The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1947
Page 9
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«FAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS T FIU \ APRIL 18, 10 Londoners Get fkw Bomb kare Scotland Yard Men •feme 'Extremists' or Practical Jokesters t LONDON, April 18. (UP) — An- Qth*r London v»mt> scare today coortnced officials that they were .victims of either a war ot nerves by anti-British Jews. or a crude serve of practical jokes. \ A janitor found a mysterious canteier »lth a fuse in the lobby ol the Charmg Cross postoffice "i the heart of London. Scotland Yard •Seats «cnt to the scene. The •^bomb" was a can of rubbish. At about the same time police received an anonymous telephone call saying that the Maiden Telephone Exchange Building in Surrey, aboul 10 mites from the heart of London would be blown up at 3 |»Jti A search by Scotland Varrt revealed nothing untoward. lite Yard revealed that niiothvi anonymous call had enabled officers to Identify the nitiu who made the crude but powerful time bom a found yesterday in a Colonial OI- Iice building He was described ' a-"Je*ls extremist." Details wax not disclosed Dancer Held In Shooting Thtatre Owners To Convene in June LITTLE ROCK, Ark,, April 18. (UP)—The annual convention of thfe independent theater owners of Arkansas will be held here June 3 »nd 4 i 7ti« dates were announced yes- \ 1 Patricia Schmidt, 21, of Toledo. Ohio, who !\us admitted firing tlic shot that killed John Lester Mcie, i Chicago Inwycr, according to Ilnviinn secret police, is shown at right as she appeared as an entertainer named "Sallrn."' Shooting took place aboard Mee'K yacht In Havana Imruor. At left, Mee is shown 'dancing with his wife, who Is currently dancing professionally In u Chicago niyht club. (NKA Telepholos.) CORK, t»+T BY NEA SERVICE:, inc. T, M. nee. u. B. PAT. OFF. FOR SALE Concrete Culvorf Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy (Jl at State Line I'hone RlyUicvillc 7M W. J. Pollen NSURANC G/encoe Hotel Bld^ Phone 3545 Lawnmowers mt vhurl -if terday by clnudc C. Mundo, prcs- seven-state idenl, after a meeting of the bonril of directors. He said Invitations will be sent to exhibitors in a area Including Arknn- sas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee. During the September, 1046, iiuc- ' Moil sales, more than $3.250.000 i worth of Australian wool changed I liniids. " Copyright by Gwen Davenport; Distributed by NEA. SERVICE, INC. TUB STORY* Aflrr » \\tt- 4btt« of 4a»Tlti« Ihr world, the flpcat • rtrriifl ' Soi»hlc vim liyelc +m<mtM home lo Ike JIHlc .MJiine fc*niit town where ultc \VEIU born. Widow of an intcrnntiunnL iMmker, >ke hnd lived vamttiet- tttHy o» ihe Hfvlern until 4nc wtor." In k«r p»rty nrc VJHurln * Jen It in*, krr uninii - dtiugrhfvri IMirccL 1'rrrnuH. tin ciilerly VtcMchman «ko in lirr iioHrnlt S Utter, and Sir t'brirlr* Mnd- n r k«r bullrr. SopMo linn %ftBCV 1k« olil rrnliud<r hou^r mm. ekclv«lve Goupte Nrck pnlut. . Vicky, wnlklnff nlunu nloitf* ike ' «HfU, meelN MnUrr lln«'»t- who vr» 'next door. *iilt> IH vrrr «Kd>OMr. MCPIH* liiiM-leil i»ver r VIrkj. Jhvv mnk* A date ' '/DOMING Inlo Gray Shingles by |V* the garden door, Vicky met Sir Charles, who had laid the silver out on the breakfast-room table and was getting ready to clean it. His long, flexible fingers moved 'lovingly over the ornate and massive tea service that had been prc- unted to Madame by the Grand Duke Boris. ; i "Good morning, Sir Charles,' .Vicky said, sitting down to tall' •to him They were good friends i'^Isn't. this a wonderful place? hcye you slept as well as 1 did in ttaJA heavenly salt air." ^ "I shall never again in *IUe sleep ns ^ycll as you do," he ^Eaid 'Good morning. .You.seem •..pleased with yourself for a. gir ,lacmg v & long),dull summer'iii thi •;provinces." r" ' | Vicky sat down on~«~wtncjov ••seat, hugging her knees, and hei phoney-colored hair iell aroum 'her cheeks "Oh, I don't thin tit's going to be so bad after al JGranny down yet?" V "She's in. the studio, sitting Jo Marcel" t "Poor Granny! And on a won [derful day like this. Wouldn [it be nice for her if we could EC 'Marcel interested in painting th .»c«nery around Goose Neck?' J Sir Charles looked at her quiz Efcally. "You've been rather in fcntsted in it yourself, this morn haven't you? I never knew ou to start ort for a walk quite so urly." "Well," sold Vicky in a reason- jlc tone of voice, "there's no use laving New York for the sum- ler it you don't get outdoors." I never yet saw you leave the ouse by yourself. Or at least, if ou did, you didn't come back by ourself." «•>, ..vr£V * * • ' .-"ti;M<Sl 7"ICKY examined her small, 1 scarlet feet. "1 haven't been •Hiking exactly by myself." "No?" ••— "No, I just happened to meet no of our new neighbors." The butler smiled. _"Young, 1 uppose?" "Mm-hmm." } "Male?" "Mm-hmm." * "And good-looking?" '* "Mm-hmm. Sir Charles, ""• low I think I might hnv * ileasant summer after all. A very jle.isant summer." "If: you ever see him again, 1 aid Sir Charles. "Probably you lon't even know his name." "Yes, I do. His name is Snltc: Bagot. Only everyone calls hin •ally." Sir Charles laid clown his chnm ois. "Salter Bagol! Good Lori. Vicky, don't tnkc him seriously. 'IVIiO said anything about bcln serious?" ^_. .. He looked at her soberly 'You're bound to get serious some day." He sighed a little and sak liesilant and witli im unusual dil fidence of manner. "Victoria, 1 hat to say this to you, but . I dou want you be hurt. This—Bago doesn't sound like your sort at al Watch out. After he meets yov grandmother, and Marcel, and or thing or another, he may not wai lo come and see you." ,-.v -^"Why in the world not?" asko Victoria, astonished, "Evcryboc wants to see Grandmother. She one of the sights of the world." ^Sir Charles sighed again. i"IV car, people DHc thai liavc seen •i- only on the stafje. Her private 'c, ;is n neighbor, may strike them :i bit—irregular." ' « . • . /1CKY swung her feet to tlic floor. mill faced Sir Charles. TIic idea i iat anyone might not nppvove.ot! ophio vim Eyclt had never oc- uvrcd to her. "Irregular?" she .•hoed. But Cinmny was outside 1 ordinary standards of behavior, • talent or grandmolhorhood! She •as not only the most genuinely rent woman ot her profession, 1C was the most genuinely kind ml lovable wom;m in the world.. "That's absurd, Sir Churles," Icky said flatly, "llnlf tlic world, as always lloclted around Granny, ml you know it. Not only in 'ranee, but in tliQ hotel in New r ork—" "/-"eop/e who aren't related fo nch other are expected to live in olelf," said Sir Charles dryly. And anyway, New York is one g, New England another. New "nglnndcrs arcai't like the people ou'vc known." < Victoria sat back and looked Ircnmily out nt the flower giir- len. "I've only met one Nuw Inglandcr so far," she said, thinking of Sally's pleasant, cheerful nd humorless face. "And he jeitninly isn't quile like anyone else I've known." j 'All right," said Sir Charles. 