The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1931
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 1931 BLYTHEV1LLE. (ARK.Y COURIER NEWS PJCW Ki[ FUEB5 BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufei IIDJE UPSET Favorites in Cily Cage Race Taken for Ride By Under-Dogs. Proviclina ilie biggest upset of the basketball season here, tli; Dixie Fliers fought lliclr way to H 2j to 10 victory over the Hubbard quintet, title favorite. In ihe Cily C'a~* league last night- Ihe Gas tlcunds defeated th? Hi-J.ickors 21 to 9 to remain i:i tlie undefeated class. T!ie Ape? trimmed Harris' team 19 to 7 and Ccmpany M nc:,->d o'.:( the FrisoD| in a closely contested gamp, 1C to 15. The Gas Hounds had an easy time in liie first contest with Travis Ellis shewing the way n !iis team mate?. The lanky Gas ccn- . (or account:;! for twelve point;. Kobinscn was high point man for tlis Hi-Jackers with ihrc; points. The clash of the Fliers and the Hn'jbnrct quintet was easily the ruisiandnig •jimi? of the night and kept tlx 1 sidelines in a frenzy o excitement all the way. The KuS- bard five had been freely picked to win the first half of the race w the Fliers although jjcwd were more or less of an unknown quantity. Coach Acton of the Hiibhard team kept Burge, cue of Ins scoring aces en Ik? side-lines during the first half while another crack shot, Abe Kcninaham, was not uniform and Elliott, guard, was also mi'-sing. Apparently ihe Hnb- barc. 1 . team was expecting un easy ?Pme. During ihe first half of ihc scoring went forward on a'.mcst own terms. Just before the e:id of the half Kiningham. Dixie Flier Jor ward, was lost to his team on fouls and the Filers played ouc the re maindor of the hall with only fcur men. During that time. ihe\ forged-into a scant 9 to 8 lead when the half way whistle blew. Bage roplacsc- Kenningham for the FJisrr, fivin; O'.^in five men asain when tho second half started. A nip and tuck strusgle followed with toth teams trying des- nrrLitcjj- tD reusler a consi.'teni o!- f-.r^.n. A ftt; minutes before the 1-alf cndt-d (lie Jlubbaitl quintet v;a'.. struck wit!i an epiciemic ot fnuh and thv:c- playr-is were ve- mcved on fouls, i^ubbard did not l.ave 0:1:.'.nh !'2serve rr.en lo fill nil the vecant positions and Hun- bard v>a-, »:rced to play out tlK' game v/ith only four men. Extra Period Victory Whcr. tin second taK ended the tec:.; V.-RS tied at 19-all v.ith Burge . comiiii tiirotch witli ,1 basket .to biinj Hi:t':r.rd un <-n even terms. I:i the extra pjricd the weakened Hubbard -'four 1 ' was no match for the Dixin Fliers, who seamed to a^ the game pro- 11V KVKHfl'I' S. UKAN | H..-k|.lb:\ll Cuacli, Imihiu U. stalling b t':'.e failure lo play ag- (cresslvc basketball by the icnin be• hind In score, There Is no doubt j tut lliat It has been Hie most ulbed-of phnse of the eonic In re- keiit years. The play of many mld- Jle west- college and lileh school teams Is Indicative t!ial so:netlilng is not as It should be. The main objection lo smiling t.ictli's seems to be Dial It is tnk- ini! uwtiy from Ihe KIIHIC Ihe very Uiint; limt made h papular—ac- Uen, spt'fd. sensational drlbblinrj, sliootiu^ and passing. These we don't have in the over-deliberate style of play. Stalling teams hnvc not bull 1 , the new field houses ami (jyms. Neither will ihey pay for llirm. The public wants aclion and the coaches should meet this demand as far as possible without retarding the . advancement of sound basketball. i This type of game does not make for goo;l character development. It 1 starts boys oil in a game on (he I defense and. In some cases, already 'defeated. Results of training In the ; stalling game may turn up later in community life. I If stalling should become loo common, there Is no doubt but that bafkctij;ill would lose Its' value to (lie physical education program. It wculd fall to provide tho line iqcre- atlon for the community that it docs :it tlie present lime. Teams coached to use .'