The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1944
Page 3
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SATUKDAY, DKCKMBKH 1C, 1944 Cecils Held n Check Frauds Special FBI Agents Arrest Earvin Ash; AcHvities Traced H. C. Snrnn, special agent In iaige of the apprehension of Ear- 11 Monroe Asli, aiso knomi Ijy (he "no of Fred A. MCKCC nncl num- oiis oilier names which he has "opted, by special agents of the fdcrnl Bui-can of InvosU e ntUm and idiannpolis Police on Dec. 9, while •tempting lo pass a check of a nrrison Construction ComiMiiv of llWon. Tenn., payable to Fred A cKcc signed with the name Howd Day. At the time of his apprehension >lii claimed his true name Li Heii- fcelti Thomas of Walnut Grove, «-, and that lie is married and the flier of six children. He also aimed lie is a carpenter by OCCH- "joii and allegedly employed as ™ on (iefense projects until Dee. '« when he began passing frau- -wiil checks In Wichita, Kansas •awn on the Great Western Con- niclion Company of that city and ie Harrison Construction Comi»y. When he was arrested Ash M approximately 00 checks drami i the above (wo companies total- IB approximately S2.200 and for lentily pnrpckws had in his pos- •wsion seccnil Social Security and elective Service registration cards Ash lias been sought by tlic Fedral Bureau of Investigation iroughonl nine states Including rkansas for violation of Hie Nn- onal Stolen Property Act in collection ivith his activities in the assmg of worthless checks. He is -Ported lo have passed several hecks in Fort Smith and Pine 'luff. Ark., in February and May f 1942, when local merchants in places were swindled out of ominal amounts. Louie Mick f Enjoys Deserved Rest in Belgium After fighting on German soil Pfc. Louie M. Mick, 23, is one of the Army men sent lo a Belgium rest camp for much-needed treatment after having been in the thick of fighting for 18 months. Sun of Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Mick 303 North First, and brother of Mrs' Turner Kissell, Private Mick war, in the first tank destrover battalion to land in France on'D-Day after having also been in invasions of North Africa. Sicily and Italy, since he went overseas almost two years ago. • The history of his 893th battalion, accomplishments of which have made it famous, reveals much action. First to enter combat with the M-10 Tank Destroyer, the batlaiion moved into North Africa foilowuiE departure from the United "Staifes Jan. 14, 1943, After moving into Galsa, the men look a real punch at the Germans at El Guettar Tu nisia, March 23 last year, where they joined the famous First Infantry Division and tangled with _ J?omniels Tenth Panzer Division '^'P??!] 1 ^'.In'.Italy last November :V£l; W s <=rt raining, the men were here, .(Sjilya; short time when sent to .the British Isles to prepare dur- ire).sit imqntjis for the great "Sec- ond'Front" Invasion. His company, together with the Ninth Infantry Division, cut the peninsula, bottling up the German forces defending Cherliourg, pushed on up lo help capture the town and assisted greatly in cleaning up the remaining resistance on the Hague After a rest period of seven days the drive south began. For ,, le nest action against the Germans two companies were recommended for the "unit citation" The 899U, and Ninth Infantry cut (he St. Lo-Peners roacl-the first unit lo do so-helped spearhead the great breakthrough and (hen swnn south, across the Seine river through Chateau-Thierry and became one of the fi rRt Allied units to fcgm liberation of another Eiiro- Sm Sept.'