The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1934
Page 2
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(ABK.) COURm NEW! Social Calendar TUHSDAV3 EVENTS Mrs. Crawford Greene hivine Young Matrons Bridge club. Tuesday Contract club mtetlug with Mrs. Floyd White. Sudbury school having box sup- pcr, 7:15 p.m. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Hurry Kirhy harUig Wednesday Bridge club. BlythevUte Democratic Women's club meeting at IJotcl Noblu at 10 A. M THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Charles L. Wylie hostess lo Thursday Biidgc club. Thursday Contract club- meeting with Mrs. R. t. Bradlay. Pilgrim Guild meeting al the school, 2 p.m. . Miss Louise; Tasclmer. daughter of Mrs. f. A. Taschncr ami. the late Mr. Tasclmrr, and Mr. Curl. H. Bass, were united In marriage Saturday evening at the rectory of the Immaculate Conception church. The Rev. J. J. Thompson performed the ring ceremony. The bride wore a beige woolen swagger suit with accessories in the same shade. Her only nit Undanl, her sister, Mrs. Jos Kueter, wore a gray print frock with navy blue accessories. The bridegroom had Mr. Dan Miller as his best nun. Alter a brief honeymoon Mr. Biss and. his bride will be ui home at 303 Dougan avenue. Mrs. Bass is n graduate of (he city high school and for the pnst year has been making her liomc In Memphis where sh« was employed. Mr. B»ss, who Is the son of Mr. H. S. Bass, received his later sdu- catlon at Arkansas State college at Jonuboro and Is now connected with the Central Coffee Coin- puny of this city. *. • * Sod buy School PU*s Box S»»|wr. .The Sudbury school «ill have its annual box supper Tuesday evening. 7:15 o'clock, at the school. The entertainment feature will be a character presentalkm of -the •children's songs by Nincy Hugfces, ..Roberta Hormui. Dorothy Cross, 'Phillip Reed, and Claude Stewart. :The supporting chorus includes 'Peggy ;Jones,. Mary Worsetey, MU- 'drnJ Miilr.' Louis Dark, Jiunes Maxwell »n* Charles Bright with 'Betty Bw»ry M -tmiUst. ; - •'•'• •• . - .Trw bones will be sold for 25 cents «ach. * * . • Yarkn Sockljr .. The Yarbro missionary society met Trmrsdny. 'afternoon »t the home of Mrs.,O«rge Swayne with the progranf given under the di- recton of Mrs. C.-B. Etehlson. There were 37 • present. Pror ceeds from . the fish pond netted 12.90 according to a report made. Fifty-six visits • to the sick were reported. A plate lunch was served with Mrs. Edd Parrish as assistant hos tess. ' : IM1M4. ' --<-«• tn LUC LUV awara ana Airs Jo Marriig* liemses issued to those McKenzie, the low score prize recently from the county court clerk's office in.this city include Miss Annie Elizabeth Matthews and James Woodrow Smith, both of Manila; Miss Goidic Drake, of Blytteville, and J. A, Morris o! West Helena: Miss Inez Stewnrl and Homer P«ton, both of Huffman. This Angel Cake's a Heavenly Dessert 'The Proper Thing" MONDAY, APRIL 23, 19341 0.O SEND «*J§® M C-B) V DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO "Is It rude lo refuse dishes you dii not like when dining outr It used to be an offense, and It Mill Is considered imjwlite, to refuse dishes at Hie table, because your refusal implies that you do not like what, is offered you. ir this is Inte, you should be dou- My careful to lake at least a little on your plait and make a pre- leiise of eating some of It, MIICB ' to refuse dishes cnn not fail to i ilislrru; your hostess. If you arc ! 