The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 30, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER np NnnifiraARr a,,^..,o«r, ,,,,^ „„.„,„.„, XXXV—NO. 37. Blythcville Courier BJylhevllle Herald TiIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AHKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi Valley Leader nlytlioville Dally News Methodists Deplore Conquest by Force; Unification Issue Not Dead Bln,MINGIlAM, Aid.. Apr. 30. The standout question of unllica- tion apparently sealed by nn , overwhelming vole approving union c! Southern Methodists with other branches <;f (lie denomination, the 34r<l Quadrennial conference of the Methcdisl Episcopal church, Souih turned its nlteuion lo other at- 1 fairs today. 'the church today called UJXMI President Roosevelt to hall the sending of wnr materials to Japan to aid the Nipponese in their "wnr of aggression "upon Chlnn." The general conference adopted a resolution deploring the fact that China "lins been invaded by the nrinecl forces of Japan." "We call upon President Hoosc- velt and (he congress of tlie Unite;! States to take such measures as may be necessary to prevent the materials and resources of this country from being used lo aid Japan in the war of aggression on China." the resolution suid. The United States was asked to not recognize any territory ac- tiuiveil by force or aggression in another resolution, passed by the. assembly, which represents more that 3.000,000 southern Methodists. The resolution specifically named Ethiopia ami Austria as territories acquired by aggression. The vote on the unification proposal yesterday was: For unification. 434; against, 20. Overwhelming as the vote was the srouo opposing the "plan of union" already approved by Methodist Euiscopal (Northern) and Methodirt Protestant bodies, ire- inained steadfast in their assertion that "the Southern Methodist church will not perish." The Southern church was formed after separation from Northern mills iu 1844, brought about by n controversy over negro slavery.. Opponent raised the negro question yesterday in fighting unification. If secessionists make no serious inroads among the 3.000,000 Southern members the new "Methodist" church will .have.-.-approximately 8-.noO.000 on its rolls, Before the vote was announced Blslion John M. Moore said that the College of Bishops would appeal to (lie church's judicial council fen-responding lo a supreme church court, lo rule on legality of the method of adoption. Onoonents contend that the conference here could not make final ratification because the North Mis- slssinnl conference voted a»ainsl the plan and approval of "each" conference is provided in the constitution. A siKjkesman for the Laymen's Organization for Preservation of Ihc 'foilthem Methodist church s-iid -defeat yesterday was just what we expected" but Indicated i Hint the fight had not stopped I 13 Aboard Motorboat Are Missing ST. JOHN'S, NOVK Scotia, Apr. 30, i UP)--'mil-Iron per.sons were missing today In n motorlmt trip from Englee on the norlliviisL ami lo St. Anthony, a distance ,» -,u miles. ,Amoiii! them were n nurse- and live patient:; who ucic rO j,,, , u a hospital nt SI. Aniliniiy. 'Hit trip started a wn-k ;ii'<> to t-iy Nothing lias be™ lii-arii' nl ilic boat :.ince Hint HUH.. IVAKKANSAS, SATURDAY, APIUL DO, 1<)!!B Invcstioaiors Organi/c For Bio J 0 | SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Wage-Hour Bill Supporters Would _ Mold Confess In Session WASHINGTON, Apr. 30. IUI') — Supporters of the ad:ninistrallon's wnge and hours 'bills Ihreatened today to prevent adjournment of congress until the house passes sonic form of labor standards legislation. Dcspile growing sentiment lor adjournment by June 1 tliev declared that Ihcy had sufficient strength to hold congress in session until lute in June io obtain at least passage of the hill by the house. Chairman Mary T. Norton (Don., N. j.). of the house labor committee, prepared to file a petition late next week to discharge the rules committee and force the bill to thc house floor. She accused the rules committee ot employing '•undemocratic pro-i cedure." ' of tlu nnd Us joint House-Semite conunlllee that will the Valley MVII toy fi>iil >i/niH-.t n.n.,,1,... n r_i.. . .... •*• v * HULJ big Proposes Long Range Youth Accused of Assaull Voluntarily Surrenders After Extended Absence J. D. Alley, 18. who has been sought by officers since February 13 when he is alleged to have I stubbed Alton "Junior" Presncll. 