The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 19, 1889 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 19, 1889
Page 4
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-^. ^pv-fJPAX ~- ^ ,T--,vf-v *jr^ · · A. ''·-· IttfK-vr 1 *;^ If-^f *vfir '.,._,. f7» »_-*T.. ^~*- V" ·E* Tte Diiflffreoo?. Sprawl Notice--Wanted. SpecM Kotfc^-For Sale. S?«catl Jfotfc*--Take Notice. - Splcial Notice--Private Sale. Special Notice--Auctioneering. Local 2fotk«--The Phonograph. Local Notice--HxxTs Sartsparilla. Brazil. Special T»tegra ^t to Tfce New*. 2s"Ew TOES, Nov. 19.--Commercial telegrams received at Hamburg, say tliat a moTenient has been started in. Bio Janeiro, for lie restoration of ik Emperor and they are fighting in the streets in that citv. Dynamite Explosion. Special Tel«« run to The Sew«- JACKSOX, MICH., XOT. 19.--A ay nataite explosion last evening shattered the window ledge at tbe penitentiary in this city. The bole was 4:x small for the escape of the con- Tlcts. Three were caught sneaking t J open cells, one of them threw'a revolver oat on the approach of guard Street Railroad Strike- Special Telegrao. to THE NE wg. NEW YOSK, Nov. 19--All the coa ductors and drivers on the Richardson system tied up thia morning. I is feared that scenes similar to th great strike of last year may be en acted again. ThelHarrlet Morrison Case. The final order of the court in the non compos mentis case of Harriet Morrison, was filed yesterday. The order ratifies and confirms the recent inquisition held, and appoints John C. Motter and Hobert Biggs, a committee other personal estate! They gave bond in the sum oi $20,000. The Phonograph Will remain this week, new music» song?, and recitations; changes of program daiiy. Teachers visiting the city should not raiss seeing and hearing this scientific maivei. Private exhibitions can be arranged from 10 to 12 a. m., by calling on W. A. Warman, Garlin Honee. F. C. Y. M. C. A. Notes The Association Record for November is a neat pamphlet with choice reading. The Christmas number will consist of eight p:, ges of interesting matter. The Junior Branch will be given an informal talk on Friday evening nest, and expect to have a gymnasium exhibition in a few weeks. In order to increase the library a book reception will be held in the near future. The Association this month opens ar-boarding house register, so that strangers coining here mav know- T*here to secure pleasant accommodations. Purely Personal. Measre. C. V. S. Levy, Wm. P. Mauls 1 )?, Jr., and Ira Tvier iefc for Hwisburg. Pa-, this morning. 0, E, Mealey is in Baltimore with several Lorpes -which he has for sale. Elder S. McCann will commence a series of Greetings in the German Baptist church on Sunday nest to contin ·ne through the week. Mrs, Nicholas Brust of Baltimore, is visiting her mother-in-law, Mrs. Conrad Brust, on Telegraph street. Lewjs Hann.'bf York Road, Carroll county, apont yesterday in Frederick. John F. Yinger and f.imiiy,of North Market street, are visiting relatives near liberty. Brief Bits. A cottage meeting by the members of the T. il. C. A. will be held this evening at the residence of Mrs. Engle on W. 4th stree;. THE B.'40. ILK A Ot«tlQrtec R«*«rt, · laereaae IB or * ZMTidend. The B. sad 0.'* handsome showing of incr«ued net ·arnings read at the annual -meeting yesterday in the year ended September 130, 1889, canno but be gratifying to everybody con cerned m its prosperity. Says the Baltimore Sun: The gross earnings were $21,303,001, or $949,510 mon than in the previous fiscal year; operating expenses, §14,810,844, an: crease of $610,283; net earnings from the operations of the year, £6,492,157 Adding $1,265,861 income from other sources and deducting ?357.651, the net earnings of the Washington Branch, the total available income is found to be ?7,400,3S7. After paying interest, rentals, rases and other charges of the year, aggregating altogether £6,203,562, there remains a balance of §1,191,805. Of this balance ^672,487 was absorbed in dividends on