'on H diet." and accepted the Invitation with that stipulation, your nol eatins is exciusalile; hut even (lien to sit with an empty plate in (runt of you much of Ihe lime makes you a seemingly reproachful lable companion for those of good appetite silling"next, to you. Angel food cake is an ideal and let stand In a dish. Beat lusert lor late spring luncheons me cup of egg whites and 0119- ind dinners. It's light enough to fourth teaspoon of salt with a cmpt Indolent iipjittiles and nl Hat wire whisk and, when foamy, he taiue time provides Jusl the add one teaspoon of cream of right "sweetness" In n menu. lurtar and continue beating until Time was. when an angel cake eggs are stin enough lo hold up always was served plain, but in peaks, but not too dry. lownduya smart cooks are putting • • • thin icing, shredded cocoamit or fold in one und one-fourth cups chopped nuta on this champagne of sifted granulated sugar, two ol takes. Here's a simple recipe tablespoons at u lime, until all Is for cocoanut crested nugcl food used. Than fold In tlirce-fouilhs cake: of vanlliii and one-fourth •»^- . leubixwn 01 vainnii anci onc-iourui SUt one cup of flour four limes lonspoon of almond extract. Sift a small amount of flour over mix- lure and fold in carefully. Continue adding flour unlil the cupful has been used. Pour the batter into a ' greased angel food pan anrl sprinkle with one-half cup of cocoanut. Bake in a slow oven at least one hour. Begin at 275 F. and, after thirty minute*, Increase the heat slightly to. About 325 F., nnd then bake t'lirty minutes longer. Remove !l from Ihe oven nnd invert; pan for one hour or until the cake Is cold. KITCHEN BY SISTER' MARY NKA Service SUM Writer Many a housewife has lived to a ripe old age without discovering thai yon can do more with Hie crisp radish than .serve it raw with the celery and olives as an liors d'ocuvre. But now that Uiey come three bunche.s for a bargain, how about trying rndish sandwiches on your card club; creamed radishes' on the family and radishes au gratiu the next guest Papa brings Kfi HS^FoiowG KMEE"ACT 6Y TKYIM& TO T6ACH A Doff TO SIT U>. fea M-G--M URBNKDUNWJiN HOU.YWCOOPUYS HCUIYMOON eSlOGS VhTHHK.msaWC', Hayti Students Will Enter Meet at Cap*! HAYTI, Mo.—Those who will at I tend Ihe Southeast Missouri Lit f erary, Ciirrlcular and Music mee to be held at Cape Girani-uul April 27 and 28, from Havti hlgil school will t»: Anna Mac Khoiirie. serimis dec lamaticjii; Forrest Randolph, l-oyr oration; Pen Lile Compere, puno Anna Mae Khouric, Abie Barko \'ilz, Leonard Teasler, aniatcur typ Ing: Pen Lile Compere, Kcnirll Joliiison. novice typliif; Ab|. B;irt;ovilz, Glen Martin Irnni i buys' doubles); Glen Murlin ten in* (singles); Able Barkoviu Leonard Teaster, American histori Also members will be entered IF the Irack meel to be held (her/ Services Held Sunday for Aged Steete Mai STEELE, Mo.—Funeral service wero held here yesterday for tlcc ree Mike Stephens. 80 who die l'"riduy. A pioneer resident of P county. Mo., the deceased had r«i ]sidfd ni Stecle for 59 yenrs an'j I .was widely known as "Uncle Mikcl He is survived by his son. D'| Alvm Stephens, with whom 1;| inadc hLs home, and three d-in-lll ters. ^trs. Myrtle Lona. MI S . •/.„ I-awlkcs and Mrs. Nora I- 3f Caruthersville. Mo ilia reported visiting sick homes. There wns no jail service because of the alckness of the one prls- ner. The pastor, N. H. Rhodes, gave a Scripture lesson on unity, cooperation and counsel. This service is held cacli Sunday evening at U:30 I'. M. and. young [x'ople from 15 lo J5 urc cordially invited. to M«l lunrsht. Reports ol' Ihe Business and 1'ro- fcfshMiiil Women's state convention, .vhich mat In Piirncoiikl Frld;iy and Saturday, will be given al a meeting Ihls evening,. 