The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1934
Page 6
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BIX BMcTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 1934 The Habc Swings Into Action-And Misses Dodgers Bwil I'liik Tigers .-' Take Indians; Oth<*r Tennis Idle " Thp Nov.- York Cihiiits, clinin- Jr'rais of Hie base-tall universe. • (f;nlli-iir.d tlit-ir l'J34 vvlniiin: start l;y <lofra(.t»n llw Boston Binves '.iV'tei-day, annc-xin'; Lli'.'ir foiirtli . tiriiiuhi victory. Th' Senators. /jMrlon chrnnir,. 'r:-n In 1 " n v.ilil liilliiv; i>v\\ 'if . / Hi!. t!ci r.i Piu'aitf-li.-fola anil lost. '-.a lu i). 1 Till' Cii:IIII.S «s;il three plU-ll'-TA 'lint mnnai>«il lu Ir.nuuv id- -Hiavi-.s. 7 in 3. Cninnrll vas Hi.- '•lo=liil! nnii Sulvi'.wn (he Kltuim; 'li'urier/ Oil til New York ami M<s •Mjiius ol i!nslon hi I/or ihe elr- riiit. A sixih Inning i^tlly v.'lii-n .four runs v.-irrc M-uri'd, -.ujii loi' •il'ie GimilJi ^ Tin; Brooklyn HoilRcra (If-rental Hie Phillies. 6 to u al llrooklyn. 'I.r-omni, Doiiirer rookie, \venl 111 • iciite and limited (lie Wills to MX lilLs. iKoenccke. another rooki' 1 . ii!tl?cl ill :hc victory v.'iili r.vo Iwisii'? ruus niul two singles, llullfy wa-s , lliR losing pitcher. -.The- Mucks v.-iillojxd the Sem- .leri by annexing lf> hits iiicludiiiij a three L'O-se blow by Craiun-. Connie Mitch si-nl thrti 1 jihclier.s in Ihc mound' and Crciiin iisert four. Thr; M:!c!c5 stf.rtetl .-.wring i-Mly .with foil! 1 runs In tl^e opening In- nin^. Warstier yol fuur hJUs fcr the yvihlollcs. •: Detroit's Tta'is Ecorfrt /our rims in Ihe nlnlli liming to brrnk up ft pitching rinel ami l)"ni the i Cleveland MsclH-r anrt IJruwn had engai^'d In n .scuiclcs* battle until the eventful niulli. Oi-sn's double with (tie ba'p.s full (iecfrted the contest. Bad \ve.itlicr lielrl otlii'r Idle. PEBS SLUG TO IB WIN, 1H STANDINGS Chicks Fall Before .Vicious Chattanooga Hitting; Barons, Crack- ^ crs, Lookouts Win SOUTHERN LEAGUE 2' Arrested for Whistling PORTLAND, Me. lUPi—Whist- ling on n street here b-fore sun- ; up caused tile BITCSI of Paul' Stewart, 18, a newsboy, on a | charge of "making loud ond tin- | i:sual noisrs." He way' (reed, with ;t shnrp warning, sifwr an hour's cieiemlui. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance til in- New York Yiinta'!,' ;i' Htntiitn Hulh. Iforc you to—or liersoiis—the niigtity Sultan 01 w? Hie Ual« fanning .in the first inning of tlie game kA-li«t in tin 1 Allili-tlc.'i, ii-5, ill i'liitiidel])hia. The next day ho connected for n homer. Hooks and Slides Color— ;h:il's n steal word In :-|;orl_Y K dinijs Ihe llsh lliriniali the V.KK 1 n'.u! makes iht 1 mugimtes and tin- iiromotrrs cliortk' with nice. nibbfnx tlnilr bands and Mim ln - ; thoit lips in a manner most iolli-nsivi; lu ui'.o not ru:nnn.-rcl:iliy C(i!or iniiki-s Idols out of innn\' tiv'i'wl.'y 1 ordinary athletw — and Hie \vrmiK way 11 out of utheis fur i! ir-i spla'ili' ir.akes bums , uior,: |; Kll ihnn w« come to "Habblt" Miininvlllc, who's fast co!t>r. Ills iioenl mishap Mlrrrd more jeii- tilni 1 sympathy limn has IX'fn nc- :onl«l nny olbcr iilbluli' In mLs- iim In recent years. He was i wild blade In his day, this groat Ittli' madcap. Ijiit the Inns went rrcu!. for his style. l/'anlnu the shires way Is nn- >tlu;r "," hi the iicrson ol •ntey" nr-sni. lint l)l/./.y hns' Hie talent Hint uo:'S ulth It, .so he's'rldliii; high as u [;nie allnic- llrin. Up from the minors tomes an- otlier big ballyhoo mint In