The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1939
Page 7
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^'> AUGUST -2<i, mo,., _m/nilEVUU], (AUK.) COU1UKU NK\VS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING < FORMATION Dally rale per line for coiisecu- Mvc Insertions: One time per lino 10c Notice time |»r lino.... 10c lvol)I! ' *" } limes (jcr line per! (lny!,'.'!o8cl°' liB STOKE Fishing License .FOR YOVH CONVENIENCE, WE JAKE I'RKl'AUKD TO ISSUE I YOUR riSHINC, LICENSE AT Vhrcc limes per Hue per . tix li'iias r«r line jier day.,..05,; Moiitr. rate pcr-linc aoc Cards of Thank! 50c & 75o Minimum charge 500 Ads ordered for three or six ilitics and stopiwd before expira- ton will be charged for the num- <•<" of times the add appeared and adjustment oi bill made. All classified Advcrtistn" couv lubmlttcd by jjersons residing out- tide of the city nftjst be accom- (mined by casli. Rules may be easily computed -JrcM) above- taWe. Advertising ordered for -Irregular insertions tnkes the one lime rate No responsibility will l>c takeii lor more tlian one incorrect insertion of nny classified ad. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 Personal Arouse Sluggish u v( . ri work O ff the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, anil that souv punk feeling. Take one box cf KIllKY'S ACTIVE UVEU I'U.I.S 25c at all Kirby Stores For Kent Residence at 111 B~"niiYis Electric water heater, clcelrie stove niul Coleniati oil heater furnished J. E. I'asjon. 427. 22-ck-lt Colored woman to cook sinrt do general housework. Kitchen clcc- Hilcnlly equipped throughout. Ooorl I quarters. $5 per week. Mrs. \V. A. 1 Whistle, Rosclatid, Ark. 22-pk-29 refrigerator Calf 22-ck-aa Cool, south bedroom. Garage, ijca- Eonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wn!""<• . 21-cfc-tf 2 lovely funiislied rooms adjoining bath. Oarage. Men only G13 Wsl- nnt. Phone 859-W. .. 21-ck-28 3 room furnished "apartment. 60S No. 5th. Mrs. Ehna- Crowder 'lecktf Comfortable bedroom Phone 277-J 625 W. Main. 18ck-lf Large front room, 2 beds. Convenient to bath. Phone 280. 8-ck-ll Nice large bedroom opening c.n sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma Nolen. 310 W. Walnut. 22-ck-tf For Sale 8 Ft. floor show case $18- 8 II counter $6; 3 ft. counter'$6 .\)i nearly as good as new. E. II. Deatte, Olc Hickory Inn. 24pk38 Lumber. $18.00 per thousand feel at mill. Adjoining clear Uike Farm. D. R. Garner, Arroorcl. ' Mir mows For Sale GOLDFISH MINNOWS Earl Damcn, Cor. Railroad & Ky. Dairy Satisfactory quality and service, in Dairy products. Cattle free of Bang's Disease, in best o[ physical condition. Call Mrs, Grace b-wery 802-J, for Salscll's Grade A Raw Milk, Cream, Country Butter. Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged anytime. Hatscll's Dairy Premised Land, Route 2 Identification By Poroscopy Held Positive FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP) — 1'orsrop.v is destined to replace fingerprinting as flic exact science frr identifying; criminals, (relieves Capt, noughts K; Walsii of (he Dallas police Identification bureau. "Sweat pores in fragments of fingerprints have proved to l« hi- *• I f I ^ i <1 r ,1 P 1 > ..I *? V— KISS THEM (KES THE WANT-AM-//,, cf pores of the skin-is UcM inert to bccotne n vilnl fader in law enforcement because of its ji:sltlvo lilenllficnllou vnluo nn:l stoce- If lins ulreiuly hcen by high..._, . ,, vv> . ( ,, t M f,j IIf£f I or courls us positive |>i- ;() f. TIHIS, Hie cowls have set n precedent us lo its value." snlil |iores mnije In size from one-one Ituudrrdlli la ilutc- onc lumdrodtlis of cm Inch. He falllb!e when It was lirm-sslblo to ?' C umc! ' . make positive Klenllneatious from < lc '» OIls ™t«i tho means f.r m ag- "' }' lll!? l ' lc iwst fingerprints," Walsh told the , , Texas division of the Inleniatl'iwl Associali!:n for Ident ion in Its annual <;onvciilion here "While officers may be unable to Identify a criminal by a trace of his fingerprint," Walsh said, "Iho presence of about 1,008 p:rcs to a 'hat a (luy fHiecr- ( '" l )illlcm C° lll( l "lUatn 1.003 1K>rcs un(1 l!mt vvllllp '»<> imlleni "" 3lU Uo '"suffideia for 11 positive NU-WA laundry-Cieaners Phone ISO Kor I'romnt t.aimdrj anrl Cleaning Scrvict Toe WE-iiSE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICE COM) WATERMELONS Washing, Ironing; Expert washing and Ironing;. Chean. Houch rlry and finish. K chills Sl.OO. One day service. Willie Vlell Green, behind City Ice Plant, 8-cic-fl-8 SAFE. . ._._ =- . v TERMS. City, box"434"' Cypress Gum OaK. ASH timber on WO acres oi woodland/ 8 mita southeast Blylheville. D. R, Garner, Armorel. . . • .Vpk-B-3 2l-ek-S8 J" st ''art t im e to yank them hack : froni laki '"J n s iP '"I of flia'iiinitli PounOs. of Tom Thumb geyser, the small- S-o^-9-5 est In the park, nitrt the water of which is considerably above brilini point. COAL (.'ASH PRICES FOR AUGUST CI'K-o Tnn Lots) Pyramid .1x2 . .".. .S5.00 Pyramid Lump . .$5.25 Ky. Lump A Grade $5.50 (^rccn mark ..... Sfi.iSS Snmmil ......... $i).oO my- Your order must be on book by Augusl. 2D. Small - dilion on charge accounts. L. I. RICE COAL CO. 1'Iionc" 214 PRESCRIPTIONS t-Veshest Stock Guaranteed B.eal Pricw Kirby Drug Store? EXPEni ELECTRIC WIRING BEAUTIFUL. MNK OF ELECTRIC FIXTURES EXPERT RLRCTRic ANH ACETYLENE Rras line WELDING inc and henry wi Barksdale Mfg. Co. wcldinj » Phone la or Res. 1019 Waiilerf Exncnpncrrt lady bookkeeper and rtenoKrnphcr. Answer, in own". write Box "XX" c/o CCTincr News. 21-pk-?8 OOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's d.ingrrnns HIT,! c.\prnsive | 0 flrivc H-'lIi .Steering R c , ir al)( | Front Wheels out of adjustment. Kcepinc u,cm in wai order is si> simple mid inexpensive ynii shniild never (rust to chances. ADJUST STEERING GEAR ^^^"LSTEERLN-C, GK.VK , -. . *-)>JVI\Vl joints — tightening iT'pfSMr ai!ri ^ ek -. FREE FRONT END INSPECTION The above iiictnfles a cnmntrtf WSPECTION anrf REl'oilfon coiirtltton of \nicel Alignment and factors affccllnf tire wear.) PHILLIPS Dr. M. L. Skaller ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OP HIS NEW CLINIC ON THE 2)ifl Floor of The 1st. Nail. Bank Bldg. Elect rfu atitl Water Healers WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP t S». 2nd Phone SIS A SOLDIER PRESIDENT . S. A. President 12 To crawl. 13 Female deer. 14 Rich milk, 16 Breakfast food. If King. 13 Concern. 20 Thing. 21 Archives. 22 Male cat. 23 Plural pronoun. 34 Fence door. 26 Toward. 27 Smooth. 28 While. 30 Large antelope. !3 Fruit. 35 Wheel hub. 38 Sound of Fuzzle 43 Transactions. CO He — 45 Electric term. General Lee's ,47 Measure of length: 48 To capsize. SO Quite. 52 Indian. .54 Microscope lens. 57 Shoemaker's tool. surprise. 37 Rainbow. 38 Cherry color. 53 Ho was an 40 To scatter outstanding hay, ' 41 All right. 42 Kind o£ pier. . leader in the Civil War. surrender VERTICAL 1 Impels. 2 Limbs. 3 Affirmative, 4 Spain. 