The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1934
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United Press BEYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHKA 8T AHKAN8AB AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI «• VOL. XXXI—NO. 31 Blythevllle Dally New lilythevllle Courier MLulsilppl Valley Lender lilythevllle Herald ULYTIIKVIl.l.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, APRIL 23, l$ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 3 DEAR/4 WOUNDED AS DILLINGER FLEES Fisher Body and Chevrolet Employes Quit Their Jobs Today. S. LOUIS, Apr. 23 (UP)—Ao- pvovlmalelv 3,000 employes of the Chevrolet Motor comuanv nnd the Fisher Bodv company plants here vtet" on strike tnrliv. demanding reinstatement of l'',0 follow "inflows vhn \vi>rr> not rehired after i seasonal lavoff. All of tlie striking emoloves were ordered onlo th? DicVet. lines bv union officials and milled around the pdioimiw plants. Ofiicials of the companies re- fiijjtil to make a statement bui It was understood that oiwra- Hnni at the plants had cease' entirely. f'lsim rl:int .it Standstill CLEVELAND. O.. Apr. 23 (UP) — Thousands of Fisher Bodv corno ration workers walked out of th Cleveland plant todav in a str'ki which il was feared mav cause th' nnti'f automobile labor tinder box to flame an»w. The walkout, origlnnllv voted in secret ballot nn March 8, was Working Convicls as Mules llaltwl by Governor Fulivll Stands 'Ready to Swoop at First Signal of Territorial Partition. Wllli Julian Sentenced to Hang for Murder at Shreveport SHHEVrrOHT, I.u., Apr. 'J3 ID I'l —I). II. NapliT, :I8, allns 1'red Inrkharl. paper liuUrillv tiili^-- mnu, wns convicted nt his trial here tndiiy on u charge ol niur- d'rlng :i youir< girl. The ctjurl •cnii' him lu hang. 'Die Irlnl wax conducted as na- tlmial guardsmen, called uul u week ago when n mol> tried Hi lynch Napier ult'sr his inresl and conCi'sslon, palrolU'd Hie courthouse upline and iUotxl with rillf.i hisldi- llu.' rourl foom. •sharp w;irnlnr tu lh<- wurlj (u p..-.-.— n n n I r fl-r s(u[. Intrrfcrlnc In Oiiursc K'-|L|ULL I UUIIILI I ralrs. this wrlwi ^f artidrs b) I Jj I H f P I 11111(11 III Wlllhini 1'hllli siniiiis, fitim-d uu-| u ' IILL I I IIUULUI GIVEN APPROVAL Convicts are shown here doing the work of mules on an Arkansas jirlsun farm, jiisl before the uriicUcc was ,Mu|i»vd by unlcr u( dov. J. M. Fulrcll. The prisoners were put at work pulling 100-pound cotton planters, with ether lelons guiding llu- Implcnu'iu.s. while the farm was short of mules. State investigators reported tlie work was no more strenuous than the regular prison manual labor and that they saw no reason to call a halt. "No civilized stale can permit such a practice." said Governor Futrcll. Four Trusties Flee Michigan City Prison MICHIGAN CITY, Ind., Apr. 23 tUP>—Four trusties at the state prison, including three lifeterm murderers, have escaped, Warden uis E. Kimkel announced today, ft was from this prison that U. S. Fleet Prepares for "Quick Transit" of Canal -I 1 ,,(i thorlty un foreign affulrs, I n U r« t UIH) tiiiirUin'sH. This h the vrrond artlrie or Lhr rrlcs on Chink, written on Slmmi 1 world lour for Thr Courier News .,, d otiu-r NBA Jhrvir. «»«»«»"• ||: x , e ,,sive Gravel Surfacing Program Ap|Kars Assured Here. 11V WIUJAM PlIILII- SIMMS Copyright, 19:14. NBA Service, Inc. I'EII'INCI, April 23.