Buck N'ewsomc. who look.s as if he'd make the sjrade as u slarllng hiivlcr In Rogers Ilornsby't nii'iuigr!. Modi'Sty Is not lu Buck's vocabulary, us his wired challenge I" l>enn 10 lock lionw \vitli him In the llrsl «nmc or the Olflll The Birmingham Barons beat Hie New Orleans Pelicans and the Ulllp Rock Travelers came back lo trniincr the Memphis Chlcta yesterday. , Tlie Travelers walloped the of- firings of four Memphis hurled for 18 lilts and scored a 14 to 8 victoiy. Tlie Chicks got 13 blows 1 111 a free .slugging contest. Sww.t- land and Cantrcll'pitched for Lli- ,1 tie Heck with Shetland winning, wliile four pitchers worked ff/r Memphis, The Blruilngliam Barons defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 7 to 5 at Birmingham. Buzz Arlettmade two fancy .catches in the Held for j the Burons. A rally in the sev- L.lenlh gave the ilarons their vie- Little Hock Atlanta .... Knoxvllle . NATIONAL I.KAOIIH W. I,. New York 4 0 Clili-ajo 3 0 Brooklyn 2 1 PHlsburRli 2 1 fit. IOHW i 2 Boston 1 •> Cincinnati 0 3 Philadelphia o •! iwrformers, from John .Sullivan on to the present pair of [lory. Hughes prize downers, Maxle Baer arid pitcher and Johnson the'loser.. Prlmo Camera. . .. llemlek held the Smokies Even the race horsos have It —Man o' War, Eijuliwlw, and many more lo name. It's a great thing to cultivate, but It's tetter if you'ri; ' born ivith It.' And you'll nnd that most of the really great ones came up from the cradle with It. vita the winning •fo four hits and shin them out 5 to to ° 0 a.s Chattanooga won at Knox- ille.. The lookouts got to Ihe 'fferlrigs of climax Blethen, for 1 blows, including homers by Gill A.MCUICAN Detroit New York .. Cleveland .. Boston Philadelphia Washington St. Louis ... Chicago I.KAHIIR W. I,. .. 3 .. 2 .. 2 ,. 2 .. 2 .. 2 Pet. 1.000 l.OCO 1 .6«7| .067 I .(WO MM I'el. .7Sfl .e«7 .5 00 .500 .500 .400 .333 Vaudeville Tonight 1 2 Bhytheviile Tigers To Play Sandy Ridge Sunday ,','riiB Plyllicvillc Tljicrs will jjliiv ?ai«ly Hidje at Sandy Ridge t>art. )n Highway Cl south of tills city, .omorrou 1 aftcmoon. Ted Wilfcorson. Memphis sctni- " pro slm-, will nmk? li'is debut en the mound for tbr Tlgera. '. Ttie game is scheduled to itart •jl thref wiisil of n nuin: pleasant siibjfcl, wr'll lake up lln- cuse ol Arlhur— once facellouH:y nicknamed "Thy Ori-nt"— Shires. Col- tr war, 'a curse tit Shlrt-.s, Ijecausc it uiis Ibf wrciiix hue, tlioii','11 did g!V» Win a kcttnr Im-ak in I lit bii; .sliow than his talents Jus- .i:>cil. ' Atlcr GOLF ^^^^ R« Art- KrenT By Art Krenz n profnm 1 , bully inu yuMs^er lour Uuo'.iyli bu'h mn- jur loo]a. Arthur is back In thi: A. A., with Toledo, lurk? I" be in such high society, all because lie yammered out of Uirn, ton;; loud,, mvl often? St. Luiils city serics-in which Buck was blasted from Hie slab In four inn!u;;s. •' 'Yes, It's u great attribute. It made Casey Stengel manager of the I3olefid Ducl-jors, though he'll probably rue tlic day it did. U has (jlven fai .salary checks to Nick Alt rock and Al Scluiclit (or Itjlo, these many years. It r» 11 Blondy Ryan in the spot where he. became a world scries hero. It maker, them— aurt it brfaits them. Kusy Huril for Snnlc Not only In baseball does color bring 'em In the Ivoul. There's Walter HIIKCII in yolf. 13111 Tilden Mental Condition Is Klf F.ictor On Putt? All golf authorities will agree thai it was Jones mental condl ami Leo fitoelcn. in tomijs,. "Red,", GrVnnc- in '• [oolba-ll,. Joe; SVVoldj— lion, that caused