The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 1, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVTLLE COURIER 1NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ^^ > i^: ; y£^M^t| I'' ; »'---V VOL. XXVH—NO. 169 Blythevllle Courier, Blythevllle Daily~Nows, Mississippi Valley Leader. ,.„„,,„,,, , „ I IlhVll.LK, ARKANSAS, WKDNHSDAY, OCTOISKK 1,.10:!0 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO ATHLETICS WIN FIRST OF SERIES, 5 to 2 ~" "~ " ' — — „ ( ___ m • ' . i Solemn Chant to Usher In Yom Kippur By WM. BOKOWSKY C 11 X- ' T T I President, Temple Israel I omali Lily Institulions Op- , Thls eveni ";: «'<• begin-to observe i-i >. . ', l"e "Day of Atonement" called in " n "~ Liberalization of " " Mississippi One of Few Ar! kansas Counties to Show Gain Over Last Year. pose Present Restrictions. Hebrew "Yom Kippm-" At" sun" i M'^^'PP 1 Bounty r.ol only gin down the chanting of the tradi- ' ned almosl lnree !!mes a s much tional melody of Kol Nidre wlll |couon up to SeP 161 " 1 *" 15 as any usher In this solemn day of fast- i olher counl ->' in Arkansas but was ing and prayer. [cne of very few counties in the slate to show an . ideht,- and' Harry J. Sisson, president of the Guaranty Trust company of-N.ow York, second vice- president. CLEVELAND, o., Oc'.. l (UP)—'ing and prayei _Roine Stephcnson, vice-president, of! In several passages the Bible re- i slate to 5how an '""ease for the thq St. Joseph County Savings! fers to this Holy Day as the 3ab- 1 Period over last year it is revealed bank of South Bend, Ind., was elect- ] bath of Sabbaths. In thc days when ' in lne census bureau's preliminary ed president of Uie American Bank- j the Temple stood In Jerusalem and ! rc P° rt on co »°» ginned prior (o ers. association at the 56th annual! Israel dwelt in Palestine, the of- i September 16. convention here today. ifering of special sacrifices was the < Glnnings in Mississippi county Harry J. Haas vice-presider . or! cni ef ceremonial of this dat Its i totaled 19,026 bales up to the mid. Hie First, National bank of flhila- {purpose was to bring men to atone | d| f ot " le month, cmpared with delphia, was elected first vicc-[:.s- for their sins. The High Priest're- i*. 081 balos '<•> th -- ,-»™ date tel cittd a confession of the sins of jy.ear. Second in cotton ginned this the whole people. The Levites ' year was Lonoke county, wiili 3.920 sounded tlie trumpets; the conjre- j bales, compared to 10,557 lasi year, gallon prostrated themselves; and i Following are ginning prior. {r\ 'he priests invoked God for for- ] September 16 this year and la« .;ivene«>. The most, solemn moment.year for all Arkansas countiesa'n'al of the day came when sll alone the .ginned over 1,000 bales up tofUial Hi^ii Priest entered the Holy of Idate this year: Holies and uttered there a short j prayer. ' Ashley Alter the destruction of the Tern- Cliicot pie and lhe exile of the Jewish pea- Columbia ... pie, the observance of this Holy Conway Day changed greatly, but its sig- ' Craighead niftcance as the Day of Atonement I Crawford grew in meaning and value to Jev,-- I Crittenden ish life during (he past two thou- ! Desha sand years. Prayers and medita- Faulkner replaced the sacrifices. Ac- | CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 1. (UP) — A spirited tight between small town bankers and those representing large city institutions was in prospect for today's general session ol the American Bankers association, in annual convention here. The resolutions committee was expected to submit a report, urging that- the association commit it- branch banking policy. The expected battle about j tlons „„„ ... ., « : UUIUUJB to Jewish traditions, God; „ ™ wi« continue