.tullliig tactics under certain conditions piece winning high above Ilia best Interests of the game. Those conditions arc as follows: Stalling In the first hull— Stalling throughout the entire game to hold the score down ngulpst n strong opponent- Stalling to throw the oilier learn oil its vame— Playing nn over-deliberate gnino for breaks. No one questions the right to stall School Children Build Replica of Stadium A1.AMEUA, CM, (UP)—Pound, at lust, a method Hint, makes' football a iwslllve scholastic aldl Hoys and girls In the Alamedu piilillo schools luve built a replica ol the huic California Memorial Stadium, gridiron and nil. Students constructed the. miniature stadium on a scale equal lo one iiml one-half Inches to tho yard. Students Instantly developed a fondness for the pro!>le«i In arithmetic Involved, teachers re ported. PARIS. nil')—The French owner during the hitler part of n gnme;" 1 srvwnl valuable leltm of pot- In cider to protect, the lend and >ul Hie o'.her team on the defense. !li>\UTei', more elasticity should b: allowed for smiling in tournament play. e solution !o the cure for the Improper use of the stall lies In the hands of the fans, the couches niitl llic rules committee. The fans can ilo Ihclr part thromjh non-at- tmlance tuid lack of Interest. The co.U'lKvi fan do their pnrt by fnl- flllini; ihelr moral obligation to their own profession. The rule: coimnlllcc can legislate If public opinion cannot solve the problem. TOMOllHOW: Basketball. Missouri Valle Head Courier Newj Wan'. Arts; HI signed by uiuls XVI htis refus- 'rt nn oiler of $28,000 from an Amcrlcim. He said he wanted tlie documents to remain In France. ^ : '4 Ne'tv NEW YORK, ton clewed irregultif. Open Hl|h Lpw Dec 113* 1U2 4131 Jan, new 1MJ "^ ~Jan, old 1060 Mar 1945 May .... JOIl 'July •;... 10B4 Oct 1116 Spots closed ite*dy flew Orleans (Wi Spots closed eteidy! • • •' •"' Open High Low •' 1133 HW lilt 1031 1073 1021 10*3 1M9 JMl 1Q4JB 1067 1071 1W4 100 1093 1087 10*1 10»1 1115 1118 1110 »il unchanged it Dec. Jan. Mar, May July Oct. Spots steady and 1003. ark Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 Ei'cv: stronger p,rer,-c:l. a:id ihe Fliers ran up points to win 25 to 19. T!ie Apes appeared almost foimidab'o an aggregation as their r.amcs ru1£Cst against the Ha team which had little to offer in the way of a defense and less o*. an nfferis;. At Ihe half the A! led 13 lo 2 and finished ahead 10 lo 1 with rosm to spare. Wouley led the rearers with six points. Company M and Frisco quintet clashed in a contest that almos 1 matched trie Hubbard-Duie Fliei £Bme for interesting play. Tiic guard bays fought their v:a;. frcni behind to finish in front juai when it. appeared they worn due t; take a trimming irc:n the mue! improved railroad team. At the half ir.c Friico led 7 to 'i and continued to stay in frcnl unlil tin last two minutes of play when the Biiard boys begin ID find ilie ran», to drop three baskets in fairly rap id succession. One point :.:p.irated the teams at the finish, IS to 15. Wright and McHenry cf the militia ar.d Sscoy cf the Frisco tied f-r.scoring honors vith six points ca:h. First Game Oas Hounds 21 PCS Hi-Jackers 9 Sports .Origins Some amazing stories li: ::i:lJ^n in the misty origins o: many of cur ncdern sports. Football started as i free-for-all soccer game in an- :ienl Orcece. Hockey, one of the oldest' of jaiiits, his been tracer! b.ick to the .ncicnt same of polo, which Is much ilder. The first horse racir.2 v;as h3l:i ri GOO B:C. as part of the 23d 613-111- >iad. ..