The Holland Evening Sentinel from Holland, Michigan on November 26, 1963 · Page 1
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The Holland Evening Sentinel from Holland, Michigan · Page 1

Holland, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1963
Page 1
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The Holland Evening Sentinel SUBURBAN DELIVERY -- WEEK DAY EVENINGS ,,_, J RS _ M , ' Z«el«ntf, Sou|«futk, Deu|I«f, Wert 01iv«, Hurf ttitvillt, rennv»B«, Hamilton, Eott Saugatuck, Monlclia Park, Central Park, Virginia Park, Jeniion Park, Maeotawa Pork, North Short Priv« and PWflct NO. a SIXTY-EIGHTH YEAR--NO. 123 HOLLAND, MICHIGAN, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1963 FOURTEEN PAGES -- PRICE SEVEN CENTS 'ETERNAL FLAME' MARKS GRAVE LISTENS TO EULOGY -- Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy is a study of composure and dignity as she attends the brief eulogy in honor of the late President Kennedy in the Capitol Rotunda on Sunday. Her composure broke briefly only twice during the final * * * * funeral ceremonies Monday. F u n e r a l services were held in St. Matthew's Cathedral Monday and the late President was buried in Arlington National Cemetery following the service. (UPI telephoto) Masks Her Grief With Dignity Texas Grand Jury Indicts Ruby DALLAS (UPI) -- A county grand jury today returned an indictment of murder with malice against flashy Jack Ruby, who shot President Kennedy's By Helen Thomas WASHINGTON (UPI)--President Kennedy's widow and chil- as she was leaving the graveside. She shed tears again when she received the condolences of accused assassin. Dist. Atty. Henry Wade said . . . . , - *U ' i d - C I V C U LUC (_UilUUlCllt,CO Ul dren soon will be leaving the j kingg prjme ministers and oth . \Vhite House where every room is filled with poignant memories of him. The executive mansion she made her special project and what once was home to Jacqueline Kennedy is now empty and forlorn for her. She stayed there Monday- night after the funeral of her husband. Some eight hours after the last rites, she returned to the grave site on a grassy slope at Arlington National Cemetery to leave a sprig of flowers and gaze silently and prayerfully for several minutes on her husband's resting place. Mrs. Kennedy may stay on at the White House for a few more days with Caroline and John Jr., who made it a wonderful place when their daddy was alive. She must gather up the family's belongings. Only twice Monday did her magnificent composure break. Once when she was given the flag that draped the coffin, carefully folded by the pallbearers, er world leaders at the White House after the funeral She met privately Charles de he would ask the death penalty and requested that Ruby be held without bond. Dist. Judge Joe B. Brown will rule. Officials Deny Having France; Prince Philip of Brit- Assassination B l u e p r i n t ain: Emperor Haile Selassie of DALLAS (UPI)--Both Chief O f police Jes c e Currv and Dist. Ethiopia and President Eamon De Valera of Ireland. · - ,,. , , , , . . The world wept more openly. Atty. Henry Wade today denied v · ^n ··assjss.nation blue- reported found in L e e Harvey Oswald's room. The report had said a marked city map showed the Presi- Jent's route and the bullets' rajectory Weather Mostly fair and mild tonight and Wednesday, low tonight in the 30s, high Wednesday 43-52. Winds southwest to west increasing to 15-30 miles this afternoon and diminishing slowly tonight; mostly westerly 1020 miles Wednesday. Thursday mostly cloudy, little temperature change. The sun sets tonight at 5:16 p.m. and rises tomorrow at 7:50 a.m. The temperature at 11 a.m. today was 46. Local Report For the 24 hours ending at 6 a.m. today the instruments recorded the following: Maximum, 46. Minimum, 28. Precipitation, none. One Year Ago Yesterday Maximum, 48. Minimum, 27. Precipitation, none. JOIN NOW 1964 Christmas Club First National Bank Adv. The funeral was a monument, . ,. to dignity and in her widow's ' Dnnt veil she walked with pride. It was done with the ceremonial flare her husband loved so much .. . the muffled drums . .. the sound of bagpipes . .. and Taps that touched the heart. It was John Jr.'s third birthday, but no one could celebrate. The little boy, instead, saluted the casket of his father when the military band played "Hail to the Chief" in mournful strains as the youngster emerged from St. Matthew's Cathedral with his mother and sister. The tragedy that struck the First Family is even more painful because it happens at a time of birthdays for the youngsters, the Thanksgiving holiday and the beginnings of the Christmas season. Blonde blue-eyed Caroline will be 6 years old Wednesday. The first grader, who adored her father and knew he was the President, has cried many times over the past few days. Thanksgiving always was a time for traditional gatherings of the big Kennedy clan at Cape Cod. Mrs. Kennedy will take her youngsters there to see the President's grieving father, former Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, who is ailing and could not attend the funeral. A White House aide said Mrs. Kennedy wants to remain in the Washington area where she has spent most of her life. She has a new hunt country home at Atoka, Va. That may be the spot where she will go to find peace and rest. ZEELANDER TURKEYS Toms 35c Ib, Hens 45c Ib. Standing Rib Roast ... 