its present- op- : Sea!ed the fw of everv creatnre on | position to exomion of branch I tnls dav afte - tns t . n day pe rlc<l '• banking privileges to national j of pen i tence . the "Days of Awe." i di , . i ushered in bv Rosh Hashono. Fa- \ Delegates representing large cit>v lh j s rcason tnc Rabbte always mado banks were prepared to flghl for rcpemancc t he main feBllir J ot tne official approval of chain banking. da ' , s observance .. conditions holding that economic necessitate a change In policy to strengthen Lhe banking industry and safeguard the public. The national association will elect officers today. Seeks Lejral Enactment of German Reform Plan BERLIN, Oct. 1. (UP)—Chancellor Hefnrich Bruening'worked today to achieve' acceptance of his cabinet' reform program without resort to dictatorial meth- • ods.- •• ••• The chancellor'began a-series of conversations .- with leaders of the various parties, in the reichstag, including the extremist elements, in an attempt to assure acceptance of his plan for the recovery of Germany. • '.., - • • Meanwhile, the stock market rc- . . acted favorably' to .the 1 'financial program-which provided for drastic cuts in .expenditures and official salaries. Prayer and charity take the place ! of sacrifice now. Yom Kippur, i frm the day of special sacrifice. 1 grew to be the day of special pray- ] ers. ' i On- this day of Judgment, when the Jew prays .for ' forgiveness for sins of lhc < bers tnat hV neighbors for any offense they may . sins of lhc past- vear, he remem- ^riu^firsr forgive" lus have committed against him as well l-afayette .. Lee Lincoln Little River L^gan Loncke .... Miller Mississippi . Nevada Phillips .... Poinsett ... Pop^ Pulaski St. Francis ' ' Sebastian . U;;ior, Yell 1930 . 1.942 . 3,832 . 1,162 . 1.543 2,211 . 2.167 . 3,156 1,699 . 1,208 - 2,383 . 3.S75 . 1,921 . 1,299 . 1,374 . 1,793 . 1.523 . 3,920 . 1,858 10,026 . 1,364 . 2,217 . 2,798 . 1,096 . 1.583 • 2,692!. 1,282" 1,389 1929 7,133 8,257 11,201 2,716 1.515 227 6.171 6.251 4,005 7.204 13.366 5.232 2.52fl 3,070 3,010 944 10,557 4,873 4,087 6,460 4.949 2,750 2,447 2,569 6,579 1,827 Smith At Convention Wltli everything from valuable heirlooms to the llnest watermelons included In tlie displays, lhe annual Mississippi county fall- was In full swing today. Tlie community exhibits, commercial displays, poultry show, (lower show, art content, Parent-Teacher association booth, wash dress display, 4-H clubs boot 1 and Ihi' hog nnd dairy cattle shows ure vlelng for attention In tlie .several torse tcnls arranged with the Uidnar sliow equipment nl (he north tnd of Second street. Of the $1700 to be awarded in cash prlres, tlie tola! urcmlums for lhe community exhibits amount ta $440. This has been an Incentive Toy the most attractive displays ever shown at n county fnlr here - *ny iliose who have viewed fie j Thought present in 'an unofficial capacity, the former presidential booths. Wilson. Shawnee, Tomato. | candidate was reported to have dictated Important, changes in the plat-'New Liberty. Yarbro, Luxorn. No- "Just on the .sidelines" as the Mate convention of New York: Democrats opened, Governor Alfred E. Smith Is pictured here in n .smiling IMJ5C as he- registered nt a hotel In Syracuse, .scene of the meeting Exhibits This Year Declared Most Attractive Ever Shown Here, McCarthy to Manage N. Y. Team PH1I.AUKI.PH1A, Oct. 1 (UP) — Joe McCarthy, who resigned as manager of the Chicago Cubs a few weeks ago, will innnncc the New York Yankees next 'ycnr, It was learned lodiiy. Col. Jacob Rupert, owner of the Yiinkecs confirmed tcday that Me- Cnrlliy would replace Uou Shnwky next seiiton. Terms conlil not be learn«d, McCarthy resigned from thc Cub management after Williams Wrlg- ley, owner of tile Chicago lesin, announced Hint Rogers Hornsby would l«ud Chicago nex*t season. McCarthy succeeds Bob Shawky, who look charge of (he team las', year after (hs death of Miller Hug- Kin.