The Evening Journal from Wilmington, Delaware on February 18, 1919 · Page 18
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The Evening Journal from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 18

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1919
Page 18
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13 THE EVENING JOURNAL, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1919. HELP WANTED-MAI E TA?Tur UTTsnrict.MAN.. AND TIT. I W. tailor. Apply 728 Market St fcb!8-3t. t7ANTED PORTER TO WORK IN TNRESSMAKING AND PLAIN SEWINO; ;V atore Annlv Koahland'S. 824 Market XJ gents' custom-made shirts. Prices Street. febislt. . reasonable. 731 Madison St. Jan21-lm. ATKRNITY NURSE APPLY 300 M. 24th St. , febl8-2t. .'WANTED COLLECTOR FOR CRKDIT clothing house. A tor Co., 810 Market St- . . . , . 1.. TTnfmi 1' All). doming aouav. jxyyij """' ,i . Phone a TAN TED POSITION with fair suced feblS-'.'t 24-J. AS TYPIST, !u stenography fel17-2t. WANTED MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS " yulcaniiing: alio mechanic for Ford cava. Apply 1112 Tatnall St. febl3-7t. LOST AM) EOl'ND "ITTANTED PAPERHANGER3, AMEKI" iff. can only, on piecework. Apply HOC tVan Buren St. feb!7-3t. '"WANTED BOY TO WORK IN MEAT, " market. Corner of Twelfth and Tat-1 . UILU OlM. GOOD I T OST CHARGE ACCOUNT HOOK. IF XJ found, please return to Davlight Car 'age. Fourth and Washington Bis. fet15-3t L OST BLACK FOX FUR, SUNDAY h Reward If and Jackson St. 1229 Chestnut St. returned to fcbl7-2t. tlTANTED ONE OR TWO yonng men work. Apply to Tripplett. care of B. R. M. Ca renter, IT OST WHIST WATCH ON KING XA street, from P.. B. & W. Station to .. John Tripplett, care r Montcnantn 'T A BORERS WANTED ON FARM BY - XJ March 1; tenant house, with half ore of ground, free of charge. Apply Hud-bod Walker, Hare'a Corner, Del. febl4-t)t. ANTED BOY 13 YEA'RS OLD, TO 1c N fcb1H-3t Oueeu Theatre. Slate Highway fob!5-3t. Reward If Department, returned to Dover. Del. LOST DEPOSIT BOOK ON THE AH-tisane' Savings Bank. No. 29,oHH, in the name of Abo Rose and Victoria Itose. Application has been made fur a new book. febl5-3t. WAKIEU But 3 M V'TOST-BLACK work In chemical storeroom. Apply tj ngM t0 Experimental btauon. i. i. auront nc tlpkpt for a wnU.h an(1 Hbollt fi5 ,o J20 in rOCKETBOOK. WITH pass to Cape Charles, Va. A pawn ' uours Co. WANTED A GOOD STRONG BY, 17 j 8t 301,4 We,t years of age, to learn plumbing and ! ' amfltting. AddIt T. T. Weldin ami Son, BIO Orange St feblS St. WANTED -ENGINEER, FAMILIAR with eiectrlc generators; reference required; steady Job for first-class muu. Address P. O. Box 692, Wilmington. , febl8-tf. money. If found, kindly return to a sick ana receive ro-fchl.VSt. NOTICES HAVE YOUR HOUSE WIRED! KHTI-mates given. A. Katz. 1001 Poplar St. "STENOGRAPHER MUST BE GOOD 3 typewriter operator. Address M-4.1, Evening Journal Office, giving reference and stating age, experience and salary expected. feblS-St JALKSMEN SELL 100 KNAP FAST- ener to retailers. Excellent proposl- -tlon. State line carried, territory covered. Novelty Trading Co., 1823 Southern Blvd., New York City. feblS-lt. Phone 6012-W. fobl7-flt. GRAFONOLA AND VICTKOLA JW repairing. 13 E. Seventh street. febl5-eod-12t. 5182 A FTER TniS DATE I WILL NOT BE responsible for any debts unless con tracted by myself. tsw orange tit. Mrs. Hcrtha Fleming, febia-ilt. WANTED EXPERIENCED DOURLE-entry bookkeeper, between 2S and 30 years of age. State experience snd salary desired. Reply in own handwriting, w-o, b renin g Journal Office, lutm-ii. ALTERA- ns of nil kinds. Estimates cheerfully furnished. George L. Muore, 11KM Market St. Phone 23R3. fhl!S-t. CARPENTER JOBBCC, J Hon ' VANTED DRAFTSMEN, TRACERS - and clerks. Apply In person, between the hours of 8 30 and 11, to Mr. O. B. Msttlngley, Edge Moor Iron Co., Edge Moor, Del fcbl5-3t. WANTED AT ONCE, GOOD SHEET metal worker: one who has had experience on automobile radiators and feu--ders preferred. Blscoo Radiator Repair -Co 835 Orange St. fohl5-3t. WANTED PUMP AND ENGINE RE-palr mechanic wanted by company Joeated near Chester. Applicant must have .. tralnlug as machinist ami pump and en- glne erector and repair man and be cap-able of doing line work on cylinders, bearlnirH. governor adjustments, etc. In reply, give outlines of your training forj Mien worK anu itst posuious iiein unnim 'last five yearswlth nature of work done; - also give names and addresses of former employers for references. State wages ex-' pected. Steady employment to satisfactory 'nun. Address Mechanical Department, : ) O. Box "B," Marcus Hook. Pa. fehl"-2t. BJ?JL-T'-:-l'k K. F. CULLEN, DENTIST, HAS moved his olllce from U07 West street to second floor, Ford Bldg. Suites 2nn and 201. 1). & A. Phone 0K2H. f-tl2 Mm. I)ln Free Employment Ads. For War Heroes! The Evrnlng loiinia! offers the ClMiiflcd Advertising Columns Pre (o re'tirnfnn SnlJicrs or Sailors to aid them iu securing employment, An former Soldier or Sailor may Insert an advertisement for a position without change upon presentation of his honorable discharge from I he sen ior, or his enlistment papers with InionnuUon as to Uie dat when he will he mustered out. These advertisements will tie published absolutely without cost fa crder lo aid the men who have answered their country's call, In finding lucrative employment now that tho need for their-services in defenso of (lie nnt'on lias passed. . . All men residing in this comiti unity, whether native sons of Delaware or not, ore invited to take advantage of this offer at once. 7 . WANTED WANTED SMALL SECOND cash registers. Phone 2237-J. HAND fc')7-l. WANTED A SECOND HAND FORD V roadster: must be cneaD. Postofflee