The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1949
Page 11
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r-RTDAT, APRIL Z9, 1919 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COXJKffiR NEWS PAGE ELEVEN •':'& I * ^-\ i • -• -v • niersst ^Kline Strikes Out At Agri Program Farm Bureau Proxy Says 1948 Legislation Is Best for Farmers NEW YORK, April 29—Panne are nol reivdy lo give U[) the right lo can 1 good income by their own pfforts to moel consumer demand, in return for government guurim- ('•es dependent on annunl conRre.s- sional appropriations and cnndi- Honed on excessive governmen'. direction of agriculture. President Allan B. Ktinp of the American Farm Bureau Federation told the National Editorial Association here. The pvopnim of farm income .support proposed recently by Secretary of Agriculture Brannan "varies -so !ar from the position of the American Farm Bureau that we have no choice b'.il to oppose it." Mr. Kline 104 Farms in Wyoming Mountains Offered for Homestead Settlement One hundred and four Individual farm units of about 130 acres each have been opened for hometsead -settlement on the Heart Mountain Division of [he Bureau of Kei-ta- matlon's Hhoshone project in northwestern Wyoming, according to K. F. Vernon of Billings. Mont., director of Bureau's Region Six. Included in (he opening, the third on this division since the end of world War II. are 12,1)73 acres of irritable land. The average farm unit contains 116 acres of irrigable land and about 15 acres of non- Irrigable land suitable for pasture and other purposes. Veterans of World War II arc given 'irelerence of application. Applications for the Irrigable farms received by the superintendent of the Shoshone Project at Cody, wyo.. 'by •> p.m.. July 12 will 't'he units have never been cultivated. Canals, laterals and other structures to bring the IrrifiRiion water to the (arm units have been constructed by the Hureau of licc- laimulan. ApjiHculluns [or the [arm units received before the close of the simultaneous filing period nnd whlrli are complete. Including proof of veterans' preference, will be entered in a public drawing to establish n priority by which veterans will be considered for the available farms. Following the drawing, Ihe applications will be reviewed by an examining Board composed of local i citizens and one Bureau of Declamation employee. H Ihe [ lions are found In order and the applicants meet all requirements they will be allowed lo select farm -ulbright Asks Extension of Market News be considered simultaneously filed ] unit.s In the order established The Federation stands firm in support of the principles of tlic Agricultural Act of 1948. \vhlch provides a system of flexible price sup- ktiorls nnd .satisfies "the American farmer's desire to fit his independent operations into a dynamic, free and prosperous economy," he declared. llcsi^ned lo Trolrct Income "Nothing has changed our conviction that the best thing In sigh!, for agriculture Is the act passed In the last session of Congress. It l.i desicned to protect farm income from collapse and to avoid unnecessary regimentation, controls and Interference with the fanners' rlgh^ to work out their own programs Individually and collectively." Consumers who think the Brannan program would assure cheap and farmers who think It would nssnre continuance of wartime income levels "had belter take another look before they buy Ihe bill of giorls offered by the Brannan proposn'," Mr. Kline said. "Nothing in onr analysis so far changes the first Impression that it Is a r.olif,ical move. When farmers lire promised high prices and consumers cheap food on the same coramprtilie.", at the same time, there probably is a catch somewhere. In jj this cise. the sleight-of-hand is •^government, control. Tentative studies indicate that there were only two years (1947 and 1848) out of the last 3!) when total cash farm income was as high as the Incoms support standard proposed by Scc- re1:'rv Brannan. "This means that the program promises to continue, by government administered prices. Inflation-- arv price relationships. "At the same time." Mr. Kline continued, "income support standard is substituted for the party concept. While, if applied at the present time, thus program sounds like a high-priced program. It Is well for farmers to apply It to conditions