The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1944
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HLYTJIKVILI.B C;OURIER NEWS Athletes Spark War Victories, Stelling Tells Football Group At Annual Banquet Last Might "It's the kids off your football learn nnd mine who arc fireballing this war, and doing a groat job of it," Co!, Howard C. Stelling, commanding officer of the Biy- theville Army Air Fieki, reminded members of the Chickasaw Athletic Club and their guests, the local High School Chicknsaws nnd Junior High Papooses, their respective coaches and school officials, at the annual football banquet last night at Sudbury dining room. "Look out for these kids when» • they conic hack. Get ready to lake care of them with jobs. Fortified with determination and progress be- tdnd them they arc not going to be satisfied to sell apples on your •choicest corners. They must have jobs, skilled jobs to do, and they are going to be satisfied with nothing less. They have been in a progressive business where skilled craftsmen arc needed. They have formulated certain ideas along with this Increased workmanship and are going to continue. They are the world of tomorrow, so It Is up to ns to take advantage of this avenue of progress by creating work for them." Kids Come Through Colonel Stelling, former star athlete at the University of Georgia, airline pilot and sideline football • coach before entering the service, briefly outlined the history of aviation, dropping in bits of persona! experience. He pointed out that these "Kids" arc flying airplanes with only livo months of training that airlines required at least 10 years and 10,000 iiours as co-pilot, and "flying the wings off them, loo." "/'There is no limit for aviation of tomorrow," he predicted. "While I do not as yet, sec how It Is done, DOPE BUCKET Ay 1, P. FRIEND VISITS VATICAN CITY Capt. James Ace I'nckctl, Ihp cx- Hlythcville Junior IIlRh and Joiner coach. Is fast nicking up his trips across the Atlantic Ocean. Ills most recent, which was No. 1G, Include a visit to Koine and Vatican City. Here's his version of the interesting experience In a Idler mailed Dec. 12 from Fort George Mcade, Maryland, where he Is n convoy officer. AGP no No. 1. Cov, Officer Port Geo. Mcade, Md. Dear J. P.: Say, Pal, how's about n few lines or a Courier News, or sumpin'? I'm this world will see even greater and ; like the Alaskan soldier, "lou;; time larger ships flown into the air at-1 no she—long time no hear." Oh. ter this war Is over. I even look yes, I know there's n war going on, for the creation of a plane that man shortage, busy and all thai will fly from New York to I/mdon canned excuse. But, by gosh. I still with 580 passengers lii six hours.-like to hear from Dlylhcvllle. So I have seen enough to convince me ni forgive, but n mile news. bub. that nothing is impossible in this j Imagine, Mary Faith Inid to find important and still mysterious air-,out and tell me that Pop's Juniors ! spilled Jonesboro and my boy, R. A., I lettered. Also, she Informed me that Serving his third of.the 12 annual Forrest City bent niyllicvlllc—for plane business." Reid Kicks Off Chickasaw Athletic Club banquets as toastmaster, Max B. neld launched out into his own woeful story of prep school football to get the colorful and spirited affair under way. He then passed the ball to Superintendent Ben Nicholson who rc ; called the fine cooperative spirit of the Chickasaw Athletic Club under President C. O. Redman which was responsible for the wire fence around Haley Field, the improved lighting equipment and repair work on the stadium. He predicted other improvements •. and a closer working unity between the. fans and school. Mr. Nicholson introduced Miss Rosa Hardy, principal of, the lilgh school, Miss-Monta Hughes, principal of Junior high school, and Miss Warren Foster, Junior high school 'athletic director, who spoke.,briefly. Pop Gets Trophy '-. Coach Sylvester (Pop) Mosley introduced members of his Juior football team. .Captain Dickie Green- \vell presented Coach Mosley with an autographed football with the season record. Billy Bob Elliott guard, was given.a chance to "talk back to theol' mun'.'