The News from Frederick, Maryland on April 11, 1889 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1889
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II 1 ''-,*' V I 1 ^. ···nHHMBBHHHHBBHBnBnBBBB »fff^ w W^ X $7'"V f ^^^^^^^^^^P^l^^^^^pf ^ftuijfi-U. T H E NEWS. XII.--No. ISO. FREDERICK. MD.. THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL II, I88». 30c MONTH and. w STOT2/E3. Is Spacious, Cheerful aad Well- lighted, Oar stock is $eti\ Bright, Extdingty Attractive and Comprehensive and at prices rhat cosviuce you that we have endorsed THE VALUES OF FAIR t misrepresentation of goods In values will be allowed ia ou store. All goi,Ls guaranteed saustaerory or money refunded. f In order to give you an idea f our srcck It will be well to j call your attenuon'io a fevr specialties we carry In Black Silks: Surah. Gros Grain, Faille SaMn On? TPooZ Press Goods With haudsome trimmings TO raaten. -- .. .. . Department -will be found replete rath every desirable s'yle in } Novelties and Staples at all prices, coznmeneh g at Sc per yard. Wash fabrics in abundance and prettier than ever. Ladies', Men's and ehildreas hosiery in endless varieties. Don't forget f,r,T. xr^t-.'*. T?-., »-v!iehran Ttentrrivntmt is \Tell-stocked in the 2feicest OKI Men's Fumisning Department Ties, Collars. Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Tennis Shirts. White Shits is. the market for 50 cents. The best Oa/napTaell COR. PATRICK COURT STS. ' FOR LO PRICED Parior Suits Bedroom Suits Dining Room Suits 12 S. MARKET STREET, KRBDERJCK, Specisl AttenUon to FINEST CABINET PHQTQ6BPHS $2 PER FOB /5 DAYS OMLY M ORDER TO 18TRGQUGE 51}R WORK. LARGER SIZES BABY PICTURES A SPECIALTY.- Call and examine Specimeiis of Work. NAT'L BANK Pnre Crayoes are no Solar Pi-tats. Free Hand Portralls S'ROM Photograph or Life. Call oa or sddress STnDDIO. SO032; fe, CSfceirs Rational Bant Bsiidiog, Frederick Maryland. A T DnTlOUlfTlW Q Hfl . J. USlibilluii ^ uu, HAS FOP. SALS Farms, ilils and City Property, Also MONEY TO LOA^ on mortgages znd collections irsde sad business settled To mate room for ocr Sprirg Stock, we will sell for the atst thirty days tae following goods at greatly reduced prices: 1,000 yards Torchon Lace, 2,500 yards Hsmbnrg Edgings, 500 yards Bannante, Colored Silk formerly 75. §1.00 and 51-25, now 35 and 40 els. per yard; 3,000 yards dress goods at low prices. These goods will all be sold nnder the price not more thar one balf their Talne ss -ae fnah to sSart ia "with 2. fnli line of aew goods in Spring. Call early a.1 old stand. E. J. ELDRIDGE, 34 W. Patrick;St., FREDERICK, M3. for other perscns. Ofce Opp. City Hotel Mr. Leonard C. Miziiiajs nas this day become associated ^th ss,si:-d -rill be glad to ^ his friends call on him at oar office. to tC-. ( n b e for us, torse sod ole»lnietotlie tiuelmfss. Spare mo be prcfitabiy employed also, A OHK- Tew vscanolcs in noima cd cities B P jO «TO7f*CO. 1 CS Main Sheet, aiehmotn}. Ta 31 B-- Ladle* easploTed a3x9. Ke-rer zoled xcanlBK vtiurnp ior re^iy Cone ·ZonriSsr "fclc, B.F.e.SCe. AUCTIONEERING. The uEdersitraed offers his -erT.ce*-to tbe ptibbc as auctioneer. Considertle experience enables E3e to tjaais^tee eatufscttoa. Ttnns moderate. All comnscnjeatjccs Tnl3 receive ' promp attentioii. itTTHES **. BBSADT. 1 *rfBTi sTtvwr,. Md f 01 OF THE STORJi.! t«-rs, msb. her aauie, da\ Bear isllstoa« »". VK^*1 t^? be *ae of ' aid oa th» bwsch A U.xi\, Sn\»V V.1 where 'b^ . It i-fes FRIfiHTFn SUiSH I? j ~»2^j- I l U V l l I I L L OjidCli I I . , «··«· «rom M-n, 1.t^«-lU.a« ULu.d«, Terrible Experience of in Li?i Saumlav "*· tto jj. K»t. Tho Kv.r .,; *. i' t IV.--i'i»!!«. r Ira*2 j . . TeK-M us*. ,1 \. ar .?··::. 111?. l AT TEE MERCY OF THE SEA, . rived fsvsu tb? lVtv«-i-3x- 1 1\ ^r ttJuJS brju jt ! of th-» v?\;\» »tor .'«· «. r l*u. ^ u its | s»ftDgcrt ot Thtlr K»JM?H 1% for Two la\v--TU-e SUurw* of p-ejJfc-r Ba\ Ar« "^rrewu Ss-.v YCKK, \uril 11.-- Tho by ftnir di ·Jne frviu .^ iVijinijb, cum« !ov»!y ap the Xorth rs\er this ssorsin^. in a badiy usttcre-I J caciiitioii, aid limie-1 i35 pst-ss?Bg«;ri v.ho ee-vr exj-.