Box 471. febl7-2t. WANTED CASTOFF CLOTHINO. Phone 4727-J. Harriett Fisher. B29 Poplar St. apr20-lyr. WE BUY OLD GOLD, SILVER, FALSE teeth, etc. llrlutf thorn In. 10 W. Sixth St. nug2-lyr. I) IT NOW HAVE THAT LEAHY roof replaced bv a new one. William Beaumont. Phone 4318-W. Jan31-lm. WANTED VICTOR, COLUMBIA AND Edtson records; best prices paid. 847 Orange street. mayl-lyr. TULKING MACHINE UEPA1RW AT A VOIIT home nfatcnr,f nr l'hitne 4KLW. O. I. Sylvester, 1001 W. Third St. fob 13-1 in. rE BUY OLD GOLD, BILVER, PLAT- Inmn. M. F. Davl. U K Second St. aprOd-lyr. BUSINESS N01ljE FIRE-PLACE FITTING TILE GEO. W. McCAULLEY & SON, JySO-lyr. 103 W. Eighth St. Everything In Lumber During the war It was patriotic not to build. Now we can best show our patriotism by building. S. Q.. Simmoru & Bros. Co. Front and Tatnall Sis, I. A. 2ft I. Antomatle, 24A4. HELP WANTEI I EMA1.E WANTED GIRL I ft housework. febl7-8t. TO ASSIST WITH 4pply 804 Adums street. 1TANTED EXPERIENCED SALES-iVV ladies at once. Greenbaum's Department Store, Third aud Market Sts. febls-lt. JJStJNAX JDKS1KE TO MAKE TUB ACQUA I N-tauco of a good and honest womun; onject, luairiiuony. 'i nose wlHlilng to cor roKpond with niu, address Mr. II. James, ..(.i jenersun hu letils-Jt. WANTED SECOND nAND tine bought and sold: sto per &Co.. ll Wuluut St. Pho jHii27-lm. FURNI- oves. run- ons 21514-W. FOR SALE "EHMl SALE HOT WATER RADIATOR, A kitchen range. 1902 West St. febl2-6t. IUll SALE DAVENPORT AND PAR- lor su Ite and other Apply 705 Poplar St. household goods. febl8-3t. TOR SALE KITCHEN MANGE, NO. 7. -- 1504 Maryland Ave, Call between 4 and p- M- fubl8-3t. lOIt SALE-WHITE POMERANIAN J puppies. Apply J. 11 Savlllo, 412 West! -imhu pi, i-uoiin, reula-st. BOOMS FOB BENT 11 OOMS FOR BENT 023 N. HARRISON sticet. fcbl8-2t TOR KENT LARGE UNFURNISHED -a- room, second floor front; bay wilt dow. 700 Pine St. feblS-2t. pOR RENT ROOM, SUITABLE FOR A two, with board; in private family. IV'OR KENT NICELY FURNISHED room; all couveuiences; private fam ny. .appiy ava Shipley St. reDlS-lt. IOR RKNT FURNLSHED ROOMS FOR A gentlemen. 40t Washlnt febl8-3t. Washington street. T7"OR KENT ROOM AND BOAltD FOR a two men; prlv phone. Call 4500-W febl8-2t. 1 J OOMS oulyj street. FOR KENT GENTLEMEN all conveniences. 723 Miullson feblS-3t. yOH KENT FURNISHED FRONT -- rooii) for one or two gentlemen ; no other roomers. 012 Orange St. febl7-2t. IOR RENT A NICELY FURNISHED a- room; private family. Phone 3505-W reti7-at. TOR KENT NICELY FURNISHED room In nrlvatn famllv: use of pnone. 2410 West St. fcbl7-2t. T?OR RENT ONE FURNISHED ROOM steam heat. Apply 021) East Seventh leDU-sc. street, IOR SALE TWO FRESH COWS. Del. Jumea U. Cunnon, Lancaster Pike, feb!9-3t. lOR RENT TWO UNFURNISHED rooms, no objection to one child. Apply ""v r. nevemn Bt. xeDli-u OR KENT THREE ROOMS AND POR SALE A NEW WATER POWER A washing machine. Call Automatic, 2!81. febl8-2t. bath. : w febl5-3t, , Klce. Holly Oak IOR SALE TURKEYS, 00c A POUND, dressed. Phone 75. Laudeuberg, Pa. fel17-2t. . IO It SALE-t-COAL RANGE, PRACTI-l- cally new. Apply 2122 Lancaster Ave. febl7-2t. IO K SALE COOK STOVE ; PRICE $10. A j. ply 007 Park Place. Phone W78-J. feb!5-3t. 1AY CASH FOR ALL KINDS OF A scrap Iron, metals, rags, newspapers, etc. United Junk Co.. .'!21 Orange St. Auto. 2372. aprl9-lyr. TANTED 1,000 CARPETS TO CLEAN. ' storage rooms for rent. Both pnoo 1205 Orange St. Storage rooms for rent V.IMJ. K. IjANU CO aprl-lyr. " T ANTED LOAN OF 81.800 FOR SKV vv oral years, on Improved real estate. Address w-H, r.ventng Journal umce. Jau23-thurs-frl-tues-tf. WTANTED -1,000 WOMEN H VVeco Furniture Polish REFINED MIDDLE AGED WIDOWER Is seeking the acquaintance of a widow of good character, not over 40 years of age and of the Protestant faith. She must have no incumbrances. Ills object Is to enlist her assistance In making a home for both. Address W -7U, Evening Journal Oliice. febl5-3t. PUBLIC SALE WANTED MIDDLE v for housekeeping. AGED WOMAN Anoly at 5.30 , o'clock, at 024 E. Seventh St.. febl5-3t. niTANTKD WHITE GIRL OR WOMAN v (f to do housework in small family. I leni i-jc, HOl'SE-Apply Wll-febUl-St. , Apply 1012 Washington St. WANTED WOKKINO keeper, white, prefererd. 11am H. Phillips. Penny UlU. TAJb TYPIST NO SHORTHAND; . IVjp jjrood Bslary to competent person. Ad-. HS r o, iveuiug journal wuicb. icuiu-oi.. "WANTED EXPERIENCED SHOE I W salesladies Apply ynallty Store, 230 , " Market St. Steady position. febl5-3t. S'lTTANTED HALF .-. ? ' H-Irl to attend -went No. 2, 1403 Harrison St. 11UBL1C SALE FURNITURE, CAR-PEI8, U0GS. BEDDING, DISHES, LINENS, ETC., FKOM A LARGE WEST NINTH STREET HOME, WILL Hlfl SOLD AT HTIDHAM & SON'S AUCTION STOKE, 111 E. 4TH ST., FRIDAY, FEB. 21, 1U1, AT 1 U't'liUUH P. M. SHARP. One Mabogauy Bed aud Dresser, cost $30; two Brass Beds, two Enamel Beds, Kelt Mattresses, Quartered Oak Dlnlngroom Suite, 100 piece set of Dishes, Mahogany Dresser and Chiffonier Mahogany Book- rase and Desk, Oak Hall Rack, Mahogany wash stand, parlor suite, witn nnen cov era. Rockers, Chairs, several line Dining room aud Parlor Pictures, Couch, Kitchen Cabinet, Oak Dresser and Chiffonier, Wed ding of all kinds. Sheets (Mohawk! Blankets, Comforts, Table Linen, Bed Spreads, Cooking Utensils. Arm Mahogany and walnut Arm Chairs, several nue lings. Wilton. Axmlnster. Body Brussels: sev eral small Hugs. 3(1x72 inches: 100 Grass 50 Jap MaKingi GROWN COLORED baby. Apply Apart-1 UI(. Uxt 8xio 8x. TO USE In their homes ; also few salesladies to sell. Ap ply Weco Polish Co., 1200 Market St. jau28-eod-lm. 1AS, At NFWSP.U'EHH. METALS. FUR- nlture snd all kinds of Junk. We pay hhvhest prices In Delaware. II. Sloan, 101 Madison St. D. &. A. Phone 