17, 1 was returned here late yesterday by , JI. H, Sc-hvvarlf, (D -Wy. Thomason (D.—Tex.), and Representative Mi., u |,' Evrard Will Talk On Juvenile Crime Problems In connection with the program on "Improvement In tile Administration of Justice and American Citizenship" sponsored by the Junior Bar Conference of the American Bar association, Marcus Evrard will speak Monday morning at the high school assembly on "Juvenile Crime Problems". He will use the same subject when he addresses the Girl Scout Council at 7::)» o'clock Monday nlyhl. Game Development! , fcr I 1 '" 1 " rtcr ° rac r tip that he was in LITTLE ROCK. Apr. 30. (UP)— The state game and fish commission today presented a group of central Arkansas sportsmen n lon<< range plan to preserve and develop the slate's wild life re- soiirces. --The commission- proposed that tlie 'legislature appropriate additional funds for restocking of game refuges, fish propagation ami cn- forcemenl of game laws. Tlie commission "said about $200,000 would be needed in "addition., to the present revenue of plan. Sim one Simon Is Sorry Sorry True!' Driver Injured, Trucks Are Damaged R. R. Davis, representative of the Standard Coffee company, was KlieHly injured and his truck practically demolished and a truck owned by Jones Bros., of Holland, vas badly damaged, In a highway 61 accident at a bridge on n curve several miles north of town last night al 9:30 o'clock. The coffee company's.truck and the Missouri truck, which was loaded with bay, collided. The front end of the coffee truck was completely crushed when it ran headlong into the left front side of tiie other machine, which was going south, it was said. State Policeman Eddie B. David, who investigated, snid this afternoon he had not yet made any arrests. 111 T€LL "^"YOU BY ~ 2 BOB — BURNS __ You never know the strength of a person's character until you find out how much suffering and sacrifice he will endure for his principles. Two of the worst old gossips \ve ever had down home made a bet early one mornin' that they wouldn't open their mouths for twenty-four hours. At ten o'clock that nioniin', some fella eloped with another man's wife. Along about noon, one of tlie gossips died of apoplexy and at two o'clock that afternoon, the other one Jest naturally blew up, s received -a that vicinity. He waived jircliinary hearing in municipal courl today on a charge of assault wth intent to kill and was held lo circuit court. His bond, set al $1.000, W ns signed by his im- cle. and E. S. Harris. Young Presncll, who lias teen ill since Ihe allegation, was unable lo appear .iii. court toddy.^ . •• A warrant for Alley was issued after the at.tack,,whieh oi-currcd in the west end, but Alley lied immediately -afterwards and was never apprehended.lunlil yesterday. Prcsnelljlpkj officers that'hc was of:, the Frisco railroad tracks and Mghwny 18, near the old Chicago Mill site, when the attack occurred. He said the trouble started n-deii he laughed at Alley, who was arguing with 'another youth. "lie cursed me several limes and I tried to get him to stop," Pres- neil said, "but he kept' on' calling me bad names nnd ! slapped his face." One of the other boy.s handed Alley a long bluded pocket, knife Presnell said, nnd Alley attacked him with Ihc weapon, knocking him down after inflicting several gashes, when Presnell fell .to the