The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, APfcIL 23, 1934 BLYTEETTLCE, <ARK.T COUBIEB NEWS III ID SEI/E France Holds Trade Gate to Southeastern China (Continued from Pa«c 1) ive by Prance's leave, and lu all flatters of ordinary trade she has tv>. Inside track on (he rest of the orld. 1. S. Plane Sale lilts Siu t ii! time a^o tlw war lord of nnnan wanted lo buy some air- llnnra. An enterorlsliiK American pld him four. When these reach- Haiphong, the French refused lei them In. Thpy classed them as war siip- Illns, which. ri?htly enoimh, are priTd. I After considerable difficulty and t";s of time, during which Wash- •igton and Paris exchanged a serfs of cables, the American finally nt his planes through. And the war lord was very (leased with them. But lie hud rarned his lesson. His next order lir planes was placed In France. Foreigners complain that their] fiipments take weeks or months' reach their destination in Yun- : an. and they buffer coasiderable from breakage ] I On the other hand, they observe,; rench shipments somehow enjoy [inch better luck, arriving in a l-iv days in good condiiion. • • • irtiirht Rates Juggled \ Freight rates, too, they say, «m subject to sudden change on lie French railway. True or not, is remarked that when some; trticularly close bidding is going I |n. the rates seem to drop when ' ench materials are due to go up Ito Yunnan, then bound back jain in time to catch competitors. I One always hears such stories |hen conditions are what they are Halohong. Bui the fact remains fiat France gets more business an all, the other nations com- |ncd, whereas, in (he rest of hina. she stands close to the not- Im of the list. I Yunnan is very mountainous and lremcly poor. But she raises the fcst opium in China, which is al- in great demand. 1 The drug Ls by far her principal port. On the other hand, she pinorts rice. Her best land Ls urned over to the poppy. I • : « « • lini; Closes on Chlni iKwangsi, the province east of lunnan. has not yet felt France's Iflueiice to anv great extent, ance has no railway there. She have a line from Hanoi, how- |-er, as far as the Kwangs'i border, nd a concession for a railroad lonnecting the heart of the Gulf Tonkin. wi(h lYunnan-fu. I So. beginning with Korea and llonchnria. and continuing in a untnrtous semi-circle through Mongolia, Sinkiang, Tibet, Yun|an, and Kwangsi, the freat pow- s are pressing in on China, clos- and closer. Paralyzed by her on-n impotence. Ind without much hope of help "•om the tottering • peace maehrn- fy. her horizon is dark indeed. I \EXT: China. Bows Her Hr»d If opes. demonstration in bound bntton- loles. A carnival will be arranged by Mrs. T. M. McClendon. Miss Matie Polsome, Afrs. Joe Crowe and '\frs. George I.ooncy. | During (he social hour those 1 iresent enjoyed a contest, "Know Your Alphabet.' Miss Cora Lee Colemtm won the pri/e. u baking dish. [Checkerboard Sam" Entertains at Store UILEY TD SEEK '5 PAG! THBBE Awarded $2500 For Spanking 'uhiski Prosecutor An- noviuccs CnncliclcK'v {or Attorney Ruling over Indo-Chtna, shown In map. Frnncc ran open or bar I ho gate in trade with southeastern China. Alwvc arc shown celebrants at, a native festival. \vltlt ruins of the inngnince.m temple of Angkor-Vat, in Cniiibixlia. in (he uac^iomul. At left arn imtivc soldiers. Anamlles, part of the French army In Indn-Chlna. Steele Family Has Corner On Track Laurels Prehistoric Bones Throw New Light on Redmen ATHENS. Pa. IUPI —How long :he American Indian has roamed this continent may be learned by jrchaeologists spading among the xmes of prehistoric tribesmen here. Important discoveries, extending the period of Indian occupancy. - ~*- •• **...