The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1949
Page 11
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THURSDAY, BLYTHEVH.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN Acheson Refutes Red Propaganda Sayi Russian Gains Hav* B««n Based on Application of Fore* WASHINGTON, July 51. IJT} Secretary of State Achfson today challenged Moscow's claims that communism's poslwtr advances In Europe are due to lls promises ol a better world order. 'Ifye tolrt Ihe House Foreign At fairs Committee that actually Russia's sains resulted from the tlireal nf the "greatest peacetime corabin. atlon of world forces the world ha: ever known" and from the "ruth less application of force" when necessary to achieve Soviet ob Jectives. State Department officials hav said Russia's claim that commun Ism hns advanced because of t| appeal to idealism and reason one of the major weapons of Mos cow propaganda. Acheson said the "threat" of II Red army was a form of pressur which has helped sur ort unpopt lar communist minorities in th Soviet satellites. He said that I the case of the .1941 commnni overturn In Czechoslovakia, th pressure played a large part putting Ihe communists In powe The Secretary continued: "The people of Europe are fr nuently reminded of the nature ofj this weapon by carefully-timed.; skillfully-staged displays of Soviet nvlilarv power, such as Ihe recent exhibition at Moscow of the latest niodcl jet-powered military planes. "The fact Is that the apneal of International communism is not, contrary to the self-serving assertions of the Soviets, an anpeal to the minds of men. Tnternal'onal communism has made its eain In Eurnue not by any intellectual or Anlritual attractions, but by the *^Rreat that derives from the existence of large forces, and the ruthless application of force \^ien ever this has been necessary lo achieve its objectives." Nazarene Minister Due •iere August 7 Th« Rev. Royal G. Shultz, who ecently resigned as pastor of the entonyille, Arlt., Nazavene Church, s due to arrive to lake over the astorale of Blytheville'8 First Church of the Nazarene on Aug. 7. Rev, Mr. Shultz has been pastor f the Bentonville church for sev- ral years and while there con- Licted a successful building and luprovements program. He succeeds Rev. Daniel Stafford who is now located in Monroe, La. Sent Controls Lifted In Hot Spring County WASHINGTON, July 28 m-Relll controls were ordered ended today n Hot Springs County, Ark. (Mal- I'ern.) The removal ceilings was announced by Housing Expediter Tit'he E. Woods. Woods said a survey by his agency showed the demand for rental hous. ing In Hot Springs county "has been reasonably met." U.S. ARMS ConUmifd from Page 1. Portugal Ratifies Pact LISBON, Portugal, July 28—Wi— The North, Atlantic alliance was ratified by the Portuguese National Assembly yesterday. The vote was 0 to 3. with opposing voles cast y members who wanted Spain in- liuted. F\ OATING WHEELS-Thc Sikorsky H-5H, the Air Forte 1 * flm amphlbioiil helicopter, hovers over the off Bridgeport, Conn during a flight test. The new wheel-float combination greatly increases the 'copter's utility as a rescue, search and liaison craft allowing il to land practically anywhere. The blisters fore and alt or en»ine widen the fuselage so Ihrce lillcr patients can be carried. House, Senate Groups Agree on Bill to Force Unity in Armed Services WASr.INGTON. July M I API — A broad measure intended to force closer teamwork between the Army Navy and Air Force.s wa.s agreed upon today by a Senate-House conference committee. The legislation amends the original unification act of 1017 along major lines requested by Presldeiu Truman and his new secretary o. defence. Louis Johnson. Chairman Tyrtings (D-Md) of the Senate Armed Services Commitlei said he hopes to win quick Scnati approval of (lie compromise. Tha would send it to the House for ex peeled ',inal congressional action. In general the compromise fol lows major provisions of a br previously passed by the Senate. Official Re-appointed WASHINGTON', July 28. (AP) — t Truman today sent to the Senate the nomination of Jones Floyd for a new term as U.S mar- BUDGET Wrong Traffic Tickets rk Forty Atlantans MIAMI. FU.-WV- T. E. Rake- traw, Miami Policeman, has corn- ileted a mission that friends be- PVC ts deserving of some sort of nedal. Rakestraw was sent to At- anta, Ga.. to pacify the tempers if some 40 Atlanta na who had re- :elved notice from the Miami poke department to "please remit 3" for traffic violations. The hitch was that none of the Uanta motorists had been In Mi- imi. Georgia lihense tags expire n April. Miami police thought the 1948 tag violators m'mbers. Tempers of the unjustly accused :iave been soothed. Rakes trruv rc- .lort.s, and now he's alter the real violators. Continued from Page I. of equipment. $8,000. Auxiliary Heenuies, which includes transportation, $8,642. Insurance, $6,000. Capital outlay, 5*51,500, Mr. Nicholson said that estimates of the probable .Increase in real estate fine! per&oimt properly assessments in the distrkt, for ttiis year were taken into consideration in figurine the tax levy needed to provide funds for school operations. 