The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1949
Page 15
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T THURSDAY, JULY M, BLYTHEVTLLB (ABK.) COUT5IEK PACT! FIFTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williomt f THER€'S WHY 1 •AXNKE •*XI CUTA TH 1 &AME— PROMiSEP IF I ,l_ET VOO PUT UP A FLOWER. BOX -*X>'D TAKE 600P CARE OF IT.' AT THEM BROWN. WK-TIN'. DECOPIN' PLANTS yW FOR W*TER.' A GUV LIKE 1100 ALLU5TELLWM6 HOW DUMB I Ak WHY, THAT'S TK CO6 ASLEEP OM TK PORCH. THEM'S Hl= FEET.' THE SUMMER DROOP Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople , MthJ-'MV AE* MOAiMIMS FOR TUt D1STAMCSS A*TROIOM1C»,L/SOJ COO.V FARMHOOS* uxx* ikj'jiTiKis STOP AUD TUL TRY Bell Goes to Church ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (.T(-Af- Iftr 30 years on a locomotive, a bmss b*ll Iiom engine 1509 of the Atlantic Coast Line now calls the faithful to services at the Lake- vlep Presbyterian church. Engine 1509 formerly ran between Tampn. Fla., and Richmond, Va.. but it has been retired. The church Is In the process of being built and \mtil it In finished, services are being held In th- b-Demerit. - GOOD FOOD - * DRIVE TO SIMPSON'S CAFE irk-Mo SUU I.ln» A Cool Place to Eat Sunday Special from 1 to 3 • Crappie Pish • Fried Chicken Dinner 75c • We Never Close • Service — That's Out Motto! We «par* no tSorv m an EJCTKA everyday prescription service wtilcb meant extra COD venience to TOU Peel tree to call Ifn us &t any ttme Prompt de- Tlverj lerrlce Phona 807 WOODS DRUG STORE r*. MB|»»* FOR SALE Concrete cilicru. lz Inch lo 4» inch, plain ar recnlorced. Abo Cancntc BulMiDt Blockj cheap er thu> Inmbei |« barn* chlcke* hiiaso, pomp hoo.<m, tenant hnum. too) thrdx W> deliver Gill « l«r lre« estimate . . Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Say It With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP . • ••*•!. 1h* ••rcke*c D*I I •**• There •!»* ar« l«f» vlher »«rvaBl which >•!!• *4 Kudy, rh* IV 'THE silver door which separated •^ the trailer's "salon" from the master bedrooms was closed. Ex pertly, the Filipino Victor unhooked from the wall and lowered into place a table top made of poJ- ished fruit wood. Over this he spread A cover- square of almost transparent gray chiffon faintly printed with swallows in flight. The bone china wa kept in a cupboard concealed behind a carved panel. The entire service—silver, Venetian glass am Belgian crystal, candlestick! ant ash trays—was evoked seemingly by magic. Everything in this remarkabli house-on-wheels had been plannec to operate at the touch of a finger tip. V ictor w orked silen lly, hi small, clean hands making no los motions, as it he were perforrnin a duty that had become automata through constant repetition. "You certainly know this traile like a book," Mrs. Malone said, take it you've been workinf fo Mrs. Everson a long time." "The trailer i* quit* D«W, b*r I have studied H." "You're very clever. Victor. 1 Tht little Filipino shragged- "With Mrs. Everson you must be clever! Or else out you go, like the cook this morning. She made the coffee weak, so Mr*. Ttverson threw it al her. Fortunately it remained in the pot, so the cook wa* able to dodge-" A LITTLE thrill of horror and panic crept up Mrs. Malone's spine. What in the world had she let herscU in for? At the same time a part of her mind wondered at the cultured language and enunciation of this Filipino boy. Another mystery! The bustle of. preparation went on. A* a final touch to the exquisite beauty of the dinner-table, Victor lighted the candles. He then chose a dozen records from a cabinet above the sofa, placed them on a record-changer and s«l them in motion. Music Boated through Ihe room intangible and romantic: a wait? by Arensky played with lacy precision by two pianists. Mrs. Malone returned to the kitchen. She was apprehensive and vaguely depressed at the thought of eating her own dinn alone. But Victor reassured her explaining that as *oon as Mrs Everson had finished and th dishes were washed, i second mea would b* served in the othe trailer. **Rudy cooks for us. We ait dow; "I heard your mother whisper to you, 'Well, dear, you put it over beautifully!' Just what did sh« mean?" FRECKLEB AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Noise I DfUCE Or HEARTS 1 AS 1 SUSPECTED.' FOUL. Pl INIQUITOUS r MY AUNT MlWNIE / / ED.' FOUL. PlAV' 6e / ' —-VAlY NOT PROV10F OUR OWM ENTERTAIN- WCNr AT THE CRUMPtr