—Frwicc, with the world's greatest coluniiil empire next to Great Britain's, him her eyes on a sllue of China ivs big as Ihe 13 original American coionies. Iinperturlwuly, the French aic ' a ' m \ watching every move umdc on the I.a!x>r exjienst 1 on an extensive street surfacing project for Hly- thevlllc has l»e"n u|>provc<l uv the P. K. A. A. oirire nl I.llllc'HocK stnn sooni , t Wa5 nrd-rrrl into efleit. ot 7 A. M. to- Jonn was paroled and day following Ihe breakdown in r^votintion?: seeking recognition of the United Automobile Workers Federal union. Piokels massed 25 deen around . U'e ten rfMtt entrances at 7 A. M.. when 4.000 men of the day shift usually start work. The union claimed that oi'lv foremen were allowed through the lines and that oneratlon of the hupe plant was virtually at a standstill. from which ten members of his gang escaped In September last, ! ar. The lifers were Charles Irwta. Wlllnrd Butler, and Leland Philips. The fomth to escape was Noel Seals, sentenced to a three year term for burglary. L. Drake, 65 Morning of Self-inflicted Wounds. | canal. Meanwhile the army guarded tlie canal !tx.'ks night nnd day. The orilr-r for the hasty transit came froai Admiral David F. Sel- OSCEOLA, Ark.--C. L. Drnke. I lers, but it was reported that he 65-year-old Oscpola grocer, shot'acted upon advices from \Vash- tlrivers May, Strike CbBVELAND, Apr. 23 . (UP)— Rnread of the city wide strike of easoline station attendants to include about 275 tank wa?on drivers, with supplies to all but designated .stations anpeared imminent today. Th« tank w-acon drivers have threatened to Join the 2,000 station attendants on strike If Ihe! major oil companies dr> not agree :am wa°on anv-. pv t • r> . icnt shut-on- ot: u e {i e s Government to Prove Wronq Doing in Anti-Smith Campaign. WASHINGTON, Apr. 23 (UP)— VoTogoiUr7ng« and'^orWng! ? isrh °P 3 * mfS Camon - Jr " today B ! defied the government to prove that he had been qullty of wrong doing in connection with the fi- limself twice with a borrowed calibre revolver, in the backyard of his home at 11 o'clock his morning. He 'died a half hour later. The fift pttrnr.teri 'he M- renlton of a neighbor, who wit- nef.wd a, second and third, shot, secoml shot apparently' misled but the third entered mide.r the ri^ht car. The witness, a Mr. Mavhfw. told officers Hint he was in his shed when he heard the first shot. Looking out lie saw Drake falling to the eround and..watchtd the. man fire two Fhots '. Tlw first, which ni- If China blows up, or Is torn asunder by the ever-Increasing ington. preisurc from without, France will project, started by the city an be on hand for her share of the county some time ago, will piob sfJolLs. ably be resumed lomorrow. Her sphere of Influence or zone These Il( , w projects will mean ad of special interest Is the territory iiuionnl work for men on the locti of Walnut street, in front ot th court house. Work on this latlc > juries Suffered in Automobile Upset. HAYTI, Mo., April 23.—I). H. Mclnthc, 44, farmer on the B, E. ,-Kem tiinn west of here, and lath- "", ,",' V"."" ~ T" "U"—,' i«i»«»>» »'«'* > ur ""=» «» »"= '"" U of 13 children, died late Sat- ? f ^'"IT" .a»d KwanBsl on French, rc i|, ( llsls . Thc n , niorti stm , uiday afternoon from Injuries «_ I«<}o-cmn«s northern frotler, the ! MWCr n nd Legion hut pi .vccls luu S I nnP " "• lv «> lc « Hi™ an hour earlier ! L ! llchow IKnl"s«lii and the Islutid not been cmploylnij all ol tl I r H S ' tth ™ n » automobile in which ho,° ! Hlllna " ut ""•' I'=""«>" 11 '», P0"> 1 - eligible men. LLflUu • «'» s riding with W. 11. Tompkins,] ' ' Tne Iluw street project, It another farmer overturned a short In ^ ne Great Fower understood, calls for gravel BU 1 II IT HflHIl distance south of Havtl ' • le ulttncl ond thf Penln- r n cmg of most of the unsurface L MI i nnnn "'""*-*• ^^.n ui mi)u. . f . r ...i r nf T.,,,,,,,,. -.v,.,,!. _..