The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1946 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1946
Page 15
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^^ JAUB3 t, VKRHOOT THOMAS R. ATKINS. Learning Can Be Fun Pupils jn the Varbro school, and the -infitmtpfs- Behind the scene,- can well 'be prom) 'of thTe 'record' ejilablish- ed during' ^he schooj year" just ••'ending. One'"j)haW' of ' the ' school ''Svjlr'k was. ' carried 'on uwier the theme' that'"learning Can Be Fun." . •"',' -,' • , A ne\ys ileiii \i\ Tuesday's Courier , News told of the honors won 'by .the : .youngsters at Yarbro in competition with pupils in other scKqols. "' . . . '"• ' It is an impressive 'record, and' the • attention it has atf.i;acted outside qf Blytheyille 1 and' ^I'jKsJssjf jii . comity -is encouraging:— both' ''-to • the' pupils ami ' their parents in Yarbrp, and to. the . pupils, teachers ami"parenrs' v in i; "other sqhftQ^ YVhertrth.ere is ijiterest in 0UU- cational practices that bear fruit. §P?<rj?! significance attaches to this >' "' 'the ' . ; venture studies. The practical' ilemoVi- •rstration that "lear/iint -can' 'be "ftiri" ^•(loubtjcss was a fac\pr in Ynrbro'a :J AJillie Aiin ^afjpry, wHo is^^leyen, wiiii. f niiig 1 top honors'' in" competition" with' ( 150 other students •yjepresenlinjr schools. • iii three states, {t is' of further sigmjfi- ,cance to note ; fhat ,"t^6 ftthfrs^^bw ;: Yarbro placed among- •'the top six-.'iii '." this bojitesf. '" r '"' ' -•',••..':-'• r|: ' •labor Strife Endanq *^-potion ;i ""-'': ? gj; Do yo,u remember Uie.liigli mood-In whl<#< iJW* fJj^.ed; the war? Everything" wii^ .'io.&ii" t!o f,>*e fine now. We had saved'* 1 our W*y' ' <&s\\(e. P-*£'R^-.JSft 1 !* 1 ? tn e virile force, the resource--. . , ...,...,, tne virilc I or ce, the resource-, fulness, the unity, of.our deniocrncy.' • ,-^ Soon we'd be' Busy' at our"''normal'. »ff^irs; i;J:}J5^« P.ut a profiislon of ^ooUs. builoUuul' »ic- .' -_P*?Mn«.'crealAg—the scarcities and 'hirashTp^ ; ,9.f war.,'forgoUen. ' • "' : ' : . «rlui y«u» at llghUiif (or our exUlence. pelurn- Ing Mrvlwm^ i re llvlife ill tirjges »nd hen- IIOUMS, for l«ji|t'oj matfi'laj to biilld liojnes! Tp ihla Jjll(t»it wVjifvi come, Si « littd 'of poteiillal rHeiity,''a» tli^ 1 hitter result 61 «ijjht months ot fa6or strife ^iace our Victory 'qy«rHhe '^xls. Arid Ihlnk'ot ^e t'rave w'rld slluatlon. The Pf »Cf ' Is y«t to k W won! 'Our leaders are striving tor I't, ti-yinr.^ (e<icl ' o/f the ^rll 'of ahother war— and b*hi?id ih«m^ eiireebllns: ^helr words, is. a nation ;'^ptg^d'io«j Jft «'-strire of ''Im- thinklrtj sret^.' -^e cjuuiot'ln that yay coni- m»nd the, r««p^ct ' «r Russia, where 'everybody Is at worlc. yife inyl.t* (Jw-lslon (or 'ovir democracy. , . ••<• • •••• i • : .•;.' ,' . • • L«t us i}oj lorgel the grim flngei^poiiitliii; ot recent h^jtory.' fVaiice Vf's helpiess bcroro th« OerniAn Var Machine ' Idealise of strikes which had crlu'jile^ 'her 'produ'ctloii. And earlier. in the l»2b's;'Jiiuss{)Unj" andi' his handful dl SasclsU caoi^ W> 'p?*^^ ^U«(jaUs«" Italy was i.orn up; the peon's m6ral« 'siiattered, by 'an oruy of iftrlkes. . '" •' • > ; ' " n •'...-..•' i ' We'd better not be so smngly sure that the same evil wjiicH brought France t\nd i^aly (o ruin can do "So liar'm to u* 'ijVu're In' a dmi- lierouii world, jytiere we need all of our streimth to walk Oie'ha(r-)ine o( safety. ' • No > reaonie 'Anierican ' wants to see the BJiYTHEVIIJ.p (.ARK.) COURfEfi NEWS unions,, "busj^d. ; strosi^ luilons are needcu to . H ve '.'