The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio on July 29, 1927 · Page 15
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July 29, 1927

The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio · Page 15

Zanesville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, July 29, 1927
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

^ REUNION SUNDAY! A joint reunion of the Burfchart »r.d Hir*ch »oUHc* will be ruld at pn.nain H1H park, on Sunday, Aug ;.;',' All relative* »ud friends of thtit: faralllc* V* cordially invited to attend this ituntap. A picnic dinner ttii'l be enjoy** ·*-the noon hour, 'ana a short progrtm will be giver, in the Feathered facts and Fancies . . . Officer* for thl« reunion are: - -Mident. Alb«n- Burkhan: lecrttnrv Cud ucaauier, Mr». M«* Pye. Ar- ",-gemonts committee I* competed ol i'arry p»tt«r«on. Arthur Extluc a:sci Mrs Elizabeth £xltne. program com- r-ittec are J*r«.'Margaret. Pet'.lt. .Mr*. Beveaaugh BurUhart end Mrs. C. smith. . · ' . . . . CEDAR POINT U N L A K I I H I I . HOT! i s . · . ' 1 July Clearance Men's Khaki and pant*, special, , cottunade work 95 C · * * · · * * * · shirts C3c values, al!l1 dress s jicii's athletic .unloiiiults. sizes, special suit ,' S1.SO gray unionsults, J 2 C - ! nl each ..... ...... ---- OUC Men's overalls $1.28. values, op viiccinl pair . . - · · ..... · ..... ODC riilldrenV' overalls Sl.^5 values, rjiij ileiilm. Micclnl · pair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . · · · · Men's S3.0II unionalls. A-j »Tr nnil special pair ........ ^ I « l i J «!' Men's tlrcss worsted panis. S3.rn,; i'l us mid S4.HO vnlui;* for j ^$2 50, $2,75, $2.98 j Hi» spfcittls on men and ladies' dr«»s[ shoe*. »P to S» values at $1.95 am '$2.00 CSUtlren's SI... sandals. il pair ......... ....... IH'S latent leather shoes Sl-iOj EMGTH, 5 -25 INCHES. MALE, UPPER PARTS , BCEA5T, AND =j'0£6 BlACtC ANJO WHITE . WHITE 1 . E !S SO SMALL Af-it SO WELL CAMOUFLAGED E« HIS COt-ORING THAT HE MIGHT NOT BE SEEN W5R.E !T NOT FOR. HIS CALL OF "$£«- -See -Sec -Jee E BIACK AND WHITE' VARBUG-, LIKE ALL OTHER MAKES H!S MEALS OM IMSECTS, S BEING A^ ACf2OB..AT, HE CAM GET WORMS AND IMSECTS WHICH COUSINS CAN MOT FiNO . TOO/ GLAP HE V/A5MT A NUTHATCH/ S NOT -AS CAREFUL, 'IN HIS SEARCH FCG POOO AS HE AMC5HT 0H_, HOWEVER.^ ANP WOTHATCHES Oft CHICKADEES CAM PICK UP A M£A2_ APTER KIM HA HA T.H.AT 1RD e'.S27 BY HEA SERViee. IXCl S T A G E A N D S C R E E N Trie Universal Pictures Corporation. Ibndes," »t*m» to be u hard to her sister In the old German leg- hent mtntlori for the preference ol July 29.-- Decision ol eCttlENT CIST III ! "GOING CROOKED"JT THE i l l TiSTtfi "G»Ul Crooked," which, Si one of th« cltwrtit crook cooidy dramas ever ntM*d, 1* now showing »t the aauct. leader at tin |tnf thSevcs. Edwin Kennedy provld* \M ;»ug!w with his cjmr»ei*.'!z*Uon «* th» bUuw.'rtur blundering Rum «*w* detective. Leslie Fuatoa and Lydl» Knott provide ts« p»tbw for the story. L«U« in tho .ftamcur ol the boy coactoaxu* ed to the electric chair on clrcum- itaatis,! evld*nc« «nd !£!