The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1949
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH I, 194* BMTHEV1LLE <ARK.Y COURIER NT5WS PAGE TH&EB Reds Set New :old War Pace Western European' Communists Offer Welcome to Soviets 3 /ot to Kidnap 3 resident Li s Thwarted Chancellor Francis A. Cherry of Jonesboro yesterday granted decrees In two foreclosure cases and In SHANGHAI. March 1. (Ifi— Shen 21 divorce coses In « session of ao, Shanghai's second larg-st Mj s5 Lsslpp! County Chancery Court LONDON, March 1. Wi—Com liunlst declarations in Western |!urovtc that an Invading Sovle would be welcomed and as istcil set a new pace In the cold |.'ar today. Communist Party leaders 1 I'rancc, Italy, Germany and Bri I nin in the past week have spoke 1 long the same line. In marked re 1 crsal of the conciliatory tones o Ihe recent so-called peace offci live. The opinion that a master's vole I.-as speaking and that the nc loursc of Communist strategy hid 1 ates the Introduction of a mo ] iijorous policy was expressed |\merican quarters here. British sources said obviously t [arious statements "were inspir ]>y a central directive. The latest Communist spoke Intm to voice threats Is Hurry Pol- lilt, general secretary of the British Communist Party. He was liiioted by the Communist Dally With the Courts Chancellor Hears Many Divorce, Equity Cases McMath Okays Hays Proposal On Civil Rights cwspaper, reported today a plot to Idnap Acting President LI Tsung.- en and overthrow the Nationalist ;overnment was averted by whole,le arrests. The newspaper said the plot In- olved underground workers of Marhal Li Chi Sen's Kuomlntang revo- ulionary committee and Commun- st agents. It was to have been staged two veeks ago, said the newspaper. A Nanking dispatch to Shen Pao on Feb. 18 first hinted of the plot. It said Men Shlh Heng, representative of Li Chi-scn of^ the revolutionary committee, had been detained by secret police. Shen Pao said Men Shih-heng was a member of a "five-man nc- tlon group" in charge of execution of the plot. Men Is the husband of Chin Shiu-chiug, woman delegate from Chungking to China's National Assembly. She has been under house arrest by government police for two weeks. Besides kidnaping the acting Ivorker last night as declaring Brl- llsh Communists will try to snbo- any "imperialist aggressive rar" against Russia. In event of luch a war against the U.S.S.R., he laid. British Communists would organize strikes and "councils of ac- The marching tune was called F'tst Tuesday by Maurice Thorez, l.ecrctary general of the French ;ommunlst Party. He suggested hat If the French people, "in spite f their wish" find themselves at /ar with Russia and the'Soviet Irmy "had to chase the enemy in •nf.o our soil" the Communists .'ould welcome the Invaders. On Saturday. Palmiro Togltattl. taly's No. 1 Communist, became •older. The Italian people, he said, .-ould have the duty "to aid In the nost efficient way" any Russian rmj which might be required to >ursue an aggressor into Italy. Italian Reds Rally Yesterday, Pletro . Ncnni. pro- 7ommunist Socialist leader In taly, was quoted In press dls- 'atches as telling a leftist crowd a Venice to refuse to fight for the iresent government In a war tie- ween Russia and the United States, loctalists and Communists, he said, Ihould form together an "advance |uard of the liberating armies.'' In a strlnklngly similar state- lient at a rally of Berlin workers Yesterday, Otto Grotewohl, co- airman of the Connnunist-dom- iited Socialist Unity Party of East ermany, declared "no German and wonlil be lent" to aid Wcs- |ern powers in any "imperialist president, the newspaper said, the plotters planned to seize a number of other officials, including Tcng Chili, the mayor of Nanking. Otic prominent Red figure was listed among the intended kldnai victims. The newspaper named