The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 3, 1999 · Page 24
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 24

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1999
Page 24
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A24 SATURDAY, JULY 3, 1999 LOS ANGELES TIMES Obituaries Samdach Bhante; Monk Advised Sihanouk, Nehru Samdach Vira Bhante, 110, a Cambodian monk who advised leaders of Cambodia and India. The Most Venerable Dharmawara Mahathera, known simply as Bhante to his family and friends, served as spiritual advisor to Cambodia's King Norodom Sihanouk and kept watch at the deathbed of India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The son of an upper-class family in Phnom Penh, Bhante was a lawyer, judge and provincial governor in Cambodia with a wife and young daughter when, at the age of 40, he walked into the forest to follow the teachings of Buddha. Educated in French schools and fluent in several languages, Bhante lived in huts and subsisted on raw fruits and vegetables and handouts from peasant farmers before moving to India, where he spent 45 years teaching and building a monastery. He gave up his possessions, cigarettes and alcohol, saying, "You are what you think. You are what you eat and drink." Bhante came to California for what he thought would be a quiet life of meditation with his relatives, refugees from the Cambodian war. But he was soon asked to build a temple for Stockton's approximately 16,000 Cambodians, and served as head abbot for many years. His ashes will be divided between shrines -in Cambodia and India. On June 26 in Stockton. Vere C. Bird; Led Antigua to Independence Vere C. Bird, 89, who brought independence to Antigua and founded the island's ruling political dynasty. Rising from poverty and without formal LmmLmmJmmm I i mini!, ''.g' jpyaj JM ' education, Bird became a union leader who defied British colonizers in the 1950s to demand higher wages for sugar cane cutters. He led his country to independence from Britain in 1981 and is still revered for that accomplishment, despite scandals that subsequently tainted the family name. Although Antigua began rapid development under Bird as chief minister and later prime minister, it has in recent years become known as one of the most corrupt countries in the Caribbean. After Bird retired in 1994, his son, Lester, was elected prime minister and remains in office. Vere Bird served as president of the Antigua Trades and Labor Union for 21 years, then formed the Antigua Labor Party. Under his leadership, the country developed free secondary education, island-wide electricity, an international airport and a deep-water harbor. He was accused of dipping into health care funds, among other corruption charges. On Monday in St, John's, Antigua. Lorraine Downing; Member of Lorraine Sisters Trio Lorraine Elizabeth Downing, 84, the eldest of the popular 1930s singing group known as the Lorraine Sisters Trio. Along with her sisters Marion and Eileen Cox, Lorraine Cox performed for nearly 15 years, singing over NBC radio from Chicago and at Los Angeles' fabled Cocoanut Grove with the Orrin Tucker Band. She left the group in 1941 to work with her first husband, Al Burton, marketing Lorraine Burton s Caesar salad dressing. After the failure of that marriage, and her second to bandleader Horace Heidt, the former singer married James R. Downing and retired to the San Fernando Valley. On June 26 m Northndge of emphysema. Cathollcos Garegln I; Head of Armenian Church Catholicos Garegin I, 66, leader of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Garegin was born Nshan Sarkisian in Kassab, Syria, and studied at seminary in Beirut, where he later became director. He was named deacon in 1949 and took a vow of celibacy in 1952. He studied in the theology department of Oxford University in the late 1950s and in the 1970s led church dioceses in the United States, Iran and India. The church leader took the name Garegin after an earlier Armenian cleric. Garegin was elected catholicos in 1995, succeeding Vazgen I, who had held the post for 40 years. Most of the 10 million Armenians worldwide are believed to be followers of the Armenian Apostolic Church. On Tuesday in Echmiadzin, Armenia, of cancer of the larynx. John P. Howe; Chemist on Manhattan Project John P. Howe, 88, a physical chemist who helped develop the world's first nuclear reactors as part of the Manhattan Project. Howe was a 32-year-old chemistry professor at Brown University when he was recruited to study nuclear energy under physicist and Nobel Prize laureate Arthur Compton at the University of Chicago. Using the code name "Metallurgical Laboratory," the team sought to create the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. On Dec. 2, 1942, they succeeded, and by 1944, large plutonium-producing reactors were operating in Hanford, Wash. Howe moved there to act as the Metallurgical Laboratory's liaison. During his long career, Howe served as director of nuclear research groups at General Electric in Schenectady, N.Y., and Atomic International in Los Angeles and later was Atomic's technical director in San Diego. He was also an advisor to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and