*t«?l to «e land agaio. "While (j£ j-Jdy Is!and oa Saturday luons- ing, tw esty-four hours after leaving iiivau- us!!, the Cha:iabovche eaeount«rxl th» Lgavy ga!v' « hioh af terwanis proved so dia- j 6strou in s«.'athf rn ports and sunk the PCS- j sscola ui the Xerfo!k navy yard. j A bail storm of phenomena! !e\ en tj tLcn Uiterrejn*! and th» d'xrk iva« at one tune covere-l w«;b pivcvsof ice to a dtrDth of two fees. The gale rag-\i all day n ith increaajug violence, and en Sun-lay morning the crisis came. At 5.JO o'clock, while all tlitf pa-s-.-Kgers ·were roc-iiag in their berths, a giant; wave broVe o\ er th- deck, carrying: a bjf vnrtioa cf thebolna'-ks and smaJiin,j in th? side of the sloon. Another ttnd another wave followed, slo- d- mg the saloon and the lower ti^r of ^!t-Bplcg berths STi-i awoke panic btrickea to fiiiI ^^ in ~c vcraJ feet of r, ater and more aad men rusLed OKI the state roonii in all stages of undress, and crying that taoy \\ere Ifet, ilaay k-^t th^ir h^ads rnta-ely and ran arorad hkt- ujainao. Otbvrs. made a rush for the life preservers and tri\l to make their « ay oa deck. Efforts v, ere macie by Capt. BL C Dag^ett aad others of hi- ofiicen. to calm the patten.- gers, but th-'y had little faecess. Dtirmg toe whole or Saturday and the following day most nt tLem were in tear= and on tpe'r fenees in prayer. Capt Daggtjft had stippen the engines on Scnday a-id the vessel was allowed to drift for fo-ty cisht hours. He used ail toe oil on board in an effort to break the combing of the ·« aves^ It tras not until Monday at 10 o'clock that the eagui= -n ere again started, and tbe Chat- tahooctiee had drixted about COJ miles out of her coarse. The vessel has several holes in her bow and part of tlie bridge is earned away. The port side, from stem to stem, is splintere-I and ^sr OB OoEg'cs, Colas 6*3 Isdpfcst C-:ns 4§ ONCE T5MED AIRWAYS PREFERRED. Pwji'i tj E25I7 KSSSf, S»ltIa«N, Jtl. Great damage was done below. Five of the staterooms are completely de-nolished. 2fearly all the crockery aud glassware was smashed, ami sn big mirrors were ruine-i. The waves, v.^rs so high as to reach ap to and break the thick glass veatilator^ oil the upper deck and poor down tbe smokestack. Cant. Daggett says it was the "worst gala he ever espeneaced. and that during the "whole cv.c days hfc vessel "was m the utmost; peril. Eis officers and crew- worke.1 like g:snts to repair the damage done and project tbe passengers. The man at the whrel was cut by falling glass, and several others are cut and bruised. There were eighty-six cabin and fortv-nme ~te=rage passengers, thirty ot them women. They were in a baaiy exhausted condition when landed and many had been thrown down and b' ct*ti =o badly as to be luiable to ·walk: TiVTien *ne C yds steamship Iro-|tioL-, from Charjes*vn, reached her pjf»r under the Brooklyn bridge fit about midnignt she a-so bore the evidences ·£ a tembe experience. She ·was twu days overdue, and. the wonder is that she was not longer delayed. "When about forty-five miies southeast of Boose's JWarsd the mcbt severs weather wns experienced. There the wind blew from the nortn-aortbeast and the vessel had to heave to. The gaJe Cvntmaed through Sunday, and at abovt noon of that day a great ^e^t came aboard, snoashed mtw-lve feet of th'- starboard sde of the social hali. flooded the Socr Of the salc-on beJow. and created general Cavoc. Eight of the passengers were injured. ilr. Harry "SVhitmg, of "Webster, ilass., ^as one of tee eighty passengers oa board of the Jroqiiois, He was seen th^ morning and said In descning the in juries received by tbe passengers on the steamship: '-At; about 9 o'clock on the morning of Saturday we were just abost to begin our ireafciast, when a heavy s°a struck us to starboard, tbe shock of which threw every one of ns to the Soor of the cabin. There we lay, thrown about for nearly ten inmates, when we regained oar feet. Two ladies had been knocked -ente- Jess or had fanned, for they could not be gotten tack to conscionsness for qmte a wni,e. 