! bV JlgW "" r illt0 Cel ™ cy 1 '? 11 " 1 °» across the Meusc Rncr nnrt then continued the drive into Germany itself wilh the 899th u'leVLhie 0 /'" 1101 -* 11 -^-' Tins group has captured 1855 prisoners and left strewn over battlefields of North rtfrl - C!1 al)d E rope, shattered wrecks of much enemy equipment and inflicted untold casualties on the vaunted WcDr- macht. pnratroop and SS formations, according loan on i ciR j release. WARNING OKI>KK toary Ferguson is warned to appear m the Chancery Court tor the Cliickasawba District of Mississippi nrtrr ?i ^ ns **- within 30 days after (he. date hereof to answer a complaint filed against her by n us - f-cll C. Ferguson. d tllis 8t " tlai ' of December, HARVEY MORRIS Chancery Court clcrfc Evrard, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 12,8-15-22-29 HIATIIKV1M,K COUK1EK NKWS CoU Preparations as directed Save 50% On TRUSSES Sfec] and Elastic STEWART'S ' r Drug Store Blab & Lake Phone 2822 • TOOH M WASMNCTQN Air Setup Headed For Snags BY I'KTKK KDSON Courier News Washington Col-respondent Adolf Beiie's Convention on Civil Aviation adopted at Chicago after six weeks of conferences with representatives of 50-odd nations seems header! for trouble In the Senate willy nilly. First, it will run liend-on into Foreign Relations Committee opinion that no supplementary international agreements should be made until the Dumbarton Oaks thing is threshed out and a United Nations Organization to maintain peace mid security is a little'more of a reality. Second, it will be considered a violation of the Senate's request, delivered to the President by S"n Bennett Champ Clark's Commerce subcommittee on aviation, that no postwar /lying commitments be made until Congress determines policy. Third, It will clash with considerable congressional opinion that at Chicago under Belle's leadership the United States not only lost, its flv- ing shirt but also gave away its flying pants and boots when there was no reason for being that ireii- e rous. There are two sides to tills story and at tins'stage of the winged horse swapping it is impossible to make judgment. But behind one sitle of the story-belief in some aviation circles that the United ' States delegation gave away more ' air rights than it had to--there is- n likely explanation of what led to' the forced resignation of Adolph Berle as Assistant Secretary of State and an indication of what may happen next. TIIKKK WAS A "RELATIVE" ANGLE The trouble begins from the fact that then Secretary of Slate Corde.ll Hull, ill .overworked and primarily Interested in his big Dumbarton Oaks conference, handed the aviation problem to Uerle, brilliant New Dealer and Uooscvelt appointee. The (lien Undersecretary of state, Fd Stettlnius, being a brother-in-law of President Juan Trlppe of i'an- Amcrlcan Airlines, insisted that he be kept out of this deal for fear that clmrge.s- would lx> made he was permitting family relationships to Influence his decisions. This also explains why it was specified in Ihc newly proposed Slate Department reorganisation Mint the intornu- llonal aviation question be assigned lo Assistant Secretary - designate Will L, Clayton, with instructions Hint lie report directly lo the President, Anyway, with Hull and Sleltinins out of the picture and the President loo busy with the election to be bothered, Doric had a clear track. The Chicago agenda, as drawn up uy Berlc's inter-deparlmentiil committee, was announced by the Uc- paiiment