The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1949
Page 12
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PACK TWELVE BLYTHKVILLK (ARK.)' COUIUER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 28, 1949 \\Uli Try Mixed Grill For July Eating Canned Spiced Ham And Tomato Halves Good Combination Meal.*; that cuok quickly :nid re quire onlv one iitpimil are mipor tAtit to hoiuemakers dntitie warns Miintner days. Reba Hians,?. \videly known lioine eiotunnist. su^M'^'s t bmiier meat of .-spived hum loirtalo halve 1 ; For this mixed utill. " 1II1 > ^ l) serve .spiced ham ]o;if straight from tlif canned me:u shelf I'lin be slifpd r i-lucb thick, dutird batter or margarine, then in the broiler. Wiih the lit justed so fhr surface of ilu 1 ham is atiom Uiioc incite? the heat, the meat \vill brcnl in I he moderate heat without need of constant m tent ion When vbe rneml i> bvo\vnod on one side and ready 10 turn, toma- £oc.s are cut in half, topped with butter and placed on I lie broiler rack alona \vith :he mcai 1u cooV. slowly until they are nicely browned. In plare of tonifltoep. Mi. 6 ;*- Stact-s S!!figests «>ina rooked ravi*»T snip? and asparagus or c;ui!if!d\ver sprinkled with grated HIPP.T. Apple rings, orange .^liec.s, ;ipi lent or peach halves or pineapple ('minks, also make deli<'iou? broilei ;u com- panfment.s for the meat A mixed srill m?nn ran 'ac made complete with a large bowl of potato chips and a hot vegetable such as corn on the cob or buttered peas. For a cooling deceit, lime or lemon sherbet can he served with freshly baked refrigerator cookies Ideas, Materials for Cool Meals Can Be Found in Summer Gardens Stuffed Bacon Gives Idea for Quick Lunch With bacon In the refrigerator, homemakeis can prepare a good, quick lunch or .supper wilh an 1111- usual loiicli for hot .summer clays, points out Reba Rtafjg.s, borne economist. Stuffed bacon roils arc one ex- ct-Uem i-huu.'e. Bread crumbs are combined with chopped celery, green pepper and onion, seasoned :ind moistened with beaten eKR and milk, then rolled up in the bacon iitjd broiled. A baton grill is another tempting m:iin dish, pineapple ring's, asparagus bundles and cooked pot- ato naive* are arranged on the broiler rack and blushed, or dotted with butter, J-v>r additional flavor Uic asparagus and potatoes may be .s]>rinXte<l vnUi grated choose. Wh«;n the bacon is crisp au<l tt\c pineapple and vrKetabIc.s air browned and hen ted ihroi^h, ilicy arc at- u actively arranged on a liov plutter for seivlng. When u fomos to siimiviches, bacon provider a desirable crunch!no--s as -.veil as high food value and delicious flavor. For a hot broiler combination, the bread is toasted on one side, tinned, .spread with peanut butter, topped with chopped bacon and allowed to cook until the bacon is slightly crisp. These sandwich fillings arc also .s Lig» c .sled —cooked bacon, chopped sharp rhPCM** a n d niincrd onion moistened -.vith mustard; sliced bacon and tomato with crisp lettuce; or chopped prunes and bacon ' mixed with mayonnaise. Fresh Fruit Adds Color Texture and Food Value To Missco Breakfasts Nor'h Mississippi C'oimty homemakers are lukms advantage, of Ire.-sh fiuk.s now available on the market. When planning meal.s. if North Mi.ssL"Mppi County home- ma ker.s are looking for color, texture, tiiste, or food \'alne, fresh fruu.s hai'fi ihnn all.. With the variety of fresh feu Ha available, lainilies .should have no ifficul'y in having one or two CT vin^s of fruit daily. Nothing las mo! e jippptitc appeal than hilled cantcloupe or sliced peaches or UK* titble. Home 13cm- on.M ration A stem Mrs. Gertrude B. Holitnan 5:1 id today. Flesh fruit pies, fruit sutacis, velva fruit, chilled mill jukes, and many other fruit dlshM win add w*t to tht family meals as well a* make them more nutritious. fruits