0 [ the Cotton Stales League, will blyman froai this district. Kosluck . start off the 1D31 fcason with ns- ls a graduate of the state school > scts • O f n bout $3,700 representing lor the blind, attended the Unt-' profit from first season In organize:! door j n Blytheville,'oftei for snlej verity of Wisconsin, and lausht in baseball. j to the highest and bfsl bidder ! a Echool for the blind at Staun- j L , E u^n SC crotary-treaMiror ! "P"n a credit of three months, do t ton. va. . , ot lhc cll|1)i , 1RB su b m ittod i,i S rc . ; following described real estate, lo. j . port which shows roughly that : ca '<- >(1 In said District and County, i : amount of assets which includes : I i eight pi avers owned by ihe club ; ^°t- One f of the Northeast ' Qufivter iNE',) and (he North- | eau Quarter (NE 1 ,) of the Northeast Quarter iNEV.) cf Section Seventeen ini, Township Fifteen (151 Norlh. Range Thirteen (13) Ensl of the Fifth Principal Meridian, containing sixty, two and 05-100 (G296) ncres. more or less. The purc:»f(r at said sale will 1*130. fit the court Wvthcvlile. offer for sale to thej hichest and best bidder, upon ,a| credit f( three months. lowhiR described real estate, local-! The Jurists' succ\v; is Miowii to | by taking into i fact that the ball was entirely paid lor out of i \ current receipts of :he 1MO season. The salary 11,3111—Sn.iTi.83—was i the largest item of disbursement ^during Ihe season. Park receipts but next door \ couple who quar- j "How unpleasant to have to listen ! to ,1h»tl" •'• 'Tfea, and the worst is, they're Fttnch, and we can't understand i word they say."—Passing Show. — -..'. TO "LUten," to Pat, who irig the smith, thb horseshoe lay it on he*d, hit It h»ni with this ham met.'- . ' j HE piDN'T WIN ; Pat obeyed instructions and the! " met your pet er.'nv td- blacl«mith never nodded his bMd'day? I'll bet you argnec! uih'lum »i»in.—Tlt-Bau. .until you were black i n th( facs." . -"; ' ~——r— ; I "No, jiul nround the ovts"— X««4, Owner Newi Want i\&i, ' Palhnnrirr. Commenchig al, the northeast corner of Lot Twenty (201, Irregular Lots, of the Ncrlh- rasl- Qunrter (NEV1) of tho Northwest Quarter (NWV;i of Section Sixteen (10). Township Fifteen (15) north. Ranee Eleven (11) ca^t. and running thence west fitly (50)) feet, thence south ono hundred fortv (140) feet, thence east fitly (50) feet, and (hence north one , hundred forty (HO) feet to I point of beginning. ' The purchaser nt said Kile willi be required to execute bond with court this 2nd dav of October. I (Seal) STANDARD MOTOR OIL Atlni. : Matinee 10 and 30c. Adm. Night lO.nmi 35c. , Comiiifr—Friday i Saturday,, ster Keaton in "Doughboy"! is picture is now running' in Loews in St. Louis and Memphis. "It's n Wow." ROAD MAPS AND INFORMATION FREE Whtwtw you plan a trip, let "Standard" Touring Smice, 2134 St. Chatlet A«n«, New Orleans, La., Mf, jou pick rh< bf a roul«. Just UTJIC "Standard" Touring knice, onJ od\ist U'here you uish [o go. Maps and lateit road information «-i(! be stnt you free of charge. .STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUlf,{AN- A Cecil Shano Cc »i»ilS6lo:ier.; Solicitor for Plabiliffs. Sollcllor for Plaintiff. . 10- . Cuiroll and Buddy, Rogers in 10-3.9-ie^ "Follow Through", i-n-16 «Md Courier KCWA want arts. WE SELL "STANDARD" PRODUCTS 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION CORNER WALNUT AND FIFTH SREETS . ' -

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