The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 11, 1889 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1889
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fR NEWS. ;VCKL. XIII.--No. 24. FREDERICK. MD., MONDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 11, 1889. Important to Insurers. PRICE ONE CENT. i* itAtr ComptMj Gumrurt** ttt\ 9tuHt Pntoctian OJH/ in it* Policy Contract. Wkat The Washington doe. for il» policy holder* is described in the following pan- j * When preuiuMis are due and unpaid. The Washington Life Irsaranoe Company is Irmly bound iu the policy to applr ac a pre micm the foil amount of the each dividends to the credit of each policy, to the *oct aoee of «och policy for days, mocthg or years, in exact proportion of dividend to premium, and dating such continuance the insured may resume the paymest ol premi- ·is» without medical reexaminatioo. As Illutntlon--Oi« of Many. Orer Ten Thousand Dollmn S*yed. [Prom tke Chicago Breams Journal.] Seldom it a community more saddened than waa that ot Harwcoa last Monday, by the ««athof OOLW.T. Hichols. President of the Maywood Company. In our city. too. the 'os» ·r Ooloael Nicnolfl will be felt by the many friend* be bad made during his ion* buslne« ·otmecUoxis aoiacff us- 'We want to call attention to a bailees* mater connected with his death which ire con- f Ider worthy of mention. About nine years SIO.OOO,ana at«he Umeof hisdeaththe^Tt_2 cm was oait dueacd uspatd. J-ortuca»elyfo kiiftenlj-, The Washington protects its poll cie» by tha dividends siacdiry to their credl By theoperatloaof thta rule, this policy an lt« dividends are saved to Colonel Nichols" estate It o other company hold* its dividend* acn-forfeltabteaad applies them in thlswa to protect its policy holders. Wa feel th* those holding pollcias inrh:» excellent compa ay are to be coogntulated For fortker informs tien call upon or addre« C. L. HABTSOCK GEVEBAL AGEST Washington Life Ins. Co. of :Sw "io-k 19 W Patrick Street. Frederick. Md. FIRST CATHOLIC SEE Commemorating Its Centennial at Baltimore. MURDER OR SUICIDE? c«u i GBEAT GATHESOf G OF P . Prisoner Found J«ul iu ill* wltli Mcns of m Mrucgle. KEYPOET. N. J.. X 0 v. ii.-An un- 1 t known man was found hauling from ( the iron bars, in his cell iu the jail in I this town. He was arrest**! late Fudav - i , Cardinal* Archl»l»Uoj«. Bishops anil | fx-inu Honor the Memorv of Bishop I Carroll and Olebrate the Growth ; of the Church su America--Sermons of , Archbishops Evan jujd Ireland. SCIENTIFIC EXPERTS Their Theories Concerning 3romn ? s Blood and Hair. 11 W. PATEIOK'ST. Hew Fail Wimer SiocK I have my full stock of Fail and Winter goods new In, consisting of all tbe novelties in "Worsreds, Oassimeres, Snitings, c. My line of PAOTALOONINGS is the largest and most complete ever shown in the city. Style, J..PIT and workmanship always ·'^guaranteed. JOHN A, KENNEDY Presents is thi n;ox- elcT-r ' · THE LAXATIVE AND KUTH1T!C!.S;L'. : --cr THE-- FiGS OF CALJFOrt.V ... Combined with the rr.vOx.- virtues of plants *irtov.-:- : t · most beneficial to the .':-.n 3}'stem, forming an t'i. r and effective laxative to : cr.-. nently cure Habitncl Co:j. patiop, ind the mam _;i »· pending on s. weak or i::r.L::-.\. condition of the KIDNEYS, LIVER fiNB BOWELS. Itlsthecicsr excellent r-:se*v!c)-ov -n, CLEAHSE 7Jt£$rS7£Af EfFECTUALLY '"iTies oce is B.hous or Cu2»:.p_ic J --so ---HAT-PURE BLOOD, REFRESHING SLECP, HEALTH and STRENGTH NATURALLY FO5JJCW. Every one is using- it and all are delighted with it. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST POR BALTIMORE. Nov. n.