80U-W; Auto. 2080 prl7-lyr WANTED OLD FALSE TEETH. Don't matter If broken. I pay 2 to $25 per set. Send by pareul post lino re ceive check by return mull. L. Mazer, uof S. Fifth St.. Philadelphia, Pa. feb!7-8t. DON'T GIVW YOUR FURNITURE AND household goods away. Will pay spot cash foi' them. Also highest prices paid for raw furs. J. Sklut, Second and Tatnall Sts. Phone B371-J. aprl-lyr. ANTED MEN, WOMEN AND CI1IL- Our Boya In France Tobacco Fund'' , 25c sends one carton: 1 scuds four. Use coupon in today's Journal. augl3-tf. lrOK SALE THREE PIECE LFATHER -I- parlor suite. Apply 840 Kirk wood St. reb!7-2t. TOK SALE TWO STORY BRICK A garage; room for thirty cars. Address h-11, Evening Journal Onice. febl3-7t.' IjVm SALE TWO GOOD COWS WITn calves. Apply IJ. Hawko, Aslilev, near Richardson Park, Del. febl5-0t. "LXIU SALE DARK SOLID OAK SIDE Doard, cheap. Apply 1110 W. Fourth fehl.l.itr. lrOR RENT TWO FURNISHED ROOMS A with hen, nnrl cuu fllft M Tlarrlnnn flf ".an unou-n. lenri-iit. "IOR RENT ONE FURNISHED FRONT room, suitable for one or two. Mrs. C. P. Bounds, 731 Madison St. febl5-3t, IOR RENT THREE UNFURNISHED and one furnished room; electric light; uui Liumuara oc. inquire at store, ieujj-ot. X)R RENT TWO FURNISHED A- rooms for light housekeeping; refer ence required. Phone 4U1, D. &. A. febl8-3t. TWO FURNISHED COMMUNICATING front rooms, for light housekeeping. In private family. Apply A04 Delaware Ave. renis-it. v lOR RENT FURNISHED ROOMS A with beat, for light housekeeping all conveniences. Apply 802 W. Seventh St, febl8-tf. .5000 CUBIC YARDS OF CINDERS at M SncrltlcM AtHvaA unw. where. .Phones 4052-W or'll81-J. apr23-ly'r. IOR RENT TWO FURNISHED rooms; good condition and all conveniences. Call 400S-J, or 021 East Twenty-second St. febl7-2t. A SECOND HAND PIANO, CHEAP. Alford Pimm r Kin w Ninth Sf Jan27-lm. "POR SALE STEEi I-BEAMS; VARI-A lengths. L. M. Simpler Son, 1203 Orange St. Juuel8-lyr. 11 RH BRICKf ings for all i era. Third S. GRATES AND CAST- inkeff nf utntrfi. n ti , I K ., , Uerger's Furniture und Stove Store. ieiiia-eoa-im. nd Shipley Hts. .""OR SALE TWO THOIiOtir.lIRBun White Wyandotte Knoalera inn o old. Price $o apiece. A. U. Mote. Rlcbara-sou Park. Del. fehls.eo.l-.-u LX)R SALE EXPENSIVE BABY CAR-L riage. slirhtlv tiseil unrl .ie -..i, lug cradle. Apply 010 Madison sl.rnt feblS-2t. va; NTED RAGS, RUBBER, IRON AND iaiers: also second-baud furniture and clothing bought and sold. I pay more for such things than anyone else In the city. N. Rlovln. (li7 W. Front St. D. & A. Phone 1043-W, fobll-lm. IVANTED GIRL OR . M general nouseworg; small ramiiv. vnr,i Apply No. 2 Marquette Apartments, fit w, xentn or, xeuin si, fehlo-dt. i lliitf. lltiy; hennflfol deNlirn. rollsliiieil huronmn-e ff...,. Inhliu, in h rt Kn.( ht. I.l.. I W ' W ' 1 1 O Jl WOMAN FOR in rolls l.lnoleiini. all color siiv nnoilier if Jnnlfl-tf. LIBERTY BONDS i Or Payment Cards taken in trade, br casli paid for them. The Sample Shop. 1. VV. Sixth St. Open "IOR SALE-TWO SINGLE BEDS AND A one bureau: also other fnrntt.ire nf a newly furnished apartment, in tine condition. Call 4440-W. febl8-lt. TrOR SALE STOCK, GOOD WILL AND fixtures of a tlrst-class butcher store, on King St. Address S-5, Evening Journal ora. feb4-lm. Fish Globes, ull sizes of both. Food, grass, shells and caHtle. T. H Cnrfmell 1'alut aud GIuss Co.. Sixth ami Madison leblo-eod-dt. "POR KENT TWO wshed .communicating rooms OR THREE FUR- for light housekeeping, iu private family. 806 W. Sixth St. febl7-3t. IOR RENT ROOM WITn PRIVATE family; suitable for two gentlemen; with or without board; all conveniences. Call C748-V or 2200 West St. febl2-6t. TOR RENT FURNISHED ROOMS FOR A. light housekeeping; one or two gentlemen. Jan28-lm. also rooms for 301 V4 West St. Irt)U RENT NICELY FURNISHED A room with private family, for two gentlemen; board If desired; all conveniences. Apply 23 S. Sycamore St., Union Park Gardens. febl8-2t, IOR RENT FURNISHED ROOM with heat, In private family, for one or two sober, middle-aged men. Reference required. Apply 335 East Fourth street. iebI7-tf. If OR RENT TWO DESIRABLE THIRD story rooms In well located, west side street, will rent furnished for light housekeeping; no children. Must give reference. Applv Blsvoe Radiator Repair Co., 835 Orange St. febl5-3t. BOOMS WANTED RECEIVERS' SALE. KECEIVERS' SALE OF REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY. By Tlrtue of an order of the Chancellor or tne state of Delaware, made the fourth uj vi tenruary, A. i. ltfiw, win ne ex-posed to sale, at public auction or vendue, on THURSDAY. MARCH fl, 1919, At 11 O'clock A. M... At the Connlw r,mrr limine wllmtncrton Delaware, tho following described real and personal property, constituting all of the assets (except cash and moneys due or in bauds of the receivers) of the Delaware water Improvement Company, to-wit: PROPERTY COVERED BY LIEN OR TRUST MORTGAGE. All that certain piece or parcel of land, being and situate In the city of New Castle, New Castle hundred, county of New rustle and Ntate of Delaware, on rne westerly side of the nuhlfc road leadlnsr from New Castle to Wilmington, adjoining lands now or late or vvumiugton, dew ana Southern Railway Company, Francis dell. Janvier, et. al., aud of the Delaware Railroad Company, containing one and eleven oue-bundredths acres, more or less. Together with all and singular, the water worse ana electric light plaut. buildings, structures, mill, apparatus, engines, pumps, boilers, reservoirs, wells, artesian wells, pipes, conduits, pipe lines, standplpe. hydrants, poles, wires, lamps, lines, fixtures and such other real and persoual property belonging to the water company, appurtenant