The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1938
Page 5
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Y, 'Ai'JUL 20, )938 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS How Blind Men Play Baseball Blytlieville Unable To Hit Koewing's Offer ings; Reed Is Locer 11V J. I'. VRIUNI) Iflwis the Gl»n<s' lull toi-iilo fast tall pilclipv from New York Oil,, will attempt to litirl (lie niylhevillr (Jiiiut'i up on even Irrms with llic C/'anitticrsi'llle i'i- Icl.-i. tonight, in llic oflitial I opener :il Curullici'svillc. Slsirliug time: 3 p.m. MnmiBer Bunny Simmons lusn't dcliinltrly decided Imtwccn Charles Itchier or Harold Kospniau. lioHovrr liijlil liaiiicrs, Ijul ;ui edge goer; to ltu> former. Behind the loin- liil pitulimg o( Wilton Kce-.vinj, tin' Pile!', spoiled Hie Giants' iiiitugur;il yesterday by dofeaAhv; (lie huincliiiqs. Ij-'J. bc- loie nfproximntcly tout) I'aiif. Koeivm;; wys in finr fon». Usinji :i last breaking curve bull that, played 110 small part in i-li-.ilking ii|i 10 victories \nnL year, lie liact I lie situation pretty well in li;,ml throughout. Errors by his males put him in several UxlU spots but. ivith HIP exception ol tlio .'.cvciith. when tlic Giants scored their two tallies, he was able to pull out okay. He received a Ijad break cliir- 1113 the Giant, rally whbh allowed an unearned run to trickle over, bin I'ale turned around and evened tilings up ivlicn Julian Harrington was called out. after being tagged cfT Ihe base. The -decision was llic only dissenting feature of the entire contest, Harrington hud grounded to Mondon an;l when the shortstop's throw war. Elioi'l Hairy slid safely to the tag. Upon getting up lie stepped olV Ihc bag i" foul territory ol Hdjiist his clothes. Leonhardl lav L;;S him and Base Umpire Yowoll waved him out. The Clianl players swarmed him. They then turned to . Umpire-in-CJiief 'roily McDonald. | The boys in blue conferred but. the decision stood. Kccd Loses Clyde "Spot" Reed, the Blyihc- ville product, hurled the first seven hillings for the Giants. Despite .viewing bill five hit:,, lie had the inisfotrune of havin a Ihem efteu- lively bundled In two big scoring innings, (lie [liird and fourth, and was credited with the loss. Bill Von Alnien, the Brooklyn hoy, went lo the mound after Joe Maresco hncl liit for need and'wound up the job. The Pilots put on a two run splurge 'in the ninth, both unearned, for a clincher but they were not needed. For Mic Itrsl two innings il was three up and three down for both teams, but tlic vial tors took a one inn lead in the third. Shortstop Mondon started the fireworks with ;; rousing- double (o right, center I'Ho hit. to Reed and Spot's Ihro'.v lo Bouo at third was bolh hijli and h(c. Moudon scored after Joe Ciirran's ratcli of Koewing's Ion' high ny. flity increased their lead with hvo more in the fuurHi and it, was this same pestiferous Mondon who was the thorn in the