The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1930
Page 5
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r (AftK.) CoUKl'Hft NfcWS LAURA LOt BR0OKMAN CLASSIFIED ADS iwo ccau a woia for first in- «*rtU» tad one cent » word Mr MMU wbMquint Inter- tteo. No tdMrvwouMiit taken lor leu unn soc. Count UM woras and Mod UN evto. FOR SALE FOR SALE— Cash or Trade— my equity In properly at 103 West Ash St., priced at a great deal bclosv value. Dr. C. A. Caldwcll, Laic, Ark. 23P—10-16 FOR SALE—My Cale aq a bargain for cash. Sec me at 1910 W. Main St., Blythevillc. 30P-K7 FOK SALE—Am leaving clly and will £ell bix rooms me? fmni- ture cheap for cash. 312 Franklin, Pliciic 3oa. 1P-K4 FOR SALE—Four ro:m house on Division St. ?500., terms if desired. C. \V. Tipton, Manila, Ark. 1P.K4 FOR RENT t FOR RENT—6 Room House, 110 Uiicrry. Phone OH. 29P-K4 FOR REKT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street. Telephone 197 and 571. 1511. TOR RENT—6 room house, 232 Dougan. Phone 334. IGcklf FOR RENT—1031 WalnuT, two baths, newly decorated. Rent $45. Thomas Land Company. 30c-k3 FOR RENT—Two room apartment. Furnished. 505 West Main, phone 353. 30p-k3 FOR RENT—5 room house, modern, corner Fifth aw Park sis, Mrs. F. P. Carter, 606 North Fifth St.. 30P- FOR RENT—Front bedroom, con venicnt to bath. Private home Phone 419W. 1C-K5 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings Washed and Ironed by compe tent white woman. Mrs. Brown 704 5- Lake St. Hck-t WANTED TO TRADE—120 «cres Improved land near Manila, clear of ineumbrance, for Blythevills property. What have you? J. C. Chapin, Manila, Ark. 30p-k3 11 run TODAY CCMA MI'rCIIKI.I., 17, f.icru » IILMT lit* \\hfu »h« lfavr« (Jic )>tiBii! IH llntllworr where iihr bnv llvrd with lirr .cuni«lrc«x molhrr, MAI«;.\HI:T HO<;I:HS, i» juin ki-r Ililbrr, JIHl.V .Ml'rCHIM.l,, nnJ bcr cranOmulbc-r fD a •talrly \«IT Turk d»rlllii|;. 'l'lic> iclrl htkrl not rvrn Icnoivn her fkithpr Iran llvrnp: unlll the dnjr br rmur tn 1Ut> Unllliaorr HliHrtwonf. Crlln Jitkd •upininrd lion lto;:i:ns. tier mmhcr'x >ro- tmri hnvbNMil, In bt hrr fnlher. XllrhHI ofTrr* rlic Bill II IKr xt irr *lb nnJ ImHipillnlrlir t\ery- Ib 9; rhnnifru. She le.'iven her mulher, 1l^Lnunre lh«t ?lrn. Uogcr* IK HerJnu^iljr III. nntl Khe Irnvrn LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—On September 20lh, two black horse-mules, wcij'it about 900 pounds, age 8 or 9 years. J. S. Trimuc at Puxico Bridge. 25P-KO LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN—2 black 'horse-mules, weight about 900 'pounds. John Toland, Wilson, Ave., Blytheville, 25pk2 TAKEN UP—One dark small mare mule and one dark small horse mule. Ezra Hampton, Route 2, Box 179. 30p-k2. LOST—Roll of money. Young man driving Ford roadster was seen to pick up same at llth and Ash, Friday aftcrnotn, the 26th. License known. Reward. 1100 West Ash. 1P-K4 CATTLE THIEVES BUSY BENTON, III., (UP)—Farmers in Gallatin county plan to organize to combat cat'e thieves, who have recently raided pastures, taking stock away in trucks Good cheer .ind a smiling service has won more patrons for us than any other one factor. We serve, attractive, seasonable, palatable dishes, priced on a popular with the average iron. An artistic half led. BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOrPK AT THE GOFF HOTEL. 