to the water works and electric light plant of the water company in New Castle, Delaware, whether, upon the above described lands or elsewhere, au4 whether constructed at the time of the execution and delivery of the said mortcaee or there after. Also, all the corporate frarflses. rights and privileges possessed, enJoyM and be longing to said Delaware Water Improvement Company, under and by virtue of the Laws of the State tof Delaware, including a contract with the Wilmington and Philadelphia Traction Company and a contract oeiween tne Wilmington and pnnaoeipnia Traction Company, the Delaware Water Improvement Company and the American Power Comvany. but not Including the franchises, rights and privileges given or granted to said water company by the Mayor and Council of New Castle, here inafter described. Among the assetl above mentioned are included cast iron water pipe, laid, approximating 558 feet 10 in., 5,270 feet 12 In., 15.140 feet 8 In.. 10.181 feet 0 In., and 072 feet 4 In.; 50 Bre hydrants, with valves; 4S0 services; two open wells, one bored well: brick building: two Triplex pumps with a combined capacity of 1,200 gallons per minute and Bpecial pump connections; one standplpe, 20 feet diameter and 120 feet high ; and the tools and appliances now in use in the water service; 1 mlleB No. S wire, 1V4 miles No. 4 wire, mues so. o wire and o.ouo icet ro. iu UIONSmUTIONAL TWO YOUNG MEN, BROTHERS, would like room and board with pri sts.. ST1DHAM & SON. Auctioneers. WANTED COLORED GIRL Oil woman for housework and to care for babv. Apply between 1 and 2 o'clock, leading from Price's Corner ,nt 608 King St. febl8-flt. "ptTliLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROP-A. . erty at tho home of the subscriber, on the William uuront Minn, on the road to Hcunett STORK AM) iVl ICE FIXTURES. A1 "TANTED EXPERIENCED STENOG-' H. rapher. Apply at once. Green-liaum's Department Store, Third snd Mar-fcet Sta. feblS-lt. "TIT ANTED EXPERIENCED DOUULE-v' entry bookkeeper, between 25 and 30 . jrears of age. Slate experience and salary vdesired. Reply In own handwriting W-4, - Kveulug Journal Office. febl7-tf. Pike. Thursday. February 20. HUB: Four horses: No. 1-John, gray horse, 12 years old good worker or driver and quiet for a lady to drive; weight, 1,200 pounds. No. 2 Bay horse, 7 years old, good broken driver; nty wife has driven him; weight, 1,100 pouuds. No. 3 Brown mare, o years old, can't hook her wrong; a good brood mare; weight, 1,400 pounds. No. 4 Colt, 3 years old and a nice one, has done work on farm ; weight, 1,200 pounds. Eight cows good dairy cows grade llolHtetns and diieriiHcys ; some T)EACE WORK AT WAR PAY KNIT fresh and others close springers; nil home X urgently needed socks for us on auto raised. Farming Implements One , 2-ton .knitters. Experience unnecessary. Fun farm wagon, lu good-order; 1(1 ft. huy .particulars 3c stamp. Auto Knitter Co.. flat, horse rake, Blckford and Hoffman U-. Dept. 70, 821 Jefferson St., Buffalo, N. Y. i hoe grain drill, new Ideal manure spreader, - Ieb8-eod-12t. , new last spring; new Osborue hinder, i new jonn ueere corn planter, Syracuse SALESWOMAN, EXPERIENCED O.N u coats, suits and dresses; excelleut. teady position to the right party. Apply Jn writing only, stating age, experience and salary expected. Tuckeriuau's Woman's fciuep, s w. stxin st. lebll-tf. I, STUDENTS FROM THE BOYD Business Colleges of Delawa.e, are now v taking splendid positions that pav from -$75 to $100 per month after from 45 to 00 - days' atudy. The Boyd System of stenng-. raphy la the shortest and best In use. Eu--roII at once at 1009 Washington street. Individual Instruction. Tuition for course, '"$50. Day and night sessions. may22-lyr. B13 HI N DIN DEALER IN STOKE and otllce fixtures, desks, safes, floor cases, household furniture, etc. Bought, sold and exchanged. Send postal or call 104 W. Second St. feb5-2t. sun sired. street. . 1 - I'luui m .r ik.r.i 1 I j i . 1. r ' Plaver riiano. 5n rniin f ninut,. one year's free turning. Easy terms if de- uewenr oiano Co., 210 W. Ninth uiaylO-lyr. STENOGRAPHER IJltl.NU YOUR STENOGRAPHIC WORK A A to purllo Btenographer, Hotel du-Pont. June29-lyr. PALMIST MADAM MARLOW MEDIUM, CLAIK-voyant, palmist. Hep Information Is clear, concise, to the point; 10 to 8 o'clock, dally. Including Sundays. Bell Phone, poplar Ttma-w. fairmount Ave., i'hlladelphiu. marl'2-eod-tf. HOTELS A NO RESTAURANTS. 2-way plow, nearly new; 2-borse Syracuse plow, a-wheel cultivators, one new last spring; two 1-horse cultivators, spring tooth, disc and spike harrows, potato plow, new 1-horse plow, weeder. fodder I cutler and carrier, feed mill, corn sheller, 5 H. P. New Holland gasoline engine, at-' tached on truck with saw; hay fork, rope 'and blocks, enrrtsge pole, one dearborn pole, light block and fall, lot of loz. butt and other chains, two cross-cut saws, I double and single-trees, shovels, forks, hoes, two double set hip-strap harness, one I set nearly new; set market harness, set single carriage harness, set double carriage haruess, Ave No. 1 horse collars, bridles, hiitrirv. break cart. 1 horse market, ilesr- r T17ANTED SALKSLADT, OF GOOD born, 2 horse market dearborn, milk wagon , It appearance; must be experienced In with side doors, tme no. it lie Laval sep aroior, goon as new; new narrei cituru. will cnuru jo pounos; square nuner tuiv Tromen'a aulta and dresses; good salury. c ROSEN'S feM8-8t 705 Market St. " WANTED EXPERIENCED FITTER and alteration hand on women'a -mlt and dresses; good salary and posi tion. Apply at once. : ROSEN'S " feblS-St. 705 Market 8t 5 BRAUNSTEINS 610-612 MARKET. T- Wanted Clerk with bookkeeping 1 toertence, willing to learn to operate llott Fisher Billing: Machine. Apply Department of Accounts, third floor. . fabl7-3t. . . ex EI to holds 50 pounds; milk box, cost $100 last spring: lot of 20. 