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The Evening Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 5

Wilmington, Delaware
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THE EVENING JOURNAL, TIIUHSDAY, JUNE 0, 1904. TROLLEY DOD You are invited to Uke FREE SPECIAL CARS at Fourth aud MarVet Streets vial No Taxes, No Intoreot, Froo Inouronco. Along line of New Castle trolley, accessible to new Steel Plants, Wilmington's Eatual direction of growth. Great Bargains to be seen Free. Agents on ground all day.

Free tickets to be used on regular cars any day can he secured frorn agents ort 921 Market Street. LE: Wilmington an4 New Castle Trolley, at 2.30 and 3 o'clock P. M. j. ON SUNDAY, JUNE 12th, no tickets needed on special cars, to DALDTON ON THE DELAWARE, and take a look at those beautiful Home Sites, that are now being sold at 15.00 to $145.00 on Installments, ll or discount for cash.

I BALDf LAW ID AND HUaPROVEGilEWT COMPANY. mm si lumiiuummmmmmmmiummn uummiiuumuuumuummumuumum 4 Peterefcurt Ham Cant PeaeaeA 8L Petersburg, Jib fc-TI tf THOURON-GRAY NUPTIALS DEATH OF Mil WHO coaaell bm acrapte aatiawtM tar ft riten ef electric street rallmda a MILL RESUMES OPERATION Part of the Diamond State Steel Plant Starts Up. The Old Ferry Mill of the Diamond State Steel plant, which has been closed, has been put In operation again. CELEBRATED AT NOON and around It. Petartbnrt af Vf wtsstt loUnftn, Tht oost will a f.l,fco,CX exclusive tbt right wt.

It to run More Russets WEST SI KfflUOD ASSOCIATION PUIIS Headquarters Committee May Rent House No. 20S West Seventh Street The departments started up are the 1- Inch milt and the 10-lnch bar mill. The mill on the north side Is still Special to The EvenVng Journal. Laurel, June I. The Hon.

Thomas L. Cannon, one of the oldest and best known residents of Husaex county, died yesterday from paralysis, after having been bedridden for nearly three years. CEREMONY FOLLOWED BY A WEDDING BREAKFAST AND A RECEPTION THE DU PONTS TO SAIL FOR EUROPE TOMORROW closed. William Lewis has been epiployed as roller on the 16-inch mill. are here today.

Uncle Tommy, as he was familiarly feared that the plaa. ctaatt. cote because af fiaaiclal d3ea vntu tka war I aaded. Tie city to nw dependent solely ea horse can, and Fireman Killed. Charlotte, N.

C. Jaa a-flauthari railway -all and peeeanfef train Na. 40. nortkpennd, ran fata a aye witch near Salisbury. Inglueer Tyte D.

Hiynet of Cbarlottt sod kii-lr man, Jim Wadklns, colored, war killed, and an unknown fireman vbft was rldiuf. on tk tagine was aeriaflaly hurt No pasaengtra were injured. Will Give Picnic. There was another meeting of th known, was quite a prominent figure in politics In this State In the early "West Side Republican Association In the Gawthrop Building last night, with fifties and was In 1858 a member of the Tht seconj annual picnic of the Active Association of Liberty Fire Company wLl be held at Bavarian Park on Saturday, HORSE SHOW DANCE AND DINNERS House of Representatives. S.

J. Dennison preiiding. The by-laws Being peculiar in many respects, his committee reported progress. June The officers of the association are Mr. Ball, chairman of the committee PeU-r J.

Grant, president; Anthony May, greatest eccentricity was the subject of his burial, and nine years ago he gave No. 2330 St. Alban's Place, Philadel phla, by the Rev. Dr. Miller.

A recep Ju.lge and Mrs. George Gray's daughter, Miw Emily 9. Gray, and Henry Thouron, sccreUry, sndohn Guyer, treasurer. on dues, stated It had been decided to make the initiation fee and the former Speaker K. B.

Biggin, a nephew tion followed which was attended by of Philadelphia, were married today at the monthly dues 25 cents. Mr. Ball said who is an undertaker here, Instructions as to his interment, and they will be frlenda from Wilmington, Chester, the name for the association would be Washington and Riverton, N. J. carried out to the letter.

the West Side Republican Association. Miss Hoffecker is the daughter of Additional sizes of our extremely popular patterns. Another new style, straight last with high Cuban Heel; Bldtck Leather is coming into favor for dress wear, There seems more demand for black His coffin Is of hand-carved mahog The committee on headquarter re Francis Hoffecker of No. 19 West Sec any, lined with quilted steel satin and ported that they had had a conference ond street and Is a graduate of the Will Held 8essien. Special to The Evening Journal.