him a Tan Gen-po, the Shihkiachwant commander in Red Chinas. The newspaper said the plot wa foiled when national counter intelli gence operatives infiltrated the un del-ground organization. Beneficiary Designation Policy Explained by VA. Mississippi County vet or an should not become alarmed because their National Service Life Insurance policies, now being issued, do not contain beneficiary designations. according to Donald p. Ownbey, officer in charge of the Veterans Administration office here. The VA has explained, Ownbey said, that beneficiary designations do not appear in any NSLI policies. The reason is that, contrary to commercial insurance practice, it is not necessary for the holder of an NSLI policy to submit his policy for endorsement cacli time a beneficiary designation is changed. A veteran can designate or change Tile Communist press of Ger- |iany linked these statements In call for a new maneuver for I peace." The struggle for peace, laid the Soviet-Licensed Berliner lieitung, has entered a new phase. Many observers saw In the new line a Communist answer to the irojected North Atlantic pact— an I ffort to knit together the national hommunlst Parties of Western Eu- lope in a policy threatening to un- llermine their own governments. Whatever the reason, a British Jjbserver commented that "we ex licet a turn like this about every Inonth or six weeks. How far the |iew course will be followed we I anno t of course tell, but we expect lor some time now we will be hearing provocative declarations in- I ended to make non-Communist Itountries uneasy about the reli- ibility of their own peoples." the beneficiary of his NSLI at am time, merely by notifying the VA of his desires in writing. Because It Is so easy to change beneficiaries it is not practicable for the VA to include the name of the beneficiarj in the policy itself. Actually, Ownbey snid, practicallj all veterans have named beneficia ries to receive the benefits of the! National Service Life Insurance for the Chlcknsiiwba District. Several other matter were hciird during the one-day session. Cases heard Include: In re. Jesse Bcnton Westmorland: petition nnd order for removal of disabilities of a minor. Wilnm Lee Drake vs. Charles E. Drake; divorce to plaintiff. Elbcrt Lomax vs. Dcssie Lomax; divorce to plaintiff. Vcrnalce Howard vs. Yucnn Huward; divorce to plaintiff. Ella Lynch vs, Harvey Lynch: divorce to plaintiff- Charlync Barber vs. Jake Barber; divorce to plaintiff. Thomas Douner vs. Etha Conner: divorce to plaintiff. Jesse Lynn Coughltn vs. Jack Coughltn; "divorce to plaintiff. Jesse Lucy vs. Patty Jean Skelton Lucy, divorce to plaintiff. Lillian KathcrhiD Lee vs. Donald Vaync Lee; divorce to plalnllft. Lei'oy W. Barnes vs. Eleanor iariies; divorce to plaitlff. Dulla Jaco. etc. vs. Rudy Jaco; order for $50 per month maintenance to plaintiff and for attorney state travel, cc. I Hays told Georgia Pauline Sawyers vs. James Sawyers; divorce to plaintiff. Melba Jean Cash vs. Truman Cash; divorce to plaintiff. Olivia Snecd vs. Julius Sliced; divorce to plaintiff. Louise V. Friese vs. Elbert D.; divorce to plaintiff. Gaylon Lane vs. Myrtle Lane: divorce to plaintiff. Bob Veach vs. C. W. Tipton tt al.; decree for Sl.093.33 and foreclosure on real estate. Ida French vs. R. M. French; order for $50 per month temporary alimony to plaintiff and for attorney fee. Charlenc Battles vs. Eugene Battles: agreed order for scpcrale maintenance. Jim C. WImbcrly vs. Tri"v M. Wim- bcrly; divorce to plaintiff. Jean Ann Back vs. Vcrnon J. Beck; divorce to plaintiff. Coriue Weidman vs. Virgil Weldnan: divorce to plaintiff. H. Birmingham et al. vs. Planters Co-Oiieratlve. ct al.; decree for pbiiillff in suit for accounting. Harold Hanellne vs. Eva Hnncline; divorce to plaintiff. Dorothy Cava vs. Angclo Cava; divorce to plaintiff. Pearl Gates vs. Thomas M. Gates; divorce