group his head struck a rock ami he was ri;ix«l as Alley fled from the scene, It Is claimed. At first Presnell was not believed to iwve been .seriously injured but complications developed from Ihe wound receive;! when he wns I knocked to Ihe ground and he was critically ill for a long time. A delicate operation was performed on his brnin nnd he wa.s later removed to a Memphis dinip for treatment, He is now s:ii ; j to be improved. mor( , ,j^ c a |j ltl( , g ir | than a glamorous movie star. Simone Simon Is pictured above as she appeared at the district attorney's omce in Los Angeles to discuss a complaint against her former secretary, Sandra Martin, accused of defrauding the actress of between $16.000 and $25.000 Unmoved by Miss Martin s threats to "tell plenty," Miss Simon said she was "very to have tg do lhl»," Lemons 8ml lo Tropics BOSTON (UP)-Actd paradoxes: customs reports show thai- large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables recently were shipped from this port to Bermuda where hotels are crowded with tourists. Even more ironical, perhaps, were shipments of lemon juice lo tropical islands. Henry Block, Negro, Arrested In Chicago, Confesses House Breaking Officers believe that the mystery of many recent house burglaries In Blythcvtlle has been partially solved with tlie arrest of Henry T Block, negro, who pointed out to officers nine local, residences ho had -burglarized. Block, who was arrested at Chicago Tuesday.' was returned to Blytheville by Sheriff Hale 'Jackson. . ' . ' : He will be given a •preliminary hearing Monday, otliccrs said loilay. He is In jail here. All of the loot stolen hns not yet been recovered but a large portion of the goods has been located and officers are still working on the case. • Dust Mirage Believed To Explain "Ghost Car" BRANTFORD, Out. (UP)—While driving alone a highway near here. Klenneth Southwood, n telcprngji messenger, reported n "ghost car" nearly caused him to figure in what might have been n.serious accident. As he drove along he suddenly saw a car loom up directly in tlie path of his own car. He applied the brakes and had difficulty holding the machine on the road as it skidded. The other car then "disappeared" from in front of him. On reflection, Soulhivood decided what he had seen was a "dust mirage" probably caused by tlie shadow of a car passing Idrn from the other direction being tin-own across his path. Sassafras trees have three kinds of leaves, and all three types may be found on (he same twig. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Apr. 30. (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open high low close May Jul" Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 871 870 884 878 SSB 88G 892 891 870 873 833 88-1 887 892 875 878 886 886 8891\ 894 Spots closed steady at 878. up 2. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Apr. 30. <UP1- The cotton market closed steady today after a short session, unchanged to three points higher May Jul Oct Dec. •Jan Mai' oi>en 881 389 895 . 897 900 903 881 889 837 899 901 005 close 8S3a 8S4b 887 889 895 897 900 303 897 899 P01 905 — - wmi ,n/o y\i.i Spots dosed steady at 832 unchanged, r i l^^a Stock prices A T & T 126 [-2 Anaconda Cop 283-8 Assoe D G 5 5-8 Beth Steel '' 45 3-4 Boeing Air io 3-4 Chrysler 40 1-8 Cities Serv 93-4 General Electric 321-8 General Motors 29 1-2 Int. Harvest 5(> :t-8 Montgomery Ward 30 1-4 N Y Central u 7.3 Packard 37-8 Phillips Pet .,_[ 323-4 Radio '. ' 53.4 Schenlcy Dlst 165-8 Simmons 171-8 Socony Vac Standard Oil Texas Coip .............. U S Steel ................. 42 Chicago Wheat high 13 1-4 45 5-8 3fi .1-4 :!