The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1931
Page 4
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..r. -t E: iiL'\"i HbyiLLE COURIER NEWS TJffi COURIER ' KEWSiCO* POBU6HEK5 • .'. , ., •-.'•; P.! R. BABCOCK, Editor l j.-jj . H.'\y. HAINES, Advertising Manager COURIER NEWS ' vale National Advertising Representative!: > . THe Thomas F, Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, San Tranclsco. Chicago, St. Louis. Pubiisucd Every Altcrnoon Except Sunday. Entered as teconl class matter av the post ouicc'at pjyihevllle, Arkansas,, under act of ' Corisrcss October 9, 1817. Served by the United Press , . . SUBSCRIPTION RATES " By t carrler : in the city o! Ulythcvllle, ibc per 1 »'cek, .of fu.50 per year In advance. v " By mail yrlthln a radius of 51, mUea, »3.CO per . ypar.J 1.50'for six month;, 85c for three months; by shall In postal zones tiro lo six, Inclusive, • M.E'0 pfi- year, tn zones seven ,~i eight, JIO.OO per year, payable ui c47iec*. . Legislative Cost !.-.'Many .'\ra-o"the; comiilaiiih agniust the extravagance of Hie 1929 legislature, tojjd jinjyjy .the promises of reform prior to'' (hVopeiiing of the 1931 £a^i#n, Jiyt i now- lliat* Avkansas law 'hARers avc^l'^oi-k it'is apparent Hint thsy-. jjjai) to.sct.a new high record for'puninp' 1 tli6'peoplc'd money into v*f.f:-aes*:.. ,...-•-/ . ,--• , CiSl .if.v ,?.'f»e. senate alraidy lias 107 certii.ed employes on tiio payroll, at a cost of ?G08 per day. compared to 77 employes in 1929. Tlic trouble, iu stale the situation • .plainly, is that too many of the men chosen to represent the people of this state have little fueling of responsi-' bility to (hc.-e they are :supposed to serve. They regard their election as a license to do as thsy pleasa \vitli public nionev. , '-"- , For Permanent Relief ' We arc hippy to note that while' the needs that have arisen as a result of drouth anil business deprcss'ton hav? crb\vtled most other..('incstiona into the background Keprescntatiyc Driver and other members of congress"frotti 'drain- ag? and irri gat ion 'District areas, have, not fprgottei^tlie 'ftlejih 'bill for drainage tax relief;ji* 1 ."v«: ^ •'-•" ;; The drainage''dtHvict tax problem will he with us long after the 'farm and business, crisis of 193'0"nnd' 1931 has ef-n.allibufc forgotten. If it could'b^ Q}?«)-'now, along tlie lines 'm-oposetl-.jit. »' i ¥'•' i.t £. ^ ft Jlissouri, in common- with "nVariy' .other regions, would he greatly accelerated. Emergency measures arc nrcdcd to overcome the results of drouth. Hut to make fhe benefits of ";.t.hese,emer-' gcncy measures permanent it is ncces- • sary that the threat of clisast;r which the present drainage tax situation holds shaiilajb^'clJijiinafcd. The- pending leg- i^Stib?? ^ca|i^ Accomplish this, and if Ju"dge ; DriVei : can obtain ills enactment he will have more than justified any. favors he may receive from the voters'- of his district, besides earning' the graUtyde of, tax-ridden farmer.