'Co less than e.ght of the passengers sustained injuries, if not serious, very painfuL A Mr Eeoglu of Charleston, who is con- nscted with t*ae Charleston Acadeznv of Mnsic, -was one of tcose that received" tha worst wounds. His bead was badiy cut and Ee lost much, b7ood as a consequeace. Several ladies received very bad braises. One stout gentleman got a very bad cat in the tennpla. Cne ciief officer had his hand cat, while one of fee stewards received a very severe braise on hs right arm. "The water rcsbed into the saloon and stood knee deep. There was a panic, aad xaasyran for life preservers. Tte officers, "With esceJent presence of mmd, succeeded m staying tbe panic that was in imminent danger of rising, and soon th» -saloon was one «arge hospjzsL On 5'onaay the ship was for tae second fame struck by a heavy «a. This time it confined itself to the fore natch aad the forecastle, the latter being flooded. Several «ailo~ were thrown to tie Soor oy Jius sea and v = ry bacBy brewed." 1 To make matters worse tbe steering gear became out of order at aoon of Sunday, and ii was a tares matter to keep tie Iroqcois' bead to the sea cntd st was repaired. Xear ths c!-''«e of tns roagh aad prolonged passage the pasfesgers adopted resolaticns comp^i- me3!i.i5 tae capta.a and crew for thetf bravery, BALm:.RE, Apr.I 10.-- Tha storm which rages! m Baltimore with seventy on Saturday and with comparative gentleness on Sanday s~vept ove~ the lower Chesapeake aiOst ci^astrcK^'y to shipping. Over a dozen amen ]^-t their lives, and tLiriy or forty vessels, ~omf Email and others large, were wrecked. Report, of disasters to shipping and loss of life continue to come in by arriving vessels and special disp-lches. The schooner Caroline, Capt. Hutchins, was driven higb and dry on Cove Point bar and went to pieces. Nothing is known of her crew. The schooner W. P. Snow started out of th« Saturday for Baltimore. Ha ixrt«xiu'suj VI.'SMI'^ .^h.irw iti t, e W^VJi. 1 " rn«.V. IK OAK. r»M^ t w o '.v^tK art u;» u j fielj hs^a and dry. 'lea :,bv_ r Co'- 1 :- · bat, i". C , i~ suitk in CXu trtV enxk. A^I 't^- fcii tratb w«.jx- d*,-str\\tsJ vu the Jo««.r of j the Potoaiac. Thervr wi.1 .iN Lv a Mjvon? !»* , to pro:*--; .· li-jld Ti alou^ :Le 1'wtoinac rsv -r , IAIUI v.ti^» siil.mcr^ixi, mid ui LJ-. v !jtx n iin'iy C».T."V ^ 1 nay. | at Sltvpy HoV. vn.*i\ l*.'th '. auJ the clerk. Jlr. A\",»ii\ard. as earned away; the da't:.t£«,' lo :t is ·d at $10.000. A it'ry ap-d Co! "i^l , won^n uaia\l Aiuy Jasper, v.i.v !i\^.l a'ow, · \ras found osi tLo tlvX)r drouuod All ! Md? of the h:irlvr i ttj!.»J vntk j ·- Capt Kliiih Btii»'i and h»- two sous, of Port uiousb, itru rej-os tivl to L.i\o ' U - a oipsiznl m then- oy»t- r \"!. ,i :a th_ i ·r and dr ;T ' Y Aj"l M -- I h e oiiuual o\ -ti vi .* «^"»fr ju.'i *h'* II pubiicjin-s l« ;i-.ix , «t ' si -yT and th* gas com- MANY EEPOBTED KILLED. ; ^'-^ t,i lUitr^/-.^ to i stv^.v ;i^ v-- :itr. ; f j r ; . ! .ilur-. FU« uJ- j iir- . , . ,- v I s.. i i,.'. « ,. ! arc v.ith tli i h* M \ \ h . v i V - o --ui» I f « «··»!! t, J'r K- i *.. x f i t e--..* . ^ , '^^» k , \s -.i 1' -Ti.». - · Kro tb!n --I'owirs Lai .wu f. .-·-· v»^. 0 - 1 I Uv« r^f . ve-*ttHs w eiit ah\ro lu iscolt ^ v rwk Tho sU\iiijt-r ilcleu, of tn« K tsUfrii hhort Steamboat oouipaay, has, um\«x! at L«?r wharf. Cap'. Howard say-: "The '·torai "f Sitiuilay uj.s the »ort 11,'%-r e\i'!i'^! .'d Itsiruck tia uuilu we weix- in Tang'vr "-"-und, bound for Elistoni Shore, Va. AH ai*.'li^ th« trip, as loa£ as da\ light Uu-t^!, ·.«·· couli seethed ^trucuou wruujjht b ?!··· xtonn on tgrouud. Tbw lar^- ftu*ue llsh fj.ctory ul K. IA Crocket, "l«clx ij. sHuatrtla-vir the wat--r\ edge ou Tau^'*r Islnud, «.JLS i!«.' b. the force of the s-tonn, aud a grvatvi JXTUXII of th-^ foKndatiun was complutvlj wjhv»i out. The shores, of Smith's, Isiuud could well b« tikeu f»r a shipyard, as then; are elt.\i*u boats fast agi ound on its sh'frcs, -=u\«nii of which it will Is; dotibtlul if thev are -.^er again floated." Tbe stos'iatr Euodi Pratt arri\e«i from Salisbuiy. ild. Capt Yea-say reported that he iassf»l two "-loops, ashore in Fox's crvxi and six Mr-ioon^rs. ashore on "astern side of Hoopers fc-I^nd. · ^ Thj U'uStJ States steamship IVa^acoiu, which was --unk during tee ro»s±itt storm, while in tbe dry dock at the na^y yard, has been pumped out. An examination develops the fact, tl-at she has bt.