The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio on November 9, 1976 · Page 46
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The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio · Page 46

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1976
Page 46
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r comics movies television columns puzzles music Entertainment Page D-10 Tuesday, November 9 1976 Nostalgia Fans miss Nick Nolte ... as Tom Jordache Hit serial hurts with Nolte gone By GARY DKKB Chicago Tribune "Rich Man, Poor Man" isn't the same without Nick Nolle. The television comeback of Danny Thomas is about to evaporate. And the Great Western Revival appears to have been only a mirage. Strictly my opinions? Maybe so. But a studious glance at the Nielsen ratings confirms each statement. And as CBS, ABC, and NBC wound up the seventh week of fall-season competition, the hits, failures, and in-betweens were becoming readily identifiable. For instance, "Rich Man, Poor Man," the hit dramatic serial that captured the nation by storm last winter, seems on its way to becoming an in-between. - SINCE ITS Sept. 21 ABC season premiere, RM-PM has tumbled from the Nielson Top 10 into the Middle 20s. The program's share of the audience, once a booming 42 percent, now rests at 31 percent. That's respectable, but hardly extraordinary. - Recently, "Rich Man, Poor Man" barely drew a bigger audience than NBC's Police Woman, a vile, brainless cop show starring Angie Dickinson in varying degrees of undress. More importantly, RM-PM is getting vanquished on the other side by MASH, the classic CBS Korean War comedy. And to add insult to injury, MASH is trouncing RM-PM without the benefit of a decent '.'lead-in" from Tony Orlando, who basically is being ignored by viewers. RM-PM, on the other hand, enjoys the hottest "lead-in" in television the Tuesday night combination of Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley. The theory in Hollywood and along New York's Broadcast Row and in the fevered brain of your friendly neighborhood TV critic is that fans of "Rich Man, Poor Man" sorely miss Nick Nolte as Tom Jordache. ELSEWHERE on the national Nielsen watch, here's what's happening: The Practice, the lightweight medical comedy show that marked the return of Danny Thomas to TV, appears doomed. From a wonderfully warm comic actor of the 1950s, Thomas has developed into an arrogant, pontificating tycoon of the '70s, a fact not lost on the public. Danny's low-rated series could be replaced by a comedy starring Don Rickles . . . One of these years, westerns again will rule the TV roost. But apparently this isn't the season. TV's lone current sagebrusher, NBC's The Quest, is drawing consistently anemic ratings. It's a goner, boys ... The Captain and Tennille is fading fast. Propped up by a relentless ABC publicity campaign particularly during the Summer Olympics the pop music duo got off to a rousing start in September. For the last three weeks, however, they've finished third in their Monday night time period. Chubby shakes, rattles, rolls and has the audience jumping By JANET BALDWIN Beacon Journal Staff Writer By the time the show ended at 11 p. m., it was hard to tell if you lost your voice or your hearing or both. But one thing was sure, members of the audience didn't care if they went home stone deaf, they seemed not to be disappointed by the man they came to see rock'n'roll singer Chubby Checker. For 45 minutes, the man who made "The Twist" a household world, shook, rattled and rolled at Mamma Llama & Co. nightclub Monday. Several hundred 25 to 30 year-olds (some older) were on a nostalgia kick as they clapped their hands to the beat of late '50s and early '60s such as "Blueberry Hill," "Kansas City," "Do the Pony" and "Do the Hucklebuck," provided by Checker and his four-piece band. TIME HAS a way of erasing from the memory that there were several versions of the twist not the dance, the