supply minerals and vitamins which promote good health. They are well adapted to a variety of preservation methods .Once the needs for fresh fruit are met, North Mississippi County homemakers .should plan to can, freeze, and dry fruits Die family need dining the time when there are no fresh pro- tUicts. Thiity quarts of canned or frozen fruits and fruit juices will be needed for each member of the family for next yfear, she pointed out. Information on preparing fresh fruits for (he table and preserving miiw may be obtained from the home demonstration agent , whose office is at the court house in Bly- Lheville. Road Courier News Want Ads. There is Health, Quality and Economy in Every Package of NONfM DRY MUK SOLIDS YOUR SUMMER GARDEN—will provide many Ideal July disltea u yum <nvn or local tar- fr<"-)) Iiiini hcsuis ami to- tiiatoes. Turji thctn mto this mum (ii^li nntl serve oil her fur luin'booii or supper: Summer (i.n dm l.uiu hron IJisli ffi SlTVillgS^ Three tablespoons bMiei ny fortified nun tT.'i rine, 'I i nb flnnr. ••; teaspoon salt. J tin Ik, L' :•{ cup ai:iiKl nhiirp IV] if chei 1 -c 1 '"I oinirf',-.) . fort ificd nuti ^,i coffee, milk j inc. i rn.sui tai Is, Steelworkers Directed To File Non-Communist Oaths Under Labor Law Sinn milk. d I inn b" ('(mk"d. lt bun er p \vni nr -Stir in P( irriim ;ti:s. fi . 'j rup.s | . ched<iar ' , tea- c. :! cups ll onions. or inrti ^:i rine over jji 1 ' .. rj 1 in ( dmibtc flour and ,s;il' : add uns t ant ly. Conk for Five Doughnut Varieties for Entire Family :ibont 1*0 m inn I PS or uniil no starchy lastfi remain.-. Remove -tir :n rmd Since, Arrange N'KW YORK- July 23. i/I'* -The ternaiiuii;)] e:\vnitivf 1 bourd of the CIO .Su-cl Work or? Union ycs- lerciuy nnnjniiu>u.->ly directed i h e union's otlirers to iile non-Con>- afjidsu'its ujidej 1 the Trifl- .sauce from MC-TI \\'oi ('("-tershiro abriut brans hiilf of in \«r]l The fiction came after fi speed t a c-loii'd ni<>etiiiK by Union PJTS itenl ? J 'ii!:j: Nfuuay who had been ne of the strong e.-t holdout* ; analnst sijjninc ihe af [.davit P. j The r •'.'•"luUon adopted by thr | hoard said the union 'dedicates its rire member^ i]) to the the rooked lima eim '" e »'™n>rr*' U> to me untimsh irnscd torse dish | eti til ' k °* repealing the Tafi-Harl- Youngsters aren't the only members of the family who will welcome this quick and .special dessert: Marblf Ponufs j One cup marsh mallow whip. 3 : tablespoons semi -sweet chocolate ] pieces. 6 tJotnns. • Heat marshmailow whip In Uip ' of double boiler, .stirring constantly ! until smooth and syrupy. Add choc- | olfile pieces and allow to melt to | form marble effect. Top each donul! Mlth ATarble Sauce. i Arrange partly cooked onions on lima bean.s. I 3 n\;r aijrmt half of cheese sauce over Hnia bean5 anil onions. Plate rest of lima bey us in dish and pour < >ii re.'ii of cheeso sauce. (Int loinai'iep ifuo MX Mtces; arransje on top of lima beans in dish. Rake in uu.rientte oveu 'Sfin dpprees P.> for ,'iboiil '•.• Iiour. At]<fther su i timer thn'.'Kht—plan your buci^E't men 115 a day or two iu at.tva.iKe. You'll be lunn/t'd at the .shopjiitif,' time aticl confusion f this will save. net wiili improvements d<*.siuned pafekuni-d labor's basic rights/' However, the resolution added tnnt "in order to -^fpeuarri die interests ot "Jic nicml)n>hip and to Ko forwjud wiili the nraanizatinrj of the- unni saani/ed within our jur- isclii-iujn." inc- bo:i](l directs all the unkind iiueniaiional officer. 1 ; sind" officers ot local union-; designated by top rtffscinl.'s to .siJii the non- Comnujui-^t affidavits. Read Courier pvunp tnffcd wi(li cheesr-pen nut but- rK bran mnffiiis, mUkshake. While we're on the popular Amer- j 1) '<"> pr: Creamed dried beef and lean subject of domits alley used' "ootlles, bmieml ]«-as. cabbage nncl to be called doiighnul-s—rernem-' • s l» ted bcet s!itw - 1 " 1 (' 1 "'. butter or b«r?