---A At about 11 o'clock he arox?. and. carrying hib lamp down stairs, cried out I that bvveral officers were after him and ! had been shooting him. He left the' hotel and ran into the streets touting,' ·'Oh. Ciod, don't shoot me:" His cefl. , century ! which was about Vix feet souutre l Hoses; a cenrurv opens." -A hundred . covered with blood, HL bodv *ears have conie and gon_- since first a bruised, his. head and face were" badly ·' Msaop of the Catholic chur-'h was eiven ^f 1 lsnd ^ ^^ fractured. -,o America. A cenrurv of time hafbeen | D^fe, ^ "^S^ 1 ^ « MANUFACTURED OM.Y SY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SJtH FKAKCrSCO, CAL. gUISV/U£, KY K£'.y rOHK. If. f. TJS BAKING Absolutely Pure. "H'sb°=»tte=f'Gr»pe Cream of Tartar Eakins pi T, su-iranteea free from \ltt23 r \mmonia '-· 'ho-phate .or^aJnlteraUoa of any kind - cesied* to ,-- orv ana as reprt^-n-* 1 *! or c^ PAfiBISH 3AKXKG POTTDEa Co.. aj'tSTor-. Xd. idded to the past since the creation of :he see of Baltimore. The centenary of sj»e church \\ as celebrated vs«t;rdav in s t. manner befitting the occasion, ^ The old cathedral that crowns the · Charles street hill had within its walls in assemblage most notable, and around ts iron picket fence on Charles. Mul- strry, Cathedral and Franklin streets ?eop!e thronged in thousands, who watched, some with interest, others with pnde, the -succession of priests md bislj- ps, and lingered long: after the chant of she seminarians announced tha"t the ser- rice had begun. niyitery. i be impossible for! a man after losing t-o niuvh blood and ' with uch injuries to uike hus pocket ' handkercmef and tie it about the ban and around his neck. HL, body wo* on ihe floor when he was found. He '"a\ e his name as Charles L. Oeser. " He lived at Egg Harbor, where he was a constable. He was mining from there! ver - v tame, the testimony being sci«ntitic. ^ technical and unintertjatinic. Men SCPU at the Carlson Cottage on tlie JfiSlit of M« 4--Alexittutxr Sulllvau KflrawMl fruui Ball--An Imikortsut Wlt- nec« Tor th«? IVtwvcuttoa Acsauilni. Tne **t* Paul SvnMtttou. CHIC 100. Nov. H.-- The horrible seems to have a more potent attraction for women than for men. for the greater of the audience at the Crouin trial composed of representatives of the weaker M?X. Since the finding of the dead doctor's clothe^ the curiosity of the people has betn at fever heat, eager for uiorx- developments, but the proceedings were The Gathering of Prelates. Admission to the church could be pained only by the tendering of a card }f invitauon. Every available bit of ·pace within was utuized, vet thousands f people, visitors as well "as Baltimor- ;ans had to be shut out. The gathering prelates embraced two cardinals^ leventeen archbishops and sevenrr-five oishops. The pope was represented in Jhe person of Archbishop Sotobi of Le- panro. Canada by Cardinal Taschereau tfexico by Bishops ilontes D. O'Ca and E. Ante-iuaral Gillow. Ensrland br 3ishop John Virtue, of Portsmouth and Ion|iegnor Gad. of London. All of the irchbishops in the United States were in attendance except Kenrick, of St. Louis, who is too feeble to travel, and nearly all the bishops. After a continuous rain for three J»ys. the morning broke clear and oright. About 7 o'clock hosts of people rat in an appearance on the streets binding the cathedral: an hour later crowds )egan to gather, and by 10 the vicinitr was literally packed with people. The Procession. The student, of St. ilarv's semmarv _nd the priests, local and "TmtLng. C ol- ected at St. Joseph's academv on Sara: in^ty^st?^ 'JSUgftSrSL °g?. an ? the btohops assembled at the , reinndpnc«p au i e ^rtj^l£3?^£tS: irchiepiscopal residence on Charles | street, where thev donned their purple ' vestments. The procession of loO semi- j ! since Monday. Starthag developiueuts are expected, for there is strono- su»- pician of foul play. j A Dim-rent Story from Re«l liank, j .RED BANK, K. J., Nov. 11.--There i came to Red Bank a German who said j his name was Charles O»er, and that he j was on his way to Xew York, where he had a brother livingin Fourteenth street, j Ilis actions \\ -re peculiar, and he visited ! the omce of i . J. Child, a justke of the ; peace, and told him policemen were ' after him. The justice paid no attention , to the str-.inger s q^ueer action, although ; it was evident he was deranged. Oser L left, town and got as far as Kevport, ; where he applied for a night'* loil"m- in the lockup. He was locked up. In the morning he was hanging dead in his cell. The top of his head was covered with clotted blood and it is supposed that he had first attempted to take his life by butting his head against the wall. Philaclelplim and Seashore Short HJn«. SEA ISLE CITY, jS". J., Nov. 11.