30 and 40-uuart milk cans, In good condition; corn, oats and potatoes by bushel, hay by the ton. Horse clipping machine. Half Interest In 4 acres of wheat In the ground. Lot of chickens, some household goods and num erous other articles. Terms caHh, Sale to start promptly st 1 o clock. FRANCIS G. MACLARY. W. N. LANK, Auctioneer. BOYCE BROS, Clerks. feM7-2t. UPHOLSTERING AND REPAIRING H W AKINO OLD equal to new; Ing and finishing. French St. FURNITURE LOOK repairing, upholster- Phone C19H-W. 810 jy24-lyr. PRIVATE BUSINESS SCHOOL, I . HINE3 SCHOOL, rhone 6227-w. 402 V. 22nd St. w,r.U.Ttl! ln,lidua1 InstrucUons In Arlth-SbVnrt,.5julP, English, Penmanship, tten a-,1?, Typewriting. Moderate tul-" - Rtct day snd evening. apr21-lvr. TYPEWRITERS TYPEWRITERS RENTED THREE T ehsse. repaired. Roval Typewriter Agency, '. writer Exchsnsre. second floor. N. W. Cor ner Seventh and Market Sta. aug22-tf. Sold 95.00 monthly. Typewriters iype R AILWAY ELP WANTED Mail TTviTyTTi "March Its- ai inn ."Mia4UO.s Mods tr, VrankHiT"r 8araple ques-RochesuF. NlrrVlklln Institute, Dent. 43-M febl5-lm JA. SMITH, REBUILT TYPEWRITER Exchange. All makes sold, rented and repaired. S. w. cor. sevenin cna Maraei Sts. second floor. Phone 7185-J or 2775. All makes of Check Writers bandied. deelS-lyr. THE HOTEL WASHINGTON We guarantee the best accomraoda ;lons In the city for the money, 500 Markst St mayi;i-iyr. MOVING AND II U LING WILL DO 145-W. LIGHT HAULING CALL Jan28-lm. 1IANO MOVING AND HAULING ALL work done with special care. I), dc A. Phono 2.174 ; Del., luT2. Lowe, vu 1'ark l'luce. James Stewart Jaull-tf. TTAUL1NG AA short dlstsnres; also storage. OF Joyce. street. ANY KIND, LONG OR ss: also storage. Thomas Phone 057. Res., 3Ui4. 421 French may23-lyr. UELIABLE Xi to MOVING AND HAULING any plac: greatest care user! Warrington, B St. aud New Csstle Ave. 1'b.oue 30,14-W. may23-lyr. UTO EXPRESS AT YOUR SERVICE. rs v Ninth St, Phouv 40&3-W. Express. 811 F. Jy30-lyr, IJUTTKR S TRANSFER MOTOR TRUCK service. Piano and furniture moving receive our particular attention. D. A A. Phone 2398. febll-lm. XyB GO HERE, THERE. ANYWHERE. We'll haul a dozen eggs or a crate of them, a Ylctmla or a record. Reasonable rates. Horner. Phone O0VW. aug20-lyr. IAHOH AUTO MOVING VANS, LOCAL i and long distance moving and hauling. Careful courteous and accommodating service. Reasonable rates. Call 6104. day or night. United Transportation Co. febll-lm. REGISTER'S ORDER? ESTATE OF JAMES EDWARD REYNOLDS, DECEASED. Notice Is hereby given that Letters of Administration, upon the estate of Jamea Edward Reynolds, late of Wilmington hundred, deceased, were duly granted unto Mime 8. Reynolds, on the aeventeentn uay or etruary, A. D. ltfl, and ail per -uii i.- Situationdbmrft; V leant of D B EX-ST. checker or recelvtni eww . "ekeeper. n. lenth Bt. -aareM itui lehlS-o. WANTED POSITIOK IT l,on lndebted to the said deceased are reman or collector- . 8 ALE8-1 ?.u"4 to .mk psyment to the Admin- pnly; experienosd In ln.n-"a Tnlty ,hM," and all persons renins: Jonm-l r T.-"""-. Addre.. r-.'r-"".',.."a'lnsi me aeceasea, are 1JOSB TRANSFER CO. LIGHT AND V heavy hauling; local and long distance moving, by auto trucks, D. A A. 6221-W; Auto. 2372. 225 Orange St. Jan22-lyr. CTECIAL TRUCKING THREE TON O truck, with big covered body, leaves once every week from Newark, Del.-, for Newark, N. J. Will take shipments at moderate rates, between points going north only. A. Jedel Corporation. Phone New-rk. 195. Ieh4-lin. JYAKBEK autecd SHOP FOR SALI3 GUAH-1 S75 ner weelr tirnltt ihm. chairs. For further lnformatinu,' Inquire i,, , " J"esimeuc Co., 71J-713 Ford D1U- fcbl2-tf. vate family on weHt side. Evening Journal Office. Address W-99, reblT-3t. TED TO RENT THREE UNFUR- hed rooms on west side, south of Eighth street. Address W-100. Evening Journal Olflce. . febl7-3t. WANTI nlsh AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. ,XR SALE, CHEAP USED TRUCKS. 170R SALE STORE: MIM.IXKRV A- ladles' wear ami children's wear; party u,u, run particulars. Apply Schwartz Investment Co., 712-713 Ford feb7-tf. A HUNTING CABIN MOTOR BOAT, 32 ,fmt lonur, 7 feet 6 Inches wide, with 12 horsepower Palmer engine and all equipment; u bargain to quick buyer. Call at 1202 Maple Street. Sallirdliv aft.mnnn nnH ' " ouunuy. febl3-8t. T"OR SALE 20 SHARES OF THE CAPI- , f 2' of ,ne ftlonal Adjustable mgu dUU KlllllllM I.UUinDV. Wl 1IA fin ,1 at great bargain to party desiring to pur- timrra ,i uui-c. iiiji y xuj Aoania streer. febll-eod-9t. TAMES A. STIRLITH ft BRO.. DEAL- ' ers in scrap iron, steel and metals. We usve mr saie eerond-nand pipes, copper wire and electric rlttlugs, I-beams and concrete reinforced bars. Front and Tatnall Bin-tin. anr2a-lvr- nugs ana Floor Coverings. Special Prices for Raw Furs. . HURLOCKS' CASH HOUSE, Second Hand Fiirnlnim iiaai.. ipr26-lyr. Seventh ind Pcplar Sta. Ij'OR SALE GASOLINE FREIGHT boat. Cnmntefelv Annlnnji r1k )' horsenower ITnrrls motor. oTMllnnr dltlou; boat dimensions lenirth w ft beam. 21 ft.: mrrlm im inn Vi,i. fit Is In excellent condition and a bargain. v. Daiucuuri, appiy vim. Pieasauton. -. Townsend, Del. Route No. 8. rhone 240-U-3, Smyrna. fcbl4-6r THE KMPIRR PIPirr.irs'S rnnvicn epntalns the latest and most sclentllie prln-c.ples applicable to the Installation of a one-pipe system of house warming. All """w J"OK aiiKe when cased lnd?.'