The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1938
Page 8
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PACtE EIGHT BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS U. S. S. New York, Texas Wyoming To Make Summer Cruise BY OTTO JANSSKN United Press SlalT Corresnondenl WASHINGTON, Apr. 28 (UP)— An invitation to "come bark soon," extended to tho U. S. battle force by the laic Admiral Sir David Beatty nt the close of the World War, >lll be met tills summer _ When 1,100 mid.shlyimtti from tlic Naval Academy visit Ent'lsiiid on llielr annual pr.iclicn cruise. Tiiiee famous old battleships of the American force which rrmclor- ei\ suc)i valuable assistance to liic . British navy In bottling up itic German Higli Sens Fleet during the war will bring the "middles" to British wntors. 20 years after Admiral Heatty extended his Invitii- tiorh The three snips are the U. S. S. New York, Texas ntui Wyoming, These vessels, together with the Arkansas. Florida and Delaware, made up the 6th Battle Squadron. The squadron was Incorporated into the British" Grand Fleet, resulting in the "greatest aggregation of naval power" (lie world had ever seen, First United Cniisc The vessels have licm used for summer cruises lo Europe before, but it is said Ihis will be the first time three ships of (lie famous Glh squadron will make tlie visit together. The midshipmen will embark at Annapolis. M<1. on June :i. and after visiting , Le Havre. France, and Copenhagen, Denmark, ,will arrive at Porlsmoulh. Englnnd, on July 15 for an eight-day stay before returning lo Ihe United States. '. • The practice squadron will te accompanied by Rear Admiral Alfred W. Johnson, commander of the training detachment of the U. S. fleet, Admiral Johnson has a distinguished World War record, and received the Order of si. Michael and St. George from the British government, nnrt the Distinguished Service Medal from his 'own government for his work as 'commander of the destroyer U. S. S. Conyinghnni. The vessel was Engaged in patrolling the submarine zone nnd in escorting troops and supplies. In making the visit, the U.S.S. New York will re-enact a- dramatic episode of Ihc World War naval Wstory.'It was this renowned vessel which, as flagship of the U. S. overseas naval forces, proudly led the American squadron into English waters to join the awaiting 'British Jlcet. Historic Scene Recalled -i As the American smiis came into sight through the English mist, a great cheer went up from the English sailors. A British uaiul struck up "The Star Spangled Banner" and the Americans replied with "God Save the King." ' "The U. S. squadron was commanded by Admiral Hugh Rodman aboard the New York. Admiral BeiUly greeted his allies from across the Atlantic from Ihe deck of his flagship, the Queen Elizabeth. ••-It'was from Die deck of the New York that Admiral Bcatty made his farewell address to the American sea fighters. The Brillsli commander praised highly (lie work of American forces and expressed disappointment Hint, the combined forces never had the opportunity to test their strength against the Germans. At the conclusion of his speech, Admiral Boatty said. "Come back soon. Good-bye and Rood luck." Ships Outmoded Now Ami so. 20 years Inter, half the American force will fulfill (he admiral's request. Although outmcd- ed by modern men-of-war and no longer suitable for active service, the Ihrce vessels still held an hon- ored place In American ravnl Ills- lory. The New York and Texas are slsler ships. Built In 1912. they displace 27,000 Ions and run no- commortate a full complement of 1.S14 men. They carry ttn 14-Inch p»w. IB live-Inch guns and a number- of smaller ordnance. Both were IllUfl out as flagships. The Wyoming 1 is one ycni 1 older antl displaces 19,700 tons. Her maximum speed is 18 knots, nnd she has been completely demllKurii'.ed. Tlie New York visited England last year for the coronation ceremonies and alter returning home for a brief stay, proceeded lo Kiel, Germany, (or Ihc midshipmen's cruise. The Wyoming and Arkmi- sns also made the German trip. Holland KJly —- Personal ('ani(licrs\ r ille Socidy --- Personal Mis--; (.'nlvcr Knlerlains I"CHW£ n'mitefi.s' Auxiliary Miss Robbie Culver wits hostess «) leu members of the Y. VV. A, and their sponsor, Mrs. ,1. E. Brown at Ihe home (if her parents, Monday evening. Miss Jane McClana- lian liiul cluirge