HUT? LETS ORGANIZE PIUSCILLA'S I'OP Wlml Every Woman Knows liY A I. VICUMRER _ OUR RtMEfABEP. HOW WE WALKED AROUND THE LAKE ... IN THE MOONLIGHT, .? MIGW AS WELL TAKE. MY TROUT ROD ALONG._ NO U5E WASTING ALL THAT TIME... VIC FLINT Tacky Loses No Tim« I!Y MICHAEL O'MALLKY and RALI'H LANR "Foretell, all right." Mrs. Milotie thought. "Women like her always fall for them." at 7:30, It is very nice. You witl | into three howls. There was a ood smell ot cofTee, and a radic o* Oat (dint 4491 M 27«? He made a gesture of warning rom the threshold and darted way to draw Mrs. Everson's chair. Mrs. Malone was quite humanly urious about the ho use-guest with funny foreign name. But she ould see only the hack of his ead, no more. Thinning (air hair, L voice mellow and resonant. The ccent was French- An arm rni.sed o gesticulate ... a bracelcted "Foreign, atl right," Mrs. Maone thought. "Women like her always fall for them. . . .* F ATER r when she followed Vic^ tor oiitjide, *h« feh again that sudden pang of anxiety. After all, she was taking a whale of chance, signing up like this for cruise into Ihe unknown. Suppose these people were crooks? Or unatics? Or "foreign agents"? "ould be. Nowadays you never knew. It was a night of absolute darkness. No stars. No lights anywhere. Not even a passing car The enormous tight-shuttered bulk of the trailer loomed black, seem ing to displace a void. The secon< trailer, however, showed a fain glow of green, like phosphorous al its shaded windows. "Here we are," Victor said. • He helped her up threi steps Inside, wearing a La 11 chef's ca and an apron, the driver Rud was spooning out chile con earn VOU CAN G&T OUT TO IF WITH THOSE CANOES flEO UPAT IHE DOCK IF VOU WASH TUBBS Cruel I.KSLIE TURNER ned to Los Angeles blared hill- illy music. "Welcome to Servants' Hall," udy said, flashing his smile. He switched off the hillbilly. "How did it go, Victor?** "Vrry well. Madam sent her ompltments to Malone. Every- riing is now sweet and easy." • • • ^ICTOR removed his starched" white coal and changed into a ellow cashmere sweater. Here, in ii.s own quarters, he lost his look <t tension and apology, lie seemed •ounger and happier. Mrs. Malone sat down at the able and unfolded her napkin, itnring about her at the interior. This trailer wns as compact, as strong and as ingeniously equipped is the other. There were two sunks. • kitchenette, a washroom, comfortable chairs, a shelf full of bocks, a rack holding games, cards, mn gamines. Shaded eleclric lights burned with a faint quiver, and Mrs, Nfa- lone soon became aware of the hum of a generator. She recalled, now, that she had used gas to cook Mrs. Everson's dinner. There had been fresh running waler in her washroom. "You sure carry civilization with you," she said. "That was the Idea," Rudy answered. (To B« Continued) Nearly entering oltne. half of most crude oil refinery emerges as gas- GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of support prices on your f Soybeans, Corn, Wheat and other Grains. Our Bins ar« Government Approved, Gov- ernment Financed, 5 years to pay For Fult Particulars—Call or Come In. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blytheville,Ark. Phones 856-857 •STUDEBAKE R^^^^ Phont 888 Phone 888 Here's A Fine Selection Of Low Priced Cars Iflll Plymouth 2 door. 1!1H) Chevrolet 2 door I!i:W Hiiick Special Ford 2 door Chevrolcl 2 dwir Chevrolet Coupe Kord 2 door I'lvmoulh Coupe 19-15 Ford 2 door I3:i;j Chevrolet Sedan 1934 Ford Sedan See these cars and also some very fine late model cars at Chamblin Sales Co. -Your Friendly Sfudehaker De»ler- Railroart * Ash Phone R UDEIAKEK' M^k^M^ 1 1 was TRVING TO BE FRIENDLY 5JW OWce THftT V DOU'T VOU THIMK IT'S KUPE WILT4 W/k5H'T OH.IZZATSO! WEU.1F/ DOW'TVOU MY OLE MAW WAS THY PARE S&.V THAT T0WW DfcUNKARD, I I ASOUT HV OADDV WOUIEHJ'T BE PUTT1W \ IT& HOT TRUE OW MR.S1 ^/ _ i H*iTE wu! i A.WRIGHT! \HOPSYOU FP.LL EVElt BODVIWIPOrVN fckJD BREAK KkJOWS MU TWO. VO J...VOU IT... AW so OtD UMt! THAT OOEftW'Ti SOUKD LIKE YOUf HUGS BUNNY Nice Smile Though I HOPE MV X-RAN PICTURE'S R.EA.DV.. I V/AS4T.*. ^EE HOW I tOO<...lNSIDS.' DOCTOR BLOOP ) Y\ WE\N HE'LL \ VJILL S£E ,/ S££ THROUGH r you/ y^ME, DON'T ALLEY OOP Hey! \V;ik c Up! UY V. T. HAM LIN THE KCC'KET'5 AJ_L KKSHT BUT WHVT / \VE'LL Of- ALLEV/ KNDW AND BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Landing BY EDGAR MARTIN

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