taught at Cornell as well as Brown, and after his retirement, at UC San Diego. Born on a farm near Groton, N.Y., Howe earned a bachelor's degree in science from Hobart College and a doctorate in chemistry from Brown. On June 13 in La Jolla, of complications after a fall. Dorothy Lee; Co-Starred In Comedy Films Dorothy Lee, 88, an actress popular in 1930s motion pictures starring the comedy team Wheeler and Woolsey. She co-starred in 13 of the 21 RKO films made by Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey, including "Girl Crazy" in 1932. Decades later, Lee wrote the foreword for Edward Watz's 1994 book "Wheeler and Woolsey: The Vaudeville Comic Duo and Their Films." Born Marjorie Elizabeth Millsap in Los Angeles, she began dancing in public at age 2 and by her teens was in vaudeville, billed as Dorothy Lee. When she was 18, Lee won a talent contest to perform with Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians and star opposite Waring in the musical "Syncopation." She made her motion picture debut in 1929 in the film version of that show, starring Wheeler. Lee made 28 films; the last, "Repent at Leisure," was in 1941. She appeared in the 1939 stage show "Twelve Crowded Hours" with Lucille Ball. On June 24 in San Diego of respiratory failure. Keith F. Lister; San Diego Dally Transcript Publisher Keith F. Lister, 81, the publisher who expanded the San Diego Daily Transcript into an important business and financial newspaper. Lister, a former banker, bought the paper in 1972 and shaped it into a local version of the Wall Street Journal. He hired additional reporters and worked with editor Bob Witty to cover business and finance with a competitive edge. Lister sold the Transcript in 1986 - .tcMi - .'J I T3 B f - MfliMn Rdttto I .! ' I nrnmniiRiinftttdnnnnintfirnptMall-lnRAhatAnftffrkftiihiArttnauatlahilitv credit annrnval I I .- ." 'J W?-m 1 1 mStm SL?t! "W "P1')' . . 'I and your acceptance of CompuSeive Terms ot Service. Access toCompuSeive may l : -v:v'..-; i i fc . l I I i-3:' -.c : i a.'v V j : , - 5 js$ limited. flspecially during peak times. Offer also requires (1) purchase ot anv eMachines I ' .' -n . ' 7 , v , v computer. (2) contract commitment lo a 3-year36-month subscription lor CompuServe - i" jff 2000 Internet Service al a monthly rate of $21 95, (3) completed mail-in rebate form (4) a IHs. .-: - -,. '.. . 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Source Code 99240 229E BubenkBM '1355W 190)1 St 2506VBC3mpoRl (ButankiWI (BerenNnrierdt Western) (MOSWton) Cimgil(lTccra) GarinGardenGrrMeBidU Ihrtfito 19611 ParthereSt 0ann11151 183rd.u. (ErtaSFiwy cfSaa) Cty el MuOv 18041 Gale Ave. Oornrm' MIatoaphfld. Lrc491fv(y. StrriVifcyCcOraiS Madera (Sm at the Plaza) tanm 5530 Reseda BM. 515WBroaday Oranp 1803 tCrepiran Ave. TarreiCncerrdBMalB d1?)vineSt Orad 1931 Ventura 9M ffiooandO 25 E. Hicrest Dr. Mimjadi7Ffrrir'u MiOMHm IIIAFnriVIMnur Tvrinal9rxniMnnB8M. iv2M7CausDr Paoikn325liAladerarjr. Toimn&j 24313CitnawBW. UvOwatmn' 432LTernoeSl Pttontk) 380S.PK (Caen Town Center) UvUmntwe' 2020FairaSt WOramFw) Caab Men 220) Harbor BM. Ukiftnat 23631 QToroRd. MaCicnim M5atreoHBM. Ml(SepueSlauson) MartlM Beech RrBtt 39QtH)TylBra b(ViinSfti) (floseaaKStWordoAve) SaeBmenflr675E.Ho! taMvali) 1119DTattAvi. Mrack Mil 5570 VWBVd. taNrrnoMytrni129l hertoHaitioOraTgerMrje ltoroW rtjniiriOr, W a01fcWlo MBtce' HartMlmpffli1kvy Mutdak 5381 MorenuSl (BetvnBestBu4Mervfis) ft 1 USt SO WHIT Ml MwMbVl&ManOusan Plaza) van Nu 6440 Sela8W verin 431 lf4rtneil a uan si) I We Cm LA2231SBarnWiA Whiter 15100W1XTB.BM Woooindilt2CMJOViyod oratM.T:7in'tim vm.: Hm toe I m,OWJi m,t: 7mi-Twl UT.: Um-lfm SOU.: 10tm-?pm M near!: Dkm, vm, MttHiart, AhwIcm bprmnaOmMrjMCfMnCneItcliMtatCi(i We in Ml mewiMe ht ertaHii, m rrettkd emit. Wcet d aHm nl nradi 7lM Mhi rttnrin miW). CmWWi hM Offari H lMdi tan eOy. h nUttiu m nilfM. leMte hm nMt IriMn ey. "AvgWe ei enim l SSOei mm erittki m W lH IH f t itf T- but stayed on as publisher until 1993. An award-winning yachtsman, he earlier founded Lister Investment Co. and became president of Southcoast Capital in 1962. Three years later, he was hired as president of City Bank, which was bought by California Canadian Bank in 1969. Born in Clio, Iowa, Lister first lived in San Diego during his World War II tenure in the Naval Reserve. After the war, he attended law school in Colorado and then returned to make his career in San Diego. On June 26 in La Jolla of cancer. 1,000-Acre Fire Claims 14 Trinity County Homes LEWISTON, Calif.-A forest fire pushed by 20 mph winds burned out of control FYiday night near this tiny mountain community, destroying 14 homes, scorching more than 1,000 acres and forcing the evacuation of dozens of residents. There were no reports of injuries in the fire in Trinity County, about 300 miles north of San Francisco. Some residents and vacationers were evacuated to a nearby school. The fire was threatening mountain cabins Friday night, but no one else had been evacuated, said state fire spokeswoman Tammy Hay. The fire started Friday morning northeast of Lewiston and spread into the Shasta-Trinity National Forest when a controlled burn got out of hand, Hay said. 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