7:M o'clock, by the 13 members who allended. • * • - EnUttaln RMk Cl«b M*mWr» With r«ty. Ik-rt. Mrs. Mabel Brady, of Parueould, ind .Mrs. Harry Kirby' 'en'tertalned Members of the Pnnmould Book ciub. with an all day party Thursday- at the Kirby home. The • 13 present had lunch before bridge was plavpcl in which Mrs. Alvis Hancock won first 'honors, Mrs. Janws Alexander receiv- d the cut award and Mrs. John Bits oj Neus Mostly Personal STYLETOBGOT They may be tongueless. but these [ — ""= ankle-high white kid evening P[. csl(lcnt 's message was read by Ouunt-KidsMt. Mifs Dorothy Eidson and Cecil P. Ozment, both, of Jackson Tenn were united in marriage Wednesday. April 18, by the Rev. W v Womack. pastor of the First Methodist church. Eoffs-Ball. The marriage of Muss Bessie Ball, of Gosnell, and Fred Bogus of Tyler. Mo,, was scTemnizcd here last Wednesday with the Rev. s. M. Watson .officiating. Girl Smts UnlwUin f.-T. A, Meeting. Girl ... . --.'Si vice president of Ihc state group, will allend .he boarrt meeting and Mrs. AI- lick. and Mrs. (touching arc dcl?- gales from the local chapter with Mrs. Leach and Mrs. Comvay us — — j ••" .'ii.i. o. o. uri^nnm ollss Li nlternatcs. The convenlion will he ( Lemon anrt Allen Robinson, held at the Basin Park HolellNcwbern. Tenn. Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Herman Peck —.„.„. u.i, o^-uuis entertained the.Armorei P.-T A with a program Wednesday ' ' Miss Orine Hulchlnson presided In the meeting wilh Rcgina Hood ff_, P , rog 7 am chairman. Each rra- " id th; roll call. P. T. A. News liomc? Contain Minerals Minerals and ballast are . the radish's contribution to food vul-1 lies, but its chief mission in (lie' raw is to look pretty on the table and tempt the appetite. The small red are particularly colorful—breakfast radishes they I arc called lor no adequate reason and the French cat them with butter which isn't such.a mess cut oft root and steam. Cook in Kind of Day" indued a sludv of boiling sailer water lor 15 mm- contagious diseases, health habits ules. Drain from water, saving and foods. 4 tablctpoonfuls for sauce. Putj A large clock, face has been radishes into a buttered baking ( made and surrounded by posters dish anci cover with sauce made j which depict the correct health hntipi- and Hnnr rnninri in. hiibils for every hour of I lie dav The bulletin board has been converted into a cemetery where Hospital Notes Patients admitted lo Ihe 1J|-:| hevillc hospital: William Maiif route 2; Milton King, Hot Spring I Mrs. E. M. Pesser. Steelp, Mel Sterling Owin, Leachville, Artf Mrs. J. s. Wilkerson, Senath. M vith butter and Hour cooked to- with milk and radish added. Sprinkle top with gethcr "Building a World of Und;r- l sounds! Tiierc Is also a long red variety, rather inclined to I -- •—^« *~ . ae po- Kcodiness, a round pithy and .1 haloes, hearts of celery, toasted --,,.>,.,, a „ ..uim v» ^ 1Jsl ;i- n >.vuii»:.», u ruuna puny and a : a iocs, liearts of celery toasted siaudlng was the subject of the long while which can be bitc-y on! muffins, black cherries and ba- DrODram at tn« Cmilrttl \JtfnrH [J - Hid fiiituiin n>ilncc. «T.,«!.„.! ...i.:i.. I .- .. . . ,. . .. program at the Cemr.ul Ward P.