.by tt'oa'stmasfei Reid. i !;.,:. •! : •''.••;, • IJCoiicIii'rAryll' : GTecnJiratsed, the n^^Rt^fightfng-jsrilrlt'-'of'.Jiis > young*- iseVsYariri '-.Viri^n t rf It A ' I-M niil &*'• : s,™; he first time since 1933. I had a short visit with her lust week, but didn't have a chance, or the time, a come on up to Biytheville. Sure wish I could. Maybe I'm a bit behind with pop- iing off about my trips hut I'll at- .crapt to partially catch up right now. Just to make sure you know, lore is a bit of recapitulation. I lave just finished my 10th crossing of the Atlantic, eight by water and eight by air. Also, this trio concludes my fourth crossing at the Mediterranean, i\vo by ivntcr tuul two by air. You sec, I'm merely call- Ing attention to the number of trips now for fear yon might think I am fudging a bit when I tell you ere long that I have made my 20th Atlantic crossing. MOST INTKUKSTING Well, J. P., T • believe this hist trip was by far the most interesting. I wns fortunate enough to spetul two days and nights in Roma (Rome). We visited most of the points of interest, including Vatican City and St. Peter's Cathedral. Tlic Cathedral is one of the most SATURDAY, DECEMBKK 10, 19-14 pulverized. I doubt that even a mou.'.c tvfis left alive, let alone a human being, That was, or Is ah example of a total and completely destroyed and obliterated little city. It can't even be rebuilt. Just let some of our people who have paying businesses and feel they are secure think of what Ims happened to tltesc people, their businesses, property, homes and, above all, their loved ones. Well, that all sounds remote from the U. S. hut let's not let It happen here. And may 1 congratulate my own home Dlythcvllle In the filh War Loan Drive. I see in n Washington paper thnt lilythc- villc has reached its quoin. Well, all 1 saw in Casslno was pathetic and hwirt saddening, but I saw something that brought Cassino right smack home to me. f saw graves of Germans and Allies, the number ol which 1 will not reveal. Fellows from several countries who miida it possible to lake Cassino by giving the supreme sacrifice. Then I no- liced on n marker a familiar name. Upon investigation 1 found lie was a life-long friend of mine. In fact, lie nnd I were In grade school together and all through high school. Thnt boy wasn't fighting for himself, Arkansas or the United States. lie was fighting for a cause representing n world freedom. J. P., that boy was lighting for me, you and the freedom-loving people all over the world. This trip and the things which J saw have left marks on my heart and soul that 1 shall never forget. NOT TltKA'IIil) FAlKI.y And then, mind you,'One of these boys who happens to be lucky enough to lose only a leg nnd come back home can't even buy a package of cigarettes. I am not making this gripe for myself or any one soldier who hasn't been righting. You know, we can still get cigarettes In the service or at the PX's here and overseas, but let a serviceman try to buy n package. Dub, f tried in Memphis last Saturday for about an n medical discharged soldier gave me n package. I happened to he out because there was. no PX handy. Yes, and I can get' them in Blythcvillc from places I know by simply going behind and reaching under the counter. I'm still not griping except for men .who have been discharged, H happens In every city in the U. B. That is get- lint; to be pretty raw when a Purple Heui'l-dlscliargcd veteran has to have pull to buy a cigarette. Don't our people know what those bovs have been through? They all have Identification. Incidentally, I was on the boat with IIollls Moody. So you might _ tell his wife at 232 Dougim Street, l thnt lie landed in Italy well and sound and In very fine'spirits. We had Quite a chat on the boat. Fun- cy we kept looking at each other nnd couldn't figure out where we had met. After compering times spent at various camps we almost gave up. Then I asked him where he lived. Then we remembered each other. So tell his wife, Miss Grace, to keep her chin up nnd write to him real often. Well, may I wish you. lone, R A and all of ~' Christmas. I Strangler Lewis Denies He Has Retired; At 54 Big Ed Pins Johnny~Come~Latelys BY JIMMY DONA1IUK NEA Slaff Correspondent CLEVELAND.