-, in more .than lia'h" the states of'the union. \Vtiat A Garden Can Do For A Fa.nily The Johnson county <vcinaii who wen first prize in tlic stntewliic home demonstration garden contest cultivated a plot of about halt an acre. From ihLs garden tlie canned 683 cans of vcBClcbles, 2G2 quarts and 418 No. 2 c,\ns. In addition she sold fruits and fresh vegetables to the omoimt of $115, besides providing her family with nt least two fresh vegelablcs throughout the year. Tt'.e winner of tlic second prize, wlio lives In Monroe county, liijvJa two-fifths of an acre yield 628 cans of veg:- tablcs In addition to the produce told or consumed fresh. It is true lint these were exceptional jlrlcls. But (lie quantities of friills ni'.J vcuotnWes tin! were obtained from these small piots of ground shows that the sol! or Arkansas offer: o|ipcr- lunily lor rvciy family that cm ciiUlvatc a garden lo prcducc a larse part of Its food supplies. Aliliuugli ll.c droiitli Kits destructive last year, n garden will In normal years, furnish a family «lth fresh vegetables as well K; a supply for canning. .Nothing; nreil be .said atont (lie value in the dnily .'arc of Jrc-5)i fruits and ^•^•t'etab!r5. That Is a matter of common knowledge. Fruits and vegetables cive to the diet both variety ami ne:(!ud foocl elt'iiu-iits. —Arkansas Gaxette. The Wind mil. Cul):i M. Since the "it" K lrl of Hie movies 1ms h:r- self tied ui) in n lawsuit I suppose that is what you would call a. Bow knot. "The cold, cold winter for which Montana b noted, usually sets in late In Jammry, renciics •its fury In February and continues, oitcn into late April"—news iUm. it's not at nil surprising to Jenrn that they have talc Aprils In .(he sl'ntu of Montana, or any other state, because for several years I have been noticing; flint April do« not lenve Arkamas until about the first of May. •V- .f. :;. ^ Neither Is there anything surprising about Niagara Falls breaking, it stood up under the strain much longer that 1 ev:r thought it v.tmld. These luirrt times arc enomjh ' lo break anything except the neck of the wolf at the door. 19,11 *s25Z2SC£rEce f-hiqpAN'Mlr i4vl Uw. On Jan. 23, 1737, Jo!:n Haniack, an American patriot of Hie [Devolution, president of the Continental Congress, a signer of ihe Declaration of Independence and ihi first governor cf Mossp.chuselts | was born In Bratntree, Mass. A graduate of Elarvard, Flnn- ! ick served for many years as 0:1? ;d tiie selectmen of !3a;:oii. He fiwi I attracted wide attention when lie ! delivered a bald and eloquent ad- :drss on the fourth anniversary cf the Boston massacre. • Appointed a reyrc'entallve of h^ slate in the first Continental Co-ii eress, Hancock became its chai:- • man and then president. He rc- slciied this position in 1777 but re• mained a member cf Congress. In 1870 lie was a member of th. Constitutional convention of Mis- ;sachusetts and upon the adoption .of thc Constitution there was elect' cd first governor of the Elate in which pcsiticn he was retained biannual elcctlcns until 1735.- Alter an interval cf two years he was again governor from 1787 until his death. . The Editor's Letter Box "What's keeping you gjris? The boys are already here." WASHINGTON LLTTER llIVOltCE • To the editor:) The Courier tonight (Jan. contains, an article on divorea by Faith .Baldwin, and on ihe sam; page Is a picture of t\vo whose faces and lives refute Mrs. Baldwin's errors more conclusively than Chesterton will be able to do. It is faces like those of Mr. and jMrs. Edison, whose lives present | the story of ideal marriage and the ^ ^---^5^2ajs™s7c^<;^^ ™.,.,- - --^5a IttPOKTAHT 5STS OF Pi£S "^§3 "ONE SEX ON EACH OF ""* ITS FW£ ARMS P/NNAQ& slates, is a confession of failure, b'.ii - .^...