The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1949
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JJJLY 28, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN Mealtime Savor In City Chicken Boneless Veal Neck Doubles as Drumstick For Table Interest Von! served a* "chy chicken" ran he Dial something different on Hie l.ible lo give added Interest to a summer meal, says Reba Stages, TW^ known home ecor.onml. ^no"-t meat dealers will prepare tlie '-ity chieken ready for cooking. Boneletis veal shoulder, neck or breast, Ls. .simply cut Into inch cube. 1 ?, flicn threated on wooden skewers. Braiaitis is the proper method of cooking tlwse veal cubes. First, the skewered cubes nre dredged in flour that is sea.'onod with salt and pepper. Pol 1 a slightly different procedure, rub the cubes with prepared mn.sard. tlien dip them in slightly beaten e^s nnd coat with crushed corn flakes or bread crumbs. H i.s explained that alter the "city chicken" are dredged in flour or in esg and ciumtxs, they are placed in a frying-pan with a small amount of hot lard or'bacon diip- pinw for browning. With the meat browned on all sides, n little water about 1-4 cup) is added. Sour cream, tomato soup, currant or mint jelly melted in a little hot j water can be used for a nice contrast. With the liquid adderl. the pan ia tightly covered and the cube- 1 ; allowed to cook slowly for_ about 45 minutes. The meat is served on the skewers. Pineanple rings, stewert prunes, spicy applesauce and other tart fruits and sauces are exceptionally good with "city chicken." They fil well intn the menu salad or as «n accompaniment for the meat Coffee Cake Studded with Berries Makes Ideal Breakfast for Summer QUICK COFFEE CAKE— studded with bluebcrriei U a brrakfut treat. for a perfect summer breakfast +— -- • -- serve quick coffee cake pm'ple with , fresh or frozen blueberries. Tlic ' recipe give:). here achieves a fine Vexuire nnri 'flavor wuh a combine- ' tiori of baking soda, sweet milk and vinegar. Quick Ciifffe Cake Two cups siftcu alt-purpose flour, 2 3 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon baking soda, \-> teaspoon salt, '^ teas|H>on cinnamon, la cun milk, 'i cup vinegar, cups fresh or frozen blueberries. NewCombinations Of Protein Foods Advised by Expei When (he thermometer soar and ho r neniakers may bct-ornc a lit cup shortening, I cfjg, 1 tie weary a t meal planning, Reh Sift flour, sugar, baking soda, s;ilt and cinnamon together. Cut in shortening. Beat rgg, milk and vinegar together. Add to flour mixture and stir until flour is dampened. Spread in greased 9-inch round baking dish i'i inches deep. Place jluberries on top of batter. Crumb Topping: Cottage Cheese Pies Are Dessert Treats in Summer Sunday dinner calls for a hot weather treat dessert. Well, Barbara Tate, home economist of California's Golden State Company, makes these two exclusive suggestions to us. How do you yke them? Cocoanul-CollaJie Cheese Pic (Serves 8) Line a 9-inch pie tin with pie crust. Filling? Thrfte eggs, L 7 cup .sugar, ^ teaspoon salt, 1 cup shredded cocoanut, 2 cups milk. *i teaspoon vanilla, 1 cup cottage, nutmeg. Beat eggs until frothy. Stir in sugar, salt, cocoarrut, milk, vanilla and cottage cheese that has been forced through a sieve. Pour into pastry shell u'hich has been baked for five minutes at 450 degree.* F. Sprinkle nutmeg lightly over the top. Bake 10 minutes in hot oven Stuffed Franks Appealing for -lot Day Meals Frankfurters oakcd with a moLst read stuffing are suggested by leba Slagg.s. home rcoiiomiM, for tasly mid thrJIty stliiiinei' mral. In preparing the franks, a quick •read stuffing is made of Rrated •nion browned in hoi drippings mi combined \viili chopped parsley nd s easoninns along with the bread nbcs. Jusi enough mixture is add- d to hold the mixture together. A cavity Is made for the stntf- nj» by partially cutting lengthwise hrongli ihe frankfurters. When itlcd tlie [rankhiilws are wrapped vuli a slice of ba<'on and fasienod vith wooden picks. The stuffed rank.s are