to plaintiff. Bovce Moore et al. vs. Roosevelt Hirscli: Judgement, for $123.44 and foreclosure. WASHINGTON, March 1,—</P)— A four-point compromise proposed by Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark) to settle the civil right* controversy In Congress has received the endorsement ol Oov. Sid McMath ol Arkansas. I think you have submitted the best solution to this problem which has thus Jar been advanced," McMath wrote in a letter which Hays made public. "I certainly agree thnt this issue must be settled quickly with « reasonable, workable formula such as you have pro.wsed." The governor said he hopes that Hays "can win congressional sup port" for the compromise. Hays' proposal: 1. Repeal of the poll tax by con stltutionn) amendment. 2. A federal anil-lynch act whlcl would leave primary responsible to the states but would empowc the tederal government to Interven if local enforcement officers falle to act. 3. A connecting service within th Department of Labor to work fo non-dlscrlmlnatlon in Industry. 4. A ban of segregation In Intel reporter he Is gin ifled by the reception given t) proposal by Southern congressmen and newspapers. Three Guards Injured In Rioting by Prisoners GRANITE, Okl«., March 1. (fl 1 )— Three unarmed guards were Injured »nd two prisoners wounded In t 30-mtnut« riot at the Oklahoma State Reformatory here yesterday which the warden said evidently was planned. Warden Claude f. Moore said the areup exploded like a iwwdcr keg. ut, he added, Just who—or whnt^— nt match to (lie fiiso Is nnoknown. Physicians said one of the guards —O. W. nluckburn—is In' a crltl- al condition. He suffered lieud and iterant Injuries In the lunch-hour emonstratton by some 300 ol the eformatory's 489 prisoners. The noon meal had Just been Inlshcd. Moore said, when the men ose anrt charged the guards. He nld they used knives from the ad- olnlng kitchen, chair Ions and ciude weapons they hnd conrenled Other guards came from out.sldc The inmates were driven back bs ;uus as the wounded guards were wrought out. Eisenhower Opens Red Cross Drive Th» word "ImprewlonUm" used hi connection with »rt wu coined by » Journalist writing In cKrl&ton of Olnude Monet's "ImpreMlorw." Th» nnt Ncfro tl»T« wi ht Into th« United mate* it JUMC- town befor* the PUttiou lud*4 M Plymouth. Rodgers-Lynch Legion Post to Receive Charter LUXORA, Ark., March 1 — The Radecrs-Lj-nch Legion Post 2% will receive It's permanent charter at the monthly meeting tomorrow, it was announced here today by O. C. Driver, Jr., commander. At the same time, the post will be dedicated, Mr. Driver said. John Brunner, Jr., Marked Tr«, Fifth District commander, will present the charter, assisted by Jim Cleveland, Blytheville, district executive commltteeman. Honor guests for the occasion will be Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rodgers, nnJ Mrs. J. W. Lynch, parents of the deceased veterans for whom the post is named. Special guesls will be members of the families of the post membership, and representatives from the BlyUievllle and Os- ceoln Legion Posts. Struggle Over Truck Licenses Continues LITTLE iiOCK, March 1. (iri— Interested groups continued their struggle with the oft-compromised but still unsettled truck license Increase proposal today. ' A committee attempting to settle on n bill which would be acceptable both to the nrtmlntstmtlon and the truckers met In the hites! of .several conferences. Hefore the meeting the conferees said they hoped this time they really would be mile to seltlc on a bill. Late yesterday the House once rejected, then backed tip and left banging, one bill [o set up a truck 1'ccnse schedule in nn elfort to rslse an estimated $3,000,000. CHICACIO. March 1. W)-Clrn, Dwight D. Elsenhower officially opened the 1043 American Red Cross campaign for $00,000,000 In Chicago ast nltjht. President Truman Joined