--The new Fhdadelphia and Seashore Short .Line railroad has been commenced. This road will be thirty-five miles long , ^ , ana will run from "Winslow junction to I trunk - testified that there was no differ- Sea Isle City and Cape May. The road i eace le£ui -vn human :»nd animal blood, will pass tiirough a. rich" agricultural' tuou e' 1 lt vv as cerUuuly blood that was district and also through'the "finest tim-1 _ lUKl In thi? trtl »k- Huines is a profos- Ihe state's expert who had examined the blood m the trunk pronounced it that of a human being. Other experts said there was no dilference between the blood of a dog or a man or awv other animal. Thu- it went all day. Sone of the witnesses swore u anvthint p»irtic- uhirlv startling. What Witnnue* S»w. Gerhard Wardel, a gardener tiring on Ashland avenue, north of the Carlson cottai^?. saw two men --one larg», the other small--go into the cottage on the night of May 4, about 7 o'clock. He also saw a light there. He did not know the men and coidd not identify them shoidd he see them again. The next morning he saw blood on tlie steps of the cottage ana 011 the plunk over the ditch m Iront of the house. Arcliibald J. Cameron, a saloon keeper at No. 793 Lincoln avenue, who is acquainted w ith Kunze. saw the latter and Kunze together one day last April. (The idea of the st.ite is to show that tlie two were intimate. Then the expert, had DO NOT \VANT A lV*p!f I , i % m £ tJoj-; RAILROAD. -%btiml«»ncl C"an»|[ Nov. 1!.-- The coin- us tiis :»i; ti.^ ks ten i lr.!:i h. snu -!i * va.- ul Wi!.U\"M-oi:r Pa.. railroad · mntaii\ .-i:y fr the [urj»^ o r j a v , [iu' li u* wiij uituua f t--l\ -\ ii.nt^ui.ieiy brutgv to tln^ -C the lin -uf t l n - i anal. TH- 'f the \\ork herv jit-it .t!iio:iic £ th" -.!, a:»i . proi'-.:iua. They the railroad LOIII- «.usat \ \ M r k o i i its ov\n propettv uu-r:«.'re with it. Hou. H. C. I ..r^n uitoruor for the inmiu. l.l.-d a d,-»-d of transfer fnni the (.tui.iI tou-.paiiy to the railroad coni- v. \ \ h u h \\.i. ho\\ t \vr. a uu-remat- t»-r of '.oriu. It i^ intiruuttd that the :K \ \ i l i I f ji-.i; . i u w i i l-t««e:i this and X..u;.. iuit tin- i-u!n.i'i i the subject. JEM SMITH HUMBLED. England's Champion Pugilist Meets His Waterloo. HE DELIBERATELY FOULS JACKSO* uo d tiiat a at \ \ M r k o i i refiLi t o tjlk on P - . Ivun»y.%aiu« Walter S. Homes, to whom their innings. was gi\en v*" X ° V '. l , rt v ^ ev * ut » vwluntwn. (.'ol. J. P. s. l ^ UM! f o l l o w » B K | After the Australian Htu Fairly Be*t«(T Him Iu » Itoilu- Content -- Tk* Victory Atri.rd«l to Jack-on-- »«nlth Bec-oaM- Kiira t r.l aud Itehxm »l*£nre$tI]y, HU 1-opul.ritT UlminUbed. LO.N-DO:,. Nov. ll._ l-i the boxing match at the Pelican club lost night between Peter Jackson, the Australian champion, and Jem Smith, champion Ot England. Jackson badly worsted :mit!* during two rounds, whereujxm Smith deliberately i-n*ss buttocked his opponent. A claim of foul wo at once mode and allowed itinl the tlu» The uiitch. Hie tight to the Australian\\ hich was for §5,000. was v. t a large audience and much t»xi-iieiueut was displayed over the riwuit. Among the spectators were noticed a t nunilwr of members of parliament, both we heartily vommund j lords and commoner». and tlie elite- of {H.-r diem rated M-rvice London was w ell represented. tin- principle of ' and indorse peiiMon bill. paymg all » a moiitldy i«.n«-i«ii o£ 1 cent lor each day they w«-ro in s e r\itv diirni!,- the xvar ot tlie rebellion, and \\eearuoitlv :y urge j ilhsao; if -a«J H. Yard, prc-s bv ('hai ident:!ts \\". Edwin t:iUert. i:dx%a:.l A. M,-nii.-r .aid J. Oilbert Snydei. A uumb-rof the-ur- vivors of the n-gimeut aie Ik-tidehemit. s. In The \V!. [(),,;!,DOVEK, Dol.. .