-eii da:i- igcl to theei- tent of about *,"JO OGO A largo fo-f-e has. oomm-' l nced the \voik of repair. The latest disp.»tche from Xomllc, Portress Monrot', Capo Hfiiry 2nd ytb-^r poiuti, along Cbteaptfaks bay indicate that more thaw filty vessels were wrecked and cearly a score i"f h\ es lost in the storm. The Virginia, Ih^ich is strewn with wrecks ai:d tliu shores of the lower bay are lints! with o-bns, fiom the crait ta^c foundered, ^o duiluiU: iiifor- mation couM heretofore bo obtained from Cape Henry and along the coast because of the pro=tratioa of the w ires. JfO'-v, however, details of the disasters are being received, slion ing that the storm did more ha^ oc to than any previous gjils in fifteen jearb. Many of tie small craft wrecked, however, have not yet been identified, and the fate of their crews is un known. A bchooner was wrecked near Ca;e Henry and six or seven men cm her were seen fr"m tbe life savinvf station to fail exhausted into the sea. The storm at Old Point was terrific. The wind blew the water m great sheets against ihe Hygeia hotel, unroofed the smalkr houses snd played havoc generally. The entire p'ace was Sooded. The gas. went oat nl«out tnid- nigbt, and the guests were gropmg about nntil morning with candles., afraid to remain in b-d. About six feet of watj»r was ui the cellar The waves dashed over the cnoat at Forties Monroe and broke au j.y great masses of solid masonry Tbe w ater rose thu-teen feet, higher ever before known, and the place, as far as one«~O!i!d see around, was str-jwn with debris. The hoose of vi army oSi^er, ^jaie dbjtanct' below tbe fort, which, was unroofed on Saturday eight, was surrounded by water --is feet deep, and tlie family remained ail night expecting every moment to be swept away. Tbe steam pilot boat Pilot ran into Old Point Sunday afternoon and reported a num b=r of vessels capsized in the channel leading toXorfolk. Many buildings at Ocean View were blown down, large portions of the irt^tlowork on tbe Seaboard and Eoanofce and Atlantic and Danville railroads have been washed away Tbe Christies church in Berkeley w»s blown to pieces, and asany houses were snd otherwise injured. -tliMs. ot tbe Jowlaads hi Accomae, Xanse- njond an4 Princess Anne counties, Va.. were sabierged by the high tides produced by the storms. A number of colored fanners bad their little fraais houses swept away, and several colored children are reported drowned. As the waters rose about their homes the poor crtatares crawled tip on the roofs of their ha s or waded in he coi up to their waists to tie higher land. Hundreds of catt-ie, horses and sheep were droTrned and great damage was doje to tracking farms.\ The O.d Dominion steant.bip Gcyandotte reports that when twenty miles off the Virginia capes she attempted to secure the crew of four men lashed to the nggsng of an un- enown schooner, but was GBSucc-^ssfol. The men were so exhausted that tncy could noi help themselves and perished. Tee schooner Jfortiaapton, with her crew of four men, was blown oat into the bay Saturday night, and all on board were lost. Sfcot Hin«elf wltb a Csujnon. iliiAVACKES, April 11.--Gnstave St^nzel, an aged German, shot himself with a cannon here. He made tbe cannon bimssSf. He firsl secured piece of cast steel weighing nine pounds, six lueses long and two inches sctsare. In this was 3. hole ao mch ia diameter and five inches ieep, with a regular cannon fernch- bole at the end. He Siled it with a half pint of powder and doBbJs "B" 5 shot. He then placed tbe cannon on a tab with the muzzle close to his aidoraen and deh'berately totrcbed off the charge. His wife found bun lying oa the ground with a tembie wound in bis atdo- inen. He died almost instantly. The cannon ·was foand several yards from the *pot Stea- zel had been a bard dnnfcer for several months, ard Monday be threatened to su! his ! wife and himself. lur i harJK a n reu i.- ^u-rj i f - w th { ;.^r -u-i- ' .«' v ' At' i 1 ·· titsr i TL.^ (.^.i t.vjs to !-%«« she J-b-jl t iUioy rvi."-vi to do, as.d TJWY, ' Y Aim! rr"i*tl r^- !.,;· r». we vnn j ^ ,i«. i ·..: th- unit ;uvt j w i ;o work j»ut -- » . J » ' t tBO J^liSr H^i-- Lid I"" :.vo vr thrvo of tl ..··. · _n rtJj^y yaUS--J, and tbe.r ntco-.ory i- do jl tiul It is sUitvI that the car dejtrorwi ^a 1 - ttc directors" «pi,i »! car, nml that M;% -ra! ··!"