}« w °fif*': bjiriainlhK ' pow«,- ' with ''stronj- .'corporations, 'fiul' jusi'; as' li the "corporations ' him , to': be bmti&hr. (in^er the law when th'ey grew , •powerful,, »)^ sOhie.of thcin" flouted the pu'bllc -weim're; so't^.'inljjht p| union labor must now now be.conlrojleil lh : 'ti)e p'tibile interest.' ^There can 'fci 119 'pi>y(e"if''' : ji'j[t 'piitsidfe of gov- ?r?,'V.f "*• wither .'iabor', ' 'business'.' ' Indastry or ! atiy'. oilier, ,^o niak ? ''ift oWn "rules 'ana set Us own condi- '' " , own con.ducti-to.use ' ' .. ..s the public' its'. B n\eil}s Vf'ga'lnin That course, gamb\|sh "dJ-saaleK it"uifllct s on ! its ends. lor ail the ; iny groun ' niust . people, ; wlttvh 9 whatever. ..' . "'• '• '" •"•'• ••• •-•: ,•• .'' }t js/the. soiemn duty of. Congress to put labor Unions;.^, an 1 eilUa! basis ' under the law .with big corp9.ratl(JrLS. i: N<J 'ha'i'ty 'ict' ; should )w ^^"'Tli.?' jjrojjleift'^aiis ^r- ; deli'bcraVe 'sUtes- ?!'? ns f^- f °! :'='« >wl ^. '^.if. ''"lkV. wliich' Svlll pi>ace at hj»irt,"'und a ^drrespgn'dlngly sti-oiifer voic| hi bulldlin; 'World peiicc. we'intisl have order, v ^r we' Lilian .have some hars'li :c oi- sSduence W-jalllnis'''^ Insure it. Think again P'f'Itdly and Bailee. " ,' . .'•'- ••: ' ....... ___ We've : b«ejj"ha^aicii>ped In" Germany' by lack of > decisive' 'n^llcy./.Afje've got 'to b> de'tehnliieil to. Cajry tlir^h, which 'means 1 we must iualn- ^lp. Strong OfcupaUdh 1 forces 'in Gennany.-scn. Homer , Ferguson '.({to, of '~-~'' ' This Is Getting Monotonous THURSDAY, -MAY 16; 1946 WASHINGTON COLUMN Five Years of Hunger Ahead 1 gonjery/ Hag?, arlist. •' Mo lit- . , .Eyery woman c^n. co-operate wi^h Presideiu '• .Truri)aii's; pamlne ^ijergency' CommiUee'' 'jby "iis- - .'lug- l4ss'yheVt nn^''fats and oil |iiiiduc(s', bu.1 W^?^:•'•'- tl j? • ni °4 WnelW^ contribution' most • l hoiu**lyes: con m^ife:" $ r {£& wifTd" rood short- V^*4 «°oltl.SB-f%is she saves ami turns ' ' ti<gin'' l F»t S A, .f^/'^'.Hio^health^pKjule"desiring work are oepfivWrof the ."eleiieiiUry; hatiirol right 'or .W 1 !?:!™??^ 11 ^ ri^ht-'to work and the right to -.Uvtiby work.'Even;-the richest capitalist cdui'itry i AGNES MAJtES A DECISION • V ' ??ty • - -• .-'• igART and ?llie' had • finished • ' tal ^i n ,B about the mijney, and ,,Bart wpjs being liie way 'hie alw^yl |was, Just' 1 as 1 "' 'tribugh' : 'he : ' : w'erir lending Pjepele fiy'^ hiiri,-. s every day. He turned .afrii8>^ye" vftn't .hijve! time . . 10 "£*?.«?• "What do .you think you'll ;>want to^do,' Agnes? Buj> a house somewhere, or rebuild on tie old lot?" . "Heavens, Bart,," she said, "I haveft't-had time-to think "I 'suppose * we might';—she shook 'her ,. I 4on't know what You won't believe il , ut until y 9 u started talking Jbptrt it just now, I d forgotten 'Or'Sbout the ihSUrance Forgot IS had any l was Curing Id to <ake in washings' * looked at her with 1m h open. Finally be shook his wlpkssry "Gawudi Forjot Seven thousand dollars' 1 * looked up qUickly, laugh- 'nt his eyes wert worried a COM face he had Agnes A decent sort ot a lae*. .^ Ti* **roethln( in it «OUkfci?t T qJ,fe- Maybe H Wa. KJ ""I*"* Tount, and r«ri- , Kbd net very sure of htnlseVf *;«» "f 4 Urn « at *« Garten*" she asked h« said, and his «yes her« defensively, 15 . -*-£< to keep her from ^_ > *>t (do much Ri^ aiter a ••llut he seemed to r«Ux "Kind «• feotuy ptace,'' he *aid, "D»tk, a — 1 *—- G«t» you 'down after » . • !»' ''' t -.-. • AOIJES smiied'at'hlm, and the * thoujh't' pipped" into her head hat he 'Wai like a stn.»U J b«y try- ng very hard to do" the right hmj ana she felt -hiotherlr to ward hun and reached across and patted hij hand His eyts for just * s<K*«t W*ft V^rta ahd f riendty Thtn J^ irWmed and. »b^d up <5l £ cl & r ^ >Wye'«<it to |et B«- ng, Bart,' be nud. * Agnei rocked Jack in her chair nd Hooked at 1 Vn> 1 appraismgiy He w«« joit inother boy, ^ sup P***- "5d proMbJ* M better >nan thousands oi Minerl jLh«T« a drfctot boy, uu] he wl»t toebby hay Wanted. She toew tat" And rfcht the^e, !mk JnVthe rocking chiiT 'E th* stove » **r ?