59c Ib. T-Bone Steaks $1.09 Ib. Naber's North River Adv. OPEN 'TIL » P.M. WED. Yff'« I.G.A. Adv. Kennedy Is Buried At Arlington Military Guard Posted For Week; National, World Officials Attend WASHINGTON (UPI) -- An 'eternal flame'' burned at the flower-blanketed grave of John F. Kennedy today in lasting memorial to the assassinated 35th President of the United States. A white picket fence about two feet high surrounded an area of about five yards on each side of the grave in Arlington National Cemetery. Within the enclosure were piled scores of bouquets from other nations. The grave was filled in, the fence installed and the flowers placed several hours after Kennedy's burial Monday--a simple sequel to the massive funeral tributes witnessed by national and world leaders. Kennedy's courageous widow who maintained a magnificent bearing during all her appearances since the tragedy made a poignant visit to the grave shortly before midnight--about eight hours after the final rites. She laid a sprig of flowers on the grave and spent several minutes, with Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy at her side, at the floral-covered site. Monday night, specially installed lights cast a blue hue over the floral blanket while the gas-fed flame ignited by Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy in her husband's memory burned brightly behind. A military guard will be posted at the site around the clock for the next week. Mrs. Kennedy, who requested the flame as an everlasting symbol of her husband's buoyant spirit, lighted the fire at the conclusion of the impressive graveside services. Then she passed the torch she had used to her brothers-in-law, Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who ceremonially repeated the process of igniting the memorial flame. One such light burns at the tomb of France's unknown soldier at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Another burns at Gettysburg, Pa , in memory of Civil War dead. Kennedy's grave, on a green slope of the military cemetery which serves as a national shrine to the honored dead, dominates a broad vista of Washington. It faces directly across the Potomac River toward the marble-pillared memorial to Abraham Lincoln, assassinated nearly a century ago. There, in the shadow of the onetime mansion of Robert E. Lee, came the 21-gun salute, the three volleys of musketry by the firing party, and the sound of "Taps." As Mrs. Kennedy stepped from her limousine, there was a sounding of "ruffles and (Continued on page 2.) GOODBYE DADDY -- A brave three-year- old boy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., stands like a little soldier, as he saluted the casket of his father, the late President Kennedy, * * * as it was carried from St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington Monday. Monday was John Jr.'s birthday. (UPI telephoto) * * * A Brave Little Soldier Salutes His Father By Robert M. Andrews WASHINGTON (UPI) - A little boy at his grieving mother's side saluted the passing casket. And in that moment, he suddenly became the brave soldier his father would have wanted him to be on this day, of all days. For Monday, John F. Kennedy Jr. turned three. His world was strangely different, in little ways a child notices but does not understand. Where was his daddy? The tall man with the laughing blue eyes who had a big desk and saw lots of important people and stooped to spank him good- naturedly and took him on helicopter rides and called him "John-John." This was supposed to be the day of The Party. The cake with three candles to blow out, jthe friends singing boisterous '"Happy Birthdays," the gifts. He did get a letter, as did his sister Caroline, from Lyndon Johnson, the man they call president now. No one outside the White House knew what the letters said. But home, the White House, I was quiet. Some of the furni- jture was gone. And the soldiers outside, whose salutes he delighted in trying to return with one of his own, looked different. They didn't glance down at him and sneak a wink or a smile today. Their commands barked, their rifles clattered harshly. His mother, Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, left in the morning to go to the Capitol and ride back behind the soldiers and the horses and the wagon with the flag-covered box. He and his sister meanwhile dressed and put on their sky blue coats. It was cold outside. Caroline will be six on Wednesday. There was supposed to be a big birthday celebration for everybody at Hyannis Port on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. John-John was born on a Thanksgiving. His daddy had just been elected president. Secret service agents came and led John-John and his sis- ;er out to the north portico. Mrs. Kennedy, dressed all in slack, met them at the door and took them to a limousine. Then she walked back up in line with their uncles, Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy and Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and ;he slow, sad march to church aegan. President and Mrs. Johnson and a host of aides and security agents followed Mrs. Kennedy on foot. John-John and Caroline rode in the car behind them. A half-mile later, in front of St. Matthew's Cathedral, the aarade stopped. John-John and Caroline were brought around o join their mother. The little boy looked around bewildered and started crying. His mother spoke to him softy and he stopped. They walked up the steps of the cathedral, and there waiting was Richard Cardinal Gushing of Boston. John-John seemed awed by the tall, craggy-faced man towering above him, wearing a white, two-pointed miter and black vestments. The Cardinal had married the Kennedys in 1953 and had baptized both children. He is an old friend of the family. He was about to perform a sad and reluctant duty. He put his arm around Mrs. Kennedy's shoulder, and she genuflected before him. He leaned down and kissed Caroline, and patted John-John on the head. Mrs. Kennedy, holding each of her children by the hand, (Continued on page 2.) Top World Leaders Meet LBJ De Gaulle Will Return Next Year; Briefly Discuss Key Problems WASHINGTON (UPD--Presi- dent Johnson met a succession of key world leaders and spokesmen today to lay th« groundwork of his foreign policy. The new President's first tangible step was to arrange to confer formally next year with French President Charles d« _aulle and British Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home. This was done in advance of Johnson's meetings later today with Soviet Deputy Premier Anastas I. Mikoyan and West German Chancellor Ludwig Er- tiard. Johnson and De Gaulle arranged Monday night to confer in Washington next year, pos- iibly in February. At a White House meeting ihis morning, the President and Douglas-Home also agreed to meet "early in the new year." The British leader said, however, no time or place for the get-together has been set. Sir Alec told newsmen after the meeting that he and the President talked of "some outstanding problems but only briefly." They decided to postpone a more full discussion until their meeting next year, h* said. The British leader told newsmen: "I have taken this opportunity at the President's request to come here for a talk. We did not, of course, on this occasion do any business but we agreed to keep close contact as there had been in the past. When the time comes, President Johnson will propose a meeting early in the next year." Johnson arranged to see visiting foreign leaders who had come here from throughout the world to attend the funeral of slain President John F. Kennedy. His first caller today was 71- year-old Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. The African ruler told newsmen he was 'very happy" with what ht (Continued on page 2.) AT ARLINGTON -- The late President Kennedy's family and foreign dignitaries stand at the grave in Arlington National Cemetery where Kennedy was buried Monday. They are French President Charles Dt Gaulle (upper left in uniform), West German chancellor Ludig Erhord (to right of De Gaulle), Queen Frederika of Greece (front row upper right) and in lower right foreground, Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, Attorney General Robert Kennedy and Mrs. Rose (UPI OPEN TONIGHT 'TIL 9 Holland Hts. Super Market Adv. OPEN WED. : TIL 9 P.M. Grade-A Turkeys .. 32c Ib. Whipping Cream . 27c Economy IGA-IGA Food Basket Adv School Vote Quite Slow Here Today A total of 898 votes had been cast up to noon today in the special school election to vot« an additional 3 mills for 3 yean for operating Holland public schools. The 14 precincts, their locations and the noon vote follow: 1-1, Lincoln School, 60; 1-2, Calvary Reformed Church, 48; 2-1, Washington School, 43; 2-2, Junior High School, 75; 3-1, Van Raalte School, 76; 3-2, Christian High School, 77; 4-1, Myrtle Ave. fire station, 118; 4-2, Mpn- tello School, 61; 4-3, West Side Christian School, 63; 5-1, Zion Lutheran Church, 69; 5-2, Maplewood Christian School, 36; 5-3, M a p l e w o o d Reformed Church, 49; 6-1, Longfellow School, 91; 6-2, Apple Avenue School, 32. Since all school taxes are based on equalized valuations, three mills amount to $5.49 per $1,000 assessed valuation. The additional operating mill- age would restore certain services which have been curtailed for two years. The school is in its second year of austerity programs. Polls in all 14 precincts will remain open until 8 p.m. tonight. Today's ballot has only one issue requiring a simple yes-no vote. All registered voters within the school district may vote in the election, which is conducted by the city clerk on request of the Holland Board of Education. The noon vote of 898 was considered a light vote, although it has been the practice of many local voters to visit the polls ia late afternoon or early evening. BONELESS HAMS We LB. Vanden Brink's Hams 49c Ib. Cold Meats full Ib. pkg 49c Ib. Whipping Cream Vi pint 29c Naber's North River Ad*. OPEN TONIGHT TIL t Holland Hts. Super Market Adr. SPAPFRl

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