which have existed and see what its meaning might be. Hail It been in effect over the past 28 years. Ihe income support standard would have been below actual cash farm Income In 19 of the year.s. 191(1 Figure! Quoted For example. In 1939, not a prosperous year, the standard called for a cash farm income of approximated 6.9 billion dollars. The actual cash farm Income was 7.9 billion dollars. In 1939 It would have been necessary to increase farm prices by 31 percent to have had them equal parity as now figured. Farm prices 13 percent lower would have eqiuled' the proposed Income stand- iird. "This suggests that it would certainly be unwise for farmers to ylrade the. program developed over *a period ol years lor this precarious and untried income standard. Although It is high now, history indicates that it Is apt lo be a boom- The Brannan program, in the Copies of the public notices, application forms and detailed information about the opening may be -secured from the regional director's office, R. H. Worl.inger. manager of the Dig Horn District. Bureau of Reclamation. Cody, or from the Shoshone Project office. Canals Constructed One hundred of the 104 units are near Ralston, Wyo.; the remaining four are three miles norlh of Cody. I nmtion laws. the drau-ing. Minimum requL ments provide that the prospective homesteacle must have had the equivalent o at least two years of fuil-lime fanning experience after reaching tin aac of 15, have $30.00 in cash o usc'ful assets, must be of gooi health and character, industriims and lie able to meet the require tncnts of the homestead and /ecla Plans for State 4-H Dairy Foods Contest Made Plans for the 19-1D National 4-H Dairy Foods Demonstration program are under way in Arkansas, according to the State Extension Service. It is the only nationally sponsored 4-H Club program devoted entirely to demonstration. Members enrolled in a 4-11 food project may participate. Last year Arkansas named 19 county winners. Stale honors for individuals went to liennie Nelson. Wo/nut Ridge Company To Build Cotton Choppers l.n-I'LE HOCK. April 29—1/1')—A Lawrence County firm chartered lo manufacture cotton choppers filed articles of incorporation here. It is the Hall Cotton chopper Company of Walnut Ridge, Ark. The firm has authorized capital stock of 1,000 shares without par value. Incorporators are: Cliarlcs C. Hall. A. C. Riidulfr and H. E. Williams treasurer of the Southern Baptist College, all of Walnut nidge. Grady, whose demonstralion, "Dairy Foods in a Packed Lunch." was given 20 limes. Carol Oullcdge and Virginia Attaway, both of Texarkana, won the team award with their demonstration, "Milk Drinks." which they gave 12 times. Based on a survey of 41 states conducting the 1948 program, an average of 32 persons attended the 3.158 dairy foods demonstrations given by 4-H'ers. The program seeks to show the value of dairy products to general health. Uses of dairy foocis and skill in preparing tasty dishes arc demonstrated. Subjects relate to the preparation, manufacture or use of dairy products including fresh or evaporated milk, mailed milk and ice cream. Eight new awards based on demonstration records and general achievement are offered by the Carnation Company this year. They are trips to the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago, Nov. 21 to WASHINGTON, I'. C, April 29 — senator Fnlurighi of h v .iyellcville, Ark., has projxv>i'd Ihe extension jl ,ti'ir market news service of the nepailmcnl of Agnciillm-p lo Include masl ol Ihe lui|X>rlant agrl- Lilturo products of the slate. Ho ti.-stlfietl ci'lore an appropriations cmirnUU-c this week lu urge tin' adoilional .service far Arkansas. BroiSrr market ni-w.s reports hav Ijeen issued dally in Northwestern Ark-ins-.s .since lillti Ihrcuigh a pro'-'ram spui.'-orod conpc-ralivcly by Ihi- University of Arkansas anil thi! Departmcil) of Agriculture SI'H.MUI- al lualkel coverage Ls now provide tor |'e:tt ho.s in Ihe Na.shvilli- area and for strawberrlc.s at Bald Knnb "Be MUJSC- ol the popularity ol '.host' limited programs, I have pru- pjscd tl'.p broadening ol llic servlrr lo include- rice, most of (he Important fruit.'