\»v 11.-- Sh.vmr Kennl- mpre iu t u n v i n j j O;SL tin- seateiitii of the court of Kent county. u"hi{.[K.d m the Kent count v yard f.,ur t uloted men 0 'e Watson, \VilKml La ton. l-'iank ;uid 1-V.uik 'ludsyu (ne laches and tln «-ac!i. Contrary to rest u-n e ask .- trial. BROWN BELASHMTJTT BTTCOmSgOBS TO B. F. BROWN * SON. MBASTPATBICK ST.- ALL COAL USDER COVEB, jrso TT»ter, Snow anil Ice, but FtTLL WEIGHT EVERY TJ3fflSl IOTIX order by Telephone or Posta* tfili ceiTe prompt and OABEFUL ATTENTION. Lowes! Possibfe Prises FINEST QUALITIES OF CGAL. Give na an order;nd see FOK YO A13ZBT S. ; OITJFICEES. i c r. EEC03IalE^DED iM) FOR SJII.E BI TffEFOL LOWLNG PBOaDiETT GEOCEBS BESANT KXOTT- C. DIFFENr AL CO. D C. WINEBRENER CO. G. E. SHIPLEY. F. B- SAPPISGTOS. M. E. GETZESDAXNES. named, two abreast, started from their rendezvous at 10:30, marching down Saratoga to Charles, to the archiepisco- oal house, where the prelates fell in in this order: Brass bearer, ab- berland in New Jersey. 'Ie\en thousand dollars has been deposited with tlie secretary of state, as required by law Tne cost of the road will b"e §300.000. It is to be finished bv June. 1S90. X Yorkers will then be able to reach t seaside resorts in south Jersev in hour and a half less than no'w. The pew road -will be run under the Reading's management. Death Claim The Monmontli Cattle Seonrce. RED BANK. N. J.. Nov. 11--The cattle of John Headdori. of Headdon Corner* iwte, monsignoi. bishops. arcTCbishon^ { ^^1^1^ * ^" DShip V whic S we TM tbe papal legate, and Cardinals Gibbo'ns \ SS T^ e "f^ 0 ° r T f xan fly dis ' ind Tasch«=reau x f ease · few ' w eeks ago, and which were apparently recovering, have suffered a relapse, and "Veterinary Inspector B F King had to order the killing of cwothat were past recovery. The bodies of tbe slaughtered cattle were covered with sores and their heads were swollen to double the usual size. The cows owned PAID BY TFTP BARKER'S FERBT, W. VA . ^ ^ . October t9,18S9. / W. N. AJCES, ESQ., Special Agent, Aetna Life lasnrance Company. Dear Sir:--Yon-s of the loth icstsn!. ', in payment of . - . - IS4 and 75,18-5 ontheUfe of ilurtha Walsh, of Harpers Fe^ry, W. \ a,, deceased, is daly receive i. Please accept my thanks for your promptness ia settling, wfcich has been done to my satisfaction and in fall accordance with contract I recommend the Aetna Life Insurance Uompany to anyone desiring Life In=;nrance acd as a further earnest of ray appreciation of ihe Company, I have this"day made ao. plication for the fall limit of insurance tkat j they will Tuite uron female lives, j Yocrs very truly, · I CSigced.) *~ r -- TM" The precession then contiaued tip Charles to Franklin, to Cathedral street ind into the cathedral, the seminarians Mid priests, after the rear of the proces- aon had passed, on occupied camp chairs jn the ;usles. The archbishops and aishops were seated within the chancel Cardinal Gibbons, Cardinal Taschereau rn£ Archbishop Sotolii, oceumed thrones. That of of the latter was irappd with the papal colors of vellow md white Pontifical Mass. Solemn pontifical mass was begun at ll-lo with the following offiuatinf- ' --IS-Eighty and Will Prevail. ± or tFD consecutive Tears It. S. MRS. JCLIA AVALSH. . H. PLCSTKEK, Agent, j Fo" Frederick conclv. Md. j Kesidecce and OSce Mt. 'Pleasant. Md j Or Central Hotel, Frederick- Telephone ConnectiOD. -TJSIG TELE Baked oat of Seller's Eakers'Fa-ont f oar. has earned oS FIRST PREMIUM AT OUR FAIR. Th-sisaot osiv the MDiitneEt of the .udres at our Fair, (-s-hose ccmpftencv and iEtegr;tv j, un- q^estioned. out it is the ..niTersal veTiict of'ali -=-a 0 use it A triai 13 aUthit 13 reqra-ed;o convince t- Jaost steat:c»l -O-Onfeis delirgred free to aa-r part of l.-,e etsv Eecipe for First Prcnjica Bread -- C=c Kellers Bakers Farontc Eo'ier FiOur and B S "Wolffs Yeast. K. 5*. 