of State Sept. 29. but the full U. S. delegation was not announced until Ocl. 27, less than n week before the parley WHS scheduled lo open on Nov. 1. Four members of Congress were named among (he 10 delegates- Senators Bailey of North Carolina and Brcwstcr of Maine, Representatives Biihvinkle of North Carolina and Wolverlon of New Jersey but they practically had lo muscle their way Into the lust pre-Chicago meetings of the American delegation, they had no hand in shaping the policies to be presented, and they sat down at the conference table uninformed. THE SENATOliS HIT THE CEILING! At Chicago Derle first presented the American delegation with his draft of the American proposals and lei it be known that all (he members of the delegation would be cx- NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWHERS Termites may be ruining your properly. Ciill me in check up without cost or obligation. HATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WOKK H.C. BLANKENSHIP 309 K. Kentucky Phone 2350 Applications To Install Equipment Burning Butane or Butane- Propane Gas MwluresDisap- proved by Law. "Petroleum Administrator for War Restriction" Prior to this change in" policy a few civilian consumer^ of BUTANE .gas. under priority m.t.estwc c .p?Vmittedv;OCQasiphal, <: -.instalIatipns ,.pr transfer of equipment from one home to another. Now however stocks of Liquified Petroleum Gases are very tiVht' consequently it has been necessary for PAW to re' strict further increases in consumption of these important ingredients of AVIATION GASOLINE BUTANE GAS is a,, important component in the manufacture ol AVIATION GASOLINE as well as ,n SYNTHETIC RUBBER. Both ' being crila items in the prosecution of the WAK. The immediate change in policy j s ,,ot intended to at feet consumers who have already installed equipment in their homes, offices, commercial or industrial plants but those consumers are advised a 1 requested to conserve LP-Gas as much as possible to protect the stocks on hand. i"»""o«- 10 mended! f °" 0win * consc ™«lion measures are rocom- J. Do nnt use kjtchcn ovens to heat the room or Overseas Veteran Bears Nickname Given By Doctor MnMi'r Sri'iil, Irisli Hass, .••.-») nf Mr. nnrt Mi's. Paul Koss. is ;> 2C- .wnr-olij vulnvm ,« tli<. Afilcmi ntui unique (Itstliidlnn of nnvr havlnr tccu onllod by his riuin m , mi . TliLs odd s,Itimlloii « rises tram llio fnq nl.shui'll nf(> licck'tl I o siijii II In slum- u vmllcil fronl. Smuiurs Hnllev mill Hrciv- sli-r, both known to Invor the uion of one strong U. S. nli)im> « m i|iam- 1m liUorinUioniil n.vlni; uiul bolii ODPOSWI lo Knmllrif? too inudi frw-- (lotii of Hi,, u. a. air, hit the cellmi: when ilicy hcnnl llcrlc's mo- imsnls. They llloil loni; pretests mill took plenty of receptions, mid In Boncnil lt!t it be knovu tlic.v H'niild not so nlonti with lli-rli;' s p'roKrnm, it WMS simply (inollier cuse of (lie execiillve bmneli of (lie cm-eminent plus; Hlu-tid svKlinut fully eonsnll- liiB (be Icylslntlvc bmndi. Whnl- cvor trouble develops will slem from i»t. Also. It shoiilil i;.v|>lnlti Mr. lifrlcs exit from l,| s aS slstniH scc- retnrysJil|>. Bone's interim plan, lo run for iiol more than three years, will not bo jilleclcd bcraiise. it is in MIC nn- tuic of mi uxc-iMitlvc ru;reenienl 'Hie lonu-tenn "two frceiloro.v convention is 11 ireiity, however, mul must ivc Senate rnti (kill Ion. Also, 2,; niitioiis iiuisl ratify 11 before it becomes effective. l>orn. the ulleiullirs ]>)j.v s !olun ,-?. iimikcd: "And « fi,,o lilsli boy lie Is." ttain llmt tiny (o (liL-i. n u . "Irish" has continued (o uviu-'o (lie imme of Mnsler Sor«t. Iris], HOS.S "Ithuuitli eln-Lstened Clinton cin.v- moiit by d-jitng Brents biieli in IDlo, A ttnulimlo of tin. Cnrnlliei-svliio W'>.. lilfli scliofll mid (he MoiD])hls Si'honl of CoiniiR.rce. \w wns oin- liwyi'd lor 11 yonr by n ( url ,i | m . |>li'incnl <-oni|mny before' cnllslliii: Hi> look busk (i( soill njid Clinnulc riokl.s mul tt \ M trained ill 1-onviy p|c,| ( |, |j ( .