*J niMe . Hf«h tresofvt. Wved that it Joel *v*r she «*'«£$*jiTT, Li'ji"ir^n OT * **" ** * e ^*s ^.l 1 !"*^ 48 !^ '*" V mWT.t •f * >>«>*< <* »f » inner betB ttught ho 'CoSd. , v nl-..l' thiriH it would ij e better if ^e. got a house here m tSwii." after BaVt and Joel left, „,,-> tjuaVey'-drove into the yard,' Xnd : t)eb& olid Bull were in the ^ar with him. • ' did you find t\\$ dog?" "Beside the barn," she said. "Tfou 1 been put ther tilts' mprninii?^ ' ' ' . lready. ' ' ' 'JL Jpftn drove me out." K Ajjnes savv a quick look of pain across Debby's face/but in a moment she yi-^s smiling. "Din't look like anythirfg," she said: "A barn 1 ar-YriagJF-vrhere' some people 4 'a ^ ,A^A '•'. F(>a*>*itU:«J. , IA^I-_: small, 1 ' shi? added. "The place where fne" ho,iise y<os, ind the "Are th* oSeCoys there all right? 1 ' • - toym? 1 ' ^Th« K,i;ndalls'," John suggested.' ' •' " ' - '' ilnea. waved him away with her; hanil. -The l^«nda)l house was one of irie Wsl in ' tbVn, • a nne new house with » cellar and a furnace and everything electric. "I : mean any vy^ could afford." ' John srtaUei "H«'s oftly asking fortj; a rSonth. tParits'sdniebody to U\ p e in il—you might even get it |or less. He slewed' me all through, ind told me il I knew of arijrlxSly—" ' "'"' A|ii*c gazed at him absently, 'hi'Kendalls -had been slimmer peojpl*,'' year's back. Then Mr. Kendall l>id retired and biiilt an all-year-round house half way up'the hill behind the school, but his wife and daughter hadn't liked it wintitrs, ; an4'«K>w they never Came any more except in July and August. "Holy cats,'': said Ellis, but then, "I vrouldn't'k^oifr h^w to act in » pl«ce like that." kept her face expressionless,'-but her mind was working fait,' "Wouldn't do any harm to »<f?»e wS £* & w ><? m «'""«. ifieaiked, innooently. >' ftAetliooOf John?"^^ •• CMttued). '•+* It V I'ETEIl EDSON BA Wusliingtoii Corresiioiulrni' WASHINGTON, May IB: (NEA1 —The first .steps lownrd dnliig £oniethin B about, the hunger and fnmliie which threaten the world next yenr and the five or 10 years sifter that will be taken' nl. .-in einergciicy meeting of the In tern's- tionnl Food timi ABiiculturc Of- einii/iition. convening in Washington on May 20. Food ministers'of countries expocteii to l\avc cxpori- have been<sUttSil nonfcrt to ibis 'urgency 'meeting^Sy' Sir John Dpya Orr, PAO director general. • The prospect which faces this fathering j s diKiiial. '1'ho world food shortage will not t> e ended with the harvesting of this year's crops. The earliest relict may be expected i s in the harvest of 1947 crops. • ' ' Studies by PAO food exports, economists, and statisticians who huve been working on u, c problem indicate that Europe and Nortii Africn vvlll be n third short on grains next year. H may be'three or four years before seed and fertilizer ore nivii]nb] c in quantities adequate to supply feed ftir poultry and dairy and meat animals for iionn:il food supplies. •' In the Far p.-irtklilarly China and India, it may tnke 10 of concentrated effort to remove the llireat of famine. IMMKIHATK NKERR Ul.OCK FUTUHK rOXS'll>ERATIONS • Alnrming [, s their appraisals arc, they are lost sight of in tlie needs for the immediate present. W.hnt ix family is going to eat next year or (he year after (hat is of small concern if u doesn'i lu ve enough food for tortnv and tomorrow UNRRA and CFB—tlie United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration nnd the Combined Food Board—have been grappling with today's problems, lint both these m-Kanizations will go oiu of business within a year. Uoth are agencies !