-.. FIVE HITS ffl. Homers by Simmons ari^.'., Cochrane and Trioples by Foxx, Haas Win Gairiei form which was to be presented fcr adoption by the party. Blames Lapse of Consciousness in Shooting Woman Attack Upon Farm Relief Activities Foreseen denn, U-achvllle, nnd I/me Oak and the 4-H clubs at BurdeHe and Manila nre cnt'TFid In this contest. Show Model Living Kooni In the same tent are the individual entries of the Woman's department, arranged in n booth of red nnd yhile. Mrs. Roland Green Is chairman. Asricullural entries nre similarly anrmued In an ad- Joining compartment. The art department has a model living room, arranged by Mrs. C. M. Gray, and Mrs. George W. MILWAUKEE, Wis.. Oct. 1. (UP) —George F. Enyle, 46, former com- wander of an American Legion i Bnrham Is in charge. to'». of the \\ . r C • ' P 05 '' inslst e d ( ° A!i y hp EhoL nn<1 1 collection of chnrctal. imlntln» INCXl LongreSS DeSSlOn. ; probably fatally wounded Mrs. Em- [sketches novelties, clay modeling ily Siebert, 21. mother of three [mid other entries. WASHINGTON. Oct. 1. (UP) — Farm board officials are arming [ihcimelvcs against an attack tlicv i kne'.v is to be made upon the board Jin congress next-winter. Reports from traveling progres- children, during a "lapse of consciousness." "We were out riding last, night," Mrs. Siebert said, "and George was going to Chicago told me he to look fcr Each of the 20 units of Parcn't- Tenrtcr associations in the county sent II lustra lions of their profccls to the booth arranged bv this group. The Armorel unit, which Is the on- work. He asked ii I J ]y tm tt In the. county hav-liv reach- slve senators and congressmen im would be true to him during -his ab- ed the standard of excellence, la djcat*' tnc'£lj!(i.lizciticvi fee- and.exs sence and I promised I would. He showing a uulu In which its -hk- as ask forgiveness for any fault oj Total for Arkansas, prior to Sephis own. On this solemn day he re- Somber 16, .wtis 76.136 bales corn- solves to do better in the year to | pared to 197,520 to'lhr same date Today there are no sacrifices, nc altars, no High Priest, but to every Jew it is still the most solemn and sacred day of the 'year. Today there are no • happy rites of merrymak- j • ing as it was in the past. But Yom ! giveness and a closer unity with Kippur. with its assurance of for- God. brlgns a happiness unequaled by any ether Jewish holy day. P.attlesnake Household Pet of Jonesboro Man las.; year. IE DEW OF Heroes Are Made -Not Born Louis authorities . anniv of thc cili „ followed the death i°» cllar s es of . car th , c "- ?«" lhc started by Mrs O'Leary's cow will e yesterday at a P^™. 1 "? ^H!f..l a "lll». a r, be observed In celebration of Ha- then. he has taken the snake with j county sheriff, ilm in his automobile. j Investigation Three weeks ago, he failed to I of Suggett late j^-.^ close a window in his sedan. He ! Memphis hospital J "'" J " " l >env **• a preliminary hearing of returned to find the rattlesnake ' Suggelt war shot by a neighbor lhe two J'- llth5 before Justice J. missing. j John ~ Henry," accrrdin* to deputy i H Johnson here on kidnaping Then, the other day, someone raw | sheriff John W Hooper of Clar cllL ""3 es - JONESBORO, Ark.. (API—The: cat that always returned had noth- Quarrel Over Cattle Blamed for Fatal Shooting Near Clarendon. pon debenture farm relief programs will be revived during the slier, session of congress. Administration congressmen have intimated the continued