5 To elicit. S Song tor one V01CC. --sn.-un.-lll. V Crystal gazer. 53 Musical note 8 Red Cross. 55 Sun goci 9 Circle part. 56 Preposition. 10 Tidy. sg You o.nd I. H Playing card. 12Earwajr. 15 Hd wrote his autobiography or ^ 17 Plexus. IB Road. 21 Inner sole. 24 His military title. 25 Punishable with death. -27 To bathe. 20 Withered. 31 Want: 32 Swindler. 34. Naval officer assistanl. 36 Hops kiln. 30 Orifice. 41 Egg. . 43 Ready. 44 Rootslock. 46Barlered. 47 Snnky fish. 40 Frosty. 51 Lacquer ingredient. TERMINATES TERMITES I'HONK 205 KOUYOUU POULTRY N'lcc, fat hen.? and fryers & oilier poiillry nt all times. WE 1MKSS AND •OELIVKIt KKEE! STICKLEH-fiOODWIN CO. Wfi E. Main Werf Optometrist "HB MAKES 'KM 8KB" Over Joe Vsnacs' Store I'honc Eskimo Will Face Trial In Slrang e Case of Murder ,-...,-•. '*• M "»- <UP)—Hottittl oi blenk Damn rslniul, John McLean, Winnipeg barrister, ml arrival uieio will i, y Olu . C | , (le stmu ., csl ™-w.s In Oanncllnn Icsnl hlst;vy_ «<-•>. vmua Kskimo KiitcUo, rtf, i K ^ lmn ls rt»ariwl wllli mm'. nouiiR hi s (, vu Kt)us ninllrcnllnsj inein au (lui H H , V ,|i) V(! i :i)e ,i ij,,,,,, fover niul died. Uc nil) R0 en trlnl J.I GUARD 0(>tomclris( Irlsl in Hljtlicvlllp. (lliissrs inilcrt Correctly cornar of lliiiiin i s |,, lul Mcljcnn admitted he e WRS ,„„. i cd ovc-r the punlslmient (;,- Knlcli'o ,- shciiUI he w lound B iilliy. 1,, tl,e code pscnitloii for siicli Knlclio south to « would lie eondfiimlnij him lo dealh rom liitemH:.slv. On the olhe inm. kw ,, K , u , . , ,, , 1 1 the ciislcdy o( the Hoyal Cana- p. 5 t nl U([ . (o mi ,ke him live envy of mi i,| 3 i rlcnas allc would be no pimhliinciit Vet Jlisllee limst i, c t | CW j M1 , McLcni) will reorcswil the crcwn li he iirosccuilon.' An ntlonwywii be provided, for the Eskimo. Th' li'ln iirobnbly will slnti in mid Scptcnilx;!'. ; Ill'forlc Oranje Tree Coddled BAii, csii, (Up)_The ilslorlo oian^c tiee, Ihe first to be olrintctl in California, apparently Ji spieadlng out Its iooU In ex- iiinslscncsi o\ei the growth of thc^ .•n.tliisti-j The riullc county super^ ./fsors have cidered the destruction Jf n w.i)l wliicli was keeping the .reo from spreading. liu Island would WANTED STOVE WOOD IN TliADj; |.-()it A GOOD WORK MULE in- Anything »f Value .SKK A. F. DI ltl.vll.ciHl,. i'|, (l HEMORRHOIDS Willuinl Snrttcry, itntl Giinrantcotl very .snfo ami Imrmlcss method; without c.n.m.cnienl. to ii''±°f"!'r fni Mrk nu<i " D.RS. N1ES & NiES Clinic 511 Main Btill.oylllo. Ark. Now Located at 101 North Sterna ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KU1VAKUS, IVoprldnr or KtbulU T MK wrltrr 8 , Ad,lh V Machh.r, C!ilculutors-Ucj)alrhi K _JMrls-Hiuh.jii» ^AHLcort ''W.o.k.,p™ anyllmiK llb( n,t lisll? Wfi , { { J.(rcm-loiuls of simliucs Iliis morning|" PRBD 1IAUMAN th & Walnut Phone SIO .„ „ x , '. RAQUEL tvtEi- 1 ^A^2ul JOE COVERED TILL i set _ HIS GUAI& , AtJVJ OME. FAVJ ^^ovl= FROM xou MENDE7.' SOLDIERS ALLEY OOP DOGGONE.' STH'STU WOW/ MAW CAN STAMP AGAIWST ME NOW 2 ^SS^ATRugt'^fe 1 "ere {( Comes WASH TURKS Trntil)lc Keeps - — - _ __ ___ ___ »It'U"Mt I RUBV. IF OWLV VOWLL G.VE WE A LITTLE TIWE... HY ROY CUANl, KILL ME! p— - - WKUSi IT. OH.MEVEC.i COURSE DOT, w PAEUU<;. sou . SET'WE THAT BEAUTV HIS FRIENDS BY MERRIIJ, RLOSSKH OMIQOSH / I JUST HAPPENED TO -THE MATTER A SECOND TvlousHr ,'i 6or INTO A DEAL WITH A UNUSUAL HAPREWiMgs i WMERE'D YOU GET TWIS TEU BUCK.S? WELL—I SOLD TriS . CARBURETOR! pd c- ta. li£

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