·« *»»Kt *· bU sorrowful little old »oth*c. 1 PARK . Mimmoth FU*w0tk» Dlsfla.v Sunday liieulnu July ll»* Danclnc tvety evening and Sunday afu-rnooii--PalaU' De D«n»« KuM Church »iid III* Centuo King* ·«4«c*4 nit* by «raclk»n~73c rouM trip fromi SUnwtiUo «H«r « p. m. every «v«*liix · . BcMie Love, Clear Shaw. ou«av Von StvtfeniU. .LwU* Femcn, Edwla Ktnndy r »»d Lydl» Knott ht«d the alt »Ur cM.t, ««ch cf th!rn exceptloor »lly w«!l mlted to vfce particular trMter: tfcey represent. MlM Lov« hu grown up to be a spunky little adventuress, whose sharp llttlt tongue B eta h « r !nto *° much trouble. Oscar Shaw is the clever yount uwtstset district attorney who fall* in love with i:ie dainty iltule crook and turn* crooked tor one ' r.lght to t»v« her-from prison and an 'innocent boy from death. , Qu»t«v Von Scyffertltz hac another! triumph In » heavy role to add. to lib I , as tho entity, un»crupulou» Mor-i IMPERIAL"- 1 LIBERTY THEATER ·TO_DAY " i7r»io«rt N* * trip ft thrill* OB"!* " eacS Jgg' s "»'»« " ;---The Black liamOld Express ' · · " · · » . MONTE BLUE---EDNA MURPHY . . T ; And - ** CRESCENT COMEDY FQUR AT »--7:30---!»:15 fA -- MElMAfP COMKPV PRICK* TODAY AND SATURDAY A. H. Watts Son 8 N. 5th St. l*Cfri'V-' i:" vSSSSHSS %· too chief delegates to the Geneva' naval conference to held m plenary session next Monday waa regord- c-c! -Iri cillcltU circles here as indicating that the conference would terminate -without an sgreeJtn'ent on K.ival limitation. The text of the British proposals Mjfemitted ni today's conversation In Geneva had not reached Washington 'ifliciKlty at a late hour today, or * Hclals pointed out,, however, that, the v communique Issued alter the meet lug .in Gc'nevo- r»ferr«d to thw«-pro- po»als ns' la line with' previous sug c;L-.;t!ons "subject to certain modifl o-.ttons." · Tho form of that statement w»s 'regarded as Indicating that the .ne' . British proposals Jniieci to change 1 1 any respect the fundamental differ i encea in opinion on the cruise strength problem of the conference I n trie absence ol Eomc iicw plan »si p.ot simply a minor modification, ,e ; . old proposaK. is appccxed here tha I t i i e contcrcricc must conclude it : Uabara and adjourn with little fur i Uwr delay. 1 ' In VIL-V.- of this interpretation ' tho formal announcerncnt In Qencv ; ccnMcIcrable interest attached ' to i day to cpeculailcn as to the for ang s Certified Used Cars Are Guaranteed in Writing The Terms arc Fair and Reasonable I In which a resolution c-f adjournmcn migh! express the inability of tl dcloRan.s to arrive at, rm a(,-reemei It was Sakcn for grunted that each · the chlof h-pokcarncn would i'ind (expedient to state the attitude of hlsi male sex la Gertrude Astor. now laying the featured, lemlnlnc lead ;Ith Geonrc Jessel in "Glnsburg. the reat." »!!»» Aster's name has been »fcea tip by Paramcwnt olflciais. Laskv recently sent icnnatro to a large number arid, according to the he color of Lorelei's hair Bficms a »tttr :o{ smsll .importance. Norma Tclranclgo Is a brunette . . . s o are larlo Prcvost. Florence Vldor,,. Pola Tegri, etc. However, blondes who are losslhlo winners include Mec Murray. LaJPlantc. Gertrude Astor, Dor- 73Q.FUlb avenue, New York city, has | announced the formation of a. *5.000 yearly award "m aa effort to'develop I practical. Jielplul and constructive Ideas and suGS^stlons lor the advance- ' meat ol tho equality and iiseiUlsiflss of moving pictures." · The award