^ , a .,» . M , e Sl ; ue5 ^ a - iu vorce than by quarreling parents. ; mony except in case of- children" \Vise parents avoid friclioii in the ! should te the rule. Most women to rrliiin linl if il ,!„„- „« ____ .i.« ..... __i j ___ ____ .. . -"-.ii i.j Senator XciTis' Proposal lo Abri:,l, <T tlet-larcs i>i-t <ev-n of th» Imt ' «" " Isplraticn fcr to;la y.,Electoral College Gain, Siipr-.i i! presidents have had a mM-i-v ; H° " ^ Ol ilrs ' Edison ' 5 Frcm CcnereEsman Ij-n. Who of the" total v'n« ntf muraKi .™tlou to her husband, and Ihe ui UIL iciai ;oi2 cast. jmoiiw ocr.jr-t«»«« ^r, j^ ^ Would Give States Voles lo Popular Vole. BY KOJDNEV DVTCHCI! NEA Service IVrilcr . WASHINGTON. Jan. 23. — Til'- Qnincy I prciiosal to abolisli the elec ! college i[ the L?a amendment nad b;en Elsa Iri ha ' h 1 j •••".) w^ vuat i inn £>i:,;i I:.1I15K1H ^^.^l^^^^l^JS^ "No one who wears spals," says Uwis Onn- net; {lie .critic, "cnn' get far in America." Probably because so_ many «atc!i,his step. - ,- - . ...... dents recently advanced by S:^- over Benjamin Harrison Tild'n - " nflcrstand '-- " When .an artist -^resists • n- temptation it is easy for him la .say, "That's ^herc 1 draw the line." ' -..":.. ' , • Btni waters run deep, mil occasionally '• the prohibillo:i officers nn;i their source. ' - : ':, \ tor Morris of Nebraska v.-ith .... | promise that h; v.-cul:! promot? in i the n3.\t Conjres? a cons'.'.tutlc-.-..-: ;aine!idmeiit for iliroct prL'sldeiri..'. ! 'clectiou.s. fllso has a vigorous '.':/;;- iwrtcr in t^e Hous;. lie is GJ-,- Igressman Clnreucj F. Lsa. a C.'.\- Ifornlu Democnt, and hi' has introduced a constitutional .nniemim ::: which would 'radically cite present mc'.hcd s had a popular about 253.CW about 100.COC. The electoral Harrison Tildn -nd plu nitty o" lu »""""".> ui s 5 i[ t 0 and Cleveland Is appor- _ Germans .in . Berlin recently honored the memory.-of the founder .of. .the postcard, The guess is they wished he were there. Many a bootlegger thinks Ills cralit. good because of his liquid assets. II didn't take iouj before that broken por- . tion of Niagara Fails was mist. To thorn v.-ho have sp:tH honeymoons there It will, hardly scour possible tliat there runltl ever be n breaking off nt Niagara Falls. lionccl to five each, state as manv eieclcis as i!, has U. ,S, stmtors and rcprcspiitatlvcs.. Lea observes that this siies states -with smaiicr populations a big": break because t-i ,nine slrilt-s with ir.crD I'nan half trie, •population of The country iinve IB as has Mrs. 1 , I s a<iapled h "' g rea t husband's need~ remarriage is n worse failure. Merc children are harmed by tli- anyhow. Of course the alimony business is as she states. home. but if it does come they mest I day can earn their own livin it, overlook it, diminish it as years ' well as men, and ought to if go by. Learn to live and let live, as 'millions of permanently married have done, and will contimte . Thank God for the EdisDns and Einsteins an-J all the goMsn wedding pictures in the papers. 