The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1944
Page 5
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KR 10, ADVERTISING INFORMATION "IflHtj •«*«. — __. .. 2 time! per lln« peV'iij 'time, per Itae per day..,; & «w<* per line per d*» jetton per line p t , day '.'.""" I Monti per !to B " SBc J?\S%Z?£L*»? «*'*£ _ bm U , fcr ^« 'lumber ol times and •OJwtaKiit of ClMnM copy ordered for Irregular take* the cue time rate WU1 imyc complete h«itcr ,, m | de . irostmg units for Dodge Ply. mouth, Desoto. imd Chrysler automobiles. Come and get tl cm w>ile they test. Sec Ear, Sto , e a Blythevllle Motor Company. . 12-15-ck-19 C«U~27oi7~ Horse, saddle, bridle. Don't forjrel— new Gi arriving dailv at 1'ai'k- hurst, 107-lUi, Kas( -Main. __ 12-l(J-ck-28 For Sale W arm Morning heater nncl oil cook stoves. All kinds of used fnmilm. equipment. Lee Wilson Co,, Ar- Phojie 2088. lajHckll F*r Kent Three i-oojn apartment, furnished 01 unfurnished. SH Hearn. J2lMpk2l Hospital beds. VViuie Furniture Co 12|13-ck-13 One 000 acre tract; one 300 acre tract; one 276 acre tract; two 80 acre tracts; one 53 acre tract All good Rlliivln! soil, located Southeast Missouri. Phone or write P B. Gee Cotton Co., 2020. 12|ll-ck-lf Room adjoining bath. Gentlemen only. Phone 2«6. 613 Walnut, 12,'fi-pk-lfB Bedroom convonjent to biilh. stcmn heat. Gil West Main. Phone 3325. ____^ H|I7-pk-12ll7 "> r " gram Btiilcliiig. Inquire ^^^.^SxJi^fc-t f Help Wanted ~~ and bath, located on the corner of DouEim and First. House is newly decorated inside and out slid the owner says house must sell before t),e first of the year- so make this your best Christmas yet by purchasing this nice home Tom Little Realty Company, phone _1 S1 '_ 12-15-ck-lB Ciiimrlos-yeliow smgers, $5."~MrI Mike Buchanan, 2nd house No Camp Moultrie, Highway 01. 12[ie-pk-20 Electric ranges. I FrigidaireTioTwn Electric Co. Phone 3921. 120 No _f ifst '-_ i; 12JM-ck-17 Size 12 Blue Silk" Kobe, never worn cost $30—for $15; sue H silk maternity dress, $7,60 Ph. 3255. 12jlC-pk-20 Something new hi v;iscs— ringlcss—with rings (by 'i'ibun} and many oilier styles lo select from Pnrkiuirsf, 107-50!) Easf 12-lG-ck-23 electric motors. William's Shou ^Ueele, Mo. Phone 07. 12112-pk-io Baby Stroller, S6,5o7s25~Liry7* ~~ 12|l2-pk-19 Sciiick Electric Razor. Phone 713. 1941 20 ft. Universal trailcr:"ne« fires good conrtition. Eskriclgc Trader Camp. 12UC-pk-20 \Vo Need A Young Man for Permanent Job young' man that has a reasonable amount of im- agiiuilion and native intelligence. He should have " Infill school ctlucation and and lit leas! enough ambition to try lo do a job well. i> r o physical work involved but i! is a jo!) (bitt will test your wits . . . a job that will start you at a living wage wifb plenty of opportunity for advancement. H entails both office detail and outside contacts. Paris of (he work will be a Blcasurc for anyone but like any job worth having it will have some headaches. We dare you to write fully regarding your qualifications (o Box "R. D." Care the Courier News. 12-7-ch-lf Experienced cooks and Apply Hotel Noble. IIBVILLB COURIER PHILLIPS WILL BUY YOUR CAR« Bjytheville'sHighestUsed CarBuyer" nni^r '." P * W '" PQy y° U fh , c T OP ^.AiM PRICE for your Car. No Delay. No Expense. No "Come-Back". ALL CASH ~ Avoid care and expense of your idle car Turn it info CASH, Buy Bonds and *» enable your car ro provide cssonfial transportation. •« :^SM^S^« Come IB Today. 