11i:n xiuie diijr he nnd C'ell.n »It) Ire uinrrtrd. Thr cirl l» lonrlj- mid III nl *a« In her' new home. >II(rIirll fled* her in tenrx iiml 1« VYurrlrd. He cnll« on MHS. KVRI.TX 1'All- SOX8. n Lenullful *v!u-|>\r ivbosn ImibnntJ »v:i« Mitchell'* eluie Jrlenil. }l r«. rarxilm ncrcci to Inlcuilure Celln lo the rl^ht KI-I nt Tolnip; yfople. II 1» oln Ion* >be fu lutcri'Hleil In the plrl n« n mrnnf <r> pr:iln Mttchelt'n nrteC" llom. 'I'o 1!lE> end fche Invtlrji (Vll.i in Hprnd n week-etnl nt licr l.onp r»].ind home, .huii n H they art- Ipmlnjr n Kfrvnnt i>trkie» »omctMn£ Jrilo Celln'M hiind. NOW CO OX WITH THE STOItV CHAPTER XVII fpTlE molor car turned into a -*• wooded lane and ahead, set well hack from (be road, Cclia saw a large white house. Mrs. Parvma waved a hand toward It. "That's llio place," she scld. Then glancing at a wrist watch she added, "we'vo mado good time driving." "ft looks lovely!" Celia murmured. "I'm fond ot it. This is where all my happiest hours have been spent." Evelyn Parsons' voice seemed so sincere, so sweetly brave that sympathy welled In the girl's heart. Slio had been told that Mrs. Parsons was a recent widow. And she had no idea that practically every visitor to Larchwood had heard the same speech about Evelyn's "happiest hours." "Tlie house was named for this double row of trees," Mrs. Parsons explained. "It was built by 1 Dwight's father years ago." Celia, feeling sho was In the presence of grief, remained silent. The car swung into the driveway. Close-cut rolling lawn Etrcichcd to either side and beyond, shading tho rambling colonial house, were more of -the larch tree.:;. Tiiero were hollyhocks, larkspurs and other old-fasliioned flowers at each side of the entrance. Grecu and white striped awnings covered tile windows. Larchwood appeared delightfully hospitable. "What a beautiful home!" Cella Mitchell exclaimed. She was contrasting it mentally with tbe Mitchell's dignified town house. ' -Mrs. Parsons Emiled. The chauffeur was holding the door of the car back for the two to descend. Mrs. Parsons gave him instructions about the bnggape and thea led the way to tbe Louse. A maid In becoming green uniform opined tlic door. "Good mornins. Hilda. Have Ihcro been any telephone messages this morning?" ".S'o, ma'am." •Good! Cclia, Hilda will show you to your room and whenever you're ready, my dear, we'll have luncheon. There arc on a or two housekeeping tasks I must attend to. Shall we £.iy luuchcou nt 1:30?" "Oh, yes—any time. You mustn't bother about me—" "Not tho slightest bother! Take Miss Mitchell upstairs, Hilda." Celia followed the maid. She wan conducted to a cool and airy bedroom on tho second floor. Tlic room was brightly furnished in early American stylo with an old- fashioned four-posted l*cd, small, Sho gavi) mo the address, f liopc ' yo'u'va been haying a line iltuc iu New York, and thai your uew relatives improve on ncqualntauce. 1 haven't got the raise yet. if It Isn't on this week's pay check I'll liavo to Imvo nnotbor colorful rugs, cbalra ami a chest of waliiut. high session with tho M. "Tbor« isn't anythluR elso to tell yon except that it Beem* about a mllHon years since you were here. it lin't any fun driving alone evenings. I.ookn like a long summer ahead. I certainly was sorry not to bo able to tnj goodby at the station. Hope you'll write soon and tell mo you haven't forgotten a certain evening i have iu ml ml Ilclleve me, I li»ren't. It's awfully lonesome here, Honoy. H ll.DA departed and Cella made sure that the door tmd closed securely behind her. Now that slio was alone the girl seemed escltcd. For an instant Bhp listened at the cloov, then swung herself on tlie