flcsli. AtU;r Irani; Dvorak hat) made a .sensational play to retire Oilriig, Leon- haidt singled lo right, Harrington (lidn'(. have lo move off first to snare Eliy's oljliging pop fly. On a perfectly executed hit-Mri-rim play. Simmon:; hit to, rislit. and Leoii- Inirdl wen; to third. On the thnr.v lo third Simmons iven( lo scconi when wood:; failed to cover second and tal:c thn inlerccpled Ilirov,-. Mo:icio:i smacked tile first pitch to "fntrrneld, srorinj both runnel.'). The game roekcd alouj until Hi 2 seventh \ritlio!ft further scoring In llic meantime the Giants baa passed up several golden opportunities i o -core. On each occasion a bas-> hit was needed JUKI ,|(,i,,- t silo .., "P. In the third Dvorak toimcotl i ilnve off citcher Kocwinss knee SyiiUii'tn |.t-a W. 1-. Pel. It) 'J .'Ili9 5 .GIF; 4 .tiOU 1 /I IB '/ .417 .a«4 ft V .417 .333 «i tin- indiii.triui Home for u u aititi! :;cnir from :i p.iiinc cuijir-fi'd base III Same Young Felle Piayins baseball b.v sound is tlic method I.--.- vl'i-.-li Blind in Oakland. C»lir.. u,j,,v ,l,c ,,,,0,1. ' Al,n, ,„ rwlalton-^ ,se,l>,all diamond i-nmp.H,! wlli, ,,,„, l 'llic bull is rolled to UK- baiter, v.-lio cm-ills'; ,il it w.ih *l,o acts as the eyes lor boU, lean,, I,c uid,, „„ )/ a , 7, ^ . „! c?'J " ' ,'] '"° tU b,«er fecis hi, W ay around ,,,e base, o,, „„ (;ill , , rlln , ; vi ;i,^,; ^ ,," *, ' | '"«^ U'mpt to locate the ban and roll it in lroirt of Ihe lunner's , wlh to s,,r, I,," pu I, and beat llic throw lo first. H<J ml- ! Ciuiil!ien;ville. v.ilh M..\oi Noble vantcd to second as CiiUllg threw ; Gill, of IM1, i, c liliid (ho ,,h tc iim | out Heed. Mondon linnblcd Woods' ! Bra iSiillor aetini; [,ir M- vm A " Slow roller, and both were sale. ! Rciert, , 1 Cjccola umpire \v U ' . , umpre But Hairington hi! lo third and : C..v. "H^oncr f o 1 ' was thrown out, They knocked at "•. was al,o a BUCSt. .ville. 1 the scoring door again in the foiirtli but, didn't have (lie admittance :ard. Uobo walked. Trainbacli slashed the first pitch to first :m:i ,.., Holie was nlppe:! at second. Ara-jon I Ihc fouled lo nvsi. ojdej' lilt lo short I _ rumbled momentarily then 1 'Hie box s'-ore- threw IDS late lo second to tulcli Cjuutlit-r-.villc' •1 i-ainback. cun-an forc;tl Oxlov. Sacc , ,' A 3 ,i!n in the sixth thcj- yot a I £ " " ,"' 2l , •" couple on only to ito-le al the pl.ile , c.ilclie 'n, ' ' ' Witll Illln clown Rnhn ,1...... 1.:. .""'>>• '"' 'Hii; lilylliuvilli; liisli N.-IIOOI bund. iimlcr lln- diroclioii ol /Clmilci 'Moaihead. tnrnislied tlic muvlc lor AB K II -1 Lconharrit hy. it ... Witli one down Hobo clvciv liis seccncl base on bails. Trainluek ., singled lo right, nolia toing held j Eim ;,, 0 ,, s t . it second on a quick recovery by M C ,,dc'n" -s Filo. Aiajon forced Trambiu-fc andirdo ri "" Cslcy struck out for MIL- .second I time. Tlic rcurth time was the clnrm for in Die seventh they broke itilo the tcoring column. Curran