song. Remember "Peppermint Twist" and "Let's Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer"? Checker did both. Checker, a native Philadelphi- an who got his name from former Bandstand host Dick Clark back in the '60s, showed none of his 34 years and he did dance steps with almost all his songs. And to top it off, he did the "Limbo." The West Indians are credited j i "' r J Chubby Checker sings his heart eut with creating the dance, in which a dancer must bend hisi body backward while moving un- der a horizontal bar without ', touching it. He had an audience partici- nam rait tKa Vn at hie urofct fJUlll uv niv uui ni tito nuui t-f length and a second time a little aoove nis Knee, ana ne was sue-, cessful both times. ' HE HAD a game audience and six participants tried moving the bar while it was three or four feet from the floor. They, were successful, too. The audience gave them generous applause. Most of Checker's show is rock 'n' roll music, but he mixes a few contemporary songs and a little country and western. But like a minister at an old-time revival who saves the best part of his sermon for the last, Checker left "The Twist" for the finale. And his audience, that had been content to merely hop up and down in the seats, could no longer contain themselves. About two dozen dancers leaped onto the dance floor and joined Checker going round and round and round. Jesus film to strip myth from reality By VICTOR L. SIMPSON ROME (JP) "I'm not trying to convert anyone," said Franco Zeffirelli of his latest and certainly most controversial work, a television epic on the life of Christ portrayed as "Jewish from head to toe." With the ecumenical cast and Christian and Jewish religious advisers, Zeffirelli and crew have spent $12 million in what is billed as an attempt to strip away the legend and separate the man Jesus from the myth. "I'm offering what we think is the real story," said the Italian director, who shot to international fame with his "Taming of the Shrew" and "Romeo and Juliet." ' ENTITLED "The Life of Jesus," Zeffirelli 's epic will be televised next year in the United States (NBC), Britain and Italy as start-'ers, serialized in six episodes concluding on Easter Sunday. ; Zeffirelli hopes his epic breaks new ground in portrayals of Christ as seen in more than a dozen films made on his life ranging from "King of Kings" to "Jesus Christ Superstar." This new version, for instance, pictures the Virgin Mary, played by Olivia Hussey, suffering labor pains. It also shows a graphic, bloody crucifixion scene. TO TELL his story, Zeffirelli cast some of the world's leading film stars as disciples and in other supporting roles. They include Lord Laurence Olivier as Nicodemus, Rod Steiger as Pontius Pilate, Anne Bancroft as Mary Magdalene, Pefefi Ustinov as Herod the Great. But for Christ, Zeffirelli cast" relatively unknown British actor,! Robert Powell, who jumped fromj the ! rock musical "Tommy" and "Mahler" to the role. Zeffirelli emphasizes that his' sion is an attempt to weave fcn historical tapestry, not! simply Christian legend, and therefore "B picts Christ as Jewish, something. obviously known but not alwajfsj stressed. t Television for tonight 'Program! ABC Akron I NBC Cleve. I ABC Cleve. I CBS-Cleve. I Ind.-Canton NBC-Youngs. I PBSCIeve. I CBSVoungs. I ABC Youngs. IND,Cleve. PBSKent WAKR WKYC WEWS WJW WJAN WFMJ WVIZ WKBN WYTY WUAB 4 5 . 