!, t r v of the road n ho b,jd bee:i C ' i - i t t a r c f '. s i *c- tioa are among the kiH»\i. ASOTHtR ACCOUNT. ClilC^'jO. April "0. -- Four JMT^- LS arw rv portal LtUcti aiid five badly injutx-1 by an accident that oocarreJ oil Ui4- ChKu^o, California ana Jsintc Fe r-jiid alxut 4 o\-lo.k "iu- mtirnirK Th-' rvculiB- -iay ciprt-v-. "Sy - wiii^b lefr Kaav-ia City at S.iK voter Jay n'orn'npr. ""He- compo-tii o* one bapp'go car, tio parSorrart iiuJ the invct"rv" car, with a family Troiu Boston, the iiau % '« "f «hich is Si'a at tLc local ofl'ce of tbs coti^pr.ny :· Ha'-t!*, of la^v, bat ·»bieb, it is -'t'iii j.nlt i- the f-ntitly 01 J Boston, f;.nTai auditor ur tly- i i Tlii- train rtach^d C«v! City, uiilea from CUKM^O, promptly o 1 ; fan ·». Thrt- nillas oast, cear i vil'age Ctt!i«d Ijoriiiio it wit- ruu itito by ^ special freigQ'' ) t huh, according to all accounts, was runnia^ wild Tbtj «amiBg Aarf given to'tbe unfirtJiK;t occupants of the prjvaie car, ana tus coUi~- ion occurred so ·^iddsaiy anil with suci 1 Inrtx ttat it was completely wrecked, the k^uuio- tire te!-cop'.cjj it n^tr to the center vf tit car. The second oar, bo'never, capped with t wrecked platform and Eteps. The il.Mii and injured were c.t onc^ cstr.- cai-ed from the mass of tlebns and the bronsht to Chicago in the sleeping car of ta- train, which amrcd at 9 "?0 o'clocii. The tirt'niiia of the "wr^ck**! pas^cg^r train was s"«u .ti-d Ucai! milucftl to taifc. "Hy ·'njr'n'j 55 0 "3! and you caa ix»t ara not to be btamod fo r the act^dent. It was pitch da: k when the cra-h came, and we ·Awpptra »nir '-aginu us qcivi. ae TVC couid. We were nsiuunp: on tun«x tut the freight an eitrs. When ibe ftruck us every coupling on our train was. broken. K'.ea the coupling oa the tendt-r cf oar engine wci, broken in tv.o. "The fre gLt engine ran right through the last coa,h and thun ihe boiler burtt. Tba criChof tho -iyin^ and injured weru Mmply awfuL The UjUsnjj water had Le^n thrown over them and their C-Jsh terribly Maldod. The braJ.en.aii .tad nreman of the froigiit mu»t 1-ave jumpc-J, btr^aus*- they were not fatally injured ~ STIL.I. Anotlier actx.urt of tht a-v-idant, on Santa Fe --ay=. I^o ti was nuiiunq; on turu and the extra freight cars fr"owmg them Atlxry::i33 OK, grad* i? very =t-""p and the pngiuiT of th=- 1 stra saw tnat his tr-un was. unnianag-''al.!e ji:^t a-, ce pc r coi'. c.i the lamps on the of the c-as^enst i tr^'i). He wiiist.yi for brakes, anJ f:-^at t-rak-jnan, P. TJ. Pahiscr, fp-rsnr; for ice brake^ It was roo late, aud the fre'ght cng'ie cixibed nito tbe [M-ivate car, driving it up on the steps 01 the Puilmaa car Santa Anna. The fireman of freight ~ and capd, but tbo enganrer was crushed f o a rnas-. of pulp ag nost tne boil-r head. In tbe private ccr n-j* L L. Hart, a director of tbe California Ccatral railway. Ke lives at Brw'«.iina. ilass. BotSj h»s Jeg^ were broken aid he was badly scI Ht. sou and daughter, hun, were i.,I!eJ ^:-tact!y. Ksnry \V. Lernb. also in t^.. private car, was «cal Jsd about tee face and Vo£y. Pa!ir.KT, tee Ireigbt tral- e T nan, was. thro"wn over the freight engine into the mass cf debris, but be scap-d ^r:th a ba3 s'TiI i on his face and both baatls were terr-.bty t,umed. The tourist vir. 455. jt^t ah«Ml of the sleeper Santa Anna, was not injured, end the other coaches and baggage car -svere damaged only about the draft irons. Engineer J'jhn Bynder -was eeTerely arcised by tee force of tbe concession. Tha vrreck of the private car -was left at Lorenzo and the reniain.Ier of tie traic cacce on to Chicago _ KATHA F. DIXO?f ELECTED. of l,(.Kf . bat a ji-"* town boar-1 vl v^: ihf return-- PKOVIM.*?' r, K laj '- » Ivi. v'us tin? II .1- !· SI 0 O.iiilHIM*. ;0 --11,' ):,ir alily of 'l *!H' f.iv«~ *.-* tlio rv'iir:!^, t his b*^*"i !.K i d vtitii th'j .· ,s^ i list o.m\ j.v,i!ig I A S T ' S 11 -l«i T«.«r- i-i fav r of tho Iv**put ii:**v bvM iti Ncw]xrr, Bris- iid -'^;Lt pianos YW- o to bo uJ of tbo ron' t wax m t! in.5 and ll-iu! trial «ja u in nl« cm my |«irt n-;, and and c!---* ai^l tol .»!,! Cra"~w.s fl'lixi llii- ch» r Nor. j o r t whiro i hsd, cocLoo IJIV of the oirj · rf[ ria Tht coutirt ^.' Kifth ripr-'-i.t;iU\t- The pro-cut therxl*.r».» ti«»!ii o\t y r Tl.o ·. iwttt ii "« o^i.da i« fo.Ii»v-. Iti-put- liaus, -'·. P--:IUK r .t.o, 10, '· b» c ·»«. n, I. Th« h^av.- ·-tauU'-S'.u-.- R. publi'-ai!, ^1 , D'-av ocratsc. 5:: *!