Moberly Monitor-Index from Moberly, Missouri on April 16, 1914 · Page 1
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Moberly Monitor-Index from Moberly, Missouri · Page 1

Moberly, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1914
Page 1
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O n i ««^R», *<4M^. «MR£ *> v VOLUME 42 THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 191.C MOBERLY, MO. NUMBER 100 •SU-JEff «W1 Steam 33?I*ij?t Press (Tb<' By WAR WITH MEXICO DRAWS CLOSER EACH HOUR Pro^idont Wilrton to Ank to ConHont to . War Under Oortain OonditionM, ^^^^BMfl^^^V ^••^^^••^^^^•^^^ I <t^^^^^^l^^H^^^I^I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^HlBi^^ 1 IIPIIJ '^wjipmippujiP***^ i i"i';oi k »,io's I,/VIJNI»ICT I Ironing Shirt Bosoms 1 1 FOR GRADUATION PRESENTS We are showing an un- jflually attractive HNNOH- nenf of LAV A LUCRES IN Diamonds \%irls AND Onyx Cameo CARP¥TER'S 213 Reed St. Ft", -.v, ,..»,.,,,. i ..,,-•. ,,.i. - - , ...,.., ^ 7 FOR BALK Ono of the nieent roHidouoo roportioH in tlio oity, 7 1?/ AViml ilmait atrool, HOUMO him oiKht JOIIIM, bath and pantry; bane- out under nntiro houao. Hmi r >t wator boal, ^aw, olootrio ({bin, water and nil modern eon* mionumi. Intorior fiui«b of the ?ry limit; flooi'M dovvriMl-aini of U'dwood; fire ptnoo and builf niffol. hot fiOVJOO, K^od bani >od Hhndo trooM. Koiuion for Iliiiff duo to \vifo'n ill In-allb, # ^>M<^ WHKN YOU mU'JAK A LENB BimpJy call u« on tlio tolo- pliono. If wo umdo you original ^IIUJBOIJ wo havo your preiiorlptlon on filo; other- wi«o wo will iiond .for tho broken lonno and In oiihor ovonl \vo will iiavo your (clanHon roady for you whon you ball, two or throo hoitrw lator, THT'B OUK IDEA Off SK11VIOJB JYIADK POBBIKLK BY A WORK HirOP ON* TJTK PIUflMIBMJBI ^a^so^^i^ /TWu^tf"^ J k y»£s %ifix ; «X^ " '^jg^i^gji^gJiT'* * ••' •• "* 1 ''^*"'" 1 **^ >> ^''^^'*' a ' l *^|".^' > ?**"""^'"">7 1 ' "," *{J4^'!J!^t Apply at hoiiHi 1 , 71 li *'\V.'. OtJmTn Hti'oot. dO ••-,.. — ,,. ..... ,..^ — „, .,,.,*,.,, Attention MOOMO All members are rorpiontod o be proMont Thunu'luy, A|iril Kith. iiHtnllnlion of offioorn, II, M. riilfiilnu, Diot, i • i /i i •' 'fiiii ti f i t • - - — .——. Ahu AVill JoboHou l/< in Jno \- Nonvilb 1 , WbiM'd H!H I wan < f a!lod by Iho ilhuiHM of hoi' uMilhor, iMrn, , .1. Humph ivy. SPECIAL' \JrM M*^^**/Mnm Jl^flL^ * 26 Ibs. Suidar for $1.00 with 1 4 /t» 4 ; » t 4 4 4 4 . 4 , 4 4 4 -4 4 4 4< v 4 4 • 4 4 4 4 4 ^ ~ 4 4 4 4 ^'*' 4 4 A 4 4 A 4 A 4 • A 4 4 4 4 ~ .