Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 5, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1896
Page 8
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ANOTHER GREAT HIT OUR CHAMPION SALE. Our Eastern Buyer having purchased for us 600 pieces alllsilk Persian Ribbons at a price that others pay lor cotton. We will, offer tomorrow this immense lot of Persian all Silk Ribbons worth'from 76c to $1 a yard, at the low price of 29 cents a yard. We being the only house in the city that could handle such an immense lot ot Fancy Ribbons because of our great Out-let with our two stores. Hence the Low Price. FANCY DRESDEN AND PERSIAN SILSS. Also a lot of Fancy Persian and Fancy Silks sell generally from $1.25 to $2.50 a yard, Tomorrow's price will be 39c to $1.25 a yard. Be on hand early; Golden Why not Wear the Best. The place to get the best shoes is at Waldan's. Our Ladies 20th century Walking Shoes in both Black and Tan are strictly in it for $1.98. Our Men's dress shoes in latest style lasts are "high grade" and up $1.48 to $2 98. Our line of men's working shoes are the best value aver offered for the money 98c to $1,98. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. NOT THE BALL GAME Is what we wish to call your attention to. Most of the nobbiest "and swellest hats seen In Logansport have come from our store, where the stock was never so replete with novelties as now. All the newest styles to suit any taste are here In profusion, and the golfers, tennis players, blcyclprs, or, all-round athlete can; suit his fancy from the most fanciful. Our new straws are dandles. mm. HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Watches For Japanese Heroes. The Japanese government has placed orders for .18,000 watches, not to cost more than $2.00 each. They are to be distributed ivnong the officers and men who distinguished themselves in (he Irate : war, and are to take the place of the medals usually awarded at tho close of rational hostilitles.-READ OTTO'S •OFFER. This Watch and Cttain FREE with Men's Boys' and Children's Suits and Shoes or ... The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Otto Kraus "Of Course" Excursion to St. Louis, On Account of the -CYCLONE.- The Waliftsh K. R. Co. will sell ex- imraion tickets to* St. Louis and return at the rate of .' : 3^.50 For the Round Trip. Tickets will be' good eolng only on train leaving Loganspo t on Saturday June ttth at 10:24 p. m. acd on train leaving St. Louis on Sunday' at ' ' . Aftent. WHEEL TALK. The latest Invention for the benefit of bicycle riders Is the vulcanlzer. The vulcanizer Is a machine In which, through a certain process, worn and bursted. tires that have here-to-for? been beyond repaJr, can be made good aa new. This Is done by vulcanizing raw rubber into the defective parts. In the past when bicycle tires became worn or bursted, the? bad to be thrown aside and new tires substituted, necessitating one of the greatest expenses of the bicycle. This, however, is done away with the Invention of the vul- canlzer. The Burgman Cycle Co. lately, received such a machine and are. in position to mend any rubber goods that bave'been considered beyond repair. We vulcanize every day. Call at our •tore and see us do It. ^ In our repair shop the brazer Is a very useful tool. We are so equipped that we can do the very finest .of work in this particular, line, . . , When you journey ,on your wheel carry a, kodak with you. For sale only by the Burgman Cycle Co. I.-A.IUBATJLT SCHOOL'S DINNER. Indianapolis News: The Rev, E. G. Hunter, -of Holy Innocents' 'church, gave a dinner yesterday afternoon • to graduates of.Senbury School and Shnt- -tuek Hall, of • Farlbault. Ten guests were present. 'Bishop.-White!, and the Revs. A. J. Graham, Edwin Johnson and L. F. Cole, of Indianapolis, and the RCVJS. F. C. Coolbaughi of Logansport; A. W. Seabrease, of Ft. Wayne, and W: H. Bamiford,. of Madison, represented the school, and Messrs. Joseph C.'Tali bott, Charles B. Stllz and Louis Howland represented the hall.- ..'•-• . The -Board, of : County Commissioners granted'liquor licenses to the .following firms last Tuesday:" Williamson & Gregg, Andy Conn; J; F. Nott, Bursman-Bros., Robert Kreuzberger, F. M. Wjigner, George Kennedy and Henry Heiden. '•'• : ' • : : . ' ,. ' : INCREASED POPULATION. Reduction , in Expenses at the Northern Hospital for Insane. The following 1* taken from tho spec- lul bulletlu.-Just-'issued by t'hc State Board: .,. r,.' "The.population of the Northern lu- siwie Hospital 1ms Increased much in the last year.