The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1939
Page 8
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V,PAGE EIGHT Merchant Marine Quecu Will Be Christened By , Mrs. Roosevelt NEWPORT • NEWS. Va. (UP)— .The luxurious new SI5,760iOOO passenger liner America, designed by the U. S! Maritime Commission to compete with other great passenger : ships In the North Atlantic .trade,--,will be launched anil cliris- tcncd here Aug. 31, The bier ship, which will aecom- .incriate . 1,200 passenger mid n crew of 039, Is the largest merchant ship ' ever built In n 'J. S. shipyard. It Is expected to go Into service on the North Atlantic route between Nevv York nnd Smitlmmp- Ian, Havre nnd Hamburg In lire late spring or early summer of 1940. , . Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt will Christen the ship at Hie launching ceremonies; ul the yards of the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry'dock: Company, where the America has been under-'construction' •since'-Aug.' 22, 1938. Equipped -. with Hie most modem accommodations and with every known safely device, the America will have an approximate speed or 2^'knots. It will be a companion ship or (lie Manhattan and the Washington, passenger ships of (he U. S. Lines, but, will be slightly larger either of them. ' Successor to Leviathan The America icpluces the ancient Leviathan, which has been junked. ;It is one of the chief hopes of the U. s. Maritime Com" mission in its program to reestablish the American merchant marine. Tlie liner Is being constructed ns a cabin'class, twin-screw, turbine- propelled vessel. It will be 723 feet in length, with « breadth of 82 feet, n uiomenade deck depth of 75 feet nnd n load-diaft displacement of about-34,000 tons. The America, was planned as a comfort ship..-It Is'-not expected to compete for Atlantic speed blue ribbons but rather it is hoped by the operators thut It will attract patronage by smooth opeiatlon, .modern' nnd accommodations and safety features. Lifeboats ot the new liner provide a seat for each passenger and member of the crew. Most of the " boats tiro molor-propclled nnd equipped with indio. The line) Jiroughoiit Is constructed of fire- reslsling material In accordance with 1 a foliate 'salcty-tit-sea 'report which followed Hie Mo'rro Cftstlo nnd Mohawk disasters, Another safety feature Is the three-compartment stability stand nrd of construction, which means that any three compartments throughout the length ot the vessel could be flooded in on accident without endangering the ship. U. S. Lines (» Buy Vessel The Americn was designed nnd built under supervision of the maritime commission as result of an agreement wltli U. S. Lines. The commission agreed to bulk! the vessel and U. S. lines agreed to buy it at (he commission's estimate ot the cost of construction In a foreign shipyard. The agreement was made when the commission granted permission for scrapping the Levin than. The America will be sold to the U. S, Lines for 510,500,000, or $5,250,000 less than the actual construction cost. Passenger accommodations on the new ship will be of Uiree classes. A largo, all-year swimming pool, completely enclosed swimming pool, lounge, library, cocktail foyer, reception room and ball room will be available to cabin passengers, A lounge, writing room, children's play room and smoking room will be provided for tourist- class passengers, while llilrd class passengers will be provided will) a, covered promenade, smoking room! nnd lounge. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIERjJEWg Learn How To Investigate 19,000 Complaints Filed Under Law ••COURTS Mrs. Benlrice Nlmmo 1ms filed suit, in chancery court ngtiinst Tnl- miulgc Ninimo, asking for n divorce on (he ground cf desertion. R. S. uidsan Is her attorney. Mrs, Vein May Halley seeks n divorce from Elzle Halley on the jround of Indignities and Mrs. jilllnn Obrecht asks a divorce from ?rank Obrecht on the ground ol ndlgnlUcs. Pnrtlow --and Bradley represent tlie plaintiffs. n. ii. colo'mnn, of Slccle, Mo., vns given n. hearing in municipal :ourt today on a charge of violn- lon ol the Arkansas commercial .ruck license law but )io verdict vas rendered. Judge Doyle Hemicr- tok the case wider advisement mill Saturday. inihlslralor Elmer P. ^Andrews Is wrestling with the problems of a school master these days'. In Its closing hours, Congress voted n de/lclency appropriation ol $1,200,OCO for the Wage-Hour Division, ami It Is nil to be spent on lav/ enforcement — the division now