- and vegetables such as toiua''!",'; spinach, snap b<';uis, [>o1- atoes, cantaloupes, watermelons and cuci.iubers. ami also to Include the milk ami cream market iu Nortn- Arkansas. The broiler service shou'd rls*. be extended lo the new commercial producing area.s," Senator Pulbrlghl stated. Thi« i'Xs>anded service would reach all |x>rUons of Ihe slate. It would iTquire the eslahlishmcnl :>£ a sui'. of!ice In l.itlle Rock as wcl! as expansion of the main official Ihe University in Fayclleville. Rcpre.';(-ntatlves would be :i.s.signod on t- temporary basis to selected i.icas visor, needed. Senator FulbrUhi submitted lo the Senate Committee un estimate of cosl indicating lhat the . xpandcd prognur. could be put into effect for $27.000. lie said that Ihe Dili- vr.rsitv pro|K>sed to contribute jH.OOf! toward the program and requested 519,000 in federal limits. State's School Lunch Program Hits Money Snag MTl'I.K ROCK, April 29. Ml— A money problem confronts Arkansas' school lunch program. Unless Congress passes a deficiency apiu'oprlallon, federal uld to the program Is lo be cut '>ff In May. However, Miss Hulh Powell of lilt' Stale Kducution Department ve.s- lerday nrgi'd Arkansas schools to H<> ahead with their lunch programs ami file claims for federal funds "If a deficiency approprlallou Is passed later." siic said, "we can then refund the money lo Ihe school districts." ROTC Cadets to Train At Oklahoma Camp I-'OHT KM.I,, Okla.. April :>!!. (,)')plans have been completed at l-\>rt Sill for trnlntt S2II artillery HO'l'C cadets for six weeks bestnnliig June 20. The nidi-Is will come from the; Colorado. Arkansas and Missouri. H'MINING Tho defendanl, Leon MrCJarhly Is hcieby wnrneil to appear In tile t'ouii ol Common Pleas for tho Chleka.sawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, wllhln tlilny davs anil an.swi-|- the complalnl of plant Ills, I.cRoy Umldlc.ston, Allen C, lluddle.ston, Jr., and Mrs. A. O. Hllddle.slon Si', ilba Huddles!on and Company fileil htm In said couri Case No. 2831, and uixm lits la:Lure so lo do, Mild complalnl wdl be laneu as confessed. my hanil a-s clerk of said court aiul Ihe seal Ilieieot this Olh day ol April. 1'JU). H.MIVKY MORR1K. Clerk By llelly Hall. l).(i. Reid and Roy, Attornevs for l-l.iinllll.s. 1-Vndler, Attorney ad III em. MASTITIS ... now easier to treat Pen Mix* — I'etncilliu G easily fo nuwilvs — easy iim-ncil — dissolve I.IM — inuiiuiiiii penicillin activity frnm milking t° milking. No re- (ri Derail on $ 25 Const) net Ion of (ho Si,ill- capltol building Now York at Albany' began In 1867 but wunt flnSshei'. until )81». •••*••••••< Scott Alley SIGN & NEON SERVICE • lU-llrr Sis in • llrltrr St'rviec HUH Nu. Krankllii 1'lujiio 320.1 Expert PLUMBING and KLECTRICAL WIRING or »u)i't' I rude in nllnwiuu'v in vim ilit washer, it-nan! k'ss ol iniiki- or I'oiulituni on u now BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Oliunce lur KIM! Siivinft's—Clinic in Tmhiy HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Clergyman Is Accused Of Murdering His Wife ROCHESTER, N. Y., April 2D. lil'i —The Rev. George P. Hetcnyl, 40- year-old cle .yman. was held loilay as the alleged slayer of his wife. The suburban Buffalo minister has been charged with first degree murder. His arraignment was deferred until next Wednesday lo permit him to obtain counsel. District Attorney Anthony Micell accused llctenyl of having fatally shot his attractive. 25-year-old wife, the former Jean Gareis of Oakland. Calif., "on or about April 22." Tile woman's body was found the following day In the Genesce River. Two .25 caliber slugs were taken from the body and an autopsy determined that she had been Price Cut on Crude Or/ Spreads to Arkansas DALLAS. TfiX., Api It 29. <iTt — Price cutting by purchasers of lien- v.v grnvHy crude oil sprciul (o Ar- I knnsn,s yestcrdny ns Lion Oil Co reituccd Us posting L?5 I'cnt.s n butrcl < in Hie Smnekovor. Hillsboro, Ofiinr.s. Wilinint^nn. Ciilliouii. Ixnmiin ntid Enst Field. 1 ;. T. M, Mnrtin, president oT the company, snld (he nclioii \va.s made tici-f^ssai'y by the dru-stit' rtclncHonp in fuel oil prlcc.s In rrccnt mnnrhs He -said "(.hose cuts JTI the price of fuel oil hnve ,snbslnntinlly clrrrrnsed the vulup of Hie heavy Fitel affectpd by this crude prEcc ohnnpc." Ai'katisns Is the third nron whoro crude purchasers have nifute the 25 cents i>cr barrel price cut. 