The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1951 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1951
Page 4
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.' PAGB SEC BLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.) COUTIIER NEWS 51TESDAY, ATJGtJST M, 1961 THE BLYTHEVTLLB COURIER NEWS TOT COURIER KTWi CO. H W RAINES. Publisher RARRY A HAINEfi. Astistinl Publisher A. A. rREDRICKSON. Editor PAUL D HUMAN. Adrcrtlilni M>nm«r goto Nttionll Advertising Representatives: W»U»M Witmer Co.. N«w York. Chicigo. Detroit. Atlanta. Utraphls. Entered >s tccond clan mailer it the post- office, at Blytheville, Arkansne, under act of Congress, October ». 1917 Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATtfc: By carrier in iho cltj of Blylh'vllle or in; suburban town srhert carrier service Is maintained. 3Sc per week. By mail, within a radius o! 50 miles 15.00 per year. 12.50 for sii months. »1.2S for th.-ee months: by mall outside 50 mite sone. *12.50 per year payable In advance. Meditations O l*nrd God, turn nnt Auay the face nf thin' anointed: remember thp, mercies of David thj sen-ant.—II. Chron. 6:12. * * * Nothing humbles and breaks the heart of R sinner like mercy and love. Souls that converse much with sin and wrath, may be, much terrified; but souls that converse milch with grace and mercy, will be much humbled.—Thomas Brooks. beyond dispute. W« did not gain th« whole victory. Berlin today is the con- itant victim of small sieges. The city's predicament is » cue to our persistent failure to understand the Soviet Communist mind. Probably it's too late to repair the damage in Berlin. But what has happened there, since 1949 should be a sharp lesson to the Americans sitting across from the Communists at Kaesong. Once again, oui's is the basic advantage. We have won whatever victory can be claimed. That the Reds are negotiating at all is proof of that. But they will salvage from their defeat everything they can squeeze out of us. We simply must not allow ourselves to be squeezed. "Situations of strength" will avail us little if we do not exert the strength when we have it. Pardon Us, Haiti Barbs Eating watermelons is a simple and harmless way to learn how to dli'e. * * * Trie worlrl aeema wnrse because we never hear abont Ihe bad thing* that don't happen. » » * Maybe we shouldn't remind you, but by now the moths are thoroughly enjoying your winter overcoat. » » • Fftll^rlll be here In just a short time—if some reformers don't object. • * • Fire fighters In the Oregon woods also had to fight wolves—Just like the gals in the big cities. A reporter just back from Haiti said the Haitians were disturbed because the post of U. S. ambassador has been viiwuit for eight months. He asked President Truman if he planned an appointment soon. Cheerily ,the President responded that he'd named an ambassador the day before. But when he was asked for the man's name, Mr. Truman said he couldn't remember. Haitian papers, please forgive and forget. After all, this fellow is awfully busy. So many names, so many faces, , , Views of Others Higher Standards For Our Teachers L Our Fading Berlin 'Victory' Holds Lessons for Kaesong A little more than two years ago the West was flush with its air-lift triumph over the Berlin blockade imposed by the Russians. The Kremlin had hacked down and called off its effort to stifle freedom in the city. Western statesmen were understandably pleased that trie air-lift plus the economic boycott of Soviet Germany had produced a "situation of strength" which the Russians felt compelled to accept, tt wag the first spectacular victory nf free men over communism in the Cold War. But a Jook at Berlin today suggests that the triumph was something less than complete. Marguerite HigginR, competent correspondent of the New York Herald Tribune, revisited the. city recently and observed many disquieting signs. A "baby blockade" against the export of West Berlin's goods has been in progress for some time. We are meeting it with a "little air-lift" of more than » dozen flights a day. Miss Higgins found the Berlin press crowded with stories of Soviet attempts to cripple the city's business. Kidnapings of