The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York on February 21, 1966 · Page 29
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The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York · Page 29

Syracuse, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1966
Page 29
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Page 29 article text (OCR)

THE POST-STANDARD, Syracuse, N.Y., Monday, Feb. 21, I960 $9,475 CASH * (See lilt containing correct words on this page) Crossword Puzzl CLUES ACROSS: 2. A container of a kind. 5. A of very high quality may be insisted on by a dealer in fruit. 6. The first time he plays a certain -- 4 ^ r m 4 · i · · in a public performance, a man may be a little unsure of himself. 8. Being too slow to up with the others could mean it ^F^FV 16 10 Name .. Street .. some trouble for certain soldiers. 9. As a player, it's obviously better to avoid being . 11. A complete change of attitude about things he'd would probably make a man look a little foolish. 14. There can be something especially depressing about a speech. Here Are All Words You Need This list contains, among others, the correct words for this week's entry. 15. There's something about a different, somehow. speech that makes it 16. a spoiled child and you may never' be forgiven. 19. It doesn't necessarily have to be logical. 20. A man, who habitually self talked about. others, is likely to get him- accusation might have a dramatic effect CLUES DOWN: * 1. There is a certain repose about the many religious pictures; figures in 2. After a certain time, any man who turns up wanting a may be too late. 3. There's a great deal to be said for coming to the support of good ones, when necessary. 4. Supplies with food. 5. The lure of is easy enough to understand. 7. A good man isn't always fortunate enough to get the he deserves. ABUSES ACT AMUSES ART BAD BED BET BOOKS BOX COOKS DAM DECIDED DERIDED DEVISED DREAMY DREARY DUE DUG DYING FASTEN FEEDS FIGHTER GOLD GOLF GRADE GRAPE HASTEN HOLE HOOKS KICKED LICKED LIFE LIGHTER. LIKE LINK LOOKS" LYING MAD NICKED PAINTED PICKED RAM RAT READ REAL REAR ROLE SAD SAINTED SHAKE SHAME SHARE TAINTED WIFE 10. It's not the bombs. aircraft, of course, that carry heavy Puzzle Qulx Answer* f Tuesday, Feb. 15 * Wednesday, £eb. 16 Thursday, Feb. 17 Friday, Feb. 18 Saturday, Feb. 19.. ···· Monday, Feb. 21 (Postage-due mailed entries will be refused.) NOTE: If you DO NOT now have home delivery service and you wint service starred mark here Start Dally d Clip on dotted lines, affix to post card and mail to Crossword Contest The Post-Standard, Box 100, Syracuse, N. Y. 13201 $8,900 for perfect solution. $500 bonus for a single perfect entry if the six Puzzle Quiz answers are right. (It is not necessary to answer the Puzzle Quiz to be eligible for the crossword prize award. $50 bonus for every perfect winner who is a daily subscriber to The Post-Standard. $25 bonus for every perfect entry on post card not in envelope. Be sure to use five-cent postage on letters and four cents on post cards. Postage-due entries will be refused. If no one has a perfect solution this week a $100 consolation prize will be paid to the contestant who has all six key words correct and the fewest mistakes in the. remainder* Key words are 11.14 and 16 across and 1, 5 and 18 down. An entry with one or more key words wrong is automatically disqualified for consideration for the consolation prize. In the event of ties money will he divided. Entries must be received in the Syracuse office of this newspaper before 9:30 a,m. Thursday, Feb. 24. 11. Water barrier. · 12. An active man may have no time iat all for types. 13. Generally, the greater the hurry you're in, the more difficult it seems to be to things up. 17. It would give a fanner's wife a bit of a shock to come come across a dead . 