> let's see what else can be ' r " rtlflwi '""I'sjurine. f-ingt-r-breiuj \ with hluc-fcbervy sauce, coffee, milk. Din tier: Creajn of onion soup f using dry skin: milk*. Miltnon loaf, bmiered peas, sliced, totnatoes wit h cottage, bread, butter or see done with. them. boniif Floaling: Isliind j Place a donut in each dkh and | pour chiUed soft cuMnrd around J It. Top donut with fiolrieJi brown l meringue. (Nfake meringue as us- ! ual, drop by spoonfuls on baking ' Sheet lined with wax paper. Bake I In moderately slow oven '325 dp- '• gree.s P.t for 15 minute.": or until j richly browned. Remove from wax paper immediately.! ChlquUa Doniif Mash ripe bananas, add a little milk, and whip. Line bottom of dessert dishes with banana whip, add whole donut, fill do mil center and top with more banana whip. Then -sprinkle chocolate shavings over the top. l>onul Brown Kelly Slice donuLs cros^wi^e and place • one-half in the bottom of each dish. Covef- with apple sauce and | add the oiher ilouui half. Fill ami' top wiih more apple .sauce and garnish with cherry or walnut. Donut F'.irly Plate { MeH one package t-hnrolate bits 1 with 2 tablpspoons vegetable short- eninp over hot water. blejiclinK well. Dip J2 plain, sugared, or cinnamon donut s into chocolate bit mixnire. depp enough to cover naif of eru.-h donut. Then rnp into bowl of ehop- jied .salted peanuts, nonpareil .seeds or coconut. Set on waxed paper until chocolate has hardened. m~M"M"/n~f tempting, T| r quick-to-fix Mayrose Ready-Serve Meats! ttu ALL-METAL CAMERA STANDARD 120 FILMS Choose your favorites from ihis wide variety Mayrose Pork I^oaf— Barbecue Sauce Added Mayrose Braunschweiger Mavrose Haked Meat Loaf, Stud'ed Olives Added Mayrose New England Specialty f>Iayrose Baked Meat Loaf, Pickles and Pimentos Added Mayrose Luncheon Loaf Mayrose Headcheese nnd Cooked Hani, Minced Specialty, Thurinuer, Snlnrnr, Bologna and many others. FOR MEATS THAT ARE GRAND . . . CHOOSE MAYROSE BRAND ^ MOORt BROTHERS ' Wtjhwa) IS tU&l, liljllu-llllt Si. Louis Independent Packing Company PACKERS OF HIGH€ST QUALITY MAV8OSI MfAT PRODUCTS Every Item tor LOW COST FOOD SHOPPING i «3 • COFFEE MAYONNAISE PEAS PEARS TUNA COCA COLA CIGARETTES HUMKO CRISCO BEANS LUX OR CAMAY WASHING POWDER GUM Del Mimic, Uc^'ular nr l)j'ij> Dukes. I'inl Jar Kormly Kist No. ;f();i Can Kciffcr NCI. 2V, Can Cralcd, S a/., can The I'mise Thai Refreshes. Case Your Favorite Brand. Carton The Dainty Cooking Fat. I Ih. Carton For Heller Frying, 3 i.h. Carlnn Whole Hush. New I'ack. No. 2 Can '1 l.iU'jie Si/.e Hath li:irs All Hi-ands Large Box All Hiiinds 53' 39 C 13 C 25 C 29 C 89 C S1S5 73 C 85' 23 2V 27' 10 C We're proud of our low prices — mighty proud ot being able to make them low enough to save real money for you. So we don't hide our prices. We put them on every package, can and jar —big and black and plainly legible. You know immediately what each item you pick up costs; and being a careful shopper, you'll appreciate the convenience oi being able to check the prices against the register slip that itemizes each purchase. Hormel, 12 ox. can SPAM PEACHES SUGAR PET MILK AM Good Yellow Clings, No. 2!/i can Domino 10 Ib. bog 39 22W 89 3 *•"""• 3 5' SWEET MILK CHEESE OLEO MARGARINE CHEESE Pillions G-.A (Jnarl ration's Collage, Box Hig Cliief Ui. .Marigold Colnreil Fisher's 2 I.I). Hox ooos 1'rciHh Style OO 111 (if.. pk>r. 00 4 quart basket 432 size dor. BANANAS IB. 7VV Concord GRAPES Sunkisl- LEMONS Tom Watson WATERMELONS Mesh bag, No. 1 Red POTATOES 5 pound bag 4 doz. size each 45< 30 Ib. average 69c Michigan CELERY 49< lOc STEW BACON HAM SAUSAGE CATFISH Wicklow Sliced Ib. Whole or Half Ib. Fresh River Ib. 59<RibSteak 5V

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