cloubHI just, inside the left field four line Dvorak slammed another back ill Knowing. It was SD hard hit thai the pilcli£i- barely ha-J lime to keep it cut of his face. He recovered awl ^llirrnv liurricdl;- to third. Not expecting such a play, Glidii. was not on the bag and Curran slid safely under nnd by Iilin. Durin? the excitement Dvorak slolc second willi Ihc Ihird baseman holding :hc ball. Maresco went in lo lilt icy Reed and drove out a long fly to left field, scoring Curran. Dvori}- :cok advantage ol the short throw to .advance to third. Woods missed a fast curve for a strikeout. Then came Harrington's roller nnd subsequent "boner". Bat Dvorak score:! •>n the error. The Pilots scored two more in the ninth but as far n the oiimts were concerned they could Inive iottcn alon» just us well wlllioiil them.' Simmons walked. Mondon .there's that guy again) sacrili-cd out Bobo threw wide nnd lii->li ( o :ci'Cnd in an attempt to calcli°5im- Filo bunted. Von Ahnen ro- .ri»vc:i thr ball nnd lorccti .<5i:u- nions nl third. Kocwin; llciv ID right without an iidvaiiL-e. Sacmian walked, filling the IMSCS . ; tinto:i doubled lo right. worm; Muncioii ind Filo. Gildlg lanncd. A tol or "official h(irw>i>l;iv" "oiU|H)sed Ihe oj:c'ning :hiy pnxcr-l- iiiBS. Mayor Mai ion William7",,[ Blylhcvillc threw Uic llrsl. bill to Hitler Dr. D. D. Pinion, m;ivor <il II; JWCWIHR. p 'I otaL; .. BlylheviMc Woods. •>(! bariinRton. note. 3h Trambrjk, rf .. Arngon. K .. Cxlcy. If Cini.-ui. cl Dvorak. !ai Herd, p >:,\liim-:c-, n ... Vcn ,\himi. p (I 2 ..:ii> 5 8 27 II A1S R. II I'O A 0 2 0 1! ii a 0 1 I 0 ;> i i o :r i i -i » i 'I InninjK pi'.clU'd-Uy llewl V wilii :t runs, r, him; i,y Von Mmen -' ivil-li '2. runs. :i iiiis. w.iuiing iiit- clicr—Ktcwiiijt .loslns Bilrlici' — Reed. liu::e un bulls-oil' Von Ahncn D. off Kot'wiui; 2. Slnich oin—by ««'! 2, by Kocv.-ii) B 0." ty Vmi Ahncn :;. Umpires- McUinnl:! anil Yc'.vcll. iinip-.'_':oa. Today's Games . Nrv: (.irlcan-, at Mniipln:;. NiKillMlll' ill AlllllltH. Knoxviilr n| Clialliinwimi. Uii'Jiiingliiim at. Little Itoul;. National League New York at.Boston. Pluliulflphia at- Brooklvn. Cinclmutl ill Chicago. K!. Laui.5 (il I'lllsbttrgli. AHirricau Lcitguu Bc:,luii ii(. flew York. '' Clilcogo ;il- Deli-oil. Olcvclnirl nl SI. Louis/ ' W.isliinglnii nt Yesterday's Results Sruillu-rti l,'-ir;»r Nrw Urlniii:; 7. Mnuphi-, HO . Ni'.-hvillr :i. Atlnntii :>.. f:in:i:H!'liaiii :i, l.iulc H« Ni-'.v York 4. llu-itoii '.',. (.'lii;iii;ei Ii!, Cliicliuuiti !v Hicstlyii fi. I'lilliidrlnliln ;i, <'.\. l.i-'Ul:. !r, Plll:;!)ni-|;li H. rtini'.iiran l,e:ij;iir> \Vnvliliij;lo:i 7. l')>llii(|f||):-,|ii liiXilon-C. Ni-v.' York 1. ( levilniu) II. St. Luiiis ii. c:i)lt-ng:j ul Uelryil. ruin. l.'nnillicrsvlllc fi. Blyllievlllc l-.lcsvilli; 13. Newport -1. IU. Jonc.ibon> 7. l0 '-^ ^1 2 -i27 ID ^x-fcatlc-l lor Rctxl in 7i|,. CaiHilieioViilc nni 2fiD OO'.-fi Blythi'villr- v ~ :} C0; , .