-While he admits (o 51, Ej Strungler Lewis emphatically denies the report (lint lie hu.s retired. As a matter of fact, Mr. Hciuiloclc Insists that he lias just begun to wrestle. Opponents being what they are today, the most powerful man who ever came out o[ Nckoosa, Wls., threatens to go on forever. ' Lewis can still pin the Johnny- C'ome-l,atelys when he feels like K. Those entcrtainiiiK any lingering doubt shouldn't, make public their feelings within range of Lewis' cauliflower ears. Thai licadlock is £till murderous, us your correspondent can testify from experience. My cars arc still ringing. Lewis — real name Robert Fre- iderichs—weighs close [o 300 pounds now, Is a marvel of slamlna, His huh- is yraylni;. He has a piinncli, but /.(111 walks and acts like the champion he was when lie pinned Joe Steelier In 1020 and again when he threw Dick Shikfil in 1932. jie has been »t It since 1Q1C. TEACHKS SKIIVICE MEN JUDO Lewis believes that any of the old-timers — Frank Golcli. Steclu. or himself, for examples _ would quickly dispose of any of the young upstarts who now act and go in for antics. And they would not have to specialize in a single hold such as Gotch did wit)] MIC toe, Stelcher with the scissors and himself the lievul. Earl CntMozk was another who could beat all the current crop, and he was the man with a million holds. Stamina, condition and know-' Iciigc would ivln for the old-diners Sam Snead Ties For Leadership Pulls Up Even With San Antonio Player In Richmond Open " Strangler Lewis today , , insists Lewis, citing return match with Steelier in 1918. They wrestled more than five hours in Omaha without a fall. The Old Strangler would like to see sonic of tlie present car inassagcrs take that Meroney Pairs Belkas, Canny Wrestlers To Tackle Parker and Yaqui Joe Here Monday Night Staff Sergt. Chris Belkas, wresting instructor at the Hlythevillc Biytheville a happy doubt if ] will be in this country on Christmas, so I'll send yon greetings now. Maybe I'll be back before too long. Say, how did the tournament come out at Shawnee? I saw Red Atkins and son a few minutes in Memphis. impressive places it has teen my Als °. lln<1 dinner with my boy, N. R. pleasure to sec anywhere or anytime in my life. It does not difference whether, one make is a 'Cath'6liC;or .Protestant 1 or/ Jew thcro is ;a'' certain tSacred- feeling .that ' honorary captains for 1944, Joe Nell Ratclifl and; Jimmy Stafford. Captain Stafford presented Coach Qreei with two gifts from the "gang." Boys Tell Yarns Some of the season highlights were related by Gerald (Corky) Blo- mcyer, center; Harvey (Gallon) Pogue, fullback, and John Bruce Wilson, tackle. The turkey plate with all the trimmings and ginger cake dessert were prepared by Mrs. George Cross, supervisor of the Sudbury lunch program. Members of Mrs. Freeman Robinson's Home EC Club dec- prated the dining hall and assisted in the serving. Included were: Misses Ruth Mnngrtmi, Peggy Bratcher, Beulah Ann Martin, Anne Weedman, Nancy Carol Wood, Jo Anne Shanks, Nannie Mao Bessie and Virginia Swearengen. Regenold and Fieeman Kill Bucks This Week Eddie Regenold and Fred Flce- nun each killed a, buck on a hunt this week at Five Lakes Club Hughes, Ark., with numerous deer killed by the 17 members of the party which spent Monday and Tuesday there. .They have returned from the hunt. . caii escape.