| lve| . r lin ,i Ol | u>1 . ramps before iwinj; overseas. "ijindliiB 1 ' in Seolliiml In l!)i' 1»- si-rvcd us d,i,,f ni-niorev In <nu> ot Ilio siiiiudrons mid nl(]|.-)nKh "t'lirrli'd" n.s u Kionnil man, lie compiled 27 ml.sslons, huvliik 1 fM-ved In (he. Afrk-nn ciiniimliiii wll'i his base nt Posuln, Ihily, "nek in the Untied Stales, lie •train Is slatloticd nt Ixiwovy Field where ho 1ms been ix>iinHt>d will! fits raisin, ainff Scrst. Herl •I'".. Rtniiicry Inslruclor who Ims lind four year.s service with Uu> Army Air ].\jrci's. '1'lie liniulf.iiine mnsler .•coi-neatit wns suliject. of n sketch dnuvn by in artist rerentlv In n n,.|ivi>r iiewspaimr In whleli his imnsiud niuno mul ivibliies wore f on lured. Collecting iiionoiirnini'd sllver- wnre frojii fmnmis rcslimnuila In milterwl wcllons o( the world Is- Ills dilcf liobby. Ills collection, now iieiirlnv ISO pi-res, conliilns l(en ls . from the C«fe IT HI Kur,,),e. m ,,| i.yons House In London mid Fishermen Find Body Of Airman Off Gulf Coast iill.OXI, Mls.s.-..'1'h,, body o! I'rl- yiile |.'lvsi. uliiss lildiard 11. Uttlc, I 1 -' .Veins old, o| _i«!n,. Vlllni'i' lint wns rccovnvd yi'.'JlrW.-iy by drllliii'i l^lierinni olf linnon Inlumi. idxnu KU mill's friMn ilu- C()! | S [ „) (lll | f . I'wt, Keesli-r Meld olllclul.s ;,n- noiinee. '1'lie tody wns bvonnlit lo Ihc lldil "i»n;ne anil !il,-uniloation was cmiltvim'il by llurrls,),, Cowily Cra- •ilU'V (ills llolllllulo. Llllli- ivus one of ii civil' of eleven men to I):. II out of n crlpplnl hiiJJi'r-Kmlre.s.'i biinilier on „ roi,. tine iralnlnu inlwldn 311 miles south of Kccslcr Meld |,ili> on (he eve>'l»» of Nuv. 21, Three ol in,. ,,,. w ic.nbcre jvere pleknl ii|, .s,,f,ly ttlille I lie |,H(.| nilriieiiloiislybl'oiisilii Hi" |il K |,|,n,e Into Hi<> ilfld .i|r- l>»rl. The plmie 1111,1 ,.)-,.„, | mil ,„,,.„ ^^:^n^ 1 1!WI " AnW i>lx nf (be crew f embers are Mill iiiissin,; mul fornuil semeli bus been ubiindoiieil. Hoivevei', loiillne dally ••.enrclie.s ale belin: eonU m ,,,,| l.ltllc WHS tbe .son of Mr ,,,,il -i. Ulcluud Milk! or IMnc villa;.,., Mioon he received perMimdly f,,,,,, l^'.v iTiniels seven,] veou; ii'i-o Ills iKUenls have returned to Hylhe.ille I,, ,„,<!<,. (heir home wllh Mr. Ites' bother, Herl, H,, M i:l 'fa Lilly, utter |,,, V |i,({ ]|y ( ,,i [„" '.iiriilliei.svllle u niimli ( . r „( nHn Yarbro Meeting Changed The inn-ling of the Ynrbro Home Demonstration Club, scheduled for 'IMcsOny iiJlemoon nt (lie lionu! of Mrs. I), A, Dugs, tins been nm>.sfeircil to (l )t . i, OIIIC of MriS] Cieni'tin Hunch, Members will uaihcr nl 2:30 o clock tlmt nfteiiKkin for tliclr nu- nuiil Clnlslmus party, LXuirlnr PAGE THREE — ' I'nrm Tires Using Liquid AKRON, O, tUP)-Fnrm tractor Hies are more efflolent, when Inflated wiiii a uqutd rather than air, according to 'Qoodycar TJre nml nubbcr Co. officials. The non- trcczc llqul d used docs .not eeep out ?„„ C l ,"' e ?" U co "»""'t proper In- fl»tloji to tlic result. Statistics recently complied by Goodyear show He use of liquid for farm tires is Increasing rapidly. COLD WEATHER SERVICE w IT"'?;!'