··,- ItepablKjos lj^\o H iiiajonty oi 11 oa ,'uiut UUJot, mtii oijo xeuator to bo tl-xt'^l, thu-. »:i~ Tinj; tb" "lection of tho R- pub'ican st.ito tn.kvt, --vhscli fnilvj of an ckjo- d'Hi by tho i^fipy. jEKtY Cn\, April II. -- A small iote was ^tt at the Uuirt. r elvctioix. The now thar- ter wa? ratiG ^! by a lur^c aiajonty HouciKfeN. N. J , Aprii li. -- A light vote vras cast at the charter "Ivction-«. Mayor an, Treiiturcr Snutb and ou^!, were rtMSi'^cSc.!, aii'i Daniel geriy wu^ elwt'i! writer commtsMuuer. Tho aliiortneu · !ct are JTe^r- 1 . Bowig, Erioukoi'l- tcr, SUiutosi and Londi^an. ail Democrats. The i-hivj! Tujt«e are Messrs. R'jdo?pby, Rus. Aciurainl Cannon, Democrat. BELV inui", J. J . April 10, -- CImi tor e!co- Uous were h Id m Warrt-n county, and tho lieeuM.' t;i kci won, In Phtltipibur,;, John S. Rjwers (Dem) was cl»«.t"xl mayor, wjth a lic^uso council In "^Viii, H. IV". Allegir (Pro ) tvas ci-^cttd Eiav^r, vttb a iKX'iSe rouncil. Ic Ha^Jvi'ttat-imi, D B. Harvey fDenx) «a cloi-t' «1 m.i3 or, with s llC"U'-O counciL In Belv: lerc, Surrogate O'J«iel (Denx) was ck-cuwl mayoi, with aa nuti-electric light eoun'-U. ·- BoaDE?rrowjr, ^T. J., April 11. -- John O. Hudson (Dt'tu.) was elaated mayor over Samuel S Kockhill (Ifep.), Cbaries Feniinoro wns e!ect.-d councilnmn in tho First ward, Frank Ford in tho Second Trard aad Philip H. Brakeley m tho Third wurj -- all Republicans. T5«. ccuocil stscils s^c Seyiih'Icans and three IK-mocratj', and favors granting liquor licenses. TBENTOX AprJ 11.-- The city ot Trenton is in a dilemma. They have just elt'cted Anthony A. Skirni major, and. by tlie prQvl-Jons of tbe charter ho must be qaoliflo'l next Monday. It happen*;, however, that yesterday Governor Green s:gnfsl tile bili making, tlio t«rnte, of m-iyorp m cities two years, and providing that thi'y b-^fin their torm in M/iy. Mayor M.igo'.van"s torm ends nest Monday night, ,in-i tlie newiy eiect' d mayor cannot take he'd of the city government for three ·weeks. TLt -vul' Inavu tbe crty of Trenton withou I a mayor In thi?; case tho pretJdcat orcouucil cannot act, as the provisions of the city charter only altov/ him thai prerogative when tho mayo* is ill or KEW BI'.C.NSWICK, S J.. April II. -- James H. Van C!fft (Dom } was elect-d mayor The comri'on c^iiatil stantK un The Khod« TelsBd Le^slators at I,a«t Clioo^c a Senator. PBOVUJENCE, R. I , Apr:! ::.--In iciz-t : ly the legislature bags balloting again ' States senator zzid toe first three j baCots. s-rth, seventh acJ eisLth. rtt-^tec! · ia no 3-=cisjCji. The airih, cowever, rented ! T3 tee eJ*cson of ^Satcas F. D:zc=, or WcsS- erly, by tfce foEo^irg vot«: j Sar^». Se£!»^ HvS"- Tote!. J IMson 23 "" 5. Colt Tlie Farmer Helped the Doc Kili Him. j FIXDLAT, O , April. IL--The RepubLcaa has a despatch from Union to^vnshin, tha county, stating that Thomas Berge', a farmer, ·was awakered on Monday morning by p.te- ons cnes for help and sounds of a strogg e comirg from tne front porch. Ke found hzs dog, a oag-* ma»tiSf, tearing at tbe throat of e tramp, who had evidently sought the porcb as a. place to s'eep. The farmer, it is said, took a hand in the work and abvistoi tha dog in Jailing tho tramp, who was buried in a rough grave in a secluded field. The farmer's children, who ivitnessed the murder, were unable to keep tae secret, and through them the facts were made public. Xo arrests bare yet b«en reported. The Hi-^tal. sirike i-^-:."d. ST. Locis, Apr,:"'_---- * f 'he *:r^irg boll r"ai*rs, "si'^v; K sg, '-" r--cbeJ s. -^ttiensent w;jh Fres J^s" Vr- 34," Abe asd ^gsed i'-r :ce «*-^«^ i All c»a cs for last year we arn ln.t^x ar.~ -»tt-«« McCarthy, Kobjj- -: r-nJl Ctarrt'er] i.n n-Ce,Ts aa in- crea.-»» of ^al--ry. La*t yea- Iii-iniO3 re- ce.veii $J "». nc-v to gets, *;,7K, Ccr-n^h-ar- la.n rec'i.ol i- i20 2,^t year, and this year rectjvi-, a,i increr^^; McCarthy rex ved |1,3 la.-: yccu-, and this year. King 'w': S~ ?JJ az.d sh.^ ^atoa he wants $3^XX) CoTu-ity te'k«J the players mto a comproniii« of Bn Endcfl a T,fe Ialo Painful by tlie Murd«*roa* Avsatlit of a a Pnn-MtELPKiA. April It.