tlicn placed in a shallow ">an and baked in a moderate oven or about half an hour. For other stuffings equally emptlng with the frankfurters. Miss Stages .suggests woll seasoned mn.shed potatoes, a sweet pickle :elish or a strip ot American These are, also, wrapped with bacon and slowly baked. Wingless Chickens Make Hit in Laboratory; But Strain Fails to Gain Great Popularity taggs, home economist, suggest- that they take advantage ol ho and cold tongue combinations. DUlies pictured with lougvie ar rich in protein and are high on tt plentiful list. One o( the reasons a that tonsuc combines well with a Si-cat variety of loods. For Instance, tongue slices can he spread with well seasoned cooked spinach, rolled, fastened with a One-half cup sugar. < tablespoons j wooden pick, then cooked with flour, 1 teaspoon cinnamon. 2 ta- , 7 j pp y horseradish cream sauce ulespoons soft butter or fortified j Served either hot or cold tongue is margarine. Mix Ingredients for topping together and sprinkle over blueberries. Bake in moderately hot oven "400 decrees F-> about 30 minutes. For the vacation time cookie jar, here's a welcome suggestion: Chocolate Drop Cookies (Makes about 3 dozen cookies Two cups sifted all-purpose flour, '•! teaspoons baking soda, '-j teaspoon salt, i; cup chopped nuts, cup shortening, H cup brown sugar, firtnly packed, *'? cup granulated sugar. 2 eggs, P-j teaspoons vanilla, 2 tablespoons vinegar and milk to make l = cup. Sift together flour, baking soda and salt. Mix in nuts. Cream shortening and both sugars together until. Beat in eggs, vanilla ami chocolate. Aclti combined vinegar and milk to chocolate mixture alternately •with riry ingredients; .stir until fclendeti. Drop by heaping tea- spoonsful on greased, baking sheet about two inches apart. Bake '"' moderate oven 1375 degrees J about 12 minutes. Sen, Fulbright To Substitute for Drew Pearson WASHINGTON. July 1>8 —.^Senator PulbrigliL < D-Ark i will double for Drew Pearson, news rohmvnist and radio commentator. Sunday night on the lattcr's weekly radio program. The program will be at 4 p.m. Central Standard Time, Sunday, over the American Broadcasting Company network. Fulbright plans to explain why he supported ratification of the Atlantic pact. His talk will reply to (bat by Senator Taft- (R-Ohio> last week outlining why he opposed the pact. Tafl, F-ulbhghl and others arc subbing for Pearson during Pearson's vacation. By NKA Servlcf OMAHA, Nebl.—<N K A)—Wingless chickens are stirring up a lot of excitement these days, following the fmno'iiUTmiMit of their breeding by a OPS Monies, Iowa, veterinary, but nt'nund here wingless chickens get the bird. First, there'.-! nothing now about them. A.s far back as 1024, people were succcs.sfully developing a iglcss strain. In the second place. they turned out > be less meaty than the normal be-\vinsert variety. Records -show that in 1924 W. L Frank of Sherman, . Tex., developed a winKles,v chicken. He called it a Kiwi, after a windless j New Zealand bird. HP even stiirled ; a Kiwi Club of America, bill not much came of it. Just 20 years ago, in July, 19^9. NKA Service carried a story nbout fir. R. T. Remvnld. an Oinahn veievtvmry. His interest in \vinK- le.-iK chickens was entirely scientific, althouph he dirt prophesy thai "within five ypnr.*." wine less poultry would be as common a.s (hi 1 normal strain. Fi'rther, he the wingless oi>rs laid more and, con.^pq iien My. ho fiiresaw I lie prifp of r^ps falling to around 10 cents a rio/en. g muscles are what make th« breasts ao thick and tender. of all the pro mid con clucking about \vhite meat jujd msUcks JKnotcs one large se«- tnent of Americans ~ those who like win{>s. A.s for Dr. Rej\wa!d, he's w mildly amazed at the new ex- rile men t as he \va.s over all Lh» publicity he sot r. .ck in 1929. And ho s still eating chicXens with wins- 1 :. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed (test Price* Kirby Drug Stores good \viih all vegetables ?Iisht preference toward creamed new potatoes, green peas and whole-kerne! corn. WKen iV comes to Imit, piquant limon.s or oranges make a grand sauce in which to reheat the whole or .sliced tongue or to serve over cold slice.