Milford, June I. The Hiron UranJ Lodue of A. F. of A. of the State of Delaware, will hold its seml-utmual session at Milford on June 13.

ThU order will hold its annual parade accompanied by the Milford Cornet Band. Dlxlingulniirtf speakers will be present snd will take part the exercises. homj of the bride's parent, No. 1317 Market street. Tin ceremony took place at 12 o'clock, noon, the ofticiatlng minister being the Rev.

Charles S. 8tevcns, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, of this cJty. The bride was attended by her sister, Anne B. Gray, and Harry C. Thayer, of Philadelphia, was best man.

The ceremony was solemnised in drawing room of the Gray residence, the bridal party standing In an alcove formed by the bay with the owners of the house at No. 208 West Seventh street. Mr. Croney, one of the committee on headquarters, said the house was ideal for a club house such as the association wolud want It was large, with a spacioua room for meeting purposes with numerous White House Luneheen Far Plltalne. Washington.

June tea tore af the risit te Washington of the Filipino commissioners to tha St Louie expael-tloa will be a luncheon to thsnj by President and Mr a. Rooaaralt tomer-row afternoon, to which a tow gveott will bo inrltod. In th Filipino party ar forty-three commiaalonera and tv ladle. English Teurista at White Haua. Washington.

Judo fc-A party of via. Iton representing the Polytechalc company of London waa presented Ftwh (dent BooHvalt la tua party war about a hundred mea and women, who, ara soaking a tour of this ooaawy. committee rooms. It had a bath and Homeopathic Hospital Training School For Nurses. Social and Personal Notes Conductor Harry 8weeten, of SiO Jackson street, is recovering from a recent attack of ilintss.

Ijewm H. Foulk Is still confined to hi bed from the effects of a stroke. When Bishop Coleman was In New York on Sunday he was the guest of Judge Alton B. Parker. The Bishop confirmed Judge and Mrs.

Parker when he was a rector in New York years ago. window. The decorations were of palms trimmed with pure copper handles. The cost of this casket, which is one of the finest ever seen on the Peninsula, is 1300. The case for the grave la of Spanish cedar and adds an extra $15 to the bill.

Mr. Cannon was $3 years of age and was a large land and property owner, the Cannon Hotel here being one of his possessions. Nine nephews will act as pall bearers. They are: Ex-Speaker E. B.

Riggin, H. F. Pennel, Jacob A. Collins, Laurel; David B. Riggin, Jersey City, N.

Theodore Pritchett, Sharp-town; George White, Wilmington; I. T. Phillips. Quantlco, Theodore Spi-cer, Concord; H. II.

Riggin, Altoona, Pa. good sanitary connections. It was decided to change the mem bership committee from three membe -i and roses. than shiny leathers this Caught in Shaft and Lett Arm. Samuel TherJonund, a tinsmith employed at tht DuPont powder works sustained a badly mangled arm by bi-lng cauaht In ehaft while at work yesterday nftirncon.

His arm was so badly mangitd that it waa necessary to amputate it the Delaware Hospital last night. The bride's gown was of white satin messallne and tulle, covered with point lace and she wore a long veti. Her bou from each ward and to Increase it to one member from each of the election season. We have either to sell vou. districts In the respective wards.

quet was of lilies of the valley and white orchids. Tho gown of the maid of honor was of If the headquarters committee successful In securing the house at No. 203 West Seventh street the next meeting will be held there. pale biut chiffon cloth, trimmed with Valenciennes lace. She carried a bouquet of pale pink yweet peas.

INSPECTED THE BRIDGE CAUGHT COLORED BURGLAR Only immediate families of the bride and Miss Helen Blocksom and her sister, Mrs. J. FKank Logue, are spending week at Atlantic City. Miss Mary Dugan, of Fennfgrove, and George Jcfferies were married at their future home, No. 1312 Jefferson street, last night.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev, George C. Hall, NAVELAPE 5Cb NAVELADE groom were present at the ceremony. A wedJIng breakfast was served at 12.30 Levy Court Commissioners Look Over fiallaher Pyle i'eiock and a reception followed, which was attended by about 200 guests. D. rector of St John's Church.

Structure at Third Street. Levy Court Commissioners Meggin- Mr. and Mrs. Thouron will go on a The Navajo dancing class will hold The standard orange drink ot America, matte from the juice of ripe selected Cplifornia navel orangea and pure cane sugar. It is the best kind of aid for the thirsty aud hot.