--I/iTTjei HaJun, one of !ie bra\ rat ofiieiTs of tlie city police force, is dead from t5.e off yets of a bullet fired by his own hand. Hi- MiiCide is said to be due to a murderous assault made on him in Xovember, 1880. Fcrepangii's circles was coming m*o their winter q.iarfrs at Lehigh avenue and Edgemont street, when "Skip"* Doran and four o!hf.ryoting men, "who had been oat gunning', began to tvt.e the nnimab at the "WLt-n 'jrdert-d away they stated a fight and Oifi-cr Mafcin arrested one of tha cnowd, He was lea-!.n^ h'd prisoner away when one of Ire gan~ ru?he'l op and struck ilakia to the ground with a blow on the bead witi a double barrel»3d S K3 ** Makm staggcr«^d to ft*feet again cljtchaig his prisoner, aad ordered a t*-l!ow cSter who .vas on the ground to ke«-p back the rest of ihe gang and be would hold the prisoner. Just then tbe gang make a n^h and Makin's comrade in bUii and brass buttons ran away and was afwizards discharged by Slayor SVvkley for The gai*g"beat Makin vntn a gi.n an-u kicked o'oi unti! be was m- TLey brot-e i-.s jf-~*, fractcre-i his skull, beat his face !o a Jelly and intercsJiy injured the t]j;ky ro"ices5an Tbey left him for ossc aEd xj*^j ant^ ni^ne o^ vcc gang wero iver cfip'sre-i "ak;n, to the Earpris 0 cf his doctor, lived, ^sd iay e*- ELS. borne between Sife and 5*atb f'jr ·wesSs. It was many months before he ·KE5 sKe to do evn light duty. He kept at T-c-rV bTt he was never the same man after tbc n --£~-'y2s as^iuii of the Port R'Chmond rouges, altccug"' he was a number of times e"ackx: :jy i~t;^ra:s street gangs in later years wiule m tho aisccirge cf bis duties. In the lart ffc~v year^ Makip's necui troubled fc.ia '.Knily at t:o.cs, Eitreaie beac or coJd caused :r.'ei-e paja= in his head, while be Offifo Seeker* A re Rapidly Tiluming Oat at Wa-hni!jton. THE PRESIDENT'S POLICY. 2* r«t Sola He Will of.** ju-i n rJ IVr-.tst.-nt of \!l. WAJHXtrrys, \pril l!.--Ttc j on graduaily «ul»p"n.j !!i" th-« rj Veruioat pan, .% it maj bo valE ··!, a» r four years' Una f«r UM Jca!v'^atic ot it's H.H beU'iJ!t-J b\ ti.._- aitii"!--' that t*» a» to a of tl« uiot ptriKtwjt, of th-» coa- hunters, who ha* !yvn si « !a:!y iiaca ilj--- a -J, ·aiys: "I kciy »-»Iuctant!j -irnvedat f~* at I!JB pivti,Seut dv cot satca^ to r«i,)Hn iho Peiii^craSk sucusulwnt"- c* ofli-x-, except «hiro tttcro have bcJJi eiTen- MV\) !·. uiji.strations of part-sasiship, uatlJ they s»!v«l four full \ears froni tt« tauc U»'y »«-ro ajij-jiule-J. This jo«itloa ha»_ ai» itiiHnt of f.iii ni«. about IE. which, I inus* aduut, (t j«,iuLtr «it!» tSuj jvyple. I notice that a gr«xtt nitity It"^|ubIR-ans c-MJii.iay that, in p!,ice* wtK-ro tho Republicans vrer» porniittoJ t- retain UKIT o!hc* for one, two, or throo ^--iir*, it \\ouK! not b^ fair for ProoiJeat HirrL-*ju not to s' v * tho rXsnocratso willco hoM-a- jt^t a» tyood n th."U-ci\ Thvro i» stunvthing iD . a proix-Jittion of ihntsort thai app«^a!s to fair play, and Uio pr».!eat wilt isot s° vvry for wrong if t. · hhalt a'lbtre to such a policy as that. It will bo a hltlo bard for a great many of us who have obligations of many sorta !u coiui'-ction with the offices, but it iinirliS«s ciatton. a. great deal ia Waihingtoo and i« tie districts. I, for cuo, am 50 v/e0 tatbScl that tha 13 to bo tho policy that J am going honus. It mil be «oi:ic tim- 1 bofora Uio atlujinistrnUoa \vjll jjit around to th* four year olliow in ruy stxt'on, and I doa'+ caro to wait about thc**.hotjt. any laager." The ctork of the hotel, who know- only tii*- nioni^ sido of the rush, co'iilnis, from different rcjisous, t!io conclusions at which thi» coogntsiwaa IIAS arrived. He siys: "Tha rush is ovor. The brretk has cos«; Tlioy alt scent to havo hftirJ somethlog thai is discouraging. At all cvcnfc, xrboa they nsJc for thtir bilis, they say that it fc no* m-cessary to i«nt any longer," -KTC UOFFALO CONttXGENT. The New Yorlc GommerwAl A'ivertisert» -- rorrespoiidont indu'les the follovring in Kfc dally rejort: "Tho grc«liat [xjiitacuiiLs in the country. hail from BulHalo. There is no satisfying their hungor. They bored Preiidtfnt Cleveland untsl hon«\cr went to bed without expecting to i*e a Buffalo politician crawl ou* from it, ami now they are making PrcadenlK lifo a burden. They come =ia^ One delegation deitirts !uul another comes. f "For a few days there has been a respite) from their importunities, but notr there art! about ttro dozen of tiietn registered at OK! Arlington. They are after three offices-- « Don tocktvood's pLico as TJalted States district attoBiuy, the coUoctorihip of the port of Builnlo and tlio internal revenue collect- orsbp fcf -.»t«m Netv York. Th^y ore not Huite agre-sl among themselves as to -what Buffatoiunn.'