- You. get the' feeling of a" certain firmness' or solid "something" on which religion stands, firm and uplifting for nil nankind. Even the Germans dare not molest or disturb one tiny part of the structure. Of course, yon mow I am not a Catholic, but tlierc were two Catholics, one Jew and four Proteslants In our party. We all were impressed as to what rcli- ;ion stands for, regardless of denominational belief or church at- flliatioH. Just a brief description. The cathedral was designed nnd started by Michael Angclo in 1GOC. We saw In tin Pope's treasure -12 pounds of golden ornaments and jewelry. Wi saw several strands of the Virgin Mary's hair. Also a section of the cross on which Christ was crucified Then, there was the sphere. No, J. P., these were actually certified and verified by a priest in person. Fcv. people are permitted to see these three sacred articles. Usually, thej arc merely pointed out and not uncovered, but I happened to be In the party some ranking officers ioscy, from Shawncc, and his sis- .cr, Mrs. x Ralph Bawden. N.'R:. was on furlough , from the Niwy. -Sure was glnd to see hlln. He looked like i.million—C feet, a inches, and 180 jounds,; ,'••• ';•. '•.'•.'••' ' ,. \ Let hie hear from 'you.' ''• A pal, ACC. much punishment. Since Pearl Harbor, Lewis hus born te.ichitig service men wrcst- lins iiiki judo. No one knows more aljout either art. In company with Hiibc Sharkey, Milo Steinuom and Henry Piers, he toiira! Army camps and navy bases. On five trips around Ihc world, Lewis stopped off to meet the best men in Japan. "The Japs arc no match for our boys," he idea Hint UIC11MOND, Calif., Dec. 10 (UP) —Surprising Sam Snead turned in some of the hottest golf of his colorful career to pull up Into a deadlock witli Jimmy Walkup of San Antonio for leadership of the Richmond open Tourney. The Virginian shot a two-under- l>ar Off to tie the blond Texan who led Thursday in Ilic S7500 event. The two leaders now stand two strokes ahead of Ky Laffooa and amateur Ernie Pieper who arc tied for second place at 141 for two days of play. Sammy started to break loose •iome of his sizzling .sliols on the 481-yard 18th hole where he needed an eagle on the par five. Sammy . laid his second shot to the edge of I the green, then chipped straight into the cup on the roll. That was i the day's best shot. j Snead's out nine was even par, and he picked up his two strokes on (lie regulation 35 by birdie-ing the 17th. plu s hLs ca gi c on Q IC 18th. Jimmy Donahue's cars arc still.-ringin;. ' Walkup had a chance to baiter , , par again but his putter failed at erase weight of a Jap soldier Is 122, —"'--' that of an American 1C5. The weight Superbombers And Ramblers Vie For Title NEW YORK, Dec. 10 (UP)—The football championship of the Army Air Forces Is at stake this afternoon as tlic Second Alrforcc Sup- cruomljers and the undefeated Randolph Field Filers meet at the Polo' Grounds. The Randolph Ramblers, victors In all ten of their games, are two- touchdoH'a favorites over the Sup- erbomber eleven. The Colorado outfit has won ten games, lost one ijj tied three this season, The game, which will be the limy of the season for both crews, Is being staged as a War Bond promotional feature. advantage makes all the difference in the world." Lewis attributes his longevity on the padded platform to his state of "I'm a happy man," lie explains. "I don't gel mad at my opponent. I never argue with my wife, and because of that .mental feeling, I've to tackle the best." 2 says, "but ilon't get the Strangler Lewis goes on and on t they can't fight. The ay- and on like Hoosevelt and taxes tev Joe had found a vulnerable .spot, his lens, Buck opened up with a volley or rights and lefts to kayo his opponent and bring- victory. There is every possibility that Joe and Dclkas will Pvt. Marshall Blackard Returns From England Pvt. Mai-shall Blackard, seriously . , -„- - wounded in the European invasion, clean hard fought, nucl brilliant is back in the United States and wrestling duel which should Ire n soon will be at a hospital near mm from every action standpoint. .Biytheville, he informed his wife \ iidiii Joe seldom starts the rough j today by telegram suilf and won't resort to those tac- A patient, at three hospitals since tics unless his foe does. Tliiil holds wage a \rrny Air Field and of the Greco-Ruffin 10-Round Bout Is Called Draw NEW YORK, Dec. 1G (UP) — Hobby Uutfln and Johnny Greco last, night battled to a 10-ronnrt draw in their return bout at Mad- came near toppling lire he; ison Square Garden. gob. A capacity