^ 4 * 4 4 + 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4- Biwmmry of Bjtuatjou, Tlio following in n MUinnifi- Bpcofal to Monitor, April 10. t+ + +4*4>* + + + 44>+*4 + n MUinnifi- * ry of the Moxjonn Hituntbni * aM rofloelmj by the do,vel- * opmonlM <d r I IK; InHt few * bourn: * t'roHidnnl IMIH ordorod ov- * i»ry nvnilnbbv. warnliip to ^ (ho . jVlrtxieiiii eoiiHt. The nr- ^ my IH boin/f propai'od to ^ Mia rob. + Intervontio.N probnbly ^ •will dome \vhother llnc.rtn + /ipolo^i/OH for th/v f l'/unpi- * oo inoidont or not, ProHJ- + dent AVibiOn in to road a *' to CJon- * to ^ war inovoiiieiit if roparn- * lion for itiHiillH in not J\MH'\U + beforo tho fleet nrriveH at * •f * V • > 4 t 4 4 4 4 4 ,4 iifn^mTi^r^ftw^'Wtii^ *o of olTiobi! dJHpntoh- ^ OM by llnert» f M oonnor. ^ it oonJVrw with ^ of both lloiiHoM nnd is nmairod of Hiipport in «*nnn In- (Milln for drawtio WiiBb.iDg'ton, April -10; • 3:2fi p, [ in,—ffiuortii )ia« promiftort Charg'o O'ShauglniOHsy to mluto tlie t AuiorJou n flag In /i))ology, i'or tlio arrcttt of Aniorioan bluojaolccta at Tampico, torn, there i« #oin/{ to be j)ronij)l, on tho./)nrt,of thin govern- flpooial to. Monitor^'; April 10. Now York Oil^Mn; ! n«p| 4 y- In a nn to Idn^ 6j>injoii about i of thndomand niado on him, Iliiorla Hnndw.Mlny following: 'Ahjxiuo City— lUoxicn in not on* in onntrov^rHy with any- HANNIBAL PAIR WERE MARRIED INMOBERLY Juclgo Rutliff. Performed Ooro- inony Uniting 1 -Homy Ooff- •man and M,ie» Ball, body; utill. IOHK 'vvitli tho? groat Ainorionn .'people, i 'I'ho Tiuupico incident i« of no iiupprtiiuc.o. Thiw IH'my reply, to .your moHKatfo.— f Violorinno •IfJKsrtn. i i Spooial to Monitor,- April JO, n—Muertn will /in- ^ iry Ooffman nnd Miss tie Ball, both of llaunibnl, to Al'oborly I bin iifte nnd wont to the oour whoj'o thny applied for n t nnir« riago liooimo. Deputy Oirouit 01 or It Hamilton BRAKEMAN MAD DOX SLUGGED BY TRAMPS TODAY Carolina Men Beat Him. Over Hand WHh r » Bolt and Aro Now In Brunswick Jail. nl, fins!, pijn'1 lo-.'Murppo in ; n I/IK!, <uwpoi'- Houator MoCininbrvr wijl inlrodiuin ' roMnhitinii In (ti'naln an arln'lralinn board bofnro whioh loadora of all Alrvxioan faolintiM nnial Jip- poar, llofnual to moot ro- oHi or failuro lo dooidn n. l,o lAl'I'orii lo of<? Amori<!/m o Urn and nol. of cl to JHHIIO tlio 11- Mr. CoJ'fnuiti \viui Fiimlly' bowovor, i( wns Nii#gcmtc<l thai, Col'fninu'H pimmlN bo ttilopboiiui'l, and whon Ui in \VIIN doijfl tboy #avo tboit' to l,hn niarringo, and tlio O, Mnddox, a W hrali;on)i)n f was -bj'ought lo bon» Ihin aftornoon, «u-f from injuries miKlnjntMl in Uru)iswi««]< this an oin'OunlnV will) trainpu nl Mr. Maddn.x wan working <)i» (YojtflH.' train third No. !)5, * in oharKo of Oonduotor liroimcli. llo fotind .Mill IrainpH in a ijar and A in lijjJK^ gra"de Silver j^late and / will 4 give" years V, Tabjy".^Service. V Carri<jd in Set and odd piece&V Reasonable in. , Price . oomplioalo n, fliliNJtion wbiob Tor liini ban booonio hopoloHK, Thin np- 'p(!