<> deal with war emergencies. There Is little likelihood that their authority will be extended. ' In this situation, it is essential that- someolx-ly go to woik on the long-rmnjc problem, and K,\o is nssuiulng that responsibility at iti forthcoming Washington inceting'. Tills action i s bcin taken lit the request of the United Nations Assembly which met in Ixjutlon las* winter. There was .some feeling aiikmg the j-j p..\o member eoun- Iries that no action should be taken until the 1EH7 crops were harvested. Hut the world food crisis is now believed to be so acute that delaying action for a year would be disastrous. No effort will bo made by KAO <o deal with this year's fcxxf stior'- period, most countries were back on a more or less self-sustnining basis, the danger of ovur-prodiic- UOH anil a resulting collapse in food price levels would be great. It could well lead to world-wide tuinucinl depression. ' The job cut out for PAO is to j Russian paper rubles issued be- Kccp a constant -survey of ivorlrt fore World War I have no ex- food i-cqitirements,'production nnd 'change value distribution. Then it can advise individual countries on action that can be taken to avoid disaster. The Food and Agriculture Organization itself "may prove to be toi> unwieldy to take over the problems of world food allocations. Consideration is'being given, however, lo the idea of seUinj; up commissions or corporations which might do the necessary International trading in fertilizers, farin machinery, -feed and livestock, and human foodstuffs. * A WHOUYW0007 1!Y KKSK1NK JOHNSON NEA Star Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, May 1C. (NBA) — Our nomination ror the'best acting ;>erfonnaiice of the week goes to- Jay to Miss Joan BenneU. Whlla the camera's inquisitive eyes peeked through a tent flap, Jpan Ipok- t'rt "a llltle like after" fpr a fleet' ing shot in the picture, "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber." 11 was Director zoJtan Korda'i' utea, we must report, but Joan Col- lowed through like a Bnrrymore. Aftei- nil, looking "a little lik e after" is quite a irick. The movie is about a* African lion-liunl, based on a 22-page short story by Ernest Hemingway. Joan and her husband (Robert Preston) o hunting lions, with a Jiaiidsomc devil named Gregory peck as thelv guide. It isn't long before Joan, a lady with a roving eye, finds Peck much more exciting than lions. (Hollywood has to have a triangle, even In darkest Africa.) So one night Joan unzips her tent flap and mos- rjuilo i Wli'ig. tiptoes past her sleeping husband, ami visits Pcci in his tent. Joan had just returned from her nocturnal call, and Director Korda was filming the scene in which she sneaks buck to her tent unct climbs back into bed, unmindful that husband Preston had awakened and knew what was goin<; on nil the time. \ PUKTTY . ritOBLEM Joan wondered just hq«' she ihould look as the camera followed her back to bed. Director Kordii thought for a while and then said: "I think Joan should just look a little like after." So, Joan looked- "a little Ilk* after," thereby winning our hanil- iiajlpn for the best Acting perforw iincc' Of the iveek. •. "The short Happy Life of Frftp- cis Maeomber"—and you 1 can I bet the title will be changed—Is Ingu-nys best short story, ffcfi Benedict.Bpgcaus bought tji rights for $85,000. 