** ^v... hack 4.000 years already have been I hiih scorers in past, county meets. claimed by Donald A. Cadzow, — Pennsylvania state archaeologist. ""d Monty to Stretch Hal The discoveries on Spanish Hill GLOUCESEtt, Mass. IUH) —A near here tell graphic tales of life I' tllo ' i( ' borrowed a hat from Carl the American wilderness long Cameron, restaurateur. La'.tr ihe before the birth of Christ. Cadzow' 5a " lc cnn P borrowed Is cents from has ' reconstructed a picture of 'Cameron. When the hat came tribal doings from the relics. i ljacl; ;t wns disclosed that the bor- i rower had used the 25 cents to i stretch the hat to fit him. STEEI-E. Mo. — The Pemiscot county tract meet here last weekend '.'•!"; won by Sieele. The local trackstcrs garnered a total of nO 7-8 points. Oerring in second plncc got 20 3-4 points and Hayil was third with 21 1-4 points. Bragjio- docio had 14. O.cil Earls of Stcele was high point man. Burns rf Drcrtng was second. Goodrich of Dcering third and Campbell of Steele. fourth. It was the third straight, time for n member of the E2rls family to cop the high Ecoriny honors. Alhcr nnd Lcr.-n Earls lintl be™ Custer's "Last Stand" May Be Museum Site a rer.ewat of iiUcmpts lo numln a federal appropriation to ton.slvucl a biilldlii)! to hou-T them. i.irn.K HOCK. API: as iui>>-- Wnli thi' uiimmiuvtiK'HL Unit c.'iul llalli'y, I'lilaskl cniiiny prusi-cui- alloriH'y. will br u candidale (ur alliirlH'V I'.i'lH'liil that ian>. «o fur. piobubly will ln> di- must i:li']g i:t ihe i-cmhiK primmy lurlliui Olhn-M who svill ti-ck Unit o!ll«' Hal Norwood, IncLitnl^'iu, Hey iji'iieinl for d^lit ywiis I'Uoini 1 ); John I,. Carfr, l.ltlle Reck, liiiiiii'i 1 nssl. i.iiii i.ti(,r.:ey IliUIey mutt'.' his iitinounci'UH-nt [U n dinner ul itoyeis S:iU.uliiy ni;ht. 1U 1 has l^-en pros cluing altmii'V at I.Ulle Huck .since Jim. I. iu:(l. Onv. J. Murlun rmicll bus an- i:oiiiuril he will v.-k ,1 smiml U'lin. nnd his only o]);:oneiu lo dnl.- Is \\'. I 1 . i\V!il;:i>ur.vNl I'easi Wil<an, I,Idle Hock, a candldali 1 Hoy V. Ij?oi:u!-d, nine UrnsiiriT, \\lll Ln 1 a ciiniildnle for rt!-ei, p c- tlon. nnil Karl 1' caniiiiKslonrr c;f mines, miiniilactiire nnd •"••• '- ,'• lure, will be his opixmem. ' . Becri'lury of Male Ed McHonnld hf " on| R |r l Alll .v.ek re-i'lccllon. C. Ci. iCiipi Hull, has nnnuuiiced he will Im u ciinriidatc for Uint olfice. 'Ilie Male ticket will close May H, two months before the election. : To dute unly two congreyslomil districts will have contests. In the first district Congres-smnn w. J. Oliver. O.sccoln, will be o]i|xiscd by H. U. Alexander, lilythevllle, and Cllnlon Caldwell, Mnnllu. Coiicri-sMiinn Tinman II. 1'arks. r,-]irr;-ei!lnilvp fiom Ihe .seventh district, will uc opposed uy Hlalv Henalor IMcichcr MrElhnniiDii, Arl;- FOB BO EFICIT Stale Will Be $4,000,000 Iii the Hole by Knd of Current Year. companions beat her .so m-vorely nlin fuhilnd. Mlh.s Ooriila Hill, nlinvr, romiilaiui'il In federal conn ni Touelm, KIIH. A jury awarded her tiSOO do- f|ittc (lie rouli'ijtlnn of .irlinol- niaies at (inoillnnil Knn., hlnli JKI-'FEHSON CITY, Mo. IUI>> - Mi.ssniii'i'.s Dcinocriillc adiuliilslra- [IIon appeared todiiy (o be headed for a deficit by HID and Iol the current year. I The .slate's himnclnl outlook Is iinylhliiK but rosy, and officials • me looking for new sources to tap [for more revenue. Hut they're [IhidliiK tlmi ihr public Is utaui lied nut, -ai Cioveinor I'urk and nilier olfli'ers must .stand by helplessly nml wiilch the deficit slowly mount IIIHIHIi by month. Tin 1 dvflcli cannot be Into nL tluilr iliior. Ii's Just the old economic law of .sii|i|)lv "•-'] demand. Tlie new sales tnx ami liquor control laws- aren't Mnplyhvj enough money dcnmnVd ijy the slnle's cx]X.