preferred stock and ia payment of bonded indebtedness, leaving a surplus of $519,318, as against a surplus last year of but §124,431. The improvement in net earnings, it is to be observed, corresponds almost ex- acrly with the increase of earnings on the Philadelphia txteQeion. The net earnings of the Philadelphia lice in 1889 were $332,471, aa against ?46 S 549 in 1888. There is a considerable falling off, in fact, in the net earnings of the Main Stem, which is bappily balanced by increased earnings on the Chicago Branch,Lake Erie Division, Pittsburg Division and Parkersburg Branch. The Wheeling, Pitfsbarg and Baltimore Division shows a deficit of $49,137. The tonnage of 18S9 was 12,101,380 tons, as against 11,195,940 in 1S8S, end 8,629,048 tons five years ago. The Boating debt was increased by $407,060. The sum of $607,617 was cnarged to profit and loss for de oreciation of equipment, c., in addition to tbe $4,- OoO.OOO charged off in the same way-in 18SS. A new car trust loan of $1,000,000 was made at q per cent., to be repaid in sums of $100.000 annunilv. This is in addition to the $2,OCO 000 car trust loan DOW being repaid ia sums of $250,000 annually. There was $1,529,101 specfc in construction and betterments, which was charged to capital account. The phys u condition of the entire system has ea greatly improved. V?ith the pol- .cy announced of improving terminal r acilities wherever business is to be aad, the Baltimore and Ohio has now reason to expect a prosperous future. Bond Approved. Clerk Parse ne yesterday approved ,he bond for ?100 of Thomas A. John- ! cn, a committee of the personal es- ;ate of Fannie L. Spencer, who was decided by jury on Saturday last, rom the evidence adduced, as being f unsound mind. From Buckeystown. Correspondence of THE NEWS--XOT is. Mr. Jamee Jones and wife of Mont- jomery county,spentSuudav with his later, Mre. Wm. G. Bakei--Mr. Addison Miilard who spent last week at he home of his parents, returned to Washington on Saturday--The Dem- crats and quite a number of small joys had a bonfire on the hill back of he creamery on Saturday night last -- Mr. Armstrong McKinney aad day last week purchased a fine percheron colt, 2j years old from Mr. H. C. Gstzendadner.of Kear- neygville, W- Ya--Mr. A. W. Nicodemas, Jr., purchased from the same party a fine thorough colt, 3 years eld--Tne the Lord's Sapper was by Rev. J. M. Sheridan ac the i!, P, church of this place yesterday--Mr. E. f. Keller has purchased a fine falling top carriage which reflects great credit on its bniiders. Messsrs. J. D. Hane Son, of Frederick--The Pha- mega Literary Societv held their meet ing last week at the residence oi Mr. Tavenner.The exercise? were short owing to several persons being absent who were on the program. The pro- 8OMCWHAT UKE A*OUTHEftN HOME. in thia floor plan, although it fe built fe city. Tbe large main root*, whteh extends the fun leofthot tbe bourn, tbe arrangement of room on each aide, tb« bro«d expanieoC porch in front, the wide, low pitched roof, the kitchen extended in tb* rear, all suggest the Boutfaern hooae. John H. Frwhottr of East Fifth ·trait, i* jyiafner £1 *t rheomatiam WhatW*«Doe**ii · Markrt* of ThtrCouAtry B«ported«apfidrfJjrfcrTj»i iTtvibr E. K BOM, CnuuMiw Broiler, So. 21 Gout stnct. Ervftniek, Md. CHICAGO,.NoWiS--Wbtmt op*a«d about 4 per ctfti. nnd«r doting price* of y««t*rdmy, and will* the mmrkel wai neelacted »nd*tow*d poor support, Ibe-ringa of price* ,WM limited to I per ceut.- D«ceraber was in good demand al 80} and fioa tiat price rallied to 81. The narket reaaiaeti inactive this afternoon and closed about highest prices of the day. Corn moderately active, and Boiae- thiug stronger than yesterday, although the fluctuations were narrow and the close was about the aame 08 yesterday. Pork inactive bat steady,with, good baying of January around $3.30. Lard something stronger, but still very doll. Receipt* hogs, 23,000; receipts and shipments, wheat 121,836-37,505 ;corn 194,442-92,728;oate, 140,149 359,214, car lots, wheat 271, corn 547, oats 228. Chicago Gram and Provision Market jNov DecJjan -May " Opening. WHEAT. SO ' fcO^' 61 i* 85J 80 81 - 81J 1 Soi . ^,,,,,._., 80 i SO*, 81 ! S4£ L Closing _ SO : 80s. 81}' So XBN JP?? : i|.; 32 3U 1 ' j Lowest- t Closing-j , ^: 3U 31}! OATS. f Opening, i 20«' 20 j Highest..; 21 b j 20 - 1 Lowest _ I 20|s 20 90 i -- = -" i. Closing.. 