__.. _, ,._ .. * .... .. facing of most of Die unsurfacei streets of the city.' Just ho ,as French as Long Island Sound Is balli had been drinking. Improvement ill Debt Pay- Tompklns. drlvir or the car, wns _ A " a France strategically would ' ^ ,. , D ; severel 'occunv n nositkm in tli. P»r EM I mcnts Marks progress cc i iiu of Recover)'. severely hurl, but ii is not bellev- •Ics will prove fatal Prosecuting Attorney Bob Hawkins stated that any prosecution occupy a posillon ill the Far Errand to none save Japan. Yunnan Is the second largest or thc 18 provinces of China proper. In area It Is almost 150,000 square sible to complete Is u'ncertaii depending upon tlic amount material It is possible to obtal Mr. Wilson said today that' grav for approximately a, mile and half of street appeared assured. The possibility of obtaining additional gravel may depend upon mm OF ay HUES Three Girl Companions Captured in Raid at Northern Lake Resort. RT. PMI1,. Minn.. Any. 23 (UP) • Julin nilllnvor. with two d?S':er- 'Omp'inlons, was bulliiml rac- , g south through tui urmy or today after routing law nf- ci'r.s In four bloody gun laities ilhln 12 hours. Behind the fleeing trio, mak- • v ll'jl'r path across Wisconsin's lid luke cmmlry, were three- dead id four seriously wounded inert, lure girl companions, aipiur-Ed lawn nl n marl hotel near agle nivcr, Wls,, nftcr Dllllngor id four or five other men fled, naintalned gangland's code and efuse.d to talk. Federal ngents, sheriffs nnd na- Intial guardsmen literally swiirm- xl over highways as the. llirce mjor fiwitivts sliot it out In St. 'mil, Minn., with Deputy sheriff osuph Heinen. find un limtr liter orcrd nay T. Francis from his nr Just oulsldi 1 St-. Paul and Irove nway in two cars. P.ilrt Lake Rnori . EAOLE RIVER, Wis.. Apr. 23 (U 'I—John nilllnger and a hall dozen machine gun outlaws escap- •d fiom a d2partmcnt of justice nip at Uttlc Bohemia, lodge after three gun battles In which three men were killed and four wounded. Federal agents, who stormed the 'odge ot dawn, captured three women who were with trie outlaws. The notorious Dllllnger was nc- Inj hunted by scores..of department of jistlce men and county residents In the woods between' the Indue and Mnnlfowish. Wls. He and his men "escaped from hours by 5 P. M. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, April 23. (UP)'— Erratic price movements prevailed on the stock market today, based on unfavorable and favorable industrial reports. After an easier opening rallying tendencies set, in. nanclng of his' 1928 campaign j u against Alfred E. Smith. 1 of rompklns would have to be tiy cide other ilinn buslncfs ^ ..... _ ...... u ...... could' bc'nd'I •anrrd"" inC Drake.! elation, dcclcired here .todny. — ....... ——,...-- ....... - D ^. ._. tii:t;]ULill. I ----- --- - i tut* v. win. (jiujt»\.io. National Retail Credit a«o-i Mdntive's funcfal nnd interment " rao " nl5 lo "M^lmately 350,000 Tire Orst, payroll under the-, lo"• ..--i—.. i.— .-..-.. I >•«„,,„„, ,„!!„. ' be ut Walnut litdge, Art:., >ainst Alfred E Smith. ; wno h;ld bl , rn (n ,,,„ gr<x . L , rv bus . | The Arkansas group met today lllis df^r,,^,, at 2 - 3 o o'clock 1111'.^l?!" 1 "?^..^ ^ ft ^l °? ^i foKS ^ <*•<*<*« 'or K to 33 lo ,,?. l «'!y ^'"t 'Wlicat^s. | 0l , r ,, ]e ( , Srrrtloll o , UlL , „ ' Un . A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper .. Bethlehem «tcel ... Chrysler Cities Service Cora, Cola 152 1-2 16 5-8 42 5-8 52 1-2 . 3 12* 1-2 General American Tank 41 1-2 General Electric 231-4 General Motors 38 5-8 International Harvester 42 Middle-west Utilities Montgomery Ward . Now York Central .. Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. . Texas Co U. S. Steel U. S. Smelting .... .. 5-16 31 1-2 35 5 1-8 20 1-8 ; a 1-2 20 1-2 46 1-8 witness stand, the bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. readily admitted under cross-examination all the "cross check" transactions which Asst, U. S. Atty. John J. Wilson presented. These check deals, whereby Cannon could make withdrawals from his ofllctal committee bank account amounts and in years, WPS known to have been unsuccessful In recent efforts to secure a loan. Early this morning Wallace said Arkansas cullcc- tions have improved notably. "Arkansas now is iu t!