crowd of 18,000 saw Skilled With l-'ccl the Canadian and the Long Island 1 The fans were ninnzcd at the wa 1 fighter slug it out for 10 exciting -----rounds, then heard the judges as- nost lalented and popular young jrnpplers ever to appear in the local ^eglon ling, draws a new partner for Promoter Mike Meroncy's all- star ring program Monday night. The promoter announces he is .earning Sergt. Belkas with "Wild Bill" Canny, ace unit villnin, for the Irst time since Chris began appcar- ng here a couple of years ago. And Mike has a reason, a very good reason nt that. He selected Canny as a foe for the rough and tumble giant, 225-ponnd "Big Jim" Parker, who joins hands with Yarni! Joe, in ;he opposite corner of the feature tng match. liclkas Faces Imliaii For the usual preliminaries, which iiove 30 minute time limits and single falls, Promoter Mcroncy matches Belkas with the clever Indian and losses:the bigger boys, Parker and Canny; Hi the same ring to baU tie'it out, giving the show excellciifc prospects of science, action, as well as -the popular slam-bam type -of milling thai holds first place in the choices of local wrestling faithfuls. Ever since Yacpil Joe appeared here a fc\v weeks ago the customers have longed for him to lest his ring talents against that of Belkas, who is at the top of the local list In all-round science, strength and ability. The clever Indian lost a three-fall match to Buck Lawson but made a favorable impression even In defeat. He gave away at least 25 pounds In weight and the. disadvantage proved loo much to overcome, despite the fact that he made a desperate final fall rally and came near toppling Ilic heavy es- East Rose. 104 !):i((le of li misers Then, on the other hand, the customers can rear back and get all set for a blistering, battering, hcak busting exhibition when Canny and , Parker collide in the preliminary Wnr brought PPC. John .White to G! 'Tours' Alaska Anchorage, Alaska (U.P.) and the main event itself. Bill" has a special incentive hi this show, to reap retribution for the tie- feat of him and villain partner, Red Roberts, two weeks ago by Parker ami Lawson. Canny and Roberts were all set for a quick win only to hiu-e Jim and Buck come through viili successive iron-man rotes to urn victory into defeat. Bill will take delight in spoiling .he record of "Big Jim." Since his return to local haunts Parker has not lost a preliminary match. He j showed his mettle by blasting Joe Welch last week in a bruising bat- le that was exceptionally rough. But that likely will be tame in comparison to the .one which he .and :ii,[iny. will, stage.. ', Bui it's okay vi-itii the' local', faiis". They want their action in ihe'raw. They also like an occasional display of science. Bolh appetites will likely be satisfied by this show which gels under way at 8:15. . but failed to prevent him critical moments. Even when he came to the 18th with a change to he three- go under regulation 71, putted for an even pan The nation's lop-flight professionals anj-amtiteiirs played in beautiful weather, and many took advantage of the weather to blast par for the second straight day In a five-way tie for fifth at 142 are Bryon Nelson, amateur Ed Furgol, Newt Bassler, Charles Congdon, and amateur Ralph Hall, The 53 best-scoring profe.ssionals and 21 top amateurs tec oif in the third round today, and the final day's play will be on Sunday. Army Ordnance on Toes Independence, Mo. <U.P.)—- Army Ordnance has developed a new method to keep automotive equipment in the fight in Germany, Lake City Ordnance Plant officals report. Piper Cubs arc employed to spot trouble zones on French, Belgian, Dutch and German roads, and to send out ordnance wre'ckng crews by radio when it is necessary. It is reported lhat women make 00 per cent of the attempts to smuggle goods through the Unlled States customs. R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTB Boi Office Opens 7:15— Shoir StarU at 7:20. SATURDAYS & BUNIIATB Box Office Opens 1 Show BUrti 1:18 duty. An ingenious mechanic, White bought a stalled jolopy for S40 and to it added