18. In very deep snow, a bus that's start. out may fail to I RULES FOR PRIZE CONTEST (1) Any person *lth New York State voting address within 2J5 mile* of Syracuse may enter except employees, distributors and representatives of The Post-Standard, The Herald-Journal, Herald-Ajnerican. WSTR and WSYR-TV and their relatives. ^ (2) Entries must be made in crossword rmzzjc form. They can be on the lorm printed here for your convenience or on a hand-drawn facsimile the same size. Not more than two facsimile entries will be accepted from one .person. If more than two facsimiles are received from one contestant all of his facsimiles will be rejected. Only the vertical and horizontal lines forming the puzzle may be mechanically reproduced but no other pert of the puzzle may be reproduced mechanically or by traclne. There is no limit on the number of entries submitted on tno original clippings of the puzzle from Th* Post-Standard. (3) A cash prize of $8,900 will be paid for perfect solution. If more than one perfect solution Is received tue prize will be divided equally amons the winners. If no perfect solution is received the week's prize will be added to the award for the next week's contest. In addition a bonus of $50 will be paid to any winner who is * dally home-delivery subscriber to The Post-Standard and a $25 bonus will be paid for every perfect solution submitted on a post card not enclosed In an envelope. If typographical errors occur corrections will be made as soon as possible. REMEMBER, Thera is only ONE perfect solution and only a perfect solution can win. There is only one answer that In the opinion of the author is the BEST word fitting the definition In each clue. The decision of thd judges shall be final and all contestants taklae part agree to accept those decisions as a condition of entry. (4) If you are also playing the Puzzle Quiz, Insert In space Indicated your answers to tho six questions published from last Tuesday through Monday* It you solve the puzzle all correctly and also have all six answers to the Puzzle Quiz correct, you will be paid $500 additional or a proportionate share If there should be more than one perfect crossword PuzzU solution and more than one all correct Puzzle Quiz answer. (5) After you have filled In the puzzle in your own handwriting cut alone the dotted lines and mall to The Post-Standard. Box 100. Syracuse, New York. 13201. or deliver to The Post-Standard building 300 But Tayetta Street to arrlri before 9:30 a.m. Thursday. February 24. Use correct post ace- Entries requiring extra postage will ba refused. Any entries received after the deadline, whether by mail or hand delivery will bo declared Ineligible, Late, mutilated or Illegible entries are not eligible and will not be considered. The judces determination as to late, mutilated or illegible entries and as to entries which are lost or not received shall be 5lnal *nd blndinc. To become entitled to receive a cash prize and to establish reliance each winner shall, if reauired, sign and deliver to The Post-Standard an affidavit certifying that the submitted answers are his or her own effort and have not been obtained from any source whatsoever outside the contestant** immediate family. Winners apree to allow the use of their names and pictures by Tha Post-Standard tor trade or advertising purposes* Winners will be announced with the correct solution In The Poit- Staadard on February 25. Silver and Gold By MARILYN DIETZ WCNY-TV, C h a n n e l 24 (UHF), will present National Tele visions's " A m e r i c a n Crises: PI d Age Part I: T h e Wasted Years," at 8 p.m. tonight. T h e pro- g r a m is a study in contra st. ranging f r o m -the, slums of New Y o r k City w h e r e the , Dietz elderly exist . on limited incomes in substandard housing, faced with bored o m and often inadequate medical care, to California communities w h e r e wealthy senior citizens live in posh high-rise apartments that feature cocktail parties, communal dining rooms, and a medical staff on the premises. There are interviews bet- w e e n U.S. Representati\ r e from Maryland Clarence D. Long and and citizens claiming they have been denied employment because of their age. Commentary is made by an economist, a science fiction writer and a computer specialist who picture the aging as victims of growing obsolescence. WCNY-TV is an ultra-high- frequency station. Older television sets may need conversion in orde r to receive Channel 24. Information on UHF reception and-or conversion can be obtained from a TV serviceman or by calling WCNY-TV. The Women's District Auxiliary of the N.Y.S. League of Senior Citizens wili meet at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday for a business session, followed by a special party and luncheon at 5 p.m. Club 4 will also meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday. Club 