- This lias been made possible by. ,nn '.increase of capacity provided by the erection of buildings, containing rooms for ninety patients. The av6rnp6 number: 61' patients actually in the hospital during,the last six months" was D34, nil increase of thirty-eight over' the six months ending April 30, 1803. The average cost of .supporting each patient during'the .iastvstx months'-wns l smaller by ¥7.01 .than in the'first six months of thu/liist Hscal year. The cost 1 ' of each'day's 1 board, to-each patient ln : the same time has been reduced from 13.8 cents.tO'9.8 cents. . / The lowest cost 'for .board in any State insti.turiou-'Is..ith'e Reform School 1 for Boys at Plaintield. ; The cost of boarding each boy.idurins the last six mqntlis was 0.0 cents 1 a: dny. .The secretary of tlic board says-tliis'low average Is possible because of the large anil produc-.' tive fa™ possessed by the. institution; The cost'of-maintaining the Indiana Re- fon-ui .School for Boys,-.-the bulletin snys,' is far below that-of'any similar Institu-' tiori In the United States. . RATHBOXE SISTERS' OFFICERS, .The Rathb6ue"'-Slster.5. Jtrljouniotl Thursday-uigbt;'after- completing the. list of grand olllcers, ns follows: : , Junior—Mrs. Ev;i Rohbocb. AVabash. Manager of Records—Miss Hattie Hill Grcencastle. Mistress"of Records' and' Correspon- dence—D-r. ilabel (Te'flgne, .Indianapolis'. Mistress of finance—Miss. Aruput, Keutland.- • •' ; . Protector.—Julia- Toting. Conncrsvillc. " Outer iGuard—jVMet Gross/Auburn. Trustee—Mrsv Kieffer, West Indianapolis. "'• ;i :; . ;• SETA? LIBERTY. : Wabasli Tribune: After a short confinement in the .Jail" it. was decided this morning to turn^Pat. Cnmpldn loose, ami he is.'once more'at,liberty. It Is now thought that hla.ecceutrlc actions were largely, due to. "an injudicious indulgence in liquor and'.that he TVill .be all right: in flic course pt.tjme. While Incarcerated in the jail his,behavior has been such as renders the' belief -thill he is insane ixu uncertainty and hejls given the bene- il't of. the'doubt.',-,,'TIme alone will tell whether or no,,thip Is indeed the case. PARTY AT SPENCER PARK. A 'party'Syas given at Spencer park Wednesday.Avening in honor of. Miss Wentou of'G'rnjid Rapids, Mich., who is .the guest ""of". Miss Daisy Williams, Those who 'wei;e, in attendance "were Misses Daisy Williams, Wenton.. Gertrude Blassiugham, :; .Lpu Murphy, Emma Cornwall, Kate -Moritfort and Maggie Pelton, and.Messrs, John Dewenter, Mont Swig-art, Tom Dunn,.;StewnrtFra- zee, Will.Portef,,.G^prge.KlstIer-and Ed. Donovan. Luncheon..was served In the pavilion at 0,o'clock^., - RAMER-MINNICK. Married, on.'|:he.3djnst, by the Rev. Gilbert Small,,'at.,the'.residence of Mr. John Minnlck,; t'wp miles, south of-Anoka, his daughter, Hiss Jennie A. M-in- iitck, and'Win.,,^; garner,'son of the Jate Justice Ramef..; The young couple will soon oocupy'ii..flne home on a farm in Washington township. . There were many guests, bearing presents and hearty congratulations.;.,, ... • SYLyES^ER-MOORE.'; Mr. Sherman';' ,|yiyester ..'and 1 -, Miss Madge M. Mqore'^yere runlted In mnr- rlnge Wedhesdaiy; evening; at the residence of the bribe's parents In the Eastend, by the RDV; ;I W';.-R. Wones.' Mr. Sylvester'Is; a liwell-known employe, of Kreis.Bros.';and the.bride is'one of Lo- ganspoi't'shipst'popular young Indies. The Trades nssembiy, :j !poet'>la3t night at Its new bail-af; Market and' Fourth streets. '•' •• Made in Connection With the ''Suits of B. Schnadig Against INSURANCE COnPANIES Alleged That Something was Wrong at the Sterling ; ''•..'•• Store'Fire. There is :i queer light on in the Circuit coiu't over Uie suttlomeut of the lire loss on the Babbitt. Schnadig &, Co. .-tock.of dry goods, more familiarly -knb.wn as tin: Sterling store. Four suits '•wore brought hy the Sclmadigs against the iusunince companlus. and it was promised "that there \vo-uli.l be a uum- bei 1 of others brouslit, but this has not r.s^.y.et boon done. ' Following on the bi>el.sW the bringing of the suits a. s'taftllnfr charge is brought apuinst the Silmadlgs and it is said that the cases will be fought to the bitter end by the frisoi'rrtiice companies. ...An article which appeared in the Chicago Tl'mcs-tlorald of yesterday morning created considerable excitement when'it was read by subscribers here. Dho'avHclc .appeared in the local columns of tlie Chicago paper, under tiin head of Insurance news, aud 'is as follows: "••• "Au Interesting case is on at Logans- porf,- Jnd;, where atlorneys for the Sclmndigs dry goods house have brought sii'it against several of the promimmt companies. The suits grew out of the burninjrof the establishment :oh -Feb. 13 last. Shortly after the fire .David D, Dykcmnn, a prominent at- .torncy and a large insurer, advised "the .'insurance companies not to settle the loss with the Schnndlgs, as he had proof .tlia-bthe fire was of incendiary origin, • "Mi-. Dykemnn now states that he will •'•fight .the cases for himself and tin; people of Cnss county, aud will ask the next grand jury to make a thorough investigation. ' He also-avers that he will ranc'el the'policies of all the companies •that- agree to a compromise with the Sciinar]Igs, ,so thoroughly wrought up ova the matter i.s he. Mr. Dykemnn Js- a. large property owner aud carries many thousands of dollars of Insurance:- • •.