finding Itself with' 18,000 unanswered complaints of violations on its hands. With this money, Andrews will lie able to Increase his force of Inspectors to 500 and his litigation force to 40 lawyers. But one trouble Is that an Inspector In this kind ot work Isn't much good until he has had some training, nnd Andrews Is going to have to start Ms own schools lo apply tlie training. •'OOrt TRAINING CKNTKKS There will bo four of them—In New Ycrk, Chicago, Snn Francisco, and Atlanta—nnd they'll be in op- ration by the first of September, few inspectors will spend about 0 days on their scholing—listen- ng to lectures and getting general nstructlons, with older Inspectors as the teachers—before they go KIDNEY TROUBLE Slop Getting Up Nights To harmlessly flush poisons nnd Mid from kidneys nnd relieve Irritations of bladder so that you can slop "getting up nights" gel n 35 cent package of Gold 'Medal Haiir- lein Oil Capsules and take us rti- rcclcd. Other symtonu' of kldnej and bladder weaknesses mny lie scant, burning or -''smarting pas- shge—backnche^-lcg cramps—puff} eyes. Get the orlgliml G O I, I riIK»A!,. out on the road. Tlie new Inspectors. ore being chosen from the list at the Civil Service Commission offices, where the applicants took their examinations. Before going to school, most of tlie Inspectors will lie sent out for llcfd work In company with older Inspectors, so that they can get a Ihst-hand glimpse of the Job before they start .studying about It. It is no secret that the Wage- Hour Division feels mightily relieved over passage of the deficiency appropriation. It looked, for a time, as II the money would be denied, and olllcers of the division predicted that the entire law would collapse of Its own. weight If the money were not forthcoming. The compliance record lias hot been good so far, aiid they were afraid that If It got Jiiiich worse nl! chance of ever enforcing the law would be gone, I.ABOK FAILS A FlilENI) Tlie A. P. of L. ami the C. I, O. arc supposed to tie vitally Interested In the work of the Senate civil liberties committee. Some time ago both organizations' went on record In favor of continuance of Its iamous investigation Into Ihe activities of the Associated Fann- ers In California. 13ut neither oul- jt did anything In particular to help the committee when help was needed. That was in the closing days 'of he session, when the Schwcllcn- bacli resolution to extend the com- iilttce's life wns about to come up for action. The resolution lay In the Scn- itc's audit and control subcom- nlttce, headed by Senator Byrnes, who was not entirely sold on the proposition. Just when he got ready to give it a green light, John CHILLS AND FEVER flere's Relief From Malaria! Don't let Mnlnria torture you! Don't shiver with chills and burn With fever, i At first sign of Malaria, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. A real Malaria medicine. Made especially for the purpose. Contains tasteless qumlditiu and iron Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic actually combats Malaria infection in the blood. It relieves the freezing chills, the burning fever. Helps you feel better, fast. Thousands lake Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic tor Malaria and swear by It. Pleasant to lake, loo. Even children lake it without a whimper, Don't shiver and burn.' At Ma- larla's first sign take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. . ', all drugstores. Buy the large siM as it gives you much more for your mo'ney. IMPORTANT NOTICE! As an additional service to its customers, all cotton received at either the Memphis Compress and Storage Co. or the Wilson Compress and Storage Co. will be insin-ed for its full market value against any loss or damage Ly fire. No charge will he assessed for this insurance. When issued, the warehouse receipt will show that the hale is so insured. This service will eliminate the necessity of owners of the cotton .taking out individual insurance policies against loss Ly fire. : SIGNED: Wilson Compress Memphis Compress and Storage Co. Evadale, Arkansas and Storage Co. Jlcmphis, Tcnn. li. Lewis made his fathohs "evil old man" outburst at Gainer, and almost jarred Byrnes Into killing the thing altogether, A week later, Byrnes' committee brought the bill lo "the floor. The fate the bill would meet was very much in doubt, nnd Schwellenbach contacted A. P. of L. nnd c I o leaders and told thorn that now was the time to speak up If they wanted the LaFolletle Investigation to continue. Neither