parts from six old Model T's and a 1022 Oldsmobo- 11,;. The result spelled Bouncing Bertha, which can do 45 miles an hour on two gallons of gas and lias a pickup of at least three girls per Read Courier New« W»m Ad». one who was a high ranking Catholic of New York. So we were glvet a rare opportunity. Yes, I also saw the Pope. NOTHING U-I'T AI.1VI- J. P., 1 have scon towns, cities and buildings after they have been shattered to bits. At "least, 1 thought they were blown to bits until [ saw Cassino. That town and the monastery were ground and completely SIRII a draw. Two of the judges voted an even number of rounds to both fighters, while one judge gave Eutfin the edge. Greco scored three knockdowns over (he New York slugger, but neither was able to stage a knockout. WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Dec" 18, 8:75 p. m. Lowest Admission of any Wrrsilfng Arena In America. *.dnlU, 36c, Tax 9c—Total, 45c. Reserved Scats, 12c, Tax 3c-To- W, 15c. Children's Seats IZc, TJX 3c, Total, I5c, Reserved Seals On Sale at the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on TEAM MATCH Belkas & Canny vs. Porker & Yaqui Joe 2 30-Minute Preliminaries SGT. CHRIS BELKAS BILL CANNY YAQUI JOE JIM PARKER which Yaqui Joe used his feet. There were times when he had Lusvson ii precarious positions without tlic use of his hands, ffc punished Buck with the feel scissors and all but rendered him hors dc combat. Jo also showed tremendous speed ant agility. He was constantly boring in, forcing Hie match and in general making life miserable for Lawson. Finally in .sheer desperation af Re»d Ccraner Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Approximately 600 acres of good land, ideally located on concrete highway,quarter mile from schools. A good tenant will probably be able to continue on this farm as long as he desires. Must have sufficient equipment and farming ability. Call Miss Morrison Phone 65, Osceola, Ark. LABO WANTED URGENTLY NEEDED NOW TO HELP BUILD NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT Last Time Today 'Raiders of the Border' with Johnny Mack lirmvn <V- Kaynmml ll.illon Serial: "Adventures of the Hying Cadets." Sliorl Saturday Midnight Show Starts 10:15 p. ni. Yellow Canary with Anna \cajrlc & Richard Greene Selected Shorts Sunday' and Monday 'Man From Frisco' wilh Michael O'Shea & Anno Shirley IVtramounl N'eivs Sliorl I AT : -i CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Haglin, Missouri Valley and So If itt (Prime Contractor•) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for work- - ers at §1.20 per day. Excellent working conditions .. Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS Saturday "PARTNERS OF THE TRAIL" K-Uli [loot Gilisou and Bob Slcclc 10th Chapter of "Iron Claw" Comedy Saturday OWL SHOW "DR. BROADWAY" with AliicDoiiald Carey and Jean Phillips COMEDY m Sunday and Monday "GOING MY WAY" lh Bin? Crosby ami Kise Stevens ItKO NEWS and COMEDY New Theater Manila's Finest What have you done J today that iome mother's son should die for you tomorrow? ' —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting, We are issuing agents, -t. ^Saturday 'OLD TEXAS TRAIL' A Universal Western Serial &, Short Saturday OWL SHOW "MEET MISS BOBBY SOCKS" with Bub Crosby & Lynn Jlcrrick Sclcclcd Shorts Sunday and Monday "WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER" with Irene Dunn & Roddy McDowell j Fox News & Short CHICKASAW W«f t Mata Near 21st Bt 8»t. «Urta 1Z:45; Ban. .Urtj i; Night show* 5:45 Except Monday, opcni t:U Cantrnnam ghowa 8ai. and 8*n. Last Time Today Double Feature 'FRONTIER OUTLAW with Busier Cr.ihbo A Al St. John and "JIVE JUNCTION" with jt Dickie Moore . Chapter 2: "The Batman" Comcily TT yea an mn> engaged In w essential ttttrtty »l your hlfb- <st riitTI, A« n«t i Men under Zl »n3 womoi under 18 must hare wage re- teue form signed bjr parent* which can be obtained •* Employment Office. Sunday and Monday J "THE MINSTREL MAN'S nllh i ncnnie Fields & lloscoe Karns j Universal News | remedy '•

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