'T only wanted to warn you. A girl like you, who's been brought up to do as she pleases, can't be 00 careful. You're likely to get nirl running around with people- who've led a sheltered life." ^ 'Don't forget," said Vicky (iiouglilfully, "Granny herself came from these parts originally." "Yos," Sir Charles agreed, "and 1 think her conscience has been bothering her ever since." | Victoria twisted herself off the window sill ntul left him, displeased with the turn the conversation had taken. { "Vicky!" Sir Charles called after lie. 1 :. "Is this boy in the Anny or Navy?" _. | She stopped in the hall. "I never thought of that," she admitted, "He wasn't dressed any special way." She went on slowly, considering the probable relationship of Salty and the government. (To Be Continued) , For Limited Time 4% LOANS OH FARM LANDS On medium size uml kirire tracts. No extras. Full repayment privi- tj;e. SEE DS FOR QUICK SERVICE OiV FHA LOANS Fur nuiltUng or Repairing. Alsu Auto Truck and Tractor Loans. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard's Jewelry Store Rlylhcvillc, Ark. . "Sure as you're born. Jones, the day is coming when we ''. have television and I'll have to eat some of this stuffl" Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER CAN YOU FINISH QUOTATION, SWIM ABOUT FOR ONLY 4E. HOURS Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and* deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2rict F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week * Pontiacs * Fords * Chevrolets * Ply mouths and others Place your order Now for Inimcdhitu Dirli We Pay Top Hollar for Clean Late Model Car. BUD WILSOJf AUTO SALE I'hone 2087 Cor. Franklin and Mail and '^iat you f*S?" .ff about. " pepart- .king de'•o catch vfconsider- \fiat c^Afr < j?'A" "ie ";-is?" I ask- ',jl said.they *-::Sald I wns ANSWER: "When Greeks Joined Greeks; then was the tug o! ai;" was trie real quotation. NEXT: The worm turns— 368,003 limes. Arkansas State Planting Seed CERTIFIED Grade'A'D. & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Treated Now Sacks Purity 99.5 Germination 85< LIMITED ^4 Oft PER SUPPLY )IOU JON Also Ogdcn and Royal Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansa v<ne bill. .-'?obflWy '',. unless ••so were . :t entle- \lands 'Vvi.^i felt ecretary __ilof-the jis go& the :-*nj could :; •iigges- ' %st of -*. was I i- jihours r-'egrams ! Aefr full t: no- I WASH T.ook Out. Easv BUT PETTIFEB. WAS TO HAVE IX 1 SVNTVtTIC SUBSTITUTE FQR.THW -BV NOtV! VOU OVEeHEftBD WM SW\ YOURSELF! Our Boarding House with Ma}. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams ESAD/ONiCt DEATH'S TUB OTHER I FEEL LIK6 A DOCK |M A TWOS& LOPING HOMERS •Ds>^s•T CREPT UP FROM BEHIMD, BUT T SPIED THEN\ INS A IWRROR AMD FIRED THUS OJER IM SKOULDEK, SHOOT|fJ<3> TU& \MB^PO^iS DOT P THEIf HWODS EWA9 A TARGET TOO = OWW 5TEIKE WE EVER HAP HERE.' VOUM<2> GUVS ARE FULL. OF IDEE S, BUT AM OLP 6Liy SHOULP OVER: THE DVMAWO AMP OVMAMITE HEVi (CI VOU'D NEVER SELL THIS PlASTV: FORMULA! IT USES IKWON. \ LISTEN, SNSE HERE'S HIS \SOIHS TO GUM UP .... DATA ON THAT, \ SALE OF THAT HftSTIC •- • • - ! WE'VE SOT ISN'T HERE,-'AU.! THOSE BOVS AE6 I PLANING FOE BI-STAKES,AND f S HENCE H my-1 i,dan-l A\ lady I reticule,! ,fIC FLINT Mo Time lo Stop N'ow »Y MICHAKT. O'MAIJ.RY and KAL1MI LANE Parrot hit Tatky, Chili flew at him. couio t CRASHED THAT VIGKT. REMIND ME MVSELF UP : MORNING VOUR LITTtE fRIEND IS ONLY KNOCKED OUT. BUT UKIESS YOU DO WHH I SAY. lit PUT Hl\\ TO SIEEP NENIIV QUIET.' CUT THAT OUTORfU. FINISH THS KID OFF.' UNDERSTAND? HERE, TAKE THIS CIGARCT.' •?** Pvipril 1B.I ^n of thai arch Wo-I 3*™ z 3-1 •j»: expcct-| 'Iflpunty. .r>i. mt ic I u A x< ^ sched-l HAA 's 'tag all hear! ":'hesterJ MOOSE 15 ewihj' ume ftEAVEf? HIS BREAKFAST -' HE SA1O YOD YOU'LL EAT WHAT 'E GET AROUND Lei 'Er Go, Gallagher! AT i H \VAT Eft. !-THAT'S L CALL SHOOT IN'.' s HURT !M. BUT HE STILL COMIM'5 LOOKOUT ^,-HE•S THROWIN SCRi\PlfZON, TCO.' BOOTS AND HRR I I O\<W. OK L. TWtRt' L- 1 PVINT

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