In the national campaign "klckoff" lieltl In Chkngo for the fhst time—In a nallon-wlde radio broadcast from Washington. Calling upon America to over- subscrluo the $(10.000,000 goul In the drive which starts today. President Truiiinu snlrt the organlmtlon "connnnnds the respect and grutt- ludf) of all of ns." Gen. Rlsenhowcr, spmklng to some 5,000 volunteer Red Cross workers In Mi'dlnah Temple mid » imllomvlcle radio nil ucncct culled i|)on America to "prove again that tseiwroiilly, Ki'eatnuss of henrl and individual acceptance of responsibility me truly characteristic of this nation." BABY CHICKS Hi-nllliy, Sturdy • liny (he l!*'st • Master Mix Feed None Finer Lewis Poultry 41 (1 East Main Phone S317 Read Courier News Want Ads CoPimnn Pleas: Mid-Cor.tinent Finance Corpora- lion vs C.larence W. Sellers, Jr., et al, .suit to recover automcbile or collect S462.70. Max Bcrowsky and William JSor-, owslty, doing business or ', You Are Cordially \ Invited to Visit The National DIJIVlue JJLIC iiiavii:,,iv^ -- - . . These designations have been per- Levme. Company, v.^W. J. Tlfer ^ln«u*i tnanently recorded by the Veterans Administration and are maintained, along with other insurance records, at the various district offices of the VA. Race Bill Not Acted On UTTLE ROCK. March I—(/Pi- Following a public hearing last night, the House Agriculture Com'•'„ nvittee made no recommendation regarding a bill to give Arkansas- bred horses and their owners concessions at the Oaklawn Race Track at Hot Springs. suit to collect $584.98. Slaver Sentenced TBXARKANA. March 1—Wl— Jewel Brnttou, 51, was sentenced lo life imprisonment in the Texas Penitentiary yesterday for slaying his wife in a beauty shop here last November. He pleaded guilty. to • Feminine Apparal J Mabel Hogan Jessie Srile ; Hotel Noble Bide- 1 Blytheville, Ark. 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Wear Diamondi : \\ »r \i\i\ s »I»IMII, Kiimrrai CREDIT AT NO EXTRA CHARGI The walrus Is closely related the seal and sea lion. One-fifth o[ the British Isles' coal Is produced In Wales. Ex-Spa Official (Denied Review Of Bribe Trial ^WASHINGTON, Mar. 1. MV-Jay IVI. Trowland, former city attorney |>f Hot Springs, Ark, yesterday was lienieci a supreme court review of liis conviction on a charge of ac- Lepting bribes. Rowland in a petition asking l-evicw snid the charge was "the liirect result of an intense political l-ontcsl." He said Garland County lind state officials "deliberately and litudlously excluded from jury ser l;ice thosB who were members of l.hc political organization to whlcl I.he delendant (Rowland) belong- He contended the prosecuttoi I'was determined to insure a gram liury composed of persons mos l^ to have personal and politi -al prejudice" against him. Row- llaiifi was sentenced to a year's 1m- Iprisonment and was lined »150. Love Is Special Order of Business As Idaho Solon Proposes in House BOISE, Idaho, March 1. f/P)—Ap- propriations and filibusters took a jack seat to love in the Idaho House of Representatives yesterday. The state's business was droning ahead when Rep. E. A. Snow. Council, Idaho, Republican, rose on personal privilege. Will the lady from Ada (County) yield to a question?" he asked. Comely Republican Edith Miller, a Boise citj judge, rose to her feet. She said she would "yield" but declared "I don't know whether I'll answer it or not." Very deliberately Snow asked: "Will the lady from Ada be. willing to marry me?" Miss Miller blushed. She sat down. Acting Speaker Larry Mills gaveled the laughter to silence and ruled that "The question is leading. The lady docs not have to answer—at this time." Some time later, Mi 5 s Miller too* the floor. "After due and si "oils consideration," she intoned, "I accept the proposal of the gentleman from Adams." Snow was prompt In rebuttal. 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