«l !M .fonyoant by tlio t'l iota tor'M notion in oallhitf jnto oonforonoo tlio mom bow of Uiri Moxioan Son- nit) to (liMOUHH-jMOiuw by which tlio 'I'ampioo inoido'ut may bo lakon A P«w momonlK/Jator, I.Volwlo ,'ludtfo Ifatliff unitod the" couple in fiuirri/itfo. Tlmy 'left on nn afternoon train for Hannibal, wlmro thny will maUo thoir future home. whon h(j ordered (bom .Mi«s before Tlio M biLriitini). o tribunal for ar> diffoi'onooH lo bo by arniod : notion by Unif.nrt - Mfatn l)(jpartniont ha« in- Hiiod atatom(mt, many • Wellington, I'pril :!,(»,—I lintfi .ol!. 11 nex pooled dovolopmontH oC a /fi/ii rtlin^ .naturo j' in •oonnootion witb the i Mo'xieau i Hituntioji ro- oonforoncn A Surprise Party. Yrntni'day WIIN M.I'MN 'Mthol 1'at- 1'iok'n birthday annivorHary and Innl. night a number of her IViondK aHKomblod nt hor hoiuo on North l^nirth N!.rw»f. ami hnr .'H of variouH norln worn j;bi.y<u'l, and during Mio ovoning \voro uprnntf upon him/ lie. WHH beaton ovoi- tiro bend witb.. a largu boll, nud had to tfivo up hw run. liralcoman. »]» )>, Djivin b()iug, HCU'I lo roliovo him, A report of tho iiNKiinll; was made lo tho marshal nt Brun.s- wiolc and ho arroslod the two tramps before they oould got out of town. Thoy are now in ;jiui a waiting tholr trial. Auto Accident Near Salisbury, A (pinrl.ol.Lc of young people motoring iu the Trolaud our, \V\ul- nowlay". .ntylit, driven by Gnttkio (Mlot, BOD of Attornoy .1. A, Cul- YOUNG 'I'he Jcwolet 315 R«cd Si. » ' r ?^^V«rvw 1 - •fy r ^ u y * X^TC* 1 ^ ^^**fr*'jKl'J*Si^C3^t!?^?/*'** t STURGEON STORE BURNED YESTERDAY CAUSING BIO LOSS lot, ran off a bnd^-.into'.a' Tho "aUiCiclont oocurrojil a« they \voro |)aHHinf anothor aar, about Harris Drug- Store and Dr, A, R» MoOonias 1 Ofi'ioe Dentroydd * By Early Morninj? Blaae, : The Haj'rJH cJrnjjf J[»tbro burliod in ftlmwoji WcOnowlny'mbrinMjijf al. -I o'elook. il wnHfonly throiiib . * > ? * *< f ». , f^ f >< b«»voic flfortK of citixciiH ovcdii- 0 /j a • (jiir dropped OH Ms Hide into a..HJ^: 'AliHH- PatrioJc wn H the roeipjent ^oli^litcli,. AlmoKt^UHraculouBly of man ^beautiful i)reHOid8 which .nomr.ol^thiiy^ $10 Girder or Coupon Book STOOPS « SON Phone 235 220 IN. Clark ('nrran/a in nilent on tho part ho will l.nko if tho U. M, inoveH iitfniiiHt lluorln, J{.obelM re^joio* 1 over hi(j viol-ory won by \ r llln> (•ontfroHn in ready to lovy Hpiuunl war lax il' wnr< in ilof'lnrcil, | ( 'IIU(|N nro on hand for Initial opnrafinnH. Wi»nal-o will piiMM May bill lo provido hiri^or volunloor * army. * Army and navy ^ ploLoM war iMitnpai^u if * WiiHon ordorM iiitorvivution .* in* iMtvxino. * 44444444444444444 /riivoy to iMox of fttnf-Oi '. ; 'Bryiin nt pnrtmout. *l,t ;nny Jmvq to ! do with t'ho Hhootin^ of'two mon .aboard the Gorniim. ^wlatr.Onntfo during tin? bnttlo 1 nt Tnmpioo. Wawli inKton, April 15,— *Jlnuj'l..a will Nfilulo MIO Am-oriuan Tla^ or Mio Atlantic, flont will Huixu-'Vura Criiy. and Tainpido. What hap* puriH aTlor that d(vp)»ndH on '1-l.i'mr- la, That in Prrmidont W5lNmrn tormina (.ion. T./oadoi'M in will lou^Korvo lo romincl^(U' oJV^» 1 '^^ ! H)o*.iin|^!M^oc>oH^ : ,,;;___,__.