-"Emanuel Sclmadig. Flora Schuadig and Babbitt Sclmadig and. the.owners •of-.the dry j;oods establishment are tlK! plaintiffs in tho suit against the companies." ;;> i.It- has bcc'ii rumored that a special .session of tlie grand ' jury had been called to Investigate the charge made by. Judgu Dykeman. and it is a fact that .ludge'I.airy did order the grand 'jurymen .sununoued, but revoked the order'be-fore the processes had been .survod. • Wliothei-or not. the jury was called willi the special-purpose of iu- vnstiprriting tlie charge made by Judge .Dykmnau, Is not stated positively, but .every indication points to tills conclusion. Judge D'ykeman said yesterday cvcning, in answer to the question as to whciher'. he hail made the- st:itemec\s .attributed to him by the Times-Herald •or not: "I said so and I say so again." lie.Kiiid.- .''I am n large property owner and I pay big insurance money. Wlien- Wer'a-iire such as that occurs it tends to ihe'rease tlie rate on everyone's property; and 1 I have made up my m.lnd to ibs!st.< : 'l was down town on the night ibf" tlKit Ore [referring to the night of tue rire.in.i-he Schnadig establishment],and the next morning I went to all of the'Insurance agents-.in the town and 'fold'them'that if they .paid that loss •without a light, I would withdraw all of ; nay Insurance from them and uae my Influence with my friends to have them withdraw theirs also. It Is the pay- menT'of'su'ch losses us this that raises the rate otf honest insurers." E: M; Scfinndig, one of tlie firm of Babbltt.'S'chnadlg & Co., pi-oprietors of the Sterling,' was seen by a Journal reporter 1 and was :isked..-if lie had any statement to make regarding the article In- (he Times-Herald.. "Mr: Mahoney is our lawyer," he said. "See him'." •'' -•,-'Mr. Maho'uey said, that the whole question' was simply a matter of com- promise'between the Insurers and the Insurance companies. "The matter would" hove been settled some time ago .buffor'the fact that a satisfactory agreement' could not be reached with the attorneys representing the insurance companies. 'The adjusters of the Insurance companies, hod agreed to settle the Ws on a basis of 80 per cent, of the rfctiial loss, but the attorneys 'here threatened the company with -a •withdrawal of-patronage If "the settle-, ment w'a's : made, and consequently the tiling-"has;'hung. fire. They said they wbuhV-hV'reary to suggest a compromise last Saturday, and I held off from Oling the'suits until after 4 o'clock Saturday -evening." "Has"tnere been any talk of Instituting-a damage suit?" was asked; : <'No, : nbf'a"word of that kind, I would have heard'of such a move as soon as anyone, and''! 'tell you truly, there Has been no.talk of that kind." • , jiidge Dykeman Insists that he will push' the flght against the 'payment of tlie-loss'cs. by Uie Insurance companies to,the bitted end, and will'endeavor to have the matter sifted, to the bottom, WEREVOUAT Harry Frank's Saturday. Nearly Everybody Was. At any rate the biggest crowd of buyers that ever collected within the Four Walls-or Logansport' business house, filled and packed every inch of available space in our store It was a sight never to be forgotten--About 10 employes were kept busy as bees from 7 a. m.« toll p. m. Nearly every township in the county and city sent its share of purchasers. This shows the deep interest manifested in this GIGANTIC CLOSING OUT SALE. Many families bought 5 and 6 suits. Complete Base Ball Outfits Gratis With Boys' and Children's Suits. This great Losing Sale continues until all Is is closed out. Respectfully. HARRY FRANK 3i3QFourth Street. Fresh Water Yeast! flakes the purest and sweetest Bread* The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. wlh reference to the charges made against the Sehnadlps. COURT NEWS. he has THE REASON WHT. Record of Suits Disposed ot and New Cases Filed. Some Merchants Are Said to be Hlgh- . Priced With Their Merchandise While Others Are Called Cheai). Harry I. Klein and CuarlottaP. Wild were granted license to wed by Clerk Bliss yesterday. In the case of Benjamin F. Towel! vs