- T A. meeting Wednesday. Mar- |cus Evnird gave a lalk on "Uc- vvloprneiu of National Uood Will" and C. R. Babcock explained Hie new script plan. Mrs. Joe Craig gave the president's message. In :lh£/ bushier meeting the treasur- ]er reported a balance of S171.7G, | The outstanding project decided itrcmely young and tender. | cream, milk, tea" Sandwiches are uest made with I DINNER: Ham loaf, twice bak- the white radish although the red i ed sweet potatoes, radishes an nay \>e used. Served with iish ;Bnitin, cabbage and tomato salad, salads, ilicsc sandwiches add zest : old-fashioned bread pudding with „„ ., . 'upon for this and nexl, year will °'' ." '' be i . S '" lk ' L ' be indoor toilets. The expense of this project has been assumed equally between the P.-T. A. and the school board, $125 having been appropriated for immediate use on the indebtedness. Other bills, including Una for cod liver oil, were allowed. Mta Mary Outlaw^ room S > '"^, who . lai T a , fnsh vegcta won. Ihe 51 for Ihe largest at- ""*"?""??'«_' "talc spring and . .- ._ for Ihe largest attendance. Officers for the coming year, arc: Mrs. W. C. Higginson. president; Mrs. H. C. Sims, first vice president: MJss Mary Outlaw, second vice president; Mrs. Joel Chandler, secretary; Mrs. Ross Elevens, treasurer: Mrs. Robert Blaylock. histq;*an. Mrs. Harry W. liaiucs Is the retiring president. The Lange P.-T. A. met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Henry Layson presiding. Oscar Fendlcr explained the new script plan. Mrs. T. O. Seal gave a reading on the international relations and the boots are the talk of the new fait and winter footwear slyles for women. Piped with green and lacing up the front wilh n green and white cord, this pair was one of the original models displayed al Ihe Shoe and Leather Show in New Yock. Mrs. C. S. Grishnm, T.l Lucilc Miss Mary Outlaw. Officers elected for Ihe new year arc: Mrs! T. G. Seal, prcsldenl; Miss Elizabeth Halstcnd. vice president; Mrs. To- Jiy Clements, secretary; Mrs. u. W. Mulllus, treasurer; Mrs. Ira Crawford, historian. Mrs. Hardin's room won the dollar prize. Netherland News and son, Jiminle, returned yesterday from Sparks Hill, 111., where they vis- ilcd relatives lor lliree and a hall weeks, having gone up because ol lt>3 Illness and dealh of Mrs. Peck's grandmother. Mr. Peck motored up for them Saturday. The Kev. w. V. Woinack, pastor of the First Methodist church, will leave tomorrow for Jackson, Miss., lo allend the annual gcn- Thc Woman's club met Thnrs- K. A. Smith, who is employed in PnrauouUl, s|icnt the weekend Mr. Jiedel's sisters, tSiexs Herllm '""." and Evu Jiedel, of Helena. Sun-' 1 '™ 05 •'• "• ^- nidiiKeiLsiup day afternoon. M. BarkowiU nnd'f l!dn XIrs - D Nicholson were hos- . -- - - "••• »--"- family, of Portagcville. Mo., mo- lcss - s - eral confcpencc of the Southern tored down to be their guests for. Tnc N'ellserland school ball team Methodist church which will con- a short lime. : defeated Swift. 10 to 7. vcne for weeks. While lie :_.. ._.„ Mlt , n-mtuuiiujnis 01 i tnedtrfoot, the salute and pledec was given by all members Georganne ilttle the "promise." Dola Yarbro discussed the trail figns, Eileen Hogan told of the Loves, 1 Margaret Pruitt told the story of the. flag, Wandine Pickens gave the etory of a "Pet," n E»a>s, and Willie Mae told of the accom- • p»st year. - Armorel Girl TJ>e Christ Ambassadors met Sunday er»eing at (he Assembly of God church. 3everal new members wire f^ueivtd hiio the class and.Mre. Helen Travis was elected sttretary-treaiuiei. MHdtwi cudd. Mamie . Perry and Prtuikie Booker ported l. 