organization bothered to say cue word about It. Tlie C. I. O. Is In so uad around the Senate that Its silence didn't hurt fnuch but tlie A. P. of L. carries a lot of weight. The bill finally got through, but the labor organizations weren't the ones who did the pushing. One thing that did help was Sen- aior Cotton Ed Smith's Impassioned speech against the bill. Missouri's Senator Clark announced tliat he had originally'been pretty doubtful aboxa the bill, bsit that after hearing Smith speak against it lie was convinced that !ic ought to vo(e Tor it. WAHNINtt ORDER. Iii the Chancery Court, Chlckasawba \ District, Mississippi County Arkansas. Elizabeth Thomas, et nl. Plaintiff vs. No. G985 R. C. Dozler, ct nl, Defendant. Tlie defendant, B. C. Dozler, Is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption horcof and answer Die complaint of the plaintiff Elizabeth Thomas, et nl. Dated this 24 day of Aug., 1039 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Percy A. Wright, ally, for Plf, Gene E. Bradley, atty nd Litem. 3:24-31-9:7-14 Building Plan For Chungking Offsets Raids CHUNGKING (UP)—.chunking Is being rebuilt over a wide area lo )r>niM)s>{t> it-^if ,,. . . ••>-—• " THURSDAY/AUGUST; 24, -1939 Japanese bombings, ho said. For this pin-pose, fire brigades mid nil- raid relief brigades were being trained, dugouts were being constructed and water tanks erected, he added. Additional alarm sirens lOWSTIIIIl Tivii »'«tribiile<l liy • •„, HJ TKD ''WOI. WliolMoler. liitlle Hock, Port Rmilh, West Memplis m»i,,i i "•""'"' OVC1 a WKlo area lo uc added. Additional alan: ,iil,, fi ' solf wlth a minimum or i also were, being provided. dlsmutlon from anticipated bomb- "gs, according to Gen. Ho Kuo- Kwang, director ol the uir defense Headquarters and mayor orciiimg- Wlth this In view, Die munlelpal atlmlnlstratlcn Is concentrating on perfecting relief measures to minimize civilian losses from future NEED TO GET A Set of 4 Firestone HIGHSPEED TIRES BUY ON OUR BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ellis Snipes, Budget Mgr. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 1.19 8.65 8.91 9.66 10.45 . .$10.50 10.65 . A.50-11 ...... V 4.15-9 ..... • 1 5.15-17 ...... 19t "• '' Price cut 4 days only! tnyourccnlain- er. (P/« Ic federal tax}* Sl«eiing Knob Sun Clones Patching Kit 17o Sponge. 17o PoWiing Clolh. 1 17c M Vanity Minor "- l ~ Wards "Standard Quality" ... the 25c grade in Service Stations everywhere I You pay less than half at Wards I 5-qumt scaled can 8-quait scaled can * Equals $10.45 BotteriesI COTTON PICKER'S SACKS 24 Months! Save Aloncy. Buy your cotton sacks'from Ward's. Standard 8-oz. weight: 4 Days Ofilyl with your Compare Wort/s pric* on 35 -Hi. Hoofing Covwj 100 ><,. ft. Ideal for temporary covering or general sheathing purposes. ge N purposes. ails and cement included! 7'/j ft. Size ........ -19 C !) ft. size .......... 59c Leather Knee Pads Split leather. . ., .5!)c pr. Solul leather .. .7!)c i>r. 4 44 heavy-duty plates for quick starts . . . more starts! Lower priced and longer lasting for real battery economy I Put this dependable powerhouse in youv carl Enioy Iha iMnjt you won! tadoy ... pay tn «wen!cnl mOnlMy tntMI- mcr.U on Word. Poymnn) Plan. Any ^10 purchan optnl on account. Buy ol; your necdi at Wordl. Our Calatag Order Service brings you thouiancfs of itemi (fiat we hove not room let iroclc in our irore! rcconstritctlon, he ex- plnlned, at present consisted principally in Improving motor roads nnd ferry crossings nncl establishing markets In the suburbs. The sum of $3,000,000, he said, htid keen jointly subscribed by four leading banks for constructing the markets. Everything for your entertainment and comfort. Watch Society Page Of Conner Kew» Ftr Free Show Guetti Last Times Today Mr. Chips with Rohert Donat ami Grcer Carson T!ie Hero of "Tlie Citadel" in James Hilton's Greatest Story . . . Mighly in its Message . . . Tender in its Romance . . . Different from any picture you've ever sceij. Also Paramount News Admission Matlhcc I0r, & ZOc ' Night iGc & 30c $$$§$$$$ FRIDAY, AUG. 25 200 GOOD REASONS Why You Should Attend Matinee or Night S S S S S S S S ma KITCHfN THE "DEAD END" KIDS MARGARET LINDSAY. RON AlO REAGAN ' STANLEY FIELDS • AVMRNEK B«OS. Pitlor. , OireiHii ty ltv,i, Sell,, and ('. A. Duponl ; Sc'een Vti-j by Cfjnf Wilfiur and I'ed ttitt'o. Jr. . Also scleclc a "shorts Admission Jfatincc 10c Night ICc ROXY Admijslon alwayj IOC 4 26* Malinpcs Frl.-Sat.-Smi. 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