20|[ so 3 : 20? ["Opening. 960 Highest.. J9625 ...... '930 965 -. 33| 953 23 £25 92 It 1$ not uncommon in such buildings to hare tho entrance directly ia front. There is always objection to a direct passage into a large room, Tbe placicg of a vestibule in Iront of or at one side of a large hall changes it into a room. If thtfre were a door In the front part of the large central room of ft. is house there would neo«s?»rilj- have to be a hat rack or other repository for wraps, umbrellas, etc., which never present themselves agreeably to the eye. Furtt^rinore, in placing theni away from the door, thc-re would be a passage across the room so tha hat rack, which would be mork'-vi at ti-nes with 'iirt and dust brought ia from the outside. The vestibule and stair- hall change all this. In this instance the stair- ball is placed at the dde, which gives oa unobstructed view from the front part of tha main room. This sroirh^ii can be covered by a rug, which can be carried out of the house for cleansing. One of the great objections to hard -wood floors In houses which must be cared for at a moderate expense is the large amount of labor they require. They are easily soiled, and show the slightest disfigurement, so that it is necessary more thfin once every day for soma one to wipe them up in spots, if not an over. In houses where expense or energy of service 9t not important this may-be it small matter, but as tho general conditioa must contemplate economy of energy, it is Important that this matter be considered. The disposition which leaJs those of moderate means to follow the example of wealthy neighbors tends to the use of many hard wood floors. A good body Brussels carpet is easily taken care of as compared wich a hard wood Coor, and the first cce-t L-. bat little more. The usiitK' finish of the entire lower floor of this houte is of hard wood. Some little variety is uixL The main room is quartered oak, the ciuirnK-r white maple, the library svca- more, tho s,tair hall quartered oak and'the diniag room walnut Tho plastering has a gray iinish--not the white, glormg color so common in th» dimng room, about half the stock market this morning was^de- r^t^m^r^^att^ ff^ -k - ^ ^ ^^ f ^- casings of uil tloors aad windows. On the j u * ar ^J- umier sidn of it ory cup hooks, to which may Jersey Centra! opening off liner be hung uu nccasionai cup, or through which I cent, and D. L. TV. £ per cent. This or otncr groeu or decorative material " " may be trained. The little china closet in tho corner of the dmiiig room has gUss doors in its upper s-.-ction and shelves and poaeled doors below. On the second floor ore throe full height, square bedroo'iis. The larR«r rooms are m the high port oi tha roof where the heijrht t. sufiFcient to admit ceiling with light "collar tearns_ Xot e^en the upper corners of the rooms are clipped. The "height to tho small room is donv^ by placing a dormer the size of tho room on that side of tho house. To return to tho first floor. The main room is divided by a circular form of ornamental fretwork so that thero is a large passage through the center. The view from the front through this fretwork to the mantel ...... '930 '965 1 Lowest -(_ Closing... f Opening. 