50 Cars Needed " PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ! Tel 1S3 5th Wanted To Rent Apartment or smnll house; furnish" Services tack Cooker Spiuilcl, 4 y mvs 0 |,i~ Answers to nunm of "Dk'kle" JJF- ' Taken Up 1 Muck inure mule mid 1 blurt IIOVBC mmc; ttvii'.hl alxiul 1200 Ibs. Tuni Strayed White .Splti-, i>ii|ipy. Kewnrd. Piiulei- " (l1 J «o Mnx lan\i, 110 K. FARMERS We have plenty of Iron It oof- l«r mid HoiiRli Cyjirc*. for burns and sheds. 3 Year FHA Terms If desired. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 709 W. Main Will repair electric lamps for Me to Buy JO gauge shotgun, prefer Remington pump. 1 police pup. Dyer D JJnnior, Rt. 1, Box 532. 12jH-pkfi Second hand football Harry Halnes. 2lj)G. Mrs. 1041 model car for cash, from pil- vale omicr. Photic 2245 after 5 p ."'- 12|14-pk-17 Steel Watering Troughs Steel Oil Drums Steel Garbage Cans »_ BIylhevUle Machine Shop. |f. 3Q-ck-11 [30 Bnby bed, practically new, with .- water resistant inner-spring mat tress; one two burner oil heater. 828 *jo- Franklin. 12|15-pk-30 Pn »- of mules; complete outnTo; farming Eciuipment; also farm trailer. W. G. Seymorc, Blytlieville, ^RU No. 2. _ iajie-ph-23 Bicycle, almost new. Pre-war, "knee Jun'i 0 "'^ lieh ' S "'"' llorn - ^ 5 - Call 2404 after• 6^ 12-15-pk-lS B. Farmall, good condition~c~\v Moore, Leachville, Ark., Rt No l near Poplar Comer. lijii-pklis One mule mowing machine use<i oTie year. Dyer D. Garner, Rt. i, Box _ 2 ' 12:i4-pk-17 5 H.P. Johnson outboauTmotOT. S!!" s .. ll , kc ntw - Ca " 21 »5. Cham_ JS—Just arrived7 another shijiment of Giiilarp Aufoharps—Violins. New sheet music, hillbilly und many other ilems (o iiiim- urous lo mention, a( I'ack- Inirst, 107-10!) East Main. 12-16-ck-23 Before you sell your fur, see Joe Hester and Son for higlicst prices Dealers in raw fur. Joe Hester's Grocery, N. Highway .61, p uone ^ill. pay cash for §10,000 worth of good used ftirni- __^ rc - Watlc Furniture Co. Will pay 20c per doz. for • Ciirlinp Horn:; Giveawny MT. VERNON.'lll. (UP) — Mt Venioii farmers hare been warned tbat jf any of their sheep have suddenly sprouted heavy horns wliich turl over their backs, they aren't sheep. They're amtdads, native to North Africa, which crashed the :enc.'e at the Mt. Vernon park zoo last August, and wliicli have been Jiving on the country ever since. The two animals, a male and a fc- mnle, have been seen on farms willmi a «-ido range of Mt, Vernon. 80 acres of farm land will) good conveniences, will exchange references. W. T. LOltLAK, atcele •^JiL£u_™_J2j^k^l Situations Wanted Honorably discharged Navy man job 'driving truck. Write Johnnie Tarvln, Lenchvllle, Ark Rt. No. 2. i«u.jiHUB iinu ironing. Have drying room. Willie Bell Green, North Hl»h'vnv 01, back of Mrs. Scruggs' warehouse. 12|13-pk-13|'4is II yon warn 10 *ny more W»i Bonds SELL US THE FUHNITUKJ VOD AKE NOT USING, for rash! , Also liberal trade-in allowance foi old furniture on new. 12,15-pk-ia 3 Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. E. Slain Phone ZW, You Want To SELL YOUR CAR ... Or Want To Buy A •'•I GOQD XIS6D CAR' See Vour STUDEBAKER DEALERS WE i'AY/TOP CEILING 1'ltlCK FOR GOOD CAltS. WK . ALL DOOT(«»' PRESCRIPTIONS *ND BAVR VOU MONIT STEWART' I Stur, BIDDLE EXTERMINATORS Itonrhes, Itats and IMIce ellm!- nalcd. Contract ccrvli'c control. Odorless Mclhnd.. 