The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1949
Page 13
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•FRIDAY, APRIL 2<l, IMfl BT-YTHEVIT.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople EGAD, WALDO.' PARDON TK6 , SOT I WAS JiiST LEAMINS Ort A BUSINESS TRIP TOTRll-ilDAD AN>D M i ss eo MY TC AII-J .'•»— COULD YOU AFFOCD A 6QDTM68 OiVL. FOR THE 6Uet,A<A,3O8f 6PBCA.O YOUR. BOKI6S IMTHE SWkRfi BD0M/ DOKi'T MIND TVIIS BAT SOME 3UST GOTM6 UP THR66 TiMaS to ASK WHO VJOkJ TUe DEKBV IH AGAIN) TLL WIT A POI-JSOES YEH, THEY'D THIMK \ n WA<=> ARTHRITIS-- ) MOW THGV THINK / IT'S A TRAV OF \ BOTTLES.' BUT HE'D \ LOSE SOME DIGNITY J WITH A LEG LIKE < IHAT STICKIW'OUT \ A WINDOW? ) .—^ L&VJltOSTOWM FOR GOOD 2 Private Kooms HedrtHmi. N^:ir hjilli. Close In. Mrs. iJelte Wood PtlolU' :1474 4 2H-p*-5,l COmiCKT IV «tCN|[*G: ruiLISHEl D >Y NLA suvict INC lui [iisht'il room hrtjoinlnt; iKith, kuclurn pi Lv]k'a('-s, II de^ucd I'h. yuutj r. nuA !Hr». il Lnjr lti>F.<*r. bedroom- adjoining btuh. Air cooleti Bedroom KtU'licii privileges Convenient to oath No children PlJ "2-123 LinUroom, convenient to bmh 611 W Main I'imne 'JW5 3;3l -iik-liiio private bath Ph. 4G43. 11UU ChiuknsiLwlin I'h 2815 SPECIAL RATES bv HIP vvet'k Fiir 1'evmart'iil Guosls NEW GLENCOE HOTEL Air Condllioned tor Summer Phone 4404 Bedrooms BlyLlievllle Hotel Ph. 952. Comfortable, cool bedrooms. Close In Men only, ;ilO W. Walnut. 4.27-pk-5 27 iOedroorn. 622 W. Main. 4 27-ck-tr For Rent Warehouse JO* x 40' on mil road sltl- tns. Midwest Dalty Products. Ph. -544V. 4 19-ck-tf Hash cnmerrts lor all occasions. O'3'I KEN'S STUDIO. 4 5-ck-lf Threi: Kooms iuniisheU WS S Division. Will mm to covrplc only Krrjju- , BOH. Fn. 55'.!. -^27-ck-lt Insurance Can You r lop This? $10,000 Life Insurance only $5 A MONTH^ . (10 rear term age 20—for I 20 year term SG.28 monthly) Maximum Written $200,000 XXIV /~")l'R garden was so npprociutett that summer, and such n lot of young people spilled over and brought picnic suppers with them, which nLso spilled over, Mini we decided we needed 'some outdoor cooking equipment. 11 would save us a lot of tramping in nnd out ot the house for colTcc, suit and pc.'p- PLT, [mayonnaise, paper plates, paper napkins, ice—all the thou- snnd things which picnicking re- ciuires and ivhich arc rcmciinbcrcd ujic at a time. So we got a rolling barbecue grill on which the coffee could be mode on! of doors, poln- Ines linked CJT ;i wt.iscrolc healed. ;nul even steaks or chickens or rho|>5 or hamburger broiled. Then we dreamt up n chuck wasion or sorl of mobile kitchen cabinet and serving table combination, and called our neighborhood handyman in to build it. The carpenter's version., built to my specifications. Cook on the precise shape and pi oporlions of a piano box here were wheels at one end anil ™ handles protruding from the ihcr. At first it looked Like n mon- trou? wbecl-barrow. But by tlv irne 1 had painted the front nm >ack while, so the decal Bulgarian igures would stand out; I he wbeeL nd handles, black: the ingide ycl- n w -,, n t! wh i I e: and n ppl i ed th ivcr-;i!l pattern: a decal border o ,o\vers, fi'uits, saucy vegetables nd lilile figures, it could have >een entered in any class of cart *crsonaLly, though (irejudiced b*y hundred dollars cash outlay, sev ral nights of lost sleep while plan ning it, and several days of work ecorating it. I thought it loo ike a ravishing Old Country bar ei organ. CONTINENTAL ASSURANCE