'Mrs. D. says there are worse failures lhan infidelity. There, are not. And women ivlil never accept the double standard again, although, fihe love of one man many are accepting, man's lowr- ideals instead of helping him !D :he higher. Whatever sin man indulges It Is certain that woman will come tumbling after--Jack and Jill. or In courage, wisdom his heels—short hair. be. But another error: Any dscen-, man knows the mother of his children as he does no other wonnn. Mrs. Baldwin scoffs at that idea ami destroys ihe beauty and hoiine=<! p£ marriage. Thc Wise One w!:o"nd- vised marriage ill Genesis 2:24'cl- so planted deep In human hearts lov 0:12 \vo- man. for his children „„„ , .,,i mother, as 'a stabilizer ibrcugh trv- iug years. If the marriage is n great disappointment it is also wise to remember another promise: "Bhss- you remember. Yes, in folly and ed is the man that sweiret'h to his and ovrt hurt a:ui changes net." ..i right- Will Mrs. Baldwin and Mr. Ch-s- cijarets.lterton touch upon birth ccntrsl. seldom urB soul and lives W o=5 I E n atM.flTt'? *"*• ^^ ^°» ^h npcu birth cciurj. ^ ^^nr=a.^!S?t»s^&a|s*sr.-^stis bcls against one marriage makes a success ot the secoi .-;jLea. proposes, abolition of i:ic ' senators, whereas the other 3J electoral, college, but tcinitlo:i by suif.-s with fc~ than halt the pop- th« slates.of their at, preaenUy.-alloitcd. nh:..-!i be dividcdj-.up^ among ubiic.M have 78 senators. 'But 113 dales ln:'.p|bpert!on to.Ihe p.--p'.il3r »U.I (icos not yroposs to change '-method of apportionment. the - .—-i-«-i—-— i-....w .........j, , H^' stresses, hoj-ever, the fjct VCIM they i-ecelveu. , that t h= electoral college vote na\v. • 3r n ™" i.-- C """-- 1>0 . P ".-' ; ' '- n - a " '' V:lh "'- eillil ' D state « lc ct3ral vote . of two million v.r.r; can. . C av thrcush the .operation of thc c'ec- i to:al ccilege; bo c!anic<l the iircil- d?ncy in favpr ot'.aii O|)pji:;':il'.i t'.vo million fewer votes." f/?a i!:in;5 out. " •". •• A resident of an Ohio town says r.iciio programs arc coming In from his stove. H is true some projrnm's lately sound like blazes. .s a unit fcr His candidate ivlia wins a p.ipnlar plurality- in the s:.ite. completely innores a vast-minority vc:e. In no other Instance in the civilized world, he says, are nii- : " ri :y votes thus discarded before ..,., '" c ". s . °™. "*, lV: " 'final computation of ejection re- Ihrto times v,;a hnve c!':-:cdmi- . tun',; norlty presidents over m?r, wit.i ' " \veulcl Eml Dcafllcclis I larger vctes-in 1.824. 1370 ;; ,-.rt iM'J. ! ;-,-,r instance. t: t sav.s. New York f, system which -.Ihu.* pornr:;.-. Ihe -. v ;, h ;;-.,: lakes', population has -15 c;i!e i-; j ebctr.rii voles. Nevada, with 111™ -"'CCt .Mra'.;.. -T. IMS three. MC-T Yirl: ins :aj>o:-t- ;,, c: - c ; ;,,,, r2,(KJO,CCKi (M^ilation and j-Ncv.-id.i less than 100,00;). Suppose n 5nyi|ci!^ra:ifli(Jn:e carried Mcv: York by j O.-L'. The fact automobiles are barred in Bermuda leads us to suspect that that's where they "know their onions." I OUTQURAVAY By Williams | Homing of the will of U:? a dangerous system antl | ci government of jnujor . ance." The California congress! the business of volinj lor ..res!- f 5: . H ro ; : . s Rllc! t: , c o .j ler cinh:i dcnttal electors rather lh E n actual ; j: t . V:u ,,. by ^oo votes _ 7h c a ca.xidatcs K necilleii. inconvi j man woulj have exactly the same ;«m! cumb^r^mc. ITo aE rc,r, with ,.„;,„;,, r vo!c in lhcs? t > o fl! , tc . ^ Norns mat tlic r.yst.-m n-.ak: 5 dim- (,,,,, n . ;t man-tile fcllo-.v who circuit the development of new par-j,-ic:i New Ycrk-bm lie would hav. ties. He fays t!,e col,,,;,. :s un-ionly u, Ke t .) fC ! Oi al vacs out of i; suited to a three-puny sys:«* b:- | to 1,,, opponent's -15. *T,crr. HEROE-B ARE MAOH. -WOT BORM it takes n . tody to elect a president, j Lea v.'Ciild give t'r.e clrti j ;iov hi; i'.n-.ciirt:r.ont. to i 1 who ;-.iti a plurality ui ! I -j:.