depression of wheat prices is a weapon of the grain trade to drive ths.board out of business by discrediting its efforts to assist agriculture. Extension of credit to coonerat- ives. the purchase of wheat and cotton by stabilization corporations, and other activities have aroused in some quarters complaints thst (he government is engaging in business. All these complaints will have an airing shortly after congress reconvenes in December as the board expects to ask for further funds. CLARENDON. ARK., OCT. 1 on a pet rattlesnake of -M»lvin j (UP)—Further 'investigation of Ulley. i gun duel near here that cost thc Utley obtained the snake from a j Hf e O f Boi , g ug g 0 tt. 40,' farm;r" look a gun .from a Hiding place in 1 , showing a quilt, In which its hls- torvlias liren embroidered bv- the thc car and shot me twice.' members. "Child Welfare" is Engle told antlioriticj he conldled In lhe posters noi remember firing ths gun. He i Because nt the drouth the now- said he was a friend of Mrs. Sie- j or show -will not be 50 larije as In bcbil's husband --••' -•'-'--' >--- ' - • children. "1 don't even remember touching Alhktics Curdinaln R H 'i SHIBE PARK, PHILADELPHIA, Oct, 1 (UP)—.; anil admired her | orevioirs yearn hut the . committee ' was ruraiiRlne the blossoms lodnv for the Jmlelnf tomorrow. R. p. the aim." he said. "Suddenly Iwns holding it in my hand and two bullets had been discharged. Then Mrs. Siebert screamed 'I am shot.' " Kidnaping Charge Dropped Youths Face TheU Case) . i HAYTI, MO., VCT. 1 (UP) — Monitor and Edwnrd Sandal, carnival company Inst July 4. Since j was ordered today by the Monroe j st - Louis >' cut j ls . hnvc ucni lurn ed over to CHICAGO. a snake eating at a chicken lot in ; endon. He the rear cf Utley's home. Ths pet rattlesnake was recaptured and is now resuming his old accustomed place as a household pet. was wounded in tlie | 1 ' " Kirshner, Mrs. B. A. Buai; and Mrs. L. S. Briscc*> aro In charge. Clubs Display Frocks The wash dress contest, a new attraction, hns n number of frocks ion dhnlny s»nt In bv members of l! clubs. These will be piibllrlv shown in a style show Friday niehl-when they will be Judged for cash awards. The poultry show will ue much bleecr and better than in nnv nre- vioii'; year, pccordln? to flo'?srt. n'aylcck. who is busy nrrnmltn tor lllp Planing of the clii-;k;ni. . • tu'kev. rtucks nnd cuecsc. Alri">:lv OI1 AnnniVerS-i over BOO fowls have ben entered in the contests which Invr- SWR fir nwnnJs and there will be more for the Juri<!iii; tomorrow. Tlie 4(1 hn7s s?nt in tcdav will bo snnnlrment<Ki bv niherK Thursday nnd the dairy catlle will be featured Friday when prizes will be »eorgia Mob Enters Jail to Avenge Police Murder. CARTERSVILLE. Co., Oct. 1. (UP)—A masked mob of approximately 100 men, working swiftly and (inlelly, overpowered Barlow counly Jail here today, captured John Willie Clark, negro, confessed slayer of Police Chief Joe Ben Jenkins. Caiiersvillc, and hanged him to r. telephone pole near tlie Jail. "They were orderly and quiet but descended upon us like a. cyclone," Sherlir a. W. Oaddis said In describing the incident. "They were' in the jail before I was awake, overpowered the.turn- key, and gol llujiiv ihau. All weri! masked so we could -iicf recbgnVzb anyone. No nrrc.sls have been made." The negro, who had been confined to Pulton county tower in Atlanta for safe keeping, wns brought here for. trial Tuesday but because of..threats of mob violence his nt- lor.ney .. applied for a change of venue. The delay provided the mob its opportunity. Connie Mack playe^i his. Uxiny' and took; the first trick of the 1930 World Series.; - • Tha Athletics, with Leftjr Grove holding the invaders • in