COMPANY I W. U. Myers, General Agent 1 Box 504 Phone 1604 Sikeston, Mo. I Agents & Brokers Wantec 4-28-ck-d-30 For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W. Ash St. GLENCOE HOTEL BUILDING Graham bread took its name fron I Sylvester Gmhnm, an American lee Iturer on temperance E\n food reforn 1 who advocated bread made of whea [flour in which all the wheat kerne • except the husk is used. could be rolled to any spot 11 Ihe garden; the front k'l down n mr.Ue ;i large work board; und i serving lime that front made a i lublc, lit the clnick wagon stored china clips, picnic halies, co/lec pot, dime-store sil- •er, pot holders, asbestos gluves, 'hcfs* aprons, milliard, pepper nnd ; all, barbecue setisoninfis ot all timis, paper napkins, paper plates, \iosquito candles to be lighted and et in holders nnd placed fifteen eet apart on the ground (Ihcy vorked, too), a rack of highball ,hisses, ni\ ice bucket, longs, tray, >oll]e opener, jigger—the woiks. * » • OKNKATH this cabinet were two large slielvcs where ]a\vn cush- ons, waste basket for used phites ind so forth, barbecue irons, scul- .Lc and cliarcoEtl, and all tiiiinnci- ot ncous equipment were parked. The set-up wus an instant success. Our little ice-cream freezer required exactly seven minutes by the clock to churn fresh strawberry or peach or what-htwe-you, and there were always plenty of eager beavers to do thai re ward- part of the work. Even Koger took his turn. 1 had thought cooking alfresco would make summer work easier; the lodgers and we could take turns using the barbecue. Bui there proved to be no such thing as taking turns. Let the fire be lighted and lodgers, neighbors friends, and we ourselves is ho wee up to cook. Standard menus were meat—what kind was according to how many points we had; steak and chop nE^hU we collected rec points from the guest?, too—hakec sweet potatoes or casserole of macaroni und cheese or au gralin potatoes, salad bowl, codec, toasted buns, corn roasted in the husk, ice cream or watermelon or strawberry shortcake. * • • 1>OGER thought the barbecue so absolutely out of this work thai one exposure to it ot the Rus I) H EIF I' S MBB* Dreifus . . . 1 IHDDEDBI] IT3M1 H KEMPHn, fcTTWftUU tf« ITO I SHEET METAL WORK Duel work, blowpipes, gutter ... all lypcs. Tor expert work call Taylor Layton, 828. 112 Norlli First. Blythcville Tin Shop I FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ee Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH 6LD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. Phone, 3646'avt2525 COTTON FARMERS Chernlcall; delintcd cotton MCd itrmlnate quirhcr. plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILAIILK l>. It f. L. No. 11, l>cr 50 Lb. Ban »I(U)U U. It f. L. No. 15, Per 50 Lb. Bat 10.UU Stonpulle i B, I'er 50 Lb. Bis Stoneville Z C, Per 50 Lb. Ba« 10.n« Kowden «1-B. Prr M Lb. Ba)[ ID.™ Hall & Hall lilihred). Per SO I,b. B»|t 10.WI Coker's 100 Wilt llrsistant. Per SB l.b. Baf 10.00 Paula, Per r,o Lh. Bar 10-00 Empire, Per SO l.b. Bajr 10 - or) Come In and plarr tour order or rrt Tonr supply today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 BlythtTillc. Ark. 1'lione ». r >1 Branches: Ltachville, Ark.. HornerMillc. Mo. and Scnath. Mn. .STUDEBAKER Phone 888 Choose A Number c 1938 S 1939 ^ 1940 1941 1942 1946 Cars and Trucks ... whatever model yon want, you'll find it here at Chamblln Sales Co.—at a new low price! Plan to come in tomorrow. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" llailroad & Ash Phone 888 •STUDEBAKER' FRKCKLKS & HIS KKIKNDS By MERRILL Scholarly Snap •' Mf ANT'TOMORROW', BUT BUT t MMMT 13 HEAR ITS SfANISH (OR OLD ARMY V. . .. ^ GAME WHO SAID «M CANT TCACM «rt OU> OOA But, Dad, I don't see how you'vs managed to make out all these years without »t least «u adding machine!" 'RISCll.LA'S I'OP Vnd He Slioulil KIUI\\ By AL VERMEBR YOU SAID IF I 6MOREO HIM HE'D COME CRAWLING BACK TO ME/ WHAT DO WCRE WRONG \ MEAN, ^BOUT RICHARD! PRI5CILLA ALL A. TT WRONG' liy MICIIAKL O'MAIJ.IOY »nd RALPH LANI WEil, FLINT, GOT ANY IDEAS WKERE WE LOOK NEXT FOR BUGS BAT5ON? HE MAY HAVE GONE OUT TO fO& CHANNEL'S FAOM. SUPPOSE WE CHECK IN, THIN RUN OJT TO CHANNEI'S PIACE ? W WASlTTlllIHS By LESLIE TURNEK War of Nerves WHV OWT i siteP! OOTTH u o» nw WM TOMORROW. oorrA HUE UM- Wir PMOM BtH, AMP ££££ THM 30*'. *WW » W*IIC WIlt-QUier MV NERVt5.-WOU«f DMTUMM I'M VEK.Y FOMD OF CATHY, 3AM.,,BDT I CWO'T ADOPT HER! IF GIG FAILS ItllS 1IME- -jf-^ '— Y^~~ T KNOW; A --••>>- /MOTHER. THERE'S NOTHING HECOUIO 00 BUT PUT HER IM 6(4 ORPHANftOt WOKttVIMG CUBE MLTHW IS *T STAKE NEXT DM, 'ILL Wf, NERVE 6 ARC ON EPut. By FRED HARMAH YOU RE LOCKV THIS SEA.T/ WOW l» ' VOO WONY LOOK: SOMETHING HOVJM I VJRONG? J SUPPOSED HERE VOL) . _ ROW J , SEW ONE/ Pf/7 V.'HA,TSA, IDE ['( SEAT'S BEHIND ' ^- CALt TH' ^NVTH^N6 FROM BEHIND THIS posr? »y V. T. HAUUN AVKI6HT IF THAT? H<3W YFEEL..>»U CAN JUST HUNT FOE IT SHUCKS TH S>>'AY YOU BEEN SOUAWKIN' ABOUT HAVIN 'A CPOWN. ID THINK YCU'D THANK ME FOK. KNOCKIN' IT OFF! By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES M;UI colourls stationed in Orcnt to ovorsce lUissin's l.cnd- w o u 1 (1 so um;ilg;im:ilt>> sinn relations lluil il was our duty, if notliinj; more tigreeablc, lo huve tlicm for a supper in the garden. 'Must liiuhbnlls /irst nnd tlicn brnilod chick CD*: nnd ';isst?i'ole and salmi bowl and trmiulc ice cream and coffee," le said. "Something OHS.V like lh;it. L'hcy'i'o musical. Better iiave Hob iri«g home Shostnkovitcb'5 new ymphony. Eie a nice touch." "How many of them will there je?" 1 askc<i, ignoring Ihc touch. "There's he Colonel IJolovitch nd Colonel Kolovitch and Colonel Dolovilch. And their wives, ot !OU1SC." "Thai's .six," 1 ialHort. "Hob nnd von and inc. Thnl's' tiine." "\Ve'll liave to have their inlcr- >reter. Colonel Uolovitch speaks i little English, but the others lon'l know a word. We couldn't >ossibly innnase without the In- .erprcler," "Thai's ten." "Well, yes, but you sec the in- .erpreler has a girl friend. We've ;ol lo include her. He's going to save n rough evening passing the conversation around for so many people, anyway. He ought to hnvc some fun out of it." "Eleven," 1 said. Roger went on, "It doosn'l sound very courteous, not having the colonel from the Iln^c." "Whin colonel? We have three already."* "] mean Colonel Ciirlwrighl, the new C.O. He'll hear of the parly — he works with the Russian? and he'd be an addition, anyway. He'll help lalk to them." "He speaks Russian?" "No. Bui he knows how to make signs. He's used to it," "All right. That's twelve," t said with linnlily. "Colonel Cart wrighl's wife," Roger rebuked me. "Thirteen, then." "You can't hnvc Ihii teen. .Someone might be superstitious. Vll ask a girl to make fourteen." "Fourteen and no more," I snid firmly. "Roger," Roger answered. "I'll do the inviting tomorrow." (To Be Cuntiiiiml)

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