™_ v-^T.^"-V\wc_ri^^^^ Jnok BtovoiM will loavo ; in a 'I'ho onr wan n six oyliudor Oalc- fuw di»yn for KIIUMIIK City, whoro ?«'ul, . for " **""--••"•'' *~~ •'* orgai ,^r tbat4b(V . blnxo WHH Icopt from Hproadiiig'to noarby buildingK, Tho'WildingJ*^.,;, two story brinld *UncVUli<5 v fttoofc * *- >*-*i' IM a oomj)lofo U)H8. 1'i:, < ' /^JJ.^" 'Ph«> oiTJco of-pW'^VV-'J^Afifad-r'i in UN, which was [^ jn> tho;. Kccbiul'; «l o)*y, wa«^ burno(1VHU<]|{a)l, of his, / ho will oonwilt a an affootion ol' tho throat, with whojn Inv conrorriMl today to Monitor, Aj)ril 10, With onoh paMMMi^ hour if. ai'M Ilial war lioUvi;(<n Mi \VIIH U iu pin prnoo- (Iciil, .1'or Hii(*li notion. Not only tho Tnmpioo inoldout, but n lon^ HorloH ol! inr'lignitioH of- fo'i'oc'l to tho ITnitod »StatoM to tin; oKohiHlon of other nnfioiiH j'Opi'oHonto.d in .M'o.xioo IHIHc.onvinood tho "ProHi- d(uit nnd bin adviMoi'M thnt tho Unilod MtntOH haw boon Kintflod out for c 'mnnifoHtnliooH of ill- will nnd oontompt," dinpntohoH to Ohnr^o >n nnd iMoxM'o in inovitn- O'HlNiuKliimiiHy - hnvy boon intor hlo, arn moving I'uHf; a and a war /illil.ttdo i I'H. si, It Mnorfa nninl apolo^i/o 1'or Uio t by Iho arroMJ- ol! il« marinoH and l-ho way Micy wwo l.ronlod. An npoN iirbni'n uindo by Miirrin bill iti 1| was nol. iiudinhul Mio Hiilntc. lo HM» Annn'ioan I'latf domancbul optod by Uio iM'oxinan To JYTy V'rionc'lu and. tho Publio,, I havo rooonlly traded Tor tho Hloolc nl' -lonatod at tho will buy UK much from tin n* HU.V o(iu<r mini's <lo!fnr. A dollar in ^ wUli UM iu iinyonou !IUIU|M iui<l vvi» offor for l( tin* ldj,;lMi«l lOOn \voilli in , OarrliiKOi* or llfimnMM you will (iml uttywVicro. V»'o (j^l tho (or our monoH Unit wo can, why Mhntildu'l you- \V<» ihink i( !« bOMt'Ui huvo ono prlct* lor nil, \Vo know il |?< fair itnd Htpniiu »nd thn for ydii. You know how iiutoh you wmii Iu pnl iu M hunj^y or | \\'o <»(for you tho vory IM-M! w«* run HIM! 0> M ( «|| (<M (hat nrnMUul, nod wo hiivn littun ImilchiK for ovor aOyoiirw and wn an; NO n((m U««l i( will !, l»o tlui host you will fiii'l f<»r fhu inoury HnU no murk 11 In plain tt%> ' uro* in oompulidon with any :HV! >dl. V(»u <lou'( havo lo l»t» a JuUM" "' I»UKJ;U'.^ or hiirno.xK (<> rnoiU'VH worth from u«, tJonir! atnl *OM\ out ' connli ; , 4 \> That, flu* I'rmndon a war in iiiuniiiciil bn.M boon by all oT-biu m-lioim in NIC Tow hours' and 1 by lln' a ol 1 (ho War Doparlwonl. HliipH arn boiii|.: dlHpaUdi(?d (o tho Moxioan ««ornor of "PMI'th nnd Hood Htrootn, Rl-on«. foruH'i'ly ownod liy Mr, AV, K. M'niij^iiM, and havii a now ntooU ol 1 ovorylhlnj; in tin 1 liim ol' I'liLH, fruit and vogolabloH, <*ignrH 'and lobiHMM), I \vJ|| Iry to jdoano you and [{iinranloo yon firnt olnm Horvioo nnd fii'Ht o,nal[|y in (»vi»'ry- IJ.i Tonnifl Mooting'. • . Tho proHpotit 1'or Direct form, Factory toaho ! 