23 3 5 8 17 21 25 27 33 43 1 49 4 00 Edge of Night Special Oinah Shore All in Family Movie: Special Sesame St. Movie: Brady Bunch Flintstones Sesame St. I35 lassie Treat Mervtritlin lassie Treat ""Action hi lacy Show 5-00 Odd Ball Odd Couple Mike In Canton Mike Mister Rogers North Bewitched Howdy Doody Mister Rogers jjjtj 0. Umbardi News Douglas Stump Stars Douglas Electric Co. Atlantic" Hogan 'Mickey Mouse Electric Co. 6.00 Akron News News News Nashville News Zoom! News News Bewitched Zoom 30 ABC News ABC News CBS News Coach Show NBC News A Classic CBS News ABC News A.Srirtith Disabilities 7 '.OO Bonanza Tell the Truth Match Game Lawrence Emergency Theater Truth or Con. Odd Couple Hogan , Report jap Andy Williams That Tune Question Welh One! Report Partridges love. Am. Style Survival 8-00 Happy Days Baa Baa Happy Oays Tony Good News Baa Baa Hall of Tony Happy Days Star Trek Northwest ';30 laverne Black Sheep laverne Orlando D.lombardi Black Sheep Fame Orlando laverne ; Visions 9:00 Rich Man, Police - Rich Man. M'A'S'H Praise Police MASH Rich Man :3Q Poor Man Woman Poor Man One Day the lord Woman Movie: One Day Poor Man Battle Cry 111:00 Family Police Family Switch Police "Dreams" Switch Family Destination I UlaO Story ' ; Story ; 11:00 News News News News Movie: News PhilCoion News News PhilCoion 1:30 100 Club Tonight Show Movie: M.Hartman "Thislove Tonight Show ABC News MJartman Movie: ABC i2g I las pw I"15" I 1 r- 1st nw I ... and tomorrow's logs iwTEol Mi) IHiiig tip I jTodly" I Ral 1700 Club I Bags Bunny I 30 Morning Exchange Kangaroo Instructional Kangaroo Hi Doug Gorilla Instructional 40 100 Club Family Affair Match Came Tele-View Programming Good Day Dinah Shore Barnaby Programming 30 Room 222 Tattletales Sesame St. Tattletales Romper Room 4 A -00 SanfordtSon P.Donahue Price Is Right Price Is Right Coffee Shop IU:30 The Rock Squares Edge of Night Squares Edge of Night Workshop 11 -00 Charisma Fortune Don Ho Gambit Fortune Electric Co. Gambit Woman's World 'Perry Mason Electric Co. 1:30 Happy Days Stumpers Happy Oays love of life Stumpers Sesame St Uveoflife Happy Days Sesame i 0:00 Hot Seat Grand Slam News News Grand Slam Young Restless Don Ho A. Griffith :30 My Children - Gong Show My Children Search Gong Show Instructional Movie: My Children lassie Instructional 1:00 Ryan's Hope Somerset Ryan's Hope Young Restless Somerset Programming "Niagara" Ryan's Hope Movie: Programming :3Qfeod Days of lives Fend World Turns Good Ozy Days of lives fed "Ten Seconds 2:00 Pyramid Pyramid Movies: Pyramid toHeir :30 One life Doctors One lite Guiding light "Drakeof Doctors Guiding light One lite 3:00 (to 3:15) Another World (to 3:15) Robert Young England" Another World All in Family t"1W li"te . S'sabili,ie$ :30 Gen. Hospital Ben. Hospital TBA Match Game 6en. Hospital Rascals Yoga Television movie schedule for tonight 9 - "Battle Cry" (43). Van Heflin, Tab Hunter, Dorothy Ma-lone, Anne Francis, Raymond Mas-sey, 1955 (color). The Marines fight and romance their way through World War II. Rating C plus. 9:31 - "Dreams" (25). Harriet Andersson, Eva Dahlbeck, Gunnar Bjornstrand. 1955. Here's Ingmar Bergman's psychological study of desire. A fashion model and her agency's owner have strange, one-day affairs with married men. Rating B. 11:15 "This Love of Ours" (17). Merle Oberon, Claude Rains, Charles Konin. 1945. A guy leaves his wife, meets her 12 years later and falls in love again. Rating C. 11:31 "Terror en the 41th Rating C. Floor" (5). John Forsythe, Anja- nette Comer, Joe Campanella, Don 12 "Saigon" (8). Alan Ladd, Meredith, 1974 (color). It ain't Veronica Lake, Luther Adler, 1948. "The Towering Inferno" but you Espionage in the days before we firebugs ought to get your kicks, heard of Vietnam. Rating D. "The Tall Men" (43). Clark Gable, Jane Russell, Robert Ryan, Cameron Mitchell, 1955 (color). Gable and Mitchell fight snowstorms and Indians in the Old West. Rating D. ( On radio today ) Unless noted, news is heard everv hour and half hour. WAKR (1590) m., 7:45- Exlendpd newscasts 6.55-7-15 a. 8.15 a.m., and 5 55-6JO pm WftEZ Stereo (97.5) Stereo music 24 hours dailv News and Weather on the hour. WCUE-AM (1150) News 10 till the hour 20 after the hour. WSLR (1350) News five minutes Detore the hour: headlines 28 minutes past the hour. 12 Paul Harvev 450 Paul Harvey 9 Kathrvn Kuniman 9 30 His Minislrv ... . 