will be divided Into twelve tections. The first award is S2.500 -na'a th lesser amounts range it a ques- to SlbO. The whole will be known as r of movie La.emmlc Awards ar.c! will closely ic rctxirns Hpproxiraate the -Pulitzer prises, in the realm o' journalism. No limitation is placed on tbfr sug- save that accrccUt- trade publication othy Gloh and Claire Windsor. expected that Paramount will It le an oouncc its choice wltftln a few -.lays. jlttlc Etoa Murphy isn't, mentioned. Of the -whole troupe, we would give the assignment to Dorothy Oish. Lori. Bsra, sister of the ones famous Thecla. has played extras at the. Metro studio for over a yoar. Re-1 cently, however, she was given her] 'Irit Important "bit" in "Tea For: ' gestions or Ideas submitted, the will no published in nu they will no pub ed newspaper o . · .r.--_..j then clipped and seat La«B«5ile with a. letter. Carl 1SES IS ESS! FEfiT, Sfl!S S iMPEfilllLfEIITOilE pluycrs are climbing to tho top. not hotween only on the success ot their relative*. Kage but mostly via tho catra routg. Mexican Trade [ We do not sell your notes to finance companies i 20 to 25 cars always ready, to show you. N olh St.. Opp Memorial Hall i Morley's Clothes ;g. 100% Pure Wool ALL $22-50 GUARANTEED MORLEY'S Slfi MAIN STKF.r.T 'trr. TIIKATBF. mm ENEHGEMEKT TO MIRHT El HFTEB TOW Monte Blue, again oppcarmg aa sequence ol 'love'--and taat'i all there is to the explanation. You treat B tiorsc right, end. 11 he's the right kind 01 horep. he'll treat you right 'Englf and 'Silver Buck' and all my horse* ure just plain horses. I've never claimed they were anything C!M;. They're not. Rupci'huraan: they're simply rtumb things, dependent upon and eubject to ihe uvjsil liniiva- "But. s:iy. pnrtln"', how they worship you when yen Teat v.m as they : 'tietf, Thcn' understand each other." "Ttie"B!acl£'D'i'arnond"Exprcss." u'iisc.hj Bt':cl: Ir, shcwlnu ut, the Imperial opened a three-day run at tljfj^lh-ithls wccl: in "Whispering Saeje" his cray Thursday. Blue, as cnEirttiir o l i i m c s t picture. "The Black Diamond" Is dismayed by the accident to n young society utrl.p in which her carvlcily driven carl into his train. Going to the; C.. P. CLUSTER REAP ! Athens. O.. July 20.--Charles P i Knsemcnt with a rich suitor, Becomes | This is but a bare outline of a story j big with human interest and rcnl, gripping drama. The support, is superb and the ell-1 rcction places Brethertcn In the group] of the truly great directors. "The] Black Diamond Express" with Monr«| Blue nt his hard-fisted, big-hearted, best! Tile beat railroad drama of th* year. The "Crescent Corr.cdy Four" is offering n new ccmedy skit these las', three days that Is equally as JiJiiiJi' as-. their first program. They arn Eleoj iRlns new songs and are .appearing; at 3. ^:30 act) 0:15 o'clock. "COMli SBVEN!"--1000 II. f.'. Lor-don--Six thousand yuars BRO. in what is now MCROpotamla. citizens olj tho sporting fraternity sat. about in'; circles, ca,-.; dico and implored Lady Hide to be kind to them. In an un- dent cemetery HO mllcK southeast c;l Babylon, the expedition of C. Leonard] Woolli-y discovered net* of dice «nrt! other Ramblins devlcer. CnmhlRr.o ofj thst day had t h f i r j»raphernnlla htir-l led with them to their prcfci-j :,.. f . r! cc'cii 'o-"- «·'-- ri;n TII; A Rc-i'.tr clori-. rn.ii. !