-4 May July May open 18 1-2 18 1-2 low close 79 3-8 78 3-8 79 1-4 79 1-8 18 1-4 13 Chicago Corn open high 58 1-8 58 1-4 low 59 close 58 .July 60 CO 1-8 59 5-8 59 5-8 Little Rock Office Announces Conferences And Elsewhere Here U'lTI.E ROCK, April 30. (UP) A relies of . conferences In connection \vith launching of the Federal Housing Administration's nrogniin In Arkansas will be held! b " tc " 1 ' Fonl Extortionist Is Given Prison Sentence DI'.TIIOIT, Apr, 30. (UP)--Wesley C.niy, n, wlio allemnlcd to Mlorl $10.000 from Henry Ftord, was .sentenced today lo seven years In (he fi'dcnd reformatory nt Chllllcolhe, Ohio. Ciniy had pleaded guilty toscml- h)|| a Ihri'ateiiliin letler last fall l» Hit bllliomiln* niitomobltc mim- luu.T nml his son, el l-'ord, Approves Address of Pres-'afJ. iddlt Hitlmi» At llldi- f )rny llwl • I'™'Woli afitr ™.' ( i,, . b • J i'"it I hi- letter nml siim-mteiTd- In ciary lassivencss ... Texas n month ago. HOT .SI'lilNOS, Ark., Apr. 30.— A mlUtuni Arkiuma liar u.s.soda- tlon iToordi'd by vole Us endorsement ol criticism ot the stale su- jjri'Mii' court for failure to net lo mired certain alli'geil here yesterday. By 11 vote of 111) to 43, the A^so- adopted yesterday a resflhi- I'KHion iHiopirtl yi'Slerdny a resohi- n , ,-, _, l!«;n approving lln> address of Wai- noiflbs KitlllCCl Oil CltV h-r n IVhliili'l/ /»f I1HI,» l>,v.l/ ,..„... , , ... J I IT H. HlcUIIck of l.llllo Hock, prc's- Idcnl of the association, In which he ciillelwil the Arkansas supreme i-oijrl on Us "fiillm-e lo correct abuses In tlu' courts," 'Ihe resolution provided that, the "approve of tlie prcsl HAIJCEl.ONA, Apr, 30. (DP) — Insurfii'iil nli-planes mined lerror on IXirci'lonn iiKuln today alter n lull of six weeks, _ _ In two raids Ihls moriilrig cus- of Ihe supremo court of Arkansas'." lmulefi were estimated at more The resolution was adopted after " m " 5() kl " 0(l llll( l 60 wounded. dent's adress nnd (hat we pledge ourselves lo supiwrl and endeavor lo hnve It elfecllvn In the conduct opted . ns of by 1!. K. Wiley of l.lttle Rock. Representative Kenneth ColTelt, Benluii, said tliat he generally agreed with the address he could not "concur In the part that Ihey abolish Jury trials In Arkansas." "When you. turn over to the Judiciary of this state the |xwcr to set aside Jury verdicts," he sulil, "you don't mean u thing but Hint they have the right to abolish trials by jury." Alter pulllnif Ihe resolution (o a vlve voc-a vole, Clinlnmm Abo Collins of DcQuecn said, "it i s my opinion that there are more voles U was the Ilr.vl Important 'nltnck since Hint of March In which nearly 1,000 persons were esll- mnttd to hnvo been killed. Police said 20 dead had been Hinted in Ihc llrsl raid, although It was feared there were ninny itlierti. Tlie In for the resolution against It." than noise The asse ily then bccamo tur- In 28 Arkansas eliies in the next I s '6 ne(1 by each voter. Collins sought days, it. was announced today. The conferences will 1« conducted by four of Ihe adiiiinlstratloii's th c FHA O rrice representatives. here snld. Conferences Include those scheduled for Jono.sboro, May 17; Bly- thcville, May 19; Helena June 1; Batesvllle, June 21. and Forrest City. June 0. - A conference will lie held at Newport on n date not yet dc- tennlued. Western Auto Store To Change Location W. A. Affltck Is moving his Western Auto Supply store tomorrow to defer thc ballot until today but the assembly protested and further B)>ccches were postponed until ||KJ was completed. tug nt 8:40 a.m. In live minute x bomb fell, followed liy several iinnll blnsl-s which may hnve been anll-alrorull explosions. Blaek smoke rose high aliove the city's skyline against the blue of the Mediterranean and the sky. The nirplnucs Hew across the city and hills, swept around to the and dtsnppenrcd toward the Predict Immediate , ; Ap• proval ,of President's Request By Congress WASHINGTON, Apr. 30. (UP)— ---,-.