?J T'' Wht' Inside" the cas-vl Uue .lmnortnt part of the heater. ilf v I ln"Pe,-'I"n and comparison on waiting after giving order. Also Alsi i",Ir1ae,,r;,,"CVh"t ha, the hom. Vttl !.o?r s, JoIume of w"ri air. All work Installed by expert workmen SAMUEL G. WILLIAMS. i 1 i French St. Wilson nnd Phone 6S32. Simmons, 1514 febl7-lm. lOR SALE FRANKLIN TOURING A Series 8. Bargain lor quick sale. Call D. & A. 413. febl7-2t. 1jHR SALE FORD TOURING CAR, IN first-class condition; very cheap. Call noiiy oak lit. ienn-ii. SALE ONE SMITH FORM-A good condition. Phone febl5-tf. Ti"OR X truck chasalc; D. & A. 2398. X)R SALE LIGHT trnck; febl2-6t. good condition. DELIVERY Phone 4SCS-J, lO R Garage. SALE FORD COMMERCIAL 1112 Tatnal St. Jan25-lnr. 1X)R SALE FRA'NKLIN TOURING car, 1918 model: good condition; best offer; cash. L. Smith. 2113 Market St, city. leDis-iT. 17OR SALE INDIAN THREE-SPEED A motorcycle, equipped wtlh cradle frame. R. B. Dill. D. & A. Phone (M05-W. 1350 B. I4tn est. ieDio-oc. 17H)R SALE FORD TOURING CAR, IN first-class condition. Apply grocery store, N. E. Cor. Seventh ana Jackson sts. feb!5-2t. lOR SALE FOUR AND SIX CYLIN- X der Studebaker touting cars. Bnr gains. A. B. Howell Co.,l'enth and Wash ington Sts." rem-ti. i-iASH PAID FOR SECOND HAND AU J tnmniiiles. inianv condition. Adams Street Garage, S04Adama St, Phone 4442-W, apru-lyr. T.OR SALE FORD TOURING CAR A eood . running order; demountable rtms, slip covers on seat; will sell cheap. John McDowell, 1S08 Claymont St. Phone 6309. leDt8-Jl. declO-tf. 519 Orange St. llMnin. .ruiu umcg- fh-.. Qmr.a to hlht, and preseD-t--th8 YOCNQ MAN, 28 YEARS nTT ln or betors th. BRm Administratrix, wishes to connect wlOj reliahi,. M1,""'. A. D lio or'.KTH. da?! f Fef' wa or corporation In the,ile-on- thl" behalf. U20, or btde by the law la . .-- ouppiies, frame raanagement and Is an excellent correspondent. Presently employed In responiibls evernment position. Services available area 1, Address W-3, Evening Journal ww. fehl7-2t Address Rarlle B i S' Administratrix. E1?AVL XH1S '1V', West STORAGE PHONE FAULKN4VU J) WU" r f Storage Boose, when ro Bt to atera yenr csnsehoU goods. 311 ASSAliB I II ,T1, . uurui ru . . . : . .- UA1H r. OlwelL bob Tatniu t7 V Ms,. SANITARY WORKER M K. KELTER IS STILL AT FOUK1H and West Sts. Now Is the time to ATLANTIC CITY-NvFH sVtT r,.rt"T'f. Ocear front In th heart 11 Atlantic Clt,. S .t h-Thi. TSlrt LIFE AND CHiRlCTER READING FEBRUARY 18. have your well cleaned, mayl-lyr. Phone 6113. 7 J. WINCHESTER, A & BUTTON- wood Sts. Odorlees excavating. When yon want Phone 00'-w. your cesspools cleaned, reDi-iyr. PAINTING AND WALL PAPER BIO SELECTION OF N1SW linn. Work done reasonably. Also wall paper for sale. A. Seldel. 411 Madison St. Phone 4525-J. JuneJO-iyr. have a quick, logical mind; j!e, volatile character anr an CAN SAVE YOU MONEY ON PAINT-lng. graining and glar.lng. Let me prove It. James Keenan, 1004 W. Sixteenth St. D. ft A. Phone 7492-W. J.vO-iyr. SI'IIUTI ALIST NOTICE. iU rasthenls and A- .1Tl, NEi7. 1 1,1?ST PROGRESSIVE SPIRITUAL- liltcheock, AM, SOtAiUmaHt ,,kK,a- L. H lvic.. "I Church, Inc., 90H West St. Per- , ,Hl t. I hon lRin V lTlcs Nlinrinv .rani... l. Mr ' in1ntMr' k nn". Kxtraordlnary erigsge-' M8-5U aprio-lyr. Here we a uuaiiBvauic, vuiauie cnaracier anr an ardent love nature. Weaknesses nf tln character are fear, procrastination and failure to keep promises. Sometimes you will And these people Judging entirely by outward appearances, but usually they are keen readers of human nature- and it Is Impossible to fool them. They are very daring and original In their views and magnetic and Interesting. They will find success as teachers, lawyers and salesmen. The blrthstone Is an amethyst and the most congenial companions will be found In Libra or January. Secretaries, stenographers and office managers should use the Want Ads to secure good positions for the, spring montha, v HOR SALE OVERLAND ROADSTER, L1 flrst-clnss condition: winter enclos ure, electric lighting and atartlug. P. O. Box 396, Wilmington, DeL Phpne, Jlolly Oak, febl3-3t. A1 UXO AND TRUCK REPAIRS. Ci L- lndera re-bored, axles, springs ana parts to order; weiuing nna oraziug. Francois Machine Co., 1710 Pine St. Phone 1782-W. febl4-tf. BUICK SIX ROADSTER, COMPLETE with winter and summer top. r'horrniot 4 00 tourlnc with winter top. Ford roadster, demountable rims, very good, with sit excellent tires. ' DIAMOND STATE GARAGE CO.. Phone 352. t)17 Tatnall St. febl5-0t. wire: 156 poles over 30 feet: 16 trans formers, 4 K. W. ; 42 arc lights (nitrogen filled). 400 C. P.: 31 clusters; (3 lamps, 40 C. P. each); 50 glass lusulators; 50 cross arms; one starter, 220 v.. 35 H. P.; two traUKformers, 15 K. W. ; one constant current transformer, 15 K. W. ; one circuit breaker, 30 Amp., 2,500 v., and all the tools and appliances now in use lu the elec tric service. PROPERTY NOT COVERED BY LIEN OR TRUST MORTGAGE. All the corporate franchises, rights and privileges possessed, enjoyed and beiong- ng to said Delaware vv atcr iniDrovemeut Company, under and by virtue of the Laws or the state of Delaware, under nnd by virtue of the ordinance passed by the Mayor aud Council of 'New Castle, dated November 1. 