check, defeated the .St. Louis Cardinals, 5 to 2. liurleigh Grimes was found for only five hits, but they wore rousing ones, including homers-by Al Simmons and Miclrey Cochrano drid triples by .linvmy "Foxx and Mule Haas, Each hit the Athletics p. . ,, jmade counted for a run. " Lhiet S ! With the weather man smiling and with 33,000 fans providing a. picturesque background in old Slubo Pork. Connie Mack set out to fui-.. fill predictions of the experts by ' Prevention Week avy of Chicago Five. (UP) — Fifty-ninth Chicago 25 Candidates for Duck Supper at Post Meeting i r' left leg below the knee parently was in no danger of dying. Monday night the leg be' came serirusly infected and he was • taken to a Memphis hospital yes:! i ttrday. j , "According to Deputy Sheriff Troy Boyle, who investigated the shooting, the difference between , Su ?8 e 'l' and Henry started over The offer of E. A. Eice, post com-! Mine cattle" Deputy H-op'r said mander, to furnish a duck supper! "He was told that some of Sugget's for every member of the local Am- ] catlle got in one of Henry's fields encan Legion post who attends fifty and the latter nut them IID" per cent of the post meltings be- The "no-fence" law for Monroe tweennowand the last of Novem- County, voted by her people the ber, promises to give Mr. Rice and .coldest day of January last winter, hi:, associates, some busy days on ; h» s tauscd sc-riou- --—"••-.- '• the duck marshes. j.tween farmer nelghbSrs^tnrotigh- Twenty-nve members were pres-! out the county. One fight last ent at last night's post meeting, at j week resulted In a man and his which plans for thc new year's j lwo srnall sons being wounded by and officers at Jackson. Tenn.. Jon .Sept. 23 after they were al- I lejed to have kidnaped Jewel j Ham-y. local high scho-1 girl. When 'ho girl was taken into custody cuss the affair except to sav that! she own ncc'.rd. with the men of herl ti'-nal Fire Prevention Week, October 5 to 11. On October 9, 1871, tradition hns it. Mrs. O'1-cary's cow kicked over a Inntern in a barn and slarled the great Chicago fire. In that conflagration, the worst of its kind in history, 17.500 buildings were destroyed, several hundred lives-lest, and a properly loss of S168.000.000 was suffered. Mrs O'Leary's cow has now be- The car In which they traveled to Tennessee after being J:itied here by Miss Haney was stolen from St. Louis, officers in that city claimed and the two men wrre returned (here. --, *~ —.»...*.»5 niv *laLuv^> Vi all ••* *.<al- tile tlrOUtn 11EIS ICIt paid up members, is to be placed them without any kind of feed and companions were crtlfor^ar^o^ ^SSi ^nnT^ dS ± ^ -«™? S «"«« ^ — i George Barham has granted permission for the placing of the ™ve removed their fences anB | ha« been pWng thrtr'l«"i'Tn"tta : city ] c'me a Lj'mbol in Fire Prevention Week for every dny carelessnsss. Fire Prevention Week will be observed this year in every city and community of the United Stales. Civic communities, schcols, churches, fraternal bodies, and business organizations will unite in spreading tlie message of fire prevention nnd in urging precautl'-ns and care against the hazards of fire. Study of the physical factors thai- cause and spread fires in contributing to the contrcl of fire losses. At the same tlmj discoveries by science are aiding materially in the cause of fire prevention. One of these has been developed of a process for rendering wood flame proof and fire resistant. _ _^ „„.,„ Elimination of James Bomar on charges" of ! me , of the awarded. Msmph'an Takes Over Main Service Station "The Great Pasha" Is In Grip of the Law The Greal Pasha, "the man who knows everything," was placed bs- R. N. McParland. formerly of