--., - „ .Congressional leaders Indicated to- from tlie building at 221 West Main | «"">' that President Roosevelt's re- strcet, lo the Henry flcldmnn build- Ing ut 10!) West Main street. Police Watch Over Dinner While Cook's at Church quest for n $500,000 study of the problem of monopoly would receive Immedlale approval. Senators William E. Borah (Rep., Ida.) and Joseph C. O'Mnlioncy (Oem., Wy.) Joint authors of a pending mill to require federal II] wnslng of corporations, applauded PASADENA. Gal. (UP) — A wo-" llc president's recommendations man telephoned police, asking that' 1 ™ 1 - ""''t tllat legislative action a patrol be sent to guard her Sun-! should not he delayed beyond next clay dinner while she was nt' 5 ' rar church. She explained that for O'Mahojiey said the president's . several Sundays past, while she mnss age represented "n , al Divine services, someone had entered her douse and eaten rpal| y to help. her dinner. •Two policemen _.„..„ ,. thc patrol and this lime the wo man returned from church rejoicing. step" and that |»slllve lie wns Heads Midwest Liberty League , "H is my conviction that the were assigned to' I)assnBB of " Jltl( >'<il laws providing i Is lime the wo- ? ln "" a "'s for national commerce Is the most Important step congress can take." he snld. "Every moment of delay In deciding wlmt that law should conliitn is only recovery." Art School Tries Out Do-as-You Please Idea MINNEAPOLIS (UP) -Students at a "new school" on the University of Minnesota campus believe In Utopia. The school Is free and tbe students may come nnd go as they please and work in whatever they please. Not only Hint, but the Instructors arc not permitted to offer any criticism, merely sugges- • lion nnd advice. i Tlie school is the new art laboratory, fully equipped for the use of all students who have leanings toward painting, clay-modeling, handicraft \vork and other arts. Tlie laboratory already promises to become cue of the most popular of the luiiverslty's extra-currlcidar activities. ' After Weeks of Six milling airplanes swooped fi-lom (lie .sen nnd sent the terrified InhnbHunls of tlie city hurrying for shelter. The warning- sirens began wait- ROKEirELT OFF i .SEA urn Leaves; Charleston, S. C. On Cruiser Amid Roar of Saluting Guns CHARLESTON, s. a., Apr. 30, (UP)-Amid crashing salutes from ship ami shore Uatlcite President Roosevelt sailed from Charleston today aboard the cruiser Philadelphia for u sea-going vacation that may lake him a'i far south as tho- "!<-.:;(. Indies. Thc chief executive sailed at :•!!> (i in., tin hour ami a half lifter his arrival liero l>y special tniln from Washington. The ijrcy-luillcU Philadelphia, one of the nnvy's newest 10.000- lon IJgtillng ships, ivns convoyed out of (he Charleston harbor uy the destroyer Fanning, which will act ns a communication vessel during thc president's • holiday. Tha trip Is expected to five or six days. As the cruiser swung from Uie dock her saluting guns roared .21 llnuw and were answered by the Clmrleston navy yard battery. Tho president's fins, blue, with four white stars and the seal of the United States In tho center, flew from the main, mast ot the Phlla- delpliln. Mr. Roosevelt was received wJUj. lioncra reserved tor Ihe command-' et'-in-chlef as he was welcomed aboard tlie ship by Capt, Jules James. Three Parades In One Day For New Yorkers NEW YORK, Apr. 30. (UP) — Three great pnrnde.s^-two of them celebrating May Day ami the other marking a prcvue-o'r. the World's Fair In .- IflM—ivouud through • the streets of New York' today. It wns estimated that 300,000 persons were Iti the parade. French Wine Museum Now Open at Angers ANGERS, Pi-ancc (UP)— A 11111- nnll , f , r | "'' ", , ...... " ••«-— "•"> "•!'scum of wines has been opened hi ''° .''