115 S. Third 1'lwne 2751 OJU. CF/LWG PK/CFS OW 4(1 (/SED C4RS will be // you contemplate selling your car is always hi the market for used cars -we'// buy ] or 100! DON'T SELL BEFORE YOU GET OUR PRICE Ash K 3rd Sis. I.c.v Chaniblin U. S. Naval Unit '"OB CONCRETE 8TOHM SBWEK ALL HI7.ES Chtapcr Than Hridre Lrnrnkn Ojceolo Tile & Cu|y«rf Co. i-hrao 651 t iP S Chops ' Hay - Dair y a "d Poultry Feeds. Custom feed grinding. Blythcville Grain & Elevator Co ' __ 12,9-ck-H Fireworks. Buy c^TAiriii^ro/ fireworks. Xmas trees, fruils, nut' and candles. Joe Hester's Groeen and Market, N. Highway 61, Pho ELECTBiCITY IN THE I HAVE BUYERS for city residential properly >' JIMMIE STF.VEN T SON Noble Gill Agency. _______ ll|23-ck-23 King Alford jonquil bulte. First sb.e Pant now. Beaton's Home of rloycrs - Ili20-ck-tf S room home on two lots In choTce residential tccllon. 3 bedrooms New roof. Outbuildings. Solid foundation. Shade trees and or- fjcliard. $5000-?20BO cash. Call Jini- •mle Stevenson, 838 or 3131. 1117-ck-tf Pair boys rubber gnloslies size « Worn only few'times. $225 310 West Walnut. ll|17-dh-tf 5 room house on W. Chlckasawta. Located on beautiful l ncre lot. Call Jimmle Stevenson, 838 or S 131 ' ll|22-ck-tf Electric and Nailery Radios. Hardaway Appliance Co. 10-lG-ch-lG Wood or coal circulator healer, Wght plipne 330D. O. 3. Rolllson. 10125-Ck-M Let us explain how c.isilr you may enjoy electricity In your farm home. Estimates on wiring without cost! CharSie Sfolcup 116 N. jsl. p], 0nc 2993 "We Repair Evcrjthlnj Electrical." ' HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted is insigne ol SconI ing Squadron U. S. naval aviation 8 Playing card 9 Peruse U Vanity 12 Substance It Papal cape 15 Bengal quince 15 Charles Lamb's pseudonym 18 One who pays 13 Crawled 20 Type measure 21 Doctor of Science (ab.) 22 Like 23 And (Latin) 24 Exclamation 2R Therefore 28 Spain (ab.) 30 Jumbled type 31 Doctrine 33 Constellation 35 Great Lake 36 Shade tree 38 Patterns 39 Church officials 41 Philippine sash 42 Lampreys 43 Memorandums 44 Sano HAVE PHILLIPS "WINTERIZE" YOUIKAR 1. Tune Motor 2. New Spark Plugs 3. New Motor Oil 4. New Brakes PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY To1 ' 453 ' SH, ;FRECKLES AND HIS PRII5NDS TOOT s'A'str. SWEET .' OFF Tc TitE BRAIN . FOR 9MO 3O Isw'r THE WAV THESF MODERM I'M COINS To visir EVERY OlSTCACTfTD PARENf AND ASK THEM TO/ Z- .1 I'M LOWERIMG THE BOOM ON YOU, 006-FACE—-I'M LOWERWS DOOM I TMATS WHAT I CAME To see you ABOUT, TAU- />MD D«£55 ? 17 Kent lies 19 Symbol for calcium At Ihis place Plarupr (coll i .12 Egyptian rivet 3-! Flower ' 30 Former -.' 37 Lone Seoul : WE CW1 StAT tl.^DEK WXIEK IlLL Tttlfi AFIRE---VVE'nE TRAPPED, ?.7 Overtime tab ) (alj 28 Type of 40.\'olc m" poetry Guide's scale 29 Drive onward •112000 pounds 30 Pomeranians 43 Nci'aOve KV LESLIE TURNER HERE'S THE TRANSLATIONS THEY'LL 6EMISHTV . _. HAVE HEAP TO <5E HIM, TUCKER WllAT'5 THIS! ORDERS R3R EASV TO Fir SACK VWH AM^INS.COLOUEL, £R-THE MOST REMARKABlE COiNCIDENCE 1 EVER FROM Jftp 1SJTELLISENCE COLONEL. SURE WISHEASV ..-,,..- vr -,. ,.-, . i_ u U.IW U «1V i REPORTS EASV P(CK£0 UP W THE PHI HP PINES MAJOR THIS MESSAGE ARRIVED, COLONEL i W1NSER A COULP WORK WITH 1)5 OUT THERE FOR A WHILE FOR TEMPORARY WITH THE UOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES RY BDT.AR 5IARTIN VERTICAL 1 Was unsuccessful 2 Commands 3 Fish eggs •1 Size of shot 5 Verbal G Seme 7 Diners 8 Lo\v-nmined box 10 He-move 11 Perambulator 12 Myself 13 Mature M Wort: 5, New Battery 6. AnH«Freeze 7. Glass Inst-olled 8, Fenders Reftnished

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