For sale at leading grocjri and loda fountains. Try It at Shellpot and the Springs. PETER EBNERt "uivni and union streets wedding abroad, sailing, from New son, Elliott and Mealey held a confer its regular weekly dance at Shellpot Park on Friday night. York on Saturday, tpon tfielr return they will reside near Philadelphia. Shoers MARKET STREET ence at the Third street bridge this morning relative to some Improvements and alterations which the bridge com Entered Laundry of Georgetown China.

man Who Put up Good Fight. Special to The Evening Journal. Georgetown, June 9. A negro giving his name as John Smith, and claiming to come from Maryland, entered the Chinese laundry of Charles Gin, In this town about 12 o'clock on Tuesday night by a back window. Gin, hearing a noise down stairs, made an Investigation and found Smith In the room.

The Chinaman at once made for the negro and a fight ensued. The negro struck mittee desires to have made. Or- Townsend Special to The Evening Journal. Townsend, June 9. Miss Clara Ben Superlntedent Hoff, of the Wllrning' Wedding Cards Out Cards are out announcing the wed- ton City Railway, was present and went over in detail the Improvements ing of Miss Laura M.

Dawson and HEPPE. PIANOS nett has returned home after spending a few days with friends In Middle- suggested by the committee. New planking between the tracks was town. Alfred Smith to take place at the home of the bride's parents, 1 005 West Sixth street, on Wednesday evening, June 22. suggested and alterations at the south John Anderson, of Cecllton, was a the Chinaman several times In the face but it only made him fight the harder.

end of the bridge where the ends of the caller In town on Monday. Plain Fsxts About Pianos Seeing that the Chinaman was getting Mrs. Harman Reynolds has return rails have expanded from the heat and are binding so that they Interfere with the action of the bridge when It is the better of him, the negro made hia Nurses' Social Gathering ed home after spending a few days escape through the window. Bailiff with her parents, the Rev. and Mrs.

being opened. The annual social gathering of the Littleton was notified Wednesday J. H. Beauchamp, at Harrington. The repairs recently made to the morning of the affair and Instituted a members and associates of St.

Barna Miss Daisy Wiggins is visiting cribs was also Inspected by the commit hunt for the robber. He was located bas Guild far Nurses will be held at friends at Clayton. Bishopstead this evening. There also Sherman Collins, of Smyrna, visited tee. They will report the result of the Inspection on Tuesday next.

near the tank of the railroad station and made a dash across the field for a nearby woods, but was stopped by will be present a number or clergymen James Garton on Monday. and their wives and physicians In at Mrs. Charles Bianchneld Is ill at her T. B. Pepper while crossing his field, home on South street.

tendance at the several hospitals and the superintendents of the institutions. TRIO BY SMALL GIRLS The prisoner was brought back to Mrs. Lidia Lyncon, of Philadelphia, town and Identified by the Chinaman Interesting exercises In connection is visiting Mr. anj Mrs. Nathaniel Van horn.

after which he was taken before Mag' An Addition to the Program of Play with the guild will be held and there will be vocal and instrumental music istrate Marshall, who held Smith In John Townsend Is visiting friends at $500 bail for his appearance at the Oc in charge of T. Leslie Carpenter. Brldgeville. ground Entertainment. In addition to the program of the en The annual celebration of the Holy tober term of court In default of which he was committed to jail.

It is thought Communion for members of the guild he is one of the Maryland negroes com will be held on Saturday next. St. Bar tertainment to be given in the Garrlck Theatre tomorrow evening for the benefit of the children's playground, there Ing to this State to vote at the next nabas Day, at 6.30 a. in the Chapel KS SMILES AT of the Good Shepherd at Bishopstead, election. will be a piano trio by three little girls, about 1) years old.

They are Eva Taylor, Florence Beer and Ella Dillon, and Car Jumps the Track. fo Summer in England BAY STATE GAS HEARING While rounding the corner at Fourth they will play "The Golden Band When the steamer Celtic, of the and Pine streets thla morning a New Waltz." Castle car jumped the switch and de The sale of reserved seats at the Gar- White Star Line, leaves Its pier In New York tomorrow, at 3 o'clock, It will layed traffic for' some time before It Philadelphia, June 9. There was an all' rick will begin tomorrow morning at 1 bear a party from Delaware going day ttfssloA yesterday tn the hearing of O'clock and promises to be very large was replaced on the rails. A NEW DEPARTURE. the case of the Bay State Gas Company and the proceedings brought against New Boat Scheduled.

abroad tor the summer. In the party will be Mrs. Alfred I DuPont, Misses Madeline and Bessie DuPont, Miss Wiekersham, Miss Margaret Trotter, from this city, and Miss Mary Cooper, The Evening Journal calls the attention of its readers to an announcement in this Edward Addlcks, of Delaware. The hearing started at 10.30, and with a brief recess issue from its circulation department rela was continued until 10 minutes of Pianos in general Hcppe Pianos in particular. Anyone is willing to pay the cost of a good piano for the satisfaction of Its life-long wearing qualities.