\d forc- j front in this." Wallace said, "nn;l dcrtnklng firm here. Thc victim is survived by a wife and thhlccn children. square miles. Roughly it corresponils to all New England, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania. Mary- «h e office in temutnd cording Osceola deputy. court house anc borrow a inm, ac-1 chi'f deposit identical - . r fleers he wanted the crux of the government's CE.SC S"" md tne in its attempt to prove the bishop and Miss Ada L. Burroughs, his cx-secrelary. guilty ot conspiracy to evade the corrupt practice act. Drake told of- to keep one said. 1 ago length of counts have bei hiis decreased. 1 'Applications for credit privil- iuie charge nc- carricd on books Vacation at Tavern BS1U.ION, Wls. <UP»—Five htin- cges have increased In romc rcc-1 rtr ed forty-nine pound Arvln Gicsc, 'cal work relief program was made here Saturday. One hundred and eighty men who worked last week on the airport, storm sewer and land, Virginia, North Carolina, Legion hilt ^received $1,532.05. The Carolina and Gcorgla ; The weekly payroll will be Increnscc suljstantlally as work on additional projects gets under way. Occidental as yet but, faintly yrmps the enormous size of Asia. • * • France Uldrs Her Time France Is not tit all excited over Japan's encroachments In the north. She appears but mildly In- wrested in what the British are s m Tn Attend Conferpnce i JACKSON. Miss.. Apr. 23 (UP) — Bishop James Cannon, Jr.. now on . Inal in Washington on charge.; of violating the corrupt, practices ! act. has informed local registration committees that he expects md the llt)l ' s e, it was^ said. (lons as ml]c!| , J5 ^ ]rr cf|]1 dl|r .|n. hula dancer and female Im-'doing in Die "God Land" of Tibet, f nm' m™ M°» I ln 1 u 'e first quarter this year as. pcrconntor. has taken a vacation' or the maneuvers ot the other t ,. . ; ".. ccmparcd lo last." from a wintering circus and is'powers down In llic hell-hole of o.v.'Lohi 1 .? fr°"!L 10 ,'Z .LI. i Wallace nttrluiuwl tlili mark ni visiting hi-, parent.-! here. CHInesc Turteslan. which ho killft! InMuodlnlclv cst: there wns no olforl \v;is not However in plruv limes to increased 27 3-8 110 reach Jackson by Wednesday 52 for the quadrennial ge.n-r.a i...i- 126 7-8 fcrence of the Methodist Episco- ,:iic V. Nrgro Fined $50 For saying they would probably haw! loaned the grocer a yun hud theyj had an extra one. ! Crake Is survived bv his v.irlow| Mcsl of his time lie spends In If there is to be a new scram- hls father's lavern, quaffing lui»e' We for "concessions" at the ex_ tankards of IX'CT and picxm^ at |H-nsc of China, France has her j light li.nrlu-.i. His "iight lunches"ii;lt already staked out. I consist cf Lo'.vls or pota- There is a tacit iindcrstandina Possession of LioUOr'' 0 " 15 "'"' ''"""""'h clninss of between the F.cnch rooster and H meat, pu-iciably pork. II- puultne British lion in southern and away about eljht of these lunches western China. Burma, bordering and one daughter. j pal Church. South. ._ _ I The general board of temper- IVCIV OrlfinnX * niton ance and social service, ot wh.cii ' Bishop Cannon is chairman. Li !•> NEW ORLEANS. April 23. IUP) nlc et Wednesday. —Cotton futures, feeling combined bearish influences, drifted down ward more than 50 cents a bale In a small n-'let market today. Of- . ferlngs were slight, never exert- • Ing any marked pressure, and RIDOWAY, PA. lUPl-Thls re- were moslly from long llquldatlnj. g [ 0n is due for another locus'. Rehearing Denied in Jeb Taylor, negro, was fined S50 for illrtal i:os-:.s-icn of !ntcxi-ai- ; inj llQiior bv Municipal Judge c. A. f.ii::nin"l;nni xiii'i-ui -. ; Jchn Henry Mornmcn, chur^^.l 'v.m. ;agiancy. ai.d Uo:-(io:i era NEEDS tresses Preservation of Fundamentals of Popular Government. NEW YORK. April 23. CUP)— a day just (o "paw the time away." Yunnan on the west, was once The