'Die . j reduction \vr\s mndR hi sc-vcrnl la death. Hetcnvi was token Into Eilst ' [ ' cxns fi(l|(ls nnd lhpn fnllf>wecl Dec. 1. County winners will again receive a gold filled medal, white individual and team champions in each stale will get a n -Jewel gold watch. form outlined by the secretary, contains "only a hint of what might eventually he done to limit the right of '.he indlvidn:il fanner to produce to the best ° f ')'s ability. By encouraging uneconomic production with a system of uneconomic, administered prices, the government might well end by distributing the right to farm and Its rewards by the he:ul," Mr. Kline added. custody Tuesday ns a material witness. Alley Cat 'Mothers' ' Four Small Wolf Pups FORT SMITH, Ark.. April 23. dVi — Knthcrine may be just a brindlc nnd yellow alley cat but she has a true mother's love. The cat, whose muster Is Okie Bray of Poteau, Okla., l.i mothering four kittens of he. own p.nd four six-day-old wol! pups. Bray put tile pups with K:itlu?rlne after his dogs killer! the mother wolf. The kittens spat their objections at first but Katlierlne accepted the orphaned wolves calmly. Bray plans lo ease Katherlne'a feeding problems with bottles. by cuts In three Mississippi aras. FARMERS LOANS On 'arm tVtici oj's, lr Hi-Its & Curs nnd Kurm i;i|iii|mu-iil to responsible iH-ople. Also Itoiil Kstiiu- l.iums nnd on Farm l.imds UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY First X Alii I n — iTlcrain Hhlj. Our tnsur:iniT Ittilc^ Are D.P.L. No. 15 COTTON SEED Delinled, Treated And Sucked R.V.'o Germination 1 Year from 8t»tlp» A TON OR A CARLOAD Also Good AM-'A1,FA HAY For Sule Mogers & Gill I Dell. Ark. Phon Constant jr 1 '' 1 "' 1 '* «f «ur liusim'KH lias made It necessary to inn tcle])lu>nc I'lu'llltius. This necessitated hiK our iniiiilicr. Our teleplionfe'number in ' Think of An Apple KFI-'ECTJVE A I'll 11. UN ITU I) INSURANCE 812 / at* ont (oof 12, 1919 AfiKNCY "The I 1 'r it'll illy Insurance Service" l''ii.s( & Main — Ingram LOANS 4% HOME LOANS Klhcrt S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society I'liu'in- R228 F.Tcniiigs PRESCRIPTIONS Frcsli Stock Guaranlecd Best ("rices Kirby Drug Stores Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbo .SWIFT'S PREMIUM ; BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenly of Parking Space I _ When You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME Call D. C. FREEMAN ?,2 Years Experience • Dul'onf I'ainfs • Imperial Wallpaper Phone 4291 SCREEN DOORS Wo Insure Everything lso (ialvmiiMd, Hron/.c anil Aluminum Wire. of Designs, all si/.c-H in slock, (Jooil Selection Priced Right. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING belong on every bag of CHICK'STARTER... ATTENTION Soybean Growers! DOUTCHSOY NO. 2 SI')KO rk-ancd, Tested nnd 'J'agKed. I'nulnrc mnrn soybeans per acre by planting Durtchsoy No. t, lilgh»t jlrlilrr in 1918 yirtil ( Sci-d I''or Sine By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1800 West Main I'honc 856-857 VC'iih no more cITorl ihan a touch of your hand on a convenient lever, John Deere Hydraulic Powr-Trol raises, lowers, and adjusts mounted tools or drawn implements at your bidding—eliminates reaching for lifting levers, tugging on ropes, and adjusting equipment hy hand. Jt'j an exclusive duat hydraulic system that saves time and energy, and enables you 10 do better work than ever before. Drawn implements arc controlled through an easily-attached remote cylinder; integral equipment from the rockshafts. Ask us to tell you more about this John Deere feature. POWR-TROL. ..another John Deere FIRST AAISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. South Highway 61 Phone 4434 Which is Mosf IMPORTANT? How do you buy chick starter? Do you look at the ingredient lag and try to figure out what it contains? Or do you look only at price tag and buy th« the cheapest? Or do you ask "which feed will help ma koep my chicks living and growing the b«mt?"When you'r* buying feed for delicate, little baby chicks, the "results" are the most important. And whon you buy Purina know you're buying results. This Year PURINA CHICK STARTENA is Better Than Ever for Life and Growth Cotton Seed For Sale Burdette Deltapine 78 $750 State Certified Blue Tag ptr lOOIbs. YOUR STORE WITH THE CHECKERBOARD SIGN 4493—Te!«phon«—4493 L, K. Ashcraft Rig Boll — Easy to Pick Good Turnout — Good Staple BURDETTE PLANTATION BURDETTE, ARK. Phone: Blytheville 782

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