„,; _/, Mo'iidon n. »o])o, Arn.ou. Runi buticcl in—Kccwinp, iH.itvs-o Mo'i- flUl 2. Stlll-.IOll :\. TWD-bnso 111! :- Moutlcn. Curran, Shmluii. Sacaiicr hits—L;oiiharrlt, Mondon Dvorak' tclen lusec-.Filo. Dvoral: I-ft on tosc:;-r:-.™tli?rsvillc 7. Biylhcvillc Ncrlhuast Arkansas League'•'-? HJyllicvllln al CarHllyersy'lllc.''•<•'* I'aragoiild at Joncsbpro. ; I Ncwj)o:-l nl Batr.-.iillc; ': f liig Clock lo f?; iicrcjiirM ' 1'AtNESVIt.LE. O. (UIV—'Jaunty' c:(;miniK;io)]C'is have decide;! lo cin- plo,- n prolcssionnl steeplejack lo jinslall !icre?ns over Ihe county court, house's clod; la protect it (roin pigeons nnd starlings. For year... the hints have bmi iisinj; the hnml-i "I (he clouk as a resting place,-re-- jicaledly (liron-iii$ the inacliincry out of gear ami the time. on. Read Courier News Wa..'. Ads, ./. Stop, Look and Itisl n Tiny of our t HuriiamK — These cars j I arc carcfnll.v checked & ! i priced.' I 15131 Cficvmlrl Ciwrb. K.vlra ir $137.50 fi:,M forcl \'-S Tui dor. Kv:il buy — 1931 Chevrolet )9,'{i> Con! V-8 f'rck- FJ97C [ up Trirrk >P«' 0 ' ' 1334 Clicvrnlcl |:)I ir:i;li IV, n. Truck .. I-.'asy (i. .IF. C'. Payment Plan Wli TKADK V I 'I Tom IH Chevrolet Co. Phono 033 SAVE MONEY ON IIICHKST MR Dr. Pepper Face* Ark-Mo; Terry Team Meets Hubbard Dp. Pcnpcr W ||| mcc t Arktineas- Mhsourl Power corporation and Terry wrvlco stolloii will tflcklo Hnljljaiil Hardware company In city Dowling icnguo games toniglu Wednesday nlclit Palace cafe de- hnlcd Holl Funeral Home mm John's confectionery won over Hudson Tnllor eliop. Ugronno Whittle, John's man- nti«, set n new ICHEVIO record Joi ft single BHIHO scoro with 285, Jive iimlor a perfect scare, Wednesday nlglil. " 'Mob Feller Llmiliiia Uic El. Orownii to it :critli-h hit— u Ijunl which he ImtiUUcI hin^cH and which re- Milled hi n (Irkiilafah- dccfcloil l,y iin inrxpcilciH'cd inniilio—I)ol> KI.-I'. tor. uljovr. 10-yciir-old rlglit-linncl winulir of the Cleveland Indlims, Rnve nollcc in lil'i llrsl litiirt of the Mnson thai American League hut Urn will Imvc lo hop on t;inroitc else to fatten their nv- cingrs. rtcnil Courier News Want Ailn Baugh To Play for Redskins In One Game COLUMBUS. O. (UP)-Sammy HntiBh, All-AincrlCR grid grra i from Toxm; clirlstlnn Unlvprslly wlio passed Iho Wiishlngtoji Hcd- B«I|IS Into the National t'rofrs- sloiml Football championship Insl lull, hns n special cliuise In hb- bnscbnll contract with the Columbus Red ninls that will permit, i»» lo play I,, || 1U football nnnic between WnshlnBlo)) nixl the col- losc AH-surs In chlcngo In early prv* September. « Ttio contract clause permits Baugh, now stationed at shortstop tor the Columbus team, which won the American Association pennant last year/to leave the 'club in late August to begin practice with the Washington Redskins. . The contract also makes It dls- cretlonpry with Baugh whether lie returns to Columbus .' after 'the football game. More than 280 steel