'Muj . > K» Hekn OlUcss *zxl Evelyn Hop- ----- •• «• •«.- Mr. am! Mrs. C. W. Afflic!:, Mrs away Mrs. Womack will visit a O. P. Moss. Mrs. J. A. Leech ami Mr. «, , Ii',, Tenn ' ! Mrs ' m ™y Kirb y ^nt Saturday, Mrs. W. J. Pollard and Mrs. in Memphis. j - tlie Business nnd Women's club who al- of airs. w. j. Pollard and Mrs. in Memphis , gc James H. Bell are spending loday I Members of >r- "» Memphis. Proicwional W. Mrs. rt Potter and daughter. Elaine, spent tin; week end in Memphis at ihc Oayoso. The 1 lo be out utter a brief ''illness" O. P. Moss, who Is now employed at Jonesboro. s]«nt ttin week end at horns. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Love, tit Memphis liavc arrived here to make their home, Mr. Love having accepted a position with lior- Urug store. They will reside " apaitmenls on West mccMn James Mode of Trrry , „ '<<• of R.' Tuesday rs. J. K. Mathis viisicd her sister. Mrs. John Mct7ger o[ «i ;m - loy. last Wednesday . Rouid ^luring the weekend includ- j Hotel led: Mrs .1. o. Unrncs. Miss Cora '•« Coleman. Miss Marie Har». V. Womack is able ;insh. Mrs. H. L. Reynolds. Mrs r, """ - '"'— F. Belt. Miss Margaret Merrill. Mrs. o. M. Morgan. Mrs. Hou- arrl Proclor. Miss Mamyc Louise Edwards, Miss Lorna Wilson. Miss Thelma Wells and Mrs. S. S. Slernberg. Mrs. Paul Greenwcll Saturday night from St. Louis where she was called lo the bcd- s'df of her father. O. W. Toon, uho has ueen critically ill but .. in the Ash sired. Mr. and Mrse. Doyle Henderson and son, Charles, relumed yesterday from a weekend visit i n Bells, Tcnn.. as guests of Mr. Heu- toraon's mother. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner had as her guests yesterday her sister, who is now slightly belter. at (be si. John's liospiial. He How CAKDUi Kelicvcd I'ains ;nul Kcnewvd Slrcnglh 'I'-ie the hirlli of my children, 1 suflpird so much Irom vrakncss i" my hark nnd pains in my side" writes Mrs. Joe Brown. ,.(' r.j recr ; S- C. "t tcii jo worn-o:i!. ! «as so nrivoiis i cou irt ,. o; rcv( at night. I rend of Cardm 3 \\A te cidi'd lo take It. It MrrMifenec ue and stopped the pam. i',(,i ,, 0 know, wlwi i would ] n v,. d one without Cardiil."...Cardm i, as b «. n used by women for ovrr sn . . Mrs. E. E. Wraight of St. Louis six;nt the week-end with her son, Thomas Wraight, and family, Read Courier News Want Ads. years. Is purely vegetable, l-.,,,-,',,,,^; Oel a botttf. today, and trv It! Thousands of women tetlifv c'lrdu! benefited them. If it docs' not benefit YOU. consult a physician. i —Adv. 3CP8 i ,>MM^M. ^yijii.Mc iuji ^uu ^ujivt-Tiea inLo a cemctci'v v;here ibs and grated cheese and put | the pupils have buried their bad n moderately hot oven for! health habits. into 20 minutes to melt the cheese and brown the top. Serve from baking dish. i li I Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Orange' Juice, cereal, cream, crisp bacon, graham muffins, milk, coifee. LUNCHEON: Surprise baked po- The upper grade room hat; »cen made more attractive by the iid- dillon of growing pot plants and (he wall pockets are now filled with spring blossoms. le lungue unless plucked j minus iu leinoh jelly with whipped lo a parly menu. Cul crisp. woll-waUied radishes | ii thin slices and arrange them liard sauce, milk, coffee. 