West Berlin's officials and citizens by East zone police go on as before. It is easy to recall, too, that many interruptions of the city's economic life have occurred in the months since I be big blockade was lifted. What Miss Higgins saw were merely the August, 1051 variations on a constant Soviet theme. And as she pointed out. Berlin faces continual harassmenls of this sort in the future. She added: "The West cannot yet claim victory in Berlin. It is clear thai, the Soviet Union seeks now lo do by degrees what it was unable to do by one dramatic blow." Testimony is general that the 1948-49 Allied boycott of Russian Germany really was damaging. And the air-lift's success was seriously embarrassing to Moscow's prestige. Vet it seems clear now that we did not wisely press our advantage. We were so overjoyed at the fact the Russians were willing to back down at all. thai we failed to make them backtrack enough. Perhaps we were loo busy congratulating ourselves at the success of our tactics. We forgot that the Russians are tireless bargainers, who try to snatch partial victory even from acknowledged defeat. Mayor Ernst Renter of Berlin believes we should have maintained the air-lift and boycott a few months longer lo heighten our bargaining power with the Kremlin. Others fee] that our great error was in not getting advance guarantees of free road and rail access to Berlin before lifting our counter-blockade measures. At any rate, the results are clear The Teachers Education and Professional Sten- darrts Committee ol the Arkansas Education Association mny .seem to b« flying In the lace of the fiscal farts when. It proposes that all new teachers be lectured to hold four-year college degrees. The present low, passed In 1947, requires only a minimum of 30 hours of college work for » three-year certificate. In addition, other provisions of the statute permit -the temporary licensing of teachers with even less college training. Wolh a heavy los.s nf experienced teacher* now under way in many districts t and curtailed budget* In prospect' tn most. It U * virtual certainty that the number of teachers without college degrees will be Increased. Some of these, of course, may turn out lo be quite satisfactory but the odds are against them. Education, after all, IB • basic to the business ot educating others. A rejtd requirement thai all teachers must possess college degrees, will, of course. Increase th« cost of"pilbllc education since salaries are fixed, in part, In accordance with professional training. The Arkansas Education Association, which i» something of n burned child after its recent unhappy experiences with attempting to Increase state school appropriations, may very well take (he position that this is not. lUs proper concern. Rut nobody could argue that the maintenance of proper professional standards Is not Ihe business of the AEA—pcrhaiic the most Important bushier It has. i The quantitative reduction in public education —that is. overcrowded classrooms, reduced school terms, curtailed curricula and the like—which many districts will suffer tn the next t«rm Is readily apparent. But the qualitative reductive, which Is far more dangerous, Is harder to see. This results from lower standards and the replacement of fully-qualified, experienced personnel with low- salaried Instructors who may have little If any special training or aptitude for Ihe difficult Job of (raining our children. Lack of funds must not be allowed to eat Into this of our public school system. The demand for an actual Increase in standards is an r-ntirely proper one even In these time?. It is up lo the lax-paying public to see that the raeins for enforcing It are provided. —ARKANSAS GAZETTE SO THEY SAY Killjoy Will Be There once over lightly- By A A. Freirtekjo* To be oi 1 not to be a bourgeois clod; thai ain't much of a question, Whether - bear the slings and arrows of an outrageous lack of fortune . teems to the one settled question on my agenda. Alas, poor jerkl * 'Tis a far. far better thing I do. this resignation t« the fate of Bab- bitry. lesl Young and Rubicam or Batten, Barton, Durstlne and Osborn lead me into the valley of th« The DOCTOR SAYS