-;. Tongue 1&, also, grand with bright cherry sauce made ith brown sugar and cloves or with favorite raisin .sauce. The me.s of tongue on the cold meat platter should not be overlooked. The -spicy stice.s can be served alone in an attractive manner or they combine favorably with other cold cuLs on an a-s-sorted platter [amished with crisp celery curls, radish roses and carrot strips. fur more cooling summer meals, cold tonsue can be chopped anri mixed with assorted fr«ih or cooked vegetables, or it can be cvit julienne ."Style and .served a.s a topping for vegetable salads. former Baptist Pastor, Who Eloped with Young Girl, Shot by Her Father degrees^ F.^ then reduce tern- | Memphis Lawyer Dies; Stricken During Trial pcratui'e to 325 degrees F. anri b;ike s* bout 45 minutes or until firm. H J Cheese Dessert Roll j (Serves 1£> Ten graham crackers (double crackers 2 ' i by 4 '2") , ' i pound farmer's style cottage cheese, 1 i cup table cream (top milk can be substituted!, ^ pound mai-shnial- ows. ] .i pound chopped dates, ',1 cup chopped nuts, 3 tablespoons sliced maraschino cherries, '3 ten- spoon vanilla, fs teaspoon salt- Crush graham c rakers into fine crumbs. Sieve the cottage cheese, mix with Ihe cream. Add marshmallows cut into quarters. Add MEMPHIS, July 28—WH-Walter P. Armstrong, Sr.. 64, past president, dates, mils, cherries, vanilla, salt and most of the crumbs. Reserve a portion of the crumbs. Mix well. Form into a thick roll approximately V2 inches long. Cover outside with reserved crumbs. Roll in waxed paper and chill overnight. Slice itito one-inch slices and serve \vitli unsweetened whipped cream, flavored with vanilla. of the American Bar Association, died yesterday a few minutes alter collapsing in chancery court. lie was stricken while trying a divorce and died in an ambu- tancc en route to a hospital. Armstrong had been active in the national association for several years- He also was the former president of the slate bar association. His widow anri one son, Walter P. Armstrong, jr. survive.' TAMPA. Flu., July 28. (.-Pi — A former Baptist preacher was shot to death yesterday and police said the shooting was admitted by the father of a 15-yenr-old urpanisl with whom the churchman eloped recently. The Rev. John P. Lane, 35. died In a hospital shortly after he was fired upon following a brief street argument in downtown Tampa. Detective Inspector D. D. Stephens said Ward C. Cornelius. S2. father of Mrs. Lane, was arrested for questioning. When advised that Lane was dead. Stephens quoted Cornelius as snyinfj: "Thank God for that." No formal charges have Seen filed. Cornelius said he drove alongside LHIK'S car at it traffic light and tried to talk to him. The former minister remained silent. Cornelius stepped out of his car and walked toward his son-ln-la\v. He said IIP fired when Lane appeared to be reaching for .something. Lane recently had been engaged in boys work for the YMCA herr. He had been married before and recently was criticized by the Tampa Bay Ministers Association following the elopement. Lane and the former Miss Ann His theory that the windless hens would be cpgier WHS based nn the knowledge that ordinary hen? hnve an id in period of ah wit 15 tnouJt. NO wings, no WIIIR feathers, nioiill No wiinj,s nn wing feu I his. no moulting, no idle period, he figured. His h?ns did lay up U> 315 eggs a year, which is better than normal. But after the experiment, he turned his breeding records anri notes over tu n grad- uale Renefic-s student who wanted the information for a master's thesis. In J!KM. a wingless rooster was otirti as a freak of nature in Rose Hill, Ky. Scientists nf Princeton University got hold of the bird, and watched it develop. They concluded, after X-rays and psychological tests. I hat it was R pleasant creature, but would he useless in the not. The mu.scles of birds, which arc the