1904 and under and bv virtue of a certain contract made between the said Delaware Water Improvement Company and the Mayor and Council of New CaBtle, dated March HI, 1905, as amended by another contract between the said Delaware Water Improvement Company and the Mayor and Council of New Castle, dated April 12, 1912, which were expressly reserved and excepted from the lien of said mortgage). t'ODtes or tho charter of said Delaware Water Improvement Company, the trust mortgage, the ordinance of the Mayor nnd Council of New Castle and the two contracts 8bove referred to may be seen on file in the office of the Register In Chan cery, for New Castle county, where also may he seen a complete inventory or the ssets or said Delaware Water Iinurove- ment Company, j i;kms of sale. The said real aud nersoual nronertv will be sold free, clear and discharged of and from all Ileus and encumbrances, Including nun usaessuienis tnereoo, created Dy recovered azainst the snlil liplawnm Water Improvement Company. The hlirhest and hewt hlrlilr shall be the purchaser or purchasers, provided, however, that no bid will be received from any person unless he shall f-st deposit with the receiaars, a certified check, payaoie to the orde of said receivers, lnJ inn amount ot one thousand dollars ($1,000), and provided further, that each bidder shall state at the time of making said bid. what part thereof is for the property covered by the lien of said mortgage aim wuai. pari tnereoi is lor tho- property After the bidding is celvers will return to the unsuccessful bidders the certified checks ileiiouiimi uU uf,o. said, and will retain tho said check of the uignett and nest bidder or bidders, who shall, before the property is struck off to him or them, pay to the receivers, in addition to the said sura of one thousaud dol lars already deposited by such purchaser vi i.un-unncrs, an anaitinnni sum in cash, which, with the said one thousand dollars, shull equal ten per centum of his or their bid. In case any purchaser or purchasers fail to make good his or their bid, then the said sum e deposited may, In the discretion of the Chancellor, be applied to the expense of a re-sale and towards making good any deficiency or loss in caso the property shall be sold at n price less than thut brought at this sale, either upon an Immediate re-sale or -upon a re-sale upon a second advertisement. The receivers will make return of said sale to tho Chancellor, at his chambers, in tne County Court House, V Umlngton, Delaware, on the nineteenth day of March, A. D. 1919, at 11 o'clock A. M.. and the Chancellor will, thereupon, make such order with respect to the said return and the confirmation of said sale as shall, to him, seciu proper: und upon confirmation of said sale, will prescribe the manner and terms of payment of that portion of the purchase price not covered by said certified check and other payments as aforesaid: and any bidder who shall fail to comply with such terms of payment so prescribed as aforesaid, shall forfeit the amount theretofore paid by hlra on account of bis said bid. Upon the continuation of said sale and pursuant to the order for the payment of the bnlance of the purchase price, the purchaser or purchasers may tender and apply bonds and coupons of said Delaware Water Improvement Company on account of the payment of said balance, and said bonds and coupons will be received as payment on pecount of the purchase price for such nmount as shall be determined by the Chancellor as being the approximate value tnereoi. in nistrioution or tne assets or tne said company so realized ou, and said bonds and coupons shall, thereupon, be surrendered and cancelled. The DroDerty so sold will not be deliv ered to any bidder until his bid aud the sale thereby consummated, shall have been confirmed by the Chancellor, and then only lu aeoordance with such order as the Chan cellor shall make touching the same. Attendance will be given lir JAMES A. GLASKMOYER, HERBERT H. WARD. JR., Receivers of Delaware Water Improvement Company, or ny ?. i. Townsend, Jr., Ks quire, Edgar S. Richardson, Esquire, So llctiors for Receivers. Attest: NORMAN P. CROUCH, Reg. C. O. Wilmington, .Delaware, 1'eoruary , iui. feb18-'.l-av. Cannot Be Ratified by U.S Senate, Law Expert Declares "SMOKE SCREEN" FOR THE BRITISH BVA.E GELDHOE. WASHINGTON, Feb. 48. "The league of nations covenant as announced In Paris Is unconstitutional and cannot be ratified by the Senate," declared Haunls Taylor, a noted expert on international law, to me after studying the document. , "It takes away the sovereignty of this country and utterly destroys the Monroe Doctrine," 6aid Taylor. "It Interferes with our war-making power and Rullifles the actions of ourt Con gress. "It is no lcaguo of nations at all; it is nothing more than a committee of the entente of which Great Britain has complete control. ( "It makes Great Britain and her allies, France, Italy and Japau, who are no more than England's pawns, a majority of four against America's one. "It is a mere smoke screen behind which Great Britain' is preparing to assume the overlordshlp of the world, with the United States as the tall to its kite. "It is a scheme to keep down the central empires by an economic boycott, and by entering into it the United States lias notliJng to gain and everything to lose. ' "The covenant Is even wore rldlffulous than I had expected it would be." Mechanics and chauffeurs should study the Want Ads, for business opportunities are many. HEAL ESTATE I Oil KALE QWN mon HOME WITEt TOUR RENT monev Have assisted nnnareos to buy a borne this way and I have no objec tion to you. Mee vt m. a. Jones, t..i onip-ley St. a A. M. to 10 P. M. may25-lyr. S EASIDE PROPERTY, FINE LOCa"-tton, midway between ocean and river. Corner lot on avenue, 100x50; sewer, water, 7-room cottage near lot, bath room. Price $6,000. Owners, 9 N. Burne fct., East Orange, N. J". . feblS-lt. WATER FRONT FARM 75 acres fronting on Chester river, a branch of Chesapeake bay, lying about if miles N. K. of Chestertown. Md. Great place for hunting, fishing, crabbing or oysters. Sandy loam land, good for fruits or truck. 