of the program, "Conquests of itaral Prejudices" taken from a current Issue of the "Window". Miss Joy Stcphun led the devotional taken from Mark, Acls and Isaiah. Misses Evelyn Aciilf, Robbie Culver, and Vura Thompson -R.viI.slMl Miss McCliinn- j lian in presenting the program. The hostess served sandwiches, olives, cookies .intl cocn-colfts, ;ti the conclusion of the short, business session. ss = Lcrkurds Hosts lo litslil at KlgM Club Mr. and Mis. Kli I.ockard were hosts lo tlie members of the Eight at Eight club Tuesday evening. At the conclusion of (lie card games. Mr. and Mrs, Clyde Harper held high score and Mrs. Lensdy Sinllh and fi Lockard were low, The hostess served a variety of .sandwiches, pickles, potato chips, cake with whippet! cream nnd collee. This will be the meeting of the club until September, after the close of the baseball season. *f' Mr. and Mrs. C. O, Gill left Wednesday morning for SI. Louis, Mo., where tliey will spend several days attending to business matters and visiting with friends. Mrs. Goldie Fisher and Mrs. Clinton Cunningham spent Wednesday in Memphis. Mrs. II. G, Thomas has returned from Camdenlon. Mo., where she was the guest of her sister, Mrs. j Clarke Moore and Mr. Moore last week. Mrs. J. C. Hudspeth, a patient in the , Baptist-hospital in Memphis, is milking satisfactory improvement according to word receiver! by friends here. Mrs, Hudspelh Vmr, been I there for the past two weeks. I Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Brown, spent Sunday evening in Kemiett, Mo. Stephen I 5 ool and Ocn'nrd Gale of the Concord community spent a few hours here Tuesday afternoon. Both young men are former Caruthersville Junior College students and are now engaged in farming. Jerome Reams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Reams, Is ill with tlie measles this week. Mi-, and Mrs. W. A. Thomas had as their guest Tuesday, Mrs. Run- dnll of Wai-dell, Mo. E. U Do?.ler of Blytheville, Ark., silent a few hours here Tuesday as (lie guest of his (fdiigliter, Mrs. Eli Lockard and family. Thomas McCloskey of Bragijn- doclo silent a feiv hours in this city Tuesday morning nllendmt; lo business waiters. Dcsifinalo Teachers 'Hie Holland School Hoard (in- jirMiiicpd iJij.-; week llmt the teachers that composed both high school and grade school faculty have been rc-i'iimloyixl for Die ctisuiiiff year. Mr. w. I. Myers, siipcrlnlenddiil for his iM-dlll) yr-ur. Mr. T. J. Kpperson, |)i'llli-Jp:il. ;il)d MKs N. 1). Tliomfl-, Cumniornal work, Mrs. Charles Oihoim, Kn'fllsli. Mr. Ancfil Webb, .sovinl f-vlonw.'. Tlie member:,- of 111" unuie si-liool faculty an:: Mr. Ira /ul:iw. Miss fioldlc Stolen, Mrs. II. Kljiff. Men. W. A. Oalr'.s jr.. Mi-::. Muvy JXtuluj Sowcll. Miss Nina I Inn Is, Miss Jiianlta Edwards, .Mr. Jot- Ix-slw. Miss Mdllli nM.vy, Mr. Hoolli lli-atbcwk. The U.-achc-rs fur tin- rural sMlools an?: Mr. Clar- cnr-p i;i|..y. Kumfoixl. and Mi« JI-M}] Kunill'iir'J, Chainifll. \V. M. S. llohls Weekly .Urcllii? Al Church The Indies of the Baptist W. M. S. held their weekly meeting at Ihi! Baptist chinch, Wednesday night in.-iU-ud of nt the home of Mrs. Carl Ki'nlcy [is .previously planned. There were ten members present, and the meelinif consisted of the Royal Service program, and the main loplc discussed was "Missionary Work in Afi'lcn." The next iiipotiui; Is to ho at Mrs li W .Stivers'. Mary Umlse, have relumed from Holly Springs. Miss., where they attended the funeral of Mrs. John Kowell. Mrs. Chi'sior Moore, of Carulh- mvllli). II.-IK been sprjnding tlio wwk here visiting her mother, Mrs. J. W, Porter. Mrs. Moore, before 'her m.ijTinse, «a.s Mis.s Jlelwi Patterson. Mrs. W. II. Bailey, who Is visit- Ing relatives in Memphis, Is reported to lie very 111. Mr. anil Mrs. Joe I/>ster and family were the overnight j>u<»;i.s FRIDAY, APRIL ,29,, 1938 of Mrs, Lester's uncle, Mr. A. A. Shine, of Stcele, iast Friday nl?ht, Mra. Pearl Wlmte'ly, of Jllyfhc- vllle, was Ihc guest of her mother, Mrs. Frank Gnlomxxl, Thursday. Mrs. Ix>is Burnett was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. CJamice Shanks, of Cooler, over, the weekend. Mis. Mildred Slivers and Mrs. Jf.'ia?) Hurst, of C'ariithcrsville, were In Slke.ston Hits week lo allend a meeting of WI'A supervisors. Walclon McCrary has returned from Fulton. Mo., wliore Jm has Ijccii Tlie 1933 monsoon uncovered n fishing village near Bombay. India, thai had been swallowed up iiy ilu> sea. FARM LOANS ••"• 1500 »nd Up Arkansas aiid fiffu<"irl Lowest rales—lowest ripenw Also city propertirs DON H. KASSERMAN Thomas Land Co. OHice P. O. Box 470. Phone 52V. Iron - Metals - Rags - Rubber Bottles - Hides Mrs. Mamie Sowcll and (iaughle: 1935 Plymouth Sedan $195 fjuod Shani! No Trade 1931 Chevrolet Coupe $89 Huns fiood OooU Tires 1936 Chevrolet % ton Pick-Up '. $275 Clean Low M Hinge 1935 Chevrolet % Ton Truck $165 1936 G! £ cTl'/z Ton Truck $375 l.»"lf \V. <!., Hlaki- Jlod.v. Real uiiy. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. O. M. C. TRUCKS OMWMOUILUK .'i07 K. Main Safes •& Service 1'lmnc 32!) enrolled in (he CCC camp foi- (lie past six monlhs. Mr. Waller Bryant, who has been 111 for the past month with tuberculosis, Is still unimproved. Mi's. Minnie l^inkford, of Sheffield. Ala., has teen visiting her sister, Mrs. Herbert Brook*, 1 , for the pasl week. Mrs. Andrew LAW veil Is vc'-y 111 tills week from malaria. Approximately .25 people from Holland have received X-ra> pictures of ihr-ir lungs in the drive which has been .started in (Ills part of the county lo prevent, the spread of tuberculosis. From tl\is number only a few are proven to have eon- lacted tlie germs. Those showing traces of the- disease are to be sent to the slate sanitarium at Ml. Vernon. Mo. Antique llottlc. Found at Sea WOODH HOLE. Mass. (UP) — Chief Mate 'I 1 . Nathan Kclley of Iho research ship Atlantis returned from a winter expedition with an antique iviue bottle, wlilch lie found 1.500 feet below the surface. The flask, apparently tossed oter- ( board 400 years ago from a Sfaita Ish galleoij, was In perfect cor.<Ji/l lion. ' AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY & NIGHT , CALL 30 Holt Funeral Home ES fi.Oflfl.OOO of your Mirny ntorisLs shop for n ni'.w cir they Beek and buy iou--firu'cif cars, Don't foci sorry for lh,-n\, nr foi yourself if you Wlong in [his |ii,j futility. Iki-tJtrse [lie t<tu:]irir? jirttl conltiitis one aj tlie iwrld's grvnl cars. I'onliar.'a tlie answer—llie mntl hemitiful ihing on ulicols . . . roomy nnd n-stful na a living-rfMToi . . providing "18 to 2-1 miles |ior gnllou" . . . offering SI ni-w fenlnrtrs, itiolini- irig SuJcrySI'ifl.'Tak,: a riili; anil gnt tin; proof—T'oiiliao's ilie anavrrr for all ttiat'ft nc-w- jiiul liesl. VtW LOW-PRICED PONTIAC I1X Ani«.tca'x Fln*»i taw-P«ic^a Car THK MOST BEAUTirUI. TIIINO OK WHEELS I'lione 10110 .BABCOCK MOTOR CO. Btoadway * Walnut FREE! FREE! FREE! CARF'RNTKUK . . . KOMlHURMEN LOGGERS . . . WOOJKJUTTICKS YOU ARK CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND ATKIN HAND SAW DEMONSTRATION Saturday, April 30 3P.M. Tom Barrett, famous lianil saw artist, will play your favorite tune on his At- fcins Sllver-Slccl Saw. ilrr. Untrclt has cnlcrtaincrl over many rartio blations in Ihis country and in Krgland ... A he \rill ccrlainly entertain yon. This demonstration will he helpful and inslruclivc to every man who uses a lianrt saw. ll's all free ... lie lierc al 3 p.m. EXTRA SPECIAL! During the demons! ration several Atkins Hand Saw* will be away FREE! Sec (he Atkins 'Mystic 1 Saw On Display in our Window HUBBARD HARDWARE CO, "10 Years of Service and Square Dealing" Phone 32 .'r-WS-iri- v'xiigriCfHSBF^BCSaeiiGg- Crisp as a new dollar bill DIXIE WEAVE WORSTEDS tailored by HART SCHAFFNER&MARX There is such a thing as a cool summer suit, that is smart as well! It's Dixie Weave by Hart Schaffner & Marx. For a Dixie Weave will keep you crisply cool nnd comfortable even on the hottest days, lie- cause it's porous, absorbs perspiration, permits cir- i-iiiation of air over your body. Look at these great suits tomorrow. Hait Schaffner & Afarx GULFWEIGHT TWEEDS $ 35 IVIial 3 sensation (hesc fcathprwcipht Gulfweiglit Iwceds have been in Blylhe- ville tins season! Presented in shades of Tudor Grey and Turf Green in single breasted sport back models. Trousers lalon closured. Hart Schaffner & Marx GULFWEIGHT WORSTEDS $ 35 Here are the famed Gulfweight \Vors- leds slioicn in fashlonahle Chalk Slripes, Kcpp Stripes, and Scots Guard Checks. Choose from single or double breasted patch porket models or single breasted sport bnek drape models. Other Hart Schaffner & Marx TROPICAL WORSTEDS € As usual the best is always at MEAD'S 315 WEST MAIN STREET

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