bed. drawing from her jacket a crumpled object. It was a letter. "Miss Cclia Mitchell. East 21st street. New York," the address read. The handwriting appeared to lie familiar. Cella surveyed It a nioineut. Then she pressed tlic envelope to her heart. She linns her head back. smiliui; ecstatically. Quickly Cella ripped tho envelope open and drew lorlh the !x>ts o! love, folded sheets. Tho smila vanished. Cclia read feverishly: "Dear Celia: i ft was certain.!? a tough break tfiat was haudeil lo me Saturday. Do you know whore I was when your train pulled out? Hall way to Glen Burnlo chasing Joe Park, the guy who escaped from the penitentiary last week. No, we didn't get him, but It was an exciting afternoon. "You see, I bad everything lined up so I could finish early Saturday. Bradford was supposed to take my assignments after three o'clock. I was just about ready to beat it when the tip came in. Morgan yelled at me and said, 'You take this, Shields.' Well, ot course there wasn't any use arguing. "Casey went with me. It was a private tip to tha city editor that Park could Uo found at a house out there where a girl lives he used to be seen with before ho was sent up. All tho papers in town have been playing tbe Park story ail wer-k. It seemed like a hot lead, and we suro burned up the road. Well—that's about all there is to tell. It turned out there wasn't any such house number, nnd after two hours wo decided there wasn't any such girl either. Finally when we called the office Morgan decided' the whole thing was phoney. There was my afternoon gone—and you gone, too! "I called up your mother that evening, but I guess she didu't get my message. Anyhow, I wasn't able to see her until last night, and that's why I couldn't write before. BAItNEY." Thcro was a rnsllc of mot'lo'n-'ln the hallway. Cella Mitchell,-'In tent on tho letter, dhl not hear It Tho Eound wns repeated; then there came a knock at the iloor, "Who's there!" sho demanded. "Your luggage, nin'ain." • • • CHE recognized the' chauffeur's ^ voice. Cella breathed a sigh o relief and tbeu said: "firing tin bags in." Tho interruption reminded tin girl that downstairs Mrs. 1'arsou. woiild bo waiting. Already It wa a quarter after one. She could no resist, however, reading tbn las two paragraphs of Baruey'a lette again beforo she folded it and hi' It away iu her purse. Then with f powder on her nose oho was eady for luncheon. She, anil Mrs. Parsons were tho only two who were present for the meal. Tho other guests, Mrs. Par- nBty pat at her hair and n da sons said, would arrivo tlmt after-, noon and evening. Tlie house seemed even larger, viewed from tho Interior, than out- sids. Oit tho entrance hall there was a buge living room with a fireplace, bookcases nnd a great- ninuy comfortable over • stuffed chairs. Tho dining room, ou tho other side of the house, had bro'tid windows looking out over the garden. Cella glimpsed other rooms opening from those. She wna particularly pleased by the wido porch reached by French windows iu tho living room. Surely if tbc'lionso rjad been built long ago Evelyn Parsons bad done much to modern ize it. "You must do just whatever you like this afternoon," Evelyn sail as dessert was being served. "Kato aud Lisl Duncan are driving over with Walter Carr. They'll be hen any t time. Eva and Courtnej Brooks promised to come by tea lime. They'ro not' really mucl older linn tho rest of the crowd though tliey'vD been married turei years. Eve used to 6a Eve Carpen tcr. Courtney dabbles at being an artist, and they spend na mucl timo abroad as they do here. B: the waj';i understand you and you riuiumotlier aro going to Prunco September." 