Ours are not the only good pianos, but there are some pertinent reasons why our pianos are superior, on account of the safeguards we have placed around the selling of them, 'THRLL QRIAT The "Heppc," "Marcdlus" and "Edouard Jules" Pianos. made by us, excel in many importantpoints, among them 3 SOUNDING-BOARDS INSTEAD OF ONE a recently patented tone developing device'which increases the resonance and singing quality of our uprights 33 1-3 per cent. To show what each piano is worth in dollars as well as in art it is subjected to a severe test by at least two members of the famous i JURY Of TONL LXPLRTS liugh A. Clark, Mus. Doc; W.

W. Gilchrist, Mus. Doc; Thomas a'BeckeV Samuel L. Hermann, Henry Gordon Thunder, William Stoll, Rudolph Henning. whose certificates are sealed to the back of each worthy piano.

To further protect our patrons' interest (and consequently our own) we allow you a six month's free exchange privilege and guarantee every piano for 10 years. Now as to cost Many people are led to believe that all these exclusive advantages increase the cost of our pianos to a prohibitive degree. This is a mis taken idea. Our 255 EDOUARD JULES Piano excels most $325 grade Our 1285 MARCELLUS Piano excels most $375 grades Our HEPPE Piano excels most $00 grades We invite actual comparison on this point New Castle. The DuPonts have taken tive to the introduction In thU cotnmun o'clock.

There was only one witness ex cottage at Ilsoncomb, My of IT. 8. Senator Chauncey M. De- amlned. He was M.

Miller, one of the The Wilmington Steamboat Company will put a new schedule Into effect on June 16, when the extra run leaving this city at 7 p. m. will be maintained daily. There will also be slight changes In the card. On Saturday and Sunday evenings the late boat will leave this city for up river points and where they will spend the summer.

i pew's "Library of Oratory." The Even offlcors of the company. Mr. DuPont accompanied the party to dng Journal has at all times in the past New York. Ali the books of the concern were on hand, and It was to the entries in the aimed to keep In the front rank among enterprising newspapers and In the ad vaixsememt of education It defects ft ten Horse Show Dance will return the same evening, leaving same that the attention of the witness was entirely directed. There were some Philadelphia at 9 oclock.

dency on the part of cuMured and am questions that the witness could not an At the Country Club the annual horse bilious people to inquire more into ewer, but nevertheless he showed a good Died of blood poisoning by the bite of a show dance wTll be given tqnlght. Ever since the horse show was established the knowledge of tho affairs of the company i motives that inspired the world's great men of the past to vent to famous mosquito. The rest of the family rescued dance on the evening of thq closing day by McMluhon Bros, screens. At factory utterances that have moved the world has been one of the most prominent prices, Fifth and King streets. cial features.

The houe committee, which Mr. Addlcks himself, was present for about a half hour. He chatted pleasantly with counel on either aide, as though he 1id not consider the fact that over two million dollars might be Involved in the Certainly no belter conception of the beauties of gool language can be obtained has the affair in charge has made a special Only $100. to Baltimore and Return, than from the reading of the great spaech, effort this year to make It one of the mot enjoyable ever given. There will be many sermon or essay and he who reads th Outcome.

He had 'told his-story three week. ago cn the stand, he declared, and thoughts of 'the great men of the past a out of town people present. Mr. and Mrs Via Pennsylvania Railroad, Sunday, June 2. Special express train leaves Wilmington 9 5 a.

m. Returning leaves Baltimore (Union Station) 9.30 p. m. Tickets good only on special embodied In their speeches acquires Reginald Vanderbiit and Miss Isabella had nothing further to say. once a better knowledge of the world and George Crawford, who represents May are expected to remain for the affair.

The Philharmonic Orchestra will furnish music for the dance and also at the din Mr. Addlcks, every move, whl train. absorbs ideas snd principles that will tend to make him a better citizen and more Of a student. A few years ago great works Francla Bracken, who was on hand for George Wharton Pepper, the receiver of of oratory were unknown. Today they are the company, looked carefully after the coming hrto such general use that they other side.

Mr. Addlcks left the room ner, which precedes it. There w4U be dinner parties given at the club by Mrs. E. E.