10 Furnace Street Mission 10:30 World Tomorrow WOBN-FM (94.9) Stereo Music 24 Hours a dav. WHLO (640) All news at 7:15 am. to 9 am; noon to 12 30 o m. and 5 to 6 p.m. News on the hour and on half hour. 6-9 Soortswatch WKNT-AM-FM (1520-100.1) WKOD-FM (96.5) News On Ha'f-Hour 10 BoDDv Knight 2 Kevin Coan 6 Evenins Express 10 Vince and Greg WKSU-FM (89.7) 7 The Spider s Web 9 Earplav 10 Organized Sound WHLO FM (107) Stereo Music 24 Hours A Dav WAUP (88.1) 9 Jan 12 M d-Dav Reoort 1230 On Campus 4 Jan 5 30 Women 6 Jan Tonight's highlights i 4:30 - Merv Griffin (8). Fred Astaire, Mike Connors and comedian Denny Johnston are among the guests. 5 Mike Douglas (5). Mike and cohost Jimmie Walker visit with Charley Pride and Cincinnati Reds manager Sparky Anderson. 5:45 PM (23) NEWS WATCH AKRON AREA NEWS 7:30 PM (8) The 5128.000 Question Farmer Tries $32,000! Adv. 7:30 - Andy Williams (3). Charo demonstrates her coochie-coochie antics with Andy . . . Consumer Survival Kit (45), (49). The crew offers tips on choosing and paying for nursing home care. 8 Baa Baa Black Sheep (3), (21). Pappy doesn't dig it when ordered to lead his Corsair squadron against a Japanese carrier. Instead, he persuades brass to let him fly captured Jap Zeroes as a surprise tactic . . . Happy Days (23), (5), (33). Richie gets star billing for once. When a new girl arrives in town, he begs Fonzie to let him use his apartment for a date . . . Tony Orlando and Dawn (8), (27). Donald O'Connor and Soupy Sales show up to see if they can help the gang's ratings . . . Bicentennial Hall of Fame (25). Richard Basehart stars as George Washington in a repeat of Maxwell Anderson's play, "Valley Forge." The Hall of Fame dramas, televised last season on NBC, were given to PBS by Hallmark Cards . . . South by Northwest (45), (49). Esther Rolle plays Mary Field, a black woman who traveled through the frontier carrying mail and medical supplies 8:30 Laverne and Shirley (23), (5), (33). The gals attend a bridal shower for one of their old schoolmates" and find they're the only ones not married . . . Visions (45), (49). "El Corrido" reflects the misfortunes of a Mexican migrant worker through the singing of an old man's ballad. t Police Woman (3), (21). Sgt. Pepper turns to the Child Abuse Unit for assistance when she and Bill Crowley find a bat tered baby. Anne Francis guests as an officer who has seen tocS; much of it she's turning to the bottle for solace . . . RIcqT Man, Poor Man (23), (5), (33). Rudy's conflict with Charles Es-. tep takes a turn for the worse" . . . MASH (8), (27 W Suffering from pressure, a psyj chiatrist finds a safe harborL? where the inmates have taken!" over the 4077th. Or so hewsJ concludes, and he tries to deJ scribe it in hypothetical letters' to Sigmund Freud. " 9:30 One Day at a Time (8), (27). David gets the job opportunity of a lifetime and Ann must decide if she'll share! L. ' . T. . in ins guuu ioi lunc. us a iwu- Darter. 10 PM (23) FAMILY NANCY'S ROMANCE EXPLODES Adv. 10 - Police Story (3), (21) Ed Asner stars as a veteran cop about to retire when he's called upon to handle the most dangerous assignment of his career . . . Family (23), (5), (33). Kate and Doug aren't happy over Nancy's behavior she's become irresponsible, rude and thoughtless. They're even less happy when she accepts Prof. Towne's offer of marriage and then becomes interested in another man . . . Switch (8), (27). A female con artist (Eileen Heekart) finds herself in deep trouble when her partner is killed. She asks Pete and Mac for help . . . Destination America (45), (49). British immigrants are spotlighted. 11 PM (23) NEWS WATCH 23 AKRON AND NATIONAL NEWS was m KB 5: 8 31 Mi El 0. mr awl m ti. 11 Coxon's Army (25), mJ Phil Coxon leads his group in a program of jazz, rock and classi- cal compositions. Repeat. 11:30 - Tonight Show (3), m 91k HnnM T.wlilh nloiron k. viria aiiiKtri is among Johnny's scheduled guests . . . Mary Hart man, Mary Hartman (8). Mary underw stands that it's time to move on, US' 1 Tomorrow (3). (21). Tom 2 Snyder chats with Mia Farror in London.

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