- they «-antfor the oJ5ces, but this mokes tho contt'St all the moro interesting, bc-cauFO more coaipUcateJ." 1 WANTS TO BtS COJln:EOI.LER OV* TtlE CUR- EESCT, ^_ Edwa-d S. T^acfy, of Jackson. 3slieb,, isia town. Ho ivouU t3 te conjptrulTcr of ifes Currency. Lacc was a member of the coin -ago committee in tho Forty-seventh suet Forty-eighth eongrerS-'S, and preparea.a report on postal savings banks, ot which report 2,000,003 copies have be.Ti distributed^ Mr. Laccy is a banter and ha.-, tbc nad'es of-= hundreds of bankers oa his "petition. They do business m all parts of the United States; Mr. Lacey says that he bad no idea of catering the rpce until a week ag-% but that » friends con vmcnl him tfcat the portion. ^Tonld lie of great benefit to him in the 'future, on3 tho Michigan senators and ex-Go 1 , eruor _Vlger~ insisted upon his candidacy. Its belie'ViHi that the place Jiss betwea Richard Pnrsonsc, of Ohio, and Mr. Lacey, and the only reason why Pur-ens' c!iance3 arts the better is tiat he is from Ohio, which state has not ha-1 much patronage --£: The ?nry U* YORK, April 11.-- The jury ic caojof PraaV P. Dadgeoo, who ch "with aid-n^ the duUh of SZitty Cody by means cf .1 cri'nmal operation, after beiuj oat ail nijKt reported to Judge jloore, wto- tned the csf-\ that they couisJ not agrea Tbey w^ro da?Jmrgeel and the $10,000 ba3 already furnrcbod by tha acczi?l was con- tJnaeJ. Tho jury stood eight to foar tcr convict on. 33CEMTION. Daniel jtellcr, a Carzner living near Bess Gap, Pa , was robbed of §4,700 by two stranger 0 , r.ho indticed him to play tirBtt card monte and seized his money at tie poiE* of a revo'ver. A tluef, -who recently* robbed John B. EeiUy, o£ Wuke*arre, of §S», returned $TK of it through tha medium of Bev Fathe* OTJaran and tta confessional. Maske-1 robbeis, after holding the feel ef IVewis Patterson, a farner of CentrevHfe, Pa., in a fire aad otherwise tortanEg can, secured *^0 and a gold watcJi. Foar Russian · 35ceis have made a xragF that they can n«3e on horsebac? from Si, PeterEbTtrg to Pars in fortj-Sve ?2js, lit^r will start in Jfay. Hnat, a. man of aristocrat:** family, kilJed 3£arie de Braham, a note3 loubretto, in London, anii then oom!35t»3 suicide, after a qsarrel tsith tha ~CTsau. Another campaign c^ eTfctjon 23 to be begun oa tbe O'paerts estate, Cocsty Dcze stett^r a : the i.r.e 11 F.ercc FJvi'it Between Two iriii^r anl p-"rt?rruxn nviri^ near P-"^rL-on and Tsicnolis coanties, 'tw.-*i two eag^ta;, which probably cc'.ipsed r _ T r ,,^, ,,, -jj^ way of a battie between .T-.S ·-.!_-·» itae-sed en tbe con t. Jen t. What wi'.: dr^tv Eca-ly §3,000 ( be sx.rr-ed were two smail birds were seen f cot hi i a Last year . at a great 1 e ght and a qnjj-ter cf a mill away Sgnfu^ acl descending and approaching nearer to him. They fought arnl de- "KKndsd until Ihey landed at hii ft-e*, where they continued the battlo untJ ho kiikxi one with a pi«toi and the other w,th a -liib. Ch-e proved to be a black eagle, which measured five feet eight inches, and tt-e otl,tr a gray t^agje, -wl.ich measured -.3 f«*" -.1 -tsches from tip to tip of ·s\:c£'. Ireland, desp.ta tbe fact that tie pecp!s are face to fs-rj -.viib famiaa. A great tiproor was caa«d cr ot rfe^-^t-es ci d3ir.«5"ig tr bill. _rcorcf VCr tiling at C3v-yennej with nul; tary an I - -. o I «"o'^. A parsd of S,Cffi) n .,r.'vr) ind 7,iXX? p-acpfeasserfblad at Accidentally Sliot and Killed. XEW BP.ITAK, Conn., April 31. -- Lotus Pfile, who was acting as marker a* the nfla practice of the German RiSe Ucfc at Rentsch- I ler's Part, was eccidentally shct and killed. I Gci rga Kr^. Hcyt\ '· r-'-'O* "which 3s performijg B aVs 5''« V -y" .^S tha Park theatre, isroi 0 -:!!!^. Mr. Hoytisaniios^toSnd haa,' for, it !S vs's, ha has poss£ss3on of thepro-j caeds cf J-st week's psrforaiaaces, Ixrd f^on^laTe has been, heard from. on Kodiac blaad, ASsf3n* t where he 2nd tnrvi-ors of his party arrived after d great hardships. He had not ye£ givsn B5» hi- sv«rch for the ItorthToIe. .NEWSPAPER F W SPA PFIl

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