John Grusenmeyer, judgment was entered for defendant, .T. Warren Gates and John D. Bitter were yesterday appointed members of the county board of review by the court. David D. Fickle lias been appointed administrator of the estate of Jacob Anlt, deceased, on application of the widow. The suit of John M. Harrington vs. B. F, Keesling, treasurer of Cass county, in which plaintiff asked,that defendant be enjoined from the collection of certain taxes claimed by plaintiff to lie illegal, was decided in favor of plaintiff yesterday aud the treasurer is therefore enjoined from the collection of such taxes. The slander suit of John W. Straight Vs. Charles A. Burk was tried iu the Circuit court-yesterday and resulted in a'verdict for the defendant The suit was the outcome'of alleged slanderous remarks oil the part of Burko. Straight had secured a loan, giving : a note with Burke's name attached as security.Burk claimed that his signature was forged and Straight sued for damages in the sum'of $5,000.. Suit was filed yesterday by Wiliani H. Gregg vs the unknown heirs aud administrator of the estate of Martin O'Brien, deceased, and the unknown heirs and administrator of the estate of William' Cooley. deceased, being an action to quiet the title to certain property In the plaintiff. The damage suit of Mary Sclimerber, by her next friend, Elizabeth Schmerber, .vs the City of Logansport, was tried yesterday. Complainant, ".who Is a minor, brought suit, against tho city for damages sustained by stepping into a hole in the Third street bridge. The accident occurred some three years ago, and the court ruled that, plaintiff had no standing, for the reason that the suit was not. tiled within two years of the time the accident is alleged to have oc- .cnrred. , Suit was filed yesterday evening by- Attorney M. .F. Mahoney, representing David 'D. Dykeman, McDonnell & Jen- klnes, and Nelson & Myers, for foreclosure of a mortgage and collection of $3,000 alleged to be due on a note. The note was given by Hiram Harvey and Is secured by a mortgage, signed by himself and wife, on lands owned by defendant. George B, Forgy and ten others are made co-defendants in the suit.-/Demand is made for $3.500 principal and Interest and S2.500 attorneys- fees, making the total amount of demand $0,000. Tim case grows out of the suit of George B. Forgy' against Harvey, tried some weeks since In this court, In which a verdict favorable to defendant was rendered, and Is for attorneys' services In that case. You.ofttimes hear this remark made .of some of'our store-keepers: "Well. Messrs. & Co. charge good j stiff prices for their goods, but some- I how their goods always give so much ! better- satisfaction, than do the cheaper 1 goods. I believe it pays to trade with Messrs. —-——- & Co. You halve-to. pay a good price but everything you bay is in keeping with, the p'rice.'' Good shoes of all things are important. A well dressed foot speaks well for its owner;-: either a lady or gentleman may put on- nice clothing, and unless their feet .are properly clad they are not well dressed, and it i.s very noticeable. • . . Now about the style aud quality, of shoes to wear. It is only reasonable that a good fitting, well-shaped shoe must be.. made by experienced workmen, consequently this shoe costs- more than does the same grade stock made by Inexperienced cheap workmen. Cheap shoes ; haven't the workmanship, and as a result they do not fit, soon lose their, shape and wear out • Line Pilling, the up-to-date shoeman, makes a specialty of good high grade footwear, and his prices are about the same as others charge for ordinary goods. Try Line's shoes once and you will wear no other. Subscribe for The Journal. To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little d» ponds on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly done-upcuitalnispoil the effect of a well-furnished borne quicker than anything else. We have experienced help in this class of work who flo nothing else and w« KBOW we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a Bpeclalty tills yea?. of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In tlie city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We win appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF- 10GANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL 92BO.OOO. A. J. Murdock. Pre«. W. W. Ross. Ca»h. J. F. Brookmeyer, Amt Caah. DIBKCTOB8: 1. a Bice, 'W. H. Brtnghnret, 1. J Murdocjc, Dennis Ubl. Baiiklnc in, aK Its Dcpeftou-nts promptly and carefully dona _ ...1 ,. Safety to Customer* fend BtockhoW«r« •ought for.* ^ • Rewrve Fund m»lnUta«<l

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