__.. Frank O. Ms'uke, editor of I'-e All Sports Eecord^ook," lias conducted tireless research through "orgcUen arcljives to find the iources of 50 of our popular gamesT rlis book is the hancli.'st sort of a reference possible, and believed lo be Ihe only or.e of its kind. From archery to yachting, Menke takes them all apart, giving t::c recordt, tellin<; the how, the when, the whs and where of each sport. Thero is even" a chapter on'sick-racing. DID YOU KNOW THAT— Wesley Fesler, chosen by many football authorities as the best, all-around pla5'cr of the year, has a brother, Ray Feslcr . . . Kay was a baseball star at Ohio :3:e, and upon graduation ivas oifcred a baseball job at $"59 a month with a guarantee of three months' trial ... He uun3il :'. dc.v.i for a job as ceramic engineer at S100 a month ..... and naw ir, superintendent ol an Ohio pottery . . . Wcs lias transferred from the en3m2 ing to the commerce schucl ana will not be graduated until 1933. . . . Hi probably will help ccach next fall . ... Wes received severs! juicy offers 10 toccme a professional, bu: tun-,, ed tiic mail down at the advice ol bis brother. Doesn't Miss Anything Meiikc has just ssnt us the.inic-x of the 1931 velum.?, i:i t.'ie form cf proof shsets. It indicates the comprehensive nature of tlie toil h- .^ undertaken. Tims, under AutD Racing, are found these divisions; History—Results of Gliddcn Tours —Winners of Various Cup Races- Origin of speedway Racing—AAA champions—How World Records are Caught—World's Speed Record —200-Milc-an-Ho;ir Records—Other Records. The section on boxing presents at glance the whole story of rin^ combat from the days of James Figg and the British champions of C a "l- Boys he ear'.y 13ih century down to this i w - Y", 1 .' 150 " day. .Menkc gees into descriptive I p - Killiau ChrLiia'.i ': Kavcor ?. F:iis. T. 12 Ellis. G. 1 inirncll Parker 1 Rr LF c KG LO Cavetle Lcgan Fcatliersions WiU-on Elevvarl Hl Game PCS. Hubbard KP' 3 LF Kas? 4 Cox 2 Gan,=::e 3 Ap?5 13 Elevens C v.-olcy 5 Kins G Smith 1 K; I; 1 ./ LG Tliird Oo Fes. RF LF C KG LG Blankonship 4 Kinningham Carpenter 2 Wakcfieid Grinds ISurge lienrj Harris 7 Tiruce 4 Dean 2 Blanchard Caldwcll 1 W-.'Sttrcol: details il important fights 0:1 Erit- sh soil. There is a story ol Amer- can l;are-knucklc nght.i from t!'.c time of Jacob Hyer H81G). Inter- lationat baro-knuckle fnhts for the championship arc carefully traced. The records of Ryan, 5ullivan, Cor- bctt. Fifeimmcns, Hart, IJurr.s. Jchnsin. V/illard. D;-mp3ey. Tun- ncy. Kclnnelinr—the whcle dyn- nfty--are condensed into a few Cardv/eSj Cage Teams Defeat Arbyrd Twice CARDWELL, Mo.— On Tuesday J evening C.irdwell High Scliuol boys and girls basketball teams defeated the Arbyrd liiijh school tennis. The games were played in the Arbyrd high school gym. Scores: beys — Cardwcll, 34; Arbyrd. 20. Girls — Ca-.'dwell, 33. Arbyrd. 