By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Wrillen for NEA Service shadow of bankruptcy. The four-color, slick paper temptation oftcred the consuming public ' peccruly a resricr wrote that her j by the nation's journals' is not to be paif-rnal grandmother had three j dismissed lightly. Blood, sweat. or four sets of twins. Then her two daughters and cne son's wile had them, but none of their children had any (which was the writ' cr'< generation). Now she says, one tears, ulcers and Martinis are gen* erously expended during the creation of thes« advertising masterpieces. •Men in pin-stripe suits and haiid- of her cousin's children has had i painted neckties undergo the tor- tu-ins. and wants to know whether j lures of the artistically damned il skips a generation. ant * endure innumerable hangovers Twins do seem lo run in families that we, the consuming public. Peter fdson't Washington Column— Vaug]oari$\ Dominican Medal Stirs Interesting Speculation WASHINGTON INEA) — Af'ard ; of English, "Inc." of the latest, medal to the According to papers filed with the House's senior military aide, aiaj.-]U. S. Department of Justice under Gen. Harry W. Vaughan, has start-1 the Forelen Agents' Registration some cx!cnl, but so far as I ;r,nw, there is nn special reason sha " **= lur c<* aubtlcly but con„.. „ vinclngly to the nearest retailer. te\ that there is any skipping of I l kntw - ] rcsd a ljook about ad- icnei-atioiw involved. It is also in-' l e j±™ m ?_ °" cc ' And saw the movic n;> that the likelihood of a confincmrnt, resulting in multiple Girths depends on other factors. based on it. But alt this talent—nay, genius —appears wasted on me and I fear H seems thai the chances of hav- J ha *; J Bh J» n « mb «* ».v d ^ ?» - multiple births increased with } f mllew , ' ™K ™™ lo , s In 1 I step with all the by-laws of modern life. There are too many commandments handed down by (ha °* j big-league hucksters for my low. . ,., i speed mind to grasp, much less obey, among colored than among while i As a re3mt ; j am withoul th ^ motners. . , -i vory look, 11 having achieved noth- For the population in general.] lng but a passi resemblance to' twins are born cnce in about every [ grimy a i abaster> My halr ls dulled 90 confinements. One does not see from soaping anrl j- ve nunked tv,. thr ace of the mother at leaist up until about the a?b of 35 (o 39. Al- quite so many twins walked around 33 one would expect from 1 1211 res, however, since the infant ru^rtality of twins is somewhat greater than that in a .single birth. Twins are by lar the most com- fingernail test. A 60-second workout, leaves me lirerf and run-down. Every day I seem to have )es* bounce to the ounce and pause* no longer refresh me. I probably should be ashamed of men multiple births; triplets oc- myself, but I've never stopped to cur only about once in every 9400 \ ask the man who owns one. My confinements and quadruplets once in about 620.0&0. One can expect quintuplets to be born only about once in 57,000,000 confinements. There are two kinds of twins. Fraternal twins are the result of twins may be of the same or of La Un-American countries. The Dominican arms plant supposed to make the tight little half-island secure against such op- sex. Except for having birthdays, they may be teeth'don't sparkle and I haven't the courage to ask the waitress for an extra finger bowl so I can brush my teeth after every meal. Just the other day an ad Informed me that I needed "honest food," the fertilization of two eggs. Such and ever since I- have been sus- ed some Interesting .speculating mi art, Armeria Is a branch of the war position. Originally, the Tnijillo Washington. General Vaimhan's; department ol the Dominican Re-j government tried to interest newest decoration is the Order nf; public. Juan Pablo Duarie. awarded 'him by the Dominican Republic. Reason for the raised eyebrows over' this move is that the Dominican government Several month an Agent ngo, ArmerSa retained as its American agent an or- sanization known as Clark -Tuckfr- man, with offices In New Ynrk. Head of this organisation is Edwin has for some time! N. Clark, a retired U. S. Army re- American firm in setting up the