Memphis. Tenn.. hns taken over the leise of the Mnin Swine- s'l- tion. Main and Fifth streets, recently opened by C, L. Bennett. Mr. McFarland lias been connected with the gns and oil business here for several months. He is a brother-ht-Iau- of A. E. Scott, cftrhier of the First National bank. Virgil Slssons. who was in active charge of thc station under Mr. Bennett's management, will remain with Mr. McFarlnnd in thc business. T!;e Main Service station wivs erected by L. L. Wnrd recently nnd is one of the most handsome buildings of its lypj in the city. It is a Texaco station. Jack Donohue, Musical Comedy Star, Is Dead NEW YORK, Oct. 1 (UP)-Jack Donohue, a leading star rf the musical ccmcdy stage died at his home here today of heart disease. Although he had stopped work a week ago on advice, oi his physicians, death came unexpectedly. Donohue was appearing in Cincinnati with hlj show. "Sons of Guns." He was forced (o leave the cast because of his heart. x Alter returning here he appeared cheerful and said lie believed he would be wall again after a rest. His condition, It was said, had been Induced by over work. He was one of Broadway's most popular stars nnd had been featured In many of the moU successful musical shiws since he reached the top of his career several years ago. Gates Catch Fire Truck With Train Approaching stall with a- big fire truck coming down the street it is to have a fire Iruck caught between the gates with a big train thundering down the tracks, in (he opinion of Kyle Reecc. veteran fire iruck driver. Recce was caught in the latter predicament late yesterday afternoon In making n run to a fire and sending his ace of aces, Lefty Grove' : to the mound. Burlelgh Crimes wai Gabby Street's pitching selection for the Cardinals. The lineups: _Alhlellcs: Bishop, 2b; Dykes, 3b; Cochrnne. c; Simmons, If; Foxx, lb; Miller, rf; Haas, cf; Boley, ss; Grove, p. ' ' -. Cardinals'. DouthU, cf; Adanis, 3b; Frisch, 2b; Bottomiey,. ib;'f Ha-' [cy. If; Blades, r[; Mancuso, ,c; Oelbert, ss; Grimes', p. , ; -'.^' " V; George MorUrty, forrner''Varia : g-..: cr ol the Delrpit.^TIgers;|an4"X^fft- ftt .second and Reardori third. '' • .--'• ", -- '• . :•• •First Inning . •:. Cardinals—No runs, no hits, no , ' errors.. Three up,. three down- ; •"''; Athleiics-^-No runs', no hits, ho : errors.'. Cociirune walked but' was ', out slealini;, Mancuso to Prisch. '•' .' Second Inning • 'Cardinals—No runs, no hlU, 110 errors. Three up, three down. ••-' . Athletics—One run, one hit,' no . en'ors. Simmons was thrown oilt. . Foxx tripled, the first hit -of the .' game. Miller sacrificed, scoring Foxx. Third Inning Cardinals—Two runs, four nils, no errnrs. Mancuso singled, Gel- i bert singled, Mancuso going to second. Grimes bunted to' Foxx who threw to Bishop at. first. Bishop ; dropped the ball and It was a hit, •• Mancuso to third and Qelberl-'J'o * second. Douthit sacrlficea -to deep ^ center, Haas making the catch. . Mancuso scored and Gelbert. went to third. Adams sacrificed tp' - Miller, Oelbert scoring. Frisch hit' a grounder through the pitcher's box'- 1 for an infield hit, Grimes going- to second. Bottomiey filed to Foxx. Athletics—No runs, no hits, no errors. Three up, three down. Fonrth Inning Cardinals—No runs, one hit, no errors, two led on. Hafey filed out. Blades walked. Mancuso: lined out. Blades holding first. Gelbert singled. Blades went to • second. Grimes fanned. Athletics—One run, one^hit. no errors. Dykes grounded out. Cochrane died high to Blades. Slmmona • home run. Foxx fanned. Fifth Inhtng Cardinals—Douthil. popped to Boley. Adams flied out. Frisch singled ' but stvelched It to a double. Bot- tomiey grounded put. No runs, oi>3 hit. no errors. Athletics—Miller was thrown out. Haas grounded out. .Boley was thrown out. i>"6 runs, no hits, no '• iheir short en and Being the son of the American en- vcy to Great Britain doesn't put young Dana Dawes beyond the "pail" of student activities. This picture shows how he went about convoking for the job of assistant manager of the 'r«shman loath:*!'