\\ vote. Tiie winner a mincrity choice, l-.s adinii;, but j elected. c: Uat ; T M anicn:hr.cnt would also end • • possibility ci clcclica deadlock; I on .1111- sue:! as c jcurreu in ISM. 182-1 an;! 1 .-,.? mill 1870 am..-i widespread bitlcrness, :•" el2c-;T-'-a ; ; .;Ui?. liicre '.vcukl nev:r b? i:.;::t be | any i;iie.<l:cn as to who had been Parents, particularly mothei-s, are paying a lot of attention to children's diet these days. For it is far more economical and pleasant to keep a child well by- feeding him correctly than by nursing and doctoring back to health, Diabetes Morality Gaining In Spile of Insulin Remedy DK. MO1IRIS F Jcurnal of tl: Mfcliriii ;V;scclalIon, L Kfin, the Health ^ Sine j In 102:1. mpci jthli iniu'tly •'-i' the .sn-.:.i: | a:;:l to,- ;ii? rcnfr.-rhi-; ,-• n:--, 0:1 nu.ncraiis f.-r- . !i:r:X .clir.v in (he drr.t!: :,i:-.• cf pjr.mns A:-.:-rlra-? ' bebw the :-.-c c: n Tiie total nv.m- ; i: r Ilv- 1 !, b;r of dcatiis l:?b-v -10 yc.irs cf age 'FO shov.-s a slishl -a'eclLne. Huv.evcr, from -to yr-ars onward In 1023. men ROM?: ..:.'h.>v:i ! tlir ilentii rale i:, i;v.n 3 ; C r th: lmi:ir:..;i-; of : '''nple roascn t'na't lianicnhiis cl the i life i^rteric? and gar.c^ipr.?. ^^ c2i:iplica- ,.-n:l- i l ! QUS ct rf-^u^cr. m.ik? the c'aiidi- .... , win ti=" .very teri-us. r.irtirularly ss- ' we .lid p:r\-,3:is',y in: 2 b::n ir.vai--: riolis to n dw'jct:.- is increased by ii:. ili-MHicv. j«-:isi:i. Ti.c r.-o of .:tc:,i;y. t):j in- 'u'''"rvr-k' ! i : -.\v !-.'v,fV.vr''m^i b!:tcs ' € ' lurrt'c'tiln:;":' t. : .» art^rfc Ti t. i ti« v -)^ T1 -m r .- _|m;;l difTic.iil iirob'.rm ; ,.n.-i i, ; cT ; If !.'? patient \vltii d;-. 'l!:riK!:;'y n!:.iu ti:: cr. : £:c:r.n. if ho fo!'..r,,, t'.-. -as to d:rt LV.IC'. h-. f.-.i^. a piiyii: ^f course the doctor should be consulted regarding what a child should eat and what he should not eat. But do you realize that the leading manufacturers of food now seek tiie advice and approval of the leading nutritional authorities in the country, relative to he claims they make for their products in their advertising? In other words, food advertisements are reliable sources of information regarding diet. They arc" based upon the results of the latest approved 'scientific discoveries about vitamins, minerals and roue'hap'e in relation to vigorous bodies, clear complexions sound teeth and properly regulated systems. So read these advertisements carefully Consult your doctor about them. Very often the advertiser invites you to do this because he has asked authorities, whom your doctor respects, about those advertisements first. Iv ' ; - "• .-'.i :.v,( :-::r.- :;:':til:;y l!tr '•••^'- 11;. "h'.i : 1^1 :i ci:re fv. • n-:, ' u , r ,,•,..- .- : ; ., n ;. d!;':M,v; it :•; a n,c..:c:; cf ir.r>!- • i::ai t^-.-- r:- --.i-.-.-' c-. .-; cf the mc " 1 ;Ul!<:; > '"--'Si. b; rijorms'.y :.:;- ! di'casc ri:id tlu: ti'.:u ;.;-.- n -- ri f ~. -lowcct. vere in rsccnl yonib'thau :-'r.-,:rly.' _ n.-.' ' ;\-' : -'" ! c --'.fi i'a;s !r:ai din- ! T'.-o ccm:-,-.:n sp!3;r C5rr;j= c", : .'". ; . ' r . : - f->'i'-'i',iis to vl'; in spit: h!c feet a ccnib. v Inch ]-.^;T- in t!r '• _r. :!iv.:,::i, f.;t there has beer. & dc- ; ?.cavinj of >is v;c'o. ' " | I ^

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