>nsh'e protjram of unemployment relief. As the slliiullon now elands, lln- slate Is (Iroi)pliiK behind to the doleful tune of about $500,000 i n month, rlj;ht close to the figure the government needs for opcrat- ItiK expenses out of general revenue. Multiply that monlhlv half million dollar;; . by the elfiht re- ii'alnlii'j months, and you'll get thu [•.slimmed dencil—54,000.000. I Ilcr a "iio-uuio" rulo. BlLLfNGS. Mont. (UP) — The site of one of the greatest tragedies in American military history v.-ill lie preserved as a national, museum. i[ local scivlcc clubs' ef- I forls are successful. l*"' s 'order Agitation has been renewed when here and in Wyoming for erection and tliat's no •'animal crack of a memorial museum on the! At least, according !o Sol Slc- battlefeld where General George plian. of the Clnccinnml Zoo. who A. Custcr and his Seventh Cnv- deposes that (lie nnimal iilry made Us famous "last stand." ing on the liock I Relics of thru Ill-fated display >icms is not "Algerian Aoudad" Beer Is the Drink CINCINNATI <UP>—IH'cr drink- i know Ilitlr nnlinnls will "Algerian Aouciad IKCI-" going a-qiiallltig these days. mldpldn, former representative Wiide Kitchens, Magnolia, and Judge Nell c. Marsh. El [Joiado. Basil llaker, Jonestoro, assistant revenue commissioner, has nn- ncunced he will oppose William r. Khljy. supreme court ji;slli:c. Six Ksrapr Injury In I'lunee AVON. Cnnii. (UP!—Six iiur.smw I In uii automobile plunged over n CS-foot embankment, extricated Ihcnifelves from the wrcckiiae, beer of courage have been made avail- gcrian able through the wilt of Gus:er's place. __ _ widow. The present movement is not a §nat but a .sheep. appear- ndver'.ls'j- Bont, but an Al- Ihc city and was aoudad. In ihe second funds immially. he affirms, the aoiidacl is — Illilliphrr Is \inv ;i Tea Itixim TORONTO. Ont. IUI>) —The bnth]ilnce of '.Mary Plckford. u humble, dwelling on University Aicnnu, has been ' turned into u tea room. For years the house stood as one of (he landmarks of I visited'by thoii- mm utter a hasty check-up found no one was Injured. The (rained seals of our "re not seals; they tire sea Uead Courier News Want Ads. Regained Health, Strength '•'%"-», MM. Ikniiijti Wen ot V« N. (IMilirjini Si., I akinulixe, niu. 0:1,1: ".Micr t luil 1 anil lln I »a»itrji«jli, ' luj no iltMie fcr fi>o<], »<JUl'l ltd cli/iy ar.i fjim mo .i;,:,] (Q intnt. I 1ml uiiijl:! anil »a* vrr> i/jlc. 11,11 aflrr laklnil Ur. rime'.* (IrM. Ilnrovcry 1 frll mv Mrcniflb re- I I iiii],iinc<l nj taiil.Ily | Y.-JI w,on i.licc l.tallli." SnM l,y c!ln«M«. 'r li.gui.1, {1.33. ••'«>'«„ (']„; fiVi?" HlfiH HI,OOT> PRESSURE (Jul.-k lirll.f, nr >iul Only Pay When SalWlrd If you suffer fruin High Blood r-essure. dl/zlness. ringing In the ears, can't .;lrq> at nights, feel veiik and shaky, Imd lasle. nerv- 1-115. If your henii, pounds nnd _ I von fear n rai'i'.vllc stroke, to I remonstrate Dr. liayes' prescripts I I Ion we will send yon postpaid, n regular Jl Irennncnt nn absolutely FTiKE TRIAL. Whlje It • is prn-sixM!lllc. niiinv cases' rerjort riimnrkably mile* relief: often symptoms diminish and normal ! MCCP returns within 1 days: con| lalns no salts, physics, opiates or circuses I tioix-. Safe with anv dlei.' PAY lions. I NOTHING UNLESS GIIEATI.Y IMPROVED. Then'tend $1. If hot Cuates. City, Mo. —A'dv. L. G. MOSS 'Klytheville's (Jut-Rate UNDERTAKER Why I'iiy A Bltf I'rice? Aged Ohioan Heralds Spring With Ancient Bikej..!L Ci !!Lg^ r ! er News Wa " 1 I A guessing contest, chicken filching contests and a program domestic animal imitations by Checkerboard Sam." stage and hdio clown, entertained a crowd visitors at the Cash Feed store cross the street from the old lostoffice. Saturday. 