002J LARD .UA.Ki - J605 : i '927i S6U 930 9(J3 I i !o92i 610 'o9o" 6I2A 2i : ...... ;592^'610" in?... J6(J5 s " TOHE, 2:15. -- The opening of followed by a moderate rally, the whole list advancing from J to J per cent. Cotton Oil and Sugar Trusts were again weak, the former losing | per cent, on opening, and declined to 2St, while sugar .fell to 71i. These stocks however rallied with rest'of the market. After 11 o'clock the market again sagged off, D. L. W. declining to 141 i, Louisville and Nashville to 85, and Eeading to 41t. After noon prices again strengthened and the ' ' Donation* to MtMionary Box Owing to e«rlWQ mreaiMtaBOM the donation uuooawd to t»k« plac* *t th« Er. Lntb«r*n p*non*f(c this «TC- aiog, will fa* held in the lector* room of the einrch. ACCIDENTS. A 8UGHT C0T. Etfgene McPhebus, while patting in B chairs bottom yesterday afternoon it hi« home, West Sooth street, cut his left hand with a pen knife. The injury though painful ia not aerious. Another Eligible, ' P. H. Griffith, Esq., of Sew Market who was defeated two yean ago for the sheriffalty on the Democratic ticket, is prominently "mentioned as an applicant for the position of Superintendent of Hospital, to succeed the present incumbent. IN THE LAW'S CRIP FOE ASSAULT ASD B«.TTEBY. Constable J. H. Lewis yesterday evening arrested Taylor Heffher on the charge of an assault and battery OH John P. Ford. He was taken before Magistrate Neinaber, where he gave bail in the earn of |50 for a hearing o'clock. tomorrow eyening at 7 and seat in the rear is very charming." The 6De " a °° Me °P emn g Hg^es were mantel itself is of wood. The facing is o f ! reached in most cases, while cotton facing is of enameled ale. Tery little wood work shows on the front through the shelf. The porch is a very elegant feature of this bouse, presenting, as ic does, large unobstructed space for this room outside the The mam body of tho porch, as will e seen, is to mie side of tbe entrance, thus no one is disturbed by a passage from the front teps to the door. The large gable in front of tho porch is left open to the sheathing lice abovo tho rafters. Tho effect of this is not only agreeable, but It lets more light into the main room thia would bo the case if tha oil advanced to SOJ, a gain of 2f per cent. Jrom lowest. At this hour market is quite at lowest- figures of the day. fiew York Stock Exchange. 2:15 28 119 A.C-O- j 30} Canada Southern i o5j» I C. B. i)cQ_ j 1064 gaole were f.Hed with ornamental forms of j ^" ^' *· *° d **- ! ^ woodwork, shingles or other material which I ^" J^TJ '""' *' obstruct:, the light to a hne with the top of ~TM 2nd **" the column* of the other part of tbe perch. Thcri» is another point about this open ga- ·* erse y Central, bio which can only make itself apparent from Kansas and . experience. That is, there is a feeling pleas- Lake Shore. Mt,, bred trotting j antly m contrast with the depressing e2ect Louis. ^"ash SO j Sacrament of; v -h:oh come- from sitting under the low roof I Missouri Pacific ! C9^ ; administered i of rhe Ori5lllar y form of porch. Onocansit ^ew "iorfc Ceniral j j under this gable, look up and seo a large ex- ^' ew England 44,, I paiiscof sky ubove him"; otherwise, there is North.Pac.pfd 764, little mere t;ai the horizon to be seen. A I Nor!hwebtern _ I ' llo^j j nn-ib r of pooj; :o sitting on such a perch will , narur-'IIy :^ -ro from each end to the center P- Trans,-Ccn_ J j to g«.t u: i:-jr tbe op"ni:-.g of the gable -Bath- cut rixill^ ·cno'mng the reason. 553' 106i! 99" 1414 30 55J ica; 99 141 Funeral The faneral of Mrs. Catharine ehaw took place this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Eocky Springs U.. B. church. Rev. G. W. Kiracofe officiated. Interment was made atDocb's graveyard. F. Schroeder was the undertaker in charge of the funeral arrangements. The funeral of Willie Hiltner will ake place from. the. residence of his larents on W. South street tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Eev. 0. Ingle will condnet the services and the in- erment will be made at Mt. Olivet cemetery. -THE WORK OF DEATH. DEATH O? AN IN'FAST. Edith, aged 2 years and 6 months, [aughter of th* late Emma Bowman, colored, who died Thursday last, died r esterday. Her funeral took place hia morning at 9 o'clock, Eev. L. J. Valentine officiating. Interment was made in Greenmonnt cemetery. 