8 will complete plans for a service dinner to all clubs in the District Saturday night, when they meet at 7 p.m. Thursday. Saturday's District- wide dinner meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. at League headquarters, 220 E. Washington St. Members and friends of the League are welcome to attend any and a!M gatherings. Salvation Army Golden Age C e n t e r wili be closed,, by G E O R G E (Washington) all day tomo rrow. Today, however, a Cherry Tree Tea will be held in honor of his birthday. Pouring 'time will be at 1:30 p.m. Other notable birthdays oc- curing this month -- those of SAGA members -- will be cel- e b r a t e d during Thursday's luncheon. A special entertainment p r o g r a m has been planned. The Smorgasbord luncheon that was snowed under early this month will take place n e x t Monday, Feb. 28, at 12:30 p.m. But, keep an eye on your barometer. Silver Whistle will recess today and tomorrow for the hol- i d a y , reopening Wednesday and Thursday. S e v e r a l Wagon Wheelers have followed the sun, either south or west. The George Hands and George Millers are in Florida. Miller has been active in the Daytona Beach Shurfleboard Club this winter. Mrs. Blanche Schlacter found and Punched at the Syracuse Club of St. Petersburg. Mr. and Mrs. Edward LeClair are way out west in Los Angeles until May. Wheelers who confine their t r a v e l s to cinematic, armchair excursions will journey over the "Steel Spans of the Chesapeake" F r i d a y afternoon. Mrs. Anna F. Schwarz, proprietor of the Minoa Nursing Home, and the Nursing Home Association's representative on the Senior Citizens Forum, 'has received word that her nursing home has been accredited as a "skilled nursing care facility" by the Nat aonai Council for the Accreditation of Nursing Homes. The award was made on the basis of a recently completed survey by a field representative of the Council. A voluntary program, such surveys are made only on the request of a facility. There are more than 943 such accredited facilities in the nation. Established under the sponsorship of the American Medical Association and the Amer- ···WOULD THEY EVER STOPGOMIN6? IF ONLY THERE WERE NOT SO MANV EACH MONTH. ^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m MBP^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOANS MAIL 1. 1 THEN WE SAW THIS AD BY OXFORD. WE MAILED THE COUPON *ND SOON GOT ALL THE DETAILS IN A PLAIN ENVELOPE* I 1 h 4 4 k I NCW'-ALLOFOUR DEBTS ARE COMBINED IN ONE UOWER MONTHLY PAYMENT. WHAT A 'RELIEF- THANKS TO | OXFORD/ RUSH COUPON NOW! UP TO 4 MAM TO | PAT! C«n You Get $1014.60 91220.52 I $2009.88 | $3499.72 YwPiT MoMMy $30.00 $ 36.00 $ 59.00 $102.41 1 Enmplis ihown for 48 1 months. Comparable piy* 1 minti en eth«r siti loans. 1 Insvnnee available,, not 1 tncludtd in ibova amounts. $3500 OXFORD CmiUMEft DISCOUNT COMPANY 6701 N. Broad Strut, Phlli., Pa, 191% I M a iwimtr, plc«i nnb details on toin-ty-Miil Piin. Ill Nimt ·Fast, confidential -- for homiownir* only! Substitute sll your monthly pay* ments for on* probably lower payment .you can easily handle! You may get extra cash besides, If needed. No cosigners, middlemen, fees, commissions* Rush coupon, git cash you netd FASTI I I I I L Aotten. Cily-State. Amount 111 I I I I I I I ! lean Nursing Home ASSOCIATION, THE Council's purpose is to promote higher professional standards in nursing homes t h r o u g h o u t North America. Ma/7 Delivery To Decrease Tomorrow Washington's birthday will be observed as a holiday at the Syracuse Post Office and. all of its stations and branches, Postmaster Anthony F. Caffrey said. He said window service will be suspended tomorrow and there will be no letter carrier or parcel post delivery. Special delivery and post office box service at the general post office will continue without interruption. Two collections w i l l be made from residential letter boxes beginning at 11:30 a.m. and 4:50 p.m. Collections from downtown business boxes will b e made continously from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Mails to and from the city will be received and dispatched as usual. ub Scouts I i Cub Scout Pack 69, sponsored by Zion Methodist Church, wiU conduct its annual Blue and Gold Dinner -at 6:30 p.m. today at the Man lius Elementary School. the Pack includes Dens 5, 6, 7 and 8 and Webelos. Mrs. Joan