'WcxJF'-; " Fasnilr Biker, West Patr-ct trret a T. s. us VY ATT ORNEY-A T-I^ PUEEST , Archbishop Williams, of Bosten; Assistant priest, Eev. Dr. Magniea, 3 I ^J imore: deacon. Father Bartlett' M Baltimore; sub deacon. Father Duffey. Brooklyn: master of ceremonies Rev. J. S. ^cCullen. of Montreal: assistants, Fathers "Whelan and Riordan. It was 12.45 p. m. when - tue niissa str" was said. Then Archbishop Ryan, Df Philadelphia, ascended tlie pulpit and preached the sermon, taking his text from Ecclesiasticus. chapter 30. verses 1, 2 · · W. The sermon was one of retrospection. The archbishop welcomfd the representatives from the holy see. from Canada, Mexico. England, fiiis was as a, religious union of all the Americas and i he trusted it would be but the beginnin"- of a still more intimate union in the ' future. Tlie archbishop dwelt upon the i founding of Georgetown college by , Bishop Carroll an4 said the \Va=hin»'ton university v-,-j,« to be established irTthe -ame spint He said the Catholic church was ever the friend of science and learning. . by H. Polhemus, ilrs. Nancy Scobev and ^frs T-o-c-i f^^^^-r- «r o i t* " and Mrs. Levi Scobey, of Scobeynlle' nave the disease in a bad form ~ disease has broken out m h-^ht form among the cattle owned bv Capt.Georce Bowne. of Middletown Tillage. The Silk Business Dull. PATERSO-N-,N.J.,NOV. 11.-Bilk manufacturing in Paterson is dull, and the manufacturers see no prospect of improvement. The ribbon branch is especially dull. The spring orders have not yet begun to come, as they usually do at sor of chemistiy at Rush medical lege and is a chemical expert. col- i iie subjixt. tin* law wh it the bir. b.i« a t . i r - u - i -!i-riiHi. UshL-s wiih. so w '.'-tails is iim, opinion un not ^tat'» JIL-.I 1 e laid on the -- in .\'u\\ Oustk- . . . in KTci-t the ' " mi:m-moriaf u-^-d this time of the year. Ihe slackness is due in ·, great measure to th? fierce competition which the manufacturers of Paterson are meeting with. The advance m silk has materially affected tlie manufacturers. Within a few months it has nsen more thaa §1 a pound, and in the last four weeks it has risen Co cents a pound. This rise is based on a snortage and the large demand in Europe and America. A Dam ISO Tears Old GIres Away. BEL.LETILLE, N. J.. Nov. n --The heavy rains flooded Second nver in Belleville, N. J.. until it overflowed its banks ana damaged the ssrroundin" fields. The -waters beat savagely again-,! Hendncks" dam. the structure broke and was swept into tlie Passaic. TI e Di Mar and Mm.rva Kline, Carrie The Winters'," THE BEST J, A. O. LIPPS, spent ffw-and bottierof BartholoEjsj-Kocces- , , , t:ocal ·Ba^.Kore Laser Beer?. XS E -d XX Ale. Porter Bro-=ra Stoct. also Kevstcne Bo"-- 'cc- Cc" uare Giseer Ale sad Sscb-Prud"- t fanous vu5f . ei^Tapli streets, Frederick. Ha.^ and the procession of clergvmea moved on down Cathedral streets to Mulberry, to Charl-^,. to the cardinal's residence. «nere tbe ranks were broken. In theafteraocn thebL-hops and others 3i the clergy dmea at St. Mary's seminary. Car Gibr-on presidincr, with Cardinal Taschereau on his nghr and Archbishop fe^tolii on liis Ipft After tiie Cardinal Gibbons proposed the foilowins toasts, and thev were respond ·} to a? follows "The R^r-inn Pontiff SotohL -Ole\ico. Aich bishop ,,.,, -^hops D'O'Ca and diilow. "Ir-.-iand." Archb'shop Clearv. Kj'ngston. Cana^Ia. "America." Archbishop Irelaaa. Arch-ushop Rvan read a_ letter of r-gre: :mni Ar^h'nsboo a letter frora tsrdi^al :ilann : nz. ot" Ens- land, congra-.aiatin^ the Catholics of America on the centennial celebration. An iIJturnnatea addrea -was also dehv- sred by Mon,»j_nor Gz r ld in ; r - h xlf of St. Bede's co'ie^e. jLurK-h*ter. Eng^ani. I-a-s! KvrninsV fcrcnjcnics. Last evening the »ccae .-t i iral ^ss. r-_-e".actrr.e-it of :;-,e with the siib-tirn-o-. -,f ,-*n TT-^ f ,f -. Creagerstown: Maggie Kolb, Bessie Bell, Lealis Shaw, Mattie Zimmer- zaan. School No. 4, Geo. F. Ihomas, teacher, Wolfsville: D wight L., Clarice, Harry and Flora Bnbrman, Ra- fos and Bessie Bro=»n, Amy 0, Haa- School No. 3, C.I. Petfcingall.teaca- er, lllddletown: Katie Herbert, Annie Kel'er, Viola Kefauver, Esta Eenisbnrg, Gertie MIller.Addie Rems- bnrg, Katie Cramer, Imogene Co- nlentz, Lillian B.edge=,Ze!la Thomas, Stella Keller, Edith Fink, Lotta Semsbnrg, Frank Rhodenck, John fx^ ,, jurc-tora! letter, forbids trreXi^.