'Hie lionilHinling sequences will be filmed near Rosarita Beach, In Mexico, about 50 miles below §ai> Tlie company is taking 'along a- big rubber buffalo, which 'Pr'eSt&n". has to "bhool." But Preston.him- self is the biggest game OH flu; hunt. Joan shoots him" (.ween th e eyes with a hlgh-pdwr' ered rifle and stands trial for" Ills murder. As you can see, it's '•» mighty exciting plot. PECK HAS THREE BOSSES While' Joan was looking "a lii- tlc like after," we sat on the set's sidelines and talke<| to Peck. Threj studios. Fox.'• M-G-M. and David O. Selznick, share his contract 1 now. He said, his next picture probably W ni be based on the life 6f I the traitor Benedict Arnold. "Selznick sees me as' a he:ivy,_" he said, "but after .'Duel .'in * [lie Sun' I don't thing I .ever wnnt-'.'to play another heel." i- J . Peck, along with everyone-else in Hollywood, is ' amazed • at' SelS- nick's million-dollar "Duel in- : .the Sun" publicity campaign. The 6th> er day, Peck said. Selznlck's publicity boss, Paul MacNainara.- was called down by the manager of tlia RKO-Pathe studio. Kingfishers cat mice and insects as well as wish 1 ' .'<•' ,Atomic > Scientisr' EMERSON ATTIC FANS Available Again AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. jl HORIZONTAL I 1,5 Pictured | scientist { V |12 Diving bird 113 Strong ; . |H Roman " i philosopher'i ;15 Poker stake 1 10 Insect ,18 Wine vessel ,19 Revokes' .21 Indian .,;-< 22 Father' ? 123 Postscript "5 (nb.) ,£ 124 Whether S '2GAnd (Fr.) !; -21 Slaves ;' | i 29 Requires '* |31 Boundary^ : (tomb, form) 32 Anger f ;33 French city 135 Pacifies ;38 Either V 3!) Lieutenant , (nb.) 40 Morindin dye * ''II Hawaiian bird .42 Summer (Fr.) ; 44 Pertaining lo ^ n clan '49 Feminine undergarment , 50 Type of ' mitten <. ^_52 Uncommon *\ 53 Bellow '•-54 She is interested in ,5 G Edges 57 Upon that '53 Small flaps '1 Beasts of ) burden 2 Greek letter •3. Animal park '4 Half-em' 5 My 6 Grafted (her.)" 20 Pertaining to 47 Waste 7 Paragraph ( sines 8 Symbol for 23 Danger ' tellurium * 25 Wild 9 Compass point 28 Neither 10 Jacob's •• 30 Lamprey >• brother (Bib.) 33 Verse 11 Paused 14 Sleeveless f* garment 15 Paid noticei 17 Fondles 19 Helps ( -34 Skilled person 36 Swamp 51 Bind 37 Fly .43 Engrave 45 Sea eagle 46 Rodent i allowance ! 48 One (Scot.) ! 49 She was one o( the first to do lesearch on the atomic. i& ft 53Narrgw inlet 55 Symbol lor erbium 56 Right (a'b.)' w Out Our Way and CPU. Tile Food and Agriculture Organization will, therefore, 'begin with measures to husband the stocks of foot! thai will have to car™ the world through xt winter. From there. GAo will 8" on lo consider how the 1947 harvest may be increase! in \11 countries. Finally, it will consider a iour- "r five-year food plan to t:\fo. the world through the present "rrisis and work out a smooth s i,j( t to a permanent world f lx >d policy FOOD roMcv NEEUKII TO' '' I'liKVENT OVER-1'KOniTTIOX This last Is tremendously important. Under present focrt shortage conditions, all food prices nrp abnormally high. The desiio 0 | many ' countries tc buy ahead. t,> nmtract now for 1047, oiilv tends lo drive prices higher. High prices arc a normal stimulus lo increase production. n ut j t at the end of a four- ot <u 0 -ve-v- Give your car that spring look. Let us give it our special wash and lubrication job. Every part of your cqr gels a lubricant especially ned for it. Qur cat wash is complete. Langston-Wrofen Co. Sales U. S. Tir« OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Broadway Buick Service Mobil Gas WRECKER SERVICE Telephone 533 BvJ. R. Williqmi IW-JOVMENJT CXJTA HOWIK1' HIM >>ur Boarding House with A^aj. Hoopl^ EVER.V6ODV CASi tROT HEM ON THE COTLETS TOMISWT -~- THE OLD BLOODHOUMD 6 OUT A MIGSIOM SECRET ASASRAV f IT'6 SO SIMPLE IT SOUNDS LIKE- HOPING Woeoti CHASE ONE OF 6AO THROWS LOOKS A<5 EASY AS F1MDIMG SOME- TO ABOUT NITH ON THE SACK 0*

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