0. C. Darty, undertaker. JAMES T. BKOW^'. James T, Brown, son of Jonathan Brown, o£ Goyanstown, Baltimore county, who died of consumption on Saturday last, in his 38 year,was buried in the cemetery at New Market, yesterday on tbe arrival of the 11 a. m. train. He was a member of the OfU. A. M. and I. 0. 0- F., both orders were represented by pall bearers. Eev. M G. Balthi=, of Trinity M. E. church, South, officiated at the grave. Mr. Jonathan-Brown,the father of the deceased, was "formerlv a citizen of New MarKet, and a cabinet maker by trade. POWDER Absolutely Pure This po-waer never varies. A T=arreiof nunty, str«£th aad wboJefcisenees. More economical than the ordiEjBT uods. and cannot be toid la competition with tbe multitude of low test, ebort weigfet, alum or pbotifcate powders. Sold only ! D cans. EAKI^GFOWDER CO. 106 Witll BtreeuSewjroit A CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF WITHDRAWS. Since I have announced miself as an independent candidate for sherifi I hare received very nanexing_repcns_froai every- district in the connty, but as I hare yet s very large stock of elegant Fall and Winter cassimeres, suiting acd overcoatings to dispose of, and in the event of my election it H2lo(22N.EutawS!., B AI/UMOREL 3MOO. HOUSEKEEPING DEPT A Mammoth Sale Of Spac/af Interest to Ihousekeopors, Hotals and fnstrfutiaas. business and to continue it would necessitate tfaeserTices of a high salaried cutter to manage the business and to cut cp njv cloth, and to meet the additional expenses would necesitate an advance in prices. And after due consideration I respectfully withdraw my name as a candidate for sheriff and hsve concluded to continue the Merchant Tailoring business at my old «acd, Xo. 3 S. Market street, where lean always give youatfe 1 made and stylish earment at unusually low- prices. Respectfully, . W. T. HARLEY Practical Tailor and Cutter. KAJiBOAB --cosszensG WITH-H. P. K. R. at Shippensburg-, Shenandosr Valley and B. O. Bailroaos at Haserstown: Penca- H. R. at Frederick Junction, and P. W. B., X. C. and B. and P. Kailroads at Tmoc Stations, Baltimore, MAIN LINE AND CONNECTIONS. Schedule taklER Eflect tict. 13th, 1889. Bead iSTATIOES Bead "Cp-wrard. A.M.] p «. Leave Arrive A-K.' !. ·i- 15 1 45 · Wi.:iatn5port, |« h2 331 S 20 31 2 or i 3 Hagerstown. 7 12 U ISi S 05 44 2 lb , Cbewsvilie, 12 00 7 4S 51 2 23, i SmitbsDurg. i 111 52' 7 41 S CO 2 35, i 49! Edgernont. ! G «'ll 45' 7 35 S 15. 2 53 S «i 3 22, S 53 3 32 9 13 3 52; 9 5S, 4 36 Eigt field, ,T6 33,11 £S! 7 FairSeld, |-^5 52 10 53 6 47 Orrtanna. ITS ^o 10 40 6 35 Gettysburg- T5 20 1C 22* 6 17 Banover. : , 9 34. 5 Si Arrive I«ave - ""I -- ' ! 119 271 119 to 6Sf! The board of Pensioa Examining! S ram 'consisted 01 an eiceLent essay j f by Mr - Ercst Ta Tenner, reading by SnrpsoEs met today at the office of Dr.jS. S. Maynard and examined two i app.icants ordered before them bv the j WI Commissioner of Persior-s. " -i*? 1 Snow fell in A'.legfcanv ccantv.this i State o= Sr-tnrdav. The Harper's Ferry Tnursday, Nov. 21st--Mr Sentinel says: "From tbe top of Gamp Sill one can see the new railroad from to the ore bank, the new Green hotel on the mountain and Co!.Whitman's new leaidence on Bolivar Heights. Here are three good siaed improvement? that couldn't bs seers last vear." To produce sweet, natural sleep and fj»t iangcisg babies use Victor loiants' Beiief. Give it a trial and be convinced. A pound party wi.l be held at the residence cf ilr. Marshall Leather- 3nan s, one mile from Lewistown, on Thanksgiving night. If tbe weather is not favorable it ·sill be held the next evening. Miss Minnie Dadisman, of ^or:a Market street, has a cactus in blcoa. The Sowers instead of being one color are variegated. C. E. Moberiy with a force of work men who have be c n at work at colts city painting a residence for several weeks returned to this city Jagt night having Qnishsd all the Work that can be doce for the present. A meeting of th» Ladies Mite Society of the Trinity M. E. church South "Will foe held oa Thu r sday evening at the residence of W. Nash Fotrag on S. Market street Rev. Mr. Guthrie of "Walkersville, ·will