united States should effect As Arvin's ham-like hr.nd s.i.,..; |>ait of China. Now It Is British, economic and social rehabilitation . a urodlglwis sigh furni hh 9S-:ncli Just as Indo-Chinfi Is French. the extent dictated by policies . chest, lie confides that he yearns i But some time ago. when the of sound liberalism, while prcserv- I lion propossd lo extend his rail- , ing the fundamentals of popular a movie career. Demand Ransom for Comparative steadiness in slock* p !aglre , if indiciuon' S '7urr.ed w"by" The l-vce toaid tod been gran:- Former School and o:her markets braced declm- workmen on the new government Kl )»d?mer.l for aprroxlmatoly >uuner OLHOOI "I want to be a real actor and road—which when o;:" o[ iheni alloinllv Jio. ia May Get L'OCUSI Plague'" 10 koaitl of '""Ctora of St. Kran- 0 1 cis Lev ' Dislrlcl. from Mississippi cliancm 1 conrt. quotations. open high low close M.iv •.... 1HD 1154 1H7 1148 Jiiiv .... 1150 1161 11S5 1156 Ocl 1113 1173 1168 1169 Dcr 1183 1184 1118 1180 Jan 1188 1188 1183 1184 Mnr H97 1197 11S7 1193b Spols closed quiet at 1163. olT 14. I a -jarler. l.tralousy liars Partition ! j This docs not mean, of course. P!,„„!, J Dn«' U iL ,'hal China is already parceled out. otispnern UOg S InOUtn Ipar from It. International rivalry p-_i over which great power would government." permanent system of free the ItHlgc shortly after a second ' tun battle with liir federals' before dawrt. • ' Seven CauuUlM , The night's fighting . brought even 'casualties, including one. dv- . Ian conservation corps youth, who was killed, and two of Ills com', panlons, who were wounded, First word of the outlaw's escap?- :<une from Margaret McGregor, laughter of Sheriff Thomas McGregor of Eagle River. McGregor called his daughter with word of ihc final raid. "All but three women got away." lie told his daughter. "Three men are dead and four w'ounu.d. The gangsters arc supposed to ts up near Manltowish." Among tlie dead were Eugene- Bolsenenu, the C. C. 0. worker,' and W. Carter Baum, federal agent frcvn Chicago. The plh-r death was said to have 'been inflicted In thc ranks of the combined federal agents and posse- men, Thc final raid on Ihe lodjc. in which the gangsters had been holcd-up during the . night, came at dawn. Under the fire ot poss"- uen federal agents 'crept to the doors of tlie lodge ami forced ilicm open. They freil tear gas .'hells inlo the bui'.dinj and then, r. treated. After half an hour throe women came out with their hands In the air. The agents learned from them that nilllnger and thc olh rs hr.d escaped tbout 3 A. M. The. agents enlcie<; the building r.n;l tenrchcd il without flndlnj any additional persons. Fire.on C. C. C. Bovs Although officers believed Dil- llnger and three others escaped while federal agents were caring Icr the wounded after tli; 3 A. M. tattle, at Icart two member,. cf the gonj broke lo freedom before midnight. The pair forced a youth 2—Preservation of Ihe national 1 ployed at the !«|-re to drlv» them credit, balancing of the budget, lo Park Falls, where th.y ccm-. of imcontrolled n- flatlon '• au ™- New York Cotton NEW YORK. April 23. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close May .... 1148 1151 1145 1147 July .... 1159 1161 1157 1158 Oct 1171 1175 1170 1172 Dec .... 1183 1185 1181 1183 jan ... 1190 1190 1187 1189 Mar H9T 1200 1197 1199 Spots closed steady at 1163, oft 10. nnd by the workmen, and were , , , said to be very much alive judgment nsnli-st J. L. WIM-.a.ns This Is the year when the 17- """ othrr directors of the talk year locusts are due to maXe their Kho si ' :111:<i » t>ral<l '' ap-carance. It w&s said. Company against loss. If a "Y" Is shown on the wings of the Insects, it is s&td lo Indicate n I • r i war Is not far away, according to laralySIS ratal to a popular local supersllton. mcndcercd another automobile and fled southward. Thc pair wns able to escape because of a misfir- in th: (ut:ral l:!rm. A srorc of aient; cr.