-^^T.. Limpnok to aosolve Catholic^ -uilty o3 bojcottm^ or of offences wnuer ;',c -.ian o*. campai^jj, FTe reserve^ to I die sole right to pass upon such tiie- r 't co.irs» of re-was the "._ -AlfD DEALEES IS- ^nt. {sermon which '.-att i'iit.f»i\ -Kiln tn'» future -Ic said t h j jp at wor the I ..atholn - of ;h - Umtca s-.itc- a -f (.ailed ; .o ao wit 1 '!" t; o coming ^nt-irv was to I0i, 103 105 N.HOWARD ST, COE. FAYE1TE BAI.TTMOHE, MD. I Cntbolir F!iJor. | BAI.TI-O-JF. Nov. 15 -Tr." Cat] : ?ditoi? at to sdins: the con.jrfr- held a meeting S . - njs-ht Father F. \\ . Graham, of K. n.-a^. prf^id.-d C^inde Fallen, of St. Loui'-. secretary. The} decided to hold a convention of editor-, at Cincinnati on thp first Monday ol May, ISfO. Tlie oftcers of this meeting were instructed to make the necessarv arrangements for the convention. There will be » meeting to-night to form a. national alumni association of all tha Jesuit colleges in the country. Xr.t Part J.. Nov. TI Death Co; "·V .RK. N. c. a v-eil known o r jji.uarooms. Hi in. \ e iio nur-e i i ^N. died a few !,o;»- He wa» followed by Henrv L. Tohnan a microscopical expert, w h o wa.-, also given some of tho Dlood found in th cottage trunk. He pronouiicitl it human blood trom the s-i/e of tin- corpuscles, fie also pronounced the hair given him, said to have been found in the trunk, to be human hair. Dr. W. T. Beifield supported Profes sor Haiues" theory that oue animal's blood did not differ from another and before the defense got through with the cross examination the minds of the jurymen were in a hopeless tangle. On the whole, however, the jury was convinced that blood and human hair were found, in tliu trunk. Alexiin.Icr Sullivan In Free. Alexander Sullivan's bondsmen were released by Judge Baker and Sullivan i now at liberty to go where lie please and do what he hkfc,. Assistant State' Attorney Elliott said there was mnuifos impropriety in making an argument coincided m the motion for the release" This is taken as an evidence that the state has no longer hopes of securing tes timoay against Sulh\an in connection with the Cromn case. A "VVftne-* 1 * Sulnlbn^gi Mrs. Jlandie Morgan, who, it is said, is to be an important i\ itness for the prosecution in the Cronin case, was struck on the heail by some unknown person aud is now in a dangerous condi- merit ot ti tion. Mrs. Morgan wa- returning from lo th'- ';n a visit. To shorten the distance she t « « ' d b v walked through the alley when a person -'^ n n ' closely wrapped in a heavy shawl l i v night stepped from a shadow of the building ''· ·'"- and dealt her a ^overe blow on tbe hc-adT - ''-"" '· ' For nearly an hour Mrs. Morgan was !: "' '"'tu miconscious. Upon recovering she dc- built at o:.i scribed her assailant as a man disguised as a woman. THE CORPSE IN THE BARREL Believed to Be the Iordered Son of Ei- Go\craor Krmpner. of Virginia. ST. PAUL. Nov. ll._The "mangled body four-.d at Lake Johanna ye-t^rday in an old tar barrel, labelled Traitor," is believed to be that of Ciiark-s Kempner. a yoantr man about three years of age. who disappcaied from St. Paul under mysterious circumstances last June, The young man was a son of ex-Governor Kemjmer, the first chief p-cr-cutive of Virginia after the war. He v,-a, to Minnesota for his health tarlv m the =pnng. and too-c up apartiiieit.-~on arrival her*-- in a b.ocK on _. street, opposite the cajjitol b.nU,'ir He- had plenty of monev and did noting in particular but arnu-* himvjf at ball ! gam^s and r.djer oiwn air s; oru. He | was of exempiary haoit.-, and ipent hi= , evenings rcadmj; at his ro,.m. and dur- , ing iiis brief residence here h" made j many warm fnends. He left the Iwu-e for hi^ u.-tomarv wa.k one brs~ht afternoon in .n:nr- and wTSK»vp r p~a:n M.-'n or h'; of m St. i Faui. o reason coui'i ije,-5:vi..