largest sou ice of white meat, are their wing pullers. Since "Wingless," was also riitc PrlnccLoniaiis cnlicd the freak, had no wlni;s, h« needed no wing muscle.s. Hence, "Witless" was also brea.stless. All he had to offer for dinner were drumsticks, back and neck. IUM.Y I'OH KAT1NXJ nrr Ihi'sE- Hlnjjl lirn —ilrvrliiiu-rt by Trier Itiumun of DCS . Ijinls H ill fu;iki- he tier r.iliiij;, tint he says. lie Ih sn Us the i linked thin nnd le 41i;<(, u ii hont is liable to . He. like the Princeton poultry profs, knows that the Not so. niiswi-js I'Ynnk K. Mii.s- lU. c tv.t if tun n of the poultiy department nt the UJiivfrsKy of Nc-- TU* rurrfiit bleeder. Cornelius elnped to ^shbnrn, Ga., and were married tn June. The pretty girl al the time was a hiftli school sophomore. She formerly played the organ In Lane's church. Week End FOOD SPECIALS Ice Cold WATERMELON Lb.21-3c ...,.,, t'l'RE 20 14 Biirhecned GOAT Ib 59 l-oin Hack liarheciied RIBS rl , 98 Home Made t'ORK SAUSAGE ,, Lean, Tender VEA1, CHOPS ... Lb . Choice "AA" Grade BKKK ROAST Ib •2-3 II). Average Slab BACON ,„ Aped mis noor CHEESE S II). hox A.MKRICA.N Hog MELTS Firm, Fresh LARD Ibc(n Kire Chief KITCHKN MATCHES 39 ,c Clinton, 1 lh. can 1'OKK K BEANS 10 Hush's Besl Whole (J1JKEN BEANS N U20 C Salad Queen— SALAD DRESSING , < 27 I'late 11 ! 2 m.. Jar 35 49 HONEY 'I.'^ Richland—1 .. 59 BUTTER Brooks Chili-Hoi 39 BEANS All Popidar Brands— 49 CIGARETTES C-Villc—M 07.. Bottle Ea Richland— 1'KANUT Qt 25 Cln. 51tS!> CHEESE ea T CATSUP Ka 14 DAVIS & STRICKLAND Grocery & Market 309 North 6th Street The Dainty Cooking Fat HUMKO l.h. Stewart's SALAD DRESSING . . \\ pi. I5c; F'L 29' Country FRESH EGGS Heinz, Clapp's, Gerhcr's Strained BABY FOOD 6 For 49 Streak O'Lcan SALT MEAT Ib. 19< Home-made PORK SAUSAGE Ib. 19<t Home-dressed FAT FRYERS Ib. 59<£ F''resh, Firm PEARS For 10 C Sweet, Ripe PEACHES F,bs. 25 Crisp, I-'resh RADISHES L ]ieh«. Ib IJed .Malaga GRAPES Phone 2668 for FREE DELIVERY CITY SUPER MARKET 109 Wtst Main 4 Deliveries Daily You are aW '&&& In tli« nrrny V. I. P. mean* Very Important I orson. In every Kroger store, you, our customer, nrc a V. 1. P. We c!c.ilgn ovirstoreu. itocV our .shelve* And plan o>ir service to pleiue you 1 leasing you is our first anil mosl Important Job With Kroffer Low Frices Every Day on Every Item IIKIN7, 'I'liniKtn FiADY FOODS Heinz Strained (.'ns VIM'IfJAlt Jlein/ \\'liilc Hein/. Ovcn-liiitfi'il .lai 19' I'K'KI.KS Heiii'/. (.'iicninher Jar AA &v MEINX Cnipe Jelly Glass Salart Dressing KmhHssy COCA COLA T;tke a fiise hnnic QO C Qi. 0*1 OQc Ov RlfAf-T Mayonnaise Ql. I'KKSKFtVJOS l-ll>. Kroger Slrawlici n Jar KliOCKK Crushed I'li PEACH KS Kroner . 2 OC^ an 03 \< P . 2'/i Can (.'aniphcH's I'uik \ Hr:i I'oiU S; Ilvans [(oval Cent ft « No. :jl>0 cans AAc fcW Cheese F''no<l Windsor Cltil) 2-11) l.oaf TCc I « Marjfiirine 1 A t| Kroner Kalmore KroKer Spotli CKACKKKS 1'k Sliiisliiiii! (liiihanis STOKKI.Y 'I'oniatn Juice JUICE .iti-07. Can 46-07, Can r Grapefruit QAc OU PKAS 1) L Av Fl.Ol'ft No. :!!),•( Cans ndale Sweet 2S-IJ) $•195 Hap 1 ICED TEA Kroner ^ I,AVEI{ CAKE OrniiKC Kno J'>.. JQi- ^tf FRYERS 63 Fai — Dressed Hacks Ib. :Wc lircasts Gix/iinls II). :i!ic .\trks Legs 111. S7c \\ in«s CHUCK ROAST , U.S. (iradttl (iiiml or Chdicc BRISKET 0' BEEF , U.S. (iradcd (lodd or Choice PORK SAUSAGE , \Vaguer [{rand SLICED BACON \Vicklnw llrand SALT MEAT Streak ()' Lean WHITING Dressed FILLETS Perch IT RAINS EVERr HOUR ON THE KROGER GARDEN Kvcry hour a cooling ahower fcccps Kroger fruits and vegetables cool and "f redh aj rain." POTATOES Red* i.n. LflS. 39' 45 C 19° 35' 45 C Phone 2668 $2O f OOO FIRST PRIZE FOR NAMIN' 'THIS LIL'SHfAOO. Dui or Drcft 1,113 Pri»! in P t G's $50,000 Conleil. <V*» Fr** !"1<r ll«*i it Xr*««r. LKe. U.S. No. 1 Idaho Washed 4 (\ Ib. Bulk I U Kraft Bag PEACHES Top Qualify Ark. Freestone Elbertat ...'2.89 Lfl( LETTUCE Top Quality Iceberg. Extra Large 4 *J 1 j Heads I / 2 % Crystal White Soap 3 Bars 19< Rinso X 29c Ivory Soap Med. Bars

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