Korb will provide entertainment and Cubmaster Eugene McNally will preside. Arrangements a r e being made by Chairman Don Waterman and the Den mothers. To Study Krebiozen An in-depth examination of the most recent developments in the controversial case of t h e cancer drug Krebiozen will be presented on the Mike Douglas Show Wednesday and Thursday on Channel 9. . . . . **_·_*·* · * * · * · · · * .. · · · * · * * · · · · · * · TOP CHOICE - · · * * * * * 4 * « * * * 4 * « * * * + * » * · · * * · · « * · * * · * + * + · · * · · · · * * * · · · · * * · · * · · * · # · · · « « * · » · · » · · * * · · _·* * * · · · * * · · · * * · *'· « * * * « ft * · t * * · · » · · * * * * · · * · * . * · « * · · * * · WESTERN STEER BEEF Front Quarters, tb. 47c · Hind Quarters, !b« 6 9c Sides, ib 58c Mui 7c for cutting, freezing end double wrapping. Sirloin tip beef roasts or steaks . . , , » . , . Ib. $7.09 Rump roasts beef « . .. Ib. ,99c Standing rib roast or steaks « lb..89c Boston beef roasts Ib..79c Chuck or pot roasts beef Ib. ,53 C « Our own ground beef Ib. .57c or3-lb.pkg. $1.65 Porterhouse steaks . . . . . . * » · Ib. $1.39 Sirloin or round steaks .............. Ib. .9 9c Cube steaks Ib. $1.09 Pork loins (half or whole) Ib..83c Kosher Style Corn Beef. * . . . . * . . Ib. 79c TODAY'S TELEVISION SAVE RENT A FROZEN FOOD LOCKER BUY YOUR .MEAT IN QUANTITY LOTS · Buy Any Amount You Wish, Large or Small Your Food Can Be Financed REGIONAL MARKET LOCKER CO., Inc. 2100 PARK ST. PH. HA 2-2485 ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Now You Can Throw Away Your Denture Adhesive New Dental Discovery Ends Need For Pastes and Powders 6:35--® Sunrise Semester, Today ©. News, Mike Wallace, Calendar. Charlie's Place. Today. Capt. Kangaroo. Bozo, the Clown. Romper Room, Ladies' Day. Magic Toy Shop. Jack LaLanne. Popeye. Andy of Mayberry. Theater 9. Eye Guess ©. I Love Lucy. Young Marrieds. News. Concentration, The McCoys. Never Too Young. Morning Star 9: 11: PDQ. Supermarket Sweep. 0--© Paradise Bay ©. Dick Van Dyke. The Dating Game. Jeopardy ©. Love of Life. Donna Heed. Doctor's House Call. Denny Sullivan Gang. Searc 11 for Tomorrow. Father Knows Best. Guiding Light. Movie. "The Marrying Kind" (1952). Judy Holiday, Aldo Ray, Peggy Cass. Ben Casey. As the World Turns Password. Nurses. Doctors. House Party. 3:00- 4: A Time for Us. Another World. To Tell the Truth. General Hospital. News. You Don't Say ©. Edge of Night. Mike Douglas Show. Match Game ©. Secret .Storm, News, Dickerson. Let's Make a Deal. Jet Set. Baron and his Buddies. News. Popeye. Movie, "Battle Taxi" (1955). Sterling Haydn, Arthur Franz. it ft Peter Potamus. The Rifleman. New York, AT. Y. (Special)--After years of research, scientists have discovered an entirely new substance to make false teeth fit beautifully. Denture wearers report such success with this new substance in refitting loose dentures that they no longer need paste and powder adhesives. This new dental discovery is a soft, pliable plastic that is applied directly to dentures from the tube. The user then inserts his dentures into mouth and'bites down. Jn- stamly, this new plastic-type substance molds to the exact contours of mouth and gums, holding dentures firmly, in place through soothing suction. This suction has proven to be so powerful that denture wearers, even those with difficult lowers, can laugh, talk and eat or drink anything with complete confidence. Looseness, slipping and clicking are eliminated *nd sore spots are quickly re- lieved. This substance also now makes it possible to refit and reline worn dentures at home, saving over $100 on costly relining work. Denture wearers have found this new discovery easy and pleasant to use. One application lasts weeks... stays soft and pliable in use. Nightly cleansing does not wash it away .yet it is easily removed when desired. It will not harm plates. Denture wearers no longer have to put up with the nuisance of scrubbing off old, hardened powder or paste, and re«^ applying it two or even three times' a day. This new dental discovery is now available at drugstores under the name Cushion Grip®. Ft carries a remarkable guarantee--you must agree that false teeth now fit beautifully, or money back! Get Cushion Qrip today and end the reed for paste and powder adhe- sivcs forevcrl Monday Evening Television News, Sports. 