. ,°" * '™l»n"y or "emcr- Former Deputy Federal Marshal Gets State Job LITTLE ROOK, Apr. 30. -„„- pointmcnl of VV, H. Burgess of; Janesboro as special assistant to aid In the disposal of toll-houses and oilier state property at- toll bridges and lo assist In other matters pertaining to. the stale's bridges wns announced yesterday by tho state Highway Doptirtmcut. • ihirgess \yiui replaced 1 us deputy Unllcd Slates marshal at Jonesboro las tweek. His new position, created Wednesday, pays $150 a mouth. Assistant Highway Director Vernon qcott said one of Burgess' first ..duties .was^tp assist, hi .making- surveys to determine tlie cost,of installing free ferries alongside privately owned loll bridges at Des Arc and Poivlmlau.'The state lias been unsuccessful In negotiations lo purchase Uie bridges for the $120,000 appropriated for that purpose by the legislature. llccords of tho stale Personnel Division show that Burgess was ap- " basis. Ihe cellars of the Hotel Dleu. which, It Is said, wns built by Henry II of England. The exhibits consist of Imrrels used'In olden times to hold wine, the primitive baskets of the grape- gatherers, various utensils used for tiuitlne wine and ancient documents praising the wines of An- ,, gcrs meeling of field office managers j from 35 cities. • Tlie five women officials hold thc following positions: regional administrative assistant, regional at- ' tonicy, Cleveland field office, manager, head ot the Loraln, o., office jnd manager of (tie Ashtabula, O, office. Five Ohio Women Aid Social Security Board CLEVELAND (UP)—Five officials of the Ohio Social Security Board arc women, n wa s disclosed at a U.S. Born, She's Buddhist Priest President ot Ihe newly-formed Corn Belt Liberty League is Tilden Burg, above, ot Sciota, 111. Denouncing "compulsory" features of the new federal crop control legislation, 3000 farmers organized the league in a meet- Ing at Macomb, 111. The organization will seek repeal of the -sform legislation. "^ •• U. S. Ignores Jilting- PROVIDENCE, .R. I. (UP) — A Jilted boy friend attempted to discount his romance by denoting |160 under the "bad debts" column on Ms income tax return. He said he spent the money on a hope chest and diamond ring for his girl last — - ............. „, year. But Uncle Sam's deputy col- Clad in the customary home- lector rilled "No." I spun robes of a Buddhfsl Driest, I "Dhammadinna," o woman who claims to have been born In St. Louis, Is pictured above as she arrived In San Francisco and announced she would establish a "Dust Bowl I.tslcr" Tested MOLINE, m. <IJP)_A machine known as a damming lister, developed to aid "dust bowl" farmers in their battle against wind ero- s'on of top soil, Is being tested here. It deeply furrows a field and at Intervals scoops up a quantity of ioll and deposits it in thc trench to form a dam, re.treat In southern CaUfornia for followers ot Buddha. Japanese omcers o! the ship on wnfch sue arrived said "Dhammadinna" (giver of the doctrine) was the first woman ordained in the BuddJifct order, Jokes Too Cumbersome, Merchant Calls Police LAWKENCE, Mass. (UPl-BIagto Clnrdlcllo is fast losing his sense of humor. On several successive mornings when he attempted to open his store, he found bulky obstacles- blocking the entrance. The other day it wns a 200-pound wooden, bench. So Biagio called on the police for help. Tiiey promised to catch the culprit if It took the whole night shift to do the job Tiny lamp Powerful LONDON (UP)-A tiny mercury vaiwr lamp, measuring only !',(• inches In diameter but giving the Illumination of a'powerful searchlight, has been developed in a British research laboratory. Star Halfback Is Viotnlst FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP)-Earl Clark of Breckenrldge, a rugged halfback on the Texas Christian University football team whom coach Leo (Dutch) Meyer predicts will be thc "toughest blocker In the Southwest conference next fall," plays first violin In the school symphony orchestra. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday. Memphis and vicinity—Thundershowers this afwrnoon and tonight; Sunday partly cloudy, not much chanje in temperature... The maximum temperature here yesterday was 87, minimum 82,' clear, with 32 o! an Inch rainfall last nlsht, according to Samuel p, Norrls, official weather observerl

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