deliver a lecture for the W. C. T. U. 50 the Ml S. church at New Mar- Jkev Saturday «7eniag' next at 7 o'clock. i Mattie Keller. The nest meetirg be' " ~ ^ _ A i * L A 3 On ,-.. ISrmstrong McKianey has erected p. fine carriage house--ilr. A. J. McKenna, a member of the enterprising firm of McKenna Thomas, is erecting a stab.e--Miss Robinson of Frederick, spent Sunday with Mre. J. .M. Sheridan--iirs. Owing of Howard county, is visiting her niece Mrs. J. M. Siieridac--Miss Main of Frederick spent Sunday with Mrs. E. L. Keller. X HOT DROPS. For cot.gbs i^\ cold;, taVe Le on Hot £*"**" 'xTrs *^*rO"I *iii'^ "^»i-i-- «iV^'-«, »-^-p T/!**-_ o- Hoi Drop-. For rceuir. n^a and Laryngitis ta^ce Lea- Oo Jtio^ J'rcT*^" Fcrcor,- u n"piio3 r.r.J Catarrh, take L^ra- ca Kot Drt'p«. Fcr Her2orrha;e a"ii V ';r^?.'. atd ic2 diseases, take Letcon Hot Pr^pf, An e'eeact acd rel^.'e preriaratirE. 25 cents, at dr .£-:!--. Pit j.-kred only bv H.Mczley, AUaaia,Ga " ' 3LE3IOX EXrXIK, Its Wonderful Effect on the Uver.Stomach, Bowels. Kidney. »art Blood. Dr. Moziey's L-eruon Eliyir is a pleasant lemcn drink that positively cures all Bii!:- ousres-, Con-tipitior, Jiid'ieejtion, a!! Sick Omaha Core ' O. Traus.-Ccn_ Keadlnsr ' B.andVv.P. T PaciScMail St. Paul ' Texas Pacific. Union Pacific- Western Union Oil __ Dec. Sugar TrnsU Atchiscn -- .... 76 24 44 76 701 S4;' 110,i 109 ' 69? S3- 69? "The Ship of Thought." Prof. Cyrus Poole will deliver a lecture at City Opera House on the evening of November 29 en the subject of'-The Ship of Thought: or, Let the old huifc ewjm." Diphtheria at Sea. 8pec!ai Telecrratn :o The News. IS'sw YOSK, Kov. 19.--Tte steamship Fnlda arrived here this morning with diphtheria prevailing on board. Four children died asd were bnried at sea from the dread d'sease. A Sad Affair. Col. G. W Falkner, a prominent politician, author and lawyer, was shot at his home in Eipley, Mass.,, one day last week by Judge Richard J. Thurmond, of the same place, and died a few hours afterwards. CoL Falknei was a Mexican veteran and a gallant Confederate omcer in the late war. He was the projector, owner and president of the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad, and BS an author his ""White Rose of Memphi3 i:r and"Eapid Rambiings in Eurcpe" won for him considerable celebrity. He had amassed a fortune of over half a million of dollars and had just been elected to represent his county in the Legislature. Col. Faikner will doubtless be remembered by many of our citjzans as the commander of tte Second Mississippi Regiment which was the first to meet Gen. Phil. Sheridan in the TaLey, snd was stationed for a considerable time ^ at Harper's Ferry during the Spring of 1861. Judge Thurmond, who did the shooting, served with Col. Falkner during the Rebellion and was formerly associated with him in his railroad projects. He is a gentleman 70 years of age and imme*=e!y wealtfiy, offering fit the iime of his arrest to deposit $50,CCO cash with the authorities to avoid incarceration. He has relatives in this city. The killing was ths result of a bitter and long standing feud. S CO S 3 6 S 44 8 551 3 31 9 07' 3 «l 9 IS; 3 56 9 22, 4 CO S 2S 4 06 2 So 4 49 4 24 21 5 M 10 50; 5 39 11 11] 6 00 -S..K 'P.M. Edgemont, ' 6 44 11 43 7 35 25i|500 Blue RitJge. ' 6 32 1JI IS 7 15 3 CO! 5 20 MechEniest'wu ' 6 05 10 51- 6 48 ! Eockj-Siage, 10 3S S S3 5 37' Frederi's June |10 25j 6 22 5 41 TJnion Bridge. 5 41 10 16: 6 12 Lint700d, ! 10 09- 6 06 5 52|Ne-w Windsor, 5 33 10 03 6 01 6 OS Westminster, . S 'M 9 43 5 41 6 3S! Glvndon, ' 4 51 S 59, 4 59 | AriinRton, , S 25i 4 22 17j Baltimore, i'4 1C S Oti 4 00 P.M. lesre i A. si. A.M.IP. ar. 1 i2| 7 05' 9 12 ""Washington 2 20, U 00 11 00 SphiladeTph'- 450 i S New York, P SM P. M ' F- M lee Between Williamsport, Shippensbnre intermediate points. I ' 6 35« 2 10 11 59 3 50 12 S3 9 OC 12 15 10 00 P.srJA-M.lA. * and A M-'A M P.ic iL«ve Arrive' . i 6 25 10 =3 S tS WiiijarMport, ' S 43' 3 2}| 5 Si S 40 11 OS 7 CC! Hagersto-wn, ! S 30' 3 05' 5 19 7 06 11 32 7 24- Smlthsburs ! 