Mitchell, Hugh Gar-land, Harry Frit. PhlMp Barnett. F.nitt Smith, H. Beale and Geurge S. Capjlie, Jr.

have taken their place among the great With hi usual smiling countenance. works of reference In the home. The Evening Journal In making the offer an KILLED BY FLYING STONE trounced on another page does so solely from selfish motives, namely to increase Its simulation and It believes that in ee An Italian Struck by Piece of Rock lectins Senator Depew's great work for t'liat purpose it win be fully upheld by it- NOTICE. All mambtrs of Diamond Coun oil, No. 6, Jr.

O. ar requested to meet at Eden Hall this evening, June 9, at 7 o'clock sharp, to attend tha funeral services of our late Brother, James Ira White, at his late residence, No, 1829 Lincoln Street. readers. adv. Three spectres that threaten baby- life.

Cholera, Infantum, dysentery, Sustains Fractured Skull. Struck by a flying piece of rock, Charles Viola, an Italian, was so eerlouuly injured late yesterday afternoon while working In a quarry at Kenimere that he died last night in the Delaware Hospital. His skull was fractured and he died soon after undergoing an operation at the hospital, diarrhoea. Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry never fails to con Novel Euchre Party There was a novel euchre party at the homo of Miss Helen Thompson in Ho-ckessln las night, which was given by Miss Thompson in honor of Dr.

and Mrs-John Ball. Tables were arranged on a large veranda and the games were played there by electric light. Is unusual for a euchre party to be held outside of the house and the novelty waa enjoyed by ail who. participated. Among were: Senator and Mrs.

h. Heisler Ball, Judge and Mrs. Phillip I. Garrett, Mr. and Mrs.

John M. Mr, and M)i. Thomas H. Walker, Dr. and Mrs.

John. Ball, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Eastburn, Miss Lizzie quer them. NINTH, KING o5 FRENCH STS.

A. C. Dorsey, plumber, phone lSJA.adv, TOO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION. EVENING JOURNAL CONTEST It Is in accord witch the eternal fitness of things that ghosts should walk in the dead of night. WANTED, BY AN OLD LADYC In country home doing housework.

Apply Wilmington Intelligence Office, 905 Shipley St. J9-2t The totals today are: McDonnell, Miss Helen Thompson, Miss Bessie Derrlckson, Miss Ruth May, MUss John White, I. O. R. 25,613 Ray Brleley, Jr.

O. U. A. 18,585 "At the fountain' Cherry Cobbler 10c. Tatrone who know sav it is worth more.

Spasmodic? Maliei Barley, Mis Clara Morrison, Mlfs 10,837 Sarah Eastburn, Miss Lillian Stlnson, Miss Mary Springer, MIm Ruth McVaugh, LADIES WITH A LIT-tle girl wants position In city or country. App'y Shipley street. J9-2t 7,118 5,121 John M. Ferrler, O. R.

Dr. L. S. Cornwell, I. O.

O. Edward Mclntyre, I. O. Arch. Crozlor, Jr.

O. U. A. II Jos. T.

Hofferker, Dover )oo. M. Fisher, I. O. R.

II. Mortis, I. O. a.uu FOR JOYOUS JUNE BRIDES OUR CUT GLASS makes the most acceptable of WEDDING GIFTS without likelihood of duplication. For beauty of design, depth of cutting and lasting brilliancy it has bo equal.

MILLARDFr DAVIS, JEWELER, 6c, 9 and II East Second St ESTABLISHED 1879 Mtss limbson, Warren Marshnl, Francis T). Baldwin, Leslie Kastbnrn, IlollUlay BELT'S SIXTH AND MARKET. E.006 No, we don't do thjngs that way, We kepp looking after your rental properties with careful ml nccu-rato pystoin. We know how, 1,33 WANTED. A roLOKKD mill.

Poll ri hcuse work flinl rooking. Apply 'M Tntnall St. 1,337 King 1,121 Hoopes, Francis M. Wallfer, Gregg Per-rlokxon, George Ball and Harvey Hall. Hoffecker-Armstrong Miss Anna B.

Hoffecker of this city Jone How 1 id tho pastor dermon fames Till. A. II. O. 1,11 Nnpnleon Adams, H.

oc S. W. M. 1,02 trlko you lawt evening, hrotmr?" Michael O'Nell 1.C15 koomk on second and Third floors for housekeeping or losing. Apply southeast corner ThlrJ and West Btreots.

J3--t Smith Never touched me, brother; wup R. C. LUPTON CO. 925 MARKET ST. snd Edward Garden Armstrong, were II.

Massey, F. O. 1,010 John McCannt p. asleep In tho ptw, married last night, future home,.

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