'Yes," Colin »alJ. "I can Imrdly llcvo it, ibougli." "How I'd love to ho tho ona to how you Paris!" 'Oil, .Mrs. Parsons—that would t)o womlevful!" Tho oliler jvomnn Binllcrt. "I'm clad you Ihlnk to. Wo RK Going to bo friends, aren't we, Colfa de.-u-? Cioocl friends!" Cella felt she. should proclaim oinlly Hint this w«3 true. Tho Uuiillon called for It. And yet In- rotiumtly—but at tills particular noincnl—.Celta MllchcUwaa nwaro it_n tliarp, uneasy distrust of ICvo- yn I'nrsons. H was almost ns though tho lovely widow was too sweet, loo eager to befriend her. After sueli mooils passed Cella was always ashamed of them. 'I—niipriclalo everything you'vo clone for me." elio answered now, "I \ranl to ho Mends, Mrs. l>ai> sons," VEI.YN I'AUSOXS ratted girl's hand. "Sweet chtW!" she said, "ion't It lino your father is «olng to 1)9 able to come down tomorrow! He's such a slave to his work, poor man! I suppose that's tho, prlc» of brilliance." Again Ctlla felt Hint twlngo of doubt. Sho gazed up at her hostess and encountered serenely blno eyes, smiling lips surely .hicnpablo of deceit. Cella banished her fcara and biandcd them evil. But though Mrs. Parsons hml In. Isted tho girl should choose, her wn entertainment, sho kept her omig guest beside her through lie afternoon. Thcro wan no op- orlunlly for Celln to slip nwny nd write the letter sho was to to send. Instead she- In- Peeled the garden with Mrs. Pur- ons, drove to tho vlllngo with Mrs. 'arsons nml finally welcomed -ucsls wlti Mrs. Parsons. A gocd haro ot ttin t'lmo (though Cclia fid not notice it) was devoted to onvcreatlon concerning John Mitchell. Tho Duncan plils and Waller }arr came late. It developed they ind stopped to see sorno tennis Cotton Seed Market ^ rethe nrUlsh """»"» ° f MEMPHIS, OCT. 1 (UP)- Cot- Fat cattlc llave decreased' over ton seed closed steady todav Oct. 4 ' MO (on5 ' wllilc 5lore ™ ulc !lave 26b; Nov. 2G.25 b; Dec. 2fi.50b; Jan '""eased about 34,000 tons. The 2675b- Feb 27b- Mar 2T25lr grand total for the present year is April 27.50;' May '28b. No sales'. 5! °. 802 tons ' a & ainst - « 3 ' 299 m 1929 Cottonseed meal closed strong . Fat shee l> h ? vc decreased by 6,000 todav. Oct. 27.75 Hat; Nov. 27.75 ' ous - Lambs hav . e fa11e " ofl b >' 3[ V to 28.50; Dec. 2D flat; Jan. 28.50; ODO tons ' BIld fnt pl = s by a similar Feb. 29 to 30; Mar. 30b; April "^' e 30 to 31; May 30b. Sales: 1,700 toils. Castle Claimants Pitch FW c • ft T I ^"'e an American cuizi lemon SpaClOUS OrOUnOS! Judge Cyrus E. Pattee, ItAI'S WIFE BEATER SOUTH BEND, Ind., tUP) — A man who beats his wife cannot become on American citizen, decreed matches. Eve and Brooks drove up nt four o'clock iu handsome car ot foreign make. Jimmy Webster, who joked a great leal about Ills career as a young jond salesman, did not arrivo until just before dinner. There, was one. oilier guest. Cclia noticed his dark hair nnd erect shoulders the minute lie appeared. She was sitting at the far stdo o£ tho living room. She saw Evelyn 'jo forward lo meet him with outstretched hr.nd, but sbo coald not hear Evelyn's words. Tho tall youth with tlio balr ucnt bis head. Ho had understood perfectly. "Which one is she!" he asked. (To Ug Continued) final citizenship papers to liawaka man. Tile man, n Mis- mie excessive drought, causing In- whoee ! adequate water supply for irriga