plant. Brinjr in Hungarian Group This plan was dropped In favor of a Hungarian group. They had been driven from home by a Communist coup. When they escaped, Ihpy brought with them patents for a new super-light machine eun. The I Inventors were Voltnos Lotsos and opposite identical _ ,. _, —., . . as different from each other as any est? How other brothers or sisters. picious of everything I've eaten, But how, I ask, can you b« abeo- lately certain A pork chop is hon- been trying to ?et! scrve brigadier general. a contract ro i Clark-Tuckerpian's contract with [ Pa ] Ktraly. ' manulac t u r e ; Armer1a L '< llls for services as tech-; Alexander Kovacks, a Hunsarian- small arm* fnrj nl cai adviser and lor assistance in' horn hnt na turali?ed citizen of the the U. S. govern-! getting U. P. war contracts, FPPJ (o | Dominican Republic, made a trip IDENTICAL TWINS Identical twins arp the result of trie fertilization of a single eg? which later divides. Identical twins are always the same 5 much alike in both phy: mental characteristic*- There are apparently about one-fourth as many Identical twins as fraternal twins. Twins are •apparently neither superior or inferior to other people. The mental and physical develop- avoid heat exhaustion ment, or tor ihRj military a ssiFt- ance program to| other foreign governments. So far, the Dominicans haven't been having any luck. r«? Ic L ^ r . P ™ p ™f. e Jli. 01 Rl1 m ° ney to Europe to contact' this group nn k ena jj O j j- ne Tr'.ijillo government five-per- HP, sunceerled In ousting Lots OH from center'? take for Pentagon influence I the combination and made a dea pcddiine. But so received from contracts. This raised the' usual erman has obtalnei ar. Clark-Turk-! with Kiraly to start production in no contract for the Dominican Republic. Today, Ko- erval, the- Amer- ; vacks is Armerla's general mana- posert to be paid I ster. | The Dominican government has the Armeria i been simultaneously carrying on a Ifl4fl. Its exist- heavy publicity campaign in the wn and its pro- United States. There have been full tched by U, S. pa^e ads in eastern newspapers, icnuld be a quite talking np the potenUal- L*thr Caribbean, i ities of the Dominican Republic. It But even as an Innocent victim. Central American Ind South Amer- Is pictured as a land full of oppor- In this kind of business, of course, i Aimr-ria. In this in it Ss never considered a dl^advant-! ssccnts are su age to have nn Influential fripnrf; $5i>0t) a month. A round the White House or (he; The- full story PentaRon. Nothing has been hnnc I plant zocs back I on General Vftiighan in this respect. | ence has been kr mind you, He is thus far clean as i cress has been \ a hound'* tooth on this Dominican > drfensr officials. I deaK ' distnrbliiE factor m ent of id ent ic al t win = is very much alike. Fraternal or non-iden- , Wflrm evcnir ™ :,ical twins, on the other hand, tend Nn mfl tier" how hard I in or o become more different In mental j ev€n if T cheat a mtlf , rm ciBmned traits as they grow older. j if T can tel| wnich twln hgg ths The study of the physics! and Tom , j- ve 5 ,-i t ched from bay nim ental traits of twins, triplets, U o sloe gin but still no one has quadruplets and quintuplets has nominated me as a man of dis- shed a. grat deal of li?ht on human t tinction. by allowinp; himself to be decorated.! ican pcarc. if u .1 he has contributed to the system c.f; production personal favor-giving ^htrh many • Thp Dominican|Repubiic shares got into wide I timlty for capital. investment foreign government* and their dip- j the Wr=t, Indies i?Knci between Cu- lomaU reel they have to follow lo! ba and Puerto Hie with Haiti. Sev- grt what they're after. j rral revolutlonart attempts have lu thp case; of the Dominican' heen launched fr-^i Cuba to over- arm.