13 Mills for Debl Service were still iu effect. The were 3 Is Led under 19-19 Czechs Keep Swastika; No Hammer and Sickle PRAGUE. OV( — Although living under the hammer and sickle of a Communist government since February 1948. Czechs arc still carrying official identilicaUorw cards which bear the stamp of the Nazi swastika. But they now have an official promise thai by the end of 1950 the last of Ih'ese" will have been junked and replaced. After that date all identification papers with the German-Czech text and the Swastika insignia will be invalid. shal for the Arkansas. Western District of Colorado Bonk is Gfao* To Lose Postal Business GUNNISON, Colo. — </Pj— There's no profit in re-selling stamps so the First National Bank la glad It's out of the "poslofflee" business. Tellers were puzzled by a floort of tourists asking for stamps, mailing schedules and such until one visitor finally noticed that an arrow »n, intended to point to the post- office around a corner, had been moved by the wine! until it pointed directly at the bank. will show an Increase of eight per j cent. A 30-rni1l tax will yield approximately $170,000 for the district leaving the remainder to be provided from other sources of income in the form of taxes collected by the state and apportioned lo the various districts. It was estimated that a tax of 17 mills would be needed for operational activities, and 13 mills for debt service. The present indebtedness will use the proceeds from a six-mill tax, and seven milts were included to meet U\e service requirements of the proposed bond issue for new buildings. Within Lhe past year the Lone Oak Number Nine ft mi Promised Land school districts have been incorporated into t h e Blyihcvillc Special District. The budget for the Blythcville dbtrict includes these units recently added lo briris to Ifi the number of schools in the district. Toitay Li Deadline LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July '28— ($*\ —Arkansas K-hon! districts will ask for approximately 513,000.000 this year. This was predicted of Arkansas ressor at UiU time would dare" lake the "desparate gamble of an all-out war. "The gangster mind likes to Ramble only on sure things/' he said. "It is (he aim of this pros rum to insure that successful swift and comparltively ef for I Jess military action by an aggressor would be impossible and therefore to make lhe eninble to hazardous to be tempting." One after another Acho.son sought (o meet the criticisms of lhe arms program b y Senate and II o u s e members during [he Senate debate on ratification of the treaty. He said that because "our re- Qurces are U tutted" U is i\eces*avy 0 concentrate the main American if or I on KIII ope. lie termed this an effort vital lo American seruhiy. I'vidfr OIK administration |tV.iu the next U niimlhs. Kin ope wo u III rertJve $1.100,000,000 of l>ir arms asftUtam'e. The rrsl would gn (a a number of non-Atlantic irraty countries sucJi as GIVITC, Turk?)*, Iran, Korea ami the * liitlipi'lnes. Acheson said thiU is wti.s "soarro- ly likely" that the Western European nations would be adequately re-nrmed or able lo <|o their own re-arming al the end of the year. At the same time he said that tf the United States does not help those countries to rearm 'the comparative cost to iis tu (uture years of preserving our own security will b« con.sidcrably greater." lie de- 10 seventh Two poles will have lo ^med to predict how long an Atn- . be relocated v-'heu covacis are erican program w-nulrt be necessary, rounded off at the intersection of] The secretary previously had call- I ed on Congress lo wait until ah lhe evidence is In before passing judgment on the arms measure. Senator Vanrienljerg of Michigan, the top Republican on the Senate Forcipn Relations Committee, u!- rp.idy hK.s served notice lie will try to chop down the siae of the pro- srram and put it, nn an "interim" au.sis. Oilier Congress members want to delay aid until the Atlantic treaty nations draft a master plan for rt>fense. 1 Acheson answered these and nlh- • anas would only supply forces I which the We&lerr. European? have' already provided for, that Russia "Ls well aware" those force. 1 ) are for detente only, and that the Western armlc.s moreover "would be subject" lo any International aims control agreement reached through the UN. 1 To Ihfi claim of some critics thut Wr&tnn Enrop* Ls threatened primarily by political rather than military forces, Achrion replied that Communism's gains to date in Europe would not have been possible without the overhanging Uneat of lhe Red Army. "It is quite Irue," he said, "(hat the Western European struggle for i freedom \VAS so (av been Joufth i with |K)illical and economic wcap his weapon by carefully timed and skillfully staged dLspUys of Soviet military power, such as thu recent exhibition at Moscow of the latest model Jot-powered military planes. '•The fact is that the appeal of international communism is not, contrarv lo Ihe self-serving u^ser- llou* of the Soviets, an appeal to the uiiiuts of men. International communism has made its gams in Europe tiot by any intellectual or spiritual aUmeUotis but by the lhrea t thai derives from Ihe existence ol large furce.s. smrt the ruthless application of force wherevei tins has been nece.ssary to achieve iLs objectives." Livestock PAVING I Russian Might a Factor 1 "It Is equally true, however, that I throughout' this struggle Ihere has In existence behind the iron c-uitaln tho greatest pcaclmie cum- binalpn of military forces the world •ins ever known, •The turf Hint such forces exist ,iml can be set qulvkl.v in NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 1)1 Ju\y 28. MS— (USDAI -Hogs 7000 uneven; wcljihls 'JOO Ib:) up '.J5 l< 50 itlghcr Ihnn Wednesday's nver age; ILyhler weLiihl.i nnd -suw steady to 25 higher, \>"\* Rnod i\u choice 200-240 Ibs '2^.15-2'* 00; top 'J3.00; few 250-1390 Ibs 21.fil)-i!B.50: IftO-'^OO Ibs '-il!'