8mali bouse, stable, wagon shed and tool house. QuicJc possession. Price only $1,S50. ' Tart can remain ou mortgage. ALBERT L. TEELE, 812 King St., WUm. RARE FARM BARGAIN 20 Acres With Stock nd Tools $2650. Nice little farm in Kent comity, Delaware, near Woodslde; 5 acres timber, balance tillage and pastured; 6-rootn frame house, barn, stable and poultry bouse. Good orchard' of mixed fruits. To hasten sale, owner will include cow, two muls, wagon, buggy, 2-horse plow, single plow, rkllug cultivator, corn planter and other tools. ALBERT L. TEELE, 812 King St., Wllm. . We Can Sell your business ANY TIME, qoicklv and without publicity, whether a $1,UW or 150,000 proposition. ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE until youf place is sold. This Tn our wav ot doing things. Also real estate 1n nit parts of city. If you have a property for sale, and price ia right, we have clients waiting. SCHWARTZ INVESTMENT CO, 712-713 Ford Bldg. Good Small Farm Only $3000 SI acres of land at Mllford Crobs Roadh, two miles north t Newark. Very desirable bind, suitable fur fruit, truck and general farming. Old stone and framn bouse of sir rooms lu fairly good condition, also frame barn about 20x40 feet, with room for S head of stock; wagon shed and corn exjb attached. Good poultry house. Orchunl ot ltfO apple, pear und peach trees, sis years old, nesiues is or -v old treta. etone road within Vi mile of house, leading ull tho way to Wilmington. Being sold to close an estate. Possession at settlement, ALBERT L. TEELE, 812 King St.. Wilm. or Newark, Dt-i. EAKMS SITUATION WANTED WANTED SITUATION AS RESIDENT manager on well equipped stock or general farm; practical, scientific farmer; share or salary basis. Address W-DS, Evening Journal OUicc. fchlS lt. HEAL ESTATE WANTED WANTED TO RENT, WITH OPTION of buying, home in city or sunurbs. Phone D. & A. 2121-J. Janl8-lm. WANTED TO RENT, WITH AN Option of buying, seven or eight room house In fair locality. Address W-P9, Evening Journal Otlice, ' febl7-4t.. s ELECTED USED CARS: summer and MIR Chandler, two tops. winter. 1012 Plerce-Arrow, 7-passenger All newlT painted and repaired. WILMINGTON AUTOMOBILE CO.. JvVlyr. Tenth St. and Delaware Are. AUTOMOBILES WELDING. Don't throw away thst broken part. If It Is metal, we un tlx It. Welding and Braxlng. Oxy-Acet.vlvne Thermo and Eleetrle Aato Track Repairing. THERMO WELDING WORKS. 13 Orange tt. D. A. Phone 1774. febS-lm. BAGE, REPAIRING, J1RES TE REPAIR AND M A kV PAR TSFOR It any kind of machinery. Price Machine Co., general machinists, 41S W Front St, Bell Phone 7JH6-W. febl8-lm I"OR REPAIRING, WASHING AND . polishing, take your car to Johnson's Quick feervlce, Garage, 807 Wollrston St. June2S-lyr. SEND US YOUR OLD TIRES, NO MAT-ter what condition they are In. Yon will net recognise them. W e specialize In vnlcanltlng. Work guaranteed. Empire X'cuble Treal Co 827 Shipley St, auglO-lyr. BOARDERS WANTED WANTED SOBER MEN FOR TABLE board. Apartment sno. o, w enip ley street. fehP-2t. TRANSPORTATION QflgR Leave Philadelphia, Pier 10, North Wharves (Race St.), 5 P. M. . FREIGHT ONLY. Leave Wilmington,-! French Street Wharf, 5 P. M. I UNI 1 To Pbiladelphi: and Chester From Fourth St. Wharf Schedule In effect Monday, Oct. 28. Subject to mange whuwih nonce. Leave Wilmington for Philadelphia and Philadelphia for Wilmington, dally except Saturdays, at 8.00 A. M.. 12 o'clock noon and 4.15 P.M. M On riaiuraays. punuajs tua rveanesnay January 1 (New Year's Day), leave Wilmington and Philadelphia at 7.30, 10.30 A, M , 1.30. 4.15 antl 7.00 P. 14. WILMI.NGTON-PE.NNSGKOVE ROTJTJE. Schedule in eTect Sunday, Oct. 20, Dally Including Sundays. Leave Wilmlnaton at 6.30. 8.00. 10.00 A. M., 12 o'clock noon, 2.00, 4.00, 6 00, 8.00, 1000 and 12 o'clock midnight. Leave Pennsgrove 7.15, 9.00, 11 00 A. M., 1.00, 8.00. 5.00. 7 00, .on, li.00 P. M. and 12.46 A, it w ANTED TO RENT FIVE CNKCR- nished rooms or six room house ot apartment. State location and terms. Address W-83, Evening Journal Ofllce. febll-lm. . WANTED TO RENT, BI ABOUT first of March or April, a suburbsf nouse of six or eight rooms, or farm bouse. Must have laan garden and be within walking distance of Wilmington trolley lines. Address R-70, Evening Journal Office. ' febl7-3t. TBI SIT E'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE. alRUSTEE'S SALE Ot? REAL ESTATE, By virtue of an order of tho Orphans' Conrt, will be exposed to sale, at public! auction or vendue, on Wednesday, Febrni ary la. Wl!, at 10 A. M., at the Countj Court House. Wilmlngtou, Delaware, the following real estate, late of Lawreuce Kindbelter, deceased, to-wit: A lot of ianil of rather more than 5 acres, on the east side of the road from Wilmington to New Castle, about one-half mile south of Eden Park Gardens, having a three-story frame dwelling bouse thereon. For terms of sale and detailed description, see large bills or consult the undersigned. J. FRANK BALL snd , HENRY R. ISAACS, Trustees Wilmington, Delaware, Februarv 1. HUB. Attest: NORMAN P. CROUCH. Clerk O. C. febfl-10-15-18. APARTMENTS WANTED TANTED TO RENT A HOUSE OR 5 tl room apartment, between Feh 2S nd March 20. Address R-77, Evening Journal Office. febl8-2t- W ANTED APARTMENT OR MODER-ate size house, in desirable location ; two in family. Address W-22, Evening Journal Office. Jan27-tf 1TANTED TO RENT UNFURNISHED It anartment: five moms and hafh small house: good location. Address V-6, Evening Journal Office. febl8-6t. IVANTED TO EXCHANGE A NICE 'v six room porch bouse for a nice four room apartment, close to Eighth and Market streets. Address W-7, Evening Journal Office. febl8-2t. FOR RENT NATIONS' LEAGUE IS STORAGE ROOMS FOR RENT AT VERi' reasonable rates. Inquire. Re-Nn-It 81B Crans fct, feblS-lia, JSSSlSB.StatWt-:vS-; .

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