RICE CROP SHORT STUTTGART, Ark., (UP)—Arkansas' rice crop will be nt least 1,250,000 hushels less than the normal yield on a basis of Ihc acreage planted, it. was learned from rice, is assigned as the primary .fnc tor In the decreased yield. name was not divulged, applied for lion of the state's 180,000 first naturalization papers live years ago and came back to receive his final papers. Records were produced to shew h.3 had beaten his wife two years ago and the papers were refused him. HE FOUND OUT WHV PFTTSBURGH, (UP) — Whei Ruth EH?n Ferderkeil, "housewife, failed to appear for jury duty Judge Patterson ordered the sherlf to find out why. The sheriff in vcsllgated and found Ruth is a seven-year-old girl. WERT He Makes 'Era See! NOTICE With oar recent partnership with Mr. Geo. Carney, we now have (he best equipped independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building "We know wo know how" CRAMOND,. Scolland. (UP) — Members of a family named Law. who claim to be the" rightful -heirs to the Lauriston Castle -here, have pitched a camp on the grounds where they intend to remain until the cctirts definitely decide ownership. At present tr.e castle-is owned by the Scottish nation. There are 33 claiinjjits. 13 of whom live in the Snnd^rland area and the group claims to have sufficient proof of ownership. The Law family is descended from James Law. who in 1615 was Archbishop of Glasgow. Mary- Queen of Scots is said to have been connected wit hlhc Laws by blcod ties. The castle is estimated to be worth about $180.000. —Auto Parts— Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 21st Call 66 Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income T«i, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 5Z ingr«m Bldg. Blythcvtlle, Aik V. K. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up »nd deliver freight &nd packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-931 FRECKF/ES AND HIS FRIENDS Circus Skinny Man Slips Through Bars LILLE, France. IUP)—Pclice are securing tlie region cf Lille for Marcel Penci-.el .in escaped convict sentenced fcr tiisft, win owes his getaway to -his extreme thinness. During the absence cf the guards at hmRh. Pouchet who was once a prolcsslonal thin-man who exhibited at fairs, slipped through thn bars of his cell here, jumped the high wall and was gone. Inquiry revealed that Pouchet had recently gon; on a hunger- strike, apparently with the idea of getting thinner and making his escape easy. Irish Free State Cattle Shipments Show Increase LONDON, i UP)—Irish Free State shipments of cattle for the first | seven monlhs of 1930 are slightly i higher than they were during 1929 [according lo Information published HAD NO IDSA J. VNAS so FAB, FROM\ IT'S RJ(JMV L HAV£HT ROM ACROSS OME ALREADY'.' MOM'N POP 1 WISH I COUt-D FORGC.T B1U-S. VLU HAVE A TACC PA WRIHW-U) hS (>> C«,VOP, YOU OLD t YOU'D ME. EVE.TIX' MONTH LIKE THIS I! HEYi WHAT'S M-L THE STB^^^Gl.c TANGLC ftEOUT *? ABOUT HOVJ VLU GKT THE.M VA\D SO I COUU> GO "0 1HE V10V1ES AND FORGtT 'CM OUR BOARDING HOUSE CAfJrf t^PE-RS-fAMD MEfVi UkE ,Ui-TW Socky AUD UPOfki VUUTOR •RUM HERE i-r weeks You OWE ToR BOARD VlKV, I HAV/E A US AJ-L r MRS. HQOPUS i STICK- LIPS BURrtAU LISTfSP -Took' IT SAVTriA-rl AM'OOSEP WILL BE BRIGHTER BOOTS AP) HER BUDDIES - : SQURLCHBI)! By Martin HO BIRDS LL SET //,G...11-L W-U4 OM MAUDS AN' 11.L D3A6 WEE FB6CUL6S DROPS TO I'AVS AND PAYS THE VAI,LEY OF VANISHED MEN!

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