8 03! 2- 41 j i 55 7 J5 IT 45 7 Sol Edsremonc ' S CO 2 35; 4 4S 7 3S 12 U2 7 So! Waynesfcoro', i 7 S5 2 13! i £7 S 12 12 39 S SSlChamberEbuTg- 7 Oi! I 591 3 52 S 40 1 C6 9 Of Shippensburg- ' 6 ST. 1 C9' 3 30 i i [Arrive Leave I ) j 448 PAIRS At Prices That Will Interest You. 75 pairs Gray Blankets at 75c. per pair, Kegnlar price §1. 28 pairs fine While Blankets at §2.39 per pair. Regular price §3. 20 pairs Blankets--odds--Ked,Grav, White, at §2.89 per pair. Keg- alar price $3.50 and $4. 70 pairs White Blankets, cat and bound single, at §3.30 per pair, Eeguiar price Sp4.25. 86 pairs heavy California Blankets, cut and bound single, at $4.39 per psir. Eegolar price $6. 18 pairs 11-4 Diamond Valley California Blankets at $6.89 per pair Kegular price fS.50. 16 pairs 12-4 Diamond Valley California Blankets at §7.90 per pair- Eeguiar price §9.50. 31 pairs 11-4 All-wool Pennsylvania Blankets at §4.19 per pair. Eeg- uiar price §5. 48 pairs 11-4 heavy Sehuyikill Blankets at §3.69 per pair. Eeguiar price §4.50. pairs 12-4 fine Cumberland Blankets at §5.75 per pair. Eeguiar price §7.50. pairs 12-4 heavy Bay State Blankets at §6.25 per pair. Secular price §8. Also, a complete assortment of Cotton-Filled Comfortables, Dowu-iTiiled Comfortables, Down and Feather Pillows, Carriage Eobss, Horse Blanket?, Housekeeping Goods in General 17 86 Leave WiUiatnsport Tor Hagerstowu. 625, 7 15, 10 53 a. IE., 1 -55 and 8 45 p. m. Leave Hsgrersfown for Wilhszuspoit. SSO a. m.. 12 ]S, 3 03, 5 19 aBd S 05 p. m. , Leave Rocky Kidse for Eznmrs^nry.lD.^O ID.. 3 33 acd S 35 p. m. Amve at Emmitsbrng 11 10 a m, and 4 03 and 7 05 p m. Leave Etsrmrsbargfor Kockr R'dre. K sn» m.. - 52 acd 5 SO p. ». Arrive at Eocky Ksdge S50ani3DQ322ard 62Qpta. Letve Frederick Junction for Frederick 10d2. a. m.. and 5 02 p. m_ Leave Fredenck Junction for Taceyto'wij Columbia and York. 9 5S a. m. and 3 42 p. m. H iP Trams leave Shippensburg, 850 a- IE. and UK p. m. H- P. Trails arrive Shippensbiirg,il 3£a re, tMonday only. All others daily, sad C 55 p. *Da:lV. cicept Sunday B. H.GRISTvOLT*. Gen'l Pa==. . J. SI. HOOD. Prest- and Gen'l Mauasr Death Claim THE H vsrzR's FEERT, "5V. V \.. 1 October t9.1S59. / . ^. A^is?. Esi_ Special Agent, AetDa Liie Insurance Company. Dear Sir:--YoBrs of tfce loth icsisnt, enclosmsjcnecs: ;"·? 55.2*2.00, in rayrrril cf claim cnder pc.icies ^No 75 1S4 and 75,lN5, op the life o'' 3Jur;ha VTal'h. o:" Hi-pers Ferry, W. Va_ deceased. 5 s ; dnl" receei. JJ * O. B. Jt*. OS AND ATTEK SUKBAT. XOV 10. 1SSS DSPABXITEES Ha^crstawn, Winchester, Msrtins- ba'.B-acd way stations--. 560 A" K "Washington Accojnniodatloa S.C5A1' Balt.'ocre Annapolis. Wirm-.riKton. Philadelphia, J»e~ Tors and ~s7 stations-- _ · 6.30AJJ Baltimore, Philadeipbia Wiltnicgton Palpitation of the Hfar;. and all oiher diseases caii=«d by di-ordertd livtr. s'oraach and kidneys, the S^st creat cause of sll fatal disea«es, 50 ctf. aad $1 per bottie Sold , bv druggists. Prepared oalr by H. Mozlev i M. D, Atlanta, Ga. Ir, ^- ce-1 »y t^o sort of a place, coaY t -i" l.t» lives in. ·ur r.t^ii by L-rin- in a fist, diiat i vi..cierl.-oc'-c3h t--Sun and Ve:ca, Every application eives relief. Every Tott 1 e contain* » cxir^. Every bottle t-»ted as to quality. Every testimonial strictlv tmo. Every day increased demands. Every patient i* aroajcd and cared. Every ache or paia sr.ccuiabs. THE CHARLES A. VOG£L£H CO . SaR.iic-s. Sfl. A Healthy GrowTBt Acker's Bloood Elirir bss gained a Sna aold on the American people and is acknowledged to be gaperior to all other preparations. It is » positive cure for all Blood and Skin Diseases. The medical fraternity iadone »cd pr«^cribe it- Guaranteed aad Bac'klen.'s Arn The. K:: salrs in the world for Cuts, S«res Tett»r. tV^pted Hands,;Chilb!ains, Ccir.!"; and rll ?kin Eurptions, and pObiliv- ly care' Piles, or no psy required. It i« guaranteed to ^ive perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cent* ;per fcboi. For^ale, by Joseph B. Garrott. "It's only question of time," and a short time, too, s