-; factory, it has tried the usual' ttuo-v the Domin' Still another campaign has been waged to have the Dominican ra^ sugar quota raised for Import into the United States. The crow nine event of all bujld-up no doubt came when Domfront-door business approach and i In puttinz dmvnlthese and other | Inlran Ambassador Luis Thomen thp. hirinc of an American acent. | hnme-breved uprlln^s. lons^-timp i pinned a medal on General Vaugh- Oftfcial name of the concern which! PrrMdpnt Trujillo las charged that- an's chest as a "staunch can you test the character of a baked potato? Lord knows how much dishonest chow I've innocently consumed. By all the standards of the advertising industry, I am hopelessly ar-= mode of living. Vic- lat T am, T still wrestle with those awkward, otrf 10- and 12-inch records and play them on—thts'll -kill you—a pokey 78-rpm player. The wife and I can't get but about 30 minutes of : music at 'a whack 'out : 6f the "old machine ' and consequently we have to lake turns changing record sex and are I ™™ '" W mt > ri e • physical and ^»" 'S? 0 .^ * h " stacks to these Inheritance as well as being a matter of personal interest to thousands 75 Yeen In BlytheYille — Dr. A. M. WrtMimirn. active member of Ihe Dud Oason post of the American Legion, who is goine to Boston for a year, will be guest of honor at an entertainment to be given by other members of the post Tuesday night, prior to his departure. It u-ili be knoi-n as "Dr. Washburn's Night.' 1 Mrs. Howard Proctor, national committee woman of the- Arkansas Department of the American Lezion Auxiliary for the past year. Va! the plant is Armrria. R. A.--! his real rnnmlrs wire the Commu-! of the lofty ideals of western clvili- i elected alternate commfftec- woman the (wo letters being the equivalent ; nist* nf Cuba, Guatmala anrl nthPM ration." IN HOLLYWOOD Bi ERSKINK .I)1INSON XKA Staff Cnrrisponrfrnt EN ROUTE TO HOLLYWOOD i The Wz outdoor Nicer) (here rl?es —Coast to Coast: Hollywood's gag writer? and comedy cartoon makers, I'm discover- me nn a fiOOQ-mile jaunt, urmmd the U. S,, have brought out the ham in sftrn painters at. thr nations ! fnp tourist aUracUoris. Pn?r sani- |ptc?: At Except tor ,\ brief period when Wendell Wllkle rppresctiled the. lor.e voice calling for a reform in (he thinking o! Ihe leadership of the party, (he Republican numbers of Congress have been the sole policy makers of the party.—Morton 5 Zaller. Cleveland, o., attorney; veteran GOP leader. * • » In Ihls country the State Department is moving to destroy the freedom of our newspapers by usm? (he Unilrri Nations as a shield for its ac- tivttics.-Scn. John W. Brickfr (R., O.) * « • The American tourists have lost their zip Er- ne.M Hctmncttay nvrlten could down 20 whiskey sour* at onf fitting—and then go back to his hotel to work.--Harry McEthone, of famous Harry s Nev York Bar, in Parts. . * « * Kodtrum* 'in thF theater* . - . lend lo produce A one-fool-up, one-fool-down sort of acting which 1 hmi peculiarly dispiriting. I have very few conversation* nn the stairs tn my own house,—A.lec Guinws. British actor. • * * • Thr stair.: belonging to the aggressive North Atlantic union have taken thp. road To an un- rpMramfrt armamenta derive, and the creation of mor« anri nvur new military bases in Europe and thf Near £?..<'., increasing the threat of war.— V. M. Mclolov, deputy premier of Russia. r« Fnlh. whrrr vnn fatn-soatofrl against the IrrrifK spray nf Ihe American f;ilK n «-fllrr-so.iVrd *\gn reads: NO SMOKING." At Hie Rov'al George, ''here a nxk hancs mer thr l(K10-Ioc>t drop? tn Ihe Arkansas River, a neatly lettered stzn reads: : 'MUSTN'T POINT." j Halfway to the top ol Pix«> , reAk, beside the coc railroad tr^rk>. i therrs' an abandoned •-ouvrnir 1 shark with a sicn out front ex- i plainme: •OONF OUT OF BI'PINFPS IBANKIHifT BY HIGH-TAX ' HARRY," Fancy Tnlry The Iarnou> Pump Roo;n In Chl- r.ijn's phis Ambasfsrior Hotel E,f! « known from roast to roa.M a = THF, plJoe to dlnr In the Windy City Am- day now I «»speri thn Pump Room will be on television lt\ t.i rrrl-rr>alcd «,\itcr* re- \olvinc *alart table, flamlnc s^»rtrds and toffee hov drcs*c<l like Tonv Turt^ a* a mpvle prince, pin nn a Brrle ha^ ever whtsllcd (hrriiich. HolIy^rKiri glamor no'f in ^'nTk P^nn: A pirl weariii? an otf-^he. shonldrr nlouse dri\tnc a vnit- rtrink truck few yards massacre site. waukce. WIs., that View, reiulres Iwo : itA hree audience. rntfance and a with ihe same moi to back. om an Indian iopular in Miline. the Twin- reens to handle here's a north outh entrance. '25 playinc back West hnri four Pi The