'phono intoroHtod in (bin Olobo Moroantilo Co. nro nMiuoniod to moot «d, the V. * M. f', A, 1'Vidny ovounu/, April 17 A Larft'o Oar Load of r at 7jMO.—Committno, OLOJJK BTOVBS AND RANGES' -^_.«.._^™..-.;; [ Wo, mako four dollvorlOM a day For Spring- Trado ; ; ( ,, nny honno in Moborly. WJiy Tho outlro lino i» bottor than ovoi^l^y high prioon to ; your littlo Htoro OLOBB JVHSJIOANTILE.OO'. Tho Homo JTui'iiinliorH U nilortukorn and Ejiibalnior« ,whon you onn got nioro lor your monoy from iw and for ovory 1'ivo yon Hpond you got a vote for' your* favorite girl in tho .piano 'oonloHt, "Whilo Way Market. Phono 'M. cl.'K) 0, pant fivft ycnrn hau an a brakoman iW^'lJVi* AVabasb, 7 , ( fodiiy roHign<)d ; h{8 v ;)S68itipn ; inifl' . with bis fnmilv H»il1 4 lonvc in^ tv -a'^ f«iW dny« for O'Connoll will fathor-in-law, ju -^tbc. oJovator v OKK. IIin many* hMomlff v , rd- ,* grol lo HOC him loavo - Mbb6rly ? , ' ))iit \vinh him \velL*Jn bin 4 Unw, h< /H Mrn., R. J, Sh«n«n» rotiirnoij ; ; v / i'rom n vinit witli hor eoitmn, Holt nt Hfophdnfl Columbia. I #70 ur Special Sale of Rugs M -. ' ' - . • ^-^ will continue during this week. It's to the best interest of every woman to..attend this Great Reduction Sale In every home there's needjust now fqr and nnldiorH aro put thnt tho in (' out in roadinoHK lo maroh. 'JMn» I'aoif- ic fbuH. ban boc'n Hot in motion and may #vl> into tho fray, CongroMH HiHfiiiH lo 1 limo -hiiK collie l.o do that will loud lo sh (MinditioiiM in Ahvvioo. Th<" bcrs will IH* b(»lii;id I ho IVi« ^'n -\vlialfVftr ho <loo«, * It IM nppnront now lhat if word is not rcooivod nt WnnhinKton to tlio of foot tbnl HuortH has firod ttlio Huluto domaiuk'd boi'oro tho warwliips g^)t to tho I havo boon owployod foi* thu pant thirloon yoni'H IIH a twin! no tor and braluMiian and havo tho will of tho JIIOH 'and'offoialH with whom I havo worlcod and 1 hnvo Uivon I ho bont of worvioo to my iu'H and I" aim to jtrivo Urn ipialil.y of worvioo to my f j\ly infontion in to yon and .1 will approoialo any or nil' of yonr trado, llfj. B, H-owloll. \V. , who wan oralod on at Quoen Oily, Mo., i» roportofl doiiiff •xvcll and will HOUU bo able (o rojurn (o hor homo iu Him eily,. We hove made big preparations to si wants in this line, and it will be worth your, while and see our display of Curtains and Draperies. Our prices Iower c ,; : than anywhere in the city /,, vie>v $8.00 Vacuum Cleaner for $5.0Q Every liou-cwife should have one of our Vacuum Cleaners. l(.,you buy one it williliecl willi your approval .". • H.ENKY LEVY & €0, ^« .,t ^ *s^*n;^,.^

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