24 Sets and Systems. _ News. 6:30--CD News ©. Huntley-Brinkley. Maverick. 6:15-1 7: 24 Plant and Animal Partnerships. News, Weather, Sports. Movie ©. "Vera Cruz" (1954). Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster. © News ©. Walter Cronkite. 24 Modern African Drama. To Tell the Truth. 12 O'Clock High. 24 Dr. Posin's Giants. Galileo. 8:00--CD I've Got a Secret. 24 Public Affairs: Old Age. 8:30--® Lucille Ball ©. 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''Once Upon a Jolly Swagman." D i r k Bogarde, 12:25--News, 7, 10, 12. 12:30--Post Office © 2, 5, 8, 40. Search for Tomorrow, 7, 10, 12. Father Knows Best, 13. 12:45--Guiding Light, 7,10, 12. 1:00--Hoppity Hooper, 2. General Hospital, 5, 7. Dialing for Dollars, 8. Secret Storm, 10. Girl Talk, 12. Ben Casey, 13. Educational TV, 4t. 1:25--News, 12. 1:30--Let's Make a Deal, 2, 40. Ben Casey, 5. As the World Turns, 7, 10, 12. 2:00--Days of Our Lives © 2, WATERTOTO WCNY-TV Channel 7 BINGHAMTON WNBF-TV Channel 12 WINR-TV Channel 40 3:00-- Another World, 2, 5, 8, 40. To Tell the Truth, 7, 10, 8, 40. Password, 7, 10, 11, 12. Nurses, 13. 2:30--Doctors, 2, 5, 8, 40. House Party, 10, 12. Almanac, 11. A Time for Us, 13. Monday Evening Television 6:00-News, Weather, Sports, 2, 7, 8,10,11, 40. 6:30--News ©, 2, 5, 8. Huntley-Brinkley. News, 7, 10. Walter Cronkite. Combat, 11. News, Weather, Sports, 12. 6:45--News, Weather, Sports, 40. 7:00--Batman, 2. Addams Family, 5. Patty Duke, 7. Dobie Gifts, 8. 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"Happy Go L u c k y " (1942). Mary Martin, Dick Powell. 5:30-- Adventure Club, 5. Rifleman, 7. Leave It to Beaver, 8. Car 54, 10. Teen-age Dance Party, 11.. Movie, 13. "Monster on Campus" (1958). Arthur Franz, Joanna Moore. man, guests. Andy Griffith ©, 7, 10, 12. Strollin' 20's, 11. Special. 9:30--Hazel ©, 10, 12. Farmer's Daughter, 7. Peyton Place, 13. 10:00--Ben Casey, 2. Run for Your Life ©, 5, 8, 40. "Hoodlums on Wheels." Strollin' 20's ©, 7, 10, 12. The Sixties, 11. Charlie Chaplin Special, 13. Four films. 10:30--Mr. Roberts, 11. 11:00--News, Weather, Sports, 2, 5, 7, S, 10, 11, 12, 40. 11:20--Movie, 7: "Powder River'* (1953). Rory Calhoun, Corinne Calvet. Movie, 10: "You Know What Sailors Arc." 11:30--Johnny Carson ©, 2, 5, 8, 40. Zsa Zsa Gabor, guest. Westerners, 12. 11:35--Movie, 11: "Prelude to Fame" 1 (1950). Guy Rolfe. 11:40--News, Weather, 13. 12:00--Sea Hunt, 12. 12:10--Trails West, 13. 12:30--Movie, 32. "Dance with Me Henry" (1956). Abbott and Costello. On Today's Former Syracuse Pastor Enters Counseling Service Dial WHEN --11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The Jack Morse Show. WSEN -- 9 a,m. to Noon,. Howdy M'am. WSYR -- 8:30 p.m. Basketball, Creigh ton-Syracuse. WOLF -- Midnight to 6 a.m. Dennis Rogers. WPAW -- 3 p.m. Jack Murphy show. Hit songs of Lainie Kazan, who followed Rarbra Striesand in the lead roie of "Funny Girl," WFBL --8:55 ,12:15 and 6 p.m, Paul Harvey, new*. WDDS (93.1) 9 p.m. Cooke r y, Curvaceous, Caravan, Candian. W O NO (107.9) 9:30 p.m. Henry Fogcl goes over various recordings of Bartok's Music for Strings, Petrcussion and Celeste. Teh Rev. Dr. Harry B. Taylor, former pastor of Syra- Forestry Co//ege Trustee Named A L B A N Y -- Edward C. Frick of Claverack, Columbia County, has been nominated by Gov. R o c k e f e l l e r for appointment as a member of the Board of Trustees of the State College of Forestry at S y r a c u s e University for a term ending June 30,1969. The trusteeship carries no salary. F r i c k will succeed Paul P h i l l i p s of Voorheesville w h o s e term has expired. Frick is executive secretary- treasurer of the Building Ind u s try Employers of New York State. 9 c u s c 's First Presbyterian Church for 10 years, is resigning as scniorministcr of the C h u r c h of the Covenant, Cleveland, Ohio, to enter full- time private practice in per- s o n a 1, jnarilal and family counseling. During his 16-year ministy in Cleveland, the program and mission budget of the church more than doubled to $300,000 a year. Dr. TayJor was minister at F i r s t Presbyterian Church from 1939 to 1949. TO FILM 'THE VISITORS' "The Visitors," based on Nathaniel Benchley's best-selling novel, will be produced by William Castle, noted director of film thrillers. i

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