towers, 65 to DO feet high, are need to )iplct the high tension- wires transmitting power from Boulder Dam to los Angeles. . :;i Closing Out Our New TIRES Munstiold Goodyear Firestone - 25ZOFF All Tires Guaranteed Arian Auto Parts 128 I). IMitin I'lioni- 176 r-.iC.VrnL'ftl. lUI'i — A nreunnl- lion ci ilejlli iDiisi imvo dlr;:|,2t| I Il-Uves lo an n-.VSvcss on St. Clcr- | "Kiln sti-ccl. Tiiu ndOrcii". is n col- ; Dii fiiclory nnd the loot consisted of three $125 com tin. vi'an 8'iHprmiIlf Phone 74 Craig's Dairy AS MUCH AS ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE 100% Poiinsylviiiiiii Oil, Sealed Containers. 25c GAS CO. 'I Miles Nn. of Siiitc Line II. W. Gl HOLLAND, MO. •gi1i.riilliir.Tiii MEN OF ARKANSAS. When You Wani a Res! Whiskey Bargain! /THE AGE MAKES IT A^ 'VFAVORITE-SQBOES ) /X-. THE PEI'CE! S* MEU-OH'-SMCOTn STRMGRT BOURBON Ye?, every innn will nijoj- il, n ftmositl], nicllow-nuT,I tlnvor of A trial ^t-ill ronvincc you Ibiil its rich, Tntl Oavtir mnkci it n favoriln — so will (bn priro. Hiiyii! Try ill Just taste lha rfiDcrcacc. STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY . KANSAS CITY, MO. Vlittibitlfd l>y F. STRAUSS & SON SPECIALS GREASE~" ' '''• ' ul « «« 2 for 15c; I ll^Cun M l Ib. l>rtssiiia> !H'i 5 lit Cup ;40c f) Ib. Prcsaure -)5f 10 Hi. Pressure .,..85c TRANSMISSION r> "'• 'K'ei ») Ib. SUc; 25 Ib. $l.»5 • GREASING 35c Trucks 49c Motor or Tractor Dual Oil, Qt. 6%c, Plus Ic Tax j,()(){) i\lile Ci'uuraiitcc ANY QUANTITY CLEANING NAPHTHA, ftalltm ~2Zc . Warco Penn Oil in five gallon lots Qt. 12c Plus Ic Tax SAVE AS MUCH AS $1.00 OUT OF $5.00 MARTIN OIL COMPANY "ALWAYS LESS" w «' Ilul ' S( - Stcclc, Mo. 111 Ir c IUHKJ arc not I'ctforni-incc fi.i y ific ( of iliouwids of v^liic^csicic thai '^" .-A r. i nccn unproved •-And tfunomii. liihcil hy Jiuiufi ticiiti may he, thttc iv a irutk Hits Whiskey ( 3 YEAHS, 1 90 I'root i.'Uionafs, b an new, (milt tu meet I intcroi [very youfjJccJicx.'td) 1 . \Vnliout tijr ifig)»t- csi oblfgAifon, we -.vouM li'.c to icinl Ifymilim- hccn ail rr)irrn2tioi).il you a catalog of this new Inier'iiAiiunii] o«n« you have hccn pleased * ill, ific Linc.Oiiomc in to <mr showroom nul ;)pj'carancc uf your Jntcrnaiionafs on sccihcicncw Intcrnationihroryourjclf. Distributors for the McCormick-Dcering Full Line of Farming Equipment Biylhcvillc, Ark.312 South Second puajj whrrctcr cuirm>nrir£ ti ticcJcJ. fui|.|iic Ttjndoii in<J ont- pfetc, sloping, V-iypt, vcmiUtmg windshield give full »ijior) for sa/c * Now is the timo <o get car in shape for Spring and Summer driving. Tako advantage of these low priced servko combinations. Our men are experts in their line—ready to givo you highest quality service at lowest cost. ^ . in g »« ^ 1 Uiirn taOirVattftitTltatmt rralarlnc Kiclurt Cwoxj >nrl .Msrc. bpcAlu, Monday -evenings OTCT Natbnn-ids N. B. C. Ked NtlwotV 5th & Walnut Phone 810

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