-..i;! .1 n«.rro* cnil.-.r r,h black pony ".-ith tie; cnt.i thaV,knot ;mi hons jn.'- liXf a | ibnivrr.^ ^^ it 'J,_ t-.-rtc two M,\\ronT BUCK JONES WHISPERING SAGE t'lyln? .hoof* and crnrkllng,-iunt «nl a ftglil for invi! nnil Junior, In a drama or tlw West, THE COLLEGIANS Around the. Bases--Weekly QU1MBY ? S - TODAY AND SATURDAY GREAT MYSTERY DRAMA COMEDY--WEEKLY--ADULTS 30c. CH1L. 20c QUALITY FIRST- WEBERS' DAILY STORE NEWS - _ _ ,, - - Business Hours 8:30 to 5:30 Saturday 8:30 to 9 ,- ·-. , , _ . , - · In t « i J"j5E" l11 ? 1 Buv|n » Thrtfly «nd inttlllgcnl buying Phonj»3700 ' , Ne»t to Court ftous* . Month End Clean-Up Sale Broken Lots and Odmenta from July Clearance Tremendous Savings On Smartest Wash Fabrics - We Mention Few- 50c and 59c Printed Voiles and Batistes 29eyard -Many Others Not Advertised 79c to 95c Rayon Silk Printed Fabrics 49c yard Lovely prints, copies- of the finer silks, small and medium designs. 40 inches. . Second Floor 59c to 79c Rayon Silk Figured Wash Goods 39c yard Many designs in the gay colorings, lovely for dresses. Second Floor The prettiest wash.gootls ,of the season. Overrfifty styles to select from. "··· Second Floor Silk and Cotton SScyard A popular fabric because so soft and cool, very attractive patterns. Second Floor Sale of Linen Breakfast Sets I5 and 50-Inch Cloths With 6 Napkins CLEARANCE PRICES ON NEW SPORT SKIRTS AND SWEATERS Pleated Sport Satin Skirts $1,98. Beautiful quality, 'the ment to wear with blouse or sweater. Third floor $2.95 Long- Sleeve Sweaters See the lovely collection of these new style sweaters. Third Floor $1.98- Heavy Crepe de Chine Pleated Skirts Skirts made s on a Rayon' waist, white and the wanted colors. / Third Flenpr AVomen'e Royal Society Stamped Dresses $1:19 For afternoon or street wear. Main Flbof BRUCE WERTS AND HIS ILLINOIS TROUBADORS i f ·.: \ :The Best Known College Band a t j MOXAHALA /ARK j Featuring "Chet" Walker and' "Snub" Pollard as eigcrtainers \\ These Will Go Quick -$3.95 Crepe-De-Chinc COSTUME SLIPS $2.98 All silk and shadow proof,-tailored or lace trimmed, in white, peach, fle a h. liHe, maize and orchid. Main Floor Ask to See Those * Kayser Marvelray BLOOMERS $1.59 Made of the best j?rade -12 ?;ui?:n Raj'on silk. They are a real SI.OS vaiiie. Main Floo" Girls' $2.50 to $2.98 SCHOOL DRESSES $1,69 (©! Saturday we place off sale,a splendid lot of sample dresses. Made by one of New York's best makers. Several smart .styles to select from--a rarSNjfjf^t^ft;^ to get two dresses for almost the price of one. Sizes 7 to 14 years. The materials are the season's most wanted fabrics. --Third Floor i-3 SUSQUEPANNA Another Shipment BLOUSE5 Beautiful Veatce Blouse.':, fa-shioned from hiffh grade figured Rayon materials This is acknowledged to he the best tailored and best fitting blowe on the feartwt. ^Sevora! styles. Thjrd Floor 40-Inch Washi)le SILK CREPE A special price for Saturday only. A fine grade of washable flat crepe in ten beautiful colors including Brifcany, pink, coral. tlB?, green.-Palmetto, wild r«p- berry, rose, orchid. Main Floor Bigger Savings WEBERS' HOME STORE f»*ftr Values lEWSPAPERI

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