.35-15; 140-HU Ihs an.flo-32.on: mostly 2o.*J& up: inu-tan ^nd cutters largely 11.00-14.50; trong cutlets to 15 ^; bulls 50 ouer; lop 19.00; medium and good .7.00-10.00; cutler and commpn G.00-50; vealers steady; good and :hoke 23.00-2T.OO; common and medium 18,00-22.00. ^ RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. l.asl Today constitutes a form of prrssnr* j lh |llgs |BCO-'20,OU; B«ocl sows 10ft which has helped to maintain mi [mpulur minorities of communist couspira'.ors in power in the Soviet satellites and in Ihc case ol the coups In C;cchaslavBkla unrioubteil- iy played a large pan in putting Ihrm In [M>wer. "rise i)i:ople of Enru|>e arc frequently rcjninded of the nature ot Ibs down 1750-19.^5; over -U)0 14.00-17,00; stags 11 00-1350. Cattle 200*0; calves i IQl); heifers and mixed yearling* ojiened nbnul steady; few good kinds available; mostly odd lol,s medmm ;\ml uond from '21 110-2500; cmv.s ihill nn<! slow at Wcunr.suuy s ui:iuic: cunnei-s "THE LUCKY STIFF" Ail!) Dorothy f. amour ami Brian Doiilevf News and Sliort l r riday Ar Saturday "DEATH VALLEY RANGERS" h Bah Sttfle Tim MF€HT Carillon A Serial Continued from Page 1. Fifth and Ash. Where it Ls necessary, Mr. Natters j said, badly cracked portions or Ash Street pavement will be removed anci replaced. The oortVienfil corner of thr in| tciscction of Ash and Division i-s j .scheduled to be rounded off. | The "loop" of thoroughfares ere- i atcri when the street widening is It is expected that the district's [ compiptcd will provide a fa.ster and assessment total of $5,282,450 on ! easier route through Blythevllle for which taxes aye being paid ihis year i tai^p buses, Mr. Nnbeis pointed out. Wider in;? of Chieka-sawba between Fifth and Sixth and Fitih between Chickasawba and Walnut .ilieady lias provided an easier route that has drawn praise from bus drivers slopping at the Greyhound Bus Depot ou FHU\ Street. When Ash Ls widened, Mr. Nabers said, buses may enter mid leave the city via Ash and Fifth between Main ntiii Ash instead of using Main Sired as they do at pieseiiL. Education Department officials on the eve of "budpret deadline" for state school districts. Under a n amendment adopted last November, school districts must make public proposed budgets for the 1950-51 school year not later trmn today. The estimate was figured on the basis of the average rate increases expected to be proposed by the various districts. It wilt represent 4-1-per cent increase over schoo taxes collected locally in Arkansas I last ye fir. i The budgets will be voted i Sept. 27. r obje"tions paint by point. 1. To the argument for delay or hat only interim aid .should be uini.shi?d now. Acheson said that administration proposal acUial- y is the "minimum amount" of which the Western European countries ui gently need. He said they iced it to help guard against, "internal sub version" and to play their full role.« in the joint nn- ' Says Amrrifan Alii Neerfcfl 2. To those who contend that sending arms abroad would increase the chances of war or supply Kurope with weapons that mitfhl ion\eday be turned against this country, Acheson said that he believed failure to give aid "may invite" aggression. H Western European nations should have lo lltfiL, h« said, il U obvSons Uiey would fight better with American help. 3. Arguments that arms aid might start a world-wide armament, race or "provoke the Soviet Union to war," Ache-son said, "In my con- i siri-ircd opinion are groundless." On this point he contended that Neqro Deaths Funeral services lor Ida Mali- hews, who died Monday, will be conducted Sunday at 2 p.m. In St. Paul Baptist Church by the pastor. Rev, Boykins. Burial will be in Carr Cemetery. Tcasley and Coljb will be In charge of arrangements. How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly In Place DO your false tteth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping 01 wabbling when you cat. 'nugh or talk? Just sprinkle a little FAS- TEETH on your plnics This alkn line (non-aeid> powdei holds Ealsi teeth more firmly and more com lortably No gummy gonpv past' Checks 'plate drfnr" 'rirmui' bi-eaMi) Get FAS-TEETE1 at an> drug store. GETS LABOR POST—Philip M. Kaiser, above, has been nominated by President Truman to be assistant secretary of labor in charge of international labor alTuirs. The post has been vacanl about two years. Kaiser, 36, a native of New York, is now director of lhe Labor Department's Oflice of International Labor Affairs. BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS? That's why you'll save yourscll many a dollar by having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us. H-fl LTCRS Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosawbo SWIFTS PMWU ! 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