0:1 thin of buttered bread . ... with salt, cover .ilth another thin slice of butter;d bread ami serve. Creamed ladishes done r» KCCCC :ream«l cartels are both good and pretty, radishes au gratin uru ven more so. Women in Ihn . The sixth, seventh • aim eighth jgiad'^s linvc been working on a like! health project for the past week. The subject "Lhiuij the Right •nrly summei will find these sus- eeilioiis worth keeping in Radishes au Gralin Three cups round red radishes, Makes You Look At least 70 per cent of all the motor vehicles in Jugoslavia arc American-made. • ., - . Dull Headaches Gone Simple Remedy Does ll Headaches caused by constipatioi are gone after one dose of Adler- ika. This cleans. poisons out "of BOTH upper and lower bowels Ends bad sleep, nervousness. City Drug Store and-Kirby\Bros.-Drug Company. —Adv. L-l Sheddan's Salve Rest for Croim Good news for mothers! Wil Shcddan's rapid acting and c[ Iremely deep iKnctruting Sal' you tnn break up croup, ci end congestion. Never have , seen--or used—a salve that c'll the phlegm, relieves choking ends congestive coughs quicker more thoroughly. Sheddan's Sa contains a medicine you never g in ordinary salves—a medicine Ih fights cold congestion, soreneJ aches and pain. Two kinds: Mill for children, STRONG for atiull -Adv GKADK A Raw Milk rhone 14 Craig's Dairy 2 tablespoons butter. 1 Inblc-spoon flour, 3-4 clip milk, 1-1 cup water in which radishes were So Fresh, Youngl _ MELLO-GLO, the new face poiv-' mind. dcr. will fccop your skin from ex-1 Ijosure and preeetvo its youth. The lew French process ty which it i3 made makes ,it stay on longer, spread smoother, and will not clog ,; , ,. , •' -' ^pitftu ^uiuMiiici , ai!U Ulll HUE, UIUJ5 which radishes were paiboiled. ( he pores. Its special tint U youth- leaspuon KM, 4 tablespoon.-; | f u |. No Ilakinets or irritation with •V(L CllCCSr 1 - 4 1nlllOCrvnn.ll- EM.. «.nrr J -.j~i-r^^"». ... .f grated cheese. 4 lablesixwns tercd bread crumbs. Wash rudishes carefully I MELLO-GLO.'Try this new wonti- i crful face powder. 5Cc and 51. :l i —Adv. 4 u| WOODWORK fATERSPAR .ENAMEL Dries hard in 4 hours W li u take chances with the thief and the MOTH? l.ut us liiivo tlic ity of keeping your winter clothes (luring the Miimmer months. -- or if you prefer we will clean and return them in Moth Seal Bags to be put away at home. . Barnes' Nu-Wa Cleaners Phone ISO This Omck-drying Eoamcl brines Otic-day Painting to woodwork and furniture. You can put on 2 coats of \Vaterspar and it will be dry the same d»y! Bu( one coat is all you need over most surfaces. See Ihe 21 beautiful Water spar color*. Repeated washing doesn'tharmthelr rich glossy sheen. Pint LADDER Strong. 5-ft. size with shell $1.25 BRUSHES Pore bristles, sttln rubber IK" Brash . . 2(h: «' Wall Bn.ih . . . (J5< : S T Cilciminc lirush . §1.50 Steel Wool Cleans pots & pans easier! 5c Pkg. PURE TURPENTINE .. Bring caB . Gal.. $1.00 WALLPAPER CLEANER Each IGc WALLHIDE brings One - day Painting ( Ends diys nl mess! Yuur curtains and pic- tuirs can IK liungti'.c Fame day walls ami ceilings arc painlnl will, U'aliliijc!- One n IIA PT ccntisiiMallyenoicli. 15wiulublc colon. »«"""• UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart... 70c Beautiful high 3loss ^ PLASCO PAINT ••• Suitable fnr interior or cateiior surfaces. Brmlici 85c $2-50 GtUofl CALCIMINE, All Colors,.... Per Lb.. . .. I2c PURE BOILED UNSEED OIL... Gal..'.'. $1.15 White SHELLAC 2.60 Gallon OringcDU Quick-dryins, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH E«ra durable. I'or inlorior cilcrior u«. Will nr,t . lumwMtc.nrics s (.» _. . $2.3i 12-Quart PAIL 3»c Each Hubbard Hardware Co. Airi'HORlZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY

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