1 Prizes were awarded to Wlliam jcymore and Raymond Sax. both |f Blvtheville. and Hugh Perry of for (he nearest guesses us to Ix; weight of a large bag of feed |isplayed at the store, according Robert B. Caudle, manager. I'ho said that 400 ]>ersons com- eled in the contest. J At Intervals during the day's |ro?ram live chickens were re- eased from the roof of the store lito the crowd on Ihc street, and lach was awarded to the person Ir.pluring it. OLD FOLKS LIKE THIS LAXATIVE CADIZ, o. IUP)— John McCoy. I 86, iron man cyclist of Cadiz, is i buck on his 41-year-old bicycle 1 and everybody here is sure spring: has come. ' The blfc has all the fhibdubbery of the 90's—wooden wheels like those on a buggy, a lever brake and a gear so low that hilts may lire dc-liglilfiil lasting clinvnif pun l.i be taken easily. McCoy said that I livc "'"t contains a kixaiive iiigmii Tin-il. slr'iv-fiiiirtiuni organs npi'd llu; 'fnll" inovfinent pivt-n l wm. ;iri,i IVc-n-n-jn' VMtton Demonstration Club Plans Contests J The Whlttnn Home Demonstra- lion club met at the home of M.-s. I. R. Andrews with Miss Alberta Jndrcws and \frs. Jewel Stringer |s co-hoste.sscs. Each chairman reported and |ave a talk on her particular sub- ct. A clothing contest, bread taking conte-st. and cake judging Ire planned by the food chair- liaii. Mrs. T. M. McClendon gave Biliousness Sour Stomach G*s and Headach* tfMt* Constipation the only thing that, kept him out of the six-day bike races at Cleveland and Pittsburgh was that he couldn'l find a partner. nt Babe Born With Two Twth ST. HELENS, Ore. (UP)—Cliar- leene Hanniff wns all set to eat corn-on- the-cob. when she was torn to Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Hanniff at Fclton Maternity home here. She possessed two well-developed teeth in her lower Jaw. and weighed eight pounds. ri^nlarl> pri-M-rilx-i! 1,\ | ( |iyMnan< fcilkse-l>viiill\ ni-.-«l iiiml.Tii l',Tn-;i IvcnilM-, hj di.-winf:. Hi,- |:nalu<> trilillli-il iniifiiriiiK int.. Hit- sy.|,n> an,I | thus cNn-.-i nnl <:h.H-k irrit.ih-. nnr >lrain. ^rtMiifit. tli<-njuv!i-:ifliii^ hVi-ti-.i-iiunt. while i)l«j5ruit li- lako eunl.iins IKI rich- rc«< It, i,,,«.| yum ktuniacli nr ilit-t \Vi.rk- \ . ilvlay tlnit .slnrls |KH^>II^ .siTpi *-ystvin. "" is^ I-Vrii-a-milit fnr constipnlinii. S.V: at limggi.sU tvrrywherc. lie and FOR SALE SEED CORN, SOY BFANS, COWPEAS-the price is right. 0. 0. HARDAWAY COTTON CO, 112 S. Second St. ust as pure as that glass of water — Your cown und city authorities sec to it that the -water you drink is pure. And the people who make Chesterfield cigarettes see to it that everything that goes into them is just what it ought to be. All that Science knows about or money can buy is used to make Chesterfield the cigarette that's milder, the cigarette that tastes better. An eminent Scientist has said, " Chesterfields are. <ix [Hire us tlte irutvr you drink." C I9H. Liccm k MnuToiiMXO Co. the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES 'BETTER

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