to when your rheumatism vill yitld lo Hood's Sar- ··paiilla. WOOF«-BOI;O' ^JD.Oct CS."iSS9. To Aa Whom It May Concern: Ihe sinde^icned w uld hrreiiT notify all per*o:is icteretttd that there is no person nnthorize-i t · receive or receipt for for any moneys cine me for the services of "Circulator" rendered, eicept by wriuen order form me, Would t*fc« occasion here to slate that my horse "Circulator 1 " will make the fall season at my stable, in TPoodsboro', Frederick county, Md. Patroni, accept th*nk« for put patronage, · «x*2idkw8ir J AM ES M. SMITHT rk afd -sray stations 5.00 A. M HsjcersTn. Washington. "WSsecester. Piedmont acdtne "West 1050ASS Ealrjsore. PcllsdelDhla, WUmiBetcc New York. Annapolis and ~ay sta- t.ons ,, 12.C5P it Washington and "Way stations via Metropolitan branch _ _12^0P3K Shenandoah Juacuon, Martinsbnrc-, Cntn-erlaaaand the West _. 3.30 p K Baltimore. AnDapc-ii;, Ph'la(5e]pli;a, "W.lminKtonandSe-s-Tork - 4.MPS! Washiapton, Baiamore and ·wsFsta- t-ons, TI» Metropolitan Branch . 4.50 P Eic=ptSuEd3r, lorHasrersto-wn.Mar t'.csbure, ^mChester and ·way stations, Chicaa-o. P.Hsbarc-, Cinein- nstiandSt, Louif 615 P ii ABSITAiS From Baltimore zz "Way ststio^S-- 74X! A K Winchester Acccsirrscdstlcs S^CA2£ Washiscinsrtoi! and -sc^y stat.ors os Metropolitan Branch 9.S3 A i£ S. York. Ph!~afie:pS:a, W^niiEsrioi:, Bsltimore. Annapolis and -way stat n^a .. ....,, i i i ,^U;5 fl, Xj N. Torfc. PhiJadeiphia. Wilsmcton. Balliraore. Ar.napoLe and -sraj- xta- tiqns, Surdsj on!r 12.00 M 18-iacb Blue and Jet Black Velvet, 75 cents. 16-ineh Blue and Jst Black Velvet, 6 0c., $1, §h25,-^L50, §1.75, $2, §2 50. 22-inch Blue and Jet Black Velvet, $1.25, $1.50, S2, §S. 20-inch Lyona Black All-Siik Velvet, $2.50, $3, $3.50, $4, $4.50. 21-inch Lyons Black All-Silk Velvet, $4, 54.50, $5, $6. 28-inch Lyons Black All-Silk JVelvet, $5.50, $6.50, $7, $8, $9. 20-inch Colored .All-Silk Velvet,;$3 per yard. 20-inch Lyo*i3 Colored All-Silk Velvet, $4.50. 19-inch Colored "Velvet,all Shades, $1.25. 20-inei. Colored Velvet, all Shades, $1.50. 19-inch Colored Velvet, ?2. The following Shades: Plnrn, Heliotrope, Prune, Dahlia, Bordeaux, Serpent, Old Bxse, Pnrple, Garnet, Cardinal, Seal Browns, Golden Browrs, Olive Keseia, Grev, Bronse. Canard, ilesange, Castor, Pingoin PoOn, Sienna, Mossolin, Myrtle, Van Dyke and Lizzard.j A'fnll line of Xovelty Velvets. Black Velveteens at 50, 75c., $1 and $1.25 Corduroys in all shades at 75c. per yard. nessia «ti ir^r* ' V i . t . ( I recomirsend the .Aeira Life Ins-trance ! O-mpany to 2nyone3e?arircL.ife'In?urance » ard as a further earnest cf rav appreciation j of the Company. I have this day made ap- phcaucn tVr she fuli 1'tnit pf ,n;uracce that tr.ey wi.l ·w-ite u oa ietnale lives. -s verv trnlv, Ms?. JL'LIA WALSH. WM H. Pi,r:iJ:i.R, Agent, Fo r Fre ; erick couni-, Md. Residence and Office Mt. "Pleasant, Md. Or Central Hotel, Frederick. Telephone Connection. . - . m scd ·vrsr stations, Tls Met. Hrsracn. {Sucdaj- ooly) 3.40 p j* From New Torfe. ?h'!adelptria,Balti- _ statiors _ -- 4.10PM acd way station 5.10 p s , CuinbeiiEnd, Puutunr aad -K-s- S'ationj 6 45 P SI Except Sunday f rota S. York, ?b*la- Baltimore and way stations 6.55PM Ba»tjasore. Arwapohs and -ray rts- Dressmaking, doakTnakrng, Millinery Samples and Illsstrated Catalogue sent on application. TO WEAK MEN S32cnag from lie effects of yo^ttfal errors, eartj dec»y. wasting-weakness, lostmsmheod. efc., I irtU. Bond a valuable treatise I sealed) contauiing lull pRrHcnlara far hcno care. FREE of charts. A eplasdld medical work: «borildDo read by every in noroos and debilitated. Between Point «f Rot-fes. "Washington Junction and Frederick. "Week Days Soa- a m s, IB in Le. Pi. of Roci',7 3», Le. Washinc^n JcIT SI'S 35 Ar Frodcrici Ic. S »H 00 Ar Frederick-- fS »1!9 10 315? 12 ML 1 33 4 10 S 201)4 3S 6 3X3 90 t jo'4 EO!B taa to OS Week Pars. Sonday. ·*jv u i*jiU uuju . w's » s or s 1 2K t 00 CBIJT ML «1 i CO M2!Gl22;N. EutawSt. BALTIMORE, MD.

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