. Cam at vuianova College, \Vll- llamstown, Mass., whero he Is enrolled In Ids first year. His father is AmhnxsHtloi- ciiarlr-R O Dan-cs. „ - the board, and it will be put up within a few days. As members are sign- i P'ed ed up their names will be printed on the boavd. i ! Boy Flyer Headed West Movie Cast Caught in Mountain Blizzard. 30NORA, Cal., Oct. 1, (UP)— Warm and secure after a day and night spent fighting a bltoard for Junior Air Record carelessness is .. effective factors in fire prevention. Carelessness in handling matches, lighted cigars, and cigarettes causes an annual loss of about $35.000.000 alone. Lack Pasha will be remembered as the i cf care in handling electrical ap- i"man of mystery" who was burled ' p " ances results In n fire loss ot ! nllve here during the celebration I S18 .50Q.OOO yearly. ! attendin~ * 1 *- '- -' " McNulty's Body Believed Discovered in Lake Erie CONNEAUT. O., Oc(, 1. (UPI — The partly clad body of a man, believed to be that of William J. Nfe- Nulty, Columbus man. who died with Willard J. Parker when their airplane crashed Into Like Erie last week, was found half n mile off shore here today. he wasted no lime in smashing (he errors, guard gates and driving through sislh Inning ' the broken barrier. Cardinals—Hafey grounded out.. Tne blnzc was at Dentts's store. | Blades grounded out. Mancuso flied opposite the Central Ward school (o Miller. No runs, no hits, no er- on Chickasawba avenue, and * " city hannchc stace an endur- ] Democratic i B " cc sittlne feat on »» of a flag " C n m . Kans., Oct. 1 (UP)— I pole at a local service station Robert Buck, 16-year-old flyer of! Elizabeth, N. J., look off here today i TURTLE COSIES BACK and | headed toward Amarlllo, Tex.,! OREENSBURO, Pa., (UP) _ A _ to break the Junior ; turtle bearing the initials of two Rhode Island Goes Wet PROVIDENCE, R. I., Oct. 1. (UP ro1 ' for a Arnarlllo Buck expects to fin (o Albiifjiiermio N'! M. Bell township resident, has reap Soldier Suicide Buried With Military Honors WASHINGTON. Oct. 1. <UP)Lt. Col. Richard B. Cteecy. U. S. Marines, who hacked nis wife with a hatchet nnd then shot hlms3lf in a hotel here, was Oiirled with full, military honors nl\Arllnglon national crmelerv. J amounted to only slight damage, burning a hole In the roof of the ftcre. Firemen extinguished (he blaze with n portable water tank and hose. Hold Former Sweetheart for South Bend Murder CHICAGO. Oct. 1. (UP)— Harry Slwlruki. fonner sweetheart of Alice WoltmaJ). 18-year-old,, South Bend glr! who was killed' as she slept several.weeks ago, was ar.- rested here today charged with the slaying and, waiving extradition, was taken at once to South Bend. Siwlnskl, who disappeared the day after Miss VVoltman wns slain, was arrested In t «outh side rooming house and said he had.bean working for a iirofny flrn> rors. Athletics—Orove fanned, swing- Ing, making Grimes' fourth strikeout. Bishop walked. "Dykes doubled, scoring Bishop, the ball bounding oft the right field fence. Cochrane ; was out on strikes. .Simmons walk- ;• ed. Foxx fanned, One p.m. one hit,': no errors. i'~ Seventh Tailing : : : : : Cardinals—Oelbert grounded oat Grimes singled. Douthit groundM ~ (Continued on page six) ••: ;?-' WEATHER ARKAN3AS-Oen«r»lly' fiir :and. Thursday; mum tempwature httt: 34 degrees and th*

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