20. i This is the scrond time this sei- scn that Cardwell has defeated Arbyrd. Tiie previous gaiuos being played at Cardwcll. and with a rruirh more one-sided score. Line-up;: Pos. F F F C C G G G Pos F F F C C G G G Milton Stock, above, former major league infielder, will lead the Mo- j bile Bears in Ihe Southern Association race this season. Stock managed the Dallas team In the Texas League last year. At one time he played third base for the St. Louis Cardinals. Card. Girls F. Riggs R. Gorham L, Hinesley L. McCoy I. Biakeney G. Bishop G- North M. Arncld Cooter Tackles Chicks Arbyrrf i Th; Cooler, Mo. high school girls L. Swihart[and boys basketball teams will play O. McAdami j the BlytheviUe high squads at the Armory here tonight. The first Thompson; game will start at 1:30 o'clock. R. Swihart The BlytheviUe teams journeyed English J up to CoDter scvert.1 days ago and Proffer received n double set-back at the Painter | hands of the Missouriaiis Arbyrd Parker J. Cunningham O. North u. Ray L. Stewart 0. Mize J. Ferrei 1. Richoy B. Bishop Referee: Glenn, of Campbell. Tl'.o locals are anxious to avenge their defeats and Coach Hudson Jackssn hopes to have his Chickasaws I clicking at top form tonight. Hollis • The BlytheviUe girls defeated the Thompson j osceoln girls last week- Barnaul's Bdck lasses will And the going tough Jones j against the undefeated Cooter ag- DeVault I gregation however. III each division the champion is listed— fly'.vei^ht- to hcavytve'sht— sho'.vin" muler what circumstances the title ehaiine dhar.ds. Tiler:: are olso inch vnliuKe records 15 the longest bare-knuckle, fights, t'r.'- lonjcsl clove fighls, ti-.e shortest, ihe knockout champions, toxins division \vrl3lits. bctUns oddi \v!:en the hcavywc:?ht title changed :;r.mis. prrmctionil records, boxers' earning?. boNin; laws in the United Slaf.s ami Canada. J'turth liamc :: ic i';,'. Fn-^o 15 E?rov 6 The Now J530 1531 edition Ir.rged. 1: dcvctcd ti> ."iins har, t;:n en- f. K'lO .-.2ctim Falconry, the art of hunting vilh trained birds, was known In China .about 2000 B. C. S.iu'.y. A cuckco eats from 50 to 401 cal- ci-p:'<lavs daily, while a chicadco coiVsytKes from 2W lo 500 insects, or up to 4MO insect ov worm eggs. E.,toii| records c! ll'? pnsl year in dr'.all. Mc.-lev 5 The ct'ier fcrlicn. the i;Uto;y di- M-Kaifty vislcn. li^ r b.'^n vab'.iy Pl3'coral:a S!,KC MinV.:'i p|:n:cr cilort. which Cl-.rpin v:ns !'..: I'.'JO lo-. 1 ;. , Thrr.i.^'if.;;!. the :;;nk 5'.: c w- C.'or.-.r.c -S p.ii:;sinknvj toil. Ti-.c i:-t;uls s.l:ov.- |t'.-at n ,v:crt^ ha:.X IMI.SI !•„>. 1 And now just, let somebody call 1 us up in tiic middle of the night ta ,ask who won ihe professional s:u'.i- ' ing championship in 18S2. E-J Han- Ian? Stire! We are now writing, applications for crop loans and would be pleased to have you come in and discuss your situation with us. Our office in the First National Bank is open and can be readied through the side door of the bank on Second street. what WANT qou 306 I Of the 111 species of snakes I ; found in the United States, 17 arc piosonous. They arc found in every '. state, but especially in the sDiith- '. west. ' .! There will be an adept Ad-Taker at qiir end eager and competent to render helpful (service' and transmit your desires to the 17,000 daily readers of our Classified Columns . .. people who find our Want Ad Page a Market Place for ihe things they want... and a Clearing House for the things they have which you may want. NEWS' Read Cc'jiicr News Wan'. Ads. Sam Thomas, Secretary. COURIER

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