-d for ,, great sfi:,AUjn h-re aud .ffort." ' '*' been m .7 t to connfct th^ i.,i n .-Cia--! | ·with t'-e rnuruer. As y»l ih- r*- a'ip.--are ! to be roth:j.i--sen.* I«i1nit« on ~ ' from wiMd«-. and the J.ishi--. iu Kent and e.v b'Uii aie g-uenlly -A.-ll l.ud on. \Xlicro (ho lii-piibtn-.uii Gained. ^ U.--A i urioiis fea- i u i c of (he lat- ekvtion w.u, tin- mciojise -t the Republican xi.s.- in t h n - · « ountics lu ISbT. when V.'illiaiu [J. Audi-«-s stalled in to s-f«--ii:i i'. legates to eie^t him state ihairuiaji, li- sent turottgh t!u- state to iielpiiim i_h.uks i v '. t,oiin.-e^ of Philadelphia, n.s.-di-iit ,-l,. r k of the housf. fn-n. Finnic ll,- J.'r. of Northampton. «md Maj. John ('. JJeLtney. of Uickawatin.i. -e:iatf libra!w.n. " Tho lai-c^t iu-p'H'lic:i!l gains thi» year over ty vote of 1^7 ai-,- in Philadelphia. .Northampton and Lacku wanna re- spcctneh. Xan aicetlu c of r*,..!!.!,,)! ISaker*. Lo.vr»)N. Nov. 1!.--A mass meeting of uike.-rs.was lu-Id in Ilvde paik. at which Smith »on the toss for pofit,'on. Iu the li-vt round there was a. lively ex- some of them very : the close Smith wa* if the colored pugilist was still apparently frt~,h. In tin- second round Jackson followed up his advantage by forcing the fighting, uud did both heavy aud skillful work. He knocked Smith all over the ring- The Englishman finallv grasped therot*^ with his right jind guarded against Jackson's blows with hu left. Seeing that his position was a hopeless- oue he suddenly made a rush and grap{ileJ Jacks-on in regular wrestling fashion, easily throwing the Australian JK-fort- the latter could realize what waa happening Siulth -\run, WrotU. \Vheii the foul was allowed Smitl* pretended to be surprised and boldlv that he had gone outside of tactics. g uuablc to secure a deckio-'i in his favor IIP bfcume enraged and attempted to force Jackson into a bare- knuckle li^ht. lie was so violent that the police interfered and forcibly ix-- movt-d him from the ring. I[ e wusaftor- ward persuuded to shake hands with Uw victor, but his display of malice and bafl temper had set the spectators, asaiimt him and he tost many Iriends. All hjjortuig exi«rts present agree that South was beaten on alt points ind his n *o the chiiutpionahio of the world '- ·' --tely exploded. creat enthusiasm wa-, mamk-sted ovt-r the t.ropoia! to organize u. gi-n.-rol strike m that tiude. The crowii mtnibt-reU many thousiinds. yet o nu'iierous are tlie bakers oi London thai n i-, doubtlul if amajoutj of the c i a f t w«re {«i-oetit. Flu- abfi -lit one-. litj\V(.-Vf r, ma\ be · couutt'il on tojoiii i:i tli-- strike, lor the I iiuit-fatig'bie Jo'.m Kunss Iins bt-eu a c : work amnii^ them lor \\co\-.. and haa ! f)'.rfori,ic-d m-, work well. jt-. hi- u^u.-lly ' !x?. " 1 V l t Gi.i-,4 A\.-,!,·. Ifiirnel. claim 18 CO Pan-.Vmerliatw li Pun \Di.i.i'trt,\, Nov. "l.-- The pan- American* enjoyed a Sunday ot coin- - parative r«jt In the Quaker citv. lutho morntiii; a numter of the delegate^ ni company- with tiier wir. s. -,vhu hail coiuu oiurons \V.Lsiiingt.)a toau-et tlium visitod (..inml college. The fr^ident of the ) institution met tlvm in the libr.trr and TMolcomed them in a short address TlK-y amended the moniin st-rv ici« la. which -too Urst«)0k part, and aUMwird. inspectod tilt- buildings. On die luliirn, to the hotel a short stop wa, m t '« ub the pwiKi-ntiarv-. Intlieafteraronaome- of Vie pattr diore nut to f" aiuu-jnt- park and othcis \ iwted the ho^p.l il. t'j- b^ds fair to be a busv dav 01' -.'h«- " " - -i - But- ·-PC-. 1,1! from Fo-tDiia. o . vivs the lei-ait ^I.L--. ^\or!;^. flif 1 Kind ,n tiie coii'itrv, burned nd M-t n v h t Tl.c"i,Unt«:is 'ifi--tiir_ j .·! Ff-t '!i,.Hital- ! Cllcike.l HU \V,fp'» anitry. t HW.vr.0. Nor. IL-Dr. J ranthn Urirtjk.«, a prominent ]hr,K-j.ui or t: e west di\iMo.i. wa.s n.-adnf,' to hfa viU- frnm the BiUe how wi\e a -nouid o',,-v- tueir liu.aiiJ4. Mr-. Droo'^ l.i.- -h,,"! ujituredlr. a u t.,I . n. J c c Iu!U-,ctap.ic- j iiiuugur itt-1 !i t i a . l d i t i ^ a a d I Iiu*Ji-jid. He at of Ch CHK «-·!! oi enip-r u-c-.. a oldn x of «:· hurt-] h tire ..'iv i i . -- - . . r-:; ses- \\o.:iea"- ( liu-.ii..uTen.p.