!,*.!!?'° ( "' ASS * "'" "•"OR '"'"'S and WOW mff- """ '""' A " 1 """ '"'".ACE F. B. JOYNER SSTEA "T V ,'O CME ('nrrii.i- M,,, I L. i.... „, . J I M I I U N DON EDWARDS 11!) N. 2nd STRUCT (Kwry Transaction Must I), Satisfactory) AETNA U S AA K E. H; FORD, Rcprosentativo iiOG Lynch 2. Use hot water as little as possible-do not use miming hot water to wash dishes, hands etc He-it and use no more water than is necessary T n ,1 SC J. 10Ht i" kr dosc off «" unused rooms. 4. Use he fireplace or other type heaters whenever ))ossii)ie. 5. Storm windows and storm doors should be used to prevent the escape of heal °' 't U l f -?° rs 8h u M be insulated with mineral wool 01 s,im lar malenal. Attic ventilators and house underpinning should be closed 7- Where possible walls of homes should be insulated windows and doors weather-stripped and lo kcc " Ol!l "««» »« K all will co-operate and conserve ran, we as a company feel sm-c we can weather the winter",, d take care of our customers but we feel we should advise you a critical and serious situa ion , a ion' wide docs exist which will not be relieved so long ' ' How much does it cost to move a pin ? WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY R. C. Weis, Prop. Lorrcst Memphis — Whcatley, Ark. Gas nis(n'l)ti(ors since li),'J5 „. n o'njr our best (o serve in t!)io ijCts a11 «o-o|>cralc. Buy Bonds— Win the Fight" On a war map of the South Pacific, the little red-while- nnd-blue pins march steadily westward. Tarawa . . . Makin . . . the Marslinlls . . . gnipnn ant! ench move brings the pins closer to Tokyo. And cadi move is mighty expensive business. The cost ,s lugb m dollars ... and t |, c cost is high in mcn To plant Hie Stars and Stripes on Saipan cost the lives of more ihnn 2000 American boys ... P I, 1S some 12,000 wounded and missing. Naturally, these losses cannot be summed up in dollars and cents ... there i s no i enough money m the world to bring back 2000 dead Americans. But in guns, ammunition, and oilier equipment it is cslirnatcd that Saipan cost us many millions of dollars. Each of the many steppingstoncs remaining be- iwccn our forces- n , K | Tokyo may cosl a, much or morc . Where is ihe money coming from? It's coming from you, rmd millions of Americans like ' r ° m the War Bonds , you }', u y ° U And while it mny pinch a little, buying those Bonds 1S lhc smartest thing you ever did. For the dollars you put in Bonds nol only help win In this postwar world we're going to build, they'll be the mo ,t valuable doliars anybody ever owned. Get all you can of them— now.' WAR BONDS.TO HAVE AND TO HOLD This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by nnCn* f.»*r\MA« O-. n n n*u* v Arkansas Grocer Co. L. K. AshcraH Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdette A. S. Barboro & Co. Barltsdale Mfg. Co. Blytheyillc Water Co. The Cvaiton Co. Delta Iraplemtnli, Inc. Loy Eich ChcTToIet Ct. Gay & Billing, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mk{. Hardawty Apph'ancc Ct. Herrick'i Jewelry Hubbard Furnitare C«. ffubbard Hw«hflr| C*. Huddicston & Ce. Jiedei'i Laagston-^Vrotea Ct. Charles S. Lemoni Planters Hardware Co., Inc. The Nc w York Sttre Pat O'Bryant Palace Cale J. C, Penney Ct, ~ ; Phillipg Motor Co. Robinson Druj Co. I. Rosenthal, Inc. Tom W. J«cki«B Rustic Inn A. G. Shibley Wholesale Grocm C. G. Smith FloydA.Wift e ''•; Zellner'i Slipper Shop ' ' : nut - »uTiiY ym CIMMITTU

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