play to In Fort Smith this week. a meetine of the state group at Radio Songstress Ihe first three tricks showed that] Read Courier News classified Arts. East. had the are-kins-jacfc of spades. East later showed up with the kinc of diamonds. Yet East, failed lo open the biddine. Is it possible that. East would have passed if he also held three or four clubs header! by the queen? The dog would have barked if he had held the rjticen of rluh.s. Therefore it was clear that West had Ihe queen of clubs. I've tried ei?arHtei toasted, roasted, slow-bakea and sunny- side-up. After several 30-day t«t«. I .still have, sinus in my T-tone. A nose test convinced me I still prefer to inhale a cigarette via mouth. When I open a pack and smell 'em, it raises hob with my hay fever. Throat-scratch worries me. especially when I'm shaving. And I definitely prefer the king-size fags to the. miserly-short butts the boya in the office toss away. Two-to-one, Independent schooks like me prefer bummine smokes. It's so eafiy on the budget- Should I wind up on » psychiatrist's sofa. I'll feel half-safe to saying the ad agency boys drove me there. Life tn these times Is • sufficiently complicated without' trying to live by a score of slogans, although I this view marks me as some kind of a retarded character. And even my best friends UH me lhat—to my face, the bums. South Iherefore be^an the cluos' once Elve awav auto- anri croteles to lure ma and riari lo the moles. Now they're rn'-n'irix on IK kids, A nro- Srr HOM,V\V<l<p nn Pate 10 JACO1 ON BRIDGE OSWALnjIAfOBY Written lor NJA Ecrvkt Bidding I Key Clue to Clrds Hrjlmesrnce myjVry from the Ic.t lhat ! t.lilrd to bark Br«e players dn I his .ill thr time, f today's hand WEST 49731 V62 *Q72 NORTH (D) U AQ 1(1« ¥ Q 1093 4 A72 *A63 EAST « AKJ1 ¥ 74 • KBS A 108 H SOUTH 434 V AK J8J « QJ 10 *KJ J North-South vul. EaM Pass 1 V Pass ^ » Pass Opening lead—4 2 led Ihr- dice of spades. rtiimmv put up thclten. and Easl h Ihe 1ack.>st continued ^ l^ing 'Jc JarX throu?h West vlth the ace of srtVies and thcni" West, ducked. South was deter thp kinj solh ruffed the ! m]Mti , to lf ^,.' h .« J Jct; "<»e. If Wes third round of spfles. drew two ... Y - finessed the i drelarpr would »-.n North Pass Pass \Vwt Pass Pass T. ndj. nf trumps. rn t>f diamond". ast 'vtin mnndp .""nd cot nut In 1 .* dntuond. nvrir thr ro! of t mil th" slichirM" til mink South fhoulo hit v >th ih- club: HORIZONTAt 1,7 Depicted songstress 13 Click beetle 14 More facile 15 Number 16 Insurgent 18 Born 19 Epistle <ab.) SOSlage whisper 9 Exists Zl from 10 Co lion 22 Petty quarrel 25 Scottish sheepfolds 3 Sped 4 Size of shot 5 Olympian goddess 6 Greek god of war 7 Obnoxioui plant 8 Respiratory sound machine 41 Auricles 42 She appears on - (ab.) The ero-Ath of drive-in fh^3'T. : irrrvr-e Th? u. S. is asUmnninr Th' 5 bit ri!i»< have them unrt =o ao 'he failed to b^rk. smaller places like Laramle, Wyo., with the, queen o( clubs h dummy' are and finesse through East, to kins of dia- ; tnc le » ot clllbs ' with a : This "backward finesse" is usual- 'Upon Sou;!i;ly a very poor play. It is ifsvially trick', with-1 better to play F,ast for the cniecn ible. Do vou no matter where the leu is than lo j ve had trou-iplay West for the quren and Past] because I for the len But when you know f"rc""en abo't the dog thai 1 definitely where the. queen Is. the to b^rk. j | backward finesse becomes ths on!y( The opening lead] showed that i hope. 2fi All 33 Semitic tongue 11 Paid attention 35 Cuddle 12 Large planls 36 Metal scum 2i British money 17 TWO (prefix) 38 Verses °' a " n " nt 2? Large fieel 40 Woody plant 28 Also 240ne bchind .- - 29 Symbol for another manpancse 25 Grated 30 Street (ab.) 31 Paid notice in a newspaper 32 Jumbled type 33 Fruil drink 34 Sea caste 36 One-eighth of an ounce 37 Profound 39 Sun god of Egypt 40 Four parts (comb, form) 45 Thus 46 Kimono sash 43 Bird 19 Goddess of infatuation 50 She is a radio 52 Tranquilize 54 Frightens 55 Looks fixedly VERTiCAL 1 Apportions 2 Turkish vilayet 43 Insurgents (coll.) 4-1 The dill 47 Feminine appellation 49Riverin Switzerland 51 Greek (ah.) 53 Symbol (or calcium

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