-r- l uio'i conventjou *- .is h - I i vi---te~but the uav -.1 i, j v.,;.^ (0 t; , e ,. ovln ^ s.-ind ! .:!,, ,\ ^- At :; u or ,., :-.: to '--. m vari- ' -t many - J t,y the i.'"» A. lei^n .j, r rr ( r i-. tore t',v Bi! 1 · ni . ,,' dftiiohs.i'-d :: toilet -,t-t SIM l i - l u i . then t n n n - h t t i lx) hy upo'i th,- ;.(.-t. L and choUcd the irird to i rith. ·: ^ thi-, and othr-r acts of cru- itv t f u i l 3 ijrook* soeks a decree «lf n . i;..:c ;·;, 1). * t. « "I F.: \ I'- « Ihr.. I now. -- Luiier on .' t n . is . i'iny i-4; ^Itircicier t*» I *-a ., . -ov. II.-Tii-j · BOiiwniaji Kpttl. .-.i'-nt of Li i. terribly excited ovc-i t i : - - ; · d-r -f Mrs. il«:uy bun i:. v. t ; u tl \ wi!thy Bohem an laimer.i br i? Jloljidii, a farfti hand, \viici wa!"wir . forliiim-K. Zoln-'sK inuueiiau-iv i',,, matt-d suicide, and Bunok. :.niv:i, ic-w minute-, after«.-irLs. jtuni.v I uil, the hah dead LoJy of Jiis Hi";e'~- m. dcr»-r and ^uimpt-u him to a iiuip. · then S-.-M irvly injur, d ^ever.i! n-, i-,i n , and 1% PO-A a»c. 'iu^ L i no kiiovwi motive fur tli. .i.'-.rucr. no viok-nc e was attempted. t.on. " a^ }.e Kir v, «*o«ld n V * ire 1,. -- , .-I \ .. i - ral sea. t .-.-.'i. late regi.-Ur of Bro-*-a y ;.nd .s . :l O t R e ... v ( - I;ob . iM:d^n: of th it ir.^trurion wi» arn-stp-i. ciiarg-.d with thr *-mb-^/l.- ment ol V.ti.J ot the fun.fc of tin- ur.iv- Vr*, 1 " J - 1 3 rf T r -Tt'Hl tl.r.t tne amount ofi Koo.n-o,5 , shorta.,c- w . i l .t^ach x7.M) I tie clai.-ned to be iruvtce-ir of anv c.-m- inal usTo' -,,· and £·«-·'· ss.-). o ;o»-" " Ieanuic.' r t x t tndtiv. " an~ Trti,irer Hir.'H 1 nn^- the pr'icianiation of (.10% · the r.jin i,rL- of th» late St li.trt \ ,li r.j jji it.iie in i' t!v i i; nl j morrow fio: i rnor L .- Fr- -i.-. · r v r 1 ii" .1 tc o n W j ra_ior. d;ec fe, a robu.-i hi' h o=e neil's I d, strict of il.r- Mic'.-.l . \ n a r c h i « f « Honor* it . Nov. 11 -- Afx-'i: .)'· Anarch iiti»i-j nie^tin^ 1 1 rtv !x,hp-. ille | to com-iier-'orat^ tn«^ martydorr ( ii- ajA \narch' -t-~ I'si^ts wa^ tl.e [ nni :p«l -{ ' I/C . Nov. i;.--F H - i n froi-r-.f ^ ill'" the ( ni · r.-cr. · ii"r '. .1 - rj-at.o'i. Kansi-. ( r v · v.o. k .'-id il to J jd,-" ·-r* · r- · e-, · · rr u "i. \ t ;!··· latter i:o,ir ! c wil. procetvi to t!,« i -u-ry. where the burial will take ? w i t h militarv." 'i si :^r i ".imiriec J 'JO c,inif , having ; 3: --An east ho P_rnsvl_ aad . but -lortly n.Iea-ea from -h« hus for th' ii'saiK. t p i t o r for t.\lelffl I mi,! ,., N, Xo-.. II.--"anon Kf-ller, ;c an address to the- tenantry on the Pon sanl)v estates, has annoum eo that 2(X Tht evicted families. Tho ^avagps Didn't Kill havacr. MELBOCRYE, Nov. ll.~The report of the murder of Mr. Savage, an Englisfc missionary, by savages ia New Guinea proves to be unfounded. ix^atli in the SnoTM. »E- \ i p. Xo^ I ] --A special to Republican fron-Trimdnd. Co!o , ^ v , The iKKhes of John Martin and llonrv Miller, ihe towoov -1 f reisht Train T1 · j LA^r\STES. pa,, X O T. j iwmd freight train on ' I \ar.i» railroad parted at Chickic^ I then collided with temlic: force. Thre» i loaded r^rs were huried into tl.e canal i uear by and their contents ruined atsd , several other c ,3 broken. The water , will be drawn from the c.nal to recover the cars. ,, , , J n la*t week's terrible blizwirJ, were brought ro Kolsom for burial Four other men are missing in the same partv. and it is believed that they are dead. It is reported that twenty men are missing ___ S We desire to say to ow citi * Te b ®*° s* 1 for consampti :nc; upon t i i p prote tion from Amciican foundlan.l nshermen, and u i rd .a-. 1- L l . t i i l i -nid Ni w- compLi'nts , from this range and it is feared many ol I ^ so general that the Ottawa auihon- them never will be found. j " Le ?... !lave promised to investigate charges made. th* me Bitters, *nd havejiSTer that aaa M well, or tkat W« do cot!

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