him to., putt .s( erratically in his "recent atterhptet of thcn'i— comebixck. •Mental condition has a grcate' hast of col-1 bearing on the nutting green than nd Shirley. A wild pitch In the IDlh Inning iy B.rlllheart gave • the Atlanta Jrnckers a 5 to 4 verdict .over the Nashville Vols at Nashille: The trackers had tied the score in the ilnth, scoring three runs off Reid, vho issued two jxasses und made wild heavu. Brillheart succeeded him and made another wild hrow. Casey was the winning jltcher. • Stork Lost "This Race HARTFORD, Conn. (UP)— The stork doesn't always win the race. An eight and. one-half pound baby was born to Mrs. Michael Dellaripa while she. was being taken to hospital • In. a taxlcab. in any other department of play. If one Is upset by a tee shot that has found, the rough, or by some other unlucky break In reaching the green," he-, will-soon find th? muscles of ; the' " forearms and \vrists tightening. This will cause the ball to be slabbed iastead of being stroked smoothly. Th wrists must be allowed freedom iti'.d the club miiu not be gripped too firmly. Forget, .-.approac h .• mlst<kes,s ^i think only 'of sending-'~the..baU:-t the bottom, of the ciut..... . Read Courier News Want Ads. Today's Games SOUTHERN I.EARUK Little Rock, at Memphis. Atlanta at Nashville.- Knoitvllle at Chattanooga. New 'Orleans at Birmingham. AMERICAN I.EAOIJK New York at Boston. St. Louis at Chicago. Detroit at Cleveland. Washington at Philadelphia. NATIONAL I.EACiUE Philadelphia at Brooklyn. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Boston at New York. Chicago at Si.'-Louis. ' .-. MATINEE and-Nir.HT—lOc - 25c On the Stage in Person HANK FERRIS, MOVIE COWBOY AND THICK HOPEH anil Hit Companu of Western Stars I'HESKNTING A TYI'ICAI, WESTERN SHOW THE KNTIKK FAMILY \VII,I, RN.IOY —On the Screen— W. C. KIEI.nS, BUSTEH CHAItHE, JOAN MAKSII and ADRIENNK AMES in ^YOUR'E TELLING ME" SUNDAY-MONDAY MATINEE ;l n(l NIGHT— lOc - 35e i A baby has. from two ito three times as mnelrskin surface, in proportion to ..weight, as an' :aflull. Idsd In by rich and Idle women — this handsome young doctor foaght to live his own life! Gable I'raml In Ihe (ilm sensation from Ihc- sla»p hit! WRBSTLIN TOMMY TASSAS ROY AVK1-CH RAY MYERS '?l,it-:'^.\it":'' : • ': --"'ARMORY, JEAN HERSHOI.T, DI.l/AHIvTH ALLAN ;iti<l OTTO KRUGER A Metro-CJqldvVyn-Maycr Picture From the Play by Sidney JCIngsley Directed by Richard Bolcslavsky Produred by Monta Bell CLARK GAI MYRNALOY PARAMOUNT.NEWS - . •'= • • Technicolor Musical "Not Tonight Josephine".. . ..with Franki,MeHuj?h a'tid Kitty Kelly _• Blytheville Relief Committee Certificates are as good as money for the goods and services we have to sell. We pledge our full cooperation in meeting a community emergency and invite yours. Don't hesitate to accept Blytheville script when it is offered to you. You can spend it with us at its face value. 0. C. Names Bell's Pharmacy 1. Rosenthal Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. . Magnolia Service Station 1105 Ash & Broadwav Camp Moultrie G. C. Hawks, Fruit & Produce John C. McHaney, jr. the Monument Man Pete the Plumber .1. W. Moore Cash Grocery (.121 K. Main) Day & Night Service Station B. T. Worthy Grocery R. J. Dodson Jesse M. White, Signs Parkhurst Co. Williams Grocery and Market 777 Tire & Battery Station Belt's Art Studio J. C. Appleby Motor Co. Craig's Dairy Magnolia Petroleum Co. and Service Stations

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