-ivcrt at Ihc lodge ncout 10 P. M. They 1 rr.mnd'rt thc ylace and prepir- :d lo enter. At tht) point Bots°neaii, John' Chicago Wheat open high low close May 76 1-4 76 7-8 75 3-4 76 3-8 July 76 1-8 76 3-4 75 3-8 16 Chicago Corn May July «4 1-8 46 47 1-4 48 1-8 44 3-8 45 1-8 46 7-8 47 3-8 «m l rema'rs 0 'China's' chW *"f' *-W»«"™ « f «<** « chan ^ Kan. (UP) - vation opwallons to protect Investors, like home, oven' ' Excopt Japm . , 10 0!h(!r nation,' ^-Restoration of normal com- ry cage. for llw raomc iit, Is willing to risk nierclal Intercourse with our for:>: loiind near the youth's home Mrs - I* c toggle pitied Her n . dr Mostly they are just watch-. c '"n neighbors, '-rly today. A note found in bird and owned the cage so It ,. l(J 0|ld , v jm n j. I - Wc want business recovery but Ihe car by Sheriff Harvia saiJ co " Ict " v around^ the room. , fiance cotwols Yunnan by con- we naturally want It. based on HolTman ard John Mortis. nU c. ...iH.onovir hid L Lti kuliiajnxl INK! ^ cx ' the famhys Germanshep- [ r0 ]i| n3 th c gatewny. The ono found policies and lionest metli- c, C. membrrs, csme out'of the i:tmai dnl alirust Slu.OOO lur;1 dog. was in the room. practicable portal Is via Haiphong, oils and practices," Hull said. lodge after drinking beer (here Thc canary flew about the room Fr( , nch indo-Chlncse port, on the. The federal agents chall-nsert for several minutes. Then it got Gl ,i f f Tonkll ,, i hencc by railroad I ««,,-,,,.,i. tnc 5'ouths and they refused to llred and alighted on Rex's long to Y unnan-fu, thc provincial cap- \ WEATHER nose. Rex oixnod his mouth and „„, Thc alternative routes are by . Tli. note was, Ed Dismukes, Huff man '.Favorable Report Voted Ed DL^mukes, 61-year-old Huffman resident, died at 3:30 o'clock Saturday nftcrnoon. His deal!) OH Airmail Legislation Boggle, horrified, pried open Ihe dog's mouth. The bird flew out. WASHINGTON, April 23. (UP) .^iiiuiuu} UIU'illlKJII. "IS uvai.I " •"•Jn'ti'J i vyn, /ipiii io, tur/ . , _ . vias attributed to paral<-«l^. -Tlie house postoflico committee Acting rOStmaster I0r nmeral services v:ere held yes-, today voted to report favorably, D,, ac ..,:]|. *,»,«:, tfrday at North Sowba cemetery, the new airmail bill providing for; The Cobb Undertaking company ;°ne year mall carrying contracts,' was in charge of funeral arrange- creation of a commission which i camel caravan over mountain trails. Instead of three daj-s, they remitrc from four to eight weeks. Here is at least one reason why France objected to a British rall- ARKANSAS —Increasing cloudiness tonlzhl. Tuesday partly cloudy and cooler. Memphis and Vicinity—Probably showers tonight and Tuesday. Cool Tuesday. Bates Vllle Appointed 1 way Inlo Yunnan from Ma rid a lay and thc Indian ocean. Economic- The. maximum temperature here ments. The deceased Is survived by one daughter. Mrs. Ardie Retain. WASHINGTON. Apr. 23 (UP)— ally and militarily, she controls will make recommendations for Postmaster General Parley todayllhe province as matters stand, pcrmtmcnt legislation, and 5-ccivt. named u Roy Jordan as acting! No arms or munitions can get In per ounce airmail po.-(agc fee. | postmaster at Batesvillc. Ark. I (Continued on P»ge 3) yesterday was 71, minimum 45, partly cloudy with .13 of an Inch stop their automobile. Machine gun bullets ripped Into their car. Killing B>xs:neau and wounding Use clhcr two. While Hie agents Eivdrmed In ptirsall of the wildly careening automobile two members cf the Dllllngor gang were able to escape. Thc Columbia 'River flows 1400 miics to reach the Pacific, at a rainfall, according to Samuel P. I point only 450 miles from where Norris, official weather observer. I Ihe river originate. , (

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